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Bram Kappel

"I know that I have never been to boarding school before, but this place... it feels off."

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a character in “The Project of Warren High”, as played by usernamesareadrag


Bram Kappel



Bram Kappel- yes, like Bram Stoker. The name is admittedly a bit bizarre for most people attending Warren High, but, as he is constantly assuring people, it's fairly common in the Netherlands.


Sex and Sexuality:
Bram is, without a doubt, of the male variety, regardless of those pictures of him playing the princess in a primary school play that his Uncle loves to bother him with might say. He's also bisexual, although his attraction to others is few and far between.

If you were to ask what species Bram was, he'd stare at you blankly until you became uncomfortable and walked away. He is without a doubt human and, as far as he knows, that's the only humanoid thing that exists.

Bram, for the vast majority of his life, has perpetually looked like he's just rolled out of bed that morning. His dark brown hair is a perpetual mess of curls and strands that stick up no matter what he does, and his bright green eyes are perpetually tired looking, no matter how awake he actually is. At 5'9, Bram is not especially tall, but fits somewhere in the average for a boy his age. His body is lithe, built like a gymnast with wiry muscles from tennis and track. His face, quite in contrast to his lean body shape, is actually soft and rounded making him look younger than he actually is, so much so that people, despite his height, mistake him for around thirteen or fourteen. For all of its softness, however, he doesn't look like the friendliest person around. Instead, his default facial expression looks more like he's perpetually unimpressed with you, your talents, and everyone you know. His clothes are a bit eclectic, changing from day to day. Sometimes he wears loose t-shirts with cardigans, the sleeves pushed up well past his elbows with well-worn blue jeans. Other days might find him with an athletic attire, basketball shorts paired with a team t-shirt from one of his many old activities. It really all depends on what he grabs out of his wardrobe this morning and we do mean just grabbed. He has much more important things to do than actually think about his outfits.



-While maybe not as physically strong as his peers, Bram certainly did work to earn his lithe build. Even from a young age, he's been a fan of tennis and is exceptionally good at it. He's also quite good at track and enjoys running for all of the freedom and exhilaration is brings, especially after long days of being stuck in the classroom.

-Another noteworthy talent that Bram possesses is his brains. Like any human student invited to attend Warren High, he's exceptionally gifted in his intellect. Bram's main talent involves science, especially biology, which is excellent considering he'd love to become a veterinarian when he's older. He's also quite knowledgable in history, especially when you delve into the realms of myths and legends, a knowledge that he uses to be an excellent storyteller.

-Bram is an excellent cook; growing up in and around a working cafe, it was a skill developed after watching his uncle's chefs and. After all, it's just science right? Add x amount of y to mixture z and, voila, you get hotsput

-Like many people in the Netherlands, Bram has been exposed to many languages, whether they be from school, his own travels, or from the tourists who frequent his uncle's cafe. So, he is fluent in Dutch, his native tongue, and can speak passable German and a little bit of French. Despite having learned English since primary school, he speaks it with a heavy accent.

-Hearty food
-Animals of all kind
-Fantasy books
-Science magazines
-Running, jogging, walking… Whether exploring or simply following the usual track, he finds it soothing

-Math; he's not particularly bad at it, he just finds it so boring
-Being looked down on
-His accent when speaking to non-Dutch English speakers
-Alcohol; He's tried some before, offered up by his uncle, and he's fairly convinced that it is the most vile substance in the world

-Tugging on his bangs when he's anxious
-Bram becomes very flustered when honestly complimented

-Ghosts- He likes telling ghost stories, but would never go into a haunted house. Maybe he doesn't believe in them per say, but he would rather not take any chances.

Contrary to the rather off-putting, serious look perpetually sprawled across his face, Bram isn't nearly as unpleasant as first impressions might imply. However, that is not to say that he is without flaws. He has a hard-working personality, working on his studies, his job, his sports- anything he chooses to devote himself to with an incredible tenacity. With this dogged determination, however, comes the tendency to overextend himself. If he's trying to improve on one subject, something has to slip and, more often than not, that something is sleeping or eating. It was easier to avoid back home, with his uncle to remind him to go to bed or to eat, but here, without that constant reminder, he has to struggle not to lose himself. Ironically, of course, this is in complete contrast to his own protective tendencies, where he's usually the one mother-henning his friends and worrying after his family.
It might be due to his upbringing, or it could just be a natural trait, but Bram is an incredibly open-minded individual. Oddities that are off-putting to most people, he accepts with a simple nod of his head. It's not that he's being particularly kind, it's just that he's long since believed that you can't really judge someone before you've gotten to know them and that little things like OCD or sexuality don't define a person. Then again, his ability to accept the strange will certainly be put to the test with the introduction of differences far more bizarre than the oddballs he calls friends back home.
Of course, for all of his acceptance, Bram is incredibly blunt, speaking his mind with only the occasional hesitation. He doesn't like speaking in riddles and means what he says, even if it's not the most pleasant thing to hear, regardless of if it's true or not. However, despite his brutal honesty, Bram does know how to be kind. Although his more gentle side is usually devoted to animals and family, he has been known to comfort people who are truly upset, lending a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.
In general, Bram has a calm sort of temperament, not easily excited or impacted by things. However, that's not to say that nothing can break his serene behavior. Compliments, at least those honestly given, are enough to make him incredibly flustered as is flirting of any kind. His temper comes out when he sees bullying and, even if he won't be of much help, he does step in and unleash a verbal attack, words sharp and to the point. As for smiling, well, he's been known to do that too, but only when he's incredibly comfortable with his surroundings.

History/ Other:
Bram's story begins not with him, nor his mother, or even his father. Rather, the story begins with his uncle, Lucas Kappel. Now a prosperous owner of a small cafe in Lisse, Holland, it can be assured that his life was not always so simple. Kicked out of his family's home at seventeen after Lucas confessed to his very conservative family that he was, in fact, gay, he spent the majority of his young adult life trying to scrape by, working at least two and at most four jobs at once just to keep a(leaky) roof over his head and warm enough clothes on his body. He had no driving force, nothing to cling to and find hope. That is, until his youngest sister, Lotte, appeared with a rounded belly and a desperate plea.

Her highschool sweetheart had gotten her pregnant, and, while both would have preferred to keep the child, showing the same judgement that had driven their son from their home, Lotte and Lucas' parents gave her an ultimatum; get rid of the child or she was on her own. She had no prospects to speak of, her boyfriend surely couldn't support her, but she didn't want to give her child to some stranger. So, she came to the only person she knew to- her big brother. Lucas, although hesitant to involve a child in his life, finally agreed when his parents begrudgingly agreed to give money to him each month to food and clothe their bastard grandson.

When the baby was born, it wasn't Lotte or her sweetie or even her parents who named him, but Lucas instead. He decided on Bram and, once the adoption papers were signed, Bram Kappel was officially the adopted son of his uncle. This gave Lucas the motivation he needed to move forward in life, for the sake of the green-eyed child who'd become the center of his entire universe. Life improved for them both because, while parenthood was difficult, all of the joy that came from it more than outweighed the issues. Lucas finally bought his own cafe, which flourished in its place near Kuekenhoff, the beautiful flower garden that tourists came from around the world to see.

Growing up, Bram was well aware who his real parents were. Lotte and her boyfriend eventually broke up, but both kept in check with their biological son. Life could be difficult, of course- he was teased for his guardian -after a few fist fights(although he won perhaps one or two) that died down on its own- and Bram, even as a child, had to stand up for his uncle in front of his grandparents, but, overall, Bram wouldn't change it for the world.

To say that Bram had been excited when the opportunity to attend Warren High presented itself would be a complete lie. He didn't want to leave his uncle, his friends, his comfortable home because, even though he enjoyed traveling, the thought of being stuck somewhere with strangers in the middle of nowhere was repulsive. But, at Lucas' insistence, he begrudgingly agreed to go in order to advance his academics and have a glowing mark on his resumé.

So begins...

Bram Kappel's Story


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#, as written by Mousie
Built majestically upon the top of a mountain range, surrounded by evergreen pine forests and valleys is an old castle, beautiful and elegant; particularly at sunrise when the warm rays first hit the spiral of each tower. Quiet for a short while the hidden landmark is once again open as a boarding school.

On this particular day the sun is shining bright and warm and the sky is clear; but the shadows are cold and there is a slight chill to air. Students of all shapes and sizes have approached the school, wearing their fresh uniforms, trailing baggage behind them fit for a long term at school. For some; more baggage is being sent in preparation for the entire year.

Unknown to the students, there is a slight change to this school year. A species that hasn't yet set foot in the school is mingling within the crowd, disguised by the general mob of uniforms and mayhem.

Warren High Boarding school has undertaken a project. One that will change the lives of all the students involved.

A warning bell rings out and it causes the students to file into two seperate assembly halls after a few straddles check in at reception.

In one hall, fresh-faced human children are seated. Nervous, eager and hopelessly naïve. Human teachers crowd behind them, listening just as eagerly as their students.

A woman, intimidating in both stature and beauty stands before them, icy eyes wondering over the sea of heads. Amanda Vogue, head mistress of Warren High, a mysterious figure built upon fear and rumours. Terrifying visually, from her masculine suit to her snarling, bow shaped lips. She wore the word terrifying like a shade of lipstick.

She never usually gave a speech this early, but things were different this year.

"Good afternoon and welcome, my name is Amanda Vogue, but you will all address me as Head Mistress." She began, giving a few figity students a longer stare than others. "At the start of the school year it is tradition for students to settle into their shared rooms on arrival and meet their fellow students before starting lessons the following day, however, I want to let you know a few important things first. Number one, there are no dropouts, runaways, rule breakers or clowns at this boarding school- you're here to learn and here you will stay. Number two, this school is special, it has traditions, secrets, I expect students of this school to be respectful of these things. Last of all, this is a respected facility and it is a privilege to be here, I assure you all that this will be an experience you will never forget..."

After addressing the human students Amanda Vogue made her way through a short corridor until she came to a second large hall. She hesitated outside the doors leading in before letting out an aspirated sigh and pushing open the doors. It unleashed a chaos of noise. Students of all kinds littered the hall, loud and obnoxious, snarling and laughing. She took her place at the front of the hall and after realising that no one had noticed her enter, let out a horrifying shriek. The hall quickly fell silent. The older students who'd been at the school for a while sat round respectably, the new students jumped in their seats. Startled.

She stared at them all, letting her glamour slip slightly to reveal some skeletal before giving a slightly different speech.

"Im sure you've all heard the rumours circulating about the 'human project' the school has taken on. Therefore I will address this first. It is true, that approximately half of the new students joining this year are human. This is an opportunity to prove to the council that this school raises students of the highest calibre no matter the species. It is a project we take very seriously, any student who is seen to jeopardise this great opportunity will be punished and expelled. I expect you all to make the new students feel welcome.
Now I am Amanda Vogue, Head Mistress of Warren High Boarding school..."

She continued to list similar introductions to the monster students as she did with the human students, Aware that her words were falling on a few deaf ears. The up coming year was to be a difficult one. She was a wolf, running a school for cat and mice.


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It was for the umpteenth time since he'd left his home, bidding his family and friends goodbye, that Bram Kappel thought about what a big mistake he'd made by coming here. Here, of course, was Warren High, which he couldn't even describe as a school. Something about ancient stone castles tucked away in mountains, looming over pine forests and valleys for as far as the eye could see didn't exactly read "school" to him. He hadn't wanted to come when the letter first arrived inviting him to attend what could very well be the inspiration for Dracula's castle, had redoubled that opinion once he'd actually left for home, but what he wanted and what he knew was for the best were two completely separate things. Surely this place would be good for him, would give him more independence and a nice, shiny reference for any University applications, but he'd have to survive Secondary school first. Or perhaps just until the next break, he wasn't very picky.

Bram's attention was forcefully drawn from his own thoughts when a voice broke through the nervous chatter of students, cold and demanding attention. He recognized her, the headmistress, sharp, predatory eyes gazing over the room. She was an intimidating woman, Bram decided, all sharp angles contained in a carefully put together suit, and she practically oozed intimidation, drawing the eyes of the students with any sort of self preservation instincts like moths to a flame. The speech was rather short but standard, if only- perhaps it was just Bram over thinking things, but something seemed off about it. Secrets and traditions… Where was he, a Gothic horror novel?

She left then, disappearing with a click of heels against the stage. It took a moment for any of the students within the room to realize that they could leave, and it appeared as if they all rose as one, murmurs of conversation slowly but surely rising to a cacophony of noise. Bram, however, stayed seated, bags balanced precariously on his lap as the others filtered out of the room. He hadn't spoken to any of them and, in fact, not a single word had left his lips since the plane ride from Holland. It wasn't that he wasn't social- no, that was part of the issue. He wasn't fond of being alone in a crowd full of strangers, had never even been to summer camp before, so this entire experience was alienating and disconcerting.

After a majority of the crowd had dispersed, presumably to find their dorm rooms, Bram finally stood, slinging his backpack over one shoulder and picking up his suitcase with the opposite hand. It was heavy- of course it was, he'd packed for an entire year- but he could manage as he strolled out of the Assembly Hall and into the halls still packed with lingering students. It was only once he'd wrestled his dorm assignment out of his bag and glanced over the number did he realize that he had not idea where to go. Bram bit back a sigh, closing his eyes for a moment. Of course. Now he would have to talk to someone or else he might wind up in the dungeon he was sincerely convinced that Warren High had.

It was when he was looking around, searching for the most likely candidate, that a certain scene caught his attention and for all of the wrong reasons. A rather tall blonde boy was approaching one of the small groups clustered together, clinging to one another in the face of the unknown, a smirk spread across his face.

"Grab those two blue duffel bags over there and take them to room 191 and sit them on the first bed you see. Thank you." Bram froze, shock more than anything stilling him. Had he just…? Had that guy honestly just gone up to a random girl and told her to put his things away? And then just walked away, leaving his bags behind? Honestly? And she was- she was doing it. She was actually doing it. Bram's lips twisted into a scowl. He shouldn't have been surprised- of course there would be bullies at an elite boarding school, but to be so blatant about it. If there was one thing Bram couldn't stand, it was something like this, older students throwing their weight around, intimidating fresh blood into doing as they pleased. As passive as he was, that just wasn't on.

With all of the righteous fury of someone who'd dealt with their own share of bullying, Bram followed after the blonde, catching him by the shoulder despite the older boy having a few inches on him.

"Hey, klootzak," His English was stained with a thick accent, the words almost having to be forced out in their unfamiliarity. It didn't quite help that he'd never bothered to learn any English swears in or out of the classroom and was stuck more or less using his native Dutch. "I don't care who you are, you can't just push people around like that."


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#, as written by Dumisa
Alyx Giovanni~

He continued to laugh as he couldn't help but watch the female struggle with his bags. His eyes narrowed towards a male that was approaching him as he heard the word that he had called him. When the male was finish talking, he smiled towards him then extended his hand. "Hi, I'm Alyx. Not no klootzak or whatever you just said." A small smirk started to dance across his lips. "In America, we do things a little different. You see someone weak and vulnerable, you do the best you can to take them out." He lied. It was the most vampiric thing he could say at that moment and time. "But hey, you words were very touching..." He sniffed the air and smelled that he was indeed human. 'Filthy.' He thought to himself.

"You know, I am extremely sorry and will get my own bags." Alyx said while circling slowly around the male, stroking his chin with interest. "Say, how would you like to be the best of friends?" Another smirk came across his face as his eyes narrowed towards his brother, who was going upstairs and probably towards his room. "Maybe we can chat some other time." Without the male being able to respond, Alyx walked off and caught the female at the stairs. "Give me my bags, filthy vermin." He snatched his bags away from her and carried them to his room, throwing them in then leaving as he followed his brother's scent.

Alyx went towards his brother's room and didn't bother knocking before entering. "Hello brother..." He glared at his roommates with disgust. "Others." His concentration then went towards his brother as he sighed. "Can you believe one of the human guys talked to me? Ew. I feel like going to a Sauna and just staying in there for days." He joked while walking all the way in the room, jumping on his brother's bed while smiling. "So, what you guys talking about?" A look of interest was placed upon his face as he glanced his bright blue eyes at everyone.


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#, as written by Flexar

"Um, hello. I'm Vincens, your guys' roommate."
Damian turned his head to see another tall, blond young man entering the room. This school certainly had no shortage of good looking, tall, blond young men. He was pretty sure that he was Alyx's twin, but he hadn't see the two of them together very often, so he wasn't sure. He seemed a lot less forward than Alyx. Before he could ask whether or not they were related, Alyx had appeared in the doorway and invited himself into the room.
"Hello brother..." Well that answered his question, "Others."
The rest of Alyx's speech rather annoyed Damian; he didn't like the way he looked down on him and Zane nor the intense disgust he held for humans.
"We'd only really got to introductions." Damian answered, "Nothing special." Damian stood up from his bed and began moving towards the door, "It's pretty stuffy in here, so I'm going outside for a bit for some fresh air. See you all in a bit."

Damian closed the door firmly behind him and let out a deep breath. It was obvious that something awkward was going to happen in there, and he had no intention of being a part of it. He returned to his usual, slightly slouched posture and returned his hands to his pockets. As he set off down the hallway he caught sight of a rather angry human who seemed to be in the right place for Alyx to have just talked to him.
"Hey!" Damian greeted him as he walked over, "You don't happen to be the guy Alyx just talked to, do you? Tall guy with blond hair and blue eyes, not the friendliest of people, was probably following some hum-" Damian coughed slightly in a poor attempt to hide his slip of the tongue, "Girl with a couple of blue bags. Anyway, I'm Damian, nice to meet you."


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From the moment Bram had stopped him, the other boy had been a whirlwind of words and motion, turning to him with a smile plastered on his face, hand held out in an abrupt gesture. Bram stared at the outstretched hand blankly, eying it like one might a trap so obvious that it's embarrassing to look at. Whatever he'd been expecting from the other boy, this Alyx, this certainly hadn't been it. If anything, that little introduction seemed to hint at the fact that he was more of an asshole than Bram had first surmised.

"In America, we do things a little different. You see someone weak and vulnerable, you do the best you can to take them out." Alright, so, yes, Bram had been completely right; he was something of an ass. Even if the lie about Americans hadn't been so blatantly and painfully obvious- he was Dutch, not stupid, thanks very much- the little phrase revealed more of the other boy's mentality than anything up to that moment. Bram had to repress a snort of disgust; this was boarding school, not the battlefield. What was all of this nonsense about taking people out?

However, before he could even reply, the blonde was bouncing off to a new topic just as quickly, circling Bram like he was prey, not a fellow student at Warren High. His apology was just as disingenuous as before, a fact so blatantly obvious that not even the slight language barrier could mask it. The offer of friendship seemed just as fake as Alyx gazed at him like he was a particularly interesting specimen, ripe for study. Then, without much else besides a quick goodbye, the other boy was off, traipsing up the stairs as if nothing had ever happened leaving a very confused Bram behind. What had just happened…? He wasn't quite sure, running the brief but perplexing encounter through his mind, searching for any real meaning behind it, and deciding that it wasn't worth the bother. After all, in such a large school what were the chances that he'd see the other boy again?

It was only when he'd finally given up understanding what had just happened, adjusting the suitcase in his grip, that he was approached by yet another quick talking student. This one was certainly… interesting to look at, if only for his hair, long and a color that Bram was quite certain came in a bottle rather than having any association with natural hair colors. Not that he minded, plenty of his friends back home had experimented with dye of unusual colors, it was just slightly out of place in his idea of an elite academy.

"You don't happen to be the guy Alyx just talked to, do you? Tall guy with blond hair and blue eyes, not the friendliest of people, was probably following some hum-Girl with a couple of blue bags. Anyway, I'm Damian, nice to meet you." It took Bram a moment to understand what he'd just said before he nodded. Well, at least this one- Damian, he mentally corrected- made sense. Or, well, at least he wasn't talking down to him.

"Unfortunately, I am. Bram Kappel. It's nice to meet you." He bobbed his head in a little nod before pausing. He wasn't quite sure why the other boy was here, pleasant or not, and asking him questions. Obviously he wasn't looking for the blonde, or else he wouldn't have known what had happened.

"Why do you ask? Can I help you with something?" Well, he could wonder about it all day or he could ask now and, given his general track record for bluntness, the second option was a no-brainer.