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Calathiel Selanlar

"I don't get this whole project.... Humans are silly creatures."

0 · 696 views · located in Warren High

a character in “The Project of Warren High”, as played by Meow Meow





【Full Name】
Calathiel Selanlar
(Kahl-ah-thee-ell Sell-en-lar)
"My name is Ellie in human language, and it means light in the elven word."

【Nick Name】
Ellie or Cala
"Or you could just call me Calathiel..."

Sixty-three (appears twenty-six)
"That's really like twenty in human years."


"I'm sorry...It's nothing against girls..."

【Relationship Status】
"Divorced really..."

"I've heard I'm not the only one at the school..."

"I'm...I'm a teacher..."



"Average elf height."

131 lbs

【Hair Color】
Soft Orange
"It's kinda dull... I don't like it."

【Eye Color】
Primary Blue
"They're not light but not too dark either."

【Body Type】
Busty, slim, and curvy

Light Cream
"Elves don't expose themselves to the sun much."

【Underneath the Glamour】
Ellie's true form is gorgeous. Her hair flows into brilliant orange locks and her blue eyes become as light as the icy sky. Her ears become pointy and are adorned with permanent jewelry. She grows a few inches in height and in bust size. Not too much though, because that'd be ridiculous. Her lips become a soft red and her eyes usually with beautiful smokey makeup.
"You're too sweet. You flatter me so..."


|| Sweet | Brilliant | Needy| Stubborn | Patient | Distant| Reserved | Lovable||
Ellie is a sweetie pie. She puts everyone else in front of her self. And she doesn't mind, she smiles every second as she helps someone in need. And it goes along with her brilliance. Her smarts are usually what she uses to help others, like the students and such. Elves are already born very smart, but she was taught in a very prestigious elf school, and later a human college, just to experience it. She was the top in every school and she's skilled in every subject but most specifically, English and science.

Believe it or not, Cala is a very needy woman. She always needs something, whether it be a hug, food, someone to understand, or sleep. She whines a little too which is the annoying part. She just needs someone to be there for her, but that's kinda hard to find. She's also quite stubborn, but in a good way I suppose. Its as if she wont give up ever, no matter if it kills her. She's all up for accomplishments, so it really explains her when she went three days without sleep to study for college exams, even though she basically could pass already.

Another good trait of hers, is her unbelievable patience. It's insane how patient she is. She could wait in line for hours if she needed to, and its not really surprising since she does deal with stupid monster teens all day. She can sit there and do nothing just to help a student understand, because she's just that darn generous. But sadly she's a little distant with people her age. Her neediness is often silenced by her will to lock everyone out. It goes along with her being a reserved person as well, she just doesn't let many people into her personal life.

"I'm an elf..."


Bug manipulation
"Yes, I can summon swarms of bees and butterflies to my will."

Being open with her feelings.
"I'm sorry, but you don't need to know my life story..."


Calathiel was born in a wealthy elf family. She lived in the castle of her village and she was an only child. Sadly though the only reason that was, was because her mother died during child birth. Calathiel's father hated her for this, and blamed Ellie for her mother's death when it was only nature. They had plenty of medicine but for some reason they couldn't keep the distressed mom from passing. The other elves looked at Ellie being some goddess since she wasn't even a big baby, tiny really. So the only explanation for the mother's death was magic, quite silly really. That is until they found out that she could manipulate bugs. After that they started to call her the demon child.

Eventually Ellie fled her village in search of a better life, and came across a witch who gave her a glamour. She then got herself into a high end university college and learned all of her new skills there. Originally she was going to become a doctor of some sort, but then she found Warren High and couldn't stay away from the children, she loved them so much that she decided to become a teacher, and she's been with the school ever since.
"My mother was a brave woman... I know she would've died for me..."

So begins...

Calathiel Selanlar's Story