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The Arcangel

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a character in “The Promise Made”, as played by Angel-Chii

So begins...

Raphael's Story


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Michael placed his cup of tea on the coffee table, and was just about to follow Selene out when he heard the pureblood founder ask Isabella just what her take on the situation was, while also expressing his fear of loosing her to a lost cause. Watching her for a moment, then glanced outside at sensing the hunter's apprehension. Sticking himself half way out the window, the vampire looked around, seeing nothing else but the other hunters keeping watch, he shrugged, then saw Dean, still as a statue, keeping guard like a knight.

"Have some tea, don't just keep standing there," Michael smiled cheerfully and beckoned the hunter encouragingly with a gesture.


Assaciel found herself among enemies, not uncommon for the angel. What was uncommon was that the "enemy" was once a great comrade, someone she thought she could confide in. So much for that. Inspecting the circle of flames around her, she wondered where the angel had acquired the Holy Oil used to trap her, such a rare substance. The last place she knew were to get it was somewhere in Jerusalem. As it was, the ignited oil's flames trapped her within its circumference, it also worked for Arcangels. She knew well what this meant. Behind the man in the suit, men stood, soldiers to him, some in casual wear, others not so much. But they weren't human, at least not in that sense, they served as vessels too, the one leading them, was a male angel, Raphael.

An Arcangel.

"Assaciel, you're looking rather 'young' what brings you here?" Raphael was definitely mocking her choice of vessel, and making it a question, as if he hadn't summoned her from whatever stupidity she was about to do. A smug smile slithered across his lips like a venomous snake, and his coal black eyes sparkled with sheer amusement at his "catch", he was enjoying this.

The heavy smell of sulfur hung in the air like a cloud of dust, staining the walls of the abandoned store they were situated in. Bodies lay lifeless about them all, the empty black of their eyes telling her they had been puppets for demons. Pitiful. Had Raphael done this to them? She wondered what they had been up to, something the hunter would have to know. Just as soon as she got out of this mess. "You're working with them aren't you?" Assaciel replied, ignoring his curiosity, "how can you do that Raphael? Those vampires want to destroy the world's order, take over man-kind. You're going to allow that to happen?" She shouldn't have sounded so shocked, but she was.

The man nodded, "It's not my choice, rather, it was His. The moment he turned his back, it has all been chaos. Didn't you know? God's missing. We have no clue where he's gone and well, without anyone to take the reins on control, it's been a crazy battle up there. I'm looking forward to the Apocalypse," the man declared almost too happy, "and those vampires are just apart of it all, now, you're becoming a hindrance, and we are going to put you to an end. Right now."

The Arcangel stepped back, and he signaled his Garrison to do take it from here with a nod of his head. They all gathered around the angel, closing in on her.

"Unless," Raphael said suddenly, as if thoughtful, his voice the pause on the other angels assault, "that is, you join me, you would be an excellent asset on my team Assaciel. I could use your skills." Then his dark eyes locked with hers, "you were instructed with a Heavenly Weapon, where is it now Assaciel?"

Assaciel glared at the man in the suit, whatever he was planning, she knew it wouldn't come to be. It just couldn't. That's when she noticed something, something that could get her out of this predicament, up above were sprinklers. If she could activate them, the water would put out the fire cage and set her free.

The question was how?

At his question she shook her head with a smile, "So this is what you're on about isn't it Raphael? You're gathering the Heavenly Weapons for your own use, it's too bad. I'm not going to reveal anything to you. Such wasted effort."

"If you won't cooperate, I'll just have to end you as I already have with the others that refused to."

Raphael had already killed other angels?!

Assaciel closed her eyes and thought of her life so far since she had manifested on this world, she had a job to do and by God she was going to do it. Flickering her fingers, she tapped into her powers, which she was surprised to find that were still accessible despite the angel trap, and sent a small amount of flames toward the sprinkler. Immediately setting them off, and the instant the water rained down on the circle of fire around her and put out the trap, she disappeared.

Raphael's amused expression took no change, "I can already guess where that weapon must be. We will meet again Assaciel." he intoned, just before turning away, and he too vanished.