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Julian Ulric

The son of the earth

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a character in “The Promise Made”, as played by St.Valentine



So begins...

Julian Ulric's Story


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Isabella followed Aleksei's instruction to stay put, sealing her golden eyes with her thick lashed eyelids. She shivered slightly at his touch when he returned, feeling something wrap around her little wrist. When she was told to loil, her eyes widened cheerfully at the sight of the pearl bracelet. She gasped softly, bringing her free hand to her mouth as she marveled at the lovely gift, followed by the lambskin journal.

"Oh, Aleksei, it's beautiful..." she cried, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Thank you. I love it."

Then she retrieved the journal, carefully observing each detail. She could almost feel her grandmother's hands opening and closing its cover, scribbling things within its pages, and imagine her ink stained hands. A gentle smile played over her rosebud mouth, her eyes dancing over the journal and then up to Aleksei, whom she gazed at lovingly. Over the course of a mere few hours, he had changed entirely in her mind, now becoming the person her grandmother had fondly spoken of.

"Aleksei, I..." her voice was cut short as she suddenly dropped the leather diary and her features contorted into that expressing severe pain. A choked scream erupted from her throat as she flew back against the mattress, clutching at her abdomen as if she had been impaled.

Her chest began to rise and fall as her breaths became quick paced and labored. She writhed in agony on top of the bedsheets which began to tangle around her violently shaking form. Another blood curdling shriek left her lungs, and her eyes were so wide in pain it looked as though she were being tortured. Then they glossed over, and as she stared blankly up into the ceiling, she could see Selene, Michael and Vera in the gymnasium, all crowded around her as if she were there. Her body began to shake and convulse, and she gasped desperately for oxygen, clutching at the sheets in search of Aleksei's hand.

"Dean... Dean..." she murmured, barely comprehensible above her shaky breaths. Another groan in pain exploded from her lips and she rolled over, curling into a fetal position, clutching her stomach. She fought through the anguish, which seemed to work in attempt to incapacitate her, but threw her legs over the mattress to stand. She crumpled to the floor, teeth clenched bitterly, but she pressed on and crawled toward the threshold. She was going to make it to Dean if it killed her- she knew he was in trouble, and for some reason, she knew that she could help him, only she didnt know how.

"Aleksei... Take... Me... To Dean..." she gasped, like a fish out of water.

Selene's aquamarine eyes glowed like marine lights as she kneeled beside Michael, who had just ripped the claw away from Dean's gut: A stream of crimson poured from the boy's wound, carrying a much different scent than she thought. It was pleasant, not quite as metallic as a human, but neither as sweet as Isabella's; and that's when something clicked inside her head.

"Michael... Do you suppose Isabella's blood will heal him?" she asked quietly, her gaze averting to Vera, as if inquiring her also.

Outside, a boy with wild black hair and light grey eyes approached Lyra, who had fallen unconscious on the ground. He smelled sweetly of earth and the forest, and there was something slightly animalistic and lupine about his handsome features. Upon seeing that she was exhausted, he rushed to her aid, accompanied by two other boys with the same dark hair but different shades of blue in their eyes. They too smelled of earth, and watched the girl with curious, pup like expressions as the boy collected her in his arms.

He lifted his nose to the air, as if trying to detect a certain scent the wind might have carried, then ran almost superhumanly fast through toward the forest. He knew school would be starting soon, but the girl didn't look nearly in a suitable enough condition to face the day. Her fiery hair bounced around her face as he tucked her head into his chest, holding her tightly in his grasp, though it was more secure than threatening. His body heat would provide her enough warmth against the chill of the morning air.

He stopped running when he came to a modest, cottage like lake house in a clearing in the forest. A vast, enormous body of dark water created by a beaver dam encircled the house on all sides, save for a driveway and a pier that granted entrance to the front porch. The three boys hurried over the pier, retreating inside, where the shades were open and allowed plentiful sunlight. The interior consisted of many native American artifacts and wooden furniture that seemed to be handmade. It smelled pleasantly of pine and sandalwood, and above all, the place was very welcoming.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Julian?" asked one of the boys, his dark blue eyes settled on the ground. "Won't she freak out when she wakes up?"

"Quiet, Lukas... Get me some warm water and honey, and start burning some sage. This girl has been fighting evil spirits... They've weakened her. I can smell their odor all over her," the boy responded, his tone warm. As he laid Lyra's small body on a full sized bed, he looked over at the only one who had said nothing. "She will be hungry when she awakens. Do we have any bread for her honey?"

"She is a human, Julian..." the boy said quietly, his jade colored eyes focused on Lyra. "It's a mistake to bring her into our home."

"Don't question me, Damian. She's hurt, and there was no one there to help her... We can't just leave her. Now please bring me some bread and a hand towel."

Lukas and Damian did as they were told, serving a few slices of toast with a small jar of honey on a platter and setting it on the nightstand beside Lyra. A bowl of warm water and a hand towel was then given to Julian, who moistened it, then placed it on her forehead. Julian watched the red headed girl for several minutes, listening as her shallow breaths entered and escaped her lips, hoping that while the sage burned in the room that she would recover quickly. Surely when she awakened, she would probably be terrified, but the handsome boy was determined to make sure she was safe.


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"Relax. You're safe," said Julian, his tone gentle as he offered her a glass of water. "You're in my home. I found you passed out on the ground by the school, and I didn't know where you lived, I brought you here."

His steely grey eyes watched her closely, with the curiosity of a pup, though a tender smile etched itself along his rugged features. He tried his best to remain neutral, so that she would not feel threatened, but then again wakin up in someone else's bed with a stranger staring at you wasn't the best condition for friend making. He chuckled inwardly and offered her the plate of toast and honey, explaining that she looked exhausted and needed to regain some of her strength back, though conveniently leaving out the fact he smelled the dark spirits all over her.

"I'm Julian, by the way," he added, his eyes sparkling like gemstones as the sunlight caught his pretty irises. "My two brothers are somewhere in this house too. What's your name?"

He noticed how terrified she was; he could almost smell the fear emanating from her trembling form. He didn't know what else to do except keep his distance and continue to offer her food and water until she was well enough to leave on her own. He wanted to explain that she looked completely helpless and the scent of sulfur was so thick on her that he knew taking her to a hospital would be futile. The only reason he brought her to his home was because that was the only way he could insure her safety- I mean, how much more safer can you be when you're guarded by a pack of wolves?


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((Justin or Julian, which is it? I think you meant Julian right? I'll go along with that one :) ))

"Okay... I... don't believe you'd do me any you Julian, really."

Lyra locked her eyes with him, he had beautiful eyes, ones that made her melt, and she released a held breath trying to relax. She smiled at the offered bread and honey and daintily picked up the plate, settling it on her lap, she took the bread, dipped it gently in the honey and nibbled on it, her cheeks as red as roses, "I'm sorry you had to carry me here and offer me these things, I...I was...trying to help some friends with this...Ah..." she realized what she was about to admit and shook her head, "never mind I'm just rambling. I'll be out of your way now I'm sorry!" She put the plate down on the side of the bed then tried to get out of the bed only to get dizzy and sink to her knees, she was far from fully rested and trying to make herelf move was harder than she'd ever thought it was. Gripping at the sheets, she tried to calm her pounding heart, her little face was pale as the sheets, she squeezed her eyes shut, where are you Katherine? "I... can't move..." How pathetic is this? Here she was trying to be cool and not be a bother, only to fail and look like an idjit.


While they were all backing each other up, Michael collected water into his hands, ready to freeze these two royal brothers. He knew they were powerful, maybe even more so than him, but he was aware that sizing up against Aleksei wouldn't fare those two any well. When it came to ranks, Avalon was on top with the higher ups, he two knew that this pureblood could have been king, but he never took reign of that title, for reasons all his own. Instead remaining a prince, with Mina being the pureblood princess. A battle with these two would be quite a show.

"We don't want to have to spill any more blood that has been spilt, there is no need for it, so why can't we handle this in much more civilized manner?" he asked, his tone soft, calm, as if he were talking to an acquaintanve rather than two grand royalists from Italy.


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As Dean yelled at her, Isabella's eyes fell shamefully at the ground. She watched his feet, planted firmly on front of her as he spat at her, obviously betrayed. Could he really not see that she was doing this because she cared for him so? She only wanted to keep him safe, keep all her friends from suffering the way that her father had- she wanted to spare them that demise because truthfully she couldn't handle it if something happened to them on her behalf. She placed a hand on his and was about to say something to that effect, but he tore away from her and stomped off on a fury. She watched his retreating form, agonized that her decision had to be this difficult.

Then Veratos added to the fire, speaking of how stupid of a decision she had made, also blind to the fact that she was only trying to protect them all as they had guarded her. She didn't look at the huntress, she remained focused on the floor where Dean had once stood, and only looked up when Aleksei addressed her. He and Mina were the only ones that had remained at her side, willing to fight for her life, as they had promised Isabella's grandmother 17 years ago, and probably before then. Even Selene had gone to join the other hunters, viciously betrayed and defeated. Isabella sighed; Lorenzo placed a hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it away, and the two French princes only chuckled cynically.

"You are wise beyond your years, little virgin," Emile crooned. "The most valiant girl I have ever come across, to lay your life down on behalf of your friends. I commend you."

"If I'm to go, it will be on my own terms," Isabella growled, her brows furrowed as she fought back tears. Her entire body was trembling with rage. "If one more drop of innocent blood is spilled, Aleksei will turn me, and then you will no longer have your 'human virgin'. I will go to you when I am ready- you have my word- but until then, you must leave."

Guillaume and Emile exchanged glances, slightly appalled at the girl's sudden courageous outburst. She was unwavering in her fury, and knew that were they to break their word, Aleksei or any other of her vampire friends would have no trouble heeding to her wish to turn. Were it Aleksei having said this, they would have easily called his bluff, knowing full well that he would never touch the girl in such a way, especially concerning her humanity. But the virgin was different; she was defiant and unpredictable. She seemed desperate to keep her friends safe and would be willing to go to any lengths to ensure that they were.

"Very well then," Emile responded. "You have six months. If you fail to appear before our father Napoleon, we will slaughter every last human being in this entire country, and that includes your little hunter friends."

"We will eagerly await your arrival, princess," said Guillaume. "Do not fail us."

And with that, the two princes disappeared into the horizon, only their maniacal cackling resounding in the atmosphere. Lorenzo watched her, a bit stunned at her antics; he had never known her to be so outspoken. The years that he had observed her, he learned of her reserved and gentle nature- nothing like what she had just done. He opened his mouth to say something, but she looked up at him with eyes so filled with hurt and anger that he simply couldn't.

"Get out," she snarled. "You are not welcome here either."

"Isabella, I-"


He said nothing else, simply nodded and excused himself. Things were changing, and doing so quickly. He knew if he upset her in anyway, she would result to impulsive stupidity- namely, turning herself into a bloodsucking heathen- so he left, ignoring the triumphant glares he would most likely be receiving. When he was gone, leaving only Isabella and the Avalons, she began to weep. Overhead, a fierce pang of thunder exploded in the sky. She turned tearfully at the two royal purebloods, the only ones that weren't after her for her blood.

"I don't know what else to do," she answered Mina sadly. "If I don't go, they'll keep coming, keep killing innocent people. I'd rather have all of you hate me and be safe, than die trying to protect me."

She remembered Dean and the intense hurt in his eyes. Her heart was so heavy, probably feeling the way his had, as well as her own despair. Without another second's hesitation, the girl sprinted past the purebloods and out into her lawn, where she could see the hunters in the distance. For a moment, she pondered chasing after him; she knew Vera hated her, and Selene probably shared that feeling. But she wanted to be with Dean above everything else; she wanted to keep him safe and alive. She would run away with him if running away from her problems was part of her nature, but her morality wouldn't allow it.

"Dean!" she called, then started running again. "Dean, wait!"

She shoved past Selene and Veratos until she collided with the hunter. She grabbed a hold of his hand and tried to stop him, gazing directly into his eyes, though she was at a loss for words. What was this she felt inside her frantically beating heart? Could it even be possible to love someone you've only known for two days? Despite this, she couldn't deny that she wanted to be near him at all times, which is why she kept defying him. All she could do was stare at him, burning with a desire to kiss his lips and hold on to him.

"Dean, I... I'm just... I'm just trying to do what's best," she said softly, breaking eye contact.


"Whoa, girl," Julian said, collecting her off the ground and placing her back on the bed. "You aren't bothering- I wouldn't have helped you out if I didn't want to. Just relax. I can take you home if you want."

At the same moment, Lukas and Damian appeared in the threshold, watching the girl apprehensively. When Julian looked at them, they cast their gazes to the ground, as if to show respect. He could see that she was trying to withhold some information from him, and he couldn't help but chuckle as he rose to his feet to open the window and allow for fresh pine scented air into the room. If only she knew what they were, she might not feel as safe as she does now. Afterall, treading in the den of a wolf was dangerous territory.

"What were you doing at the school so early?" Julian asked, determined to get her to admit her secret on her own. He had never met anyone aside from his brothers and the rest of his packmates that were keen to the supernatural. They were forced to live in secrecy; although they attended school as normal boys, they were sure that if the council knew of their existence, they would have his entire family exterminated.


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Michael would soon hsake his head, not saying anything to Isabella, he would remain where he stood, through he wanted to follow after Selene, he had a promise to keep, so he remained where he was, only moving if Aleksei were to tell him otherwise. When the girl reacted, strongly to the other purebllod royalits, he frowned when they finally left, cackling as if they'd won. Hmpph, we'll see who really won. Aleksei followed after Isabella when she shot like a rocket after the retreating Dean who was obviously struck with hurt and betrayal at the girl's words. How could she hold so little faith in them? She had yet to learn of Aleksei's past, and how potent he copuld be as a foe. If only she knew.

Pretty soon they were all collecting in the deeper woods, the trees above their heads casting a cool shade for them. Michael relaxed, his icy waters melting away, letting it all fall into the ground to be absorbed into the dry dirt and grass. He moved so that he could stand near Selene, he couldn't help but wan to pull her close to him, but he resorted to simply taking her hand in his, and giving it a little squeeze.

Isabella was after Dean, trying to reach him some how, trying to make him understand what she stood for, but by the looks of it, the hunter would prove difficult to crack, he seemed to have already set himself on his own ground, so very intent on protecting her. This was interesting to watch.


Lyra was picked up by his strong hands, she felt almost like a child, a toddler in his presence and her cheeks reddened several shades more. When he told her he'd take her home that's when her face lost nearly all its color. Of course he wasn't aware of his situation, but she couldn't possibly stay here. She could tell, from the other boys watching them, that her presense was a bother, she could almost "feel" it on their auras. She averted her gaze to stare sadly at her dress skirt, the only possessions on her. She would run away then, whay would her guardians care? They didin't even know she existed or wold probably ever even become aware if she came or went. But, where would she stay? She couldn't possibly ask Isabella to let her roomie in with her, the girl lived withher papa, and he just might not want her to -no it would be too much for her to ask her. She would just have to get some camping gear, maybe sleep in the woods, it was safe there. Right?

The guy opened the window, and she closed her eyes, willing herself to relax, she enjoyed the sweet smells of nature, she could never get enough of those smells, she loved it all.

Then, as she expected he would, asked her why she was at the school so early. What was with the interrogations? Maybe this was how he wanted to get to know her, by exchanging information. She could pick up strong vibes from him and that was enough to warn her that if he wanted to kill her, he could do it. Instantly. She had to stay on her toes.

"I was there earlier because I like to get away from home, the school is open like that, and have the lunch room's accessible for us early bird students, so we can hang there while waiting for classes." she explained, proud of herself for having remembered that, it wasn't an entire lie, the school really did open early like that, and students did really loiter in the lunch room and stuff. No way he could tell she was lying, she even looked him in the eyes, sure that he woudn't call her bluff. Unless he knew how to read through her poker face and no one could, except Isabella who knew her too well. Then her limped eyes narrowed slightly, suspicious of him, "What were you doing at school so early? Not looking for a girl passed out on the ground and taking her home right? I think the normal thing you should have done was say, call an ambulance - I mean, isn't this abduction?" Her head fell into a slight tilt, she was watching him, the same way they were watching her. She was already screwed anyways, no one would miss her if she died, if he were gonna kill her and rape her might as well do it now. She was entirely defenseless and in no way able to put up a fight in the condition she was in. She wasn't even sure how she was able to keep a convo with this guy she was beginning to wonder about, he was a curious one. What was he now? A vampire? shifter? demon? He could be a damned fairy for all she knew! It felt almost exciting. This was not everyday that a guy just happens to stumble upon her, care enough to bring her into his home as weird as that is, and see to it that she was alright. She was awed by it and touched almost, no guy at school has ever shown this much effort before.

The setting changes from sable to Silver Mist Forest

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Julian could smell her fear as if she were wearing it like a bad perfume. He exchanged glances with Lukas and Damian, and with a simple look, the two disappeared into the kitchen. Lyra was apprehensive of the situation, and with good reason; she was in a strange house, alone, with boys she had never met before. And now she was beginning to come to terms with the fact that she was utterly helpless to defend herself against them, should they intend to harm her. But his demeanor was soft, showing her that he meant no such thing, and only wished to help her.

"Sure you were," he began before responding to her suspicious inquiring of his purpose at the school. He could smell her lie the instant in left her pretty lips. "Well, I was on my way to football practice with my brothers, but I found you knocked out on the ground..."

He smirked playfully at her. He could almost read her thoughts, wondering why he hadn't decided to take her to a hospital, as any normal human being would have. And perhaps he mistakenly followed his instincts in bringing her to his home instead of a medical center, which could possibly have harmed his human facade. But he couldn't help it- he was a creature of instinct, and he followed wherever his gut led him. He probably should have been more mindful of the consequences, especially concerning a human girl, but for some reason that went out the window when he looked at her. Maybe it was the fact that he could tell she was not an ordinary teenager.

"Abduction?" he chuckled, his nose wrinkling slightly as a wide, wolfish grin spread over his handsome features. "I suppose if you choose to look at it that way, but if you haven't noticed, you aren't shackled or isolated. You can leave if you want... and I didn't take you to the hospital because I figured you wouldn't appreciate a giant bill just to get checked out for fainting."

He observed her closely, noticing the instant that her countenance became sad, and assuming it was because of her home situation. But she was resilient, almost immediately returning their gaze, almost as if she were deflecting them. He liked that- she was spunky, perfectly capable of handling her own, and not just a useless damsel in distress. At that moment, Damian entered the room, but he didn't say a word; Julian turned to acknowledge him, as if he had sensed his approach.

"What is it, brother?" Julian asked.

"Grandfather Wolfgang is asking for you," he replied gravely, his eyes on the ground. "He's waiting in the living room."

"Alright. Give me a second," he then turned to Lyra, switching his gaze from the plate of toast she picked at, then back at her. "Excuse me, Lyra. It was a pleasure to meet you- Damian can show you the way out if you wish, but I do suggest you eat something to regain your strength."

Then he got up, strode past Damian, and disappeared into the hallway until he reached the living room. An old man with braided silver hair sat upon a rocking chair, a long tobacco pipe wedged comfortably between his thin lips. The light skin of his age ridden face was leathery and perplexed, and he did not acknowledge Julian when he entered the room. Instead, a plume of smoke spiraled out of his nostrils as he swayed back and forth on the wooden chair.

"You called for me, grandfather?" Julian asked, already knowing the topic was concerning Lyra.

"The girl," he started, his voice monotonous. "Why have you brought a human into our home, Julian?"

"She was hurt, and she needed my help. I wasn't just going to leave her for someone else to find."

"You above all others know the affairs of humans are not our concern."

"Perhaps, but Lyra is different, grandfather."

There was a moment of silence before the old man averted his cold green eyes to stare directly at the young man. More smoke poured from his nostrils and his now parted lips before he said another word, but Julian stood his ground.

"She stinks of evil spirits," the old man said. "We do not welcome such wickedness into our home."

"That's the thing, grandfather- I believe she was fighting them. She has been weakened immensely. If she had been conjuring them, then she would have been strengthened. She is utterly defenseless, and is no way a threat to us, even if that is what she intended."

"We risk exposure should she decide to tell others."

"She doesn't know what we are. Besides that, she was passed out when I brought her here. She couldn't tell anyone where we were, and I can see to it that she never does."

"Julian, if you are to be alpha, this behavior- interaction with human beings- is not acceptable. You know this, son, so why do you deliberately disobey me?"

Julian cast his gaze to the ground, swallowing a hard lump that had formed in his throne. How could he show his grandfather that Lyra was innocent? He had just met the girl, but every instinct in his body was telling him he could trust her. He sighed, looking over his shoulder down the corridor at the room she was in, then turned back to face the man.

"I will take her home, grandfather."


Selene watched the two star crossed lovers argue and bicker at each other as if they were a married couple. Her aquamarine eyes flashed at the mention of a plan- this made her apprehensive. Isabella was a human, albeit a very special one, but she had no knowledge of the world that was unfurling around her. How could she devise an effective strategy without first knowing her enemy? Selene could hardly trust her now after the stunt she had just pulled with the royals, but when Michael squeezed her hand reassuringly, she decided that it was the only choice she had. The girl would do whatever she pleased; there was nothing anyone could counteract that would stop her.

"She's going to get herself killed," Selene growled. "How can we trust her?"

Isabella eluded Dean's inquiring gaze. She knew he wanted her to tell him, but she also knew that her plan would upset him even further. If she told him everything, he might even try and stop her- in fact, she knew that he would, and then everything would be ruined. Thankfully, though, he allowed her some time to collect her things and the revelation of her plan would have to be postponed. Before she went inside, she gripped his hand, pulling him toward her so that she could reach his cheek on her tiptoes and plant an affectionate kiss there.

"Thank you," she said, before turning to inspect her destroyed home.

Her emotions began to spin wildly inside of her. She tried her best to ignore the agony that was crushing her heart in its grasp as she entered through the threshold and came across the corpse of her father. She didn't look at it- she strode directly into her room, which had also been torn apart, probably because the vampires were searching for her. She grabbed the large floral travel bag that her father had given her as a gift once, placing some clothes, her grandmother's journal and a few pieces of the antique jewelry she had left her in it. Then she took the photograph that her father had in his hand, tucked it away in her pocket, knelt down to kiss him goodbye, and lit a match.

"I'll see you again one day, papa," she whispered, before tossing the match into the house and turning away as her living room was set ablaze. She stopped beside Dean, though she did not face him. "We have six months."

Then she started toward the road, not waiting for Dean or anyone else to follow.

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"Abduction?" Julian chuckled, his nose wrinkling slightly as a wide, wolfish grin spread over his handsome features. "I suppose if you choose to look at it that way, but if you haven't noticed, you aren't shackled or isolated. You can leave if you want... and I didn't take you to the hospital because I figured you wouldn't appreciate a giant bill just to get checked out for fainting."

Lyra looked up at him and a smile slipped into her features, guess he had a point. So there goes the rape theory, no reason to freak. Great, she relaxed a bit, then she forgot her worries when he looked at her almost as though his eyes could pierce into her brain. No boy had ever been able to grasp at her in that way, ever. This was the turn out of the century! To be honest, he was also the most dishy of males she'd seen all day, besides Michael and maybe Dean if he would smile a little he too could hit the "good-looks" mark. Julian sure got some more points for that, not just for helping her. And he had humor in him, another thing she found attractive.

Then their little staring contest was shot out the window when Damien peeked in, his voice pulling Julian's gaze from Lyra, who also looked away in slight shock. Almost glad in a way that he had interrupted them.

"What is it, brother?" Julian asked.

"Grandfather Wolfgang is asking for you," he replied gravely, his eyes on the ground. "He's waiting in the living room."

What was with that? Maybe Julian was like their leader or something? Could explain the great respect this other bloak had for him. She wondered if Julian would expect the same treatment from her. A maybe if he would demand it. A big maybe.

"Alright. Give me a second," he then turned to Lyra, switching his gaze from the plate of toast she picked at, then back at her. "Excuse me, Lyra. It was a pleasure to meet you- Damian can show you the way out if you wish, but I do suggest you eat something to regain your strength."

Lyra snapped her honey gold eyes to the bloak that saved her from some doom and she smiled at him, there was no denying she already fancied him, "Uh, yeah, thanks for that. I will, okay..." she was not too in a hurry to go, but with this other kid and the entire awkwardness she felt oozing from them and well, they were all freaking strangers for crying out loud -she would leave. Turning to the forgotten plate of bread and honey she took the offered toast, dipped it into the honey and ate a little more, it would be enough for her to get home without passing out. Getting up, she thanked the lad though he didn't really desrve it, Lyra was just naturally polite like that. "Oh and I can figure out how to leave, no need to show me the way."

She didn't wait for an answer, if he were to acknowledge her, she continued down the corridor, following Julian's path until she was lead to the living room entrance where she could pick up on Julian's husky, deep, and delightful voice she knew she could never forget. Accompanied by another, that sounded raspier, older, like a grandfather would sound addressing his grand kid about something serious. Bringing her here turned out to be the most terrible thing he could do. Looks like everyone hated her presense, even gramps, who had yet to meet the girl. There was no need to stay and listen, she would be gone and never again intrude into their very private lives. Yet, she remained.

"She stinks of evil spirits," the old codger said sounding very hush-hush about it and awefully spiteful. "We do not welcome such wickedness into our home." Oh wickedness, that was a new one, she hadn't recalled anyone ever speaking of her in that way. Add that one to the list.

She had only walked into that part, the last blow needed to jazz her into a vacuum of confusion and fear? Yes, it was true, she was oozing with bad vibes, and she would have to desperately perform a cleansing ritual on herself before entering her current residence -it was not her home. Not in the slightest, nor would she ever even think of it as such. She wanted to just leave, but something held her rooted to the spot, she pressed herself against the wall, as if she could blend into it like an iguana -if only, within both hearing shot and only a couple of steps from the nearest exit.

At least Julian was at her defence, thank goodness, "That's the thing, grandfather- I believe she was fighting them. She has been weakened immensely. If she had been conjuring them, then she would have been strengthened. She is utterly defenseless, and is no way a threat to us, even if that is what she intended."

"We risk exposure should she decide to tell others." Who the heck would she tell? Kat, her dead aunt? Or maybe even Isabella, who had a whole plate of crap to deal with? Oh-maybe her guardians, if for once they would stop what they were doing to even listen to her for five minutes. So that secret was something she would take with her to the grave. No worrying on that one old man. What a git, she already disliked him. And she had yet to be formally introduced to him, sad.

"She doesn't know what we are. Besides that, she was passed out when I brought her here. She couldn't tell anyone where we were, and I can see to it that she never does."

"Julian, if you are to be alpha, this behavior- interaction with human beings- is not acceptable. You know this, son, so why do you deliberately disobey me?"

Alpha? So Julian was a leader, of a gang? Maybe that was the American way of calling someone a leader. She would never know, next time she would make sure to carry an American-slang dictionary with her. Unless by alpha he meant something else...?

Then there was a period of unbearable silence, filling the young brit's head with the fierce pounding of her heart that felt like her ribs would crack in two any minute before Julian finally said, "I will take her home, grandfather."

He wouldn't have to, Lyra was out that door in a jiffy, he'd never see her face again. He could go back to his life, she would make sure to keep her distance. As she raced through the greenery, tripping every so often on twisted roots and unfamiliar rocks, she couldn't hold back the tears stinging her eyes, fogging her vision, somehow the crying only managed to make her head hurt as though that old man had merely gave her a flogging with his words alone. It was crazy, it was wild, and, she felt the upmost dread grow roots in her heart and take off. She would miss this Julian boy, he seemed like a good bloak, but if it meant trouble for him to be near her than she would stay away.

Save them both the trouble. She would become the nobby no-mates, with the probable exception of Isabella since they were already good friends. Why bother trying, to have others hate her? No thank you. She could already see how bad at that she was, not one person (alive) except for Isabella had liked her since her arrival from across the pond. Maybe Julian would have seemed to, had he not gotten himself an old lagger who maybe would have even boxed his ears had he been mad enough to just because Julian tried to help her out -and defend her while at it. Talk about a bad day, only getting worse.

Julian would just be a memory.

Her thinking of him almost made her smile again, but an instant later she was back to being quite terrified when she suddenly ran into a thick cloud of black miasma. That took one second to enter her. Take over. Using her already magnetized energy and heavy dose of bad joo-joo all over her was enough for the evil spirit to waltz right in.

Her eyes flickered empty, black, with a small sheen of feral danger, before flickering back to normal, a smile curved her lips like a knife, "Not my usal, a bit small, but it will do... Now to find the hunter..." she hissed, her usually lighter tone, toned down a notch, almost sounding like a completely different person. Running at full sprint, ignoring the amount of pressure and force subjecting its current vessel to, the demon quickly located Salvatore and his little hunter pals.

"Hello Salvatore," she called out to him, smiling ever more as the hunter's eyes widened in surprise at seeing her so suddenly. They were all expressing the same semi-shocked reactions and this she liked.

So I've tried a different approach in this post, hope it's not too much of a hassel to read through. I don't know, I think it flowed better instead of having to just write it all out, her reactions to what's going on around her, I simply put her actions and thoughts into what was going on, sort of like a reminder of St. Valentine's last post that was mentioning Lyra. Basically so that there would be no confusion. If this works I may post like this more often. Let me know your thoughts, thank you much!

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"This is shameful behavior, grandfather," Julian snapped, unwilling to admit his defeat. "Is our kind not reared to practice compassion and extend our hand to those in need?"

He shook his head, but then an eerie silence befell the entire household. Wolfgang, Julian and his brothers all halted in what they were doing; at this moment in time, as a putrid, sulfuric odor entered their radiuses, their pupils dilated to animalistic proportions. Their nostrils flared, detecting the scent, and immediately their heads swiveled in the direction from which it had come. The front door was wide open, indicating Lyra's retreat into the woods. That foolish girl was going to get herself killed in the forest she knew nothing about.

"Get a whiff of that," Damian growled, his eyes the largest of all.

"Lyra," Julian said, his tone suddenly becoming severe.

"You're not seriously considering going after that bad juju magnet are you, Julian?" Lukas challenged incredulously.

He received no acknowledgment as he lurched past them and bolted into the foliage. His form became a massive black blur until he was no longer within their range of sight. Wolfgang breathed in another plume of smoke, which slithered from his nostrils like thin serpents, and he seemed to be pondering something. His grassy eyes shifted to the brothers, who watched him expectantly, as if waiting for a command, though they received none. Were they such terrible packmates that they questioned their appointed alpha so?

"It is as the oracle foretold, my sons," Wolfgang purred, his voice monotonous but still heavy laden with sorrow. "We are on the brink of the great war."


Selene gazed in horror as the demonic apparition contorted poor little Lyra's frame and left her. It seemed to be torturing the girl just for the hell of it, and before she could react, the corrupt miasma wafted into the air like pollution and disappeared. The huntress shifted her gaze from Michael, so vigilant in protecting her, and Dean, who seemed to be combating himself in deciding whether or not attacking Lyra was necessary. As the trees stopped their fluttering with the dark wind, Selene listened tentatively to the haphazard pace of Lyra's heartbeat. It was so faint, she feared that the child might actually be dying. That's when she thought of Isabella, and how the girl might handle another death of someone she so deeply cherished.

"She can't die..." she murmured to no one in particular, stepping forward. "Isabella needs her..."

She hesitated when a blinding flash of light momentarily disabled her vision. The huntress recoiled in pain, bringing her arm up to her eyes and withdrawing into the shadows behind Michael. When she peered over his shoulder, a brilliant illuminated being hovered above Lyra's motionless frame. She could only see the outline of this person; a female, with long, straight hair the color of sunlight. But the most curious feature of this woman were the two enormous white wings curled against her back, which unfurled as she knelt down beside the girl and stretched a pale hand to stroke her cheek. For reasons unknown, Selene felt threatened- perhaps it was the fact that this ethereal creature emanated such powerful virtue that she couldn't help but feel ashamed in comparison.

"Lyra," the woman spoke into the girl's ear, softly but with purpose and authority. "Wake up, sweet child, and be strengthened. You are the vital comrade of God's favorite- you are one of the chosen -so do not give up just yet. Your time to reunite with Katherine is not yet so, beloved..."

She placed a tender hand on the girl's forehead, eliciting a warm pinkish glow before she withdrew it and stood, her light amethyst eyes gazing at the hunters before her. They fixated on Dean, and for a moment, her expression was readless. Then her full mouth blossomed into a smile, and a look of deep, motherly pride befell her beautiful features. Her wings fluttered momentarily before folding neatly back into place as she rested a hand at the intricate, double-edged sword holstered at her hip. The sheath itself appeared to be made of pure gold and embellished with multiple precious gemstones. There was a rustle in the brush, and before the angel could say anything else, she disappeared in another blinding ray of sunlight. Before she completely vanished, however, a sweet smelling breeze passed over Dean, gingerly skimming his cheeks as if the wind were giving him a loving kiss.

Where the seraph had once stood, Julian now erupted from the foliage, his chest heaving as his grey eyes searched around and found Lyra on the ground. An involuntary gasp escaped Selene's mouth when she saw the boy, though she immediately composed herself as she watched him kneel on the ground beside the girl and scoop her into his arms as he had before. Then he snapped his attention toward the others, as though he had just realized they were there. He and Selene locked gazes for several moments, and a knowing acknowledgment was exchanged, though they each watched each other with feral eyes. Then she turned to Dean and Michael.

"Isabella needs to be here with her," Selene remarked gravely. "She needs to know what's happening to Lyra. Shall we take her to Avalon's? Dean, if you go get Isabella, Michael and I can search for the witch with Vera. Unless..."

She observed Lyra's limp form bundled tightly in Julian's strong arms.

"...unless we've already found her."

The setting changes from silver-mist-forest to Sable


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-deleted on purpose-

The setting changes from sable to Silver Mist Forest

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A touch was all an angel had to do, and healing was instantaneous. A voice, one that was equal parts soft and gentle, like a mother's lullaby echoed in her foggy brain. The love that radiated from this strange, yet welcoming presence flooded through Lyra's small form as though she were bathed in warm honey. Slowly, her eyes slit open, the radiating, light that glowed from the woman pierced through the girl's blurred vision and everything was clear. What just happened? Before she could voice her questions, much less wonder about this woman, the lady was up, and gazing at Dean, there was a familiarity in her expression, it was all there in that fully blossomed smile, meant just for him. Lyra opened her mouth to say something, but all that left her was a whimper of shock and she flinched in surprise when someone moved in on her, strong, warm hands banded around her, picking her up and pulling her close to a hard body. The smell of the woods and something more that she couldn't recognize struck her like a brick wall smoothed her heart beat some. Julian. No doubt about it.

She moved her hands that were trembling, touched his chest, felt his warmth, the pounding of his steady heart beat beneath her palm, her eyes tracked him up until her wondering gaze snagged at his cloudy eyes. This was real, he was real, he was here. Then she remembered the lady, momentarily tearing her eyes from him she searched as much as she could for her, but she was gone. How? When?

I remember everything, the demon, entering me, using me like a mannequin. How horrid. I don't want that to ever happen to me again...

The thought brought her back to reality, and here she thought it was all over. Wait -Julian? Stiffening suddenly as she had recalled their last encounter she was surprised to find that she was able to squirm in his tight hold, finally her voice sprung from her throat, light and her normal self as she said, "Why are you? What's going... Julian I-" Her eyes flickered from him, to the hunter and then at Selene and Micheal -they had retreated into the protective shield of the forest trees, the strong rays of sunlight flooding her view in light. It was early morning now, maybe nine-ish. She pushed against Julian afraid that his old lagger might suddenly make an appearance and this time really box the boy's ears for disobeying.

She was able to pull from him and stand, what had that lady given her that made her feel "whole" again? No dizziness or any sleepiness anymore, what was both wonderful and freaky.

"We're not pulling Isabella back into this mess, this is our job to handle, and we will do it without involving others into it. So that's a no. End of story." Dean told Selene tersely, he had kept his steady gaze on the Julian, wondering if he was a threat or not. She could see the hunter trying to figure out if the guy could be trusted -but what were they talking about before she came to? And what was -oh. That. Isabella was a vital piece to this "mess" vampires wanted her blood? For power? Is that what they were all talking about? No time to wonder, Aleksei's voice was next to clear the air after the hunter's, giving out a hello to someone named Wolfgang? She looked to Julian and she could see it in his eyes, someone he knew well. Was it the old turd back at the house? She found herself holding on to Julian's shoulder, curling her fingers around his shirt, the trembling was something that had ceased when the angel had touched her -heh, touched by an angel. But was now running ice through her veins making her chill again. Fear. Fear for Isabella, and the secrets these people were they people? were keeping from her. Trying to defend her from a great world of pain. Would it be far worse than being possessed? Hopefully not.

Dean agreed to drop whatever he was doing to go for Isabella, and Selene to locate a witch? Now she was confused, could a witch really help them here? No, could a witch be trusted? Could any of them be trusted? And what about that demon? They all just let him slip like water, was no one going to have at it with that thing flying around invading people? Was that even important right now? Something told her that vile creature was powerless without a physical form to attach to. So that could explain their forgetting about it. As soon as Katherine showed up, if she ever would, Lyra was gonna give her an ear-bashing not that it would change anything between them, was there anything?

Shaking her head a little, Lyra returned to here and now, and right now Dean was gone, to find Isabella? And Selene to meet him where now? She had missed that part of the discussion, she really had to stop zoning out.

Michael smirked at the girl, she seemed fine to him, almost too much, she was quick to detach herself from Julian who seemed to know his love. Brining a gentle hand to touch the side of her face he whispered, "Do you know him? He smells like a were wolf, I don't think I've encountered his kind before, in a very long time. But you recognize him, mind filling me in on the deets?"

Lyra stood away from Julian, no, he wasn't going to get in anymore trouble for her, that she decided. After graciously thanking him, she told him she had to go home, though that word left her in a slight grate. She hated that place and hated calling it "home" but it was enough to keep up with appearances. "My folks are going to worry for me, I haven't been there since yesterday, I need to go, you should go back to your grand father before he- well you know. Good bye sir," she chuckled half heartedly, hoping he would listen and do the right thing for the sake of his own grandfather who cared for him dearly. She nodded to him, then to the others, and she started to walk away into the very direction the hunter had taken, as if he had cleared a path for her back to town.

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Selene glared at Dean with a disapproving look of steel. She tossed her dark hair and then shifted her gaze to Michael, who stroked her cheek, inquiring about her history with Julian. She moved her head away from him, then stepped toward the wolf boy, who was watching Lyra as she retreated from him. Her expression never wavered, even when she looked back at Michael. She straightened her leather jacket over her figure.

"Does that fool still not understand Isabella is the focal point of all this madness?" she growled, deeply peeved. "No matter what we do, Isabella is linked to all of it. I believe she should be notified that her dearest friend was hurt. But whatever. That stupid boy will learn soon enough. Unless he really is that dense."

She rolled her eyes, but before she could say anything else, she noticed Michael's inquisitive expression. He truly was curious about her relationship with Julian, but she was unsure if she wanted to inform him yet. She fixed the bow strapped to her back, itching to use them, then remembered Billie. He was an advocate of weapons, so perhaps she could buy a more suitable one off of him? She would bring it up when they got to where they were going. Now all she had to do was find Vera. She needed the woman, whom she felt a growing bond with, to help her in tracking the witch and possibly fighting her off if push came to shove.

"He is," she finally answered Michael, stealing one last glance at the boy whom Aleksei was addressing. Then she started through the woods, ignoring the sting of the sunlight as she made her way toward her motorcycle. "Meet me at Billie's. Finding the witch is our main priority."

It was truly outstanding, though a usual occurence, how Selene could shut her emotions off so easily. She was quick to guard herself and not waver from her defense, even if it meant she was opposing those that cared for her. Nonetheless, it was her method of protection, more like an instinct she adapted from her father, who digressed that emotions and the expression of them were traits of the weak. She eyed the crescent moon ring on her hand, fingered it, and looked toward the horizon. She then took the helmet that was strapped to her front handlebars and put it on, kickstarted her bike, and finally sped away into the hills toward the automotive shop.


"You're the White One, aren't you?" Julian said, observing Aleksei as though he were an apparition. "My grandfather always spoke highly of you. I'm sure he will be pleased with your visit."

Then he shifted his grey gaze to Mina, whom watched him like one might stare at a puppy. He fidgeted uneasily before finally returning his attention to Lyra, who pulled away from him and retreated into the woods. She lied to him again. He could smell it and understand it almost as if he could read her mind- but why? What about her family was she so bent on hiding from him? What was she so ashamed of? He lifted his eyes heavenward, squinting at the sun beating down on the group. He closed his eyes and breathed in the sweet scent of earth and pine. He loved the outdoors. He was born of the earth, and it was his duty as her son to be a proper steward and ensure her wellbeing.

"Lyra, wait-" he called, running after her and seizing her by the hand. "Why do you keep running away from me? I mean you no harm. At least let me walk you home."

He let her hand go, afraid she might recoil and become fearful of him. He just wanted to make sure she knew she had a comrade in him regardless of what his grandfather and packmates thought. Afterall, he is the appointed alpha, and what he says is ultimately what goes- trusting in this particular human was not a foolish move. If what his grandfather had taught him his entire life proved to be true, then the humans, particularly God's favorite, would come to need all the help they could get- and that included a comraderie with his pack. He would have to get his brothers to trust in his decisions sooner or later, or perhaps if he brought Lyra around them more often, they might see what Julian saw.

"And don't mind that old dog," Julian said of Wolfgang, nudging her reassuringly. "They don't learn new tricks, you know. He hasn't quite accepted the evolution of the present century. I'm sorry if you heard what he was babbling about."


Selene hesitated before she went up to the door. She remained straddling her motorcycle, which growled lazily beneath her until she shut it off. Then she took her helmet and strapped it again to her handlebars, her aquamarine eyes scanning the quiet business. This man was close friends with the hunter- could it be possible that Billie was familiar with her father as well? Perhaps they had been teammates at some point, or something. Her eyes fell to the trinket on her finger, and she sighed, swinging her leg over the bike and approaching the building.

"Billie?" she called upon reaching the door, looking over her shoulder in search of Michael and Vera. Where had she gone off to?

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Selene glared at Dean with a disapproving look of steel. She tossed her dark hair and then shifted her gaze to Michael, who stroked her cheek, inquiring about her history with Julian. She moved her head away from him, then stepped toward the wolf boy, who was watching Lyra as she retreated from him. Her expression never wavered, even when she looked back at Michael. She straightened her leather jacket over her figure.

"Does that fool still not understand Isabella is the focal point of all this madness?" she growled, deeply peeved. "No matter what we do, Isabella is linked to all of it. I believe she should be notified that her dearest friend was hurt. But whatever. That stupid boy will learn soon enough. Unless he really is that dense."

But would it really benefit Isabella in knowing something that seemed like a distant memory now? Telling her would be counter intuitive since the little medium was alright now. Michael agreed with Dean on keeping this one a secret. Unless it were highly necessary it wouldn't need mentioning at all.

He gazed at his belle as she rolled her eyes, but before she could say anything else, she noticed his inquisitive expression. He truly was curious about her relationship with Julian, but she was unsure if she wanted to inform him yet. She fixed the bow strapped to her back, itching to use them, then remembered Billie. He was an advocate of weapons, so perhaps she could buy a more suitable one off of him? She would bring it up when they got to where they were going. Now all she had to do was find Vera. She needed the woman, whom she felt a growing bond with, to help her in tracking the witch and possibly fighting her off if push came to shove.

"He is," she finally answered Michael, stealing one last glance at the boy whom Aleksei was addressing. Then she started through the woods, ignoring the sting of the sunlight as she made her way toward her motorcycle. "Meet me at Billie's. Finding the witch is our main priority."

"Alright then," Michael replied as he misted away into the thick woods, taking a much faster route. Unlike the huntress who was more lenient towards the sun's light (it was a known fact that all "turned" hunters could better withstand or get used to the light over time) purebloods on the one hand could never gain such a talent for it. So he had to stick to shadier places, so that he wouldn't have to deal with that annoyance. Before long he'd reached the old car shop, there he was greeted by Selene's parked bike, she had arrived a few seconds earlier it appeared. He came to stop next to her, noticing her searching eyes, maybe for Veratos. "She'll return soon ma petite," he told her with reassurance.


By now the exorcist was already reaching the half-way point of the woods, edging ever so closer back into town, she could already make out the town's little shops and see cars whizzing around with people out and about. Her guardians must already be gone and Serenity getting ready for school, the girl loved to pamper herself and look flawless before she stepped out of the mansion-perhaps they may even cross paths if Lyra were to hurry. She had the strongest sensation in her that the younger, achingly nosey girl could be invading her boudoir again, looking through her stuff (especially her wardrobe) and "borrowing" her things all without ever asking for permission of course. In other words, the girl was aggro in its purest form. The only one person that could cheese up Lyra. (Piss her off)

"Lyra, wait-" Julian's voice called, running after her and seizing her by the hand. "Why do you keep running away from me? I mean you no harm. At least let me walk you home." The girl almost smiled, this lad chuffed her to bits

She felt his grip on her, a cold shiver slithered down her spine and she froze, took a breath, then spun on her heel to face him, her eyes wide, her face pale, "Julian I-"

He let her hand go, as quickly as he had took it, did he feel that shock too? Maybe, but she wasn't about to ask. He had the look in his eyes, fear that she may come to be intimidated by him. And also, there was concern in his brows, like his expression were somehow asking that she forget their last encounter, the part where she eavesdropped on him and his old codger, and trust him. Could she trust him? Start over?

Fat chance.

"And don't mind that old dog," Julian was saying of Wolfgang, nudging her reassuringly. "They don't learn new tricks, you know. He hasn't quite accepted the evolution of the present century. I'm sorry if you heard what he was babbling about." His expression then shifted, calm now, like himself when she had first awoken in his room was it? She couldn't tell, when she realized how much she liked him this way.

Lyra's eyes broke contact from his and fell to the ground, as if she found her dirt caked shoes suddenly fascinating, refusing to look up at him again. "I...I still wouldn't want you to get yourself in trouble, he seemed very serious." Because soon enough, you'd grow to hate me too, you wouldn't have to tell me, I would know, just like Serenity, she thinks I don't know, but I do, I feel her icy stares even when I don't look at her, like she resents my even being there...That's why, I leave today... Her features was touched by deep sorrow, but she put on a brave face, then finally looked up at him, "I'm sorry too... But having me around will only be a liability on you and you know it. I will be distracting you from whatever important duties you have to perform. You're going to be an alpha, that is what you should be chasing. I'll be alright, I have two legs, I can walk. "

She offered him a smile, thanked him again, than whirled back around and this time ran on full sprint. Whatever he was, she knew it wasn't right. Normal. She felt it emanating off his pores, like energy, similar to what Dean gave off, but the difference there, Julian's was much brighter, the brightest. He had responsibilities to uphold, a bunch of brothers that needed him to be their alpha. She in no way will allow him to tangle up with her and her package of issues. He didn't need it. As much as she wished things were different, they just weren't and she had to live with it.

By the time she got to the white, large estate, she was panting for air and her steps were wobbly. Pretty soon she was in her room, giving it a once over, then dread filled her to the core. The white rectangular box she kept under her bed for safe keeping was opened, on her bed. She approached it with pure horror taking root and growing branches inside her. Trembling fingers touched the ivory tissue paper, felt inside for the dress she already knew wasn't there.

"Serenity." Lyra breathed, her shoulders fell distraught.

Luckily, she found the girl just before she stepped into the limo, she dared Reeve to close that door, with a glare. The older man knew what was coming for the misses daughter and he for one could care less what happened to the brat -nothing too bad though since he could get in serious trouble if she like died or whatever. But this was the norm here in the Vandalia house-hold, as normal as the sun rising every morning in the sky. He stepped aside even as the girl commanded him to shut the door and drive her to school so that she could show off the new and priceless white, MARC JACOBS 2012 Taylor style Silk maxi dress, she looked absolutely cracking in (stunning) a simple, yet elegant number that was too "old" for her age range, but bespoken for Lyra in every way, in case that special occasion would arise -not that she'd ever don it since it was the last gift her aunt Katherine had purchased for her before the accident that took her life away. It was something Lyra wanted to keep as a precious "treasure" something that she would cherish rather than ever use. In loving memory of her aunty, and now this? It was mostly unforgivable, one that shook Lyra to experience a rage she never knew she had.

"Reeve you idiot let's go-" Serenity was yelling, than her clear mossy eyes snapped to the seething Lyra who was already yanking the stretch limo's door open, reaching in and latching her hands onto the girl's scrawny arms, pulling her out, out until they were both standing on the ground, Lyra was a few inches taller than her, and could easily look down at her. "You're wearing my dress. Take it off now." she intoned, sounding eerily scary in the younger girl's ears.

"No...L-like I always s-said... what's yours is mine, and what's mine is...mine!" Serenity shot back, though her tone wasn't as forceful or strong. She tried to look tough but defending herself or even fighting was a big no-no if you wanted to be "lady-like" at least according to mother it was. Not just the simple fact that she couldn't even fight worth crap.

"You didn't ask me if you could-"

"I've never asked to wear or take anything of yours, why would I start now?" Serenity interrupted her trying to wrench herself from the medium's hands. Lyra released her as if noticing how mad she was getting. This wasn't like her and she was shocked herself, but she managed to keep her composure.

Serenity straightened herself tall, picturing her lean and graceful mum, how enchantingly she would look in a designer dress that costed a bomb as this one surely did, she attempted to poorly resemble such elegance but failed to since the dress looked bodged up on her. In every way.

"No, I refuse, don't you see Lisa, I'm far more superior than you, and this dress is brill on me, you're just jealous that I'm more prettier than you and Bob's your uncle!" she snapped flippantly as ever. Lord did she need a reality check.

Lyra grounded her molars, trying fervently to keep herself calm, her patience running thin. "That's a load of cobblers and you know it, just take it off and wear something else."

The girl locked eyes with Lyra, "Make. Me."

"I've let you take all of my things and I never complained, but this. My aunty's last present. I can't." she tried to explain, be nice.

"I don't care!" The girl spat, crossing her arms, edging Lyra on with a smug grin, her eyes sparkling, daring the other to even try to strike her.

Lyra sighed, as if letting it all go, it was her fault after all that the girl had found her dress and decided to wear it. If she hadn't wanted this to happen, she should have chosen a better place to hide it. Nothing could be done, and well fighting her for it just might ruin the dress. Aware even so that she just may win had they fought regardless, Lyra held back the burning anger inside her. "Fine, just know that the gown isn't appropriate for school, try not to ruin it. Please return it when you're done modeling. For the record my name is Lyra and not to offend, but you look disastrous in that dress. It doesn't fit you well and is too long." she let out calmly, already feeling the anger evaporate. There was no use trying now. Then she turned away from Serenity and retreated back into the mansion. She wouldn't be able to leave today after all, the dress was her chain holding her back. It was also the only link that kept Katherine's presence here on earth. If that dress were to be destroyed than she'd loose what was left of her aunt's spirit. The medium knew well, that's why she hadn't ever touched it. She hoped to God that Serenity wouldn't damage such a sacred piece of Lyra's heart.

Serenity rolled her eyes, now she was deeply cheesed. What would it take to ruin Lyra? Make her soo angry that she would just leave? She figured this would be the last straw but it wasn't. Maybe if she did ruin the dress that would definitely break her! That is, after she wore it and took pictures with it, Lyra didn't know, but today Serenity was going to attend a party, one that only the wealthiest kids could attend today. A celebration that had nothing to do with attending any classes, yup she was a skipper all right. Nodding over at Reeve, she picked up the length of the dress and tried to gracefully reenter the limo, only to trip half way. She reached for the door handle to keep herself steady and she flashed the chauffeur a breezy smile, she got this. No, no she didn't, but the man wouldn't tell her that, unless he wanted to loose his job.

Reeve watched this surprised, Lyra had handled it well, but she lost to this little punk. That was something he would bring Serenity's mother to attention, though he doubted much would be done about it. The woman could care less what her child did, all she was concerned about was keeping up with her job and nothing more. This family was falling apart and there was nothing to be done to salvage it. Not even Lyra's sweet nature.

Up in her room, Lyra gently folded the paper back into the box and returned its lid, treating it like glass. Though she fought the hugest urge to strike at the girl, here, alone, she couldn't contain the silent tears rolling down her cheeks, leaving salty warm trails on her face, behind her, Katherine emerged as if she were summoned by Lyra's sorrow.

"I tried to stop her, but my movements ghosted right through her. I'm sorry."

Lyra shook her head as she closed her eyes and took in another blow.

"No, it's my fault. It always is."

Katherine hated it when the girl blamed herself for things she couldn't possibly prevent. However she couldn't do or say anything to change Lyra's ways as a person's true character can only be changed by their own will.

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Aleksei approached the boy, giving him a grave expression he lowered himself to whisper in the kid's ear. "We're holding a conference at the auto shop, the only one Sable has. It concerns Isabella. Have Wolfgang join us if he will. We'll be waiting." Then he straightened and walked away, Mina followed suit. Leaving Julian behind to do his part...

The setting changes from silver-mist-forest to Jenkin's Auto


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"Nice of you to finally join us," Selene remarked as Veratos plopped into the seat beside her. "I don't know about normal, but she definitely doesn't look ancient."

The huntress observed the witch, who watched all of them with a sense of familiarity in her dark eyes. She looked smug and comfortable, as if she had dealt with the likes of them before, or something. She wouldn't be surprised if the witch was familiar with her father, although she was a tad shocked when Wolfgang and Julian walked into the room, exchanging knowing glances.

"Marguerite, Avalon, it's been so long. What a pleasure it is to see you both again," said Wolfgang as he took a seat beside Julian.

When Isabella entered the room, his countenance changed drastically. She lingered in the threshold for a few seconds, examining the attendees with large curious eyes. When her gaze shifted to the witch, who watched her almost knowingly, she furrowed her brows. The woman did not fit the description of the witches of olde; she looked like a successful businesswoman, perhaps even a well kept mother of a young child, but definitely not a sorceress. An instantaneous headache momentarily obscured her eyesight, and when she closed her lids shut, she could see more images dancing around in her mind.

The same woman she had been seeing lately was there, but the most curious part was this vision also included Marguerite. The two were conversing about something while standing over two baby cribs; they lifted the children from their cradle, holding them close to their hearts while apparently singing an enchanting lullaby of some sort. A man whose face was blurred but his outline resembled that of Dean entered the room shortly thereafter, taking one of the babies- a blond boy- and kissing his forehead tenderly.

When Vera mentioned something about a prophecy, Isabella returned to the present time. She shook her head clear of the strange vision, then sat down beside Dean and waited for the meeting to begin. She had to admit, she felt entirely out of place; among the group of supernatural beings, Isabella felt like an oddball for being the only human with no special abilities. Feeling the tension rise when Dean addressed the witch, Isabella took his hand and squeezed it comfortingly. The situation was weird for all of them, and the only way they could get through it was if they worked cooperatively.

"If the legend is indeed a prophecy, then that means..." Selene began, though her voice trailed off as she shifted her attention to stare sorrowfully at Isabella.


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Veratos smirked, "Normal as in, she looks like a regular if you know what I mean." she explained, then chuckling lightly, she added, "Yeah I wonder where she gets her miracle cream."

Maggie brightened at Wolfgang, with obvious recognition, the same look Billie gave his old hunter buddies whenever they stopped by. Then followed another young one, she greeted him with a smile. The witch's gaze lingered on the elder man long enough to see that he was settling in, just as effortlessly back into the "hunt" as any of them did, before swinging back to the Isabella, concern for the young Italian evident in her features when she closed her eyes and pressed fingers onto the side of her brow.

They all tensed around her, watching Isabella with equal bouts of increasing worry. It was all for her after all that they had gathered here for. Only when she opened her eyes again and looked about, smiling an embarrassed little grin.

Selene voiced her reaction to the hybrid Veratos' confirmation of Lombardi's future, even giving the girl that look that clearly said, "you're screwed."

Maggie rose like a woman in power, to address them all, especially Dean. She'd never imagine the things he wanted to do to her, witches. Damn why it had to be one of 'em?

"Well now, that's showing some spirit. Missy, I think you should learn some people skills, that is no way to think," she shot this to the ever so downer Selene who was quick to assume that all was lost. It wasn't --not yet it was. They had options, there was always options. At least Dean firmly believed there were.

Maggie then glided her light forest eyes back, meeting Dean's starer.

"Don't need to trust me Salvatore, but that wasn't why you requested my presence was it? We're here to discuss this young lady's situation," She gestured toward Isabella at his side. He clenched his teeth. How calm and almost amused did she have to be? He could just punch her. He almost did.

Maggie smirked a coy grin, that knowing look in her eyes, "Word around is she's already been spotted by the vamps." She divided her gaze from Dean to Alek, who gave her a simple nod of affirmation to that fact, before redirecting her gaze to Dean again.

Another secret smile tilted her lips, if only Dean could read her mind. Bitch.

"Now, you're all planning something am I right?" Stupid question, her smile grew as her eyes settled expectantly to Billie.

He nodded, "Yeah, as soon as I know what's what." Billie crossed his arms, staring from the witch to everyone else. Apparently it all came down to her. She was the center of their case, how freaking weird. She was just a normal girl, why did the vamps want her blood for, a power boost?

Dean wrapped his fingers around Isabella's hand, glanced at her for a split second, then turned his gaze to the witch, he cleared his throat, capturing her attention. In his most grave tone, laid it out, "Well, first things first, I got Billie to hail your witchy ass down 'cuz I'm somehow linked to her. To put it short, if something bad happens to me, if I die. So does she. I want you to undo it... If it's even a spell to begin with."

Maggie's eyes widened like saucers, she shot him a mean look, "Undo the Life-force binding spell? The one I created to not only bring her to life when she dies, but also make it work so that you don't die after she's revived? Hmm, hunter, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, we're all here to protect her right? I just skipped to the part where you all fail, and she gets killed because face it, Fate is never wrong, and no matter how many times we may all try to thwart what's been written, it can't be completely avoided, " she shrugged, "thank me later, but that's a no."

"What?! So it was you?" Dean shot to his feet, staring eye-to-eye with the witch who looked as if she'd done the most wonderful thing in the world. "When the hell-how the hell...?"

"You were a baby when I linked you. Your father gave me permission. That simple. Don't you think we've already addressed this matter, thinking up so many ways in which we could all prevent this from happening? Prevent an innocent death?" she countered, her tone even, her gaze locked on him.

"Yeah, well bang up job ya did, in case you have forgotten, I'm a damn hunter. I can get ganked by anyone of those bastards out there ya ever considered what'd happen then?"

He could feel the vampire staring, like an itch he couldn't scratch. "Salvatore, watch your tone, she's a witch and a powerful one." Aleksei warned him quietly, his auras spiking beneath his calm facade.

"Shut your pie hole, this is between me and her."

"I am verily aware of your daily ventures hunter, but given the circumstances, because of what you are, that is highly unlikely. That's how I knew this would work. Now, is that all you wanted me here for?" Maggie planted both hands on her hips, staring back expectantly, "Are we going to get to the part where we ambush the Italian vamps or discuss whether I can undo the spell? Because no matter what you say I won't undo it."

"Maybe this will change your mind," Dean held the Colt to the witch's forehead, the barrel pressed directly in between her brows. His finger on the trigger ready to pull and blow her brains out.

"How dare you, ingrate. Threatening my life after I did you the favor of helping to save this girl before you'd even known of what's coming for her? Get that thing out of my sight!" A thick force of brutal, electrical energies crackled in the room, a powerful gust of air whipped at the pistol in Dean's grip, smacking the weapon out of his hand, sending it flying over everyone's heads smashing through the glass window outside.

"Balls, this is exhausting," Billie muttered as he rubbed his brows and sighed. "Tell me when you get your head outta your ass so that we can get to what's important here ya idjit."

Dean shot him a look, "What? Are you even hearing what she's saying?"

"Dean don't be so grouchy, she was helping, don't you see, she's already known all this would happen even before you took on this case." Veratos explained like she knew who they were dealing with. She approached and wrapped her hands around his bicep using the distraction as an excuse just to get all close and touchy. Carmine lips curved into a sexy smile and her eyes glittered with pure want as she looked from him to Maggie.

Maggie rose her brows, noticing Veratos, "Precisely, you're a sharp one. He should learn from you... Now let's get back to the real-"

"Wait a sec, you said my father had a say in this? Are you talking about Adacio?" Dean interrupted, calming a little, and ignoring Veratos' painfully obvious hitting on him. He had to focus.

Maggie exchanged a knowing look with Billie who's face paled several shades of white. Now what?

"You didn't tell him?"

"Tell me what?" Dean glancing back.

"No, I haven't." Billie answered drily.

Maggie shook her head, "Well boy there's not much for me to tell you. That's a discussion for you and Billie to have."

"Billie." Dean turned, how did he know that this Adacio demon lord was his father -biological father and had never even told him? What a way to pull a fast one on him. He yanked his arm from Veratos and crossed the room, leaving with Billie.

Finding his gun near an old junked car he slid it back into its holster, then he followed.

"Ya just gonna walk out?"

"You know I hate witches right? I mean she could be lying her ass off in there. I'm not buying her crap." Dean just wanted him to know that as it was prickling in his head like a wild hornets nest waiting to burst. "'Cuz if my father is some jacked up demonic lord, you'd told me that a long time ago, right?" Dean trudged down a row of old cars with the older man, glad as all give out that he was outta that damn crowded and stuffy room. Yeah, call him claustrophobic, he didn't enjoy a space occupied by more than four people at a time. He glanced back to look at Billie, reading his face. He didn't like the guilt tripping he was seeing. Damn.

"Well yeah, Adacio is your blood relative if we're being technical. He's a... I don't know how to tell you this, he ain't all human if you know what I mean." Billie slowly admitted, watching Dean closely. "I've called your old man but it keeps going to voice mail, he won't pick up probably 'till he's done with his case."

Dean hesitated next to an old Chevy, black paint peeling off its banged up body. "Your saying all this time you knew James wasn't my father, that I'm a freaking son of the devil and ya never bothered mentioning it to me?"

Billie sighed, "Come on boy, like I could without James threatening to take you away if you knew the truth. I didn't have a choice."

"He took on another case?"

"Yup, one in Eden, North Carolina, something's wicked popped up, been leaving vics dead all over, hearts torn out. I think you know what that means."

"Right. So now he decides is a good time to turn off his cell during a hunt, wait until I see him." Dean released a shuddering breath, his fist pounding into the hood of the car, leaving a deeper dent. Another question poised in his mind, but it refused to crystallize.

"What are you thinking, gonna go after him?"

"No, whenever he gets here, I'll face him. Are you gonna tell me who Adacio is?"

"Boy I don't think you even want to know."

Dean nodded, the words that sounded like a warning tumbling around in his head. All the secrets, the lies, not only was Billie forced to keep his trap shut about something so serious, but his own dad never told him. And he had plenty of chances to.

"I'm tired of this, can't you just tell me, tell me if he's a monster." He felt his throat tighten and a burning in the back of his eyes. What was worse? Being a freak or the son of a monster? Maybe both.

Billie sighed deeply, "It's something James wanted to tell you himself, something I shouldn't even be talking to you about. I promised him I wouldn't tell you anything about it."

Dean looked at him pointedly, "Well I know he isn't exactly normal, and the fact that he made deals with a witch. What's with all the mystery here?"

Billie put a hand on his shoulder, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there, for now let's go back inside and focus on your case."

"No! I want freaking answers. This can't wait, I need to know what the hell I'm dealing with, it's… it's changing me. I see things, hear things I've never even…" He realized a bit too late he was yelling, his fists clenched so tightly blood seeped through his fingers where his nails bit into his palms. "What else are you not telling me? Huh? This Adacio guy is the reason I'm not normal isn't he? Is that why a witch tacked Isabella's soul with mine, betting on the juiced up horse not to kick it when things get hairy?"

Billie stared with wide eyes. As if he'd turned into some crazed beast. What did he think he couldn't put two plus two and connect the dots?

"That's what it looks like, she even said it herself and called it a favor. A favor for who? I never signed up for it. Heck I never even got a word in, and everyone is in on it except me."

Billie tore his gaze, surveying the lot, pain written all over his face. "I'm sorry kid, I didn't want things to get outta hand. I just wanted to keep you safe."

Dean unclenched his hands ignoring the sting in his palms, intrigued he brought his hand up watching as half moon incisions closed up fight before his eyes in a matter of seconds.

"I nearly died today, heck I think I actually was a doornail for a moment. Then outta nowhere my heart kicked back up into gear, that's how I knew. Something wasn't right."

Billie stared, he could feel his eyes on him, unlike with Aleksei it didn't feel cold and prickly. It was familiar and yet, he couldn't define the feeling, the new feeling that he sensed, some type of caution. As if he'd drop his marbles and what, lose whatever was left of his humanity? Did he even feel human anymore? He had demon blood coursing through his pipes, how much of himself was even normal anymore?

"We have to have a serious talk about this son, but there's a case. And you and I are the only ones here to work it right."

"But the bonds still hold? Sabrina the bitch won't lift it?"

Billie shook his head, "It wasn't my decision--"

"Hell it wasn't mine either, all I'm sayin' is that it's a bad call… My soul… My soul isn't even human is it?"

Billie grasped his shoulder giving it a firm squeeze, "You maybe a hybrid, but you're still got heart. You're my son I've told you that a bunch of times."

Dean lowered his hands and nodded. He wasn't going to continue arguing if a girl who depended on him was waiting. He decided he'd kust have to fight, keep going. Until he couldn't anymore and another hunter put him out for it. But until that day, for now she needed his help and that came first.

Inside the shop, Aleksei was discussing with everyone else some sort of strategy on how he would handle the bulk of the vampires while Isabella could hold her end and try to defend herself since there was no talking her out of going along with them. He seemed highly confident that Dean would train her well enough by the time prom night came around. Coming to end his statement soon after for Veratos to pick up and say, "I've acquired a satellite map of Italy, namely Rome encircled as the focal point. Avalon if we can figure out where exactly their nest is, we could strike 'em, take 'em down in numbers. The more out of the way, the easier it would be to get to the Alpha vampire, he won't have so many soldiers to back him up. Makes the fight even on our side," she opened a large map on the coffee table so that everyone could see it.

Dean leaned in over her shoulder to inspect the colorfully and richly detailed map. Names of each important land mark and all the regions respectively, some of them even marked in as points of interest.

She indicated a little space in between the Palazzo Cardinal Seci and Hotel Columbus. "They're hotels, not your average nighters either these are like Four Seasons big. I have a feeling they're gonna have Isabella spend some time there. Lorenzo's words."

Could the key in his pocket reveal something to this puzzle? Maybe it could clue them in on something he was missing. "I doubt these vamps would announce where they hide, much less make it an obvious place. Finding them will be tricky."

Dean glared at the witch who ignored him, he then turned to stare at the map Aleksei was studying like the thing would magically tell him where the nest was with a giant green arrow. He rolled his eyes, this was not going to work and would only be a waste of their time, precious seconds he couldn't exactly spare. The clock was ticking.

"I think we should all just go to Italy, scope out Rome, and find a vamp or two from that nest, I doubt it'll be that hard for them to stay hidden, especially when they sense their bait is hooked and thrown into the sea. We'll all be there to keep her safe obviously, but if we're gonna go with that option, I think she needs a little hunter-how-to's down to a synch before anything. Can't be too careless here." Dean suggested, tapping the tip of his boot restlessly against the wooden floor.

"I second that notion." Billie agreed, standing near his desk heaped with old text books and reference papers.

Veratos glanced at her hunter pal, smiling as she always did, "I like where you're going Salvatore, but how long are we speaking here? This should be done soon, before they strike. I don't believe Lorenzo's gentlemanly act of kindness, they'll try to get to us first. I can feel it. They don't know how to play fair, especially when we have what they so badly crave."

"That depends on Isabella herself, what's your take on all this crap?" Dean peered at her, "It's your life we're talking about Isabella."

Veratos, Aleksei, Mina, and Maggie gazed her probably wondering the same thing. Surely she'd have plenty to say.


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Michael sighed as Dean was quick to loose his cool and immidiately go all hunter-mode on the witch right then and there. Frankly the situation couldn't get any more worse, right? He rubbed his temples, taking a moment to consciously block the uneasy vibes swirling around him. They were giving him a headache and making his own vampire instincts skittish and on edge. It was true, vampires had quite the pack mentality sometimes. They picked up on one another's feelings and responded to them, often automatically. Of course, the 'alpha' was the one who set the tone, and as Michael watched Aleksei, he could tell why everyone else was feeling agitated. Could the hunter who wasn't a vampire at all sense it too?

He shot Avalon a quick glance, the pureblood's eyes were watching the hunter steadily.

Aleksei's aura could be felt powerfully, especially since they were all in the same room. It wasn't exactly dark, not like it could get when the pureblood was angry. It was just... unsettled, or perhaps frustrated. The fact that Aleksei was broadcasting instead of keeping it tightly under control like he usually did, however, meant that the feelings must be pretty intense.

"Salvatore, watch your tone, she's a witch and a powerful one." Aleksei was saying in that quiet, dangerous tone he had which usually signaled when it was wise to run for the hills.

When the colt was suddenly flying across the room, Michael flickered his attention to the witch and the hunter, for a moment there he thought he would have to jump to his feet and pull them apart. Something about Dean's father Adacio had been brought up, Michael didn't know who that was, he'd even looked to Aleksei, who's eyes veered to Isabella, more focused on her for some reason than the arguement, he could feel the tention building up in him. The pureblood must have found staring at her more soothing than watching the hunter and witch yell at eachother. Michael agreed, his fingers found Selene's hand and held it firmly. Soon Dean was out the door with Billie, extending the convo about Adacio maybe?

As soon as he left, Michael watched Maggie seat herself on the couch again, an indifferent look in her gaze.

For a while after, they were surrounded by a deep silence. A pause it was, to find that "calm" again. After a while Michael could sense Aleksei's aura slowly fade, like the pureblood was getting a 'grip' on himself.

"So, getting back on the task at hand, Isabella. Care to fill us in on whatever plans you have?" Michael asked, switching his sights to the Italian girl, this was all about her. Only her.

The conversation would pick up from there, reaching Aleksei who's tone was soft, and yet also forceful. He would find a way to locate the alpha, a task only he could well accomplish, while Isabella would be training with the hunter. Was it possible for the two purebloods to discuss this matter, maybe reach some sort of agreement? With the way things were going, Michael wouldn't be holding his breath for that. The girl was already their target and she'd already been given an expectent date. One that if they even tried to dismiss would have dire consequences befall them all. Vampire sized trouble would be inevitable.

Micheal listened as the pureblood revealed his plans to help defend Isabella's life if the situation resulted in the use of weapons, they weren't all sure exactly what the vampires would want Isabella for, only guessing that the prophesy would rewrite her future, but nothing could ever really be ascertained. It was funny to think that maybe this time the same thing wouldn't happen again. Maybe this time she wouldn't have to be subjected to such a horrific end. The Italian vampires could paint it out as her doing them a service all they wanted, point to the treaty as being the sole thing they stood by --but he nore Aleksei weren't buying it. The very same situation had been done before, and what did that fix? Nothing. These vampires are still egging him on, even now they still were.

Michael had known something like this were happening to Aleksei long before any of the others had been pulled into this mess. Isabella was being targeted and the proof was in the little packeges sent to the pureblood months ago. It was the only shared inforamation Michael had gotten from Aleksei. He trusted him enough to let him know how much of a strain this was turning out to be on him. And Michael felt bad, not only because there wasn't much he could do to help, but because all this could end up with them failing as the witch ahd pointed out.

Fate was never wrong.

But they would all try anyways, especially Aleksei, he didn't take no for an answer. Isabella was his life and he would die to defend it, all the way.

And Michael would be there, every step.

He hadn't noticed when the hunter had returned until he suggested that they all go to Italy to force the Italian vampires out of hiding, then asked Isabella for her opinion. He stared at the girl, everyone did.



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"You know, for an 800 year old hag..." Selene hissed, though a sharp, reprimanding glare from Julian cut off her sentence. Michael squeezed her hand firmly, but as she watched Veratos unravel the map of Italy, she broke away from him and stood.

"We're dealing with two different enemies here; the Italians and the French. Now when they touched down in Sable, their intentions were to take Isabella and marry her off to one of their royal princes, but we all know that they have ulterior motives. As we've seen so far, her blood has some special quality to it, or something, which leads us to believe that these royals are after it too."

Selene walked over to the map and observed the circled locations. There was no way the Italians would agree to meet Isabella at a crowded place- prestigious, perhaps, but nothing obvious. That simply wasn't their style. The huntress furrowed her brows and exchanged perceptive glances with Veratos, who had confirmed that the prophecy on Isabella's life was indeed true. So the extent of the information she had shared was a given, and what had been a mystery still continued to be such; only the problem was finding a way to break it.

"We have established alliances with tribes all over Europe," began Wolfgang. His forest colored eyes traveled over the group, whom shifted their attentions accordingly. "Including Italy and France. Should this ordeal result in a battle, we can rest assured that we have multiples on our side."

"Do you think we could recruit a scout from one of the packs in Italy to locate the Italian empire?" Selene asked.

"That's certainly a possibility... although they're also likely to reject that idea. They might not be willing to risk exposure for a cause they deem lost."

"Well, what about France?"

"Now that won't be necessary, child," Wolfgang responded. "Unlike the Italians, the French like to boast about the ingenuity of their domain. For centuries they've taunted other sects by deliberately making known the location of their empire, which lies deep in the heart of Paris within the underground catacombs. Because these famous crypts are impossible for nonresidents to navigate, the French always held the homecourt advantage against those foolish enough to try and strike them."

Isabella had remained quiet and observant during this entire period. Her large golden eyes had become quite small and weary now; Dean's distrust of the witch and his temperament made her uneasy and increasingly more apprehensive of the situation at hand. She was struggling to hold herself together as her perception of the life she thought she had came crashing down in chaos all around her. It was difficult for the girl to piece things together, and her mind was working overtime to try and calculate every little fragment and detail. Then she perked up, and became serious.

"What if I was the scout?" she suggested, already prepared for the onslaught of pointed glowers she was about to receive that opposed the idea. "Just hear me out, okay? I think I might have the compass that can lead us straight to the lion's den."

She held her grandmother's leatherbound journal to eye level, the hint of a smile playing at her lips, though the swell of her mouth failed to grant it. She swallowed a lump in her throat; they would likely think her stupid and overestimating her abilities. She was a simple human with no special characteristics aside from her magic blood and questionable link to these two fueding vampire legions.

"If it's me they want, then they won't put up a fight and their guard may be lowered," she continued, matter of factly. "If I go to them willingly, claiming to want to speak with my mother, they might also be more cooperative. Dean and I are linked, so can't you also conjure up your magic voodoo and track me down? Say they grant me access- if I lube up with some vervain oil, then they won't be able to touch me, right? And by being in their lair, I could possibly figure out if my mother is a plausible ally. If we have someone they trust on the inside working against them, it'll be that much easier to make their empire implode."

She averted her gaze from the witch, to Dean, to Aleksei. Of course, this would be after her six months of intensive training, and Aleksei would be the one to accompany her inside. She knew he was the only one the Italians could trust.

"We can't just flat out attack them," Isabella added. "Their armies are both too large to take on. If we can make them crumble from within, then we won't really have to do much battling ourselves. The ones we really have to worry about are the French. I strongly believe the Italians are leaning more in our favor, but I can't say it's by much."

"What if we make them attack each other?" Julian suddenly suggested. "As in, we somehow give them a superiority complex- for example, when two alpha males challenge each other over the same turf, they usually fight until one of them submits. However, knowing the nature of the two empires, that might mean to their death."

Isabella shrugged. That was an interesting theory in itself. Selene watched them all curiously. Things were beginning to get messy, and ideas were being tossed around like a salad. She knew very well the hunter and Aleksei would oppose Isabella's suggestion despite her reasoning. Perhaps it would all bubble down to their trust in her ability to carry out skilled and intelligent assassinations when that day came. All she knew was that they all needed to put their heads together and impart each of their diverse skills and wisdom to Isabella. When it really came down to it, she was the one who would need it the most.

"For now, I believe we should focus on training the human," said Wolfgang, as if he had read the vampire's mind.

The setting changes from jenkins-auto to Sable


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Dean took a moment to let it all settle in his head, right about now he was willing to go with anything. At first his reaction was to say 'no' at that idea, however Isabella had stated that she would indeed train first. Then why not? Give her a shot at it. Feeling the weight of the pureblood's stare on him, he slowly nodded, and looked to Isabella, "Alright, let's go with that one," he smirked, agreeing with it more and more as he processed it further in his head. Chick was right in a way, he would lean on this and not back track with the "what-if's" that would surely make him change his mind, "So I train you, you're ready in six months, you can take out a vamp by then, I'd say you're good to go. Get in with the Italian vampires, build some trust falls, while I hang back, then strike when they least expect it...."

Aleksei was like WTF? It was so obvious he was gunning for Dean to completely disagree and protest as he would.

"But on one condition, if, if you're not up to par with 'em, and one of them kicks your ass than you're not ready. And we do this my way." Dean gave them all that look, "Either that, or you're fucked."

Vera cracked up laughing, "I think he's right. I'm not a vampire but I know they're fighting style, I'll be keeping watch come that day, if I see you're loosing I'll kill it for you. But then you'd know what that means."

Aleksei sighed, putting Isabella in danger was something he wanted to avoid ultimately but when it came to something like this, he didn't think he had a say here. This situation was rolling into a mess of crap. Though in retrospect he couldn't say no to the training sessions. She could benefit greatly from them, it would prepare her for what was to come, possibly awaken her to the reality of it all. However, vervain oil? Where was she getting that from?

"We should focus on the now instead, train her well Salvatore and when the day comes, ultimately what comes out of it will determine our next move. I can communicate with the French, see what they want in all this. Had done it numerous times before but for different reasons." He said this to Salvatore, then he glanced at Isabella, she had to take a brief course in her vampire-killing know-how. "Vervain oil? Do you want to smell like a plant? That would never work against Purebloods, the only thing that would prevent them from touching you would be-"

Maggie seemed to have gained some interest at the topic of repelling vampires, she whipped out a small bottle from her bag and aimed it toward the Italian girl, "This is the perfect opportunity to test-drive my latest creation. Forbidden Fruit," She pressed her finger into the spray thing and a mist of its contents sprits outward in a tiny cloud.

Aleksei covered his nose and mouth with the sleeve of his shirt and turned his head away, but that wasn't enough, the stench permeated the air and he had to get some distance, Mina reacted in an identical manner. The vampires in the room all stood and almost too quickly went for the door.

"Smells like Hell!" Dean said, pretending to gag, he wasn't as sensitive to smells, but he'd smelled worse before. He too had skidded backwards, almost chuckling amused. That was funny! Vera was next to him, fanning herself, her expression priceless.

Billie pinched his nose shut, and nodded, "I call that a great vampire repellent. Like mosquitoes. Clever one Mag." He complimented, he too kept his distance.

"The secret ingredient? Pure vampire blood, aged hundreds of years, though I have yet to pass it on to the Hunter Association for approval. So let's keep it between us mm'kay?" She said with a smile, glad that it had worked well, she handed the tiny, rose shaped glass bottle to Isabella. Now it was hers to keep. "Only one sprits is enough to last hours, it's so strong it'll even withstand the rain. To get it off, a simple shower will do. Just don't get it on your clothes, the oils in it will stain." Maggie warned.

"Yeah, so I guess we got a new weapon on our hands, excellent. Mags, got anymore of that stuff, I can whip up some really useful bombs with that. I can't wait!" Vera said excitedly, she couldn't help her amusement, the other vampires were opening the door and stepping outside the shop --wow was that spray that strong? Damn.

"How's that Avalon?" Dean asked, glancing back at the pureblood, who wasn't too pleased that the girl he adored now stunk, worse than a skunk.

"That'll do, unless they keep a stash of gas-masks at hand, or stop breathing long enough to do the damage. It could work!" Aleksei replied, uncovering his nose and mouth to address the hunter clearly.


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(Angel-Chii, I would really like for Lyra to be more associated with the group! How do we go about including her within the next few posts? Is she going to settle in the forest soon? It would be cool to get her acquainted with the rest of the wolf pack.)

Isabella winced as the spritz of pure vampire blood wafted in the air and landed on her delicate skin. The pain was near excruciating at first- a vicious sting as if acid had just been sprayed onto her flesh. Though that was something to be expected; even if she was a human, that didn't subtract from the fact that vampire blood still contained a highly potent venom. There was no pungent smell she could detect, however, and aside from recoiling from the sting for a few moments, she quite liked the subtle fragrance of rose and sandalwood. If she hadn't known any better, the witch may as well have given her a very pleasant perfume.

"Remarkable," she whispered, taking the rose shaped glass bottle in her fingers and observing the pinkish liquid within.

That's when she turned and noticed all of the vampires aggressively repulsed by the odor it truly emitted. Selene hissed violently, her teeth bared as she turned away and stifled her gag reflexes threatening to make her vomit. The newborn's eyes were stinging fiercely, and tears dotted the corners of her tightly squeezed lids. Even Wolfgang and Julian were reacting in disgust, though they responded in a manner that was more akin to being allergic. Because of their acutely adapt sense of smell, they were quite used to the vile scent of purebloods, and thus were a bit more desensitized to its potency. Still, the odor in itself could not be escaped.

"That's... quite an invention, Marguerite," said Wolfgang, sneezing. "Clever, indeed."

"I mean, as a weapon, sure," Selene added, still trying to recover from the blow. "Who's to say the royals will let her in smelling like that? They'll suspect something immediately. This should be used as a defense mechanism, and a very last resort at that."

"Still, I appreciate it, Madame Solt," Isabella interrupted, giving Selene a slightly pointed look. "Thank you."

She turned the attractive bottle over in her hands, a smile creeping over her rosebud lips. She then wondered what her grandmother might have said at the resourceful invention, and couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of it all. She could imagine a sort of incredulous reaction, then perhaps a nerdy, excited babbling about the intelligence behind the creation. She looked up at Aleksei, her grin still reaching from ear to ear, though her expression softened when she saw how he had withdrawn.

"So, we agree on something then, yes?" she remarked, a hint of playful sarcasm in her warm tone. "When should we start training?"

As she tucked the repellant carefully away into her satchel, she rose and turned to Dean, much too amused with the outcome of the situation. He truly hated the vampires, no matter if they were allies or not; that much was evident. He had the makings of a successful hunter, without a doubt, and she rested a little easier knowing that the intensity of his hatred also fueled his need to train. She would be receiving instruction from one of the greatest. They actually might be able to pull this off.

She turned to Julian and Wolfgang, who seemed quite ready to leave the place still stinking of rotten vampire blood.

"I don't think we've been properly introduced," she said, approaching them.

"You don't recall this, child, but you and I have been acquainted before," Wolfgang responded, offering her a knowing smile. "We were there when your mother gave birth to you, and the celebration that took place thereafter. Your grandmother and I were good friends. My name is Wolfgang Talbot. I have led the Northeastern tribe for longer than I care to admit..."

"And I'm Julian," he added. "The next in line to do so."

"Tribe?" asked Isabella. "As in..."

"Wolves," finished Selene, not looking up from her perch beside Michael. "Werewolves."

Isabella hesitated for a second. She had read stories about them; vengeful creatures that were incapable of retaining their humanity when they shifted. They were slaves to the moon, submitting to its whim and powerless to do anything about it. Like the vampires, they were damned, but they had no control of their actions.

"Don't worry, little one," Wolfgang purred, reassuring and calm. "The myths were created to keep the ignorant in fear. There is hardly any truth behind the lore."

"Yeah, you just don't wanna get caught with me on a full moon," Julian quipped with a wink.

"Well, where's your pack? Don't you travel in groups?"

"They're hanging back and guarding the den until we return."

Wolfgang smiled at the curious human. Her thirst for knowledge would be the salvation of the girl, a trait that she shared with her late grandmother Alessandra.

"We too can teach you many things, Isabella. We won't ask for your trust immediately, but we will gladly work to earn it. Wolves are good creatures to have on your side. Julian, do you have the charm?"

"Yes, grandfather," Julian replied, taking a little box from his pocket and handing it to Isabella.

"Although Alessandra was put to rest with her gift at her request," Wolfgang explained as the girl studied the little velvet container. "We made sure to construct something in its likeness. This is a symbol of our loyalty. Once it is received, we cannot break our promise to the recipient."

Isabella opened the jewelry box, her eyes beginning to glow when she gazed upon its contents. Resting within the box was a tiny wolf head intricately carved from a jade stone. Sitting in its jaws was a moon shaped charm of deep blue sapphire, and the entire thing, only about the size of a dime, dangled from a thin silver chain. This, she assumed, was their subtle way of expressing submission; if anything she had heard of werewolves so far were true, then silver was capable of harming them.

"Thank you, Mr. Talbot!" she exclaimed. "It's beautiful!"

Again, Wolfgang smiled. The girl's reaction was exactly reminiscent of Alessandra's, though her expression mirrored Maria.

"Now, shall we begin training?"


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(I had a feeling that was your intention, and now I'm glad to see I was right! Maybe it's the fact that we've been at this for almost three years now, but I believe the three of us share some kind of virtual sisterhood of some sort, without sounding too scary and cultish haha. I mean, how many people can say they've had a dedicated roleplay partner like we have?)

Selene rolled her eyes as Dean stomped out of the shop in his predictably temperamental manner. Isabella watched him leave much like a puppy might gaze after its only companion, sighing when she very clearly read his 'do not disturb' demeanor. Somehow she could still pick up on the gut wrenching feeling he was likely experiencing, so she decided that whatever it was he had to tend to, she couldn't afford to bother him with her tagging along. Important matters such as these would have to be left to the professional, which she was a very long shot away from being.

"Madame Solt," Isabella said, her voice soft and innocently inquisitive. "Were you close with my grandmother also?"

Her gaze fell almost shamefully to her feet, then up to her pearl bracelet which she fingered sorrowfully. Her heart was heavy with longing for her grandmother, who had been her primary caretaker until she was about five years old. She had never known her grandfather nor her mother and there were no aunts or uncles that Alessandra ever spoke of. For all of her life, all Isabella had ever known was she and her father, and even then, their relationship was virtually nonexistent. He was always working and Isabella made herself busy with school and reading her books. The only companions she ever really had were the characters she met in her stories, and then there was Lyra, who always remained so mysterious.

"I guess what I'm really trying to find out is if you knew anything about my mother," Isabella continued, her tone suddenly becoming a little sad. "Like, how come she left? and why I've never met her before?"

Wolfgang watched the little Italian girl, a frown etching itself along his weathered features. Truthfully, he knew she would only find the answer if she found Sofia- namely, the one who gave birth to Isabella -herself. Even then, he wasn't entirely sure the woman would give her any closure either. Isabella studied the new gift in her hand and the journal in her other before she looked back up at Maggie.

"Nevermind," she said, though it was clear she was experiencing pain. "I wouldn't want to bother you with my interrogations. I'm sure you have much more important things to tend to. Thank you for everything, Madame Solt."


Isabella bit the dirt for what felt the the fifteenth time that evening.

"Is that seriously all you got, Lombardi?" Selene said, landing on her feet beside her. "I expected alot more from you."

"Give her a break, Selene," Julian added, joining the two, covered in leaves. "She's never had to do stuff like this before."

"I'll get it," Isabella replied in exasperation, picking herself up from the ground and spitting out dirt. Her lip was busted and a little blood trickled from the wound, which she wiped away with the back of her hand. "I promise."

"Don't overwork yourself, Isabella," Julian instructed, handing her a canteen. "It's only your first day. If you push yourself too hard, you'll just hurt yourself, and then you'll be totally useless."

"Don't tell her that crap, Julian!" Selene protested angrily. "It's absolutely imperative that she pushes herself to the absolute limit. These things will stop at nothing until she's dead- they're ruthless and won't show her any mercy. She has to learn to be the same."

"So you're saying she should sacrifice her sense of humanity to be a cold blooded killer? to be a vampire? Is that what you're saying, Selene?"

"She needs to think like the enemy in order to outsmart and eventually destroy him- so in a sense, yes."

"Would you two just stop it already?" Isabella finally cried. "I'm trying my best here. I'll try even harder, alright? I'll do whatever it takes."

"Isabella," Julian began, shooting Selene a pointed look of disapproval. "Don't forget, through all of this, just exactly who you are and who you're doing this for, okay? We can train you a hundred different ways but if you forget your purpose, and let the power consume you..."

"Then you will be no different than your enemy," Selene finished, checking the chamber of her new gun and holstering it. "Don't forget whose side you're on, Lombardi. For now, we're done with hand-to-hand combat class. Should we work on your gun-slinging skills?"

"I suppose."

"You still got that Baretta your boyfriend gave you?"

A deep scarlet flush started blooming in Isabella's glowing cheeks as she took the silver gun from her satchel and presented it to Selene. She chose to ignore the statement about Dean being her boyfriend, though she couldn't escape the utter embarrassment and the blushing in her face. She tried her hardest to remain composed and focused, despite the thoughts of the possibility running rampant in her mind.

"Good. I brought blanks. Now once you've loaded the mag, you're going to try and shoot Julian," Selene ordered with a smirk.

"What?! Why me?!" Julian asked, bewildered.

"Relax, puppy, I'll be running right there with you. Anyway, you got it, Lombardi?"

"Yeah, I got it."

Isabella managed to successfully load a full magazine, then cocked her weapon and released the safety button. At the same moment, Damian, Lukas, and a few others emerged from the woods, taking their place behind Julian. Isabella studied all of them, her eyes widening as she became a bit puzzled.

"On the field, there's going to be a multitude of distractions," Selene continued, nodding at the rest of Julian's pack. "Your primary targets are me and Julian; you can't hit anyone else. These could easily be civilians or your comrades. Think you can do it?"

"She can barely hold that thing, Morrigan," Lukas retorted with a grimace. "She's gonna kill us all."

"I can do it," Isabella responded, though she wasn't necessarily sure that she could. "You guys better start running."


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((Right? That's what makes a role play survive, no matter how long it takes, no matter what, as long as there are great dedicated players out there, willing to put their time and effort into completing a game, it makes working up the scene to the next post the more worthwhile. Plus the fact that we're so well close-knit and like a family, much more fun. Even if I've never ever met you, I consider you my sister Chii too! It's like every RP that we've ever been in together, we strive to stick to it until the end -though it would be more awesome if others were like that. It's pretty tough to find that one selection of players willing to discuss and work out a plot idea, role play, and go down that road from start to very finish. I thank God I've met you St. Valentine, I was at a point that I thought it was pointless to even join an RP and try to go through with it, when everyone else would give up in the plot, grow bored and drop it. I thank you for having stuck through with us, three years is a long time. LOL and I'm glad that we'll finally reach that point in this one, FINALLY! ^_^ end it. I hope for many more epic role plays for us to work in together to come. ))

They are doing this all wrong, should have given her a .22 because of the low recoil, have her practice her shooting first at a shooting range, this is all happening too fast. But who am I to butt in on how they decide to teach her? It was either me or Morrigan. She choose Morrigan, let's hope for her sake this doesn't get too bloody, Veratos thought, watching from her perch on a thick branch in the surrounding trees. Had Isabella been given any other weapon, except for the baretta (hunter crafted) she wouldn't have worried much. Yet, they all decided it was a good idea for the very inexperienced girl to play target practice with a powerful and deadly weapon (that shot three rounds instead of one or two) at the other wolves and vampires. Even Michael was joining the mix, becoming a target for the girl to try and shoot at. wish I had a camera on me, Dean is missing out... she smirked wickedly, imagining what would happen if Isabella were to get lucky and hit any of them. It was the afternoon, the winds swept a bit chillier this time, and everything seemed to be back to normal --as normal as all give out. So far, the threats of the Italian vampires have been already dealt with (they're waiting back in Italy for Isabella to make her grand appearance in six months time from now) and from this day forward, the girl is to train her butt off in handling weaponry in order to defend herself should these fang-faces decide to attack her for whatever damn reason, when she does show up.

The witch hadn't given anything away, of course she wouldn't, instead of answering the girl's question, she had left telling her, "Your life is like a really good book, each chapter a new day. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you by telling you things that would ruin it for you when you reach that part of this riveting tale now do I?" she smiled, knowing the girl wouldn't appreciate the riddle and constant cryptic messages flying her way every time she wanted a direct response, "in time, you will figure it all out, when you are ready everything will be clear for you. Good luck on your journey child."

Even Veratos had been a bit bothered, she knew the damn witch knew what was going on, and was hell bent on not letting anything out. The question was why? Wouldn't it be better for them all if they knew what the heck they were all dealing with? Wouldn't it be best to get a better understanding of the true nature of the beast they were going to stand up against all to defend this one girl? Particularly for Dean? When she dug in deep, even without his full realization yet, she was aware of what Isabella meant for the hunter. She is his moral compass, as soon as she was set in his path, everything that she knew about him changed dramatically. It wasn't just because of the amnesia, he was gaining lost memories back, they returned to him in tandem bursts, when something happened, it would trigger a similar memory. He wasn't the same anymore, she had seen it the second he took in this case, Dean saw something in Isabella that the huntress herself was now only beginning to see; Isabella embodies Dean's desire to protect and preserve what is good about humanity, perhaps this was his angel side kicking in. Being a Nephilim and all, even if he wasn't conscious about it, affected him greatly. For instance, when it came to taking on a case, Dean did everything he could to protect people, and Isabella dictates Dean's choices, in her presence, his decisions shifted with her in consideration. Always did. It wasn't everyday that a mere hunter decides he wants to put his all on the line for a human girl's life. Most hunters considered themselves first before anything, but Dean wasn't like most hunters. Not only did he have an unwavering commitment to protect Isabella, he got pissed pretty quickly if she's forced into potentially dangerous situations, that would explain his refusal to train her -why else would he be bailing on them now? If he really wanted to train her into a Lara Croft, cunning survivalist, he would have jumped right in and started today as the girl herself had insisted several times already.

Veratos watched as Isabella held the baretta firmly in her hands, the way Selene had demonstrated on proper gun aiming and handling before, and took a good stance to aim and fire at her moving targets. The hybrid wondered along with the train taking off in her mind about the very special girl that was no longer a simple case, was it something that the witch had mentioned that shook Dean's will to teach her? She had told them all rather unflappably that they just might all fail in the end, which was why she had tethered Lombardi's life essence directly to Dean's in case , no, when she were to be killed unfortunately, as a means to "protect" her as if she knew thus wouldn't work.

Or maybe, looking at it from a vantage point, Isabella was already inching her way, closer and closer to his hellish world. It was there, in her messy, black locks, the same shirt and jeans she was left with being the few things she had on her before her house was destroyed (now left to cinders) her only choice to surely make it, by picking up a damn gun and learning to kill with it, the look in her eyes... it all reflected her loss of a normal life as she knew it, and Dean, realizing himself his inability to shelter her from their grim reality. It was through this that those two would eventually develop a strong bond. It had already taken root and grown branches, when Dean told her he would protect her from the vampires.

There's was the story of a promise.


"Aleksei do you have to leave so soon?"

"I must in order to settle things once and for all, regrettably, I've been scheduled to meet them, but I've been putting it off. Now would be the perfect opportunity to put things at rest once and for all," the pureblood explained gently to his little princess as he was heading out the door. His things were packed, only a few necessary essentials while he was away in France, he wouldn't be but a few days, most likely a week while he worked through this situation with the French royalists, especially the appointed King of the vampire council there, Delano Delroy. He had known the pureblood prince when he was just a child, hadn't even grown out his fangs yet. In truth the pureblood himself was curious to how the boy, now in his twenties turned out to be, rumors circled that he had already gotten married and all, to a lady named Éclair.

"I wish I could join you," Mina admitted, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears, her hand gripping at his coat sleeve, capturing him there, her crimson hues held his gaze and despite his efforts to conceal his fatigue, she knew well enough that he wasn't fit for anymore days of unrest. He needed it and she felt it strongly in her heart. What irked her was his single-minded obsession with Isabella, all she could ever see when she fed from him was his memories fluctuating about everything and anything revolving that girl. She meant so much to him, so much that he would give his life to save her. He never had to mention it, she read the truth in his heart he never felt the need to hide from her.

And yet, there was something in all of this that even she wasn't aware of, another piece to this frustratingly difficult puzzle she hadn't quite figured out. A secret he was keeping. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when he lowered his face to hers, lightly meshed his lips with hers in a farewell kiss that made her heart jump wildly. His hands cupped the side of her face, his warmth making her flesh tingle all over, his hair rustling with hers as she stared into his claret eyes in wonder and concern. He lingered his lips over hers, "Who will take care of the house while I'm away love? I need you to stay here, I will return very soon-"

She gripped his wrists, as if in doing so, she could keep him here with her forever. Without him she didn't know if she could go on, she didn't know why, but a sudden dread filled her entire being, ebony ink spreading in a clear glass, making everything so hard to see through the thick black. "Please don't leave me again..."

He smiled tenderly, eyes closing at her smell, her warmth, her touch, so tantalizingly addictive, inviting, her body practically calling to him. How could he refuse? He wanted to stay and grant her every wish, dote to her every command, give her the royal treatment she so well deserved, the attention from him that she craved, as he did hers. She was of great significance to him, an important component in his life. Without her he didn't think he had it in him to keep going every day. She was his rock, and if he was strong, he was for her. Mina was the light in his world of doom and despair. But, it was because of her that he wanted to continue his purpose, not only her, but for Isabella, and the rest of the world that didn't need lingering purebloods dictating their lives. He wanted to live long enough to see the people live in a world that was devoid of fear because of the purebloods and what they did. He wanted to abolish them, so that the problem of ex-humans, monsters would no longer be a constant issue. So that everyone would be safe from the threat of benevolent purebloods. Since there were so very few pureblood families left, taking them out wouldn't be so difficult, all he had to do was strike, and destroy. Surely the hunters would approve, and even if they didn't that wasn't the case.

"I'll see you soon Mina," Aleksei whispered, then he pulled away and walked out the door. That would be the last time Mina ever saw of him after that day, though what he left behind was a dear black wolf, the only connection she had of him --one that would ceaselessly follow her everywhere she went. Sure enough, a similar one was prowling after Isabella as well, after all both Mina and Isabella were his precious gems. Both completed his heart, and even if he was away, he was always close. That was his promise. One that he would always keep.


By the time Dean would reach Morehead Memorial Hospital, it'd be well passed midnight, visiting hours were over but from the grim expression set like etching on stone in the doctor's faces and the unreadable looks and sympathetic glances the nurses kept giving him, he knew that his father was in very bad shape. They gave him a twenty percent chance at survival, and despite their efforts at keeping the hunter away, since he was the only son and the only one in the family left, they had a heart and let him into the ICU. James was a stranger in that bed, he had tubes going into him, white, blood stained bandages wrapped around his head and arms, his expression older than he was, his knitted brows a sure sign that he wasn't dreaming pleasantly, and his complexion paler than Dean's. As the boy approached him, he fought back the urge to go back to the doctors and demand that they do more for him. Save him. If the kid had to give up anything from his own body to preserve his father's life, anything at all take it, but please, please save him. But he couldn't do that, even if he tried, his genetic make up and "blood" would never be compatible with his father's.

"Dad... Please don't die on me... I'll never forgive you..." Dean hissed, standing at the foot of the bed, his feet heavy like lead, making it that much difficult to move closer.

"Glad you' to"

Dean's eyes flew to meet his father's ever so penetrating stare, as if they weren't in a hospital, his life hanging on a thin thread, and they were back in the motel, James demanding him to stow his crap and pick up the family business, continue on --aware that this day would come. It infuriated Dean that he would push himself like this, it always did, but nothing he could say would ever change that fact that his father was a fighter, down to the end. Would always be, a stunning streak of willpower and pure stubbornness at its up most high. Even if the man lying in front of him wasn't his biological father, Dean would consider him his all, no matter what.

"Forget talk, you have to rest, I'm not leaving your side until you get better. And you will." Dean retorted, the strength in his tone carried his belief in the words as well. James would be fine, give him a few days and he'd be golden, they'd return to Jenkin's Auto and discuss this mission, work it out and reach a definite conclusion. Set a plan one that James excelled at. Everything would be alright, he had to believe it.

James could tell, his son was hoping for the best, that was the problem, things could only get much more worse and darker for the kid. He had no idea what was in store for him, if only he could be there. As it turned out, his time was up and there was nothing they could do about it.

She was there, a woman clad in black, dark hair tied back neatly in a pony-tail. Her grey eyes watching him directly, waiting.

The Reaper.

Dean felt her presence but could not see her. How could he? He wasn't the one dying. But the chill she left in her wake made his nerves run with ice, making it nearly unbearable to remain in the same room.

"I won't Dean, and I can't have you heal me either. It'll only complicate things further. I don't have much time. So listen to me, and listen to me well, I won't repeat myself..." James said.
"What do you mean heal you... I can do that...?"
"You are a Nephilim, you can, but I demand that you don't."
"Why the fuck not?! You'll die if I don't heal you!"

James sighed, looking quite tired, making his son listen to him was going to be a chore, "I don't have much time Dean listen to me damn it!" The man's green eyes widened at the gentle touch of Dean, the boy had placed his hands on the severely injured man's chest and forehead, "I've seen plenty of movies, let's hope this works..."

"Dean don't!"

The Reaper rose her brows, stared at Dean, "Someone else will have to go, you have your stubborn son to thank." then she vanished.


A light escaped the kid's hands, covering the entire room in blinding brightness that only lasted a few seconds, then faded and everything was the same, James was fully healed and gripping at Dean's coat, "What did you do?!"

Dean locked eyes with his old man, most people would appreciate being saved from near death, guess James wasn't most people. He didn't look anywhere near afraid, glaring back at him, he said, "Healed you, a thanks would be nice!"

"I should have died, I was ready to... I wanted to be with...With..." He frowned, looking away with a sudden guilt that made his insides twist.

"I know, you wanted to be with mom, I'm sorry but I can't loose you. I know we haven't always been the perfect family... But I need you... Now you can tell me who Adacio is..."

"Someone is going to die tonight, and it'll be all your fault." James muttered grimly, releasing his hold on the boy. It couldn't be helped, the kid was a reckless mess.

Dean grit his teeth, and reached for Jame's shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze, "At least it's not you, I'm not ready to loose you yet. Now let's get out of here."

The ride back to Sable was a silent one, both father and son would return back to Pair-O' Dice Motel at around eleven in the afternoon, James would be more worn out than Dean and still pretty angry at his son, refusing to answer the questions the kid kept asking him every now and then, he left to shower, Dean informed him about the case and that he would be out most of the day while helping Lombardi out.

The first place the hunter hit up was the cemetery, here he found a level of peace he couldn't find anywhere else. Yeah, he felt bad, he knew the consequences that came with making the Reaper take another life besides the one it came for and he would probably go to hell for it. Whatever, he would put effort on caring for that when the time came, but for now, he would have to focus on the here and now. And right now, things just looked more muggy and confusing than ever.

"Tell me what you know, I want details."

"About your father."

Dean glanced at the woman pointedly.

"He was a demon lord, Adacio, he's called the traitor back in the demon realm. They all hated him, banished him, a cruel fate worse than death. That was of course after his affairs with Ella and Maria and the whole gang that surrounds you. Namely Aleksei and the witch. I couldn't tell you before until you knew more. I'm in this because it was you who had once told me to risk it all for the sake of mankind, that was why you had became a hunter, but then I guess it got to you bad when one of our companions died, you wanted to quit hunting, even gave me your weapons to put away. I'm glad that you're not like that anymore, I need you to stow your crap and move forward. Get me?"

"That's annoying, you don't keep that kind of shit to yourself Veratos, damn," the hunter said bitterly, now he wasn't just a hunter, a damn angel-demon too? Perfect. "but I do... Where's the vampire?"

"He's taken off to France, I think he wants to persuade them to call off going after Lombardi, I agree. The less threats, the more we have a chance at winning this." Vera explained, leaning against a tree, taking a sip of coffee in her hands. She kept her eye on the hunter as he gazed out to the head stones before them. The dead lay below, merely bones and scraps of clothes all together in a long box. At least they could all rest peacefully, they didn't have anything to worry about.

"Isabella... did she have fun?"

"I suppose so, I remained long enough to see her shooting at a pack of wolves and a few vampires. Across town there were a bunch of demons partying as usual -the ones that had lingered after you closed the portal. Took care of 'em, so no concerns there and not much casualties either."

"I saved my father's life last night, a bunch of rogue were wolves fucked him up bad. Nearly killed him. They could still be out there, he never told me if he was able to gang them. I'll have to look into it." Dean said glumly, starting to walk away.

"You're trying to stay out of Lombardi's traning sessh's huh? Do you really think we just might fail? Why not try first?"

"I don't think I can."


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(Awww, I love you guys! You are my sisters and I'm very happy to have had the privilege of meeting you both. I hope we can continue on for years to come! n_n)

"I think you've had enough for today," Julian said, falling into step beside Isabella. "We'll pick up again tomorrow."

"No," Isabella protested, spitting out bloody saliva onto the earth. "I want to keep going. I'm not done yet."

"Like hell you are," Selene added, helping her to stand up straight. "You've worn yourself out. You did well today, and we've determined your strong suit is with that Baretta. Believe it or not, we've made progress."

"It's not enough. I want to keep going."

"Aleksei would throw a fit if he knew you were killing yourself on the first day. That's not smart training, Isabella. Julian was right when he said you needed to pace yourself. Strength is built over time, not acquired overnight."

Isabella wiped her forehead, caked with dirt and sweat, and spit out more blood. Her lip had been busted, and a fresh bruise was forming on her cheek right underneath her eye. She was covered in cuts and newly forming welts, mud, and there were twigs and leaves matted into her hair. There was a hole ripped in the knee of her jeans, and a large gash where she had scraped it. Indeed, these were souvenirs of how hard she was willing to push herself, but also products of her own stubbornness.

"Besides that, you're going to feel like hell when you wake up tomorrow."

"Julian!" called Lukas, running up to the appointed alpha and attempting to catch his breath when he reached him.

"What is it?"

"It's grandfather Wolfgang," he responded, his tone shaking in utter horror. "Come, quick. He's had a heart attack."


"Go, Julian," Selene agreed, taking Isabella's arm and wrapping it around her neck. "We'll be right behind you."

And with that, Julian and his packmate disappeared into the forest, becoming blurs within the trees. Selene and Isabella watched after him, exchanging perplexed glances before hobbling off toward the lake, where they would wash the blood and dirt from themselves before following Julian to his cabin.

"When did it happen?" Julian asked, his voice grave and solid as he entered through the doors of the house and kept going. He never made eye contact with his other pack members, whom had congregated on the outside of Wolfgang's bedroom and were waiting for Julian to arrive.

"This morning, while you were training with Isabella and Selene," Damian answered, his eyes cast to the ground but his expression clearly indicating his where his blame rested. "After we returned from target practice, we found him paralyzed on the ground. He hasn't woken up yet, but he's still breathing."

Julian entered through the threshold and stepped around Wolfgang's bedside. A morbid scent lingered in the air, overpowering the lavender and sage burning on his end table. His heart immediately sank, knowing there was nothing he could do now; that specific odor carried with it an inescapable fate. The order of nature was taking its place, and Wolfgang was reaching the end of his cycle- they all knew the day would come, but they didn't understand why it was so suddenly.

"Grandfather, can you hear me?" Julian murmured, his voice beginning to crack with sorrow.

The old man's eyelashes fluttered, and when they opened, a thin, white film had glazed over his once jade colored irises, now turned a pale blue. They searched around aimlessly before rolling in the direction Julian sat, though they didn't appear to be able to focus on where he really was. Tears welled up in Julian's eyes at the realization that this heart attack robbed his dear grandfather of his eyesight.

"I am here, my son," Wolfgang wheezed, reaching his hand for Julian to grasp. "Do not be sad."

"I'm not ready," Julian began, but soft sobs prevented him from finishing the rest of his sentence.

"You must be strong for your brothers and sisters, Julian," Wolfgang said, gentle but firm. "They selected you for a reason."

"But... I can't... without you..."

A tender smile curled over the lips of Wolfgang's leathery face. His wiry hair shone like threads of silver as the sun entered through the open curtains. His grin broadened at the warmth that touched his flesh, appreciative that he could still feel what he couldn't see. Then a weak chuckle rumbled out of his throat, and he squeezed his grandson's hand reassuringly. Julian bowed his head, showing respect to the superior that wouldn't be able to witness it.

"Son, you have the strength and resilience of your father, and the loving compassion and wisdom of your mother. The blood that runs through your veins is that of a leader. An alpha."

He coughed laboriously, then took a long, wheezy breath before his eyes lingered toward the ceiling. A single tear streaked his weathered cheek, making Julian become even more emotional, though he stifled his sobs. His packmates outside of the room were also growing quite sad, now coming to terms with the fact that the alpha they had confided in and trusted their entire lives would soon be gone. A soft knock at the door alerted all of them, and when Damian went to answer, he soon found that Selene and Isabella had arrived.

Wolfgang breathed in again.

"Bring Isabella to me," he ordered, and Julian did as he was told. She entered the room tentatively at first, deeply empathetic of the state he was in. "Come here, child."

She obeyed, and joined Julian in seating beside him. Wolfgang turned over and pointed a violently quivering hand at the drawer in his end table.

"I have a photograph from the day you were born," he informed her. "Take it."

Again she obeyed, and when she reached in to take hold of the photograph, she nearly suffered cardiac arrest herself. Captured within this photograph was a baby and a woman she could only assume was her mother- long, beautiful brown curls flowing around a peachy face, with eyes as blue as the clearest ocean and a smile like the sunrise. Beside the woman was another- she too had long hair, though hers was inky black and wavy, framing a delicate, olive skinned face with bright golden eyes. Isabella swallowed hard; for a moment, she reeled with confusion, because as she studied this second woman, it was almost as if she were staring at herself.

"That is your mother, Sofia," he explained. "And the woman beside her is her grandmother, Maria."

"What can you tell me about Maria, Mr. Talbot?" Isabella inquired.

"She was very special, like you. A dear comrade to all of us. We believe she was what you would call an oracle," he explained. "She had visions of the future, and they became nightmarish when you were born. She had written down a prophecy and was buried with it in Italy. Her tomb is hidden deep in a valley where the Tuscan tribe guards it."

"What is the prophecy?"

"She made me promise not to tell you, only where you could find it."

Isabella sighed. She couldn't press the man any further, for she could see he was becoming increasingly more weak with every breath he took. She clutched the picture to her chest, furrowing her brows before she looked up at Julian, whom had remained quiet during the whole conversation.

"Thank you, Mr. Talbot," Isabella said gingerly.

"Don't be afraid, child. You will know what to do when the time comes."

Wolfgang squeezed Julian's hand again, and more tears fell from his eyes. The boy was shaking madly, desperately clinging to the composure that was threatening to erupt under the weight of his sorrow. For years he had been confident in his ability to lead his brothers and sisters, but now that Wolfgang would no longer be apart of the picture, he couldn't help but feel incompetent and doubtful of his wisdom.

"I need you to promise me that you will take care of your brothers and sisters," Wolfgang said. "That you will lead them fairly and always with love. My time has come, son."

"No, grandfather, not yet..." Julian cried, clutching the dying man's hand even tighter. "Please, don't leave me yet..."

"I will never leave you, Julian. Be strong, my son. I love you...and I am so proud of you..."

The lady in black was standing near his headboard, gazing down at Wolfgang with cold blue eyes. As he breathed his last breath, she leaned over him and kissed his forehead; unbeknownst to Julian and Isabella, she took with her his spirit as her lips left his skin, leaving only his empty shell in her wake. She turned and walked through the threshold, stalking the house and weaving through the others before disappearing. The scent of death left when she did, and that's when Julian and the others finally knew that he was really gone.

Without another word, they left to prepare his grave and gather the necessary spices and oils for his burial and embalming. Isabella left Julian to mourn respectfully, joining Selene and departing with her. Julian rested his head on his grandfather's unmoving chest, crying quietly and grieving deeply. That night, their sorrowful cries would echo throughout the forest and well into the town as they honored their deceased patriarch.

Back in Sable, Isabella had decided to wander into the cemetery, where its usual mist was already accumulating. Although she was still sore from her fresh injuries, the girl parted her lips and began to sing sweetly a lullaby that she had remembered from her childhood. It was an Italian song her grandmother would sing her whenever she was sad or scared, and it always helped her to fall asleep. This time, though, Isabella would sing for the dearly departed- her father, and now Wolfgang. She appeared like an ethereal phantom, with a voice that carried like the soft crying of the wind, and just as lamenting.

She stopped when she saw Dean and Veratos.

"Oh, you're back..." she whispered, her eyes casting to the ground, suddenly mindful of her visible injuries.

The setting changes from sable to Silver Mist Forest

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At the edge of the forest where the foliage met the lips of the ocean, Julian and his brothers and sisters all gathered around a boat where the body of Wolfgang rested. On a bed of spices his carcass lay, the sweet scent of myrrh and frankencense wafting through the pine and salty sea breeze. An archer waited at the top of a cliff peak, wielding a flaming arrow that would ignite the boat as the ocean current carried it away. Julian took a deep breath, tears streaking his pale face, and kissed his grandfather good-bye once more. After watching his brothers do the same, he pushed the hand crafted boat offshore until the currrent began to pull him away on its own.

His grey eyes lifted to the archer, who prepared his bow and arrow until the boat was a few miles out to sea. Then the arrow soared and struck the boat, immediately engulfing it in growing flames. A soft sob left Julian's mouth, and he turned away, unable to watch as his grandfather turned to ashes. As the sun started to sink into the horizon, giving way to the glowing white moon, Julian ran through his congregated packmates and darted into the forest, his form already beginning to shift. The others let him go, beginning to beat their drums and play their ceremonial music in reverence to their deceased pack leader. When his feet touched the damp, brown earth of Silver Mist, he fell to his knees and roared, both in pain and fury.

The soft, but violent crackle and popping of his bones as they rearranged themselves and grew could be heard. Inky black fur erupted all over his body, and his face elongated as the moon began to rise. He roared again, tearing his clothes from his frame and crawling forward, his fingers and hands morphing into massive paws with huge ebony talons. He gagged as his vocal cords shrank back into his throat and his tongue stretched forth, robbing him of his human ability to speak and forcing him instead to communicate with animalistic noises.

When he completed the shift, he bolted through the foliage, determined to find a spot where he could mourn alone in the darkness. As he ran, he picked up the sweet scent of burning chocolate and melting marshmallows; instinctively, he changed direction and started toward it. As he came closer, he caught a familiar fragrance, something like vanilla mixed with lavender; drawing closer still, he saw the little tent, and paused for a moment, sniffing the air. A low growl gurgled in his throat as he approached the tent, the hairs on his back standing on end while he scoured the campsite for sign of its occupant.

Then he spotted Lyra, and immediately he froze, his icy, silver gaze locked on her.

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((Well I surely had fun in this, I'd say this could be the longest running role play I've been in since ever. I'm proud to say it. I hope we can all stick together for more RP's to come. )) ,

Lyra took a few deep breaths, having already come to the conclusion that she was no longer in any immediate threats by the demons, she was only beginning to pull herself together when she sensed a pressure much stronger and yet strangely familiar approach her vicinity.

"Oh look, it's wolf, so much for no one able to find you here Lyra. You know what that means right?" Katherine said drily, noticing the animal as it came to a slow pace. It's lustrous eyes on her niece, she would do anything to protect her niece, and she was there, her ghostly figure standing in between the wolf and her precious love.

"W-wolf...? Crikey Moses... I've never..." Lyra's words mixed and jumbled in her rushed way, she shrank back, edging toward the tent like it was a safe haven, like the giant dog wouldn't be able to rip through it and tear her to pieces. She stared at it, and for some reason, she didn't know what it was, but, she didn't feel so terrified. Her gaze engulfed the beautiful creature, so majestic and fierce, and his aura -how could she mistaken it? The "pull" she felt, his presence tugged through her, reaching her soul.


But how could that be? Well, who else could she name have the same spiritual pressure as he? No one for that matter, so it wasn't possible that the wolf before her was also the young man she had met earlier? Was this what his old codger was going on about, him becoming an "alpha" for... a pack of wolves? They were werewolves? She felt her skin crawling with absolute fear, she has had her reads on their kind and knew too well on what happens when they shift -they're more animalistic, running on primal instincts and dropping their humanistic morals as they do when they shed their clothes. This was not going to end well and running would only worsen things, she was now his human death wish. Perfect.

I never thought of myself dying at the jowls of a wolf, really...this is just....this is just... Maddening!

It was a wonder how she could even think clearly when her body was literally trembling with horror. She was gonna die, that was definite, and there was nothing she could do about it. Sure she could wipe out a class room of demons in a snap, but that was because they were in their spiritual state, there was a chant for that -however that wasn't the case for physical, wild were wolves, it was much different, there was no chant for this, not that she was aware of anyways. Basically, she was screwed.

"Lyra, stand up, move very slowly and climb up that tree, try to get to the highest branch and stay up there," Katherine instructed in a hiss, her gaze never drifted from the wolf who's attention remained on Lyra, like a hawk capturing its prey with its eyes alone. Frightening.

"What are you gonna do?" Lyra whispered back, snapping to action, she reached for a stone the size of her clenched fist, so that she could throw it and maybe even distract the wolf with it while she made an escape for it. Slowly, but deliberately, she shifted herself on the ground, mindful of her surroundings, being sure not to get too close to the fire, maneuvering in a half-circle around the tent, giving up on her idea of hiding in it.

"Don't worry about me, I'm already dead, it can't kill me twice, go!"
"I am, be careful."

Katherine frowned a little, "I should be saying that to you sweet heart."

Lyra was half way there, moving at a snail's pace, that felt excruciatingly long to her heightened nerves, she kept glancing from her aunt to the wolf and back, then deciding she could just run to her tree she rose her rock hand, and chucked it, aiming for a spot behind the wolf. The stone made a good amount of wanted noise, rustling a bush. She was thinking it would glance back to inspect for any intruder while she shot to her feet and ran the rest of the way to her tree. that she did, only to encounter a newer, more dreadful problem.

"What's taking you?" Katherine snapped, moving herself to block the animal from reaching Lyra, if it had reacted to the distration or not wasn't the real concern here.

Lyra hopped a bunch of times, but the lowest branch was just out of her reach. "I can't climb trees Kat!"

"Then get to another, quick!"

The medium ran to another tree, but the same problem laughed down at her, these trees weren't like the ones back home, they were immensely tall and she was ridiculously short. What was she going to do, run screaming through the woods and attract more hungry wolves to feat on her? Fat chance. She had to try and survive, so focusing on that while keeping a tight hold on herself so that she wouldn't fall into hysteric fits and really lose it, she slowly made her way to the fire she had going on, reached down to pick up a thick piece of branch and with its burning tip she held it out before her, swinging it out horizontally like a sword. Not wildly, rather in a threatening gesture, "I know this isn't silver, but fire does burn, so… So stay away from me!"