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Billie is a hunter like the Salvatores, though he seems to stay fairly stationary. He wears a lot of flannel and is almost always seen in a trucker's hat. He runs an auto salvage yard as his day job, and is a go-to guy for supernatural research.
He has amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years, becoming the information broker to the supernatural hunting community, plus his house is full of bookcases and stacks of books about the supernatural world and the things hunters go after. He and James Salvatore were old friends, though they had a falling out prior to the onset of Dean's hunting quests. He had always thought it would be best to raise the kid normally, but James thought it would be better for the kid to uphold the family business as a full-fledged hunter, starting earlier than usual at seventeen. However, he is aware that the kid isn't exactly human, after having met Maggie a while back and learning the truth, he's even become more of a father figure for him. James has gone missing and he's concerned there.

Billie is well-known and respected amongst hunters, as he's always mentioned by other hunters out there when things go amiss. The hunter is also a extremely capable marksman, able to shoot a moving target with his eyes closed, made more notable by the fact that he was in the woods at night when he did it. Thought that was a while ago, back when he was still hunting with James, before Dean was introduced to the business. He had yet to learn that the man was already training Dean in the meantime.

Despite his appearance, he is also very intuitive, cunning, and very durable for his age.

Billie is fluent in several languages including Japanese and several dead languages. He's taught Dean how to read and write and pronounce words in Enochian and Latin (though the kid isn't that perfect at it, they're working out the kinks).

Despite not being a witch or a regular with spells, Billie is proficient at using magic. He is able to cast a spell to put the Witnesses back to rest, summon Crowley (Crossroads Demon), and even bind Death.

So begins...

Bill Jenkins's Story


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"Not just know your enemy, but know how to kill it. And to do that, you gotta get the basics of using weapons, how to hold yourself in a fist fight and my ultimate favorite, the laws or rules of battles. You'll learn it all, I know you will, but in baby steps. Alright?" he told her seriously, keeping his gaze on the road. No, he couldn't sugar coat it for her, not anymore, he wasn't joking when he said he was gonna train her hard -well maybe not too hard. But they were dealing with an entire nest of vampires, and not just any, purebloods. They were harder, meaner, and stronger. Not a piece of cake, and she would have to put brutal force into her moves, and strike with the utmost intention to kill, destroy them all. It was her life, or theirs.

At hearing her bring a light to her read, a journal not a book, he rose a brow. What she read was finally making sense, not some crappy writer's view on vampires -pssh they don't glitter in sunlight, at all. He smiled a small grin, but then it vanished when she mentioned that name again. Adacio, that name alone has been haunting him since that demon had first mentioned it, calling him the son of Adacio. What did it mean? Was it literal? But who the hell was Adacio? The hunter stole a glance at the italian girl, but she was watching the beautiful view outside.

He drove faster.

β—™ β—™ β—™

"They're here." Maggie said with a touch of a smile forming at her lips. They were all here. She sat on the edge of a lumpy couch, in the space that was part living room, part office -the hunter had a desk, piles of books and an open laptop there, it was not a happy sight and the designer within Maggie was begging to spring out, have her do something to define this space that she couldn't tell what it was.

Billie stood from behind his desk and went to the door to see the huntress/vampiress and the vampire. He was indeed shocked, so Dean wasn't kidding huh? He stepped aside and gestured for them to come on in, he'd caught the glimpse of Dean's Impala as it pulled into the lot, coming to a park, and the two doors from both sides swinging open. Isabella and Dean stepping out.

"So the meeting is here?" Dean asked, as he lead Isabella to the shop.

"Guess so, found your witch." Billie grumbled, he turned as the hunter entered through the door, along with the girl.

Maggie watched Selene and Michael curiously, what would they want with her? She'd never met them, but she'd met their kind. Selene she could see had a strong connection to the pureblood Michael, no one else would see it, but she saw the invisible bonds that tied them together. It looked like silvery ribbons, unwoven around them in the air, like wisps of evanescent smoke. Beautiful.

The same could be said for Dean and Isabella, but that bond was stronger, brighter. The witch's eyes widened, for a split second she could have sworn she was staring at Adacio, he was there again, and they were back in her home, him coming to her for a simple talk, one that would go on for hours. She knew virtually everything she had to know about the demon lord, he was more open to her than anyone it seemed. Maybe because the two were apart of the same world. She took a breath, telling herself that the man had died ages ago, this here was his son, who was also part human. Something flickered in her eyes but that was all, she then spotted the dark haired beauty that was Isabella, all grown up and she too possessed the same likeness as Maria. That was expected. She offered her a kind smile, almost "welcoming" her back. Though she knew the girl wouldn't be able to recognize the expression.

A few moments later, Aleksei arrived, as though waiting for them all to be here. But someone was missing, the witch noted but said nothing of it. She silently watched the group as they exchanged glances, the little pureblood girl that had accompanied Aleksei kept herself close to him, eyeing the witch suspiciously, as if not liking her presence.

Dean lead Isabella to seat herself on the chair that was situated in the center of the circle, he sat next to her, Aleksei settled beside Maggie, he smiled at her, his expression saying "Long time no see, you look good," and he held on to Mina's hand, feeling her stiffen uncomfortably at his left.

Maggie returned the smile, hers replying "Thanks, you haven't changed at all."

Dean rolled his eyes, those two were like high school friends, meeting again as if they hadn't seen each other in a short time. Wow, he figured she was the witch, and without waiting to be prompted he addressed her, "You're a witch right?"

The witch tore her gaze from Alek to gaze sharply at Adacio's kid, he had the same stubborn chin as his father and that piercing stare that would make anyone tremble, but she did not. It didn't effect her the same way, "Yes, I am. My name is Maggie Solt. Pleasure."

Dean nodded, she didn't really look the part, more like a friendly neighbor, the kind that would welcome you into town with a maga-watt smile and a fruit cake in hand. Though he knew well that looks were deceiving, always were.

Billie didn't like the glower shadowing his kid's eyes, and he put his hands up in a "relax" gesture at the hunter, "Dean, I know her, she's not like other witches. We can all trust her."

"She's a witch."

"We all know that."

"Dean I've been around for a very long time, even before you were born. I've met your father, quite the handsome devil if you ask me."

Dean stared at her shocked, and something told him she was talking about Adacio -his real father.

Then the door swung open, "It's confirmed, Isabella is a prophesy, it ain't just an urban legend-" Veratos announced as she walked in, then smiled broadly at the collection of folks here, "Oh, are we having a party?"

"It's about time you got here, sit." Billie said, pointing to a chair that was next to Selene.

Closing the door, she strode on over to that very chair and sunk into it, she shouldered Selene, "So this is the witch huh? Looks young, and normal..." she whispered, her eyes spotted Dean and she winked at him, then she looked at everyone else. Yup, everyone was here. Let it all begin.


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Veratos smirked, "Normal as in, she looks like a regular if you know what I mean." she explained, then chuckling lightly, she added, "Yeah I wonder where she gets her miracle cream."

Maggie brightened at Wolfgang, with obvious recognition, the same look Billie gave his old hunter buddies whenever they stopped by. Then followed another young one, she greeted him with a smile. The witch's gaze lingered on the elder man long enough to see that he was settling in, just as effortlessly back into the "hunt" as any of them did, before swinging back to the Isabella, concern for the young Italian evident in her features when she closed her eyes and pressed fingers onto the side of her brow.

They all tensed around her, watching Isabella with equal bouts of increasing worry. It was all for her after all that they had gathered here for. Only when she opened her eyes again and looked about, smiling an embarrassed little grin.

Selene voiced her reaction to the hybrid Veratos' confirmation of Lombardi's future, even giving the girl that look that clearly said, "you're screwed."

Maggie rose like a woman in power, to address them all, especially Dean. She'd never imagine the things he wanted to do to her, witches. Damn why it had to be one of 'em?

"Well now, that's showing some spirit. Missy, I think you should learn some people skills, that is no way to think," she shot this to the ever so downer Selene who was quick to assume that all was lost. It wasn't --not yet it was. They had options, there was always options. At least Dean firmly believed there were.

Maggie then glided her light forest eyes back, meeting Dean's starer.

"Don't need to trust me Salvatore, but that wasn't why you requested my presence was it? We're here to discuss this young lady's situation," She gestured toward Isabella at his side. He clenched his teeth. How calm and almost amused did she have to be? He could just punch her. He almost did.

Maggie smirked a coy grin, that knowing look in her eyes, "Word around is she's already been spotted by the vamps." She divided her gaze from Dean to Alek, who gave her a simple nod of affirmation to that fact, before redirecting her gaze to Dean again.

Another secret smile tilted her lips, if only Dean could read her mind. Bitch.

"Now, you're all planning something am I right?" Stupid question, her smile grew as her eyes settled expectantly to Billie.

He nodded, "Yeah, as soon as I know what's what." Billie crossed his arms, staring from the witch to everyone else. Apparently it all came down to her. She was the center of their case, how freaking weird. She was just a normal girl, why did the vamps want her blood for, a power boost?

Dean wrapped his fingers around Isabella's hand, glanced at her for a split second, then turned his gaze to the witch, he cleared his throat, capturing her attention. In his most grave tone, laid it out, "Well, first things first, I got Billie to hail your witchy ass down 'cuz I'm somehow linked to her. To put it short, if something bad happens to me, if I die. So does she. I want you to undo it... If it's even a spell to begin with."

Maggie's eyes widened like saucers, she shot him a mean look, "Undo the Life-force binding spell? The one I created to not only bring her to life when she dies, but also make it work so that you don't die after she's revived? Hmm, hunter, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, we're all here to protect her right? I just skipped to the part where you all fail, and she gets killed because face it, Fate is never wrong, and no matter how many times we may all try to thwart what's been written, it can't be completely avoided, " she shrugged, "thank me later, but that's a no."

"What?! So it was you?" Dean shot to his feet, staring eye-to-eye with the witch who looked as if she'd done the most wonderful thing in the world. "When the hell-how the hell...?"

"You were a baby when I linked you. Your father gave me permission. That simple. Don't you think we've already addressed this matter, thinking up so many ways in which we could all prevent this from happening? Prevent an innocent death?" she countered, her tone even, her gaze locked on him.

"Yeah, well bang up job ya did, in case you have forgotten, I'm a damn hunter. I can get ganked by anyone of those bastards out there ya ever considered what'd happen then?"

He could feel the vampire staring, like an itch he couldn't scratch. "Salvatore, watch your tone, she's a witch and a powerful one." Aleksei warned him quietly, his auras spiking beneath his calm facade.

"Shut your pie hole, this is between me and her."

"I am verily aware of your daily ventures hunter, but given the circumstances, because of what you are, that is highly unlikely. That's how I knew this would work. Now, is that all you wanted me here for?" Maggie planted both hands on her hips, staring back expectantly, "Are we going to get to the part where we ambush the Italian vamps or discuss whether I can undo the spell? Because no matter what you say I won't undo it."

"Maybe this will change your mind," Dean held the Colt to the witch's forehead, the barrel pressed directly in between her brows. His finger on the trigger ready to pull and blow her brains out.

"How dare you, ingrate. Threatening my life after I did you the favor of helping to save this girl before you'd even known of what's coming for her? Get that thing out of my sight!" A thick force of brutal, electrical energies crackled in the room, a powerful gust of air whipped at the pistol in Dean's grip, smacking the weapon out of his hand, sending it flying over everyone's heads smashing through the glass window outside.

"Balls, this is exhausting," Billie muttered as he rubbed his brows and sighed. "Tell me when you get your head outta your ass so that we can get to what's important here ya idjit."

Dean shot him a look, "What? Are you even hearing what she's saying?"

"Dean don't be so grouchy, she was helping, don't you see, she's already known all this would happen even before you took on this case." Veratos explained like she knew who they were dealing with. She approached and wrapped her hands around his bicep using the distraction as an excuse just to get all close and touchy. Carmine lips curved into a sexy smile and her eyes glittered with pure want as she looked from him to Maggie.

Maggie rose her brows, noticing Veratos, "Precisely, you're a sharp one. He should learn from you... Now let's get back to the real-"

"Wait a sec, you said my father had a say in this? Are you talking about Adacio?" Dean interrupted, calming a little, and ignoring Veratos' painfully obvious hitting on him. He had to focus.

Maggie exchanged a knowing look with Billie who's face paled several shades of white. Now what?

"You didn't tell him?"

"Tell me what?" Dean glancing back.

"No, I haven't." Billie answered drily.

Maggie shook her head, "Well boy there's not much for me to tell you. That's a discussion for you and Billie to have."

"Billie." Dean turned, how did he know that this Adacio demon lord was his father -biological father and had never even told him? What a way to pull a fast one on him. He yanked his arm from Veratos and crossed the room, leaving with Billie.

Finding his gun near an old junked car he slid it back into its holster, then he followed.

"Ya just gonna walk out?"

"You know I hate witches right? I mean she could be lying her ass off in there. I'm not buying her crap." Dean just wanted him to know that as it was prickling in his head like a wild hornets nest waiting to burst. "'Cuz if my father is some jacked up demonic lord, you'd told me that a long time ago, right?" Dean trudged down a row of old cars with the older man, glad as all give out that he was outta that damn crowded and stuffy room. Yeah, call him claustrophobic, he didn't enjoy a space occupied by more than four people at a time. He glanced back to look at Billie, reading his face. He didn't like the guilt tripping he was seeing. Damn.

"Well yeah, Adacio is your blood relative if we're being technical. He's a... I don't know how to tell you this, he ain't all human if you know what I mean." Billie slowly admitted, watching Dean closely. "I've called your old man but it keeps going to voice mail, he won't pick up probably 'till he's done with his case."

Dean hesitated next to an old Chevy, black paint peeling off its banged up body. "Your saying all this time you knew James wasn't my father, that I'm a freaking son of the devil and ya never bothered mentioning it to me?"

Billie sighed, "Come on boy, like I could without James threatening to take you away if you knew the truth. I didn't have a choice."

"He took on another case?"

"Yup, one in Eden, North Carolina, something's wicked popped up, been leaving vics dead all over, hearts torn out. I think you know what that means."

"Right. So now he decides is a good time to turn off his cell during a hunt, wait until I see him." Dean released a shuddering breath, his fist pounding into the hood of the car, leaving a deeper dent. Another question poised in his mind, but it refused to crystallize.

"What are you thinking, gonna go after him?"

"No, whenever he gets here, I'll face him. Are you gonna tell me who Adacio is?"

"Boy I don't think you even want to know."

Dean nodded, the words that sounded like a warning tumbling around in his head. All the secrets, the lies, not only was Billie forced to keep his trap shut about something so serious, but his own dad never told him. And he had plenty of chances to.

"I'm tired of this, can't you just tell me, tell me if he's a monster." He felt his throat tighten and a burning in the back of his eyes. What was worse? Being a freak or the son of a monster? Maybe both.

Billie sighed deeply, "It's something James wanted to tell you himself, something I shouldn't even be talking to you about. I promised him I wouldn't tell you anything about it."

Dean looked at him pointedly, "Well I know he isn't exactly normal, and the fact that he made deals with a witch. What's with all the mystery here?"

Billie put a hand on his shoulder, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there, for now let's go back inside and focus on your case."

"No! I want freaking answers. This can't wait, I need to know what the hell I'm dealing with, it's… it's changing me. I see things, hear things I've never even…" He realized a bit too late he was yelling, his fists clenched so tightly blood seeped through his fingers where his nails bit into his palms. "What else are you not telling me? Huh? This Adacio guy is the reason I'm not normal isn't he? Is that why a witch tacked Isabella's soul with mine, betting on the juiced up horse not to kick it when things get hairy?"

Billie stared with wide eyes. As if he'd turned into some crazed beast. What did he think he couldn't put two plus two and connect the dots?

"That's what it looks like, she even said it herself and called it a favor. A favor for who? I never signed up for it. Heck I never even got a word in, and everyone is in on it except me."

Billie tore his gaze, surveying the lot, pain written all over his face. "I'm sorry kid, I didn't want things to get outta hand. I just wanted to keep you safe."

Dean unclenched his hands ignoring the sting in his palms, intrigued he brought his hand up watching as half moon incisions closed up fight before his eyes in a matter of seconds.

"I nearly died today, heck I think I actually was a doornail for a moment. Then outta nowhere my heart kicked back up into gear, that's how I knew. Something wasn't right."

Billie stared, he could feel his eyes on him, unlike with Aleksei it didn't feel cold and prickly. It was familiar and yet, he couldn't define the feeling, the new feeling that he sensed, some type of caution. As if he'd drop his marbles and what, lose whatever was left of his humanity? Did he even feel human anymore? He had demon blood coursing through his pipes, how much of himself was even normal anymore?

"We have to have a serious talk about this son, but there's a case. And you and I are the only ones here to work it right."

"But the bonds still hold? Sabrina the bitch won't lift it?"

Billie shook his head, "It wasn't my decision--"

"Hell it wasn't mine either, all I'm sayin' is that it's a bad call… My soul… My soul isn't even human is it?"

Billie grasped his shoulder giving it a firm squeeze, "You maybe a hybrid, but you're still got heart. You're my son I've told you that a bunch of times."

Dean lowered his hands and nodded. He wasn't going to continue arguing if a girl who depended on him was waiting. He decided he'd kust have to fight, keep going. Until he couldn't anymore and another hunter put him out for it. But until that day, for now she needed his help and that came first.

Inside the shop, Aleksei was discussing with everyone else some sort of strategy on how he would handle the bulk of the vampires while Isabella could hold her end and try to defend herself since there was no talking her out of going along with them. He seemed highly confident that Dean would train her well enough by the time prom night came around. Coming to end his statement soon after for Veratos to pick up and say, "I've acquired a satellite map of Italy, namely Rome encircled as the focal point. Avalon if we can figure out where exactly their nest is, we could strike 'em, take 'em down in numbers. The more out of the way, the easier it would be to get to the Alpha vampire, he won't have so many soldiers to back him up. Makes the fight even on our side," she opened a large map on the coffee table so that everyone could see it.

Dean leaned in over her shoulder to inspect the colorfully and richly detailed map. Names of each important land mark and all the regions respectively, some of them even marked in as points of interest.

She indicated a little space in between the Palazzo Cardinal Seci and Hotel Columbus. "They're hotels, not your average nighters either these are like Four Seasons big. I have a feeling they're gonna have Isabella spend some time there. Lorenzo's words."

Could the key in his pocket reveal something to this puzzle? Maybe it could clue them in on something he was missing. "I doubt these vamps would announce where they hide, much less make it an obvious place. Finding them will be tricky."

Dean glared at the witch who ignored him, he then turned to stare at the map Aleksei was studying like the thing would magically tell him where the nest was with a giant green arrow. He rolled his eyes, this was not going to work and would only be a waste of their time, precious seconds he couldn't exactly spare. The clock was ticking.

"I think we should all just go to Italy, scope out Rome, and find a vamp or two from that nest, I doubt it'll be that hard for them to stay hidden, especially when they sense their bait is hooked and thrown into the sea. We'll all be there to keep her safe obviously, but if we're gonna go with that option, I think she needs a little hunter-how-to's down to a synch before anything. Can't be too careless here." Dean suggested, tapping the tip of his boot restlessly against the wooden floor.

"I second that notion." Billie agreed, standing near his desk heaped with old text books and reference papers.

Veratos glanced at her hunter pal, smiling as she always did, "I like where you're going Salvatore, but how long are we speaking here? This should be done soon, before they strike. I don't believe Lorenzo's gentlemanly act of kindness, they'll try to get to us first. I can feel it. They don't know how to play fair, especially when we have what they so badly crave."

"That depends on Isabella herself, what's your take on all this crap?" Dean peered at her, "It's your life we're talking about Isabella."

Veratos, Aleksei, Mina, and Maggie gazed her probably wondering the same thing. Surely she'd have plenty to say.


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Michael sighed as Dean was quick to loose his cool and immidiately go all hunter-mode on the witch right then and there. Frankly the situation couldn't get any more worse, right? He rubbed his temples, taking a moment to consciously block the uneasy vibes swirling around him. They were giving him a headache and making his own vampire instincts skittish and on edge. It was true, vampires had quite the pack mentality sometimes. They picked up on one another's feelings and responded to them, often automatically. Of course, the 'alpha' was the one who set the tone, and as Michael watched Aleksei, he could tell why everyone else was feeling agitated. Could the hunter who wasn't a vampire at all sense it too?

He shot Avalon a quick glance, the pureblood's eyes were watching the hunter steadily.

Aleksei's aura could be felt powerfully, especially since they were all in the same room. It wasn't exactly dark, not like it could get when the pureblood was angry. It was just... unsettled, or perhaps frustrated. The fact that Aleksei was broadcasting instead of keeping it tightly under control like he usually did, however, meant that the feelings must be pretty intense.

"Salvatore, watch your tone, she's a witch and a powerful one." Aleksei was saying in that quiet, dangerous tone he had which usually signaled when it was wise to run for the hills.

When the colt was suddenly flying across the room, Michael flickered his attention to the witch and the hunter, for a moment there he thought he would have to jump to his feet and pull them apart. Something about Dean's father Adacio had been brought up, Michael didn't know who that was, he'd even looked to Aleksei, who's eyes veered to Isabella, more focused on her for some reason than the arguement, he could feel the tention building up in him. The pureblood must have found staring at her more soothing than watching the hunter and witch yell at eachother. Michael agreed, his fingers found Selene's hand and held it firmly. Soon Dean was out the door with Billie, extending the convo about Adacio maybe?

As soon as he left, Michael watched Maggie seat herself on the couch again, an indifferent look in her gaze.

For a while after, they were surrounded by a deep silence. A pause it was, to find that "calm" again. After a while Michael could sense Aleksei's aura slowly fade, like the pureblood was getting a 'grip' on himself.

"So, getting back on the task at hand, Isabella. Care to fill us in on whatever plans you have?" Michael asked, switching his sights to the Italian girl, this was all about her. Only her.

The conversation would pick up from there, reaching Aleksei who's tone was soft, and yet also forceful. He would find a way to locate the alpha, a task only he could well accomplish, while Isabella would be training with the hunter. Was it possible for the two purebloods to discuss this matter, maybe reach some sort of agreement? With the way things were going, Michael wouldn't be holding his breath for that. The girl was already their target and she'd already been given an expectent date. One that if they even tried to dismiss would have dire consequences befall them all. Vampire sized trouble would be inevitable.

Micheal listened as the pureblood revealed his plans to help defend Isabella's life if the situation resulted in the use of weapons, they weren't all sure exactly what the vampires would want Isabella for, only guessing that the prophesy would rewrite her future, but nothing could ever really be ascertained. It was funny to think that maybe this time the same thing wouldn't happen again. Maybe this time she wouldn't have to be subjected to such a horrific end. The Italian vampires could paint it out as her doing them a service all they wanted, point to the treaty as being the sole thing they stood by --but he nore Aleksei weren't buying it. The very same situation had been done before, and what did that fix? Nothing. These vampires are still egging him on, even now they still were.

Michael had known something like this were happening to Aleksei long before any of the others had been pulled into this mess. Isabella was being targeted and the proof was in the little packeges sent to the pureblood months ago. It was the only shared inforamation Michael had gotten from Aleksei. He trusted him enough to let him know how much of a strain this was turning out to be on him. And Michael felt bad, not only because there wasn't much he could do to help, but because all this could end up with them failing as the witch ahd pointed out.

Fate was never wrong.

But they would all try anyways, especially Aleksei, he didn't take no for an answer. Isabella was his life and he would die to defend it, all the way.

And Michael would be there, every step.

He hadn't noticed when the hunter had returned until he suggested that they all go to Italy to force the Italian vampires out of hiding, then asked Isabella for her opinion. He stared at the girl, everyone did.


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Dean took a moment to let it all settle in his head, right about now he was willing to go with anything. At first his reaction was to say 'no' at that idea, however Isabella had stated that she would indeed train first. Then why not? Give her a shot at it. Feeling the weight of the pureblood's stare on him, he slowly nodded, and looked to Isabella, "Alright, let's go with that one," he smirked, agreeing with it more and more as he processed it further in his head. Chick was right in a way, he would lean on this and not back track with the "what-if's" that would surely make him change his mind, "So I train you, you're ready in six months, you can take out a vamp by then, I'd say you're good to go. Get in with the Italian vampires, build some trust falls, while I hang back, then strike when they least expect it...."

Aleksei was like WTF? It was so obvious he was gunning for Dean to completely disagree and protest as he would.

"But on one condition, if, if you're not up to par with 'em, and one of them kicks your ass than you're not ready. And we do this my way." Dean gave them all that look, "Either that, or you're fucked."

Vera cracked up laughing, "I think he's right. I'm not a vampire but I know they're fighting style, I'll be keeping watch come that day, if I see you're loosing I'll kill it for you. But then you'd know what that means."

Aleksei sighed, putting Isabella in danger was something he wanted to avoid ultimately but when it came to something like this, he didn't think he had a say here. This situation was rolling into a mess of crap. Though in retrospect he couldn't say no to the training sessions. She could benefit greatly from them, it would prepare her for what was to come, possibly awaken her to the reality of it all. However, vervain oil? Where was she getting that from?

"We should focus on the now instead, train her well Salvatore and when the day comes, ultimately what comes out of it will determine our next move. I can communicate with the French, see what they want in all this. Had done it numerous times before but for different reasons." He said this to Salvatore, then he glanced at Isabella, she had to take a brief course in her vampire-killing know-how. "Vervain oil? Do you want to smell like a plant? That would never work against Purebloods, the only thing that would prevent them from touching you would be-"

Maggie seemed to have gained some interest at the topic of repelling vampires, she whipped out a small bottle from her bag and aimed it toward the Italian girl, "This is the perfect opportunity to test-drive my latest creation. Forbidden Fruit," She pressed her finger into the spray thing and a mist of its contents sprits outward in a tiny cloud.

Aleksei covered his nose and mouth with the sleeve of his shirt and turned his head away, but that wasn't enough, the stench permeated the air and he had to get some distance, Mina reacted in an identical manner. The vampires in the room all stood and almost too quickly went for the door.

"Smells like Hell!" Dean said, pretending to gag, he wasn't as sensitive to smells, but he'd smelled worse before. He too had skidded backwards, almost chuckling amused. That was funny! Vera was next to him, fanning herself, her expression priceless.

Billie pinched his nose shut, and nodded, "I call that a great vampire repellent. Like mosquitoes. Clever one Mag." He complimented, he too kept his distance.

"The secret ingredient? Pure vampire blood, aged hundreds of years, though I have yet to pass it on to the Hunter Association for approval. So let's keep it between us mm'kay?" She said with a smile, glad that it had worked well, she handed the tiny, rose shaped glass bottle to Isabella. Now it was hers to keep. "Only one sprits is enough to last hours, it's so strong it'll even withstand the rain. To get it off, a simple shower will do. Just don't get it on your clothes, the oils in it will stain." Maggie warned.

"Yeah, so I guess we got a new weapon on our hands, excellent. Mags, got anymore of that stuff, I can whip up some really useful bombs with that. I can't wait!" Vera said excitedly, she couldn't help her amusement, the other vampires were opening the door and stepping outside the shop --wow was that spray that strong? Damn.

"How's that Avalon?" Dean asked, glancing back at the pureblood, who wasn't too pleased that the girl he adored now stunk, worse than a skunk.

"That'll do, unless they keep a stash of gas-masks at hand, or stop breathing long enough to do the damage. It could work!" Aleksei replied, uncovering his nose and mouth to address the hunter clearly.


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(Angel-Chii, I would really like for Lyra to be more associated with the group! How do we go about including her within the next few posts? Is she going to settle in the forest soon? It would be cool to get her acquainted with the rest of the wolf pack.)

Isabella winced as the spritz of pure vampire blood wafted in the air and landed on her delicate skin. The pain was near excruciating at first- a vicious sting as if acid had just been sprayed onto her flesh. Though that was something to be expected; even if she was a human, that didn't subtract from the fact that vampire blood still contained a highly potent venom. There was no pungent smell she could detect, however, and aside from recoiling from the sting for a few moments, she quite liked the subtle fragrance of rose and sandalwood. If she hadn't known any better, the witch may as well have given her a very pleasant perfume.

"Remarkable," she whispered, taking the rose shaped glass bottle in her fingers and observing the pinkish liquid within.

That's when she turned and noticed all of the vampires aggressively repulsed by the odor it truly emitted. Selene hissed violently, her teeth bared as she turned away and stifled her gag reflexes threatening to make her vomit. The newborn's eyes were stinging fiercely, and tears dotted the corners of her tightly squeezed lids. Even Wolfgang and Julian were reacting in disgust, though they responded in a manner that was more akin to being allergic. Because of their acutely adapt sense of smell, they were quite used to the vile scent of purebloods, and thus were a bit more desensitized to its potency. Still, the odor in itself could not be escaped.

"That's... quite an invention, Marguerite," said Wolfgang, sneezing. "Clever, indeed."

"I mean, as a weapon, sure," Selene added, still trying to recover from the blow. "Who's to say the royals will let her in smelling like that? They'll suspect something immediately. This should be used as a defense mechanism, and a very last resort at that."

"Still, I appreciate it, Madame Solt," Isabella interrupted, giving Selene a slightly pointed look. "Thank you."

She turned the attractive bottle over in her hands, a smile creeping over her rosebud lips. She then wondered what her grandmother might have said at the resourceful invention, and couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of it all. She could imagine a sort of incredulous reaction, then perhaps a nerdy, excited babbling about the intelligence behind the creation. She looked up at Aleksei, her grin still reaching from ear to ear, though her expression softened when she saw how he had withdrawn.

"So, we agree on something then, yes?" she remarked, a hint of playful sarcasm in her warm tone. "When should we start training?"

As she tucked the repellant carefully away into her satchel, she rose and turned to Dean, much too amused with the outcome of the situation. He truly hated the vampires, no matter if they were allies or not; that much was evident. He had the makings of a successful hunter, without a doubt, and she rested a little easier knowing that the intensity of his hatred also fueled his need to train. She would be receiving instruction from one of the greatest. They actually might be able to pull this off.

She turned to Julian and Wolfgang, who seemed quite ready to leave the place still stinking of rotten vampire blood.

"I don't think we've been properly introduced," she said, approaching them.

"You don't recall this, child, but you and I have been acquainted before," Wolfgang responded, offering her a knowing smile. "We were there when your mother gave birth to you, and the celebration that took place thereafter. Your grandmother and I were good friends. My name is Wolfgang Talbot. I have led the Northeastern tribe for longer than I care to admit..."

"And I'm Julian," he added. "The next in line to do so."

"Tribe?" asked Isabella. "As in..."

"Wolves," finished Selene, not looking up from her perch beside Michael. "Werewolves."

Isabella hesitated for a second. She had read stories about them; vengeful creatures that were incapable of retaining their humanity when they shifted. They were slaves to the moon, submitting to its whim and powerless to do anything about it. Like the vampires, they were damned, but they had no control of their actions.

"Don't worry, little one," Wolfgang purred, reassuring and calm. "The myths were created to keep the ignorant in fear. There is hardly any truth behind the lore."

"Yeah, you just don't wanna get caught with me on a full moon," Julian quipped with a wink.

"Well, where's your pack? Don't you travel in groups?"

"They're hanging back and guarding the den until we return."

Wolfgang smiled at the curious human. Her thirst for knowledge would be the salvation of the girl, a trait that she shared with her late grandmother Alessandra.

"We too can teach you many things, Isabella. We won't ask for your trust immediately, but we will gladly work to earn it. Wolves are good creatures to have on your side. Julian, do you have the charm?"

"Yes, grandfather," Julian replied, taking a little box from his pocket and handing it to Isabella.

"Although Alessandra was put to rest with her gift at her request," Wolfgang explained as the girl studied the little velvet container. "We made sure to construct something in its likeness. This is a symbol of our loyalty. Once it is received, we cannot break our promise to the recipient."

Isabella opened the jewelry box, her eyes beginning to glow when she gazed upon its contents. Resting within the box was a tiny wolf head intricately carved from a jade stone. Sitting in its jaws was a moon shaped charm of deep blue sapphire, and the entire thing, only about the size of a dime, dangled from a thin silver chain. This, she assumed, was their subtle way of expressing submission; if anything she had heard of werewolves so far were true, then silver was capable of harming them.

"Thank you, Mr. Talbot!" she exclaimed. "It's beautiful!"

Again, Wolfgang smiled. The girl's reaction was exactly reminiscent of Alessandra's, though her expression mirrored Maria.

"Now, shall we begin training?"