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Lissette Imorian

"I guess I'm not your average monster." -wip-

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a character in “The Project of Warren High”, as played by RolePlayGateway




║Theme Song║
[url=(link to song)](song name) | (artist name)[/url]


Monster girl



Lizz, Frankenstein, Franky


║Love Interest║

║Face Claim║
Inori Yuzuriha





Slim, tone, and curvy

║Hair Color║
Light pink

║Eye Color║

(self explanatory)

║Monster appearance║
Lissette has a rather confusing appearance. No one really knows what species she is, as she appears to be a mish mosh of various monsters or creatures. She has very faint long brown hair, that hangs to her ankles. Her eyes are a light grey almost white color, with various rainbow tints within them. She is extremely pale, and is smaller than her glamour appearance at 5'1". Unlike her glamour, she is very slim and slender if not almost petite. Her arms are replaced with white wings with a gray hue on the edges, as well as wings on her back. She has the horns of a ram, long fangs, and pointed ears. [ Wings and arms ] [ Ears and horns ]

║Glamour appearance║
Lissette is of average height, and though slim is quite curvy. She is pale with porcelain skin and light pink hair. Her eyes are bright red in color, with long doll like lashes that look as if they aren't real at all, but they really are. Her lips are very full and somewhat pouty looking. At times, she can look like a doll. Lissette often wears white beads or flowers in her hair, in terms of dress attire, she is usually accustomed to colors such as white or light pastel colors. She wears dresses a lot of them time, or two pieced types of clothing which is usually skirts and a short belly showing top. Often times, she wears knee or thigh high boots, or ballet slippers, then other times she goes barefoot.



  • Is usually found snacking on something
  • Always has food with her
  • Singing softly when doing work
  • Humming to herself when walking around
  • Will try to rescue anything and everything
  • Will not drink anything that isn't cold
  • Will not eat food items that have touched each other
  • Doodles randomness on anything when bored
  • Will eat anything
  • Has a habit of taking bites out of food people are holding
  • Will help herself to food on people's plates
  • Dances to songs in her head
  • Deathly afraid of bright happy face stickers
  • Has to arrange things properly in regards to size/color/shape
  • Sleep walks
  • Rarely has good dreams, usually has nightmares
  • Talks to 'herself'


  • Photographic memory
  • Hacking
  • Acrobatics
  • Good with animals
  • Piano, guitar, harp, flute, composing
  • Cooking

    ║Power║ - Scripture
    Scripture allows Lissette to utilize whatever she writes, with the effect varying depending on whats written, or how it's manipulated. In addition to her hand, she can utilize other objects to write the letters. The letters can be written on different surfaces or in the air. She can materialize solid words in their depicted form (i.e. writing "fire" would create fire) and then throw them at the opponent. Scripture also allows Lissette to write rules and utilize runes, this works differently and can be used to do things like create traps in which people must follow the 'directions', or to inflict feelings upon others. Scripture can also be used to rearrange writing in books, and even hide spells within that writing. It also allows Lissette to 'speed read' through any book, and read many ancient writings.

    (Solid Script)-
    The user materializes solid words in their depicted form (i.e. writing "fire" would create fire) and then throws them at the opponent. The words that she produces actually mimic the properties of the aspect they were based from. This is best used from the background and in a way where one cannot be interrupted.

    (Runes)- It is a form of scripture that allows Lissette to write runes, sometimes without a writing tool such as a pen or a quill, for various types of effects. Essentially, the spells used for this Magic work only on what the caster writes with it; in other words, what they write goes as follows, making it a sort of "rule". The properties of the Magic is centered on the writing of the runes; however, if rewritten correctly, the effects will change. The runes can be written on an object, person, or even in midair for the effects to take place.

    The runes can be written for different purposes, such as traps, and offensively can be cast upon an opponent to inflict either physical or mental injury. Lissette can also conjure an element for usage of this Magic, like poison. Death is also a possible effect. However, simple usage of this Magic that is convenient for the user, such as teleportation or flight, can also be used. Another type of spell is actual transformation, in which the caster is able to transform themselves and be granted a different appearance, even strength. Rune spells are their strongest when written with something, and stronger more harmful spells may cause unknown short term or long term effects to the caster.

    (Puzzles)- Scripture can also create puzzles in which Lissette is able to create barriers in certain areas by surrounding it with Magic Runes. Those who step inside these runes will be trapped and forced to obey the rules that the user set up beforehand. Due to the nature of this Magic, it is more suited for trapping rather than for direct combat. In addition, it also takes a significant amount of time to cast.

    ║Abilities║ - Varies

    • Flight
    • Speed
    • Artificial Intelligence - Lissette's current state is the result of an experiment, in which a demon soon to die, had what was left of her mind sealed into a computer while her body then was forced to occupy another. Lissette's body is actually occupied by what used to be a human girl. Now trained to call herself Lissette, she was forced to learn how to function in a demon's body with the instruction of its lingering previous owner. She's has the knowledge and somewhat shares the mind of a computer itself. This is actually why she is so knowledgeable.


    • Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies
    • Cosplay, dressing up, fashion, sewing
    • Stuffed animals, plush toys
    • Animals, nature, scenery, exploring
    • Snowy days and rainy days
    • Humans
    • The idea of love, companionship
    • Blood

    • Being bored, having nothing to do, sitting still too long, being useless
    • Summer, heat waves, the beach
    • Authority, rules, limitations
    • Being wrong, losing, failing
    • Dishonesty, ignorance, rudeness, closed mindedness, show-offs, try-hards, self absorbed people

    • Studying, cramming
    • Parkour, running, track, cross country
    • Writing, reading, poetry
    • Acrobatics, gymnastics
    • Crafts, origami, painting, sculpting
    • Hacking
    • Human watching
    • Hunting

    • Necrophobia - The irrational fear of dead things (e.g., corpses) as well as things associated with death (e.g., coffins, tombstones).
    • Thanatophobia - Fear of dying.
    • Sedatephobia - Fear of silence.

Lissette is someone people would refer to as strange or socially unacceptable at times. She is kind of awkward to most. She looks at the world as if she has never experienced it before, always seeming to find the beauty in things people seem to think aren't there. She is overwhelmingly curious and constantly is trying to think out of the box to the point people think her to be some kind of insane. She is very sporadic and can be impulsive in her actions, mostly when she wants to do something she thinks would be enjoyable. She is very timid, a generally mellow individual however, when she is excited about something it is all she can focus on and the rest of the world dissapears and she turns into another individual. The room could be on fire and she wouldn't have the slightest idea. While Lissette is very knowledgeable intellectually, she is very naive and can seem quite childish. She is overly trusting and gets easily attached to people regardless of how recently she has met them.

She is very sweet, and has this overwhelming need to save the world and everyone in it, often spreading herself too thin. Lissette is very stubborn however, she has a hatred for authority or anyone who tells her what or how to do something. She is a repetitive and blatant rule breaker and always has been. Though her intentions are never really anything to fret about. Lissette has a photographic memory with the inability to forget anything, thus she finds most classes boring unless she is engaging herself in it with hands on things. Lissette doesn't seem to have any shame and isn't shy at all. She has a tendency to get into people's personal space and be touchy feely and is completely oblivious people don't like it. She also could care less about what people think about her, she believes other people's opinions about herself to be irrelevant (or this is at least what she's led people to think). Though she is fragile, she is quite strong. She can be a force to be reckoned with and nobody ever sees it coming.

Lissette is determined to the point of almost obsessive behavior. When she has an objective she is extremely driven and this is complimented by her strong work ethic. She has a strong sense of loyalty to those that she cares about that is unwavering and often cannot be understood by others. She has a mentality that will take her to the grave with someone she considers a loved one. She generally tries to devote herself in every way possible to people she considers important. Lissette though she may not project this to others, is very sensitive. She does a good job of hiding this which has caused her to develop a sense of anxiety and emotional instability. While she comes off as a very strong individual (though incredibly naive), she to an extent is someone who needs to always have someone to depend on, as she ends up getting into a lot of trouble whatever it may be, and tends to not understand why people do the things that they do. Should she have no one to be there for her to pick up the pieces of her realistically fragile self, she would have lost her mind a long time ago. Usually when she feels like she is hurt and doesn't know how to deal with herself, she ends up alone raging, crying, and breaking whatever is around her. She has yet to be caught doing this though.

The real Lissette, the one trapped within herself, sarcastic, witty, rebellious, short tempered, and mind numbingly stubborn.



║Thoughts on humans║
The original Lissette loved humans, so much that she could be labeled as obsessed with them. She is one of the few monsters that would have killed her own kind to protect humans. She finds them fascinating and thinks to them as equals. Lissette's occupant, whose real name used to be Rae, naturally has nothing against humans as she is one. She is also approving of monsters, though has been cautioned not to trust them.

While Rae is a vegetarian, and thus that is how you usually see Lissette eating, she is forced to drink blood on a daily bases which she was told she needs to survive. It is something she has never gotten used to.

║Relationship Status║

║Personal History║ [url=(link to song that most fits history)][color=#(complimentary color)]♪(song name) | (artist name)♪[/color][/url]
To be revealed throughout


So begins...

Lissette Imorian's Story


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#, as written by Mousie
Built majestically upon the top of a mountain range, surrounded by evergreen pine forests and valleys is an old castle, beautiful and elegant; particularly at sunrise when the warm rays first hit the spiral of each tower. Quiet for a short while the hidden landmark is once again open as a boarding school.

On this particular day the sun is shining bright and warm and the sky is clear; but the shadows are cold and there is a slight chill to air. Students of all shapes and sizes have approached the school, wearing their fresh uniforms, trailing baggage behind them fit for a long term at school. For some; more baggage is being sent in preparation for the entire year.

Unknown to the students, there is a slight change to this school year. A species that hasn't yet set foot in the school is mingling within the crowd, disguised by the general mob of uniforms and mayhem.

Warren High Boarding school has undertaken a project. One that will change the lives of all the students involved.

A warning bell rings out and it causes the students to file into two seperate assembly halls after a few straddles check in at reception.

In one hall, fresh-faced human children are seated. Nervous, eager and hopelessly naïve. Human teachers crowd behind them, listening just as eagerly as their students.

A woman, intimidating in both stature and beauty stands before them, icy eyes wondering over the sea of heads. Amanda Vogue, head mistress of Warren High, a mysterious figure built upon fear and rumours. Terrifying visually, from her masculine suit to her snarling, bow shaped lips. She wore the word terrifying like a shade of lipstick.

She never usually gave a speech this early, but things were different this year.

"Good afternoon and welcome, my name is Amanda Vogue, but you will all address me as Head Mistress." She began, giving a few figity students a longer stare than others. "At the start of the school year it is tradition for students to settle into their shared rooms on arrival and meet their fellow students before starting lessons the following day, however, I want to let you know a few important things first. Number one, there are no dropouts, runaways, rule breakers or clowns at this boarding school- you're here to learn and here you will stay. Number two, this school is special, it has traditions, secrets, I expect students of this school to be respectful of these things. Last of all, this is a respected facility and it is a privilege to be here, I assure you all that this will be an experience you will never forget..."

After addressing the human students Amanda Vogue made her way through a short corridor until she came to a second large hall. She hesitated outside the doors leading in before letting out an aspirated sigh and pushing open the doors. It unleashed a chaos of noise. Students of all kinds littered the hall, loud and obnoxious, snarling and laughing. She took her place at the front of the hall and after realising that no one had noticed her enter, let out a horrifying shriek. The hall quickly fell silent. The older students who'd been at the school for a while sat round respectably, the new students jumped in their seats. Startled.

She stared at them all, letting her glamour slip slightly to reveal some skeletal before giving a slightly different speech.

"Im sure you've all heard the rumours circulating about the 'human project' the school has taken on. Therefore I will address this first. It is true, that approximately half of the new students joining this year are human. This is an opportunity to prove to the council that this school raises students of the highest calibre no matter the species. It is a project we take very seriously, any student who is seen to jeopardise this great opportunity will be punished and expelled. I expect you all to make the new students feel welcome.
Now I am Amanda Vogue, Head Mistress of Warren High Boarding school..."

She continued to list similar introductions to the monster students as she did with the human students, Aware that her words were falling on a few deaf ears. The up coming year was to be a difficult one. She was a wolf, running a school for cat and mice.