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Celia Swift

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a character in “The Project of Warren High”, as played by Mousie



Name: Celia Swift

Age: The age of a siren is immeasurable due to their infinite life span. Roughly 50 years have passed since her birth
Sex and Sexuality: Female and considered bi-sexual due to her sensual nature.

Species and Appearance: Siren - close cousin of the Harpy. The Siren's have dipped in and out of human myth for a long time. A species of female close to the Harpy's with their bird-like features. Only, where Harpy's repel people, Siren's entice and mislead humans and other unfortunate creatures. With voices so gorgeous and otherworldly Siren's create discord and death wherever they sing. Certain Siren's exist in different places, the most commonly known, is by the sea but they live in clusters all over the place. Mainly places deep and undiscovered where people can easily be led astray. Sirens do eat meat, whether that meat orginally be from a human or an animal. It's easy to tell when you have passed into Siren territory by the discord of shipwrecks or abandoned possessions and the horrendous bone graveyards of unfortunate victims. Sometime there could well be fresh rotting carcasses laying around.

A Siren in it's true form has a beauty no human can hold a candle to. Celia has the body of a woman down to the knees, and the lower legs of a bird. Great, snowy white wings replace her arms, and her hands turn to sharp talons. She has wintery white hair that falls down to her bottom and intwined within her locks are more feathers. Her skin is mainly creamy apart from a silvery discolouring that crawls from her bird-legs to her upper thighs. Her teeth turn sharp and when pushed she can develop a very sharp beak.


Glamour appearance: Celia's glamour needs to be quite a strong one but she struggles to do a complete glamour like all monsters who aren't used to using one. When wearing her glamour she manages to rid her body of it's bird-like features apart from a few feathers in her hair. Luckily this just makes her look eccentric.
Fortunately most of her skin is an ordinary creamy colour because she isn't very good at altering the colour. Her silvery coloured legs are still in sight but she covers this up with thigh high black socks for school. Celia still has her long, white hair and discoloured eyes, one duck egg blue and the other the same brown, orange of an owl eye. Celia has gathered a cover story for these oddities too.

Powers/ Abilities (if any):

  • FLIGHT & HUNTING: Celia can fly when she drops her glamour just like any other bird. She's a very skilled hunter and can be very dangerous when in the sky, like any bird of prey. Speed, agility and deadly precision are all skills she has. Her humane personality can drop away like a glamour if beastial instincts need to kick in.
  • SIREN SONG: Like any siren, she has the voice of an angel and can create sweet sounds to lure and entice those who fall within hearing distance. Her songs can be anything from haunting whispers, to clear, worded lyrics.
  • STEALTH: Alongside a sirens capability to create beautiful music, is the frightening ability to be silent. Celia can move in soundless ways whic is both eery and dangerous.


Personality: Head-strong | Passionate | Outspoken.

Celia is a 10 stone, 5 foot 8 body of feminine fatale and she's aware of it. Siren's are hopelessly vain and she's no exception. You'll never find Celia far from her fine comb made of ivory. She constantly brushes and preens her silken waves and feathers like a bird. If you watch her long enough you'll see a compact mirror encased in Ivory appear so she can check her appearance.
On reaching maturity Celia's developed the defensive, frosty personality of a girl leaning towards the heavy side of life. Despite her curves making her drop-dead gorgeous, they've also made her suspicious of others. There's a fine line between curvy and chubby and she doesn't want anyone getting the wrong idea about her physique.

Vanity aside, she's intelligent, calculating and one of the girls you've got to look out for. There's a survival code in boarding school and she'll be one of the creatures you're trying to survive. She always has something to say, she's witty like that which is both a gift and curse. Outwitting an enemy one day, offending a friend the next.

Celia's wrapped herself in a shell of confidence and fiery passion over the years. It's difficult to tell what a persons truly like and you'll only see half a girl walking the halls of Warren High. She's secretly hoping to make some good friends, maybe even have a love interest or two otherwise the next few years are going to be lonely ones, and being alone isn't her strong suit.

Are you a friend or foe of humans? Or neutral?: Humans have been both dinner and company to Celia in the past. It's safe to say she's never really considered a humans feelings or looked upon them as an equal. Perhaps going to school with them will change her views, or perhaps she'll just eat a few of them on the sly. She might even take advantage of a few, humans can be pretty, passionate little things sometimes.

History/ Other: Oh the history of a modern day Siren is drizzled in naughtiness and lack of boundaries.

Olden day Sirens were know to cluster together, seeking isolated places that allowed for them to create a paradise and lead unfortunates astray in, jungles, vast forests, mountain ranges and coastlines.

Our modern day Siren, Celia, has so far led the life of a traveller. Leisurely going about the world, singing her way through freebies and life like some kind of deity. She's no angel and has at times slipped from one bed into another purely because she can, most would think she'd feel slutty and used but she happens to be the only one not being used. Despite her actions she still maintains such a classy edge, an edge all Sirens have.

This girl has been wined and dined by the rich, the poor, the young, the old, married, single, male or female, Celia has had them all. She has beautiful dresses, jewellery, perfumes- all gifts from her victims who were all too compliant with her wishes and desires.

Her adventures were cut short when her mother finally caught up with her on the road after 20 years of wayward behaviour. Long story short, Celia's mother Willow had decided it was about time Celia went to school and became a respectable lady.

So begins...

Celia Swift's Story


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#, as written by Mousie
Built majestically upon the top of a mountain range, surrounded by evergreen pine forests and valleys is an old castle, beautiful and elegant; particularly at sunrise when the warm rays first hit the spiral of each tower. Quiet for a short while the hidden landmark is once again open as a boarding school.

On this particular day the sun is shining bright and warm and the sky is clear; but the shadows are cold and there is a slight chill to air. Students of all shapes and sizes have approached the school, wearing their fresh uniforms, trailing baggage behind them fit for a long term at school. For some; more baggage is being sent in preparation for the entire year.

Unknown to the students, there is a slight change to this school year. A species that hasn't yet set foot in the school is mingling within the crowd, disguised by the general mob of uniforms and mayhem.

Warren High Boarding school has undertaken a project. One that will change the lives of all the students involved.

A warning bell rings out and it causes the students to file into two seperate assembly halls after a few straddles check in at reception.

In one hall, fresh-faced human children are seated. Nervous, eager and hopelessly naΓ―ve. Human teachers crowd behind them, listening just as eagerly as their students.

A woman, intimidating in both stature and beauty stands before them, icy eyes wondering over the sea of heads. Amanda Vogue, head mistress of Warren High, a mysterious figure built upon fear and rumours. Terrifying visually, from her masculine suit to her snarling, bow shaped lips. She wore the word terrifying like a shade of lipstick.

She never usually gave a speech this early, but things were different this year.

"Good afternoon and welcome, my name is Amanda Vogue, but you will all address me as Head Mistress." She began, giving a few figity students a longer stare than others. "At the start of the school year it is tradition for students to settle into their shared rooms on arrival and meet their fellow students before starting lessons the following day, however, I want to let you know a few important things first. Number one, there are no dropouts, runaways, rule breakers or clowns at this boarding school- you're here to learn and here you will stay. Number two, this school is special, it has traditions, secrets, I expect students of this school to be respectful of these things. Last of all, this is a respected facility and it is a privilege to be here, I assure you all that this will be an experience you will never forget..."

After addressing the human students Amanda Vogue made her way through a short corridor until she came to a second large hall. She hesitated outside the doors leading in before letting out an aspirated sigh and pushing open the doors. It unleashed a chaos of noise. Students of all kinds littered the hall, loud and obnoxious, snarling and laughing. She took her place at the front of the hall and after realising that no one had noticed her enter, let out a horrifying shriek. The hall quickly fell silent. The older students who'd been at the school for a while sat round respectably, the new students jumped in their seats. Startled.

She stared at them all, letting her glamour slip slightly to reveal some skeletal before giving a slightly different speech.

"Im sure you've all heard the rumours circulating about the 'human project' the school has taken on. Therefore I will address this first. It is true, that approximately half of the new students joining this year are human. This is an opportunity to prove to the council that this school raises students of the highest calibre no matter the species. It is a project we take very seriously, any student who is seen to jeopardise this great opportunity will be punished and expelled. I expect you all to make the new students feel welcome.
Now I am Amanda Vogue, Head Mistress of Warren High Boarding school..."

She continued to list similar introductions to the monster students as she did with the human students, Aware that her words were falling on a few deaf ears. The up coming year was to be a difficult one. She was a wolf, running a school for cat and mice.


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#, as written by Mousie
Celia Swift

If outsiders were to judge the prestigious Warren High upon the appearance of Celia Swift, mothers would be flocking the phones, desperately recalling their children from the school (particularly their sons).

Dragging a bulky suitcase at her heels, the arrogant madam barged through groups of students, leaving a trail of disgruntled looks behind her. She wore the uniform like a second skin, with the standard uniform wrapped around her body, finished off with a snug school cardigan, and black thigh high socks giving her a sexually devious look. Celia was made to look delicious with or without clothing though, she was Siren.

Being at Warren High was the last place Celia expected to be this time last year, she had nothing against further education but for quite some time she'd been travelling. Drifting through the fingers of admirer after admirer like smoke. Her mother finally caught up with her a few months back, and now she was here.

Shielding her eyes from the sunny day with some black sunglasses, she went straight to reception as her school booklet had instructed to pick up her timetables and room number. There was a queue, something she disregarded as all the other students smelt of weaker species, she even thought she got a whiff of oestrogen but dismissed it.

An elf girl at the front opened her mouth to protest but quietened down when Celia's glamour shimmered for a slither of a second to reveal her bright, predatory eyes. The warning bell shot off shortly after she collected her papers. Traipsing to the assembly hall a teacher directed most of the students to, she collapsed into a chair in the middle and rolled her eyes at an Incubus who flashed a dirty smile in her direction from a row in front.

The head mistress, Vogue, was absolutely awful. Celia wasn't sure what she was, but it made the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand on end when she let out a shriek. It was safe to say she was a predator of predators. Celia was prepared to only half listen to the welcoming speech, but to her surprise the first thing to come out of the head mistresses mouth was about a human project. At first she thought it was a joke, of course there had been rumours but, that's all they were supposed to be...rumours?

She left the hall after the speech, which carried on for quite some time after the revelation and made her way towards her room. It was a bustle and she could of sworn someone groped her bottom on the way up the stairs. Having humans at the school was an unexpected turn of events, one her mother would seethe about when she eventually found out. The smell of human seemed hopelessly obvious now she was trapped in a mixed crowd. She only hoped for their sakes that they weren't wondering around after dark.

It was no secret all kinds of things came out in the dark.

Winter Lavine

Over the far side of the school yard, a girl stood bent over awkwardly, dragging her long silvery hair into a scruffy bun. On the way to the school she had taken it upon herself to research the modern school scene and apparently a messy bun was very " chic".

Once she'd finished she picked up her duffel bag again and hurried to reception to retrieve her papers. Warren high was a magnificent school, certainly not as beautiful as her home but still lovely all the same. The air teemed with knowledge and she eagerly drank it in.
Standing in line she patiently waited, eying every single person within range with interest. She reached the front and began to say her name when a girl, roughly the same height barged in front.

Winter opened her mouth to protest but the girl's glamour shimmered to reveal the unmistakable eyes of a Siren. Winnie shivered automatically and pursed her lips. Her first day wasn't the day to start picking fights. She'd never met a siren before and her first impression was to steer clear.

After she grabbed her papers, a bell rang out. She gave the queue behind her an apologetic smile before heading toward an assembly hall as a teacher gestured the way.

Nothing said in the assembly surprised her, she'd done her research but was thrilled to hear she was right. Studying alongside such a wide range of species including humans was a real treat.


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#, as written by Mousie
Celia Swift

Reaching her room, Celia whipped off her sun glasses and pushed open the door. She sagged against the door frame and let out an exaggerated sigh after she looked around.

"Great there's a fish tank in my room." she muttered. With three beds in the room and Standard drawers to match there was nothing unusual but then there was the large, see through tank in one corner of the room. It didn't take much imagination to realise she was going to have at least one freaky room-mate for sure.

Slumping onto the bed nearest the window she looked out at the scenic view and tried to appreciate the fact she had a room with a window. Celia grabbed her case and dragged it over to her drawers to make it clearer that it was her area too. She'd never been to a boarding school before, and although she'd been on her own for a long time and survived, it was a more nerve-racking prospect to suddenly be thrusted into such close living confinements with others then living alone in the big wide world.

Getting up abruptly, she moved to a door within the room and opened it to view the bathroom. It was pretty large, it surprised her they'd give so much space. She clocked another door leading out of the bathroom opposite and smirked, there was no way that door led to more space for them.


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"Mother fucker..."

Kitanai gazed at the alarm clock beside her bed. She was late for the school assembly for the third time now. She slightly chuckled to herself as she stretched her arms and got out of bed. Her little foxy tail thumped on the bed.

"Yay for school!" Kitanai yelled playfully as well as sarcastically. She then walked off to her bathroom to prepare for the day she was dreading.

Kitanai walked out of her small dusty apartment in her glamour which wore a tight black skirt, a size too small, a cute white blouse with a cardigan to accompany it, and thigh high white boots, which is a tradition with her. Trailing behind her was a small black suitcase, she didn't have very many belongings. Also coming along for the ride was a small little fox. Cute as a button, with the name Ren. Except instead of his true form, he trotted around in his own glamour. He appeared as an adorable little black dog. This was due to the fact that Ren wasn't just a normal fox, along with Kitty, he's a fire spirit fox, given to her by her father. Humans wouldn't be able to comprehend the creature, so in order to take him on walks, he had to be in a glamour.

Finally, with coffee in hand, Kitanai arrived at the school. The assembly room was empty.

"Well crap..." Kitanai sighed as she knew she'd be in trouble once again. "Come on Ren! Lets find our ro..." Kitty stopped as she caught a whiff of something...human. On campus. She looked around and spotted one, two, five...a bunch of humans. A grin appeared on her face as a sudden realization came to her. Oh my... Does this mean I'm in school with humans now? This is going to be fun... She trotted through the mixed crowd of oblivious humans and threatening monsters with Ren following close behind. Everyone was reminiscing about the past years of school, and how great this year was going to be. Old friends were gathering back into their cliques to gossip and converse about the new transfers. Surprisingly enough, Kitanai didn't really have a group of friends, even after being a student at the school for three years. But she didn't mind. She enjoyed being a lone wolf...Well fox.

As Kitanai pointed out the people she remembered, a hand grabbed her wrist and brought her to a halt. Aw shit... There was her worst enemy. Amanda Vogue. She frowned as the horrid woman gave an evil smile.

"Well well well... Kitanai! So grand to see you so late. What is this? The third time? Marvelous. I hope you realize that being here is a privilege. Your father and I are quite close you know? I could easily contact him if you'd like me to. We could talk for hours!"

The woman would always be watching Kitanai. Like a hawk. She even made her shiver, especially with the thought of her awful father. Kitty's eyes fell to the floor as she replied warily. "Miss Vogue. Looking "grand" today. I apologize for my tardiness. I truly hope you can forgive me." Amanda frowned, sending another shiver down Kitanai's spine. She was really trying her luck at this point.

"You better watch it. Contacting your father is a pain in my ass, but I can do it." The woman then walked away, elegantly too. Kitanai stuck out her tongue and turned away. Ren barked to mock the woman. She giggled slightly and continued on her way to the front desk. As she arrived a nice man greeted her. He handed her schedules and her room key. She gathered her things and walked towards her room. "Well Renny, I hope we have some good roommate's. Preferably hot ones..."

Then as she was almost to her room, she spotted the most gorgeous girl shes ever seen in her entire life. She stopped in her tracks as she examined the adorable girl's black hair, with a red streak running through it. Her beautiful blue eyes, her cute little figure, and her tiny adorable behind. Kitanai picked up Ren and grinned. "Oh Renny-poo... Look at her... She will be mine..." Then all of a sudden the spirit spoke with a soft voice. "Kitty... She's human." Kitanai smiled and nodded her head. I know.

After the whole cheesy, "love at first sight" scene, Kitty opened the door to her room to find the one and only Celia Swift. The famous siren that lures everyone to their demise. She looked as if she was about to open the door to the other side of the bathroom. "Well hello there girly! Looks like we're gonna be roomies... I've heard so much about you Celia! I'm Kitanai, but you can call me Kitty. And this is Ren or Renny, which ever you prefer. Between you and me, he's not really a dog, he's a fox." Kitanai grinned as she held out her hand to the stunning woman before her.


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#, as written by Mousie
Celia Swift

"Well hello there girly! Looks like we're gonna be roomies... I've heard so much about you Celia! I'm Kitanai, but you can call me Kitty. And this is Ren or Renny, which ever you prefer. Between you and me, he's not really a dog, he's a fox."

Celia turned away from the door at the company. Her blue and orange eyes trailed over the girl before her, she had similar hair and a wicked aura. As a Siren she couldn't ignore her edgy and attractive looks. Celia moved out of the bathroom and took a sassy stances against the door frame.

"Guess there's no point introducing myself if you've already heard so much" she mused whilst running a hand through her snowy hair. Her eyes lowered to Kitty's pet. ""

Celia then moved her gaze to Kitty's hand, before a saucy smile slipped on to her face. "You'll have to earn that sweetie pie. I'm not shaking hands with anyone until I see the real them."

Another girl appeared at the door, she was tall, blond and pretty. Celia folded her arms, amused by how attractive her room-mates appeared glamour wise. It was all a disguise though, she'd have to wait until night fall to see what was hiding underneath all that pretty skin.

Celia watched the blond drag her luggage over to the tank and resisted rolling her eyes. So she was the freaky one.

"Well, what a beautiful day it's been so far, don't you think?" The tall, blond blurted.

Celia's eyebrows lifted. "Yeah..." She gestured to the tank. "What the hell are you?"

Winter Lavine

Winter took a while finding her room, she was too busy sight-seeing and watching her fellow students to focus too much on where she was going. Eventually she stumbled upon the right floor and shuffled up to her room. Outside her room a pretty little blond was stood. Winnie's eyes grew wide as she recognised the blond for a human.

"Hey? Are you staying in that room?" She called out before catching herself. Right next to her room another girl was waiting outside and she didn't feel human at all.


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"Guess there's no point introducing myself if you've already heard so much."

Kitanai nodded at the siren's words. ""

"Hehe, well spirit. Don't think he likes pet." Kitty stuck her tongue out playfully.

"You'll have to earn that sweetie pie. I'm not shaking hands with anyone until I see the real them."

Kitanai gave an angry grin, "Oh don't worry hon you'll be seeing plenty of the real me..." She winked and followed Celia's eyes to find another girl at the doorway. Tall and blond, possibly another victim of Kitty's.

The girl walked over to the tank as many things ran through Kitanai's head, as to what she was. Fish? Mermaid? Jellyfish? Octopus? Starfish? Kitanai laughed at these thoughts, due to the fact that it would be quite miserable to be any of those creatures. She then caught a glance at the new girl licking her lips with her tongue, at Kitty herself! She grew a tad confused but smiled back awkwardly.

Then Kitty frowned at Celia as she rudely questioned their other roommate.

"Why me? Just a slimy tentacle monster, hoping to run wild on some innocent young schoolgirls." Kitty grinned at the very honest girl. She had definitely seen some of that Japanese tentacle erotica stuff, but she found it kinda nasty. She wasn't a big fan of sea creatures in general, but she's willing to open up to the new girl to give her a chance.

"Lovely little set-up they have for me here. Might need a few decorations though." Kitty at laughed at the comical girl's comment. Then all of the sudden the dinner bell rung. So soon?

"Well guess we should head down girls. And give me your name on the way, tentacles." She gave a little wink and smile as she turned to the door.