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The Promise Land

The Promise Land


What happens when a self destruct bomb kills most of the world, leaving a small group of teens? Mix in a virus, lack of oxygen, and a hope of a Promise Land, what could happen?

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To Whoever Finds This Letter,

On May 8th, 2087, the world was compromised.

It started three months earlier when the Asian Wars began. China and America had a disagreement. They began to fight and waged nuclear war against each other. America was winning and was about to take over China. But, Chinese spies in America took pity on a group of people. They told a few teenagers that China has a suicide bomb that would destroy Earth if they were to lose. These teens tried to warn adults, but were ignored. They went into hiding in a very deep underground sewer.

Then May 8th came. The young teens, and a few children they were able to bring, heard the explosion. All the way from China, the devastation rippled around the world. Fires burned, earthquakes tore at the ground, and heat took over the world. This was just the beginning.

They waited a month after the devastation happened. When they finally reemerged to the surface, the world was practically dead. Although they searched, they found nobody in miles. The heats made the kids dangerously sick and lots of the younger ones died. The teens were left to suffer.

They got to Canada, although it wasn't any colder there. When the few left reached to once frigid country and found it just as hot, their hope left. They decided they would never find a true home and they better make Canada as comfy as they could. They set up a government, with a both a female and male president who would have to make decisions together. They gave people groups: Hunters, Doctors, House Workers (They make clothes and food), Builders, Engineers, and Scientists. There were a few given special jobs and were cut out from the rest, like Visionaries (People who try and find a way to make a better society), Annalists (People who go on dangerous missions that are top secret... I don't know what they do... I'm not important enough), and Legals (The extra special justice department that doesn't have to follow the same rules we do). Life was as good as it was going to get.

Of course, there are what we call the Ouchies. They're the closest to animals we've found. They're little viruses that will latch onto you and cause you to hallucinate, actually feel cold, and die in a matter of weeks. People sometimes try and get Ouchies for the cold. That's when you can tell people are going nuts.

But, a scientist discovered the heat was going to kill everything off eventually. Since most trees were gone, we would all eventually suffocate. It's been three years now and it's harder to breath than it should be. Some of us are dropping dead, and soon the number of dead will grow. With us, the human race will go with it.

Unless we find a way to survive. There are rumors of a very special place where there are things like grass and the sky is actually blue. It sounds crazy, but it's the only thing we cling to in this world. Rumors are, they will pick the best from each group to go on a quest to find what the people are calling the Promise Land.

Our hope rests with a small group of teens who are going to drop dead from heat any moment trying to find a place that may not exist. We're relying on them to save us all.

If there's the one in a thousand chance that someone does find this letter, please... Help us.

Toggle Rules

I may make this into a book, so PLEASE DO NOT copy this idea. 
December 17th, 2090 is the current date. You're a citizen who is trying to survive in your little community. Life is good if you forget about Ouchies and lack of oxygen. Truthfully, you don't even know what the "government" is keeping to themselves.

We will start it off with a normal day. In this day, your character will or will not be picked to go to the Promise Land.

If you are picked, you'll head off ASAP. You'll journey, looking for a place that you don't even know is real. You'll face dangers and problems. You could get an Ouchie or, without sugar coating it, you could die. Will you dare try?

If you're left behind, don't feel bad. There will be two plots going on, so one will be back home. There will be fear stirring up as the oxygen decreases and panic could take over the land. Will the terrified people lose it and go nuts? Will you rebel, root for order, or stick to the shadows in fear of the Legals.

For staying or not, I'm doing a first come first served. But, there will only be two (a girl and a boy) for each regular job (the high positions and the special ones will stay back) going to find the Promise Land. Anyone can join at any time, but I can't promise you'll get to go on the journey. If you put you go on the journey, but I have someone already, I'll change it on your character form and I'll tell you so you can edit it if you need to.

You will have a job back home, despite if you leave or not. I'll lay them out so you can look at them.

These are the people who find all the food and provide for the people of our society. They are much more prone to Ouchies, since they're out and about a lot more. But, being a Hunter has its perks. You get more Anti-Ouchie medication than others do before they get infected. Goonies aren't curable, so you're taking a big risk, but you get a little more food than most regulars.

These are highly respected professionals. They had to come up with things like Anti-Ouchie medicine, which doesn't work very well. They must take care of the Ouchie infected and help them not suffer as much. They, like Hunters, are Ouchie prone, but get more food for their work.

House Workers
These are for both women and men. They make clothes and prepare the food that is provided by Hunters. They are like the care takers of the society. Even though their job is important, they aren't as respected for it. They get just as much as food as anyone else, but usually get to taste test it before the others.

Builders work under the Visionary, who they never get to see. They just follow the Visionary's orders and make the Visionary's designs become a reality. This job doesn't take much skill and doesn't do much since they don't have many materials to work with. They are probably the least important.

These people keep everything running. They actually bring running water to the society, but the water is a bit dirty and had to be thoroughly filtered by the House Workers. The water is never cold. The Engineers design some pretty cool needs, like light bulbs and type writers. They are very valued for making things work with limited materials.

They are the smartest people in the society. They study the earth patterns and try to figure out how to get trees back and get the earth back to normal. They don't usually socialize with others, but aren't considered an isolated group.

The Visionary
There is only one Visionary and I will take it off the list when it is taken. This person sketches out ways to improve their world and comes up with genius ideas. They have never been seen since they got the job and no one really knows who it is, which makes the people uneasy. When this job is taken, don't put "Visionary" on your character sheet, but PM me if you would like it. Your identity will be a hush hush secret. ;D

These are mercenaries who go on hunts to try and find other people. They aren't allowed to go to the Promise Land because they are like back up Legals.

This is like the police force of the society. They don't abide by our rules and are able to treat us any way they want to. They fight for the government and law, but sometimes they act a little full of themselves.

These are the two (boy and girl) who rule the land and make up the laws. What they say goes. This is the most important job anyone can have. When the two are taken, I'll take this off. You must first ok this with me before you apply for this role. :)

We will start when we have 10 people playing. I'm really not good at getting people to join my roleplays, so if you know someone who might be interested, point them this way. If we have not enough but we have about 5 people ready to play, I'll go with it.

Rules of the society (AKA My rules for this roleplay):
NO cussing. It's just a waste of good air.
Do not get... close.... to another gender. We don't need babies around here, and they'd die if their mothers and them even survived their birth. (In short, no sex. Romance, sure. Just no sex….)
No Whining. We don't have time for that and you'll be asked to leave.
Don't be mean to one another... It's immature and we'll send ya out with the Ouchies. Maybe they'll wanna listen to ya.
Listen to your authority.
*Don't rebel. We've got enough crap to deal with. (Yes, this one can be broken.)

Use lots of detail on your character. Make some long paragraphs. I don't care what you do with you do with your character later as long as it follows the rules and you aren't trying to an attention seeker. If you have a cool idea for the plot, just let me know.

Character Skeleton:
(Name Preferably in fancy letters)
(Picture Here)

General Info





Do They Go On the Journey to the Promise Land?:


How He/She Acts








Family Members:

Anything Else?


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[[OOC: You're very right. Any ideas?]]

Erik gnawed on his lip as the Presidents continued, telling how they'd be interviewed and tested. As they stepped off and uneasily began talking to each other, Legals stepping infront of them like bodyguards, the civilians beginning to talk to one another, a dull road filling the room. Erik sat, still silent. He pondered what they had said.

Erik knew his only way out of this is if he acted physically unwell. Maybe he could pretend he had an Ou- No, that would get him banished for good, and if they knew he was lying, executed. But making him feel even worse was the "repopulate and survive" part. He wondered, if this "Promise Land" was real, which there was no guarantee it was, then what would happen? Would the society move their and wait until they had used up all their resources and suffocate once again? Or would only a select few, the select few who knew about it, go. It made him uneasy, thinking they would keep this from the population. And re-population? Erik wouldn't be apart of this and he decided it now. He had to somehow get out. He began to feel panicky, but before he could go into melt down state Nan spoke.

"See anyone you know?"

Erik nodded, melt down avoided. "Yeah, there's a Builder over there and I think that Scientist is one of the roommates in my tent," he said, gesturing the people he spoke to. He didn't know either very well, but he had obviously seen them around. "You?" he asked.


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Nan listened as Erik listed the people that he knew and looked for them as he gestured at people. She wondered how they reacted when they were brought the the strange, technologically advanced place.

“You?" He asked.

Nan looked around at the crowd once again, searching for anyone that she might recognize. “I'm pretty sure that I treated that boy's sister for the flu, I think he's a hunter, but other than that, no." Nan leaned back and took a deep breath. “This is all so strange," she said. She looked through the crowd, inspecting each person carefully. That girl had a scratch on her left hand, that boy had sunglasses on. Nan wondered who these people were and what they had left behind. She wondered how they had survived for all these years.

Then the Presidents stood up again and the male began to speak.

“Well, um, our specialists are ready to interview all of you. Don't worry, there won't be any hard questions, just general stuff about your name, age, jobs, experiences and stuff like that. So, everyone with first names starting with the letters A through M, follow this woman here," A woman stood and waved her hand. “And everyone with first names starting with N through Z, follow him." The president gestured at a man standing in front of him and the man waved as well. Nan stood up.

“Well then, I'll see you later," she said to Erik and then turned to follow the man out of the room and down a hallway to another large area.

“I'll call you up by name," he said, smiling and then calling up a male scientist. Nan sat down on the ground to wait.

[Hmm.. I don't know, is there any way to promote it on rp gateway?]


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[[OOC: Yeah, I think there is. I'll try there. :) Haha, holy crap, it really pays to look over your characters once and a while. I just realized I put down that Erik has a limp... Let's just pretend that he's been limping the whole time. ;D ]]

"See ya," he said to Nan as they parted ways, him going with A-M and her N-Z. Once reaching his group, he quickly took note that he really didn't know anyone in A-M. He folded his arms and the Legal woman, not Marsha of course, instructed them to sit and informed she'd call them up in alphabetical order. She disappeared with a woman off into a corner, taking note of everything she said by carefully writing it down.

Erik sat uneasily, waiting for his turn. Finally, the woman called out "Erik Web?" and he stood up and limped off to the corner with her. She jotted some things down and then looked at him.

"Age?" she asked.

"Eighteen," he said, smirking. "Is this all really-"

"Job?" she said, cutting him off.

"Builder," he said.

"Any handicaps?" she asked. Was she blind?

"Yeah, limp," he choked out, trying not to laugh at her.

"Past jobs."

"None, I was too young for one before the war. Why does it matter?" She ignored his question and was about to continue, but he stopped her. "Right, sorry, only Legals get to ask the questions around here. I forgot."

For the first time, Erik watched as a Legal showed emotion. He huffed, looked both ways, and revealed a pistol that sat on her hip. "You know, sir, I'd prefer not to use this on you," she said, her anger telling him that she actually wouldn't mind pulling the trigger. "Any family members left?"

"I don't have any idea," Erik said.

"Marital status?"

"Now you're just being ridiculous!"

"I'll take that as a no," she said, scowling. She scribbled it down. "You are dismissed, now if you'd sit down until I'm finished with everyone else," she said, nodding back to the group. Frustratedly, Erik hobbled off and waited for everyone else to finish.


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[[OOC: So sorry about the repeated posts! You wouldn't know how to delete posts, would you?]]


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[I don't think there is, you could just edit it and delete all of the text though.. :) ]

"Nanette Williamson?" the man called, and Nan stood and walked over to him, sitting down in the chair that he had placed opposite himself at a small table.

"Hello," he smiled, "I'm just going to ask a few simple questions."

"Alright," Nan said, noticing how overly friendly this man was being.

"How old are you?"


"An what is your career?"

"I'm a doctor," Nan replied, frowning, didn't they already know this?

"Ah, I see, and do you per chance have any handicaps?"

"Uh..I have an artificial heart valve."

"Okay and have you had any past jobs?"

"Before the bomb no, I was too young, I've only been a doctor."

"And do you have a family?" The man asked, and Nan noticed how sad his eyes looked, she wondered who he had lost. She sighed, she seemed to sigh a lot lately.

"None, they're all deceased, other than my cat of course."

"I'm so sorry for your loss," he said, sounding somewhat sincere. "Do you have a spouse?"

"Not that I know of," Nan said sarcastically. The man chuckled gravely.

"I understand your reluctance in taking part in this project, I don't think I would like it if I was more involved either, but please carry through with it. You seem intelligent, so I'll let you in on a little secret. The Presidents are desperate, you are their last hope, if this project fails, then I don't know how humanity will survive." He sighed. Nan looked at him, shocked, she knew that the circumstances were bad, but not this bad. Now that the fate of humanity was resting on the group's shoulders, Nan realized the importance of this project.

"Don't worry," she said, putting her hand on the man's shoulder for reassurance. "I'm sure that everything will work itself out."

"Of course," he said. "And thank you, your interview is now complete. Nan smiled and then stood up and walked back to her place to wait for the interviews to finish.


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Once the interviews were done, the male President returned to the stage. "In your groups, you will be taken to our Mercenary training course to see if you will be useful in the harshest of moments. Please follow your group's Legal." Erik gulped. He'd be going with a bunch of strangers to complete some survival course. But, on the bright side, fail and you might be replaced. Erik knew his limp might get him places, so he prayed the course would involve running.

"Alright, follow me," the Legal said to Erik's group, as if they were children. She turned and led them out the door, everyone reluctantly behind her. Erik saw a guy beside him who looked like the hulk, just not green. His black hair was matted down with sweat. Even though Erik was a pretty muscular guy, this guy looked as if he could pound him into the ground.

"So what's your name?" Erik asked as he limped along. The guy looked at him and almost laughed that Erik was even talking to him."

"Desmond- I'm a hunter," he said, coughing. "And you," he said, sizing Erik up.

"I'm Erik," he said. Desmond didn't respond, as if he was pushing for more. "Builder," Erik said. Desmond laughed. There was no glory in being a stupid Builder.

"Well, between that and this messed up leg of yours, good luck," he said sarcastically as he walked away. Erik rolled his eyes. The Legal quickly occupied his attention, for she had stopped. Erik looked behind her, admiring an extremely large building with barbed wire fences around it.

"This is our training center. Once you enter, no leaving until we allow it." She said, as if they had a choice whether to go in or not. The fence doors swung open and they all stepped in. He wondered if the other group, which included Nan and the female Builder, were coming to the same place. Erik quickly walked through, guards at the gate shining a flashlight in his eyes before allowing him to pass. The Legal led them through the building, which did not have air conditioning and you could tell by the heat, to a hallway with doors, about ten, side by side. "Pick one and go in," she said. Everyone nervously obeyed, Erik picking the one on the end.

When he opened the door, Erik found it was about the size of a closet. Desmond might not be laughing now, because Erik wasn't sure the huge boy would even fit. Once Erik stepped in, the door swung shut behind him. There was no handle on the inside. "This is bad," he whispered to himself. Suddenly, the wall in front of him slid back, revealing a huge room. But there was no floor. Instead was a huge pit of black tar. Erik got the horrible feeling that it was a test to see if you could get to the other side, which held a platform full of towels and pool-showers. Erik wouldn't have to pretend to be unable to do this now- he was going to drown.


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A survival course, Nan should have known. Of course they would have to be able to survive in the wild. The Legal led the group down a hallway and Nan took the time to inspect the people around her. She was the smallest of the bunch, though there were some people who were shorter than her. All of these people seemed to have more muscle than she did, which was not surprising since the only exercise that she ever did was walking, sometimes running.

“Welcome to the training center, you will enter one of these doors and will not be allowed to leave unless you complete the task given or die trying." the Legal said devoid of emotion.

“Sounds lovely," she heard someone say, and she smiled. The Legal then led then down another hallway and Nan noticed the lack of air conditioning. They reached a room with doors and she searched to see of Erik's group had joined, perhaps they had already gone in.

“Pick a door!" Another Legal shouted and Nan walked over to one that was painted blue and was three doors down from the end. She stood in front of it and took a deep breath in, cracking her knuckles. “You may enter... Now!"

Nan opened the door and surprised bet the closet-like room. It was dark and Nan wondered if she had to make a light or something. Just as this thought crossed her mind, however, the small room opened into a forest-like setting.

“What the..." Nan said, walking forward. Was this a simulation of some sort? She walked into the trees and trekked down a hill. Was she supposed to stay here for the night? She then heard a slithering sound somewhere near her. “Crap not a snake, I hate snakes," she said looking around wildly. It was a small snake, but Nan came to the conclusion that it was poisonous because of its markings. She was lucky that she had to study snake bites to be a doctor. “Shoot, shoot, shoot," she said as she frantically looked through her bag for something to kill or scare the snake away. “What would Indiana Jones do?" She chuckled to herself. “Wait a minute, fire!" She yelled, then, remembering that she was talking to herself, she smirked.

Nan dug through her bag and found a lighter, which she used for medical purposes only, and she grabbed a stick from the ground. Lighting the stick on fire she poked at the snake and watched as it slithered away. She let out a breath which she hadn't noticed that she'd been holding in and sat on the ground. Then, she heard a loud growl not to far from where she sat.

[Gaah, how did that get so long?? ]


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Erik yelped as the platform he was standing on tilted. He gripped the sides, but continued sliding towards the pool of tar. Only one thought was relevant- he was going to drown because of his leg. "No!" he yelped as he fell, face first into the tar, sinking lower and lower. He struggled to kick. He wasn't alone- the course was near impossible. Everyone, even the hulk-like Desmond, was struggling to stay at the top. Erik was just the worst off. He couldn't see, the tar blocking any vision of light. He was immersed and couldn't breathe.

He finally surfaced after shoving tar out of his way. He took a deep breath as he sank, and no amount of struggling would save him at this point. He squeezed his eyes shut and allowed himself to sink.

Suddenly air hit him again. Had he surfaced. He opened his eyes, eyelashes that were soaked with tar trying to stick them together. He looked around and suddenly slipped out of the tar's grasp. He hadn't surfaced at all- he had sunk to the bottom. And who would have guessed that underneath the tar was a whole empty bottom. Somehow, the tar was being held about three feet above the actual bottom of the pool. Erik looked around. He was the only one who had sunk. So, he crawled through the empty bottom, listening as people struggled above him. He continued crawling until he had reached the other side, which held a ladder. Grabbing the ladder, he climbed up, battling the tar until his head surfaced again. He climbed out, covered in the black gel-like material. The female president stood on the platform to greet him.

"Congratulations on your wit of coming through the bottom," she said, looking like she had debated on shaking his hand, but opted out because of how messy he was. "There are showers in the back room if you need to wash off," she said, pointing at the door. Erik nodded and stepped around her, looking back to see the other's struggling. He saw Desmond who looked like he was sinking. Erik couldn't help but smile before he passed through the door. The President hadn't lied- tons of private walls separated showers. Picking one, after knocking on the door of course, he stepped in and locked the door behind him. He left his clothes on, figuring they needed a wash too. He turned the water on, preparing for it to be hot, but it was quite cold, which felt good due to how hot the training center was.


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The growl certainly was not human, it was too low pitched. Nan turned around slowly, only so much so that the side of her face was facing the tree that she was leaning against. There was a sharp intake of breath heard as she stood up, very slowly. Behind Nan and the tree stood a very large bear, who seemed quite angry. Nan was surprised, she didn't think that any bears had survived the explosion, then she realized that this bear may be a simulation, maybe it wouldn't hurt her. She took a step forward and began to reach out her hand, but the bear lowered itself on all fours and snarled at her.

"Shit," she said. "What is with all of these killer animals." Nan backed away slowly, but the bear stalked her movements. Turning quickly, she rushed the the tree next to her and climbed it deftly, she was lucky that her brother had taught her how to climb. As she neared the top, however, her hand grabbed a sharp branch and it scraped her hand, causing it to start bleeding. "Ow," she said, putting her hang to her mouth and sitting on the nearest branch. There was a growl from beneath her.

Nan then began going into survivor mode. If she couldn't stop this bear, she would most likely be kicked out of the project. This would be fine for her, but she didn't want these people to go without an experienced doctor. Then, she had a plan. There was a drug that she carried that she used for surgical purposes and extreme cases only. It paralyzed and numbed the patient, and an overdose of the drug could be lethal. She immediately got to work and found the drug quickly, avoiding contact with her injured hand. After pouring most of the liquid into two syringes, she held one in each hand and waited. The bear began climbing the tree and Nan waited silently until it was just below her. Jumping, she stuck both of the syringes into the bear's neck and ran when she landed on the ground, surprisingly earning only a few bruises.

Nan ran until she reached a door, and after taking a deep breath and wiping the sweat off her brow, she opened it with her non-injured hand. Outside, the male president stood, ready to congratulate her. She was directed to showers, and after washing herself off, she wrapped up her hand and waited for the next directions, feeling tired.


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After Erik had gotten all of the tar out of his clothes (he couldn't get it all out of his hair, but...) he turned off the water and stood, his pants now soaked. He pulled them up as far as he could to make sure they weren't weighted down and stepped out, finding a rack full of towels somewhere nearby. He wiped himself off so that he wasn't dripping water all over the floor, but he couldn't dry himself completely. Erik was still a bit shell shocked. He had though he was going to die back there. He had been quite close to dying too. What if there hadn't been tunnels at the bottom? Would they really had let him die?

Erik didn't even notice the fact that he was shaking. He shook his head, as if to clear it. "Stop being a wuss," he said to himself. He knew he just had to get over the initial shock of being in a near death situation. Hadn't he already been in one when he had been so closed to being shot? But he wasn't shot, and even if he had been, he would have lived. Erik let out a shaky breath. A noise behind him made him turn. He let out a breath as he saw Nan step into one of the showers, not even noticing him. Had she gone through the tar? She hadn't looked like it. She didn't seem to have any tar on her.

Erik began limping down the hall, deciding to go exploring. He pushed open a door to see a group of Legals in some sort of conference room. They were all huddled together, looking at something, before they whirled around and looked at Erik. No, they weren't Legals- they were Mercenaries. Before Erik could say anything, one grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pinned him against the wall. "What are you doing, pipsqueak?" the Mercenary demanded. Erik took offense to the nickname he was given. He wasn't a body builder, but he was a Builder, making him muscular. But, Erik couldn't speak, now shaking so horribly his teeth were chattering. Before he could say a word, a voice called out from the hall.

"Put that young man down!" It was the female President. Erik gulped as the Mercenary let go and he slid down the wall. The President looked at him and smiled. "He's been accepted to Operation Promise Land... We need him...."


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After wrapping her hand, Nan grabbed a towel and dried her hair with it, digging through her bag to find a brush, she ran it through her hair to untangle it. Her hair was still damp, and it was cold on her back, so she put it in a ponytail to lift it off of her skin. She got dressed and made sure that Watson was still in her bag before pulling the curtain back and stepping out

Nan's hand stung, that's the first thing she noticed after she stepped out of the shower, fully dressed and clean again. She sighed and picked up her bag, turning down the hallway to meet up with the other people. She had just fought off a snake, sort of, and she definitely fought that bear, she needed a break, but she was sure that these Presidents had other events hidden up their sleeves.

"Put that young man down!" It was the female President. Erik gulped as the Mercenary let go and he slid down the wall. The President looked at him and smiled. "He's been accepted to Operation Promise Land... We need him...."

Nan snapped her head up to see Erik being held up against a wall. She gasped and stepped forward,so that she was standing next to the female President.

"Oi, what the heck," she said, "Aren't mercenaries supposed to protect people," she crossed her arms and glared at the larger Mercenary.

"They are," said the female president, also glaring. "And this man may need to learn his lesson." The President hit the Mercenary's arm, and he dropped Erik immediately, with a guilty look on his face.

"I didn't know that he was a subject for the Promise Land," the Mercenary stated, his face down. "It won't happen again, I promise."


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Erik sighed, his sudden panic attack quickly over. He stood up and smiled. "It's really alright. I walked in on their conversation and I shouldn't have been snooping. My fault." Erik smiled and the Mercenary walked back to his group, shutting the door, and locking it, behind him. The President stared at Erik and scowled, as if sizing him up.

"I have other duties to attend to besides your trouble making, Mister Web," she said, strictly and emotionless. It was hard for Erik to think that she was just a teenage girl who might have once had a life, a crush, a family. Now survival was the only thing anyone cared about and Erik hated it. They were all still basically kids. "If you think you are capable enough of doing so without me hovering over your shoulder, head to room 21B down the hall. It's a conference room where we will be debriefing all." The President hostilely turned and strutted away. Erik sighed.

He noticed more people from his group walking out of the tar-pit-room. Desmond was a among them and gave him a very smug look and a jerk-ish smile. Erik crossed his arms. He turned to Nan. "Well, that was fun," he said, sarcasm laced into every word. "So what was your guys' test. What were you forced to do?" he asked curiously. Then he noticed her hand, which didn't look completely right and was all bandaged up. His eyebrow lowered and looked at her, confused. "You alright?"

(Sorry it's SUPER short and I haven't posted in FOREVER [Forever, and ever, is a very long time, Pooh... Sorry...] but I figured I needed to get this up ASAP.)


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The female President seemed entirely emotionless as she told them where to go and reprimanded Erik, as if he was the one who started it. Nan realized that they would be debriefed on the project quite soon, and she suddenly became very apprehensive. She wanted to see this “Promise Land," and yet she was very afraid of how they would survive there. She also wondered how the villages that she visited would fare without her there.

"Well, that was fun," he said, sarcasm laced into every word.. Nan snorted.

“Fun is not the word that I would use for this," she smiled.

"So what was your guys' test. What were you forced to do?" he asked curiously. Then he noticed her hand, which didn't look completely right and was all bandaged up. His eyebrow lowered and looked at her, confused. "You alright?"

“What, oh yeah I'm fine, I just scraped it on a tree branch. They sent my group into some forest and I don't know about the others, but I had to defend myself from a bear and a king snake. I now officially hate bears, other than when I have sedated them enough to make them pass out," Nan said, looking at her hand for a second. “Whay did you have to do?" She asked, looking back up at Erik.

They began walking towards the debriefing room and Nan purposely walked slowly, for Erik's limp, but mainly because she was not sure if she even wanted to be informed of this entire operation. The hallway was rather long, and some people passed them and others walked behind, as if they too were afraid of the truth. To be fair to them, Nan also wanted to go home, but even she did not know where that was now. She listened to Erik as he told her what his group had gone through.

[It's totally fine, I was actually just on vacation and I haven't checked up in a few days :) ]


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Erik listened to her recall her tale of what they were put through. She had been attacked by a bear and a king snake... Erik's tar issue seemed petty compared to her group's struggles. Yet, his had been more a test of wit, for not even the great Desmond could complete it with just strength.“What did you have to do?" Ah, the dreaded question.

He decided to skip all if the things about his near-drowning and get to the point. He had already been shot, proving he was enough trouble. He didn't want to be a bother, or over dramatic. "We had to swim across a pool of tar. It was more a mind game though. I must admit, I am a tad bit proud. I finished first." Erik immediately wished he could take the words back. He sounded like he was bragging. "Sorry, that sounded a bit-" he started, but was cut off when something huge slammed into him from behind.

It was the hulk in miniature form. Desmond, the jerk of a hunter, in the flesh. "Nice to see ya Web," he sneered, sarcastically. "Had fun cheating the test, did you? President seemed quite proud." He grinned and Erik could feel his face growing red. Before he could even angrily respond, Desmond did instead. "Who's this?" Desmond asked, wrapping his arm around Nan. He obviously hadn't taken a shower for Erik felt tar on his back where Desmond has ran into him. Poor Nan was probably covered now.

"Why don't you go find some deer to chase?" Erik said, bravely. Desmond laughed and moved off of Nan, but kept up pace with Erik's limp.

"You, my friend, need to work on your comebacks. And, may I, you might want to get a shirt. People like me can make the whole shirtless thing work, but you, well..." he trailed off, grinning, as he almost reached the door, shoving anyone who tried to enter before him out of his way. But, as he pulled open the door, not even he was prepared to see what was inside.

Marsha, the Legal that Erik had befriended, hung from a rope in the entryway, causing Desmond to leap back in horror, a slight scream emerging from his mouth. Erik covered his mouth and took a step back. A paper slipped from her hand and Erik bent down to pick it up, unraveling it. It read: WHY DON'T YOU BRAVE THE IMPOSSIBLE MISSION YOURSELVES, PRESIDENTS, LEGALS, AND EVERY OTHER STINKING OFFICIAL IN THIS SOCIETY?

Some of the others tried to take Marsha's pulse and cut her down, but Erik knew it, even though he didn't want to. The Legal was dead. Suddenly, gunfire echoed somewhere back toward the showers. "Hurry! Follow me!" Desmond screamed, as if he was the leader. He took off running, everyone following him. Erik tried to keep up, but fell to the back of the small pack. Following the others through a door, he tripped. But instead of hitting the hard floor, he hit sand. He spit it out of his mouth and looked up from his spot on the floor. His mouth dropped open, sand blowing back in, but he didn't care.

They were outside of the society. And the door they had exited through, the door Erik had just tripped out of, the only door that would let them back in, shut and locked behind them. They were stuck.

[OOC: Sorry if I moved on too fast! If you'd like me to change it and slow down, I'll do so.]


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Nan listened intently as Erik recounted his tale to her. She was glad that she did not have to swim through tar, though she couldn't help but wonder how that would help people survive in the wilderness. She was about to wave him off for his unintentional bragging when Erik was suddenly shoved from behind. A large man came out from behind him and acted high and mighty, making Nan scowl at him. He slunk his arm around her and Nan felt tar cover her back and hair. She took a deep breath and shoved him off of her, ignoring his consistently annoying comments.

They began walking towards the next stage again and the man, who she learned was named Desmond, opened the door. She heard his shriek before she saw the body, but when she did, Nan gasped. It was Marsha, strung up like a marionette. She rushed forward and read the note over Erik's shoulder and was shocked. Marsha had never seemed like the person to oppose the government, but she spoke tbe truth. Why werent the officials who ran this place doing this themselves? Nan added this to her list of questions for the Presidents when there was a loud booming sound.

As the gunshots were fired, Nan ran after Desmond, who had suddenly taken the lead, though Nan did not think that he was smart enough for the job. They ran through a large door and Nan beard it slam behind them. She reached down to help Erik up when she noticed the sand. When they were standing again, she looked up and saw, for the first time in years, the sight she had dreamed of.

The blue sky.

“Good god," Nan said coming out of her state of shock and looking around at the others. “Is this the Promise Land?" She noticed that the group seemed to be missing a few people, for the number of males and females did not seem even. Nan reached behind her to check that her bag was still on her back and was relieved to find that it was. They would be needing medical supplies if this was what she thought.

[OOC: no this is fine, we should probably get to the real action. :) ]

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