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Korax Murgo

"Thousands of years later and math is still just as boring..."

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a character in “The Project of Warren High”, as played by Roku Mushabuki



Name: Korax Murgo

Age: Roughly 11,000 years old (Has only been active for 150 years)
Sex and Sexuality: Male/Asexual

Lich: A Lich is a spellcaster who was once living put has turned themselves into undead through the school of Necromancy. They link their souls to a physical object called a phylactery and will continue to live forever on the material plane as long as that phylactery exists. If their body is destroyed they will come back in a matter of time, so the only way to make sure one stays dead is to destroy the phylactery. Being that they are undead, they have no need for sustenance.

Glamour appearance: Korax's glamour is a bit more powerful as his real body is a skeleton like corpse. With his glamour he is 5'11'', white, lean muscled, and has messy brown hair. He wears a T shirt, hoodie, jeans, tennis shoes, and often listens to his ipod wherever he goes. He appears to be 17.


Powers/ Abilities (if any): Korax is essentially a witch that studies under the magical school of Necromancy, hence the nickname of Necromancer.
-Necromancy: Raising zombies(slow and stupid), raising skeletons, and raising other weak undead.
-Restoration: Essentially Healing. Takes a lot of magic to do and he can only do moderate wounds at best. Nothing fatal like an arrow in the heart or curing a tumor.

Personality: Korax is proud of his heritage and that often makes him arrogant. He believes that as an Atlantean he is superior to all others who are around him and the fact that he his a Lich does not help is ego. He is narcissistic and uncaring when it comes to the living but shows compassion to the undead and powerful mages. Korax will face a challenge when he meets one gladly as he sees it as a way to tune is skills but will retreat if it seems to be too much for him to handle.

Are you a friend or foe of humans? Or neutral?: A bit leaning into foe. He is critical against humans who are from the regions that rebelled against Atlantis long ago through just a grudge. He views them as a tool to fulfilling his dreams.

History/ Other: Korax came from Atlantis which held an empire around 9,000 BC. He was a mage who fought for the Atlantean military against those that threatened territories in the Mediteranean. He soared through the ranks as he aided the soldiers by raising undead to fight against the enemies. The council of Atlantis chose him and several other mages to take part in an experiment to make an immortal mage, resulting in them becoming Liches. With new undead mages on their side, victory seemed assured if they could convert enough of them. Unfortunately disaster stuck in the capitol as earthquakes, tsunames, and volcanic eruptions were destroying the continent. As Atlantis began to sink the Liches who had been converted gathered their phylacteries and formed a mage circle to cast a protective barrier that would preserve them when the island sank. There they slept until the magic in the barrier would wear off.

After thousands of years later the barrier broke and the Liches awoke in the mid 19th century. Each went their seperate ways to find their new purposes in this new and confusing world. Korax, in comparison to the others, was still young and angry that his home had been destroyed. He vowed that he would find a way to raise the island up out of it's watery grave as well as all the Atlanteans who had suffered an early death.

So begins...

Korax Murgo's Story


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#, as written by Mousie
Built majestically upon the top of a mountain range, surrounded by evergreen pine forests and valleys is an old castle, beautiful and elegant; particularly at sunrise when the warm rays first hit the spiral of each tower. Quiet for a short while the hidden landmark is once again open as a boarding school.

On this particular day the sun is shining bright and warm and the sky is clear; but the shadows are cold and there is a slight chill to air. Students of all shapes and sizes have approached the school, wearing their fresh uniforms, trailing baggage behind them fit for a long term at school. For some; more baggage is being sent in preparation for the entire year.

Unknown to the students, there is a slight change to this school year. A species that hasn't yet set foot in the school is mingling within the crowd, disguised by the general mob of uniforms and mayhem.

Warren High Boarding school has undertaken a project. One that will change the lives of all the students involved.

A warning bell rings out and it causes the students to file into two seperate assembly halls after a few straddles check in at reception.

In one hall, fresh-faced human children are seated. Nervous, eager and hopelessly naΓ―ve. Human teachers crowd behind them, listening just as eagerly as their students.

A woman, intimidating in both stature and beauty stands before them, icy eyes wondering over the sea of heads. Amanda Vogue, head mistress of Warren High, a mysterious figure built upon fear and rumours. Terrifying visually, from her masculine suit to her snarling, bow shaped lips. She wore the word terrifying like a shade of lipstick.

She never usually gave a speech this early, but things were different this year.

"Good afternoon and welcome, my name is Amanda Vogue, but you will all address me as Head Mistress." She began, giving a few figity students a longer stare than others. "At the start of the school year it is tradition for students to settle into their shared rooms on arrival and meet their fellow students before starting lessons the following day, however, I want to let you know a few important things first. Number one, there are no dropouts, runaways, rule breakers or clowns at this boarding school- you're here to learn and here you will stay. Number two, this school is special, it has traditions, secrets, I expect students of this school to be respectful of these things. Last of all, this is a respected facility and it is a privilege to be here, I assure you all that this will be an experience you will never forget..."

After addressing the human students Amanda Vogue made her way through a short corridor until she came to a second large hall. She hesitated outside the doors leading in before letting out an aspirated sigh and pushing open the doors. It unleashed a chaos of noise. Students of all kinds littered the hall, loud and obnoxious, snarling and laughing. She took her place at the front of the hall and after realising that no one had noticed her enter, let out a horrifying shriek. The hall quickly fell silent. The older students who'd been at the school for a while sat round respectably, the new students jumped in their seats. Startled.

She stared at them all, letting her glamour slip slightly to reveal some skeletal before giving a slightly different speech.

"Im sure you've all heard the rumours circulating about the 'human project' the school has taken on. Therefore I will address this first. It is true, that approximately half of the new students joining this year are human. This is an opportunity to prove to the council that this school raises students of the highest calibre no matter the species. It is a project we take very seriously, any student who is seen to jeopardise this great opportunity will be punished and expelled. I expect you all to make the new students feel welcome.
Now I am Amanda Vogue, Head Mistress of Warren High Boarding school..."

She continued to list similar introductions to the monster students as she did with the human students, Aware that her words were falling on a few deaf ears. The up coming year was to be a difficult one. She was a wolf, running a school for cat and mice.


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Korax hitchhiked his way to a town that was about one hundred miles from the school one week earlier. From there he walked. He only had a backpack to carry, even if it was a hiking backpack. Also since his nerves were all dead he could not feel a thing in his feet. Previously to his journey to the school, he blew all of his money buying illegal flesh grafts in a black market. The grafts could be added onto undead and were enchanted to act as living tissues or organs for a certain amount of time. However they were frowned upon since they needed to taken from various creatures when living. He bought two enchanted human tongues and an artificial stomach that vaporized the food that filled it.

He arrived right after the speech had been given. Around the lone Lich there were no other undead, only living creatures. Although undeath killed the physical senses, it did not dull emotions, especially the negative ones. Korax could not help to feel alone as most living creatures detested the unliving. So he plugged his iPod ear buds into his ears and walked into the crowd. "I wonder if my glamour blocked off the smell? A werewolf could probably smell it but I don't think an elf could. Could they?" He thought to himself as he wondered through the crowds.


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"Room 119. 119...Where is that? I wish that they could just post directions everywhere. I mean this school does have magic, right? The wondering Lich thought to himself after he was given his room assignment. There were so many students all packed into one place, all trying to find their own way to their own rooms. So he asked around to eventually find it.

Korax walked into the room and immediately claimed the top bunk of a bed. He thought that he would set up shop as soon as possible to install his tongue and stomach graft and smiled excitedly. Unfortunately that smile faded when he turned around to find his roomate. A skinny African looking student. Korax gave him a long, uncomfortable stare before starting his ground rules.

"Alright here's the deal. This bed is mine as well as what's on it. Don't touch it or my things and it's probably best not to even look at it less you cause trouble and goulify yourself. I'll be keeping this appearance all year round but I don't care if you switch yours off. Don't complain about the way I smell or else you'll regret it. Be warned, I don't sleep at night and will often make noise if I'm experimenting. If you have a squeamish stomach then you have best find a new room. Remember that at all times I am superior to you in every single way and we won't have problem." Korax told his new roommate. Then he turned around, pulled some air freshener out of his backpack, and began to spray it around the room.