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The beautiful and loving pureblood wife to Delano

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So begins...

Eclair Delroy's Story


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Seated in the most elaborately furnished and decorated office within the Delroy estate, Aleksei watched as the other pure blood king Delano paused from his duties to stare across his mahogany wood desk, piled high with documents all pertaining to the council orders requests and politics that needed to be read and decided on, along with other urgent messages. Fingers steepled, the vampire's eyes focused on the blonde alpha, wondering but already figuring out just why the abrupt visit.

"Had you told me you were coming, I would have settled a more proper welcoming, Avalon, what brings you here?" came the silken, beautiful voice of the vampire.

Aleksei stared rather intensely at him, something about his scent was off. He couldn't quite put a finger on it, compared to the last time he had seen the kid, which was when he was still a toddler, the smell he carried was just not the same as he had remembered last. Or perhaps he was picking up on a new cologne the other was wearing? Ignoring it, the alpha would begin to formally apologize for his sudden appearance, then explain his current situation, only to finally reach to the present on why he was exactly here.

"I would like for you to stand down, call off your involvement with Lombardi and leave her alone. I'm willing to make a proposal to you Delroy, one friend to another."

Delano rose a deductive brow, how daring this pure blood was, but it should have been expected after all, he was an alpha and had known the likes of the Lombardi's. Their influence and power, that child, Isabella carried something potent and highly covetable by all the ranks of supernaturals that surrounded her in hiding. Everyone wanted her for power basically, it was in her blood. She was much more valuable alive than dead. At this, the vampire chuckled darkly, "You sure you're willing to make that proposal with me? You're willing to pay any price no matter how high?"

Aleksei did not like this man's tone, or the pure evil aura that escaped him in tendrils of purple and black. This was not going as he had expected.

"Any price, as long as you keep your word to stay out of Lombardi's life."

Delano took a second to consider, "Alright then, I have decided, Isabella will no longer be the object of my concern. She will be safe, however you my friend will have to pay a very high price indeed…"

Aleksei closed his eyes feeling the weight of this decision fall upon him heavily, bracing himself for the blow as he whispered, "What is it?"

Delano smiled, but it did nothing to lessen the icy-ness of his eyes, "You."

For the briefest moment, the pureblood was able to see Isabella, she was seated beneath the shading of a tree, in the usual scenery of the quite cemetery, in Sable. The wolf that he had left behind to guard over her while he was away shifted uneasily a few yards distance, its crimson orbs steady on her visage. Why did she appear so sad? If only he could be there to comfort her, but he couldn't, and there beside her was the Nephilim, the son of Adacio, Dean. He had healed her wounds, that was an action that almost brought a smile to break out on his face. Sighing, he opened his eyes once more to gaze at the monsters before him.

"All you want is me in payment?" Aleksei asked, not at all surprised, for his own blood perhaps not as potent as Lombardi's but equally valuable for he was the few of the remaining alphas scattered about the globe. A treasure for any other vampire to behold. "Then I accept, as long as you keep your end of the bargain."

Delano smiled, "Then it's settled, you over Lombardi's life."


Sitting upon a delicately flowered fauteuil in a gazebo, Eclair stared out longingly at the enchanting garden her husband had made sure was absolutely perfect for her when they were wed. Ever since they tied the knot though, things haven't been the same for the pureblood girl. At first, she felt like a princess, he pampered her with everything though she had never requested it, what she loved about him was his tender nature, and soft-spoken disposition a behavior he demonstrated solely to please her she was beginning to see. When he was around others, he was much more formal and serious. Like the pure blood king she had envisioned in her dreams. However, recently he had taken off to avoid any mutual contact with her. He wouldn't stay so close to her for more than a few minutes, claiming he was constantly busy with the council orders, and just this morning, when she had tried to "cuddle" with him and even attempt at biting him for the blood she had been craving for weeks, he refused to allow her this. She was beginning to suspect something was wrong, however every time she tried to call him out on it, he would deflect any accusations of him "avoiding" her. Sometimes he even went as far as ignoring her! Why was her husband now so cold and distant when he used to be the exact opposite when they were dating back then? It was stress, that had to be it.

"Your Majesty, are you well?" Lorena a mixed-blood vampire servant asked, whilst bowing respectfully at her presence.

It took a moment for the newly crowned young queen to notice the servant lady at attention, glancing at her, the queen smiled gently, and sighed, saying, "Lo, drop the formalities, we're not in any situation where it's necessary. I've told you many times to just call me Eclair. And I'm fine... Really."

If Lorena hadn't known her queen any better, she'd say that the royal figure was lying to her, but of it she didn't voice, instead she nodded and took that reacting with a nod and another bow.

"I wonder how long this conference will be, when will my Delano return to me at last?" Eclair mused, her gaze falling over the bushes of roses, entranced by the beauty of nature and the butterflies dancing around.

"Soon I hope your majesty," Lorena said, forgetting to refer to the queen by first-name basis.


"My apologies, your m- I mean, Eclair."

They fell silent, waiting.


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It's because I care that I cannot tell you anything. Aleksei thought with a smile while taking the very hand she had pressed into her cheek and leading her back into the mansion, closing the doors he explained gently "The sun's never been friendly with my eyes," he of course wasn't going to tell her what she wanted to know because it wasn't what she needed right now. Placing a hand to her back he ushered her toward the living room and there they were met with much of the staff that were providing whatever the guests there asked for. Michael and Veratos were lingering by not really doing much and they seemed to perk up a bit when they walked in.

"The place is free for you all to roam about as you will," the pureblood began to say, then his eyes focused on Mina, she was there as well, watching him with a hint of disapproval in her cute face. She knew or at least it seemed she knew that he wasn't actually present, made more by the fact that she hadn't rushed to his side as enthusiastically as she normally would had he actually been there. The pureblood princess shook her head as she went on to leave them all, she had already introduced herself to the group before Aleksei and Isabella had walked in.

Returning his gaze to the guests, he cleared his throat and finished with saying, "If any of you need anything, just ask, my home is your home." Then he looked to Isabella and nodded to her slightly, "There is a place I would like to show you Isabella, would you come with me?" He gave her his arm for her to take, gesturing toward the hall with the other hand, looking like a prince indeed.

Standing, Veratos informed them all that she would be leaving for a mission that she had just received from Hunter H.Q. which was to find the pureblood responsible for turning random people into vampires and bring him or her to the Association to be dealt with, or for her to kill which was what she was planning on doing. Why hire her if she follows her own rules? They should have known that by now, she waved the others, and Isabella good bye and told her to inform Dean on that whenever he returned. Then she was gone

If Isabella were to accept, Aleksei would lead her to another section of the manor and past a set of double golden and silver doors to an entire room built especially for a book worm's haven. A grandiose and beautiful library complete with volumes of novels of all kinds and genres and subjects. This was the place he and Mina would escape to for hours when they had the time for it. Felt like forever since Aleksei had walked into the always welcome and bright library, he was sure she would love it.

"AVALON!" The voice shouted, pulling him away, away from there, and bringing him back to what was really going on. Aleksei sighed, his view of the girl he deemed the most important person in the world to him, besides his precious Mina, faded away, taking her place was the lavish crimson and gold carpet that lead all the way up to the throne where both Éclaire and Delano sat. Both staring down at him, Delano acting very regal and pompous, and Eclaire, more distant and inscrutable -but Aleksei recognized that look, it was the same look he would have when he didn't want anyone to know what he was feeling. Usually the sort of look that meant she was in so much pain that the best way to face anything at all was to face it numb, and further protect herself from more hurt. It was the coping mechanism that he had found out long ago was useless.

The queen was just as aware as he was, that the person there, calling himself the king wasn't anything of the sort. All they needed was proof though.


His eyes roved the entire space he was situated in now, many faces stared back at him in expectation, awaiting his response to whatever the king had asked him, mostly aristocratic vampires, all congressed about him like angels flanked to a god. A very delusional god. Aleksei sighed softly, his hands in his pockets as he finally gave the king his attention, "What more do you request of me King Delroy? Have we not came to an agreement?"

The king glared at him, hating to have to repeat himself, "I said, are you going to become my slave among my army and rule the vampire kingdoms with me or would you rather be a prisoner?" he asked with a cruel smile on his face, he leaned back into his chair, resting his chin on his hand, his eyes glaring at the prince rather sharply.

"Yes, the ancestor Avalon, subservient to lord Delroy, wouldn't that be a joy?" one of the men in the group nearest the pureblood snickered.

Aleksei stepped away, his image flashed out of view for a split second before appearing again before the very vampire that had spoken, his movements fluid and swift, the pureblood latched his hand onto the other's throat, reached with the other to tear into his chest and effortlessly wrench his heart out, before releasing the body and stepping back. He would then pointedly toss it across the room toward the king, the organ would land at his feet on the carpet, blood splattering out to stain his stark white shoes and pants.

"You will pay for having done that Avalon!" The king responded as if offended, he rose a finger and the other vampires charged toward the pureblood.

"Would you like cash, or a check?" Aleksei asked, returning to his spot in the center of the carpet, he leveled his gaze with the king, his eyes bright ruby tinged, he absolutely hated this part, and wanted nothing more than to walk away, but that was just it, he couldn't.

A sudden pressure pounded against the occupants within the room, freezing them from making their advance to the pureblood for a good few seconds. Then the spiritual pressure pouring out from Aleksei surmounted, expanded, blowing out the lights, cracking the walls, and even shattering the French windows in, air currents whipped about them all, just a taste and perhaps a warning of what they were all in for.

Eclaire gasped at noticing the shadows growing from Aleksei, taking form and shifting into individual wolves that resembled hell hounds in their unnatural, supercharged state. There were more than a dozen of these wolves collected around the ancestor, their eyes luminous, reflecting the crimson moonlight outside, all of them staring ravenously at the king.

The king knew what he was doing and yet he didn't care, "Attack!" he ordered his subordinates.

All the vampires sprang forth, marionettes, to the king's words.

A dark smile like the curve of a knife slid across his lips, "Scatter." He whispered, remaining still as the wolves shot out to the charging vampires.

The game was just getting started.


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Aleksei leaned back on his heels, his luminous eyes of ruby gem stones diverted toward the source of this new powerful presence long before she'd walked in and had spoken. By then most of the vampire warriors (so they liked to think themselves as such)were completely destroyed. The pureblood's expression remained unchanged as she addressed the king who had given her the "go" to speak to him. At the news of Lombardi, the king looked surprised, either that or he was an excellent actor, at this he leaned forward slightly as if he were sharing a conference with a trusted friend, "Oh do tell, please," he said, gesturing the lady to continue, quite interested with anything that had to do with Lombardi -even if he had -coughed- promised to -cough- not touch her.

"Yes we're all dying to know, what this great news is," Aleksei eyed her darkly, if he was disturbed by her interference his expression bore no hint of it. In fact, he welcomed her to say and do what she will, it was one thing to threaten and promise to cause any harm to Lombardi, it was another entirely to actually carry out with said threats. Whatever she knew couldn't possibly be anything Aleksei wasn't already aware of himself. But it was still nice to know what she knew.

Eclaire didn't know what to expect next, the kings' assistants were nothing more than scraps of flesh and bone across the expanse of the room, having been torn apart by the hounds, it was beginning to look like a twisted grave yard, a bloody battle field. The scent of death and blood so thick and heavy in the air that it played with her thirst, her own light eyes flared like the red roses she wore in tendrils of her golden locks. She tore her gaze from the pureblood original to the red-haired woman in white, a face she couldn't put a name to, then at her husband who had become a complete stranger to her. She almost wanted to stand and excuse herself to let him with his affairs, she no longer wanted anything to do with, but as she put her thoughts to action, she could sense his displeasure. It only took one glare from his eagle eyes to remain seated. So she did.

"Tell me what you know mademoiselle," Delano urged her to continue, returning his attention to her. Seriously did Eclaire not know what it was to be a real vampire? It was things like this that gave him such joy, using his power to subjugate the weaker humans of this country and rule the way it was meant to be. The way it should have been. Not like its previous ruler, he was sure glad that had been taken care of.

Below the castle, hidden within the underground chambers and currently trapped in a coffin made of stone, was the true leader of France.

Awakening as though struck by lightning, the severely weakened pureblood gasped for air that was thin and reeked of dust and decay. How long had it been since he'd been trapped in this hell? Weeks, months? His mind was full of cob webs and he was struggling to keep himself awake, he reached out both palms to press against the cold stone that was all around him, almost constricting it felt. He wondered why anyone would want to rest in something like this, sleeping in coffins wasn't exactly what the media had painted it would be. It wasn't comfortable or even welcoming, this here was crafted for that purpose, the escape from the world signifying his giving up on going on -something that had been done by Avalon he could recall once, when he thought he had no purpose left. Yet it was a quite different story for the primary ruler of france. He wasn't here out of his own will, he was forced.

"Valience…" Delano rasped, pounding against the rock with the pathetic attempt at breaking through it like in the movies. His younger brother had gained his trust only to back-stab him at doing this. How could no one out there figure out the evil doppelganger parading as him, wasn't him? Well for one, not everyone was aware of the Delroy family even having twins, they had been separated at birth, go figure. The only way to tell them apart was by their composure and styles, Delano had this very "elegant" and regal poise to him, he was the epitome of all things gentlemanly, he wore royal blue velvet, kept his hair long, flowing, and wavy-ish, looking angelic, while Valience favored a care-free, prudent attitude and way of being, favoring edgier, darker toned clothes, and wasn't as reputable as Delano from what he could gather in the short instances he'd encountered with him a couple of years ago. Though it seemed faking empathy and regality wasn't too hard for the younger pureblood, it's like he'd taken the time to study Delano's every waking breath until he could convincingly pull it off himself.

The last thing Delano could recall himself was preparing for a get-away with his beautiful bride Eclaire who he hoped wasn't too afflicted by whatever doings his twin was making, then one thing lead to another and what could only be a nightmare became reality when he one night, saw the mirror image of himself taking him down and using all his nasty tricks to make sure he got him down good. Seriously tainting his wine with hunter made poison to inhibit his healing factor and hitting him in the head with something hard enough to certainly knock him out and then finally cuffing him with anti-vampire shackles was not fair. Locking him away in the only stone coffin his château had was just for the hell of it he knew for sure, and an added way to keep him from escaping.

"I want to live… I WANT TO LIVE!!!" His voice echoed within the walls, but wouldn't be heard by anyone above.

Eclaire pressed a small hand to her chest, feeling that dread within her writhe and twist, an agony that had been haunting her ever since that very night when her beloved had abruptly changed his mind about fleeing to the Caribbean with her. She could have sworn that it was from then on that things were just awfully strange. She didn't know if it was her, or if it was Delano, because now that she was looking at him, she could see things about him that he had otherwise never showed her before. Like his sudden liking of allowing her to witness his cruel side, and letting her into business affairs he'd usually keep her out of. When it came to dealings with vampire leaders and such he would do these things on his own, and always tell her everything was alright, it was those times when she would worry for him. The pureblood queen couldn't understand why he was concerning her in this.

The setting changes from delroy-castle to Sable


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The setting changes from sable to Delroy Castle


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The king was surprised indeed, but grief stricken? Not quite. It was too early to believe all hope was lost, besides he was in possession of Avalon, who would know exactly what Lombardi was up to. Eying the man who seemed to have been looking quite pensive he stated to Lupine easily, "What grounds do you have to support such a statement? How or should I say from whom did you acquire this tid bit of info?"

Aleksei glanced up to meet Lupine's eyes, and he smiled at the enemy. Was that it? Why was he not surprised? If she was waiting for him to reveal what he knew she was going to have to stand in line. A very long one. His tone as calm as ever he rebutted with, "See, that would be intimidating if you were... Intimidating." He smiled too, for her words meant nothing, she could be making all this up and even if it were true it did nothing to cause him any fear whatsoever. He's had his fair share of angels before and wasn't surprised the Italians would team up with them. Angels weren't as cliched as the stories point them out to be. If they were helping them collect Maria and Adacio's soul for the very purpose of the Lombardi sacrifice than beating them at their own game was just a new challenge for the ancestor. It was almost funny, they were so powerless that they needed assistance from angels to push their plans into action. With caution and mucho care he would figure out a way to either stop them or destroy whatever pawns they're counting on to complete their plans. Planning around their plan.

"Of course I know where she is, but that doesn't mean I'll be telling you anything so you're out of bounds there. I'm also curious of how you learned about this. They must be very careless if they're letting their plans out to the public." And then he wondered if that was what they wanted. For them to know what they were planning, as if anticipating the pureblood to learn of it and attempt at thwarting them. Perhaps they intended on letting this roll out, feeding a bigger fish useful information. Lupine may even be their spy. Neat.

Eclaire clenched her teeth just what was all this about? She had no idea of the dangerous territory her husband was crossing. Whoever this Lombardi person was a name she could remember hearing about, this person seemed to play a major role in all of this.

Noticing the frown etching her fine features Aleksei looked to the queen, "...How about letting her go?" he asked observing her highness, seeing her pale further, look at him surprised and then shoot her husband a nervous glance, "she seems to be pretty uncomfortable for a while now..."

The king's brows rose, he didn't bother exchanging glances with her, "Are you my queen?" he asked, though it didn't seem he'd care if she was.

"What I dislike... Is this weird situation..." she stared down at her lap and griped tightly onto the fabric of her pale green gown, she was shaking a bit and afraid of how he would react as she closed her eyes and gently said, "do we... even have the right to address or even demand such things to the ancestor?" She wasn't a book worm but when it came to vampire history she knew a thing or two about the Originals and of their influence on others -royal blood or not, she knew somehow it wasn't appropriate for her or her husband to treat him this way. As if he were below them or something. Especially Avalon, he was supposedly the one that should have been King of the French vampires at some point, but had never taken the role. Which spoke volumes.

"So you want to leave Eclaire, go ahead."

The pureblood queen gasped and searched her husband's face for an emotion, and saw none. he didn't even look back at her and it saddened her further. Standing, she started to leave when her mind spun and she nearly fell, only to be caught by a strong and swift figure that quickly righted her up. Aleksei. Sighing she smiled and thanked him kindly, looking up into his eyes she briefly caught the hint of something in his eyes. Then she recognized it, it was pain.


Her view of him was distorted, his grip on her arms tightened and what he saw was shared through contact, of that she was sure of. Darkness was all she could make out, then the sounds of someone gasping filled her ears so loudly, and all too soon she was swept up into a roller coaster of heightened emotions and fear she couldn't understand or figure out why it was happening.

Hands reached out before her, grasping at a crown of silken ebony locks, and a face she'd only seen in sketches from her studies appeared in a flash before her eyes, "Isabella what's wrong?" she could hear a voice that resembled Aleksei's shout and then the void of nothing engulfed her once more and she was thrust back into her own mind, blinking and breathing a little heavily, her heart thudding faster than she'd ever felt it go, Eclaire steadied herself, and detached herself from him.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, stepping back, allowing her room to pass him.

She nodded and tried to calm herself, taking deep breaths and smoothing out her dress she gave her husband one last glance before walking away from the trio and the bloody mess of the dead vampires and the hell hounds that never glanced her way as she walked out the room.

"If that's all you have to say Lupine, then I'll be leaving, you can do as you please..." Aleksei said quietly, giving his back to them he started for the very exit Eclaire had taken, and when he took that step, something like an electric shock pulsed through him. An energy that came and went in seconds, it startled him a little and he hesitated. Did it come from the ground?

"Who ever gave you permission to leave my court?" King Delroy snapped, standing up, he glared at the ancestor, just what was he thinking? "You're not going anywhere Avalon, or did you forget-"

"I didn't forget anything, don't misunderstand me Your Majesty, I have no intentions of remaining here any longer, nor do I plan on becoming your bitch. Did you think I actually bought that? Did you think that for a second I believed a word you said?" Aleksei interrupted him, not waiting for him to answer he took another step forwards and continued to walk.

Clearly not pleased, the king turned to Lupine, "Capture him, if you're still on my side you'll do as I ask!"


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Aleksei released a sigh, this was starting to get a bit irritating. He didn't want to waste anymore time here, closing his eyes for a moment, he caught the glimpse of the Nephilim with Isabella, something was terribly wrong. A woman in a black suit stood there, staring down at him apathetically, he gathered that she was the Reaper. Who else could it be? What are you getting yourself into Salvatore? the pureblood thought, closing in the distance on them. He was near Mina, who was relaxing her grip on the hand rail, her eyes caught on the two before her. She had witnessed it all, and was shaky, never had she encountered this phenomenon. It would be a shock to her senses all together, he could only comfort her by giving her his company for the time being.

Salvatore's eyes stole away to gaze back at the pureblood, tears welled in them, and it made the pureblood himself take a level of great concern. What was the woman asking him? He couldn't hear the hunter's response though, he was too busy getting sling-shot back to his original form.

"Aleksei!" Eclaire's voice rang out in a high shrill, the giant beasts that were Lupine's subordinates had blocked her exit of this hell. She stepped back, reaching for the ancestor, who shook his head, his expression none impressed, he quipped, "I thought it was over before it even began." Advancing out he swiftly extended his hand, and touched the wolf beast on his chest, sending a force of shocking energy into it, erupting like a busting balloon, blood splashing bountiful. The animal was destroyed within seconds. Eyes blazed with fire he turned to stare at Lupine, despite the blood tainting his visage there was something beautifully haunting about him, "Well now," he responded gently, "at least you are leading us." His expression a mixture of amusement and coldness, he gave his back to her and offered the same brutal treatment toward the next giant, his elegant hand tore at its throat, while also blasting the wolf-man to pieces.

Eclaire didn't know what to do, she remained there horror stricken, her eyes dancing in pursuit of the pureblood called the White One in his danse macabre. It was a dreaded sight, a reminder of what a vampire could do, what he could do. The destruction was everywhere, as soon as the pureblood finished with one, his wolf familiars pounced on the dropping forms as wolves would do. Aleksei took down about three of them, only enough to clear a path for the queen to make her leave.

Pausing at the doors he gallantly gestured her onward, and just before she gathered her wits to make that step he passed her by, "Did you noticed how the king addressed me?" his voice barely a whisper.

"Y-yes." She dared not look into his eyes for fear of what they may hold.

"Then you understand what it is I must do."

The queen nodded, her hands gripping at her gown's skirt, she would come to realize later had been subjected to the pureblood's smite, within the deep greens and tulle of fabric, sprinkles of blood stained its jade color. Face as pale as a ghost she stepped forwards, eyeing the opening of the doors as though they were her only salvation.

Aleksei's eyes softened slightly, his bleak countenance broke with a hint of a smile as new information about Isabella's safety streamed into his thoughts like a twitter feed, he was comforted by this. He bowed his head slightly, "I'm sorry you had to witness that my queen," he hadn't looked at her, but he sent her a calm thought and it at least eased her a little, then he watched her quickly depart the room.

"My queen," a servant cried out, concern evident in her distressed features. She rushed to her aid as soon as her highness had reached half way down the corridors.

"Please Anne, accompany me, there is a certain place left to be explored." The queen reached out to the woman to stop her from bowing and grabbed her arm, she was still shaken but she knew for a fact that if she hurried, as the ancestor had assumed, she would find what she was looking for. The solution to this predicament.

"What a show you've made, very entertaining indeed Avalon," The king commented with a wide grin, he even clapped, as if congratulating the other for his performance. He made a "shoo" gesture with a wave of his hand for his men that soon entered the room, to take the captured Italian servant woman and lock her away in the under ground cells below the castle for later.

Aleksei glared at the man who called himself Delano and his smile spread across his lips, though failed to reach his eyes.

"Who do you think you're fooling King?" Aleksei asked, noticing the slight dubious look on the king's face he shook his head. The proof he needed was there all along, from the very beginning -he'd just been so out-of-it that he missed that small, but very important detail.

"Hmm, so you noticed, it was about time." The King understood, now, he had been caught, what he wanted to know now, was how the other had come to learn this. Not caring for that any more, he shrugged, "whether you knew or not doesn't matter, what I wanted has already been put into place."

"We made a deal." Aleksei intoned, tensing at the realization of a betrayal, though he had seen it coming, he just hadn't expected it would be so soon.

Delano looked up, then returned his sights to the pureblood, "I lied."

The ancestor didn't express anything, merely taking this in, so that's how it was going to be then? "This changes everything, I will not hold myself back!" Aleksei informed him, and started for the impostor. In for the kill.

It would be a while before the queen could locate the exact spot where her true husband was contained in, and when she did find the place and with the aid of her servants managed to unlock the door she realized her inability to go beyond the entrance. All around the room were hunter crafted devices, magic impeding her from entering.The King anticipated this, and could have possibly paid a rogue hunter to protect this site, to keep any other vampire from entering, only allowed tamed vampires, shackled vampires or vampires being carried by a tamed vampire or hunter could enter through the doors. The very technique used to protect the Hunter Headquarters in all of the world. Since she had no time to find shackles or get herself 'tamed' she would need to find a hunter to assist her.


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"Get me a hunter." She demanded urgently, remaining by the entrance of the room. One of her servants bowed and turned to fulfill hr request. She frowned as she stared at the dark room, her eyes taking in everything, the place felt chilled, tense and constricting. in some way she could connect to her beloved trapped within the tomb, she felt his desperation for freedom and will to keep pressing on. To live.

Tears streamed down her eyes, "Soon we will be together, soon." She said, crying silently.

Outside, the servants, about four of them went on a hunt for their Vampire Hunter, as commanded by the queen. It didn't take long for one of the to spot a male hunter, on a stake out. Not taking more than a few minutes to explain the situation, the hunter named Raze thought it would be better to serve the royalists, he could see his paycheck increase ten-fold. So he followed the servants back to the castle, re-entering the giant structure through a different secret entrance that lead directly to the underground chambers back to where the queen was situated. After the hunter took in her situation he picked her up, after getting her permission to do so and he walked in.

The atmosphere shifted, she could feel the spike in energies literally attacking her insides, but she resisted and made it to the tomb, she beckoned the hunter to assist in pushing the stone covering over and opening it. He did so, what they saw next shocked them.


Aleksei and Delano's twin, fought it out viciously. Things around them crumbled, everything except the enemy. When Aleksei grabbed the other and pinned him against the wall, he thrust his left hand into the man's body, and gripped firmly at his pounding heart, "You're done playing your games King."

"Don't kill him Alek, that's my right. He is my brother," Came the authentic king's voice, thundering in the expanse of the room.

Aleksei turned to see the less-than fit king, he'd fed from his queen, his eyes blazing to that testament, and unbridled fury. He crossed the room, toward them. The edges of his lips twitched into a half smile, so he released the severely injured vampire and stepped back, raising his palms as he did so, amusement dancing in his once cold, menacing claret eyes.

"He's all yours, I'll be taking my leave now Delroy, I have my own affairs that need my attention."

"We apologize for the trouble," The king told him, as he reached his younger twin and gripped him by the throat. The other said nothing, but had a sleezy, ugly, bloody smile on his face.

"You're back where you belong, glad I could help. Keep in touch." Aleksei told him with a light smile, and he was walking away. He was to return to Sable as soon as possible, mainly in his private jet. He would be there beside Isabella soon. Very soon.