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William St. Claude

An endearing and tormented ghost of a man who was once hopelessly in love.

0 · 178 views · located in Silver Mist Forest

a character in “The Promise Made”, originally authored by Himekura, as played by St.Valentine

So begins...

William St. Claude's Story


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The evanescent form that lingered near Isabella crept just a bit closer, now materializing as a man, though the girl did not notice him. A handsome, prominent face with yearning dark eyes gazed at her in such utter wonder, it was as if he were looking at his bride. His pretty lips moved, though no sound came out, and it appeared that if any had, he might be stuttering and at a loss for words. A long arm reached for her, gentle fingers begging to touch the warmth of her face, though his translucent touch would not allow it.

"M-Maria...?" he whispered, his voice cracking in agony. "Maria, my love...can it...can it be?"

A twig snapped where Dean had set his foot, alerting the girl of his presence and thus causing her to instinctively shift her attention in his direction. Although the gorgeous apparition stood between her and Dean, Isabella could see nothing of his existence, in all of its grandeur. He seemed young, perhaps about 21, and dressed with the distinguished poise of a Victorian era gentleman. The pain in his voidlike eyes heightened when he realized that Isabella could not acknowledge him, and it even appeared that he might cry. However, when Dean and his new stalker began conversing, he stepped away, retreating into the long, sheltering branches of the willow tree beside her.

Isabella rolled her eyes. Not even in the middle of the night at an empty graveyard could she happen upon a time of peace and quiet. She took the rose and abandoned it on the grave before she stood and began to walk away without so much as a glance at the quarreling hunters. She didn't get very far before Vera's necklace exploded into a brilliant little showcase of lights, which Isabella gazed at with a mixture of horror and awe. She looked at Dean, immediately feeling threatened, then backed away into the mist. It continued to grow thicker and obscured the surroundings even heavier. Even Isabella's hair blended into the shadows, leaving nothing but her warm golden eyes in sight.

She looked at the envelope still clutched tightly in her hand, and as she inspected the calligraphic handwriting, a gentle hiss could be heard from behind the mausoleum. She turned and saw the outline of a young man, who, as she stepped nearer, saw was their age. His eyes were an almost supernatural tone of yellow, and the swell of his lips gave him the face of Adonis. His hair was dark and long, though combed very elegantly, and he wore nice looking clothing. He didn't seem American, just by the way he carried himself and his attire. With a nod of his head and a welcoming smile, he gestured for Isabella to come near. A perfectly timed clang of metal hitting the earth snapped her attention back to the hunters, and when she looked for the boy near the mausoleum, he was gone.

"I have had it with the weirdness," she muttered, walking past the two to get to the iron gate. "I'll see you later, Dean. Goodnight."

And with that, she began her trek back home, fading into the mist.


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The hunter breezed through the woods, finding the trails all too familiar and soon enough he was at the school where he found his parked ride. After dumping the giant blade in the back, he reached for a duffle bag, unzipped it and rifled through to find a decent shirt to change into -that being the only thing he had the time for. No one was around to see him do this, and he worked fast enough to return back into the car after shrugging back into his jacket, revved the engine and shot out of there. Shortly after, he parked her illegally by a hydrant, got out and was hitting the rolling hills of the cemetery, with its stone angels and heavy presence of dead, dead, everywhere reminding him of his encounter with her again, like a wound reopening. He would begin to slow his walk as his sights zeroed in on the ebony haired, golden eyed girl that no matter how much he pushed away from her, always reappeared into his life. Not that he wanted her "gone" he just feared that in having her close would put her in danger. Maybe he was the monster magnet? No time for doubts or worries now, he had to keep his mind sharp and stay focused. You never know when a zombie could suddenly rise from the ground and come snapping for fresh blood.

Hesitating at hailng distance beneath another tree, just close enough to keep an eye on her without gaining unwanted attention he leaned against the rough bark, liking the feel of it against his spine. Like Avalon said, let her have her moment of peace. She was up in a tree, that was unusual, but what was usual was her eyes glued to a book, he wondered what new novel it could be this time. If she were to look up, and search a bit, she just may be able to recognize him standing beneath the cool shade of a tree, with his arms crossed over his broad chest, his expression hidden beneath the shadows of the autumn foliage above, his clothing the same as he had yesterday, jeans wrinkled, cut up, stained with splotches of old blood as black as her shiny locks, though a new black v-neck tee, his boots caked in mud he really needed to change the rest of his clothes, make that, take a shower, but he didn't give a sh-t for that at the moment.

She wouldn't really though since he wasn't calling for her or anything like that, knowing her she would never even notice him there. He wasn't planning on having her to, but in case she did, he would face her with her millions of questions he knew she would hurl at him soon enough.

Speaking of interrogations, he had yet to revisit that oh so touchy topic about her "plans" for taking on the pureblood italians. Whatever that meant, she could have the most cleverest one of them all, but these fang faces, as Zev -what was his name again? would call them, they just may be one step ahead of her. What if she wouldn't tell him and decided to go along with it, and must he even think of it -fail?

And died trying to win?

Clenching his teeth, a dark look hardened his already intense features, he didn't want to think about that, as a hunter he had to protect the innocent, as he had thought so hundreds of times before, like a mantra on repeat in his head. He knew what he had to do, but it would gain her complete hatred of him. If ever she trusted him, she may never do so again, and even so, if it could be enough to keep her alive, there was no doubt about it that he would go ahead with it. Push that button. Not looking back.

There was a new sight, a ghost roaming about, he almost missed it, when he had lowered his gaze to view the head stones, some glittering with silver headings, he saw it. A man, one that was dressed in a style of the late century, looking all mordant and sorrowful. Hovering about like a misguided -ghost. Why was it here and not haunting a school or was it haunting Isabella? It was closest to the head stone that Isabella had been at. If this one turned out to be a nuisance, it would have to be dealt with, though presently it looked pretty calm. Not attacking. Yet. Dean would keep his radar on that one high.


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Isabella's golden eyes danced along each page her grandmother had so carefully scribbled on. She shared the same rushed, hardly-legible chicken scratch handwriting that her grandmother had, and that was enough to crack a smile on the poor girl. She took comfort in knowing that although she was plagued by creatures of the supernatural, she lived a fairly normal teenage life until that point, and handled all adversity with a level head like Isabella was currently doing. She was happy to find that the same courage and strong mindset was passed on to Isabella- it made her feel a little safer, knowing what she was capable of overcoming.

October 31st, 1950

Diary, I think I've fallen in love. I've spent the past five years traveling from Italy to America and back again, next to my mother and her friend Aleksei. He is the most charming, chivalrous, best looking man I've ever seen- even if he's a vampire. He tells me wonderful stories about all the adventures he has ever had in his lifetime: from masquerading with royals, affairs with princesses, running with werewolves, battling demons with angels as comrades... he's even met a mermaid! He makes me feel so safe, and I know he cares deeply for me. Luke doesn't seem to like him much (and by the way, did I mention Lucius is actually a renowned vampire hunter?) but I know he'll come around once he sees how trustworthy Alek is.

In my travels to Italy, I was introduced to a very mysterious man named Adacio. Our meeting was brief, but I noticed he and my mother seem to be quite close. I'm not sure how I feel about this. The man is attractive, and according to Alek he is also goodnatured and has a kind heart, which is supposedly a rarity among his bloodline. He treats my mother with more respect and reverance than my father ever did, and I can tell it makes her very happy. I just don't know, though. Something about him is off, and I know Alek knows more than he's willing to share about him. I mean, this guy could be the spawn of Satan for all I know!

But anyway, Alek is taking me to a masquerade tonight! That's where I plan on making my move. Who knows if he'll be receptive? A girl can only hope...

Isabella stopped there, her mouth curled into a bare-toothed grin. She couldn't help but begin to laugh. Even her wise grandmother had her share of childish infatuations! Even more hilarious is the fact that she had fallen in love with Aleksei, of all people! She made a mental note of inquiring more about this when she spoke to him later. Had he felt the same way? And where was Mina through all of this? So many questions were spawning in her curious little mind that she could hardly keep track of them all. Nevertheless, she continued in her laughter, which echoed through the cemetery like the sweet sound of a bell. It shattered the silence, though nothing was returned.

As William watched her from his stance beneath the tree, he smiled at her lovingly. She even shared his precious Maria's laugh. It had to be her, he was sure of it; there was the same fire in her eyes, the same joy in her giggling; she even carried herself with the same brand of strength and favored being alone. From underneath the branch she lounged so comfortably on, he observed her, wishing with all his strength that she would notice him, but he knew it would never come to pass. He sighed, looking away for a moment and then noticing Dean, hiding within the protection of another tree, watching the girl closely. A pang of jealousy ignited within the spectre, though he knew how foolish it was. He couldn't help that a century's worth of stifled emotions were awakened when he was near the Italian girl.

At the same time, Isabella felt a familiar warmth in her heart. It started to beat a little faster, and at an awkward pace, something she knew only happened when Dean was around. Her smile deepened as she studied the cover of her grandmother's journal, then the pearl bracelet around her wrist. A gentle chuckle escaped her nostrils, but she didn't turn her head to acknowledge the boy.

"I know you're there," Isabella called out to him, leaning back against the tree and letting her hair fall over her shoulders. "I'm safe here, you know."

That's when she turned to peer through the leaves of the willow, though they obscured him from her sight. She then swung her leg over the branch and plopped gracefully to the ground, wavering a bit only when her feet disturbed the soggy earth. She brushed away the sheltering leaves to gaze in his direction, though she wasn't sure where that was- only that he was near, because she could feel his presence as if they were indeed hardwired to each other.

The setting changes from sable-cemetery to Silver Mist Forest

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{I'm so sorry, Angel! For some reason it didn't show me that you had posted, so I was here waiting for your response for like a week haha}

"Do not be wary of him, woman," came the soothing voice of a particular apparition, whom had suddenly appeared beside Katherine, still tarrying over her niece whom was nursing Julian back to health. "The boy is a kind soul."

His translucent form materialized against the accumulating mist as if the fog is what he was composed of. He had the youthful and handsome features of a man in his early twenties, though he was dressed as though he were living during the era of Queen Victoria's reign. He watched the young couple indifferently, then shifted his gaze to the woman, who emanated a slight jealous rage over the girl.

Julian rested soundlessly inside the tent, bundled up in Lyra's sleeping bag beside a bunch of chocolate and sugary water drinks. His lashes twitched and weakly he stirred, regaining consciousness gradually until his pupils finally were able to properly focus on his surroundings. His eyelids parted to reveal his silvery irises, which shifted around the little tent in slight confusion before falling upon Lyra. For a moment despite his agony and tired confusion, he watched her warmly, but then at realizing he was naked and inside her tent, his eyes widened and he jumped a little, though recoiled immediately.

"What...what's goin' on...?" he muttered, cradling his head, which had suffered a massive blow, and touching the bandages around his torn neck.

Welts and dark bruises began to form on his ribcage, which he was certain he had cracked a few, and then he opened the sleeping bag just enough to where he could see the deep bite marks on his calf. He winced in pain, falling back against the ground and groaning softly before he closed his eyes.

"Why did you bring me here?" he asked. "What did you see, Lyra?"

He avoided her light eyed gaze, unsure of how to explain what she had just witnessed, and also uncertain of how he felt about it. Here he was, naked inside her tent, bound up and bandaged crudely while his packmates were off killing some rogue wolves that had appeared out of nowhere. Were they the ones that his grandfather had mentioned before he passed? The ones that were responsible for claming numerous lives and leaving chaos and destruction in their wake, risking the exposure of his family in consequence to their recklessness?

The world was spinning crazily, too quickly for wounded Julian to comprehend. He was of no use in the state that he was in; he could hardly even stand. How was he going to explain this to little human Lyra, who probably viewed him as nothing more than a wild beastly monster now. What would she think of him, having seen the extent of the curse that plagued his family?

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Lyra couldn't formulate the right words to say, if any at all. She was still trying to wrap her mind about this, about all of it. Sure she could accept the fact that vampires and ghosts were more real than fiction, but there were also were-wolves too? What the fahk? She remained still, hugging her knees to her chest as the boy that was once a furry, feral, and dangerous wolf, now a normal looking bloke, stirred and reacted at finding himself in her tent.

"You...You were hurt..." she managed to let out slowly, her eyes staring at him warily in case he suddenly changed into a giant dog again. At the other question, she felt a lump form in her throat, her eyes burning with unshed tears and fear tearing into her little chest, she looked away, toward the fire and tried to keep herself still. She was shivering, but it wasn't because she was cold. Being near him she felt warmth, almost like what Bella mch she could do ust have felt when she was around Jacob, the thought of which made her smile a tiny bit. Twilight, she wondered if that story was real.

Katherine watched the girl she sighed knowing there was nothing much she could do to change anything.

"How do you know he's harmless? How do you know he won't snap and eat Lyra?" she demanded at the spirit that had formed beside her now. She didn't glance at him, her sights were stuck on her niece like glue, her concern and fear too great for her to ever look away. What would happen if that bloody heathen were to try and attack her precious niece? She would be ruined that's what! She would forever haunt that boy until he was driven mad with guilt and repentance for his sins. One that even in death she would never forgive.

Lyra catches the glimpse of her aunt and of the other spiritual presense beside her, she remembered how terrible she had felt when she couldn't help her before. It reminded her of what Julian had done for her, his care and gentleness, his willingness to let her into his home despite her being a stranger, despite his old grandfather's disagreeing. She turned her attention to the boy that had some how slithered out of the sleeping bag, she sucked her teeth as she uncolied herself and crawled toward him.

"Hey," she whispered, surprised at how calm she sounded, she placed gentle hands on his shoulder and arm, trying to lead him back into the warmth and cover of the sleeping bag. "Stop moving or you'll open your wounds, you're not going to cause me more trouble by doing that are you? Listen to me bloak."

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Lyra edged away from Julian as his conversations with his pack-mates took a much darker turn. They had managed to capture and keep alive one of the rogue wolves, and were going to resort to physical abusive tactics to get whatever they wanted out of him. A part of her felt sorrow for the poor dog, but in a sense she wanted justice to be served, if it hadn't been for Julian or his crew, that very captured wolf would have torn her to shreads along with the others that were now dead meat. She stared up at Julian right after he'd given the order which she was damned well sure the others were going to obey like the group of dog's body that they were (gofers). Couldn't he leave the captured enemy to be dealt with by the Bobbies? (Police Officials). She was shocked that he would be so cruel, such a git. It scared her even to think how he would punish her if ever she got on his aggro side. At his movements, she watched silently, looks like he was getting ready to go -probably to infilict the punition himself. Then he mentioned Salvatore and she immidiately thought of Dean. The last she'd seen of him, he was with Isabella, she hoped they were hunkey-dory.

Then Julian was staring at her.

"You're going to take this matter into your own hands? Isn't that illegal?" she whispered shakily, wanting nothing more than to be far away from this wolf boy, she then shrugged feeling rather hopeless, "Oh well, it's horses for courses I suppose..." tears stung at her eyes, she was more frightened than she could ever remember feeling, and she wished she were dreaming. Maybe she could wake up to a world were Julian was a normal chap and she a normal non-medium chapess. Maybe life would be far more simpler and less dangerous. Currently she was stuck with him, at first he seemed like a fit bloke, but now that she knew what he was, he might end up killing her for knowing his secret. Or that could be her brit wild side creeping in and jumping to conclusions. Perhaps he hasn't gone barmy as she thought, maybe this was how these yanks handled things here. It was best that she not say anything and get to the program. Though now that she thought of it, it was almost like he was more ashamed of her knowing what he was rather than brassed off with her. He never really met her eyes when he looked at her and he was far too weak to put up much of a fight. But she was also too afraid to try and make a run for it with his wolf mates out there tying up the beastly wolf they had seized.

Staring at his eyes she grit her teeth, he was serious about this it seemed, "You have a lotta bottle, I guess it comes with being the alpha of your pack right?" She didn't know what she was doing, but she figured that maybe in talking to him it could change his mind over possibly killing her. While she figured out a way to escape with her wits.

Katherine watched as the events unfolded before her, sure she was surprised that they all decided to turn him in to their leader rather than take him to the Bill (police) but since they were all not exactly human, and their captured prey was just like them,she came to the conclusion that they all had their own set rules to go by. She wondered how Lyra was handling this, knowing her, not well.

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St. Valentine wrote:
"Aleksei?" Isabella called softly, searching for him when she turned to see if he was following. "Aleksei? Where are you?"

Her voice was so small and shaken it sounded akin to a child calling for its mother. Her eyes became glossy when she realized that he had long disappeared, watching as Dean returned without him and joined them as they made their way toward the forest where Isabella's house had once been. Selene nudged her forward, urging her not to waste time looking for the pureblood that had vanished for a good reason that he obviously did not wish for the Italian girl to know. She continued on reluctantly, looking over her shoulder in search of him repeatedly until they left the cemetery.

When they reached the forest, Isabella was horrified at the carnage strewn about the foliage. The earth had been torn apart in several places; some trees had been snapped in half, and there was blood and fur all over the place. They reached the tent, and she could see the familiar silhouette of Lyra's bouncy hair, as well as Julian resting beside her. Instinctively, she ran toward the campsite, barely able to contain herself.

"Lyra?!" she cried out, on the brink of hysteria. "Are you in there??"

She whipped open the tent to find Julian beneath the sleeping bag, naked and bruised, and Lyra with her arms curled around her knees next to him. Their source of energy and protein were chocolate bars and sugary energy drinks, marshmallows and graham crackers- Isabella's horror intensified. Immediately, she dove into the tent and embraced her friend, relieved beyond measure to find that the girl had not been harmed.

"Oh my god, Lyra, I thought you had been hurt or killed! What on earth are you doing in a tent?!"

Julian stirred beside them, trying his best to sit up on his elbows and acknowledge the Italian girl that had just knocked his bandaged and injured foot when she leapt into the little tent. His grey eyes watched the pair interact, though he was biting down on his lip to keep from howling with the pain that surged the span of his limb. At that same moment, Lukas appeared with a bundle of Julian's clothes, which he put on before he was helped to stand and exit the tent.

"The Salvatore boy has arrived," Lukas informed his alpha, who was struggling to stand upright as he shifted his weight onto a tree for support. "He wishes to speak with the rogue alone. We figure the hunter will do better to get some information out of him."

"Does he know?" Julian asked.


"Take me to him."

Bound at his post, Botolf slumped over, staring viciously at the ground with the one eye that hadn't been swollen shut. Blood oozed out of his wounds and dripped from his broken nose and busted lip. Sweat had slicked his skin and dirt was caked on it, turning gradually into mud, while his hair had been cut off and only a few patches had remained. He didn't look up when the hybrid hunter arrived, though a smirk did curl over his split lip, and a weak, pained laugh erupted from his throat as Dean cocked his weapon.

"Go ahead and shoot me, hybrid," Botolf spat. "I will take the secrets of my alpha to the grave, and you will only be making it easier."

His one good eye, the color of a ring of purified brass, feral and inhumane, lazily lingered up to meet Dean's furious gaze. The rogue's smirk widened, revealing several missing teeth, which the other wolves had crushed when trying to get him to talk. Bloody saliva dripped from the side of his mouth, adding to his barbaric visage, then he cackled wildly.

"You will never see them coming."

"Actually you'd be a waste of a perfectly good bullet," Dean retorted back even putting the pistol away for emphasis. Listening to the captured man talk he was coming to the conclusion that he was an insane catch and there was no real way to deal with him, unless he wanted to be dragged down to his level and beaten by his own craziness. He was not going there. Whoever sent him was no longer the concern here, rather whom he spoke of. The hunter was only aware of one group that surely wanted Isabella so far, the Italian vampires. Now if there were a whole other group of big bad that wanted her too, well, it would be wise to know at least who they were. Nothing else mattered, when they were coming didn't matter. He would be prepared for it.

"So we're getting a surprise visit from 'them' huh? Wow, I didn't even have to touch you to get that out. Progress." Dean noted aloud smiling back at the deranged fellow. Poor dude, it's like he had nothing better to do than prey on weak people, he couldn't blame being a wolf for that, his changing had nothing to do with his insanity. Shaking his head, the hunter leaned back on his heals, looking the other up and down, maybe all this was just an act, perhaps his mind running on half-charge since he thought he was a gonner. "Hey Botolf, tell me something, why are you in this? I mean, what's in it for you? Do you have any idea what you're dealing with here? Did some one in a dark cloak approach you and promise you power or something? Because I'm not gonna believe that coincidence crap that you just happened to trail all the way out of Carolina to a much smaller, less populated ol' Sable town for no reason than hiding out in the woods and preying on defenseless, innocent people, only to get caught by these guys," he hooked a thumb over his shoulder to the pack of wolves across from them. Staring into that sickeningly yellow eye, Dean drew toward him, closer, then reached out and touched his forehead, all traces of his severe beating on his face, and head shaving vanished, like a cool breeze, and that was it, he only healed Botolf's head and facial injuries, not him entirely, "Let's make a deal, you tell me what I want to know, I help you out, see, unlike some people, I don't harm humans, I protect them," he let his fingers trail down the fully healed man's face, to grip at his jaw, now he could glare into both Botolf's eyes without missing a beat, "you could be the most terrifyingly, ugliest, monster on the face of the earth, but that doesn't define you. It's what you do with what you've got that makes you who you are. And right now, you're just an animal, still hangin' on a thin thread between being human and being a beast."

Yup, the hunter believed in second chances, but only for those who deserved it. This man could be saved, maybe he was going on the convictions that being an animal was the only way to go. Maybe that's how his alpha ran things and since he had no one else to follow, went with it. If he had been human, he must have remembered what it was like to be one right? To have a life? Why was he even trying to save this guy? It was beyond the hunter, but that was just his ways, in a sense he could see himself in Botolf's eyes. See himself lost. See himself hiding behind the mask of the beast roiling inside, given up on everything and slowly loosing his humanity. Most were wolves even forget how to change back, or choose not to voluntarily, instead live the rest of their existence as the animal they've become. Either that would be this man's fate, or he would die here. But nothing was ever certain.

"Who's coming over? Give me a name, it's as simple as that, you're making this more difficult than it has to be," Dean said calmly, loosening his grip on the man's face to let him speak. "I really don't think you have any other options here, these guys aren't gonna stop pummeling you, and you're not going anywhere. You're all alone, your buddies, they're all dead. That includes your leader, you're no longer bound by his will don't you get it? You're fucking free, you do whatever the hell you want now. Do you really wish to keep that secret so bad? You're screwing yourself over if you'd rather accept a bullet than anything else. I just want to know who we're up against, that's all, I don't want to know about your alpha or the fun times you've had with him." His eyes stared unwavering at the man, almost seeming to glow a bright blue, his countenance a mixture of hope and integrity, "You're still human at the end of the day, and right now, a lonely one. Think about it."

Veratos watched the hunter not surprised as he conversed with the enemy, why was he trying to humanize the son of a bitch was something that made Dean totally weird -but it was that simple fact that would always draw her in. It was in his prerogative to try and "reach" to those he thought he could save or whatever. Except this dude, he was just a waste of their time. It was touching, the futile attempt Dean was making, but it would be a grave disappointment on his part if he walked away with nothing. Which would not change a damn thing, he just wasn't the type of guy to give up. Ever. She glanced back at Selene wondering if she was getting this, it was almost sad and it would be a fact of life Dean would have the most trouble swallowing: Not everyone could be saved.

Aleksei's wolf, lingered near the tent, seating itself on the earth, it's carnelian eyes watchful to its surroundings while his charge interrelated with the the other human girl inside. It's ears twitched at every slightest sound made by the others around him, and knowing they were created by the other humans he didn't need to look at them. He was however mindful of anything that would make a new sound, or try to pop out and attack them. A new fear though was beginning to grow within him, the Italian vampires were no longer their main threat, perhaps there were others out there that have found out about the Lombardi's secret, and would come to covet her. Was this the secret that the captured were wolf Botolf was concealing? Knowledge of more assaults after Isabella?

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"I'm sure she will, keep up the work guys," Dean replied, saluting them as he then went off in pursuit of Lombardi, she seemed to like wondering off on her own as if her life weren't in danger. Just like him, acting like a carefree teenager, something that couldn't be helped. He wouldn't tell the girl how to live her life, he wasn't her father, but that didn't mean he would also stand by and watch her put herself in danger, she's already shown him what she was capable of. Twice and how she was rolling it, was not good looking. She needed to take extra precaution and that's where he came in.

As he neared the girl's the hunter could pick up on what Isabella was saying, she was trying to convince her pal to "join them" and stick together. What the hell was her problem? They didn't need the Brit, she would just be another life they had to worry about. She was not apart of their case, involving her would only put her in jeopardy, she'd be used against them, knowing these Italian vamps they wouldn't think twice about it. Isabella did not know a thing about 'knowing thy enemy' she was still innocent and fragile and not thinking ahead. And if Lyra was stupid enough to not value her life, she would agree and join them anyways.

Acknowledging Selene's irritated glare, Vera nodded at her, agreeing, "She's quite the treat." Vera purred, with a hint of a smile, she then took the cue that it was time to go at Dean's leaving. She signaled the huntress with a simple hand wave to let it be and move on, before getting into the path following after the hunter as he lead the way.

The wolf was seated right at Isabella's left, only stopping when she did to address the Brit girl who showed how clearly she wanted nothing to do with any of them in her retreat. Would Isabella be able to draw her in? That wasn't even a question, for how could anyone ever say no to such a sweet face?

"I'm gonna have to stop you right there," The hunter crossed towards them, separated his client from her pal, looked from one to the other before continuing, "see I was told to watch and protect you, not your BFF. Isabella you'll be putting Lyra in danger if she's around us. I'm not gonna sugar-coat this for you, you know what happens to the people we care about, they're targeted. Do you want your father's fate to be hers as well?" then he addressed Lyra in the same manner, "we can't afford another life getting swept up in this, I'm sure you already understand the situation here, do I need to tell you what that means?"

"He has a point there Brit, anyone that hangs around us knows what they're up against, know that at any moment they could get killed, what he's trying to do is protect you. I advise you listen and go on your way home to your parents." Vera added, turning after a moment to see if the rest of their group followed them here. It was true, they were a unit and they had to cooperate as one, stay strong and handle this in a uniform and professional manner. Any slip ups and it could be over, they needed their best assets, not another person that was as defenseless as a little kitten. They didn't have time for it or much anything to maintain it.

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Looking up into the sky, Lyra could see that the air was clear, the moon shining full and bright and it was enough to make her tear up. She had once recalled a moment when she had been told by her travelling father that when he was away and night came, he would look up at the moon, which would be the same moon that she would look up to and know that in doing so it would be something the two shared. They lived beneath the same moon and were together even when they were apart, she wondered if he was watching her now from his home in Heaven, could he see her watching the moon now as she did? Maybe even in death he would always watch out for her, for that she hoped for.

"I will always be here for you Ly, don't forget that ever. I will not leave until I see to it that you are at peace in your heart," Katherine whispered, gently bringing her back to herself, she didn't like the sadness that weighed on her niece's heart like a heavy London fog. It made her feel like she wasn't doing enough for her. Would it ever be enough?

"LYRA!" Isabella called, her voice resonating through the forest. "Lyra, stop!"

She reached the girl, and caught her by the arm breathlessly. She had been running for a little while and was growing quite weary chasing her around. She doubled over, supporting herself with her hands on her knees and huffing for a few moments. Behind her, William materialized for the first time in a couple hours, watching the girl closely. He then shifted his gaze to Katherine as she stood near her niece, always guarding her to the best of her ability.

Lyra's eyes widened with utter surprise, before she smiled and settled her features to those of normalcy, this was Isabella here, not anything else. She felt William's presence and for a split second her eyes flickered to his spirit just before snapping back at the ebony haired girl she so dearly cared about as she did her.

"Won't you please stop running away? Look, with all that's been going on- demons, vampires, rogue werewolves and monsters- it's really not the smartest idea to go running around on your own. I mean, look what happened just now- if Julian hadn't been there, you could've easily been dinner for Botolf."

She let go of her friend's hand and stopped huffing and puffing. She stood upright and looked her dead in the eyes. She was just as stubborn as the Brit- she'd argue with her all night if she had to.

"My parents aren't in the picture anymore. My dad is dead, my mom is in Italy, and my house was burned to the ground. Now I've come to realize that the only way I can stay alive is to cooperate with my teammates," Isabella continued. "That's what we are. A team. None of us have parents to depend on anymore. Dean's dad was almost killed, Selene and Vera are all by themselves, and Julian's grandfather died this morning. We're all in a pretty similar boat, and the only people we have to rely on is each other."

She offered Lyra her hand.

"We all care about you. And we are all working to keep each other safe. We can't do that if you go off and get yourself killed all alone."

William's eyes glittered at the sound of Isabella's compassion. It mirrored that which Maria had possessed; his heart became extremely heavy, and although he was incapable of shedding tears, he was at a loss for words.

"The girl is right, woman," he told Katherine. "And you know it would ease your soul if she could rest among guardians that care for her almost as much as you do."

"Just come with us, Lyra. I'm sure Aleksei had better food to eat than a damn chocolate bar."

Julian's grandfather died? When? That was most dreadful and she felt sorry for him, wished she could console him even. And what was this? All that terrible mess fell around Isabella, all in one day? What the fahk was going on here? Why had she felt such a dark and heavy vibe emanate from the girl she knew was blessed? It almost scared her to think that there were people out there that wanted the girl to be subject to danger and uncertainty.

"Isabella…" she was beginning to say just as the hunter came in and further drew the two apart. He went on to explain why he did so, it was in order to keep her safe. And for that she would forever be grateful, it was like he was looking into her soul and reading out exactly what she wanted: nothing to do with this crap. She loved Isabella but she wasn't going involve herself in her life only to be in everyone's way. She was not going through that again, she would rather be alone.

Then the other lady, whom Lyra had never met before agreed and added that the girl keep on going straight home.

"Right, home, that's where I'm going." she said, smiling gently but not meaning any of it. Unless by home she could stay at a motel until she got a job and was able to hold her own in a small duplex perhaps. One step closer to-

"What home, Lyra you know you don't have one!" Katherine snapped, eliciting a flinch from the tired, British girl who'd snapped her eyes up to glare at her spirit. She could see the fire in her aunt's eyes, the gravity of her expression and knew that she had reached her limit, she was sure brassed off with her.

"So, I'll see you later Isabella, be safe-"

"No Lyra don't do that again!" Katherine yelled, gripping at her shoulder, stopping her from turning away again, making that mistake again. Yes she wanted to stop leaning against others, but now wasn't the time for that, she had to accept their help, or at least the help Isabella was promising.

Lyra stiffened at the icy chill crawling across her skin, Kat looked serious and wasn't about to let her have it her way, not this time. Shaking her head she pulled away and continued to walk, "they clearly have other plans and no room for me Katherine, let it go." she whispered, hoping they wouldn't hear her mumbling to herself as she inched away from them.

Katherine's spirit sizzled as she followed her niece, try as she might she couldn't really convince the girl otherwise, she kept walking away, "And you're going to let that stop you from getting the help you need? Are you that mad? Listen to Isabella for once in your life, you are not on your tod! She is there for you, why can't you-"

She was interrupted when the girl suddenly hesitated, looking up, Lyra's eyes flickered, a flash of light cut across her eyes as she heard that voice again in her mind. Dropping all of her things she sprang forwards running at full speed until she was back at her little camp with the tent and the fire. She sunk to her knees, stared at the flickering flames and with a slight nod to herslef reached out and stuck her hand whole into the flames, watching as her hand felt nothing but warmth and no pain.

She had faith.

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Isabella grew utterly infuriated at Dean's sudden interruption. She pushed past him angrily as she trailed after Lyra, who had decided to run off again, probably hurt by his insensitivity, among other things. She shot him a deathly glare, yanking the hand that he had grasped free from him and following her after her dear friend.

"How could you be that insensitive, Dean?" she yelled. "My father was killed because he wasn't protected- if Lyra stays with us, we can keep her safe! I don't care if you're hired to protect me, she's my best friend, and if you're gonna just write her off as baggage then you can stay away from me, too."

Then she saw Dean reach the girl who had stuck her hand in the fire and savagely tear her away from it. Horrified, Isabella pushed him away from the medium, but she couldn't get any closer before a blinding flash of light obscured their vision for a split moment. Shielding her eyes, she withdrew from her friend, until the light faded and Lyra with a completely different countenance watched them curiously.

Then the girl spoke, with a much different tone than Isabella expected, and revealed that she was no longer Lyra but an angel sent from heaven. When she spoke to Isabella directly, she couldn't help but become even more terrified; how could this angel have known who she was? She backed away slowly, her eyes becoming watery at realizing that her friend was gone.

"L-Lyra?" she muttered pitifully. "What have you done with her? Where is she?!"

William watched the entire episode unfold before them with an unwavering expression. At sensing Katherine's anger, he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, though he couldn't offer much else to comfort the spirit he had never met before. Before the angel could see them, he retreated into the shadows, though he remained near Isabella, who seemed like she was finally about to cave in.

Selene looked to Michael, as if inquiring about what had just happened. Upon seeing Isabella rush madly at the angel, as if she intended to strike her, Selene caught her by the arms and held her in her grasp. She began to sob- Lyra was the only part of her normal life that was left, and now she was gone too; everyone she ever loved had just disappeared, like vapor. Now, even Aleksei had left, too, and who knew when he was going to return.

"What have you done with the girl, angel?" Selene addressed the new phenomenon, though her voice was more respectful that full of spite.

Isabella, however, wept quietly in Selene's arms. The huntress felt awkward, holding the crying girl, something that was a gesture of intimacy she wasn't quite used to showing to others. She turned and looked helplessly at Veratos and then to Michael before she reverted her gaze to the angel.

At the same moment, Julian and his sister Artemis appeared from the darkness of the surrounding forest. They were silent in their movement, both watching Lyra curiously before realizing it was not the medium, but an ethereal being. Immediately, they bowed to their knees, though Julian's eyes began glossy and he furrowed his brows. Where had Lyra gone, and how could he find her again and bring her back to her friends?