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Isabella Lombardi

The curious one

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a character in “The Promise Made”, originally authored by Himekura, as played by St.Valentine



So begins...

Isabella Lombardi's Story


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Vampires Romantic? They've got to be joking. Dean couldn't surpress the glare clouding his features, even the mere mentioning of them put a sour taste in his mouth. Vampires aren't romantic, there ain't shit romantic about them. They're vicious things, they're the very reason mom died and nearly got him too if it weren't for dad. He was only eight at the time but damn was it a freaking wake up call.

"Vampires aren't cool, they're monsters."

He averted his gaze, turned his back to them and realized his pulse quickened. Jaw set, Dean tensed. Why is it that when things are finally calm, I get so anxious? As a habit he threw a quick glance at his surroundings, the others were either chatting or taking notes, the professor was lecturing and his eyes caught the shift of movement, a black crow perched on the branch of the tree outside, watching.

It smells like a familiar.

If it wasn't a vampire it was a piece of them, the things could create other things that worked as their eyes and ears, but was was it interested in him? What gives? Maybe it could tell he was a hunter. Well not like he could pretend it didn't come with the package.


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A giggle could be heard from behid the hard cover of Isabella's storybook. She lowered it just enough to reveal his sparkling topaz eyes, alight with a hint of mischief and some kindness, too. Though it was hidden, a wide smile spread across her pretty face as she looked at Dean.

"Ooo, so cynical," she cooed playfully, hiding her eyes away once again.

Then she nudged Lyra, hoping the sensitive soul wouldn't be hurt because of the boy's abrasiveness. She swung her feet from underneath her desk, too small to reach the floor despite her age of seventeen. Their teacher paid no attention to the students in the back, lacking attentiveness or desire to listen to such a boring topic as algebra. Among the inattentive pupils were Isabella and Lyra, of course, though the sweet Brit was much better at paying attention to class than she was. Simply put, Isabella just couldn't wait for the lunch bell to ring, so that she could read her book in peace.

The setting changes from sable to Rosen Hale High School

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The blessed lunch period emptied the halls of Rosen Hale, clearing the way for a newcomer to tread through with little difficulty. Two rhythmic heels tapped lightly on the linoleum tile, giving way to knee length leather boots that protected the feet of a petite, fox like vixen with curly tresses that were as black as night. A shock of porcelain white was the graceful face that held her aquamarine eyes, scanning the halls with the intensity of a predator. She wore a leather jacket that matched her boots, and a sound like small bells or chains twinkled as she strode.

She moved quickly and with purpose, and by the unwavering expression on her face it was clear she had no intention of making friends. At the very faint noise of a bird ruffling its feathers, followed by a distinctive cawing to confirm her suspicions, she immediately stopped in her tracks and snapped her attention to the creature. It paid no attention to her, and she continued just as rapidly as she paused so that it remained that way. Her continuance was halted again, however, as she was bumped by a girl whose nose was shoved into a book.

"Lyra! Oh, I'm sorry, friend-" Isabella began, though instantly she cut herself off upon seeing the new girl, who was now picking Dracula off the floor. "I...I'm sorry, I should have been looking where I was going."

"No worries," said the girl, whose voice was cold but undertone still kind. She offered her the novel, and when Isabella reached for it, noticed a handsome ring with a crescent shaped sapphire jewel on her finger.

"Thanks... Er...?"


"Selene... I'm Isabella," she chirped brightly, struggling to find the place she left off in her book. "Are you new here?"

There was silence, and when Isabella didn't hear a response, she looked up from flipping through the pages and realized that the mysterious girl had disappeared as if in thin air. She furrowed her brows in confusion, inspecting her surroundings in search of the beautiful female.

"That's odd."

She shrugged her shoulders and continued outside where all the students had gathered for lunch, scanning the throng for her friend Lyra but instead catching Dean in her line of sight. She could see him blabbing away almost pointedly into his cellphone, and she smirked, shaking her head a little. She advanced assuming Lyra would soon follow, knowing full well where Isabella would be, if the Brit weren't waiting there already. She reached an old oak, whose leaves were turning colors and beginning to trickle to the ground. She sat comfortably at its trunk and reopened her book, not before casting a glance at Dean, who sat at a bench a distance across from her.

She couldn't help the little smile that played at her mouth, though its curl suffered a little when she noticed Selene walking
in the direction of the Salvatore boy.

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Lyra was sure glad her favorite subject of the day was up: Lunch Time! Racing out a class room she nearly ran into another new face, her books and novel dropped to the floor.

"Ah, I'm so sorry!"

"Hmm, it's alright... I wasn't looking either," The gorgeous guy said as he helped the brit up back on her feet, then assisted in gathering her dropped materials. On spotting the title of her current read by its binding, the other's sharp blue eyes glinted, interested.

"You're into vampires?" He asked, his tone silky and deep.

Lyra couldn't help blushing as she took the stuff he handed back to her. "Uh, yeah -I do hm..." She noticed him smirking at her and she flashed a smile back.

"I'm Lyra." She introduced kindly.
"Michael. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

She sparkled, it's as if he were royalty, he held such a noble sense to himself, though his aura she realized was gray and "cool". Not as dark as Dean's but in a way chilly -dangerous.

"I'm going to meet a dear friend for lunch, you can join." Lyra invited him.

Michael considered for a mili-second before shrugging, "I'd love to."

"Who is she?" Lyra asked Isabella as she sunk besides her friend and gently placed her books down beside her. She was so interested she forgot to introduce Michael to Isabella.

Michael slid his fingers into the pockets of his designer jeans, the lapis lazuli stone in the ring he wore on his middle finger reflected some light beautifully. He wore a fitted leather jacket over a basic, navy v-neck tee, jeans and ending with classy shoes. His tousled dark locks ruffled over his piercing eyes as he watched the lady in question stroll over to Salvatore -the hunter's son.

"That my girl, is Selene, I wouldn't cross her if I were you. She isn't as friendly as me." But I still adore her... He warned them, though his tone seemed almost playful.

Lyra heard him and came back to herself, "Uh-Isabella, this is Michael he's new too!" She glanced at him with an apologetic smile.

(I bring new character too!^^ I'll post his CP soon Hime!)

The setting changes from rosen-hale-high-school to Sable


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Dean tapped the phone against his finger tips as his gaze shifted from the device, to his surroundings. He caught Isabella make her way to a tree. He looked away before she noticed. Something about her was different, he could practically feel her presence. Like a warm breeze in the air that made him become more aware of everything. Like he had to keep his guard up around her? Was she it? No, she couldn't be but why was he so sure it wasn't her? Had he met her once? Maybe, he'd have to ask dad but he'd probably not remember. They've been travelling for too long and met way too many people, and with dad's line of work it's only a given he'd keep his circle of acquaintences to the minimum. Dean sighed, it also meant he'd follow protocol, it was expected, the hunter's life was like that. He slid the phone into his pocket. Just play it cool, keep his eyes peeled. When the target is revealed then he'd strike. He couldn't just waltz in with a shot gun and not get noticed. That's just stupid. Maybe had dad been around he'd know exactly what to do.

The sound of wings flapped, Dean tore his gaze toward the obnoxious creature as it cawed and landed on the branch of the very tree Isabella sat under.

The same crow from this morning? It gave off a similar aura. Coincidence Crow? How annoying.

A certain someone was making her way toward him. He was already sizing her up by the time she reached within hailing distance and he tensed slightly, after all what could she possibly want from him?
Maybe she's a hunter too. She had the look in her gaze and her auras weren't as innocent as the students around.

So he naturally kept a wary eye on her and waited.


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Lyra smiled up at Michael, he returned the grin before glancing at Isabella, "You can say that." He quirped lightly before veering his gaze back toward Selene and the hunter. Whatever she wanted from him it had to be serious. And whatever it was, she didn't want him or anyone else to hear which explained why she lead the way off for Dean to follow her. He smiled with an easy sigh, running long, elegant fingers through his hair entirely unperturbed, as he relaxed against the tree.

"Such a beautiful afternoon huh? I'm glad it's not raining anymore."

The setting changes from sable to Rosen Hale High School

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"I wouldn't, Salvatore," Selene purred, feeling his itching to take hold of his pocket knife. Her expression remained straight and unwavering, even as she turned to look at him and her eyes flashed. "I need you to listen to me, and very carefully, because I am only going to say this once."

She walked over to his passenger side door and waited for him to unlock it. She sat inside and watched him expectantly until he did the same. She fingered the jewel on her hand, then looked him square in the eye. The windows were already beginning to fog, and she waited til they were mostly covered by the mist before she opened her mouth to speak again. She could sense his distrust- after all, Selene wasn't exactly the gentle type -and though the corner of her lip twitched, as if hinting the possibility of a smirk, her countenance remained frozen.

"As you know, this town is a hotbed of supernatural activity," she began, her voice soft and grave. "It would be foolish to believe you could handle this all on your own."

She pulled up the sleeve of her leather jacket and revealed a wildly intricate tattoo that spanned the length of her entire arm. Then she turned her hand so that the jewel on her finger flashed, quickly covering her limb as fast as she had bared it. Had Dean so much as blinked, he surely would have missed the sight: she bore the markings that only he and people like himself would understand, letalone see.

"That girl you've been staring at- and don't deny it- she's a target. They will be coming for her, and those she holds dear won't be shown the same mercy. There's only a few of us in this town and there could be as many as one hundred of them. These vampires will stop at nothing until they have her and kill anyone in their way. If they take her-"

The telltale caw of the infamous crow landing near the couple immediately cut off her sentence. She snappe her attention toward the creature, who seemed to be searching for them inside the car. She looked gravely at Dean, then turned and exited the car, walking away so swiftly she seemed to be on the verge of running.

From her perch beneath the oak tree, Isabella sipped the vegetable soup from her thermos and listened carefully as Michael and Lyra talked. Although it wasn't exactly rare, the fact that two new people showed up at the exact same time was just too strange. She couldn't help the odd, slightly uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach; yet, as she watched Selene reappear into the schoolyard lunch plaza, Isabella didn't feel threatened by the enigmatic and mysterious female.

"She's beautiful," Isabella whispered to Lyra, almost incredulously so. Then she turned to Michael. "So what brings you to Sable? I know it can't be for the weather."

She looked up at the grey sky, whose clouds were beginning to disperse with the rays of the sun breaking through the dreary veil. She sighed; she didn't like the rain much. It was a relief that it had stopped just in time for lunch, although she was sure it would probably continue when the students were called back inside to class. She was curious to know how the year would unfold- it seemed to have already gotten off to a pretty interesting start.

The setting changes from rosen-hale-high-school to Sable


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Actually he enjoyed the nice weather. This girl was really something, he could understand why Alek adored her so much. At Isabella's questioning he offered the kindest smile he could muster, "Well Miss Isabella, I am here basically to see how things are going and for now everything is fine. Oh look Selene is back. It was nice meeting you, Miss Lyra, Miss Isabella, see you soon." Then he leaned off the tree and walked off, slipping out of their lives just as effortlessly as he entered and son he was besides Selene again, offering her a kind smile he asked her if she'd completed whatever task she had set out to accomplish with the hunter. Knowing full well that as long as she could be trusted by Alek all was okay.

The setting changes from sable to Rosen Hale High School

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Isabella watched him curiously. Either he was just friendly or up to something- he came and went like a cool breeze. Her eyes followed his form as he joined Selene, who acknowledged him with a quick glance but never stopped moving. She seemed to be retreating toward the library, and it took all of Isabella's strength not to get up and follow her. She turned and looked toward the path that she had come from, expecting Dean to follow, but he wasn't there. Her brows furrowed and she looked back at Lyra, concern ridden on her face.

"I'll be right back, Ly," she said, leaving her belongings where she had once been seated.

She stood and swiftly began walking through the brick path that cut through a small patch of forest to get to the student parking lot. Isabella was infinitely curious as to why Dean hadn't followed after her, so she quickened her pace, disappearing into the little grove. The raven cawed, and darted so rapidly after the girl it was akin to the speed of an arrow. Isabella snapped her head toward it, startled yet again at the creature that never ceased to follow her whereabouts.

It didn't take her long to find Dean still seated in his car, but she didn't burst out of the brush just yet. Instead, she stood behind a tree and poked her head around it to observe him. She cocked her head, her inky locks falling all around her olive face, and she squinted to attempt and see through the fog that misted the windows.

"I said what I could before that damned bird appeared," Selene growled, continuing her voyage into the library. "I'm not pleased, Michael. If I wasn't forced to remain in secret, I'd stake that pureblood monster Avalon myself."

She stopped at the doors, then turned and faced the handsome young man. For the first time since she had arrived, her cold statuesque features softened dramatically - a sign she viewed as weakness that she would only show Michael. The steel in her light blue irises turned to water, and her straight rosebud lips curled considerably. She placed a small hand on Michael's cheek, stroking the outline of his bone structure and ended at his chin, where she dropped her hand.

"Oh Michael," she whispered. "You've always been the warmer one. Sometimes I envy the way you freely trust people."

The setting changes from rosen-hale-high-school to Sable


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Dean shook his head before searching his cell for any messages. None. Getting out of the car he was beginning to think that there was something oddly strange about that clingy crow. It's been hangin' around here too long. He even looked arounf wondering if he'd spot it somewhere all he did see was a little bat hanging upside down on a branch. The crow must have finally gone away or something. As he shut the car door and went to the trunk he thought back to Selene and her cryptic warning. Opening the trunk he saw the normal stuff he kept there, spare tire, an emergency road kit, a tool box of well, mechanic tools (yes he was that overly careful of his baby, so much so that he knows how to fix it if it breaks down on him) and a bunch of junk he just throws back there. Frowning he reached at the edge and pulled the entire bottom part up to reveal an arsenel of deadly hunter weapons beneath: guns, a cross-bow with assorted arrows?, rock salt bullets, hex bags, a bunch of knives, and a cleverly sawed off shot gun he picked up and looked at almost fascinated. Checking thfor ammo he found the white ash dipped bullets and an expectant smile filled his countenance with something akin to joy. He slipped that into a deep hidden pocket in his jacket and swipped the cloth bag he check had extra bullets with the white ash treatment inside. Also he noticed was a leathery old book tucked in beneath some of the weapons. He recognized it as the book of spells and latin chants most of them he remembered by heart. Effective in removing demons from possessing people and other useful things that could help when confronted by assaults.

His hunting instincts kicked in, he felt it an awareness that urked at him, making his skin crawl. Someone was watching him.

Slamming the trunk closed and stuffing the little bag of bullets in his jacket pocket he looked around, scanning his immidiate surroundings for the perp, ready with a flick of a pocket knife in his left hand and a small silver flask that contained holy water, the essentials every hunter should be equiped with no matter the level or years of experience in the field. A rule of thumb for him, you can't trust anyone except for family and close (tiny circle) of friends.

Making a 360 he walked a little away from his car, incase the skin walker might decide to pop up and say hi were to attack. In no way did he want his car to be involved in receiving any damages. As for himself he didn't really worry. It was something you had to accept once stepping into the hunter business. It was virtually impossible to leave a fight without so much as a scratch on you. He would love to meet the hunter that could claim a perfect battle. That'd be a laugh.

Hrart about to jump out of his throat and land on the black top as his feet, Dean sucked in a deep breath as he hadn't even noticed he'd been holding until now before calling out rather forcefully, "Whevever the hell you are, you better come out or I'll just blow yow your brains out!"

The bushes ruffled and he caught sight of glowing golden orbs reflected gently by the sunlight. He steadied his footing and whipped out the shot gun, aimed, and was about to pull the trigger.

Then a flapping bat attacked him, along with a feathered crow, nipping at his head furiously and he tried to bat them away his sense of danger heightening when suddenly they stopped and flew off.

Glancing at the bushes he saw that along with the beautiful eyes, upon further inspection was a crown of ebony locks and a familiar face he saw much more clearer as he neared the bushes. Hiding the weapon he said roughly with asharp exhale, "Isabella?"

Was she the skin walker? He sure hoped not.


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It was her and the shock look on his face was genuine. Instantly lowering the weapon down and away from her he slipped it just as quickly into his jacket, as he did so he hid the knife and flask back in their rightful places. Winded he took a split second to calm his frayed nerves and pretty soon he was back to being Dean the high-schooler rather than hunter. But now she kinda already knew his secret and was pissed as hell that she did, however that didn't mean he was going to be a dick to her she did not desrve it. Selene's voice echoed in his mind, leaving him that message in his mind. He felt his chest tighten, as if that woman had left an anvil crushing onto him.

With a sigh, his brows furrowing in frustration he looked at the girl and raised his hands to show her he wasn't her threat. "I'm sorry you had to see that. You aren't my target so relax." His tone wasn't the usual harshness as before, rather a bit relieved and well still edged with his tiny shock.

He noticed the fear in her gaze and her trembling, even stepping back as if she wanted to run she had even verbalized this desire and he got a bit scared bimaelf. After al no one was supposed to find out he was a hunter and before he could stop himself he reached out to her and latched his hand to her arm holding her closer to himself than he meant to. "Isabella it's alright. Just don't do that again, I'm sorry to freak you out but I can't let you just run off on me... Please don't tell anyone what just happened. I'll be in a shit load of trouble if you do and then I won't be able to get rid of the real threat..." His whisper was almost pleadingly poignant and he loosened his grip on her staring her directly in the eyes. No she wasn't the skin walker and that much alone was enough to grant him a level of certainty. Enough to loosen the tightness that consumed him, made his stomach coil and body tense.

His jaw set his eyes squinted a little as he let his words sink into her mind, she was beyond stoked he could imagine her trying to make sense of this crap. The thing is, noone but he could make sense of it and even he almost found himself still a bit in the dark on things. Maybe he could tell her the truth she was already half way there.

The crow watched them from its seating on a branch in the very tree Isabella had hidden near. The fact that those two below where okay now made the bird relax a bit and it settled down wbile keeping a wary eye on the hunter.

The setting changes from sable to Rosen Hale High School

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A powerful blast of energy escaped the barrel of the Silver Moon gun. So potent was the force that it shook Dean to his bones. The bullets pummeled through the floating head of the pureblood child’s skull disrupting its shadowy particles to mere ashes. The lingering bats were decimated as a result. Dean’s electric blue eyes were wild, the pupils pulsing over his irises, the color drained from his face and he grit his teeth, the gun still firmly aimed in place he kept waiting, as if something more were to pop up and say hi.

“What the hell was that?” Isabella asked behind him, he was aware now that the little pressure on his arm were her own arms twined through his, she was equally rattled, perhaps more so. He pictured her golden orbs scanning the area, just to be sure that there were no more attacking bats around. Good girl.

After about a minute -which felt like an eternity, Dean responded, “Shadow puppets.” Before he finally tore his gaze from the sky to glance back at Isabella, his eyes roved her up and down, she looked alright so that was all that mattered to him. He ignored his own aches and lowered the gun, however that didn’t mean the threat was over. Something else was near, he felt the aura of it and found it quite familiar.

“We should get going-” He began, his brows knitted a mixture of intensity and anxiety as he gripped her hand, and walked back toward his car.

Isabella’s fingers slipped from his grasp and the hunter spun on his heel just in time to see a dark shadowy figure holding her bridal-style in his arms.

“Let her go!”

“Or what, you’ll shoot me?”

Dean didn’t like how still the girl was in the monster’s arms, it made his entire being jumpy and if it weren’t for the very reason that she was in that ass’ way, he would have shot him down.

“Aleron, you have ten seconds to tell me why you want her.”

The shadows cleared to form the very man in question and to no surprise for Dean he looked exactly the same as he’d seen him last several years ago, when his father and the pureblood agreed to sign a treaty of some sort in establishing the school.

Worry not Salvatore, you've done well in protecting her life, but there is something else that needs to be done, I will take care of it…meanwhile, you continue what you came here to do.

The thought probed into the hunter’s mind, he shook his head hating the piercing stare of those lurid crimson eyes, he tsked and said through clenched teeth, “You still didn't tell me what you’re gonna do to her!”

A soft glint touched the pureblood’s eyes, and the barest hint of a smile tugged at his lips “I’m going to clear her memories of this event that were never meant for her eyes to perceive, your secret will remain as it stands, take more precautions next time. “

Clear her memories “You have no right to-”

A powerful gust of air whipped around them and he was gone. Despite his resentment, the hunter had the deepest conviction that the bastard wouldn't hurt her. However that wasn't enough to calm him down and he had no choice but to hunt after the skin-walker.

The setting changes from rosen-hale-high-school to Sable


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"She went... Home." He answered tensly.

Dean half wondered if she'd seen anything, wishing all this had been dealt with in a more discreet place, say far, far away. He took the books and bag from her and told her that he would deliver them to Isabella personally, then ushered her back toward the winding, large school.

Lyra found his rushing her annoying and she glanced back, her firey hair bouncing around her small face, "Did her guardians come to pick her up?"

"Uh, I guess..."

"Then you have to take her bike too."

"What am I her delivery boy?"

"Oh but Dean, how will she get to school tomorrow?" The plucky red-head spun around to face him, her features scrunching into a super cute little frown on her pixie face. She crossed her arms pouting, "You have to!" She demanded.

Dean sighed, "And you can't do it yourself?"

"Uh-- I can't... maam' wouldn't allow me to. You see, she's very strict and..." her expression took on a level of sadness when mentioning her mom, but then she brightened up, an idea springing into her head, "What if I pay you my allowance?"

The hunter rolled his eyes, "I won't accept payment. Not from you or anyone, I'll do it okay, now... just go to class!"

She sparkled at him, "Thank you Dean!" She twirled and ran off.

"Guess I'm giving Lombardi a visit when all this crap is over," Dean grumbled, glancing back to see if Selene was following him. He walked down the hall and made it to his locker where he put all of Isabella's stuff there while making a mental note to remember to come back here later and get it all before leaving.


Isabella lay in her bed, already changed from her morning attire to her nightgown, the pureblood had put her to sleep before taking the liberty to changing her vestments opting to leave her in comfort before he walked out of her life again. He left her clothing neatly folded on the window seat. Sighing sadly he stood beside her bed, watching her ever so longingly. If only...

He caressed her cheek with tender fingers, before picking up a strand of her shining, night locks, entwining the silken strands for a moment, before gently letting them slip away from his fingers. Gently he settled his hand atop her crown and dived into her memories, ripping the moment things went weird from today away from her forever -unlike compelling, this was much different, he wasn't making her simply forget, he wasn't surpressing the memories of that stupid child pureblood or seeing Dean go hunter-mode into the back-burner of her mind, he was actually absorbing them into his own. It would be much better for her life if she never knew. She would live easier, smile freely under the sun.

She will recall only having a normal one at school except for feeling sick and wanting to go home early to rest.

"When you awaken again, everything will be as it was before..." His voice was bearly a whispered.

But this was as far as he could go, as long as she was safe it mattered not if she even knew who he was, that too was a must, it was better if she didn't know him at all. It would prevent her from curiously trying to figure him out and ruining everything. He built this world around her, a safe haven so that she would be always perfectly intact. He knew the threats after her blood and he was working his own deadly plan to eliminate them.

The only evidence of his visits were the tall American beauty rose he left at her door step everyday, which was sure to be left at her doorstep today after he departed.

After looking at her sleeping face for as long as he could manage to refrain from getting any closer, he finally broke away into a flurry of tiny bats that flapped quietly out her open window that he closed. Then below at her front porch an evanescent hand appeared from a small cluster of bats that broke away from the pack to deliver the rose.

And he was gone.


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"I see you, princess," Selene whispered to herself from her perch atop the belltower.

She ignored the constant buzzing of her cellphone, knowing precisely that it was Dean informing her of his whereabouts. Not that it was hard to track him, considering the moody boy was popping off rounds of every gun in his arsenal. But if there was one thing Selene was quite expert at, it was remaining unseen, and one step ahead of her target. She knew that anything supernatural that touched down in Sable would ultimately be after Isabella, who was sleeping soundly in her house a little distance from the tower. She knew anyone that wanted to get to her would pass through one of two ways; the back alley, or the main street.

Sure enough, the white and red blur was darting like a haphazard arrow in the very direction Selene had just presumed. She took a silver tipped arrow from her quiver, aimed carefully at where the creature would be taking its next step, and using her cheek as an anchor, she let it fly. There was a telltale sharp sound, and finally a thud; a smile curled over her lips as blur the stopped abruptly and materialized. The blonde dropped to the ground, the arrow lodged deeply into her neck. It wasn't enough to kill her, but it was exactly what Selene intended; she'd let Dean deal with killing her off.

She stepped back from the window, catching sight of the shrouded figure that followed Dean like a puppy, and scowled. She had enough of the inhuman creatures plaguing the town, and if it was the last thing Selene did, she would make sure they one day would all be gone. The chirping of bats echoed from somewhere behind her, and immediately she snapped her focus toward the fleeting horde. Her features contorted further- Avalon.

"That lovesick fool," she muttered, descending the staircase to begin her voyage to Isabella's residence. "Probably wasn't even aware the shifter was after his pretty little girlfriend..."

Another vibration silenced her complaint, but this time she retrieved it from her jacket and acknowledged whoever it was that was trying to reach her. She pressed the phone to her cheek, answering:

"The target is down, but you can kill her," she said without remorse. "I'm going to check on Isabella... Avalon left her alone at the worst possible time. I think Blondie was just a distraction."

With that, she exited the belltower and hopped onto her awaiting motorcycle. It didn't take long before she reached Isabella's street, where she proceeded to parking a few houses down, so as not to alert any trouble of her approach. See, Selene believed the hunter's success relied primarily on stealth, followed by elusiveness and precision. Selene could move with the agility of a cat, and was entirely the silent hunter that her father always wanted in a son.

Just as quickly as she had arrived, Selene cued into an aura that felt completely out of place. Her eyes scanned the forest that surrounded the quiet neighborhood, though she saw no signs of movement within the overgrowth. Even the trees were still, but yet, Selene knew better than to trust the silence. She continued nonetheless, moving swiftly as she always had, while the setting sun granted entrance to the full moon. She knew either Lyra or Dean would soon be coming with Isabella's belongings, so she wasted no time as she pressed herself against the house opposite of Isabella's.

From inside, Isabella stirred from her sleep, catching the last rays of the sun disappearing into the horizon. She furrowed her brows, the disorientation that is usually ensued from a period of sleep during the day overcoming her. The last thing she remembered was following Dean, and then her mind went completely blank. Her gaze fell over her form- she had even changed from her day clothes without knowing! -but was interrupted by a loud knock at her front door. She followed the sound curiously, though she couldn't deny the fast pace of her heartbeat.

When Isabella failed to open the door as quickly as the visitor wished, another rap came, though louder and more aggressive. She couldn't help but cry out- she never had any visitors over and she was unsure anyone from school even knew where she lived. There was a zip noise, a thud, and the knock never continued from there but she knew that wouldn't be the end. She approached the door cautiously, hearing unrecognizable noise from the opposite end, heightening her fear. She placed a tentative hand on the doorknob, her fingers beginning to shake, then turned it and-

"Isabella," Selene greeted with a smile.

"Selene...? Hey?" was Isabella's awkward response.

"Sorry, er... Principal Belvidere told me where you lived. I brought the homework you missed from today."

She reached behind her and then offered a thin stack of neatly paperclipped assignments. Isabella, still confused, took them and nodded in gratitude. Selene's icy eyes danced all around the empty house, discreetly searching for any signs of threat, then grinned and excused herself. When Isabella shut the door, Selene expertly leapt over the porch railing to the side of the house, where nothing but a splotch of blood on the grass greeted her.

"Aw shit..." she cursed, looking around again and reaching into the brush for her bow and arrows.

A low growl could be heard, a sound that was akin to an awakening volcano, but Selene failed to attach a face to the noise. There was a whoosh behind her and whipped around, catching just a faint glimpse of a man clothed in black just before he tackled her to the ground, shoving his bloody wrist into her mouth. Selene choked as the blood ran down her tongue and her instinct swallowed it all before she could even register what was happening. This heavy pressure pinned her to the ground, and when she looked up from struggling she could see the fiery red eyes of a handsome young man. His blood red lips were parted into a snarl, revealing the tips of his ghastly incisors. Vampire.

Around his neck was a large medallion with a familiar symbol engraved on it, but she didn't have time to ponder that. Selene's pupils focused in on the object of all her hatred, and suddenly a surge of power coursed through her veins. She kicked her heel into the ground, and a sharp white blade protruded from the steel toe of her boot. With a fierce groan, she shoved her foot with all of her might into the vampire's stomach, who instantly double over, releasing her from his grasp. She rolled over onto her feet but the blood that was now poisoning her system blurred her sight. She shook her head, attempting to realign her vision as she fiddled with the vervain grenade in her jacket. It took all of a millisecond before her attacker regained his composure, then glared at her with disdain so dark it made the night look like daytime.

Selene retreated, tripping over a tree root and tumbling down the ravine into the forest. Twigs and leaves snapped and scraped against her flesh as she landed with a thud as harsh as her target just a few hours before. Her breath escaped her and she lay on her back for a moment, gasping like a fish out of water, all the while her vision spinning crazily. Another whoosh echoed through the trees, and she sat up just in time to see the dark form shooting in her direction. She reached instinctively for her bow, but was greeted by air; all of a sudden, a hollow crash resounded as an even larger dark form burst from behind her.

It attacked the vampire and collided with him with such a heavy force that the two were sent spiralling out of sight, with nothing but the sound of crackling and snarling to be heard. A low hissing reverberated throughout the vicinity, and as she scanned her surroundings, she could see several more pairs of the same red eyes. Selene was panting as she rose to her feet, then immediately started to run back up the steep ravine despite her obscured vision. She heard a loud explosion and when she looked over her shoulder, an enormous tree was hailing down in her direction. She rolled out of the way just as the branches crashed to the ground beside her, narrowly missing her face. She sat up again, this time to come eye to eye with a massive black wolf whose legs were so thick with muscle they looked almost human.

It's feral gray eyes watched her with the same intensity as the vampire who was nowhere to be seen. Selene could see her breaths clouding in front of her as she panted, for once entirely terrified of the monster she had never seen before. She immediately stood up, watching as its ears perked like radars, and she charged uphill until she reached the drop off where her bow rested. There was a horrifying snarl, and she could hear his thunderous footsteps pounding the earth before she took a hold of her weapon, aimed it and shot just as the animal soared toward her. There was a whine as it fell off to the side, the silver tipped arrow plunged into its left shoulder.

Shaking madly, Selene began to retreat toward Isabella's house before she hit something warm and firm. She turned around and saw the man that had attacked her, who was now grinning with a smirk so wicked, it paralyzed her in her steps. As he breathed on her, all she could see were glowing eyes, and the sharp points of his teeth as he bared them menacingly at her.

"The emperor sends his regards," he said, his dark voice laden with evil as he took hold of Selene's head and twisted it with a sickening crack.

She dropped lifelessly to the ground, and he simply stepped around her, walking in the direction of Isabella's house but not trying to break in. He turned over his shoulder as the giant wolf snarled at him from its wounded position on the grass beside Selene. Then the man snorted, and continued on his way, joined by two other men who seemed to look his age and

When they had gone, the creature nuzzled Selene's corpse, and when it received no response, it struggled to its haunches with a whine. Then, weakly, it lifted its maw and bayed in lament at the full moon, which cast its merciful glow upon the couple. When its song ended, the wolf withdrew back into the forest and disappeared.


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It took a total of 60 minutes before the protrusion in Selene's neck completely vanished. By the light of the full moon, the glow in Selene's olive skin began to disappear, until it resembled a pale, radiating pearl, and gradually, the faint rhythm of a heartbeat could be traced. As Michael lovingly watched her and spoke soft words, she shot up without warning, a choking gasp exploding from her open mouth, which sparkled with new pointed incisors. She clutched Michael with wide eyes as she panted, her aquamarine irises slowly turning a deep scarlet, as if red paint were poisoning clear water.

"Michael?" she cried between desperate breaths for air. "Michael...? I'm...?"

She released him from her grasp and felt her neck, which was smooth, as though it had never been touched. She shut her eyes tight as the agony of her throbbing gums overwhelmed her, then she groaned. She clutched at her mouth, then at her head, and finally she began to tear her jacket from her body and heaving. She became hot to the touch, and it was clear the pain was unbearable. She cried out again, convulsing on the floor like a violently ill mental patient, her eyes still shut and her teeth bared.

"Oh god... Michael... Michael kill me!" she yelled through gritted jaws. She was writhing on the floor like a contortionist, as though the pure blood of the royal vampire and the blood of a hunter were having some kind of chaotic reaction to each other.

At the same moment, Isabella stepped out of her house and appeared, bewildered at the sight of wounded Selene and her lover. She screamed and instinctively ran over to where they were, dropping to her knees beside the huntress, who pushed her away.

"Isabella... Get away..." Selene snarled, her eyes turning an even more wicked shade of crimson.

"My God, Selene, let me help you," Isabella said rapidly, panicking. Then she looked up at Michael, who seemed to agree with Selene and tried to shop her away too. "Michael get help! I'll bring her inside!"

Despite Selene's protest, Isabella lifted her to her feet, and slung her arm over her shoulder. Before she could even take a step, Selene hissed something evil, and she pummeled Isabella to the ground. It all happened in one swift, lightspeed motion: she pinned her to the ground and sank her new fangs deep into her throat. Isabella shrieked, though it was muffled, and attempted to wrestle the girl off; but now that she was sired from the blood of an original royal and completed her transformation with the blood of the Lombardi virgin, her strength was too much for the human to bear.

From the trees exploded a huge black shadow, which tackled Selene to the ground with a snarl. In the moonlight, the forms of the enormous wounded wolf and beautiful new vampire Selene could be seen. The wolf tossed her up against the neighbor's house, crushing a bit of the brick with the force. The wolf then stood between Selene and Isabella, who was cowering beside Michael. The wolf roared, and as if something had cued Selene, the crimson of her eyes vanished, replaced by her brilliant aquamarine irises. Humanity returned to her features, immediately contorting with horror and remorse.

"Oh, my God... Isabella..." she whispered, her voice breaking. "I'm... I'm... So sorry..."

She looked tearfully at Michael.

"I'm so sorry, my love..."

Then she turned and vanished into the forest, the black wolf following closely behind her.


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Aleksei ancestor of the Avalon bloodline instantly destroyed the two fools that accompanied the attacker, saving this one for last. He ripped into the messenger's throat, drinking his blood before tearing his heart out, keeping the little one close he snarled viciously into his ear, "Message received." Then he pulled out a blade that crackled in his hand, burning away at his flesh in his grip and he swung.

The man's head popped into the sky before shattering like glass to pretty, reflective sandylike ashes.

"You're next Morrigan..." Aleksei hissed, eyes burning red as the pulsing moon.

The ancestor turned and headed back to Lombardi's place. Inside the house he heard the hunter hurry about, trying to treat Isabella's mortal wounds. Reaching the girl currently seated on the couch with a towel pressed onto her injured neck he touched her head, grabbing her attention, "Everything will be alright, I promise you." He whispered with a gentle smile.


"How long are you going to keep doing this to her?" Dean asked clearly annoyed. He leaned against the door frame of her room, watching the pureblood put her to sleep. It was very late and Billy kept calling, worried for him.

Aleksei quietly replied, "As long as needed." He straightened and turned toward the window. Do vampires not know how to use a door? Dean thought, detecting the blood of another vampire on him, he knew things were just going to get worse.

"I gave her my blood to heal her wounds and destroyed any evidense of this occurence from her mind. Take care of her for me, there is some business that requires my attention."

Dean scoffed, "No shit. You're going after Selene aren't you?"

"You're going to kill her?"
"That's the plan."
"She's my partner."
"Not anymore."

Dean said seriously, "You know, this lie you've built around Isabella is nothing but your dream. It can't last forever."

"I am aware of that." Aleksei never glanced back.

"Good, because you gotta wake up and stop doing that, you can't keep hiding her and running from the truth because then it'll find you. And punch you in the gut, and if you keep trying to pretend that the world is safe when it isn't she'll never see it coming," He scoffed and put his hands on his hips as he looked at her, "Trying to keep that dream alive will destroy you. It'll destroy everything."

"And that's why you're here. You're the truth hunter, so give her a Korth and teach her to aim and shoot. I will continue my plans."

"Which plan might that be?"

Aleksei flitted out the window.

Destroying all vampires

Dean actually smiled at that weird pureblood's idea. "Goodluck with that one. You'll need it."

Then the vampire was gone.

Leaving a black wolf with red eyes to keep watch in the woods below Aleksei sized up with the lurking Veratos Holmes.

"You're either my friend or my foe. Pick one." He addressed her cooly.

Her eyes sparkled at the deep red moon's light and she locked her gaze with him. "You tell me ancestor."

He nodded to her and went away leaving the huntress to do her own with Salvatore. The two after all were the same of a kind.


Dean crossed his arms and glanced inside the room, Isabella was in her bed, in another night gown and dreaming. When Aleksei had walked in, the hunter was going to shoot him but then he told him he was gonna help her "get better", then took her upstairs. Dean had left in that moment to get his car back at scool and drive back to Isabella's place. Once he'd returned he came prepared with everything to protect the house from anything benevolent. Nothing can get in, not with all the traps he'd set up. This felt like he was preparing for an apocolypse or something. Pacing deeper into her room he sat on the window seat and glanced down just to see a figure darting back into the woods.

Whatever or whoever it was had no chance to break in. That he was sure of, however like the paranoid hunter he'd grown to become he wouldn't leave Isabella's side for anything in the world.


Flying with her long, deadly Lune scythe, Mina Avalon's crimson eyes stared ahead at the ebony night. She felt his heavy sense pressure closing in and she bit her lower lip in anticipation. He may be her fiancé, but he wasn't averse to retaliating at anyone who stood in his way including her. However she knew he wouldn't kill her, he'd never do that.

"Mina I thought I told you to stay home. It's not a good night for playing huntress." Aleksei's tone sounded pleasant but she knew him well enough to recognize the mask he wore so well to conceal his agony.

And she was the only one who went this far.

Tensing beneath the velvet black cloak, the pureblood seventeen year old girl pulled down her hood to reveal her lucious golden wavy locks, she gripped her weapon and realized the one he held in his hand now mere skeleton bones gripping the sword had been drawn. Where did he get a hunter's weapon from? Yet that was the least of her problem, it was what he planned to do with it was the main issue here. That's what she came for to stop him.

"I'm not letting you hurt Michael or Selene, they're my friends too!" She announced glaring at her beloved stubbornly.

"I don't want to hurt you Mina, but you're in my way --please move."

A loud clang of metal against metal echoed in the night.


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Isabella stirred from her sleep. Her brows became furrowed and a gentle moan escaped her lips. She began writhing around on her bedsheets, which were tangling themselves around her small frame. Her head tossed from side to side, and her mouth seemed to be forming words and incomprehensible sentences. The bite marks on her throat began to disappear, and once they were completely gone, she jerked awake with a frightened cry. Sweat dripped from her forehead and she looked utterly terrified.

When she searched around her room, she saw Dean seated at her windowsill, staring out into the dark forestry that encased her home. Confused, she called out to him, sitting up and throwing her legs over the side of the bed.

"Dean?" she murmured quizzically. "What...what are you doing here?"

She brought a tiny hand to her throat as if she were searching for a wound, her face contorted with confusion when she felt nothing but smooth, undefiled flesh. Her breaths were even, but her heart was still racing from the nightmare that seemed all too real. She looked down at her form, clothed in her night dress, and grew even more puzzled.

"What happened?"

In the distance, Selene could feel Avalon's daunting presence approaching. She knew her impending doom, but she wasn't necessarily prepared to face it, especially after listening to Michael's plea. She could read his emotions as if they were written on paper, and she knew part of him was glad that they could now be immortal together forever. She sighed, looking back at the wolf whose icy detainment was beginning to melt.

"Honestly, I don't know," she responded when Michael questioned his loyalty to her. "But I know he's Isabella's. He's the only thing that stopped me from tearing her throat out..."

She seemed to have thought of something as her voice trailed away.

"I...I thought he was the threat," she continued, breaking one of his massive paws from the ice. "But now I see that he is not. I've never failed a hunt, and now look at me..."

The beast broke free, a low rumble in his throat becoming audible as he circled around Selene to stand in between her and Michael. Its icy eyes observed him challengingly, and by its posture, it was apparent the creature was ready to strike at any given moment. A snap of twigs alerted the wolf, then it turned and bounded into the overgrowth, leaving them be.

The clang of metal snapped Selene's attention toward the source. The scent of pureblood filled the area like a bitter odor, masking the musky scent of Michael's blood, which was becoming increasingly more irresistible to her. The aquamarine color of her eyes once again became defiled by the primal crimson, the veins branching out from her lids until they resembled a ghastly looking mask. She felt her incisors bud from her gums, and she inhaled, closing her eyes as he touched her face.

In trusting Michael, she looked at him almost desperately, then finally allowed herself to sink into his chest. With the rhythm of his heartbeat, his earthy aroma became overwhelming, and she lifted her head so that her lips pressed into the crook of his neck. She could almost hear his blood flowing, and that proved too much; so she wrapped her arms around him, and with a shameful cry, she sank her teeth into his flesh.


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"It looks like you're in my house, uninvited," she snapped back, crossing her arms over her chest. "If you aren't going to answer my questions then get the hell out. I don't even know how you got inside in the first place!"

She walked over to her bedroom door, annoyed, and stood beside the threshold, watching him expectantly. Her bare little foot tapped on the wooden floor in rhythm with her irritated heartbeat. What nerve! she thought, scoffing and rolling her eyes. Who does he think he is, showing up in my room unannounced and being snappy with me? I should hit him!

But as she observed his back her tension slightly waned. Even though he annoyed her, she couldn't help but admit she was just a little glad that he was there. But then again...

She walked over to her drawers and began putting jeans and a t-shirt on. She glanced over her shoulder, and without another word continued toward the foyer.

"I'm going to look for Lyra," she called from another room. "You can show yourself out."

As she stepped out onto her porch, there was a gentle crackle from beneath her toes. Instinctively she looked down and saw that she was standing on an envelope, and beside it a long stemmed red rose lay. Curiously, she picked up both, then continued out into the street, which was beginning to fog over with the cool of the night. In all honesty, she had no intention of searching for Lyra; in fact, she was headed somewhere entirely different, but she wanted to be alone. A shiver pulsed up her spine, and she looked tentatively over her shoulder, though she couldn't see anyone following.

It wasn't long before she reached the empty cemetery. Only the peaks of the endless rows of headstones could be seen above the mist, but she weaved through the aisles with effortless precision, retracing the steps to the path she had burned into her memory. Upon reaching a lonely willow tree at the top of a hill, she looked down at a grave partially obscured by wild overgrowth, then knelt down until she could see the name.

Within the graveyard, a gentle glow like the outline of a man could be seen; but only to the trained eye. It seemed to be wandering aimlessly, until reaching a little distance near Isabella, where it then froze, as if watching her in awe.


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Sighing heavily as he waited, the hunter stood after hearing her footsteps descend the stairs below, then he saw her walking outside, bearly visible in the misty night seemingly engulfing her up. It urked him how she could be so impulsive. A walk alone at 3 a.m. was perfectly alright, nothing bad could possibly happen. Did she not ever watch the news? It was senseless crap like this that got stupid girls like her kidnapped, raped, and killed. Good grief. Streatching his arms bove his head, Dean decided to follow her, where she was going he knew wasn't at Lyra's house. Isabella was headed elsewhere, she obviously didn't want him to pursue after her and had lied just to probably get back at him for being a dick. He deserved it, hell he wouldn't want to hang out with himself either, but that's just how he was, a miserable mess. If only he could play nice, if only his personality could switch to kindness instead of what he was now. But it was that way of being that has kept him alive so far. He could not change his attitude to suit everyone, that was just how he was.

And she couldn't be blamed, it wasn't her fault his life was soo crapy that it molded him into an even crappier person. Frankly he wanted to disappear into his car, drive very far away and live somewhere no one would find him. Would that solve his problems? No. Would that make his anger and sadness go away? Also, no. Would that save Isabella or anyone that could use his help from impending doom and death? Wait for it -No. It couldn't be helped, even if she wanted him to leave he couldn't and he would have loved to have left, go home, eat something warm, go to bed, drive off at day break, but as a hunter and knowing that she was a monster magnet he just couldn't stay away.

As he pushed the glass open and stepped out into the crisp cool night, he clenched his jaw and stepped off the window ledge. Maybe if her memories hadn't been wiped clean she would have recalled the little incident with the pureblood S.O.B. that tried to eat her this afternoon, known that despite Dean's mean streak he meant her well. Had tried to protect her and even so had considered her safety when the idiot pureblood Avalon had popped up outta no where and snatched her away. Not only taking her, but taking that brief moment they shared, when she had held onto him during the attack, he knew that she knew that he was trying to be a hero. Save her when she had thought he was a terrible "animal" hunter. A moment lost forever.

Doing what he did and trying to make sense of the gihugic load of crap that was the world and its never ending beastly surprises it was a wonder how he had yet to crack.

He tried not to think about it, thinking about the past always made him think even before that and the life he'd lived so far, and the huge gaps of empty memories he'd been secretly wondering about. Why did it feel like he had forgotten something important? Leaving the forest to enter the town he climbed up a small store and free-walking from one roof top to another like a stealthy assassin, he couldn't fight the urge to turn back and make sure he wasn't being followed himself. He could feel someone close behind him, it was the same sense he'd picked up earlier today, when the pureblood kid had attacked them, but with the black of night around him only heightening his senses it was hard not to feel a tiny bit panicky. Could it be that he was afraid? Well, maybe, his pulse was racing and he'd already drew his gun and when his inner hunter instincts kicked in and sent alarm bells raging in his mind he knew it was never wise to ignore it.

Isabella crossed the street entering the surprisingly still open Sable cemetery. The only one this town had, that was another oddity, this town was full of "onlies" only one supermarket,only one café, only one high school, college, movie theater e.t.c., why was that? No time to wonder though, whatever was after Isabella he had to take out, and whatever it was he was sure to find it since Isabella had a giant neon sign floating above her head with an arrow pointing down at he that proudly proclaims, here I am, come and get me! She also promised to be just as stubborn and hard headed, she didn't know what simple commands like "Stay back, get away!"or, "Run!" meant, recalling the incident with Selene he figured those were memories she should have "kept" so that she'd know how to react next time something like that happened. Why Avalon mind-screwed her was still a mystery to him, he didn't get the logic there --she'd find out about all this eventually.

Hopping off the roof of an establishment, Dean went into the cemetery after her, only lingering a little behind so that she wouldn't notice him. Not that it would make much of a difference if she saw him or not.

Leaning against a headstone he slid one hand into his pocket and gripped at his keys inside, while the other tightened on the gun. The feeling of eyes watching him only gradually decreased or was it the aura that came with it? In any case, he would just have to wait and decided instead to watch his charge. This was beyond strange, why was she here? He knew she was here paying a loved one a visit that was clear as water, but why now? Most people would freak out at the notion of being even near the grave yard. At night. Like he had thought before, this girl was different, weird, his kind of weird.

Finding the silence irritating he looked around, making a 360 of his surroundings, the quiet felt like a sort of physical presence, heavy and just as consuming as the dark. The weak full moon's odd red glow sent creepy shadows withering slightly upon the headstones it fell on. Hunter or not he hated the cemetery, any to be exact, the only time you'd ever find him here would be if a case dragged him to the point where he was forced to have to pay one a visit, dig someone's grave and salt&burn the bones of that dead person's body in order to get rid of the pesky ghost that decided to stay and haunt/ kill people. Even so he'd do that job quickly and leave. Being here with the naive and clueless Isabella only made his nerves tighten like piano wire.

"You know, there is such a thing called 'visiting-hours', where you could stop by during the day and do this. Like normal people would, so, are you gonna hurry this up so we can go home. Where it's safe?" He finally addressed her, his tone was almost pleasant yet still laced with impatience, paranoia and tention all wrapped into one. He looked like he was just about ready to shoot something, he looked around again, someone was watching them and he absolutely hated this situation.

"So you found me out, bravo Salvatore, now you can be properly rewarded. I bring gifts." A sultry, silken voice tumbled from the lips of a figure that stepped away from the shadows to reveal itself in the moonlight. It was a young woman, perhaps no older than Isabella, but with a mysterious smile that gave him bad vibes. Now what did she want?

"Who the hell are you? Don't tell me, you're going after her too so that I can skip the intro and pump so many holes into you 'till you're swiss cheese?"

Yup, he aimed the Silver Moon directly at her, dead center.

The woman's lips tugged into full grin and she brandished the baretta and knife from behind her, "Now that's not how we treat old pals is it Salvatore? Last I checked, you wanted to drop hunting and the terrible woes that came with it. You were so sick of it, all you craved was a normal life and even now you still do," she chuckled humorlessly, her expression flirty and dark, "I've been observing you and though you may think you're a different person, what's inside hasn't changed at all. I'm Veratos, but you liked to call me Vera," she began a slow pace toward them a soft touch changing her features as she reminisced the good 'ol times, "you said it was a satisfying name and easy to pronounce. Not so complicated. If it isn't obvious I'm a friend, so aim that crappy gun elsewhere or you won't get the real treat I keep right here." She rose the closed knife to her chest and gestured at the pretty cross-like pendant hanging from the end of her chain. She smiled, showcasing rows of perfect pearly whites.

Dean shook his head. Another nut job, though this one pretty. It still wasn't enough to calm him, she brought with her a heavy dose of thick, concentrated dark aura he'd never agree with no matter how many gifts she presented. So the crappy gun still remained aimed right at her head. Just had to pull the trigger.

"Jeez, what will it take for you to lighten up boy? I'm not here to fight you, even if I was I'd kick your ass no doubt. Dean, we're on the same team here."

Dean edged toward Isabella, not liking the way Veratos was inching closer and closer to them.

At seeing his fierce glare she hesitated, "Look dummy, I'm giving you your original weapons of choice back, take it or leave it-"

"Why do you have them if they're mine? How'd you find me? And what makes you think I'll believe any of the bull you're feeding me?"

She shrugged, "Was kinda hoping you wouldn't be so pushy and just take the stuff no questions asked... You really don't remember me at all do you Dean?"

"No. I don't."

"Then I wonder if taking this might jog your noggin a bit," Vera slipped the butterfly knife into her back pocket before tugging at the cross pendant from her necklace free, tossing it up into the sky she whispered a latin chant to undue the spell placed upon the object and in an instant, evanescent swirls of blue and white light encircled the small thing and a tiny sound like a bells tinkling could be heard, then the spell broke and what was disguised as a jewel burst like fireworks and shot to the earth. Its sharp edge struck the ground, the jewel turned out to be a large sword with red symbols on its onyx blade. The light soon faded and the weapon was left there glowing eerily, supercharged with even more supernatural power than Dean had ever felt before. This day just got better and better.

"What... is that... a trick?"

That is the Rebelus blade and it's yours. I've managed to keep it safe and close to my heart all this time. You owe me a big one when and if you ever get your memories back." Vera explained peering at it proudly.

"That thing is mine?" Dean asked both shocked and dubious.

She groaned getting bored with this, "Yes. Just take it already and re-connect with it please before its power gets picked up by a monster and you loose it."

Dean glanced back at Isabella, wondering her take on this, he imagined how bizarre this must seem for her and he wouldn't blame her if she thought they were all bonkers.

The setting changes from sable to Sable Cemetery


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The evanescent form that lingered near Isabella crept just a bit closer, now materializing as a man, though the girl did not notice him. A handsome, prominent face with yearning dark eyes gazed at her in such utter wonder, it was as if he were looking at his bride. His pretty lips moved, though no sound came out, and it appeared that if any had, he might be stuttering and at a loss for words. A long arm reached for her, gentle fingers begging to touch the warmth of her face, though his translucent touch would not allow it.

"M-Maria...?" he whispered, his voice cracking in agony. "Maria, my love...can it...can it be?"

A twig snapped where Dean had set his foot, alerting the girl of his presence and thus causing her to instinctively shift her attention in his direction. Although the gorgeous apparition stood between her and Dean, Isabella could see nothing of his existence, in all of its grandeur. He seemed young, perhaps about 21, and dressed with the distinguished poise of a Victorian era gentleman. The pain in his voidlike eyes heightened when he realized that Isabella could not acknowledge him, and it even appeared that he might cry. However, when Dean and his new stalker began conversing, he stepped away, retreating into the long, sheltering branches of the willow tree beside her.

Isabella rolled her eyes. Not even in the middle of the night at an empty graveyard could she happen upon a time of peace and quiet. She took the rose and abandoned it on the grave before she stood and began to walk away without so much as a glance at the quarreling hunters. She didn't get very far before Vera's necklace exploded into a brilliant little showcase of lights, which Isabella gazed at with a mixture of horror and awe. She looked at Dean, immediately feeling threatened, then backed away into the mist. It continued to grow thicker and obscured the surroundings even heavier. Even Isabella's hair blended into the shadows, leaving nothing but her warm golden eyes in sight.

She looked at the envelope still clutched tightly in her hand, and as she inspected the calligraphic handwriting, a gentle hiss could be heard from behind the mausoleum. She turned and saw the outline of a young man, who, as she stepped nearer, saw was their age. His eyes were an almost supernatural tone of yellow, and the swell of his lips gave him the face of Adonis. His hair was dark and long, though combed very elegantly, and he wore nice looking clothing. He didn't seem American, just by the way he carried himself and his attire. With a nod of his head and a welcoming smile, he gestured for Isabella to come near. A perfectly timed clang of metal hitting the earth snapped her attention back to the hunters, and when she looked for the boy near the mausoleum, he was gone.

"I have had it with the weirdness," she muttered, walking past the two to get to the iron gate. "I'll see you later, Dean. Goodnight."

And with that, she began her trek back home, fading into the mist.

The setting changes from sable-cemetery to Sable


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By the time Isabella had arrived at her house, the boy she had seen at the cemetery was leaning against the front door, awaiting her on the porch. His arms were crossed, and those brilliant yellow eyes watched her curiously, and although she was frightened someone would be at her front door in the middle of the night. She stopped in her steps, her own eyes widening in fear, but when he raised his pale hands in surrender and offered her a warm smile, her guard dropped a little.

"You are the granddaughter of Alessandra Lombardi, yes?" the boy said, his silken voice heavy with a romantic Italian accent.

Isabella's blood ran cold. She studied him expectantly, her caution increasing with every move the boy made. When he came closer, she could see a marvelous golden pendant with a beautiful emblem around his neck; and by the way he was dressed, he seemed almost royal-like. He ran a hand through his dark locks, then gestured to the envelope still grasped in her fingers. He smirked flirtatiously, folding his arms behind him and leaning close to her pretty face.

"Would you not like to see what is inside, bellizzima?"

She hesitated, her brows furrowing in thought.

"Who are you, and how do you know my grandmother?" she challenged, still wary of his intentions. The young man simply bowed graciously before her, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles sweetly, eliciting a scarlet flush to taint the apples of her cheeks.

"Forgive me for my rude intrusion," he responded, his Italian lilt making the girl giggle. "My name is Lorenzo. I know your grandmother because she was a friend of my family for many years, as was her mother."

Then he grasped her hand which held the envelope, bringing it to her eye level, and winked at her. His sly grin was so appealing, Isabella could almost hear her knees knocking together. It was almost as if he were somehow enchanting her. She swallowed a nervous lump that had accumulated in her throat, then took a step around him to get to her porch. She turned and smiled coyly at him.

"When you are ready, I suggest you come and see me in Roma," he purred, his arms still hidden behind his back. "You may just find who you've been looking for all your life. Bona notte, bellizzima."

And with that, he cantered off into the fog, whistling delightedly until she could no longer see him. Her heart skipped a little, and she sighed, before looking at the letter addrssed to her and going back inside. She would read it when the sun rose into the sky, and should she decide to go to Italy, she knew she would have to bring a friend.


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A film reel of Michael's memories spun at lightning speed through Selene's mind the moment she took her first swallow of his blood. Confused, she continued to drink, attempting to block out the images that were becoming increasingly more violent and disturbing. All she could decipher of his recollection was carnage- his entire life revolved around bloodspill- and after a few gulps, she retreated in terror. Her wide aquamarine eyes search the span of the earth beneath them before settling upon Michael, who watched her sadly.

"What... What the...?" she stammered, wiping the crimson honey that dripped from her lips.

At the same moment, she heard a rustling in the brush behind her, accompanied by the telltale scent of a pureblood she already recognized as Aleksei. When she turned around to face him, immediately she sensed the odor of burning flesh, which belonged to his skeletal hand that gripped the blade furiously. She instantly knew that the weapon was designed specifically for a hunter, and that it would kill any vampire its merciless blade struck, and it could only be handled by a human being. Her heart sank, suddenly realizing that she could no longer wield her beloved bow and arrows.

"Avalon," she said, her voice as cold and unwavering as it had always been.

If he were going to kill her, he would have to fight her now. She knew that Isabella needed Selene as much as she needed Aleksei and Dean; whatever forces were coming after her would certainly not relent until she was in their grasp. Her dark hair swayed gently with the breeze as her iron eyes watched him expectantly, half hoping that Mina would come to their defense. She was undoubtably certain that Michael would intervene should Aleksei attempt to strike, and she was also aware that the only person who could sway his anger was currently sleeping inside her home.

Isabella jolted awake when Dean burst through her front door. Her golden eyes quickly scanned around her room, catching sight of a revolting little demon giggling impishly at the foot of her bed. She cried out softly before she sat upright and began to retreat into her headboard. It began crawling up onto her mattress, slithering like a serpent into her bedsheets. She screamed, tumbling out of her bed and scrambling in a panic toward her bedroom door, which slammed shut. She began to pound on the wood, calling for Dean whom she was certain was on the other side. When she turned back around, the demon plopped onto the floor, standing on its hind legs and approaching her with a malignant smirk on its features.

"DEAN!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, closing her eyes as she was backed into a corner.

A sudden gust of wind entered her small room through the window, and in a flash, the demon was sent flying across the ground. Materialized before her was Lorenzo, who wielded a very long, Roman style saber. He looked behind his shoulder at her and offered her a grin before lunging at the creature and striking it down with a single blow. It dispersed into a cloud of smoke, leaving Isabella hyperventilating with fear. Lorenzo then knelt down beside her, his smile deepening and increasingly more sincere.

"Do not be afraid, bellizzima," he whispered tenderly. "You have many protectors that have sworn to guard your life. Do consider that trip to Italy, though, beloved."

And with a wink, he disappeared from her window just as Dean burst into the room. With tears in her eyes, Isabella rose to her feet and leapt into Dean's chest, burrowing her face into the crook of his neck as she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed. A choked sob escaped her lips, but then she was silent, trembling against him as the sirens wailed in the near distance.

"Please don't go," she murmured tearfully. "I'm scared, Dean."


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Dean sensed that demon upstairs, Isabella need not yell at all for him to rush up to the source. Racing down the hall at inhuman speed, the hunter withdrew his gun, kicked the door open aiming his gun directly in front of him, at the same time he'd felt another vampire's presence; Lorenzo, but before he could react, the vampire had iced the demon and was gone by the time the hunter fully entered the room.

"Heh, well that was taken care of..." He managed to let out before Isabella launched herself at him terrified and crying. That was to be expected. Now he understood why Aleksei shrouded her memories every time something like this happened, so that she wouldn't suffer. However, the trend he knew had to stop, he wasn't Aleksei and he certainly wasn't about to sugar-coat the truth for her. This was as real as it got, but seeing her this rattled shook him too, she was no longer safe here, he had to take her with him. Sighing, he slipped the gun away, before taking her into his arms, lowering his lips to her ear he whispered, "It's alright the scary monster is gone now, c'mon let's go, I won't leave you not in this hell." Then he let her go and went to her closet to pull out a chunky knit grey cardi, draped it gently over her shoulders and steered her out of the room. Outside he lead her to his Impala and helped her in, closed the door, and went around to the driver side. Stopping for a second to take the sword off his back, toss it in the back seat before getting in himself. He pushed the key into the ignition, the engine turned over and the disc player started up, "Eye of the Tiger" jammed out of the speakers as he speed the car down the road.

Dean drove in silence, preferring to let the music fill the space in between, it was a way to focus on something else beside the horror that was behind them. He did steal a few glances at her now and then, gradually relaxing by the time they hit the main road. Soon he was singing to himself along with the lyrics, maybe the shift in mood would transfer to her, he didn't like her being freaked out, and well, now that she was beside him he couldn't say he had any worries now. She was safe indeed.

♕ ♕ ♕

Mina didn't know what to expect from Aleksei, he could be so dark and secretive sometimes and she hated it. What happened to the trust they so deeply used to share? He used to tell her everything, and the times when she'd drunk from him, he'd reveal everything to her, the man she knew was not a liar. That was it, he didn't lie, but he kept secrets. She went home as he'd asked, changed into a soft, ivory night gown but she didn't rest, too far from it, she remained awake, in his room, waiting. Her Lune scythe stood against the wall, it was a hunter weapon, transformed from a rod to a powerful scythe, how could she wield such without the rebound rejecting her touch? It was tricked out by her blood and it was created by her love for the sole purpose of her usage. Just like the Silver Moon.

"Please come home soon Aleksei..."

Raising the blade up, the pureblood swung, a powerful stream of air and electricity shot out of the weapon headed for Selene. Aleksei cared not that she was his friend's love, if he got in the way then he would have to take him down as well. Michael of course was already there, he'd reached Selene before the shock hit and was up in the air, with the huntress in his arms, the other man glared at him, as though he were a stranger and not a well known friend.

The battle has begun.

Veratos arrived soon after, she saw the huntress being set down by the pureblood, and the two exchanged a few words. Now she stepped into the scene, flitting out of sight before reappearing behind the vampire huntress.

"Hey Selene Morrigan is it? I'm Veratos, a friend of Salvatore who has requested your presence. You can come with me and avoid getting ganked by a crazy pureblood, or I make you. It's your choice." She said, ignoring the others, not caring for them at all.

Aleksei noticed the other woman but he didn't care to address her, she wasn't his target.

"So Michael, you plan on defending the huntress? How touching!" He swung the blade once more, sending another shock of air and lighting at his old pal, this battle would be very interesting. Michael was an excellent fighter after all, and wouldn't be falling down so soon.


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At first, Isabella sat in the passenger seat of Dean's car quietly. Silent tears streaked her cheeks as she gazed through the window at her house and the damaged forestry around it. She could only worry further that her father might come home and be attacked, and Isabella wouldn't be there to help. She trembled and shook, her eyes glossed over ass she stared blankly into her surroundings, until she heard Dean's voice singing along to the cheesiest song in American history. Her tension quickly began to evaporate, her shoulders relaxing a bit as she settled against the headrest.

When Dean hit an awkward note, she couldn't help but giggle, and soon found herself watching him amusedly. For a moment she had forgotten that she was running away from her home, and that she had been attacked by God knows what in the comfort of her own bedroom; all that she knew of life and reality was fastly becoming a mystical blur of her favorite storybooks and supernatural folklore. She couldn't shake the thought that the demon looked at her with recognition; like it knew who she was, and that was the reason it attacked her. And then she remembered how Lorenzo came to her rescue in the blink of an eye.

"Dean...?" she began tentatively, her brows furrowed. "What is going on? There are gaps in my memory it feels like, and... And that thing in my room..."

Before Selene could think, Michael had whisked her into the air to dodge an attack. Aleksei watched them with the silent intensity of a wolf stalking its prey, and as Selene landed back onto her feet, she shared the same icy gaze. She was no longer afraid of the pureblood- she never had been, even as a human, anyway -and she would face him bravely. The heels of her boots sank into the earth which had become slightly damp from the morning dew. As the first rays of the sun poked from behind the horizon, Selene grew increasingly apprehensive. Suddenly, everything started to get a little hotter and uncomfortable.

Then Veratos appeared behind her, much too close for comfort. Selene stepped away, eyeing the girl cautiously, before she mentioned Salvatore and his request for her backup. She turned and looked at Aleksei, frowning.

"We both know Isabella needs all the protection she can get," she began fiercely. "Killing me or Michael won't help the problem we're currently facing. Since, you know, you can't even manage to keep her safe for long either. And we all know you can't resist getting inside her head, Avalon; so let me help you protect her. I promise I won't harm her."

And then she disappeared with Veratos.


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Dean knew this would all be just another blow to her, would she be able to handle? Perhaps he didn't have to worry too much, he had to give her credit, she was dealing fine in his eyes, most people would have gone nuts, completely lost it in a situation like this, but as he'd thought before, Isabella was something different. He lowered the volume of the music at the sign of her cooling off, having achieved what he'd set out by this act he no longer felt the need to continue and then when she spoke, he listened and without hesitation he answered quite seriously,

"You can thank Aleksei for the holes in your memories, too bad you're never getting them back... damn thief. As for what's going on, my guess is that you're not as normal as you'd think. Spirits often target people with psychic tendencies, evil spirits especially like to loom near desperate people to try to lure them out of their minds and join their ranks so to speak. Your inborn psychic energies must be very powerful to attract so many spirits. That demon in your room was a minion, something else was pulling the strings, it wanted to kill you in order to absorb your spiritual energy. They all do, every single one of those supernatural creatures lust for power and every life they kill, they get stronger. Humans are nothing more but walking pools of energies to them, most aren't even aware of it, and some often have more psychic energies than others. Like you for instance, you're a damn magnet to them, like a beacon of light in the darkness,"

Dean glanced at her for a second, trying to read her expression before he returned his gaze to the road and continued, "I don't know how I could remember that, some things are coming to me. Just like you I've been mind screwed, my memories aren't intact. Hmm, I still don't understand how those demons could break into your room when I had put up a barrier on your house, maybe I missed a spot or something." He fished his pocket to take out his cell and handed it over to her, "Call your folks and tell them not to go home tonight, scratch that, tell them to rent a room in a hotel, your house has already been visited by evil forces, it might become a hot spot for sure. You don't want mom and dad walking into a demon party now do you?" He smirked at her and winked, then lead the car down another street before pulling up into a car repair shop called Jenkin's Auto Shop. It belonged to Billie, a very trusted friend, another father to the hunter.

"Well, this is the place, you'll have to stick around here for a while. I'm off to find the Hell Gate and close it, might take all day. Let's go I'll explain everything inside, I wanna eat something before I leave."

Dean killed the engine, pulled the keys out and opened the door to get out, then he walked around to get her out as well, offering her a reassuring half smile, he also reached in to grab the Rebelus sword, couldn't be too careless on such a powerful weapon now. Walking her to the door, he again told her she'd be okay here while he was away. Walking in, he was met with a grouchy middle aged man who was none too pleased at seeing his "son" stroll on in as if it were just an ordinary morning. For one, it was just about 5 a.m. and two, does he not know how to use a cell phone when he was called? The man was beyond angry, but at seeing the girl, namely Isabella, he let out a breath and tried to keep his cool, he'd get back at the teen later.

"I've found what you've been looking for Dean, and you're right, this Lombardi girl is much more than she seems. You've got something special on your hands." Billie explained, shooting Dean a grave look, this was not a good time for taking it "easy" at all. He seemed to have known more than he was letting on, maybe this intel was something he wanted to discuss in private, he feared how Isabella would react if she'd known the truth of her ancestry. It wasn't a pretty one, nor was it normal by any standards.

Dean introduced Billie to Isabella, then went straight for the fridge and raided it, "You want anything?" He offered her as he started pulling out cold cuts and bread and beer and other stuff to eat.

Finally the trio settled into the living room, the place was small, having been divided into both a work place and home for Jenkins it wasn't exactly maintained for a normal family, he tried, but with all the work he had piling up, keeping things tidy was impossible. He served as both a parental figure for Dean and a info keeper. Namely the man was entitled to do the research for the boy when things were out of hand for him, he was more knowledgeable when it came to the world of the supernatural than anyone of the planet --well according to Dean he was. So it was no wonder that Dean always crawled right back to this place at the end of the day, having no one else to turn to or trust really. They were both hunters and they were both intuitively keen on each other in that level, well, like father and son. If only he could do something more to help him though, he did try his best to assist him in any way he can, but there were times when he thought he wasn't doing enough for him.

"I can't offer you anything more than what I got here kid, sorry, I also did not expect any visits. So, Dean wants you to stay here while he takes care of some business out there." Billie was addressing Isabella, then he'd switched his gaze to glare sternly at Dean who was drinking his head off, he even stood from the lumpy red old couch to snatch the beer from him. "Hey you gotta stay sharp, this is serious boy, you're still on duty! There's already sightings of the demons attacking civilians outside, Dean you better hurry up and get to the matter of this."

Dean frowned at him, "It's only one come on, lighten up. At least tell me, do you know where the massive energy flux is coming from? I'd felt something like this earlier, but I couldn't make sense of one from the other..." Then he noticed Isabella and the confusion she just may be having at this talk. Taking out his gun he showed it to her, the pistol brimmed with suppressed energies, that emanated from the weapon in wisps of shadowy, crimson hues. "This is the Silver Moon, I use it to shoot my targets, and when it comes down to melee attacks, I use the Rebelus. I'm a hunter, and these are some of the many arms I posses to take out the monsters that go bump in the night." There was a hint of amusement in his serious tone, like it was starting to become more enjoyable to him, killing the sonuvabitches that only wanted to kill innocent lives, what a nuisance, and in a sense he could say it was exciting. Would he admit it? Probably not to Isabella.

Billie clarified for her, "Basically this is just an everyday norm for him, although his first time riding the front seat, I can't say I'm not surprised you've managed well for a novice. He's a few of the hunters scattered across this world, there aren't many of them as you can see, their jobs are a tough one, they're entitled to rid the world of spirits or other malignant entities that defile the natural order or balance of the world. Trust me, it's not a career path most sane people would follow. You gotta have guts for this and a whole lot of will power to keep trekking forward and do what you do best. As I've said before, just waking up in the morning to put yourself out there and do work that puts your soul at risk is a beautiful thing, call me crazy but I think that's what it means to be alive... At least I always believed this, but I can't say I'm alive anymore huh, I quit, I'm just sitting on the sidelines, watching this one take the guns and ride the hot seat. Makes me proud of him, what he's grown up to be." Billie sighed, almost longingly, but it only made sense for him to retire and lay down the gun, things weren't like they used to be, the fiends now were not the types they used to be, and he didn't have the strength needed to handle it. The pressures and agony that came with this business, not to mention the losses. Some meetings were destined for heartbreak and he expected that this was an aspect of the hunter's life Dean had yet to experience. "And no Dean, I don't know where that build up of supernatural aura is coming from, what am I a freakin supernatural GPS?" Then he explained what they were talking about to Isabella to keep her up to speed, "What he means is that, somewhere in the town, a Hell Gate's been brought up, someone must have found a way to create a portal from this world and the demon world, or underworld or hell, whatever you want to nick name it, and evil spirits are both pooling out of that door and gathering around the place, even more attracted to it if its already filled with bad vibes, which would in turn make it more powerful, attracting more evil spirits, a hot spot of terrible you don't want to find yourself in unarmed. That's why he brought you here, to keep you safe obviously."

Dean crossed his arms, "Alright I guess I'll have to find it by searching, but at this rate I doubt it wouldn't be too difficult, and don't speak so highly of me yet if I haven't even gotten to bigger game or done anything worth being proud of, when I'm done with this, you better have a pie waiting for me here. And keep and eye on her, she can get a little slippery. Make random visits to the cemetery. " Dean warned the old timer who wasn't at all as useless as he thought he was, and this was a topic that he'd bring up later, right now he needed the man to keep it together and use some hunting know-how to keep her safe. He was all Dean had left, and he wasn't about to accept defeat. Not from anyone, and as he stood he instructed Isabella to learn some defensive techniques, especially how to handle a gun. "You have guts and I know all this seems like utter crap to you but you have to trust me, you are NOT safe outside that door, if you don't want me going crazy worrying about you please listen to me, and wait for me here. Will you do that for me Isabella?" He gave her a serious look, laced with deep concern and a fiery passion in his eyes that could draw in even the coldest of hearts. He liked her, and he wanted a chance to know her a bit even if he'd never see her again when all this was over. She was a friend? Not too sure what to call it, he was at a loss, never had he been interested in forming something akin to friendship with anyone outside the family.

A surprising first it was. Maybe even something he may come to soon regret, because as his father once told him, "Once you become a hunter, your life is never the same, guys like us, we don't have a home, we don't get a family, and all our friends that stick around most end up dying. It's best to keep on walking forward, alone. That way you won't hesitate in action, get the job done without the casualties of friends trailing behind you."

That memory was all too fresh in his mind and he averted his gaze with a heavy heart, would she be in greater danger because she was with him instead of Lorenzo who was undoubtedly another vampire tethered to her? Maybe, yet he was the only one that stood between her and a horde of ravenous demons waiting in line to eat her up. So for now he'd take his chances and do his best to protect her as best as he could. Another death was undesirable to him and as long as he was alive and kicking, he wasn't gonna let anyone hurt her anymore. What Selene did to her was a wake-up call, a very cruel one at most and a lesson to take this more seriously.

♕ ♕ ♕

"So the little fox escaped, that's no problem I can deal with you then. Tell me, LeVian, why didn't you keep her under control, has she become a liability to you?" Aleksei asked striking Micheal in a heart beat, having no concern in trying to track the girl whom he knew all along was on his team from the get go. He had heard his love when he'd left and she was clear on her words, she would never forgive him if he killed her friends, and that was not a wrath he wanted to face. So he resorted to keeping his mind off the anger he felt toward the woman that dared to harm his other love so brutally. Take it out on Michael whom was already familiar with his quirks and habits and may even be already realizing what was transpiring before him. They were very close friends and his only confidante, so killing the man was an act he wouldn't be able to bring himself to do anyways.

◙ ◙ ◙

"So you're his new lackey huh? Salvatore's taken an interest in you, having me fetch for you even though you're a vampire now. He's sure changed, let's hope you're good at what you do, or I just may be giving you the vote off the island." Veratos expressed as she sprinted through the woods with the huntress following after. As they passed the streets, Veratos picked up the malignant auras increasingly thickening in the atmosphere, coming from the direction of the school. Most undeniably the source of all that evil energies, a massive psychic feedback loop of more evil spirits gathering toward the hot spot. She knew well that bad vibes always had an outside source. One that needed to be put down pronto.

"This is gonna be one hell of a mission for him, let's hope he doesn't screw up. Are you game Morrigan? This isn't an odd job for a simple hunter, now that you're a vampire I think you know what that means."

They continued to Jenkin's auto shop where they were to meet up with Dean, shortly after they were to jump on this case, the quicker they got to it, the sooner she could have some alone time with the amnesiac hunter. She was beginning to wonder if there were a possible way to jog his memories, and have them come to him faster. Having to wait was annoying and no fun.