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Mackenzie Grace

"Stay out of my way, and we might just get along."

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a character in “The Promise Land”, as played by comicbooklover


Mackenzie E. Grace

"Stay out of my way and we might get along."


General Info

Name: Mackenzie Grace

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Job: Hunter

Do They Go On the Journey to the Promise Land?: Nope.

Appearance: Mackenzie's name sounds sweet, but it is completely not like her, and you can tell just by looking at her. Like most people in the society, she is tan. She is tall, at about 5'9" with long black hair. Her eyes are a dark grey and she often wears green. She has a lot of scars from hunting, her most visible one going across her chest and up her neck, which she has never told where she got it. She has an athletic build and is very muscular. Although you might misjudge it at first, she won't care to hurt anyone if it benefits her.

How She Acts

Personality: Mackenzie is a jerk. She is selfish and doesn't care about others, as long as she can benefit from their misfortune more than their well being. She is very competitive and often tries to beat others when other people don't even think it's a competition. She can easily get people wrapped around her finger and is pretty sly. She can be a bit sensitive and temperamental, but she tries not to show her moody side because she thinks it is weak. She can't stay still for more than five minutes before she loses it and gets bored easily. She is in peak shape, so she often finds herself doing many athletic things.

Likes: Running, Herself, Heat, Hunting, Competition, Coffee, The color Green

Dislikes: Bright- Springish colors, Children, Being Social, Losing, Generosity

Skills: Running, Hunting, Lying, Cheating, Getting what she wants

Weaknesses: Making Friends, Playing any instrument, Staying still or quiet, Lack of Computer Smarts


Bio: Mackenzie was a infamous con artist by the age of thirteen, three years before the bomb went off. She could smoothly talk someone into buying almost anything. How she got there was something she really never wished to discuss.
Once upon a time, two artists met and fell in love. They got married and were expected to have a son. They had never really wanted a daughter, so they were overjoyed. But, this son died shortly after he was born. The artists became depressed. Their next child was an accident. But, she came anyway. She was born healthy and bright, but to parents who were still grieving. They tried to raise her well, but their sadness seeped through. Mackenzie decided she would do everything she could do to give them a better life. So, she started conning people to get them money. But this turned her selfish and greedy, so she didn't give her parents the money back in time. They died of unknown causes before she even thought about giving them what she had earned for them. She was sad, but too sucked in. She just kept conning.
But, she got caught. And she was on her way to jail when she escaped, about ten minutes before the disaster bomb destroyed the whole prison bus. She was hiding in the sewers when she ran into the group of survivors, so she just hopped in and joined. No one was suspicious about her just appearing. The only person who knows is The Visionary, but no one knows who that is.

Family Members: John Grace (Father: Deceased) Olivia Grace (Mother: Deceased) Toby Grace (Brother: Deceased)

Anything Else?

Other: She is illegally treating herself with Ouchie-Killer that may or may not work. I'll decide if it works or not later. I may also add something that will be a surprise. :)


So begins...

Mackenzie Grace's Story


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Erik was too puzzled to even try to fight back. He wasn't in trouble, yet they had gone to the point of chasing him through the streets, almost shooting him, and tying him up? It all seemed a bit much and he didn't even know what to begin to think. But, before he could respond, a doctor walked out of her station. She began to talk to the Legal. Erik didn't bother to really listen to their conversation, but the doctor sounded annoyed.

"You'll need to get another doctor at this post, and I'll need to bring my belongings."

It was the doctor who said it, and the Legal responded by nodding. "I will escort you to your post so you can collect whatever you need. But we must move soon. The others are waiting on us."

Tons of questions blazed through Erik's head. There were more who were being taken? What was going on? Where were they going? What were they doing? Erik tried to yank apart his hands, only to hear a crack. He closed his eyes and bit his lip. He was in a horribly precarious situation.

When his eyes opened again, he noticed a female builder being taken off, escorted by the other Legals who had came to the tent. She didn't seem to be struggling. Erik guessed he had been some sort of beacon of what would happen if you struggled. He was the example, he supposed.

The Legal pulled Erik up, making him wince in pain, but the aching had much lessened in his side. He felt pretty fine, accept for just a headache. The Legal began escorting the doctor back to her office, dragging Erik behind. Erik stumbled along, his strength slowly seeming to reappear, as well as his common sense. He felt idiotic for trying to run, when he could have just talked it out. It was seeming to be working for the doctor. But, he had reason for what he had done. He just had to hope he wasn't a dead man walking in the government's book.