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The Promise Made

Silver Mist Forest

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a part of The Promise Made, by Himekura.

The forest that resides within the small town of Sable.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Silver Mist Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A large, beautiful forest filled with woodland creatures, flowers of many types, many many trees and shrubs and mist. Hense the name, Silver Mist?
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Silver Mist Forest

The forest that resides within the small town of Sable.


Silver Mist Forest is a part of Sable.

2 Characters Here

Katerina [14] The Lingering Spirit
William St. Claude [7] An endearing and tormented ghost of a man who was once hopelessly in love.

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Blue butterflies fluttered about, watching the scene unfold as both vampires attacked each other with the intentions to kill one another, or until one was left standing. Behind the light blue creatures watched Mina, she was already up and changing out of her night gown to something more suitable to go outside with. She feared for the both of them, she knew it would end terribly unless she did something. The last thing she saw before she reached for her umbrella and velvet wine cloak, as ran out of the doors of the mansion that they shared, was blood, a large volume of it spilling from Michael.

"Nooo!" She hissed, tears streaking down her cheeks as she stepped off the ground and bounded into the street. She pulled the hood over her face so that she wouldn't have to snap the umbrella open, while she ran, the thing would break as soon as she started running. Becoming a streak of deep red against the awakening town she raced down the roads in speeds that could rival a jet's and in moments she was whizzing passed fallen trunks and green blurs of the forestry that was Silver Mist, sensing both Lorenzo near and Isabella, her fear escalated as she finally arrived at the scene to find Aleksei on his knees in the dirt. Michael was gone...

"What... Did...You do?" Her voice was shaking and her arms trembled as she stopped abruptly, the world around her seemingly coming to a slow spin. Then stopping with her as she focused on him, his back facing her, his refusal to turn to him and the scary way he remained as still as a sculpture.

He never answered her, he knew she was there even before she spoke, and in another flash of movement, he felt her, the brush of warmth at the back of his neck and then her hands touched his back, making the sensations run wild in him. She may not ever know it, but the mere proximity of her gave him a strange feeling, like the kind of heat sent out from a burning fire. That was every time they were together.

His eyes fell to the earth as her hands pushed against him, then wove around his waist in a tender embrace, and her face drew closer, closer until her pink lips grazed his ear and he did everything he could not to shudder. Her touch burned through his clothes, making him gasp, she left him breathless as her lips met his ear and she kissed it. Was the pull they felt toward each other more than just innocent love? Maybe even extending beyond that, she made him experience so much, too much all at once, it sometimes frightened him.

"Why are you here?" He could hear the snarl superseding his usual soft, silken tone and he regretted its sharpness, knowing that she would never fully understand. He fought against his instinctual urge to turn and grab her, pull her closer to him, bite into her neck.

"I-I saw you attempting to kill LeVian and I thought I could do something to stop the madness," She stammered, looking down at the ground he knelt on, it was moist with the blood of Michael, the scent of it hung fresh and heavy in the air teasing her appetite. She did her best to ignore the aroma of his rich blood and in it she detected Aleksei's blood intermingling. "You didn't kill him no, I don't see any of his -" she paused, feeling his shirt beneath the coat he wore was also soaked in blood. His? She frowned, not liking this one bit, "How bad are your injuries?" She released him and crossed to the other side so that she was standing before him, his gaze was as though glued to the ground. She reached down to take the sides of his face in her palms and tilted his gaze up to meet hers. His eyes were ablaze in deep red, it scared her that he would want to meet Isabella in this fashion. "You need my blood now don't you?"

Her startled tone reminded him of just how deep in the darkness she was on almost everything he did. It saddened him to keep her apart from this side of him, even this far in their relationship, some matters were never brought to light. At least, he never gave her the opportunity to bring them out, and it was a good thing, He liked how things were now, she was okay as long as she didn't know. His fangs had budded the instant he had perceived her aura upon entering the thick forest trees. She need not guess, she already knew, it was if she always did, time and time again.

"Please tell me if you do Aleksei you're scaring me!" She blurted out, right on cue, hating this silence. He felt her tighten her grip on his head, he was leaning against her now, using her just to stay up. And she sucked in a breath, wishing she could just pull him into her and have him tear into her neck, impulsive as ever she was, but for some odd reason was holding back and in doing such she was shaking. He could see the progression of her emotions settling in the crease between her eyes, she would feel bewilderment, then livid, then fraught. She always did, and too many times before, but now even more than ever and he automatically reacted by comforting her, it became his instinctual habit to do so when she was this way in his eyes.

And even so he felt immensely guilty for wishing to comfort her and have her confide in him and yet in order to protect her as he did with Isabella, he had to cover her eyes so that she wouldn't ever see the truth. Though it all felt as though the situation were slipping from his bare hands like smoke, he couldn't grasp it anymore try as he might to fix the mess. Was this happening now? Was that the reason Isabella was closing in on them at the very moment he answered Mina's anxious plea by reaching his good hand to her shoulder, her lowering herself lovingly to allow him access to her neck and sink into her sweet decadence? And as soon as his lips melted onto her neck, both of them were powerless. The taste of her sweet blood made him dizzy. Blood drinking was both an awful thing for the normal human concept to see, of what was right and moral much less experience through force, but something precious and vital shared between the two vampires that loved each other.

The familiar warmth of her skin made him moan as he pulled her against his frame, he drank her blood almost greedily, depraving himself of her by sticking to those dreadful blood tablets had made him forget what this action felt like. As though they were one, their heartbeats matched in rhythm as he swallowed in and he closed his eyes shivering, almost ashamed for having her find him in this state. He felt so needy of her everything, her touch, her whispers, her scent, even her eyes looking back into his, He knew it wouldn't last, just like Isabella's innocence. It just may vanish as it was happening now. The closer she pressed against him, the more his stomach churned with the thrill and agony of it all.

She was there.

So attuned to that human girl he was, that he could feel her when she looked at him, it was faint, not as strong as when it was Mina's curious gaze but still just as penetrating. He feared her reaction, but it was inevitable, she needed to know the truth and he had no right to keep hiding it away from her. Isabella, I'm so sorry. He almost wanted to pull away, but Mina held on to him, knowing he wasn't yet satisfied, his wrist was regrowing bone, tendons, muscles, forming his left hand again. They were positioned in the centre of the forest, white mists and blue butterflies floated around them, the shadows of the foliage above played at their features, highlighting blindingly pieces of them, her hair, the little splatters of blood staining his dark coat, still glistening wet, her hand now caressing his cheek as if to say keep going and stop when you're well, her smile, her head bent, kissing his hair, her features though obscured by the hood, and the few pieces of golden curls that spilled down her shoulder like waves of lace.

At the sensation of the sun's strengthening rays, the pureblood girl turned her hand to grab at the umbrella hanging from her fore arm, flick it open and gently hold it up above their heads at an angle creating a much needed shade that the tree failed to provide.

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The sapphire wings of these beautiful butterflies Isabella had remembered seeing as a child, in her dreams, suddenly appeared through the green gloom that was the forest. The grey was dissipating with the sun as it rose in the sky, only the dew on the grass and damp earth left in its wake. So entranced was the girl that she followed almost mindlessly these little heavenly creatures, pushing through shrubbery and low branches until she came to a small clearing. A violet hood and crimson stained individuals fell into her line of sight, immediately evoking her disregard for the butterflies and instead instilling fear.

At first, it seemed the two were kissing passionately, but at second glance she could see that this deeply injured man was sucking on the girl's neck. She was not fighting him, and instead seemed to be nursing him like an infant, stroking his hair and kissing him tenderly as though he were so. He moaned, much like an animal, and sloppy noises were distinguishable among the girl's cooing. Isabella instinctively covered her mouth, stifling the horrified scream that was threatening to erupt from her little voicebox. Her golden eyes were wide with terror; at least, that was the most reasonable word she could use to describe what she felt.

Her heart seemed to skip a beat, almost as though it had frozen as well, then sped up its eager pace. Her breaths became shaky as she took a tentative step backward, unsure if she should hide and leave them to be privately, or to stay and render aid. She could see that his hand was mangled, almost unrecognizably so, but that it was curiously piecing itself back together like the severed tail of a lizard. Isabella was undeniably curious; who were these atrocious, her beautiful monstrosities? They were dressed like two regal ancients, as though they belonged to a different time; a time that Isabella had only read about in her storybooks.

"A-Alek...Aleksei?" Isabella stammered, noticing his feral scarlet eyes had locked themselves on her retreating form.

Her tiny hand flew to the golden skeleton key that was currently chained around her neck, as though she were inquiring of his knowledge of it through some kind of charadial telepathy. Her dark hair wavered about her pretty face like smoke, though the brilliance of her topaz irises sparkled with dawn's heavy light. When Mina opened the parasol above them, something clicked in the girl's mind- they were so frightfully pale, and there was blood everywhere; now they were shielding themselves from the sunlight. Could it be...?

A quivering gasp escaped through Isabella's trembling lips. It was all she could muster with the grasp of fear around her throat, which canceled any coherent words that might try to roll from her tongue. She was completely still, her feet planted unwaveringly in the spot where she stood, gazing at the purebloods with a mixture of sheer horror and fearful curiosity, as well as an inexplicable tinge of awe. Would the man approach her? Was this really the man that her beloved grandmother had entrusted her life to?

A blue butterfly settled quietly on her shoulder, its wings gently flicking. Her heart was a wild Indian battledrum pounding against her ribcage, as if ready to burst from her chest like an angry lion. She felt her muscles tensing like springs, ready to run if one of them showed even a sign of wanting to harm her.

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Aleksei's breathing slowed and he felt like putty in her arms, so safe and warm and content, he finally unhinged his fangs from her tender flesh and licked at the puncture wounds so that they'd close up. Then he looked up to meet her heavenly gaze, his eyes fading to their natural deep wine, she was smiling at him as if to say you're welcome. He momentarily looked away to glance at his fully recovered hand, but that wasn't enough to calm his racing heart as he stood up, gripped his hand into a tight fist and then stole a glance from Mina who's gaze in turn fell solemn. He lowered his hand and slipped it into his pocket.

Both purebloods turned their eyes to meet Isabella who was standing there, staring at them, her fear and pulse racing, shaken, no longer curious.

"Well, this isn't awkward at all-" Mina began to say lightly as she stepped away, only for her arm to be grasped by his strong hand, keeping her rooted to the spot next to him.

"And you're going?" He hissed at her, keeping his dusky eyes on the golden eyed beauty that was Isabella.

"Somewhere else, while you clear the air with her-" Mina hissed back trying to subtly break free from his ironlike grip, she cast the girl quick smiles of reassurance while simultaneously struggling against the man that left her a dizzy, breathless and tingling all over. The butterflies fluttered about him, tugging playfully at his coat and hair for him to release her.

"..." A tired sigh escaped him and he looked sleepy as he tore his gaze from Isabella with much difficulty to peer at his beloved, "Unfortunately you're just as apart of this as I am. I didn't want to have to drag you into my affairs but, I'm in no condition to make friends with a girl who's so terrified as she is. At best you're much more friendlier than I am anyways and-"

She brought a finger to his lips to quiet him, though she had to go full on tippy-toes to do this, she shook her head trying hard not to laugh, he can get chatty when he was tired and this was an example of that. "I'll try my best, the reel has already been thrown in, it's really up to her to take a nip at the goods."

He loved the way she could take control of things sometimes, she was his queen and he nodded, kissing her finger and holding back on the urge to nibble.

She sparkled at him and lead him to a tree to rest for a bit, then just as fast she headed straight for Isabella, a blur of movement and then she froze a couple of feet from the human girl, looking as if she'd never moved.

"Uh... Hey. Sorry about that, bad timing, thanks to Lorenzo...Uh, I'm Mina, and that's Aleksei," she hooked her thumb over her shoulder at the pureblood that was passing out under the cool shade of the trees it was almost humorous. She spoke so softly as though she were approaching a frightened child, rather than a teen girl. Wishing to express geniality, a trait that was ingrained into her personality, and she kept smiling beautifully, she gracefully waved the butterflies away, and they shined like tiny orbs of blue light as they fluttered toward Aleksei accompanying him. She twirled her umbrella stick on her shoulders with her other hand, her cheeks coloring slightly at feeling a little shy herself. She knew who Isabella was, she resisted bowing respectfully before her, since the girl wasn't aware of her royal blood, the gesture would have been a bit too extreme on the freak scale, though she knew that nothing would top what Isabella just saw. "My apologies for that really, we have no intention of harming you or other people really, that's why we feed off each other... Uh, I know it's crazy talk, we look like a couple of freaks but please believe me when I say this, we will never hurt you Isabella." She said with permanence.

Aleksei tried to keep his gaze focused on the two girls but he kept nodding off, and the butterflies were making his efforts futile, they carried her scent and likeness in every way and the warmth emitted from them alone was making staying awake virtually impossible. So he fell into a much needed sleep and Mina's voice faded into the back ground as his consciousness slipped away.

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Isabella's fear seemed to melt away with each passing moment she spent in Aleksei's presence. Her demeanor softened dramatically, light returning to her brilliant sunrise eyes, a flush in her cheeks as she stroked his sweet face. He was so peaceful looking, like he hadn't just been tortured with a weapon that wounded him, or fought a worthy adversary. His flesh was so smooth and flawless, like fine, polished marble or the face of a pearl. The corners of her pretty lips slowly began to curl into a warm smile, though it disappeared when she saw the tear streaking his cheek.

She furrowed her brows, slightly quizzical, though mores concerned. Perhaps he really was hurt. She took one tiny finger and tenderly wiped his tear away with her knuckle. Her eyes seemed to implore the reason for the tear, though he didn't move and obviously wasn't going to answer. Her dark hair swayed in the breeze, and it was then that she realized how fast the sun was coming up. She reached a hand into her satchel and pulled out a pair of nice looking aviator sunglasses.

"I don't know if this will help," she said through a tentative chuckle. "But here you go. You might need these more than me."

Another moment passed, and she could feel Mina's eyes on her. She wasn't brooding, nor could she sense jealousy, but more like a sadness of some kind. Isabella then took the key around her neck, opened Aleksei's hand, and placed it in his palm. With a sigh, she rose, though a kind smile played at her lips.

"Aleksei..." she began. "If there is anything that I need to know, I trust you to tell me..."

She looked back at Mina, who was wiping tears away from her face. There was so much despair emanating from their auras that it puzzled the girl. She didn't understand why they were so sad, or why they were trying to keep her from knowing something apparently much bigger than them all. Her shoulders fell slightly, and she turned back to look at Aleksei, still teetering in and out of consciousness, or so it appeared.

"If my grandmother trusted you, then so do I," she whispered. "I have to get to school now, but Aleksei... I don't want to run anymore. Goodbye."

She then turned and began to walk away, bidding Mina farewell also as she disappeared into the forest she knew so well. It didn't take very long for Lorenzo to reappear, though he didn't seem very pleased. Isabella watched him from her peripherals, but neither of them said anything as they traveled through the greenery and onto the street. At that moment, where Lorenzo could clearly see the purplish iridescence that the opened Hell Gate was emitting, they both knew that their worlds were about to turn upside down.

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The pureblood's hand clenched the key that was warm in his grasp. Opening his eyes as she turned away, he watched her go through the dark glass of the shades. He ever really found a use for them but these he would cherish. Forever.

Mina blinked as she watched the girl walk off to school. She returned her gaze to her beloved who stood up the second she left and took off the sunglasses. Mina approached him with a questioning look in her dusky hues.

"You let her go...?" She seemed surprised.

He slipped the shades gently into a pocket, then looked at her as she drew closer to him, he smiled sadly as she touched the key;s edge, "What secrets does this key unlock?" She asked softly, returning his gaze with much concern. He closed his eyes for a moment, the little bats that followed Isabella confirmed that she indeed was heading in the direction of the school. "I wanted to see where this was going. That fool Lorenzo is allowing her to go to school, knowing full well that classes are not yet in session. Not while there are demons on the loose. And she doesn't want to 'run' now? What terrible timing to decide this. Oh well, that's what I'm here for. To stop her from doing stupid things like this." He sighed as he ran his fingers through his locks and opened his eyes to lock gazes with her.

"So I take it you're gonna stop him. Mean while I'm gonna go help the hunters." Mina said with a nod, they knew what they had to do.
"You do that. Be safe love."
"Won't make any promises!"

Aleksei watched her body break away in a million fluttering, beautiful blue butterflies and disappear into the skies.

"Maria lives through you Isabella." Aleksei whispered as he held the key to his lips and kissed it before adding that too into the same pocket. Then he flitted out of the forest, following her and soon enough catching up to them a block or two away from the hell that was taking place at the school. He was hoping the entire ordeal would be resolved before the ruckus awakened the entire city. The good news, a powerful barrier was brought up so that any supernatural creatures that tried to escape could not. He knew that was the working of the exorcist, Working her magic.

Stopping a few feet from the two, Aleksei appeared and he shot Lorenzo a disapproving glare, "Nice to see you're very mindful of Isabella's safety Lo, now, we all know where this is going. Why don't we skip to the part where you let her go and walk away? The position of armament and escort has already been taken. By me obviously, but I'm sure you already knew that. Like I know you didn't come here just to play nice either." He smiled, but it didn't take away any of the coldness in his garnet eyes.

"You do realize I'm not asking." He said, his tone dropping icicles.

◙ ◙ ◙

"These babies want more, how about a dose of water. Holy water!"

Vera slid her twin blades behind her on her back, then she reached for four bombs of divine water from her stash, popped the little triggers on them and threw them up into the air. She leaped like a dancer out of the area as the bombs imploded, making the area "rain" with its contents, the pellets of water that splashed onto the evil creatures burned away. A terrible sight that couldn't be unseen. Luckily, the huntress has been at it for years now, she'd lost her squeamishness toward death and destroying these things a long time ago. It was mandatory if she wanted to survive. As she passed down the halls and stairs, she went about tossing a couple of these holy water bombs, wiping out hordes of demon minions at once, all while making it down the lower levels of the school. She was hoping this could be wrapped up soon, though the "job" was never really done. Just the missions. As she cleared out the major regions of the school that was crawling with demons it didn't take long for her to follow the trail that would lead her to the gym where they originated. Jack pot!

The arrows sent by Selene's newly powered vampire bow, struck the giant monster's face, but it wasn't enough to take it out all together, but it sure helped weaken the sonuvabitch.

Dean sliced one of its large arms off, spewing black slime that could be its blood everywhere. Yuck. He appeared to dance around the monster as it cried out in rage since it was too big and slow to be quick enough to catch the kid with the giant sword. Powerful as it may be, everyone knew that it wasn't any good if it means you're stuck in a giant body that lacked any speed at all.

The arm Dean vut off broke away, its flesh forming grotesquely into mini versions of the giant monster he was fighting. Great, more demons.

"Hey Morrigan, ice them with your arrows, I'll take of Fi Fi Fo Fum over here-" He glanced back to see Veratos emerge out of the doors, clouds of debris and bursting violet, thick electrical-pulsing miasma bursting in smog behind. "Hope I'm not too late to join the fun!" She called out to them grinning wickedly.

"This party's gettin' more crazy, look at that. Glad you made it!" Dean managed as he shot at the giant boss with his blade, aiming for one of its legs now.

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"I fugured as much, if you want me to teach you what I know, I need to know how much time we have," Dean said back,

So he was gonna let her soar, she looked like she had the guts to, go with the flow, for now. His eyes stared right into hers as if he could see passed those golden depths and into her soul. But what was he trying to uncover from behind those orbs of sun lights? Would he like what he saw? Maybe. So she wanted him to stop protecting her, pssh, like he could resist that. It was like he was born to do this, save everyone he could. Save her. Moving his hand so that he could grip hers firmly in his, he nodded, accepting this, a part of him tired of being angry, at least they hadn't taken her like he thought they would. At least they had some time.

"What's the plan?" And he gave her that look that clearly said, "tell me all of it, and leave nothing out." He tugged her hand so that she could follow him back to what was left of her home, another thing he noticed they now shared in common. No parents, and no place to ever call home. Welcome to his world. At the sight of her father and all the blood on him, around him, he felt his empty stomach plummet to the ground, his heart swelling as the very scene awoke a bad memory that still haunted him.

He was a child again, around nine or ten, it was a hot and sticky afternoon and he was with his mother, they were walking down the street, she had just bought them both ice cream and a red baloon. Back then that was his favorite color, he'd never thought that this would be the very color he'd see all over her. They were at the end of the block, about to cross, then the baloon the child held suddenly slipped from his grasp, a fresh breeze picked up, sending the ruby inflatable object a little aways, toward an alley.

"Stay here I'll try to catch it!"

She was already gone before the kid could protest, except he disobeyed and followed after her. She'd managed to catch the balloon, just before it got out her reach. She smiled down at him, saying softly, "Hey I told you to wait for me-"

Dean smiled at her, his ocean eyes sparkling like the sea, reminding the woman of the eyes that pulled her at her heart like the beconing shores, toward the island of a lost love, one that she missed, but could see everytime she looked at the boy. She was about to bend over and hand the string that was attatched to the balloon back to her only son, maybe even tie it around his wrist so that the same thing wouldn't happen again. Her efforts were interposed when dark aberrant shadows grew over cast, sending fear into the child who was in full view of the night creatures now crouching on the roof tops, looking down at them with sinister smiles and glowing lurid eyes. Hunger glinted in those eyes that would forever fill the young hunter with intense hatred and despair at them.

Vampires, he knew. Father had trained him well enough, and his own senses recognized them as threats before his mother even knew what hit them.

In seconds, those beasts flitted out of view and were surrounding the child and his mother. What heppened next tore the kid from his stand, he was on his knees, shaking and pale as the moon, streaks of blood splattered from his own mother's blood stained his clothes, his face, his hands that held her dying slender frame as the light faded from her beautiful amethyst eyes.

The vampires couldn't kill the boy, they never had the chance to, a hunter had appeared around the corner, having had been sent after the ex humans prior to their sixth kill. Ignoring the boy, the man was gone, chasing the other two as they fled up on the roofs again, dodging lethal bullets.

Dean tried to keep her body close, she was getting cold despite the humidity still heavy in the air, along with the smell of her death.

"Mommy please don't leave me!" the boy cried out, tears he tried to hold back splashing from his eyes in thick streams. He gripped at her white dress now crimson as the wine she loved to sip while reading bed time stories to him. He couldn't care less about the balloon she was trying to give back to him, or the forced, pained smile she wore so easily against the pain that she could no longer feel.

"It's alright baby, shh." she whispered, caressing his cheek, leaving smears of her red against his warm skin, her eyes slowly closed as she breathed, "I love you."

The balloon slipped from her grasp into the evening sky, taking her soul with it.

Releasing his hold on Isabella, he swallowed a lump in his throat, and tried to keep his cool. Now was so not the time to get swept away into this. He hesitated before reaching the property, stuffing his hands into his pockets, he nodded toward the mess, "Get only what you need, and try not to hurt yourself, we're leave this to the cops, or I think it would be better if we just burned it to the ground," he thought aloud, his tone brisk with a hint of horseness in it, he was all too familiar with this situation, even surprised that she was still up on her feet. He didn't think he'd be able to handle as well as she had. After what had happened to him when his mother was brutally killed, he'd become so numb and broken it took a lot to get him back up on his feet, but he was never fully whole again.

Aleksei watched the two, they looked like they could fit perfectly together, in their own world. One made just for the other, sort of like him and Mina, or Selene and Michael. Holding the pureblood princess close to him, both of them stepped away from the spots of sun light shooting from the gaps in between the branches from above. Aleksei would patiently await his precious Isabella until she was ready to go, he glanced at Michael and Selene to see how they were holding up.

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Julian could smell her fear as if she were wearing it like a bad perfume. He exchanged glances with Lukas and Damian, and with a simple look, the two disappeared into the kitchen. Lyra was apprehensive of the situation, and with good reason; she was in a strange house, alone, with boys she had never met before. And now she was beginning to come to terms with the fact that she was utterly helpless to defend herself against them, should they intend to harm her. But his demeanor was soft, showing her that he meant no such thing, and only wished to help her.

"Sure you were," he began before responding to her suspicious inquiring of his purpose at the school. He could smell her lie the instant in left her pretty lips. "Well, I was on my way to football practice with my brothers, but I found you knocked out on the ground..."

He smirked playfully at her. He could almost read her thoughts, wondering why he hadn't decided to take her to a hospital, as any normal human being would have. And perhaps he mistakenly followed his instincts in bringing her to his home instead of a medical center, which could possibly have harmed his human facade. But he couldn't help it- he was a creature of instinct, and he followed wherever his gut led him. He probably should have been more mindful of the consequences, especially concerning a human girl, but for some reason that went out the window when he looked at her. Maybe it was the fact that he could tell she was not an ordinary teenager.

"Abduction?" he chuckled, his nose wrinkling slightly as a wide, wolfish grin spread over his handsome features. "I suppose if you choose to look at it that way, but if you haven't noticed, you aren't shackled or isolated. You can leave if you want... and I didn't take you to the hospital because I figured you wouldn't appreciate a giant bill just to get checked out for fainting."

He observed her closely, noticing the instant that her countenance became sad, and assuming it was because of her home situation. But she was resilient, almost immediately returning their gaze, almost as if she were deflecting them. He liked that- she was spunky, perfectly capable of handling her own, and not just a useless damsel in distress. At that moment, Damian entered the room, but he didn't say a word; Julian turned to acknowledge him, as if he had sensed his approach.

"What is it, brother?" Julian asked.

"Grandfather Wolfgang is asking for you," he replied gravely, his eyes on the ground. "He's waiting in the living room."

"Alright. Give me a second," he then turned to Lyra, switching his gaze from the plate of toast she picked at, then back at her. "Excuse me, Lyra. It was a pleasure to meet you- Damian can show you the way out if you wish, but I do suggest you eat something to regain your strength."

Then he got up, strode past Damian, and disappeared into the hallway until he reached the living room. An old man with braided silver hair sat upon a rocking chair, a long tobacco pipe wedged comfortably between his thin lips. The light skin of his age ridden face was leathery and perplexed, and he did not acknowledge Julian when he entered the room. Instead, a plume of smoke spiraled out of his nostrils as he swayed back and forth on the wooden chair.

"You called for me, grandfather?" Julian asked, already knowing the topic was concerning Lyra.

"The girl," he started, his voice monotonous. "Why have you brought a human into our home, Julian?"

"She was hurt, and she needed my help. I wasn't just going to leave her for someone else to find."

"You above all others know the affairs of humans are not our concern."

"Perhaps, but Lyra is different, grandfather."

There was a moment of silence before the old man averted his cold green eyes to stare directly at the young man. More smoke poured from his nostrils and his now parted lips before he said another word, but Julian stood his ground.

"She stinks of evil spirits," the old man said. "We do not welcome such wickedness into our home."

"That's the thing, grandfather- I believe she was fighting them. She has been weakened immensely. If she had been conjuring them, then she would have been strengthened. She is utterly defenseless, and is no way a threat to us, even if that is what she intended."

"We risk exposure should she decide to tell others."

"She doesn't know what we are. Besides that, she was passed out when I brought her here. She couldn't tell anyone where we were, and I can see to it that she never does."

"Julian, if you are to be alpha, this behavior- interaction with human beings- is not acceptable. You know this, son, so why do you deliberately disobey me?"

Julian cast his gaze to the ground, swallowing a hard lump that had formed in his throne. How could he show his grandfather that Lyra was innocent? He had just met the girl, but every instinct in his body was telling him he could trust her. He sighed, looking over his shoulder down the corridor at the room she was in, then turned back to face the man.

"I will take her home, grandfather."


Selene watched the two star crossed lovers argue and bicker at each other as if they were a married couple. Her aquamarine eyes flashed at the mention of a plan- this made her apprehensive. Isabella was a human, albeit a very special one, but she had no knowledge of the world that was unfurling around her. How could she devise an effective strategy without first knowing her enemy? Selene could hardly trust her now after the stunt she had just pulled with the royals, but when Michael squeezed her hand reassuringly, she decided that it was the only choice she had. The girl would do whatever she pleased; there was nothing anyone could counteract that would stop her.

"She's going to get herself killed," Selene growled. "How can we trust her?"

Isabella eluded Dean's inquiring gaze. She knew he wanted her to tell him, but she also knew that her plan would upset him even further. If she told him everything, he might even try and stop her- in fact, she knew that he would, and then everything would be ruined. Thankfully, though, he allowed her some time to collect her things and the revelation of her plan would have to be postponed. Before she went inside, she gripped his hand, pulling him toward her so that she could reach his cheek on her tiptoes and plant an affectionate kiss there.

"Thank you," she said, before turning to inspect her destroyed home.

Her emotions began to spin wildly inside of her. She tried her best to ignore the agony that was crushing her heart in its grasp as she entered through the threshold and came across the corpse of her father. She didn't look at it- she strode directly into her room, which had also been torn apart, probably because the vampires were searching for her. She grabbed the large floral travel bag that her father had given her as a gift once, placing some clothes, her grandmother's journal and a few pieces of the antique jewelry she had left her in it. Then she took the photograph that her father had in his hand, tucked it away in her pocket, knelt down to kiss him goodbye, and lit a match.

"I'll see you again one day, papa," she whispered, before tossing the match into the house and turning away as her living room was set ablaze. She stopped beside Dean, though she did not face him. "We have six months."

Then she started toward the road, not waiting for Dean or anyone else to follow.

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"Abduction?" Julian chuckled, his nose wrinkling slightly as a wide, wolfish grin spread over his handsome features. "I suppose if you choose to look at it that way, but if you haven't noticed, you aren't shackled or isolated. You can leave if you want... and I didn't take you to the hospital because I figured you wouldn't appreciate a giant bill just to get checked out for fainting."

Lyra looked up at him and a smile slipped into her features, guess he had a point. So there goes the rape theory, no reason to freak. Great, she relaxed a bit, then she forgot her worries when he looked at her almost as though his eyes could pierce into her brain. No boy had ever been able to grasp at her in that way, ever. This was the turn out of the century! To be honest, he was also the most dishy of males she'd seen all day, besides Michael and maybe Dean if he would smile a little he too could hit the "good-looks" mark. Julian sure got some more points for that, not just for helping her. And he had humor in him, another thing she found attractive.

Then their little staring contest was shot out the window when Damien peeked in, his voice pulling Julian's gaze from Lyra, who also looked away in slight shock. Almost glad in a way that he had interrupted them.

"What is it, brother?" Julian asked.

"Grandfather Wolfgang is asking for you," he replied gravely, his eyes on the ground. "He's waiting in the living room."

What was with that? Maybe Julian was like their leader or something? Could explain the great respect this other bloak had for him. She wondered if Julian would expect the same treatment from her. A maybe if he would demand it. A big maybe.

"Alright. Give me a second," he then turned to Lyra, switching his gaze from the plate of toast she picked at, then back at her. "Excuse me, Lyra. It was a pleasure to meet you- Damian can show you the way out if you wish, but I do suggest you eat something to regain your strength."

Lyra snapped her honey gold eyes to the bloak that saved her from some doom and she smiled at him, there was no denying she already fancied him, "Uh, yeah, thanks for that. I will, okay..." she was not too in a hurry to go, but with this other kid and the entire awkwardness she felt oozing from them and well, they were all freaking strangers for crying out loud -she would leave. Turning to the forgotten plate of bread and honey she took the offered toast, dipped it into the honey and ate a little more, it would be enough for her to get home without passing out. Getting up, she thanked the lad though he didn't really desrve it, Lyra was just naturally polite like that. "Oh and I can figure out how to leave, no need to show me the way."

She didn't wait for an answer, if he were to acknowledge her, she continued down the corridor, following Julian's path until she was lead to the living room entrance where she could pick up on Julian's husky, deep, and delightful voice she knew she could never forget. Accompanied by another, that sounded raspier, older, like a grandfather would sound addressing his grand kid about something serious. Bringing her here turned out to be the most terrible thing he could do. Looks like everyone hated her presense, even gramps, who had yet to meet the girl. There was no need to stay and listen, she would be gone and never again intrude into their very private lives. Yet, she remained.

"She stinks of evil spirits," the old codger said sounding very hush-hush about it and awefully spiteful. "We do not welcome such wickedness into our home." Oh wickedness, that was a new one, she hadn't recalled anyone ever speaking of her in that way. Add that one to the list.

She had only walked into that part, the last blow needed to jazz her into a vacuum of confusion and fear? Yes, it was true, she was oozing with bad vibes, and she would have to desperately perform a cleansing ritual on herself before entering her current residence -it was not her home. Not in the slightest, nor would she ever even think of it as such. She wanted to just leave, but something held her rooted to the spot, she pressed herself against the wall, as if she could blend into it like an iguana -if only, within both hearing shot and only a couple of steps from the nearest exit.

At least Julian was at her defence, thank goodness, "That's the thing, grandfather- I believe she was fighting them. She has been weakened immensely. If she had been conjuring them, then she would have been strengthened. She is utterly defenseless, and is no way a threat to us, even if that is what she intended."

"We risk exposure should she decide to tell others." Who the heck would she tell? Kat, her dead aunt? Or maybe even Isabella, who had a whole plate of crap to deal with? Oh-maybe her guardians, if for once they would stop what they were doing to even listen to her for five minutes. So that secret was something she would take with her to the grave. No worrying on that one old man. What a git, she already disliked him. And she had yet to be formally introduced to him, sad.

"She doesn't know what we are. Besides that, she was passed out when I brought her here. She couldn't tell anyone where we were, and I can see to it that she never does."

"Julian, if you are to be alpha, this behavior- interaction with human beings- is not acceptable. You know this, son, so why do you deliberately disobey me?"

Alpha? So Julian was a leader, of a gang? Maybe that was the American way of calling someone a leader. She would never know, next time she would make sure to carry an American-slang dictionary with her. Unless by alpha he meant something else...?

Then there was a period of unbearable silence, filling the young brit's head with the fierce pounding of her heart that felt like her ribs would crack in two any minute before Julian finally said, "I will take her home, grandfather."

He wouldn't have to, Lyra was out that door in a jiffy, he'd never see her face again. He could go back to his life, she would make sure to keep her distance. As she raced through the greenery, tripping every so often on twisted roots and unfamiliar rocks, she couldn't hold back the tears stinging her eyes, fogging her vision, somehow the crying only managed to make her head hurt as though that old man had merely gave her a flogging with his words alone. It was crazy, it was wild, and, she felt the upmost dread grow roots in her heart and take off. She would miss this Julian boy, he seemed like a good bloak, but if it meant trouble for him to be near her than she would stay away.

Save them both the trouble. She would become the nobby no-mates, with the probable exception of Isabella since they were already good friends. Why bother trying, to have others hate her? No thank you. She could already see how bad at that she was, not one person (alive) except for Isabella had liked her since her arrival from across the pond. Maybe Julian would have seemed to, had he not gotten himself an old lagger who maybe would have even boxed his ears had he been mad enough to just because Julian tried to help her out -and defend her while at it. Talk about a bad day, only getting worse.

Julian would just be a memory.

Her thinking of him almost made her smile again, but an instant later she was back to being quite terrified when she suddenly ran into a thick cloud of black miasma. That took one second to enter her. Take over. Using her already magnetized energy and heavy dose of bad joo-joo all over her was enough for the evil spirit to waltz right in.

Her eyes flickered empty, black, with a small sheen of feral danger, before flickering back to normal, a smile curved her lips like a knife, "Not my usal, a bit small, but it will do... Now to find the hunter..." she hissed, her usually lighter tone, toned down a notch, almost sounding like a completely different person. Running at full sprint, ignoring the amount of pressure and force subjecting its current vessel to, the demon quickly located Salvatore and his little hunter pals.

"Hello Salvatore," she called out to him, smiling ever more as the hunter's eyes widened in surprise at seeing her so suddenly. They were all expressing the same semi-shocked reactions and this she liked.

So I've tried a different approach in this post, hope it's not too much of a hassel to read through. I don't know, I think it flowed better instead of having to just write it all out, her reactions to what's going on around her, I simply put her actions and thoughts into what was going on, sort of like a reminder of St. Valentine's last post that was mentioning Lyra. Basically so that there would be no confusion. If this works I may post like this more often. Let me know your thoughts, thank you much!

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Dean shook his head, a ghost of a smirk at his lips, he wasn't going to stay long enough, if he could help himself, he may even be half way across the world before night fall. Yup, you could call him action guy. Literally. He stiffened a bit when he felt Veratos' hands snake around his arm, pulling him back,"Hey slow down Jack, we do have all day," she practically whispered, her eyes glowing with a beckoning need.

What? Feeling very weird, the hunter slyly played it cool and moved his arm away from her, surprised that she hadn't been gripping him, that was an invite for more.

"Well this is where we part, for now," she was explaining, if his rejection had hurt, she bore no signs of it on her face, maybe even thinking oh, he'll come around, she stood, a hand to her hip, a brow risen, her glossy lips tilting into a teasing smile at the slight heightening of his heart rate she could clearly hear. "I'm going to look into that Lombardi urban legends with my connection, I assume we're meeting at Jenken's right? Great. If I get anything to support Morrigan's thoery I will let you know. Won't take long." She started to turn, then winked at Dean, nodding at Morrigan to "watch" him while she was away and in a blink she was gone.

Sighing, Dean continued only coming to a hault, nearly crashing into Lyra who magically popped out of nowhere, there was a familiar look in her eyes, one he'd seen too many times before. "Lyra?" he asked, wondering where the heck she had been all this time. She was a mess, her body emanated heavy dark spiritual pressures that pulsed from her. The same feeling he had when he was facing -oh holy heavens. No. It couldn't be!

@Angel Chii -I like it, almost like reading an excerpt from a book. Why hadn't I thought of it before? LOL

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"Using Lyra as a shield, you damn coward! What, are you thinking of wearing her to the prom?" Dean snarled, gripping at the handle of his blade, bearly able to keep himself from slicing her in half. But then he thought of how this would effect Isabella, whom was close amigos with the girl. This was not a good position for the hunter, if this demon started fooling around and causing trouble Dean had to deal with it.

"So, what are you here for? I know you didn't escape the cage just to walk around in a dress and say hi." He could feel Selene behind him, bristling like a cat, it was a norm for hunters to get all edgy around these monsters. He always felt that way, and still did. Never knowing what to expect from them. Whatever this one came for, it couldn't be good.

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Lyra's eyes lit up at the joke, "Hah, no, of course not. Next time we meet I'll be in a suit, and for why I've decided to give this world a visit -let's just say I don't exactly agree with what's going on." she said, taking no care or perhaps no notice to the red little trickle of blood dripping from a nostril. At Dean's bemused face she shrugged her shoulders, "I go by as many names, but you can call me Zevier. Don't care what you think hunter, I am not going to let these stupid fang faces take this human girl, what was her name, Isabella their damned Holy Grail? Take her blood like wine and get a power boost. Oh, don't tell me you didn't know. Why else do you think they want her alive? It's her blood you dimwit-" she paused, a hand touching her brow, it was getting more and more difficult to stand upright. Shouldn't have forced himself so much into this tiny body, had he known it was in such poor state he would have opted for something better, but alas this was the closest he could get in order to locate Dean. Already the brit's choice of words were rubbing off on him, better make this quick. "If you hand over that girl to the vampires you may as well be signing your free passes to hell. It'll be on you when they take over and ruin the world. Though, I think that's already happening, the way you useless humans are driving it. Wars don't solve problems, they only make more." He was aware of their suspicions and might even misinterpret his intrusion by fault of "caring" No, he didn't give a hoot about human kind, they could all kill each other if they felt like it. However, having these filthy, little, leeches try to claim the world his own race had been gnawing at the rails for centuries to, only to loose to them, felt so terribly annoying. Not happening.

Lyra pinned her hands to her sides, her face more pallid, resembling her aunt's ghost, she stared directly at Dean, "I wish to make a sort of proposal. You're going to rebel against the vampires, you're going to need help. I grant you my assistance. I am not doing you this favor out of the kindness of my heart, or because you wish to save that pesky human twit. I do it for my own reasons. Believe me or not is of secondary concern, you want to get to the last page of the book and know that in the end, you will lose. You either take it, or take it."

She did not wait for him to respond, she didn't have the chance to, Lyra's spirit was so riled up and rage filled that it nearly shoved the evil demon out of her own body -almost killing herself in the process. Her head snapped back, like she'd been punched and her lips tore open allowing a blood-curdling scream to rip from her vocals, along with the jet-stream of black smog and the spiritual manifestation of the demon to shoot out of her mouth. The demons' essense escaped through the trees, gone away until they were to meet next time in a more suitable vessel. Lyra's knees gave in and she collapsed into the earth. Remaining so still that one look at her would make an individual assume she was a lifeless corpse.

Michael had kept his stand in front of Selene, providing a shield for her, had the demon possesed girl attacked. When her message was left for the hunters to take in, and the demon escaped the girl's orifice, he let go a held breath. Gripping at Selene's hand, he took a moment to gather his own, never had he actually witnessed a possession until now and boy was it quite the shocker compared to what he had heard about it. An experience he would never soon forget, gritting his teeth, he finally redirected his gaze to his love who was equally, most definetely shocked.

"Lyra... She's still... Alive..." he quietly informed them all, though he knew Selene would be able to determine this herself if she were to concentrate on listening to the human girl's dangerously low heart beat. Like a hammer on cloth, bearely perceptible even with vampire sensitive hearing. It was not a good sign none the less, she would need bed rest. Pronto.

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"This is shameful behavior, grandfather," Julian snapped, unwilling to admit his defeat. "Is our kind not reared to practice compassion and extend our hand to those in need?"

He shook his head, but then an eerie silence befell the entire household. Wolfgang, Julian and his brothers all halted in what they were doing; at this moment in time, as a putrid, sulfuric odor entered their radiuses, their pupils dilated to animalistic proportions. Their nostrils flared, detecting the scent, and immediately their heads swiveled in the direction from which it had come. The front door was wide open, indicating Lyra's retreat into the woods. That foolish girl was going to get herself killed in the forest she knew nothing about.

"Get a whiff of that," Damian growled, his eyes the largest of all.

"Lyra," Julian said, his tone suddenly becoming severe.

"You're not seriously considering going after that bad juju magnet are you, Julian?" Lukas challenged incredulously.

He received no acknowledgment as he lurched past them and bolted into the foliage. His form became a massive black blur until he was no longer within their range of sight. Wolfgang breathed in another plume of smoke, which slithered from his nostrils like thin serpents, and he seemed to be pondering something. His grassy eyes shifted to the brothers, who watched him expectantly, as if waiting for a command, though they received none. Were they such terrible packmates that they questioned their appointed alpha so?

"It is as the oracle foretold, my sons," Wolfgang purred, his voice monotonous but still heavy laden with sorrow. "We are on the brink of the great war."


Selene gazed in horror as the demonic apparition contorted poor little Lyra's frame and left her. It seemed to be torturing the girl just for the hell of it, and before she could react, the corrupt miasma wafted into the air like pollution and disappeared. The huntress shifted her gaze from Michael, so vigilant in protecting her, and Dean, who seemed to be combating himself in deciding whether or not attacking Lyra was necessary. As the trees stopped their fluttering with the dark wind, Selene listened tentatively to the haphazard pace of Lyra's heartbeat. It was so faint, she feared that the child might actually be dying. That's when she thought of Isabella, and how the girl might handle another death of someone she so deeply cherished.

"She can't die..." she murmured to no one in particular, stepping forward. "Isabella needs her..."

She hesitated when a blinding flash of light momentarily disabled her vision. The huntress recoiled in pain, bringing her arm up to her eyes and withdrawing into the shadows behind Michael. When she peered over his shoulder, a brilliant illuminated being hovered above Lyra's motionless frame. She could only see the outline of this person; a female, with long, straight hair the color of sunlight. But the most curious feature of this woman were the two enormous white wings curled against her back, which unfurled as she knelt down beside the girl and stretched a pale hand to stroke her cheek. For reasons unknown, Selene felt threatened- perhaps it was the fact that this ethereal creature emanated such powerful virtue that she couldn't help but feel ashamed in comparison.

"Lyra," the woman spoke into the girl's ear, softly but with purpose and authority. "Wake up, sweet child, and be strengthened. You are the vital comrade of God's favorite- you are one of the chosen -so do not give up just yet. Your time to reunite with Katherine is not yet so, beloved..."

She placed a tender hand on the girl's forehead, eliciting a warm pinkish glow before she withdrew it and stood, her light amethyst eyes gazing at the hunters before her. They fixated on Dean, and for a moment, her expression was readless. Then her full mouth blossomed into a smile, and a look of deep, motherly pride befell her beautiful features. Her wings fluttered momentarily before folding neatly back into place as she rested a hand at the intricate, double-edged sword holstered at her hip. The sheath itself appeared to be made of pure gold and embellished with multiple precious gemstones. There was a rustle in the brush, and before the angel could say anything else, she disappeared in another blinding ray of sunlight. Before she completely vanished, however, a sweet smelling breeze passed over Dean, gingerly skimming his cheeks as if the wind were giving him a loving kiss.

Where the seraph had once stood, Julian now erupted from the foliage, his chest heaving as his grey eyes searched around and found Lyra on the ground. An involuntary gasp escaped Selene's mouth when she saw the boy, though she immediately composed herself as she watched him kneel on the ground beside the girl and scoop her into his arms as he had before. Then he snapped his attention toward the others, as though he had just realized they were there. He and Selene locked gazes for several moments, and a knowing acknowledgment was exchanged, though they each watched each other with feral eyes. Then she turned to Dean and Michael.

"Isabella needs to be here with her," Selene remarked gravely. "She needs to know what's happening to Lyra. Shall we take her to Avalon's? Dean, if you go get Isabella, Michael and I can search for the witch with Vera. Unless..."

She observed Lyra's limp form bundled tightly in Julian's strong arms.

"...unless we've already found her."

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"I...I don't make deals with demons..." Dean said, then watched with even more tension tightening in his gut as the demon was brutally torn away from his vessel, like Lyra had found control and forced him out with sheer will edging her on. Go girl. And then she careened to the earth, her strings cut. Michael informed him that she was still alive, and just about to confirm himself he stopped dead in his tracks when something overwhelmed him, nearly robbing him of air, or maybe it was because his breath caught in his throat and wouldn't travel the rest of its way to his lungs. Either he was dreaming, or hallucinating from very little sleep.

Mom was there, a vision of white, as pure and beautiful as he'd ever recalled seeing her.

Yup, that was mommy dearest -more dear than any mother he could ever know. But how? When? Why? Was beyond him, he couldn't even ask given the chance anyways, he was left astounded. She had first aided the fallen Lyra, the angel's single touch like bleach, killing all the bad left over vibes from the girl. Leaving her cleansed once again. Taking away all her ailment and returning her health and vitality to her. All happening so quickly, she was standing now, looking statuesque before them all, her violet eyes locked on him, and then she smiled. He'd never thought he'd see that again, it nearly made him crack. He'd seen that very smile on her, the last emotion on her face just before-

She vanished instantly.

But her kiss that felt more like a sweet breeze left him with goose bumps all over.

His heart sky rocketed, bringing with it an adrenaline rush at sensing something coming at them, but was already there before he could make a move. A guy, one that he couldn't recognize was there, Lyra in his arms, as if he were her safety net, reminding him of how fiercely Aleksei had seized Isabella back at the gym. It took the hunter a second to find his ground, Pull it together Dean, he took a slow, deep, breath. Relieving his aching lungs, blinked a few times, his eyes adjusting to the quick change of light and he lowered his gaze to stare right at the new face. Nope, he couldn't place a name on the guy, means he'd never met him. But he could pick up something from him, not as normal as he appeared. Like everything in Dean's life. Nothing was ever what it seemed, and even so, it all felt like he was just barely scratching the surface of things.

He noticed the little silent looks both Selene and this new face shared, they had some history, but he would ask questions about it later.

Messaging the back of his neck, this being his first movement since his mother dropped in, he listened intently to Selene, her implying Lyra being a probable witch was a good guess. Though an incorrect one. If there were a few things he could remember about witches were there very vengeful ways, and their tendencies to be downright gross. Lyra was nothing like that, first of all, a witch wouldn't be caught dead getting pinned by a little demon. Not ever, unless he/she wanted his/her ego bruised. And second, if Lyra were a witch, wouldn't she had worked her witchy powers on all these demons back at the school? Witch craft was a serious trade, one that they practiced like a damn mantra, over and over 'till everything was perfect.

He disagreed with the huntress, "We're not pulling Isabella back into this mess, this is our job to handle, and we will do it without involving others into it. So that's a no. End of story." Dean told her tersely, he had kept his steady gaze on the other, wondering if he was a threat or not.

Aleksei was there, amid the forestry, he couldn't help but stay back and watch this, it was all so very intriguing. The rock had just started picking up speed and now seemed to slow, but it was still rolling. Pacing toward them, he acknowledged the would be alpha, the boy's scent matched those of his elders and the pureblood already knew who he belonged to.

"Send Wolfgang my regards, I plan on paying him a visit when I get the chance to, it's been a while," Aleksei said easily, he came to a pause a little away from the group, preferring to stay were the shadows were strongest. Mina was awaiting him with her parasol, her eyes alit like fire at the scent of the werewolf, oh yeah she was fascinated but she tried to keep herself composed, channeling Aleksei's control. It would be so cool to see this one turn into a wolf, she could only dream of what it would be like to see one of them in action. She was weird like that.

Directing his attention to the hunter, he smiled slightly, "Isabella is visiting her mother, at the moment it wouldn't be wise to disturb her with this. It's not necessary. However leaving her without back-up I think is unwise. I do agree that Salvatore should remain close to her, just in case."

"Alright, nobody screw up. I'll go find her, whatever." Then Dean gave Lyra a weary gaze and the boy who held her, a fierce one saying "Don't hurt Isabella's friend or I'll make you wish you weren't born." just before glancing at Selene, "Go to Billie's he knows where to find the residential witch, if there even is one still kicking around here, maybe he could find something about that witch and that legend. Maybe the Zev- whoever could be right. We'll regroup there."

Then he left them.

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A touch was all an angel had to do, and healing was instantaneous. A voice, one that was equal parts soft and gentle, like a mother's lullaby echoed in her foggy brain. The love that radiated from this strange, yet welcoming presence flooded through Lyra's small form as though she were bathed in warm honey. Slowly, her eyes slit open, the radiating, light that glowed from the woman pierced through the girl's blurred vision and everything was clear. What just happened? Before she could voice her questions, much less wonder about this woman, the lady was up, and gazing at Dean, there was a familiarity in her expression, it was all there in that fully blossomed smile, meant just for him. Lyra opened her mouth to say something, but all that left her was a whimper of shock and she flinched in surprise when someone moved in on her, strong, warm hands banded around her, picking her up and pulling her close to a hard body. The smell of the woods and something more that she couldn't recognize struck her like a brick wall smoothed her heart beat some. Julian. No doubt about it.

She moved her hands that were trembling, touched his chest, felt his warmth, the pounding of his steady heart beat beneath her palm, her eyes tracked him up until her wondering gaze snagged at his cloudy eyes. This was real, he was real, he was here. Then she remembered the lady, momentarily tearing her eyes from him she searched as much as she could for her, but she was gone. How? When?

I remember everything, the demon, entering me, using me like a mannequin. How horrid. I don't want that to ever happen to me again...

The thought brought her back to reality, and here she thought it was all over. Wait -Julian? Stiffening suddenly as she had recalled their last encounter she was surprised to find that she was able to squirm in his tight hold, finally her voice sprung from her throat, light and her normal self as she said, "Why are you? What's going... Julian I-" Her eyes flickered from him, to the hunter and then at Selene and Micheal -they had retreated into the protective shield of the forest trees, the strong rays of sunlight flooding her view in light. It was early morning now, maybe nine-ish. She pushed against Julian afraid that his old lagger might suddenly make an appearance and this time really box the boy's ears for disobeying.

She was able to pull from him and stand, what had that lady given her that made her feel "whole" again? No dizziness or any sleepiness anymore, what was both wonderful and freaky.

"We're not pulling Isabella back into this mess, this is our job to handle, and we will do it without involving others into it. So that's a no. End of story." Dean told Selene tersely, he had kept his steady gaze on the Julian, wondering if he was a threat or not. She could see the hunter trying to figure out if the guy could be trusted -but what were they talking about before she came to? And what was -oh. That. Isabella was a vital piece to this "mess" vampires wanted her blood? For power? Is that what they were all talking about? No time to wonder, Aleksei's voice was next to clear the air after the hunter's, giving out a hello to someone named Wolfgang? She looked to Julian and she could see it in his eyes, someone he knew well. Was it the old turd back at the house? She found herself holding on to Julian's shoulder, curling her fingers around his shirt, the trembling was something that had ceased when the angel had touched her -heh, touched by an angel. But was now running ice through her veins making her chill again. Fear. Fear for Isabella, and the secrets these people were they people? were keeping from her. Trying to defend her from a great world of pain. Would it be far worse than being possessed? Hopefully not.

Dean agreed to drop whatever he was doing to go for Isabella, and Selene to locate a witch? Now she was confused, could a witch really help them here? No, could a witch be trusted? Could any of them be trusted? And what about that demon? They all just let him slip like water, was no one going to have at it with that thing flying around invading people? Was that even important right now? Something told her that vile creature was powerless without a physical form to attach to. So that could explain their forgetting about it. As soon as Katherine showed up, if she ever would, Lyra was gonna give her an ear-bashing not that it would change anything between them, was there anything?

Shaking her head a little, Lyra returned to here and now, and right now Dean was gone, to find Isabella? And Selene to meet him where now? She had missed that part of the discussion, she really had to stop zoning out.

Michael smirked at the girl, she seemed fine to him, almost too much, she was quick to detach herself from Julian who seemed to know his love. Brining a gentle hand to touch the side of her face he whispered, "Do you know him? He smells like a were wolf, I don't think I've encountered his kind before, in a very long time. But you recognize him, mind filling me in on the deets?"

Lyra stood away from Julian, no, he wasn't going to get in anymore trouble for her, that she decided. After graciously thanking him, she told him she had to go home, though that word left her in a slight grate. She hated that place and hated calling it "home" but it was enough to keep up with appearances. "My folks are going to worry for me, I haven't been there since yesterday, I need to go, you should go back to your grand father before he- well you know. Good bye sir," she chuckled half heartedly, hoping he would listen and do the right thing for the sake of his own grandfather who cared for him dearly. She nodded to him, then to the others, and she started to walk away into the very direction the hunter had taken, as if he had cleared a path for her back to town.

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Selene glared at Dean with a disapproving look of steel. She tossed her dark hair and then shifted her gaze to Michael, who stroked her cheek, inquiring about her history with Julian. She moved her head away from him, then stepped toward the wolf boy, who was watching Lyra as she retreated from him. Her expression never wavered, even when she looked back at Michael. She straightened her leather jacket over her figure.

"Does that fool still not understand Isabella is the focal point of all this madness?" she growled, deeply peeved. "No matter what we do, Isabella is linked to all of it. I believe she should be notified that her dearest friend was hurt. But whatever. That stupid boy will learn soon enough. Unless he really is that dense."

She rolled her eyes, but before she could say anything else, she noticed Michael's inquisitive expression. He truly was curious about her relationship with Julian, but she was unsure if she wanted to inform him yet. She fixed the bow strapped to her back, itching to use them, then remembered Billie. He was an advocate of weapons, so perhaps she could buy a more suitable one off of him? She would bring it up when they got to where they were going. Now all she had to do was find Vera. She needed the woman, whom she felt a growing bond with, to help her in tracking the witch and possibly fighting her off if push came to shove.

"He is," she finally answered Michael, stealing one last glance at the boy whom Aleksei was addressing. Then she started through the woods, ignoring the sting of the sunlight as she made her way toward her motorcycle. "Meet me at Billie's. Finding the witch is our main priority."

It was truly outstanding, though a usual occurence, how Selene could shut her emotions off so easily. She was quick to guard herself and not waver from her defense, even if it meant she was opposing those that cared for her. Nonetheless, it was her method of protection, more like an instinct she adapted from her father, who digressed that emotions and the expression of them were traits of the weak. She eyed the crescent moon ring on her hand, fingered it, and looked toward the horizon. She then took the helmet that was strapped to her front handlebars and put it on, kickstarted her bike, and finally sped away into the hills toward the automotive shop.


"You're the White One, aren't you?" Julian said, observing Aleksei as though he were an apparition. "My grandfather always spoke highly of you. I'm sure he will be pleased with your visit."

Then he shifted his grey gaze to Mina, whom watched him like one might stare at a puppy. He fidgeted uneasily before finally returning his attention to Lyra, who pulled away from him and retreated into the woods. She lied to him again. He could smell it and understand it almost as if he could read her mind- but why? What about her family was she so bent on hiding from him? What was she so ashamed of? He lifted his eyes heavenward, squinting at the sun beating down on the group. He closed his eyes and breathed in the sweet scent of earth and pine. He loved the outdoors. He was born of the earth, and it was his duty as her son to be a proper steward and ensure her wellbeing.

"Lyra, wait-" he called, running after her and seizing her by the hand. "Why do you keep running away from me? I mean you no harm. At least let me walk you home."

He let her hand go, afraid she might recoil and become fearful of him. He just wanted to make sure she knew she had a comrade in him regardless of what his grandfather and packmates thought. Afterall, he is the appointed alpha, and what he says is ultimately what goes- trusting in this particular human was not a foolish move. If what his grandfather had taught him his entire life proved to be true, then the humans, particularly God's favorite, would come to need all the help they could get- and that included a comraderie with his pack. He would have to get his brothers to trust in his decisions sooner or later, or perhaps if he brought Lyra around them more often, they might see what Julian saw.

"And don't mind that old dog," Julian said of Wolfgang, nudging her reassuringly. "They don't learn new tricks, you know. He hasn't quite accepted the evolution of the present century. I'm sorry if you heard what he was babbling about."


Selene hesitated before she went up to the door. She remained straddling her motorcycle, which growled lazily beneath her until she shut it off. Then she took her helmet and strapped it again to her handlebars, her aquamarine eyes scanning the quiet business. This man was close friends with the hunter- could it be possible that Billie was familiar with her father as well? Perhaps they had been teammates at some point, or something. Her eyes fell to the trinket on her finger, and she sighed, swinging her leg over the bike and approaching the building.

"Billie?" she called upon reaching the door, looking over her shoulder in search of Michael and Vera. Where had she gone off to?

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Selene glared at Dean with a disapproving look of steel. She tossed her dark hair and then shifted her gaze to Michael, who stroked her cheek, inquiring about her history with Julian. She moved her head away from him, then stepped toward the wolf boy, who was watching Lyra as she retreated from him. Her expression never wavered, even when she looked back at Michael. She straightened her leather jacket over her figure.

"Does that fool still not understand Isabella is the focal point of all this madness?" she growled, deeply peeved. "No matter what we do, Isabella is linked to all of it. I believe she should be notified that her dearest friend was hurt. But whatever. That stupid boy will learn soon enough. Unless he really is that dense."

But would it really benefit Isabella in knowing something that seemed like a distant memory now? Telling her would be counter intuitive since the little medium was alright now. Michael agreed with Dean on keeping this one a secret. Unless it were highly necessary it wouldn't need mentioning at all.

He gazed at his belle as she rolled her eyes, but before she could say anything else, she noticed his inquisitive expression. He truly was curious about her relationship with Julian, but she was unsure if she wanted to inform him yet. She fixed the bow strapped to her back, itching to use them, then remembered Billie. He was an advocate of weapons, so perhaps she could buy a more suitable one off of him? She would bring it up when they got to where they were going. Now all she had to do was find Vera. She needed the woman, whom she felt a growing bond with, to help her in tracking the witch and possibly fighting her off if push came to shove.

"He is," she finally answered Michael, stealing one last glance at the boy whom Aleksei was addressing. Then she started through the woods, ignoring the sting of the sunlight as she made her way toward her motorcycle. "Meet me at Billie's. Finding the witch is our main priority."

"Alright then," Michael replied as he misted away into the thick woods, taking a much faster route. Unlike the huntress who was more lenient towards the sun's light (it was a known fact that all "turned" hunters could better withstand or get used to the light over time) purebloods on the one hand could never gain such a talent for it. So he had to stick to shadier places, so that he wouldn't have to deal with that annoyance. Before long he'd reached the old car shop, there he was greeted by Selene's parked bike, she had arrived a few seconds earlier it appeared. He came to stop next to her, noticing her searching eyes, maybe for Veratos. "She'll return soon ma petite," he told her with reassurance.


By now the exorcist was already reaching the half-way point of the woods, edging ever so closer back into town, she could already make out the town's little shops and see cars whizzing around with people out and about. Her guardians must already be gone and Serenity getting ready for school, the girl loved to pamper herself and look flawless before she stepped out of the mansion-perhaps they may even cross paths if Lyra were to hurry. She had the strongest sensation in her that the younger, achingly nosey girl could be invading her boudoir again, looking through her stuff (especially her wardrobe) and "borrowing" her things all without ever asking for permission of course. In other words, the girl was aggro in its purest form. The only one person that could cheese up Lyra. (Piss her off)

"Lyra, wait-" Julian's voice called, running after her and seizing her by the hand. "Why do you keep running away from me? I mean you no harm. At least let me walk you home." The girl almost smiled, this lad chuffed her to bits

She felt his grip on her, a cold shiver slithered down her spine and she froze, took a breath, then spun on her heel to face him, her eyes wide, her face pale, "Julian I-"

He let her hand go, as quickly as he had took it, did he feel that shock too? Maybe, but she wasn't about to ask. He had the look in his eyes, fear that she may come to be intimidated by him. And also, there was concern in his brows, like his expression were somehow asking that she forget their last encounter, the part where she eavesdropped on him and his old codger, and trust him. Could she trust him? Start over?

Fat chance.

"And don't mind that old dog," Julian was saying of Wolfgang, nudging her reassuringly. "They don't learn new tricks, you know. He hasn't quite accepted the evolution of the present century. I'm sorry if you heard what he was babbling about." His expression then shifted, calm now, like himself when she had first awoken in his room was it? She couldn't tell, when she realized how much she liked him this way.

Lyra's eyes broke contact from his and fell to the ground, as if she found her dirt caked shoes suddenly fascinating, refusing to look up at him again. "I...I still wouldn't want you to get yourself in trouble, he seemed very serious." Because soon enough, you'd grow to hate me too, you wouldn't have to tell me, I would know, just like Serenity, she thinks I don't know, but I do, I feel her icy stares even when I don't look at her, like she resents my even being there...That's why, I leave today... Her features was touched by deep sorrow, but she put on a brave face, then finally looked up at him, "I'm sorry too... But having me around will only be a liability on you and you know it. I will be distracting you from whatever important duties you have to perform. You're going to be an alpha, that is what you should be chasing. I'll be alright, I have two legs, I can walk. "

She offered him a smile, thanked him again, than whirled back around and this time ran on full sprint. Whatever he was, she knew it wasn't right. Normal. She felt it emanating off his pores, like energy, similar to what Dean gave off, but the difference there, Julian's was much brighter, the brightest. He had responsibilities to uphold, a bunch of brothers that needed him to be their alpha. She in no way will allow him to tangle up with her and her package of issues. He didn't need it. As much as she wished things were different, they just weren't and she had to live with it.

By the time she got to the white, large estate, she was panting for air and her steps were wobbly. Pretty soon she was in her room, giving it a once over, then dread filled her to the core. The white rectangular box she kept under her bed for safe keeping was opened, on her bed. She approached it with pure horror taking root and growing branches inside her. Trembling fingers touched the ivory tissue paper, felt inside for the dress she already knew wasn't there.

"Serenity." Lyra breathed, her shoulders fell distraught.

Luckily, she found the girl just before she stepped into the limo, she dared Reeve to close that door, with a glare. The older man knew what was coming for the misses daughter and he for one could care less what happened to the brat -nothing too bad though since he could get in serious trouble if she like died or whatever. But this was the norm here in the Vandalia house-hold, as normal as the sun rising every morning in the sky. He stepped aside even as the girl commanded him to shut the door and drive her to school so that she could show off the new and priceless white, MARC JACOBS 2012 Taylor style Silk maxi dress, she looked absolutely cracking in (stunning) a simple, yet elegant number that was too "old" for her age range, but bespoken for Lyra in every way, in case that special occasion would arise -not that she'd ever don it since it was the last gift her aunt Katherine had purchased for her before the accident that took her life away. It was something Lyra wanted to keep as a precious "treasure" something that she would cherish rather than ever use. In loving memory of her aunty, and now this? It was mostly unforgivable, one that shook Lyra to experience a rage she never knew she had.

"Reeve you idiot let's go-" Serenity was yelling, than her clear mossy eyes snapped to the seething Lyra who was already yanking the stretch limo's door open, reaching in and latching her hands onto the girl's scrawny arms, pulling her out, out until they were both standing on the ground, Lyra was a few inches taller than her, and could easily look down at her. "You're wearing my dress. Take it off now." she intoned, sounding eerily scary in the younger girl's ears.

"No...L-like I always s-said... what's yours is mine, and what's mine is...mine!" Serenity shot back, though her tone wasn't as forceful or strong. She tried to look tough but defending herself or even fighting was a big no-no if you wanted to be "lady-like" at least according to mother it was. Not just the simple fact that she couldn't even fight worth crap.

"You didn't ask me if you could-"

"I've never asked to wear or take anything of yours, why would I start now?" Serenity interrupted her trying to wrench herself from the medium's hands. Lyra released her as if noticing how mad she was getting. This wasn't like her and she was shocked herself, but she managed to keep her composure.

Serenity straightened herself tall, picturing her lean and graceful mum, how enchantingly she would look in a designer dress that costed a bomb as this one surely did, she attempted to poorly resemble such elegance but failed to since the dress looked bodged up on her. In every way.

"No, I refuse, don't you see Lisa, I'm far more superior than you, and this dress is brill on me, you're just jealous that I'm more prettier than you and Bob's your uncle!" she snapped flippantly as ever. Lord did she need a reality check.

Lyra grounded her molars, trying fervently to keep herself calm, her patience running thin. "That's a load of cobblers and you know it, just take it off and wear something else."

The girl locked eyes with Lyra, "Make. Me."

"I've let you take all of my things and I never complained, but this. My aunty's last present. I can't." she tried to explain, be nice.

"I don't care!" The girl spat, crossing her arms, edging Lyra on with a smug grin, her eyes sparkling, daring the other to even try to strike her.

Lyra sighed, as if letting it all go, it was her fault after all that the girl had found her dress and decided to wear it. If she hadn't wanted this to happen, she should have chosen a better place to hide it. Nothing could be done, and well fighting her for it just might ruin the dress. Aware even so that she just may win had they fought regardless, Lyra held back the burning anger inside her. "Fine, just know that the gown isn't appropriate for school, try not to ruin it. Please return it when you're done modeling. For the record my name is Lyra and not to offend, but you look disastrous in that dress. It doesn't fit you well and is too long." she let out calmly, already feeling the anger evaporate. There was no use trying now. Then she turned away from Serenity and retreated back into the mansion. She wouldn't be able to leave today after all, the dress was her chain holding her back. It was also the only link that kept Katherine's presence here on earth. If that dress were to be destroyed than she'd loose what was left of her aunt's spirit. The medium knew well, that's why she hadn't ever touched it. She hoped to God that Serenity wouldn't damage such a sacred piece of Lyra's heart.

Serenity rolled her eyes, now she was deeply cheesed. What would it take to ruin Lyra? Make her soo angry that she would just leave? She figured this would be the last straw but it wasn't. Maybe if she did ruin the dress that would definitely break her! That is, after she wore it and took pictures with it, Lyra didn't know, but today Serenity was going to attend a party, one that only the wealthiest kids could attend today. A celebration that had nothing to do with attending any classes, yup she was a skipper all right. Nodding over at Reeve, she picked up the length of the dress and tried to gracefully reenter the limo, only to trip half way. She reached for the door handle to keep herself steady and she flashed the chauffeur a breezy smile, she got this. No, no she didn't, but the man wouldn't tell her that, unless he wanted to loose his job.

Reeve watched this surprised, Lyra had handled it well, but she lost to this little punk. That was something he would bring Serenity's mother to attention, though he doubted much would be done about it. The woman could care less what her child did, all she was concerned about was keeping up with her job and nothing more. This family was falling apart and there was nothing to be done to salvage it. Not even Lyra's sweet nature.

Up in her room, Lyra gently folded the paper back into the box and returned its lid, treating it like glass. Though she fought the hugest urge to strike at the girl, here, alone, she couldn't contain the silent tears rolling down her cheeks, leaving salty warm trails on her face, behind her, Katherine emerged as if she were summoned by Lyra's sorrow.

"I tried to stop her, but my movements ghosted right through her. I'm sorry."

Lyra shook her head as she closed her eyes and took in another blow.

"No, it's my fault. It always is."

Katherine hated it when the girl blamed herself for things she couldn't possibly prevent. However she couldn't do or say anything to change Lyra's ways as a person's true character can only be changed by their own will.

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Aleksei approached the boy, giving him a grave expression he lowered himself to whisper in the kid's ear. "We're holding a conference at the auto shop, the only one Sable has. It concerns Isabella. Have Wolfgang join us if he will. We'll be waiting." Then he straightened and walked away, Mina followed suit. Leaving Julian behind to do his part...

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"Are you sure this is going to be your new home? It's not really suitable a place to live very long sweety..." Katherine said looking rightfully concerned at her niece as she bumbled around gleefully building a fire and making a snack called "smores". The Brit had already taken several minutes to put up the tent and settled down for the rest of the day. The ghost couldn't tell if she was more concerned for the girl's safety, or her sanity.

"Relax aunty Kat, this is just something I've always wanted to do, the American's call it camping," Lyra camly explained, trying to contain her inner excitement. She had wasted a lot of her money on purchasing camping gear so that she could experience the full on camping life -for a short couple of days until she would then decide to find a new place to actually call "home".

"Becareful darling, I sense this place isn't exactly just a forest, there are other entities among us, and they're vibes aren't so comforting in the least." Kat warned the girl.

"I know that, why do you think I camped out here far from the road and stuff, no one will find me. Not that anyone will even be searching for me anyways..." She turned from her aunt's ghost and continued making smores alone. Meanwhile she wondered how her best friend was doing, Isabella was probably with Aleksei living it large in a mansion somewhere. Lucky. Some people had luck while others didn't, like she for instance. No luck what so ever, but she couldn't complain, it could have been so much more worse. When the girl finished making smores, she went back into her little yellow tent and picked up her photograph that held her mother's image -it being all she had left of her memory. As she muched on smores, she spoke to her mother in a low whisper, almost holding a conversation with her, however one-sided it may be. At least she could pretend someone was listening to her, besides her dead aunt's spirit.

A crack of a breaking branch suddenly filled the silent air, making the british girl jump. Placing the photograph back in its shelf being the top of a shoe box, Lyra crawled out of the tent to take a peek outside. So far, she couldn't see anyone there. Her eyes flickered to her aunt's spiritual form, she stood there still as a stone statue, staring ahead, as though she could perceive what Lyra could not.

"Lyra, you must not move or make a sound, the creatures out here are highly dangerous and malignant. Far worse than-"


Katherine tore her gaze from the flitting shadows weaving in and out of view, to stare at her beloved niece who had once again disobeyed her and was up on her feet, standing tall and steady. The look on her face was sure and not a hint of fear in her eyes, what a strong medium she turned out to become.

"They aren't normal spiritual manifestations Lyra, they are more lethal and unrestrained, they can and will kill you. Or possess you again, please go back inside-"

"No. I-I won't run-not anymore!" Lyra shouted, the ground beneath her feet rumbled as the collected group of demons sensed her, and drew closer and closer, a giant cloud that swallowed her up.

Lyra closed her eyes and made a little prayer, then a voice came to her, a whisper to answer her prayer.

Looking up, her eyes flaring a bright light, she screamed, "Yes, please help me."

A bright light filled the skies, and when the girl lowered her gaze to the ring of demons trying to grab at her form, she spoke, "Priinceps gloriosissime cælestis militiæ, sancte Michaël Archangele, defende nos in prælio et colluctatione, quæ nobis adversus principes et potestates, adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum, contra spiritualia nequitiæ, in cælestibusus. Veni in auxilium hominum, quos Deus creavit inexterminabiles, et ad imaginem similitudinis suæ fecit, et a tyrannide diaboli emit pretio magno," she paused to take a breath and finally yeld, "exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus!"

A whiplash of white energy burst from Lyra's small frame, tearing apart the spiritual particles that were the demons, they were gone within seconds, leaving the girl alone with her aunt soon appearing after. She stared at her niece, who looked awfully shocked as she fell to her knees.


"Kat, I heard her..." Lyra said, shivering as if she had just walked into the frozen section of a supermarket, she crossed her arms over her chest trembling, "I... I... heard her voice...."

"Who did you hear?" Katherine asked, her eyes wide, looking down at her niece.

"Assasiel...An Angel," Lyra whispered, trying so hard not to loose it. Maybe she was going bonkers? At least the demons were gone though, that was a good thing, right?

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At the edge of the forest where the foliage met the lips of the ocean, Julian and his brothers and sisters all gathered around a boat where the body of Wolfgang rested. On a bed of spices his carcass lay, the sweet scent of myrrh and frankencense wafting through the pine and salty sea breeze. An archer waited at the top of a cliff peak, wielding a flaming arrow that would ignite the boat as the ocean current carried it away. Julian took a deep breath, tears streaking his pale face, and kissed his grandfather good-bye once more. After watching his brothers do the same, he pushed the hand crafted boat offshore until the currrent began to pull him away on its own.

His grey eyes lifted to the archer, who prepared his bow and arrow until the boat was a few miles out to sea. Then the arrow soared and struck the boat, immediately engulfing it in growing flames. A soft sob left Julian's mouth, and he turned away, unable to watch as his grandfather turned to ashes. As the sun started to sink into the horizon, giving way to the glowing white moon, Julian ran through his congregated packmates and darted into the forest, his form already beginning to shift. The others let him go, beginning to beat their drums and play their ceremonial music in reverence to their deceased pack leader. When his feet touched the damp, brown earth of Silver Mist, he fell to his knees and roared, both in pain and fury.

The soft, but violent crackle and popping of his bones as they rearranged themselves and grew could be heard. Inky black fur erupted all over his body, and his face elongated as the moon began to rise. He roared again, tearing his clothes from his frame and crawling forward, his fingers and hands morphing into massive paws with huge ebony talons. He gagged as his vocal cords shrank back into his throat and his tongue stretched forth, robbing him of his human ability to speak and forcing him instead to communicate with animalistic noises.

When he completed the shift, he bolted through the foliage, determined to find a spot where he could mourn alone in the darkness. As he ran, he picked up the sweet scent of burning chocolate and melting marshmallows; instinctively, he changed direction and started toward it. As he came closer, he caught a familiar fragrance, something like vanilla mixed with lavender; drawing closer still, he saw the little tent, and paused for a moment, sniffing the air. A low growl gurgled in his throat as he approached the tent, the hairs on his back standing on end while he scoured the campsite for sign of its occupant.

Then he spotted Lyra, and immediately he froze, his icy, silver gaze locked on her.

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((Well I surely had fun in this, I'd say this could be the longest running role play I've been in since ever. I'm proud to say it. I hope we can all stick together for more RP's to come. )) ,

Lyra took a few deep breaths, having already come to the conclusion that she was no longer in any immediate threats by the demons, she was only beginning to pull herself together when she sensed a pressure much stronger and yet strangely familiar approach her vicinity.

"Oh look, it's wolf, so much for no one able to find you here Lyra. You know what that means right?" Katherine said drily, noticing the animal as it came to a slow pace. It's lustrous eyes on her niece, she would do anything to protect her niece, and she was there, her ghostly figure standing in between the wolf and her precious love.

"W-wolf...? Crikey Moses... I've never..." Lyra's words mixed and jumbled in her rushed way, she shrank back, edging toward the tent like it was a safe haven, like the giant dog wouldn't be able to rip through it and tear her to pieces. She stared at it, and for some reason, she didn't know what it was, but, she didn't feel so terrified. Her gaze engulfed the beautiful creature, so majestic and fierce, and his aura -how could she mistaken it? The "pull" she felt, his presence tugged through her, reaching her soul.


But how could that be? Well, who else could she name have the same spiritual pressure as he? No one for that matter, so it wasn't possible that the wolf before her was also the young man she had met earlier? Was this what his old codger was going on about, him becoming an "alpha" for... a pack of wolves? They were werewolves? She felt her skin crawling with absolute fear, she has had her reads on their kind and knew too well on what happens when they shift -they're more animalistic, running on primal instincts and dropping their humanistic morals as they do when they shed their clothes. This was not going to end well and running would only worsen things, she was now his human death wish. Perfect.

I never thought of myself dying at the jowls of a wolf, really...this is just....this is just... Maddening!

It was a wonder how she could even think clearly when her body was literally trembling with horror. She was gonna die, that was definite, and there was nothing she could do about it. Sure she could wipe out a class room of demons in a snap, but that was because they were in their spiritual state, there was a chant for that -however that wasn't the case for physical, wild were wolves, it was much different, there was no chant for this, not that she was aware of anyways. Basically, she was screwed.

"Lyra, stand up, move very slowly and climb up that tree, try to get to the highest branch and stay up there," Katherine instructed in a hiss, her gaze never drifted from the wolf who's attention remained on Lyra, like a hawk capturing its prey with its eyes alone. Frightening.

"What are you gonna do?" Lyra whispered back, snapping to action, she reached for a stone the size of her clenched fist, so that she could throw it and maybe even distract the wolf with it while she made an escape for it. Slowly, but deliberately, she shifted herself on the ground, mindful of her surroundings, being sure not to get too close to the fire, maneuvering in a half-circle around the tent, giving up on her idea of hiding in it.

"Don't worry about me, I'm already dead, it can't kill me twice, go!"
"I am, be careful."

Katherine frowned a little, "I should be saying that to you sweet heart."

Lyra was half way there, moving at a snail's pace, that felt excruciatingly long to her heightened nerves, she kept glancing from her aunt to the wolf and back, then deciding she could just run to her tree she rose her rock hand, and chucked it, aiming for a spot behind the wolf. The stone made a good amount of wanted noise, rustling a bush. She was thinking it would glance back to inspect for any intruder while she shot to her feet and ran the rest of the way to her tree. that she did, only to encounter a newer, more dreadful problem.

"What's taking you?" Katherine snapped, moving herself to block the animal from reaching Lyra, if it had reacted to the distration or not wasn't the real concern here.

Lyra hopped a bunch of times, but the lowest branch was just out of her reach. "I can't climb trees Kat!"

"Then get to another, quick!"

The medium ran to another tree, but the same problem laughed down at her, these trees weren't like the ones back home, they were immensely tall and she was ridiculously short. What was she going to do, run screaming through the woods and attract more hungry wolves to feat on her? Fat chance. She had to try and survive, so focusing on that while keeping a tight hold on herself so that she wouldn't fall into hysteric fits and really lose it, she slowly made her way to the fire she had going on, reached down to pick up a thick piece of branch and with its burning tip she held it out before her, swinging it out horizontally like a sword. Not wildly, rather in a threatening gesture, "I know this isn't silver, but fire does burn, so… So stay away from me!"

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(LOL Angel I love how you called JULIAN Justin!)

Julian's twin audits twitched at the sound of the rock crashing against the brush, but he didn't move. His silver eyes remained on Lyra's scrambling form, watching her without moving, still almost as a statue. He could see the translucent form of her protective aunt, a brave little specter before the mouth of the beast, knowing full well she couldn't do anything if he wished to attack the girl. He approached her, his head lowered and a growl still rolling from his throat, tail straight out behind him as she struggled to climb to safety into different trees.

Then she stopped and started to swing a flaming branch at him, nearly striking him in the nose and causing him to retreat. He snorted, clearly agitated now, then curled his lips back to reveal his shiny jowels. He took a tentative step backward, his gaze still unwavering until the sounds of a few more foreign snarls echoed through the trees. His ears perked and immediately he lifted his head toward the noise, coming from the woods around them. Soon, three sets of glowing yellow eyes matched the wicked growling, followed by the giant forms of ash-colored wolves.

Julian stiffened, bringing himself between the intruding animals and Lyra, his eyes following their moves as they approached the two. The lips of his maw curled further, fully revealing his massive canines as they began to drip with saliva. He lifted his head to the sky and howled, his call reverberating through the forest in hope that it would alert his packmates of his location. The three wolves closed in, their snarls becoming even more violent, preparing to attack. Julian stood his ground, his huge body blocking Lyra from the opposing side, as though in attempt to protect the small girl.

The largest one striked first. He dove toward Julian, snapping at his neck before the alpha pummeled him to the ground. He slammed his paws into the other's head, raking his talons over his eyes before clamping his jaws down on the thick flesh of his throat and tearing. The other two leapt onto the black alpha, and the four were sent tumbling into the woods. The ashen wolves ripped at Julian, who fought bravely against them, drawing blood from them all with the sheer brutality of his alpha instinct and force. As strong as he was, he couldn't possibly take all three of them on at once, even after severely maiming the first.

Blood, fur, dirt and twigs went flying as the quarrel commenced, Julian trying with all his might to lead them away from Lyra's campsite. When one of them broke away to try and get to the little medium, Julian was quick to tackle him to the ground, fiercely attacking him until it no longer tried to do so. One of the other wolves got a hold of his neck and another sank his teeth into his hind leg, bringing Julian to the floor. Even as they tried to strangle him to death, Julian fought them, his blood spilling over the earth and matting his fur.

Several more snarls could be heard, and just as Julian was beginning to lose consciousness, the five forms of his packmates dove over him, crashing into the already wounded opposing wolves, who immediately retreated. They bolted the opposite direction, and Julian's brothers followed suit, leaving him in the grass a few yards away from Lyra's campsite. He struggled to stand, and when he did, he wobbled weakly.

He limped through Lyra's camp, trying to get to the place where he had abandoned his clothes, knowing that if he lost consciousness he would shift again. He had suffered much damage, however, and before he could even get past the bonfire, he collapsed in a heap on the ground, panting heavily. A soft whine left his maw before he succumbed to unconsciousness and his massive physique began to shrivel; the ebony fur that once covered him began to fall off, and his bones shifted once again until he returned to his normal form, totally illuminated by the firelight. Julian was curled into the fetal position, naked and covered in mud and crimson, shivering and unresponsive aside from that.

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((See, now you got me calling Julian Justin I'll fix that! lol))

Lyra was all too frightened to be of much use, rather than take the opportunity to flee as the wolves all collided into each other in such a fierce and brutal fight, forgetting her as it appeared, she remained at her stand, transfixed by the most incredible and unnatural scene playing out before her. It was like being at the set of a Twilight movie sequence with the wolves all tearing at each other as wild as it got, it was almost thrilling. Leaning back against the tree, the Brit sunk down into the earth, her breaths coming and going in tandem with the action, at first hollow and quick as the fight seemed to have reached its climax at the arrival of more wolves, then slower and deeper as the danger signals raging in her calmed. Or perhaps she was far too gone to feel anything else anymore. This was the ultimatum, no longer would she ever think those books she'd been reading were simple fairy tales. It was all real, too real.

The giant wolf of the darkest and beautiful night struggled in its passing, her eyes stuck on its large form as it moved slower and slower passed her tent, then she heard the creature's breaths give way to its weakness, its body trembling in the effort to keep going, but alas could not do so and in an instant had crashed into the ground much as she had. At first, she thought that was it, the poor thing was dead, only to feel her heart swell with something she couldn't identify. The animal changed, into a human being right there!

Striken with both dread and wonder mixing in her, the girl sat there, just breathing. She closed her eyes taking a grip on herself, in no bloody way was she going to fahking go bonkers, no way! That was not a were wolf, that figure lying on the ground marinated in his own blood and dirt was not, could not be Julian.

"Lyra we... We should really go now..." Came Katherine's voice, slicing through the girl's thoughts.

Lyra snapped her eyes opened and swallowed hard, her heart was pounding but she was slowly coming to grips with this ordeal. So Julian was a were wolf, and he had tried to protect her from the other wild dogs that would have had her for dinner had he not had shown up. No kidding!

She stood, and very cautiously started toward the collapsed young man, still the pounding in her chest made her think that he just might hear her heart beats, they felt so loud in her head. She ignored her aunt's plea to turn around and run away, but that was the problem now. If she ran she might end up bumping into the pack out there fighting it off, not something she wanted to encounter again. The danger was out there not here, so she had no choice.

"Stay away from him Lyra!" Katherine cried, reaching for her niece, grabbing her shoulder to keep her back.
"I can't leave him there like that Kat, I have to help him, after all, he had helped me when I was helpless back at the school..." she smiled at the memory, "I owe him one."

Katherine didn't like this one little bit, but the boy was unconscious and well, had protected her niece from the other wolves, she would have to comply for now and if anything happened she would deal with it -she was a powerful ghost now, she coud do so much damage.

Lyra reached the boy, knelt down beside him and gently patted his forehead, her smile blossoming sweetly, "It's alright, you're safe now."

Katherine slunk away into the shadows as she watched her niece manage to pull the boy away from the fire, into her tent to further assist him. She had really prepared for this hiking trip, having brought with her a first-aid kit, which she used up on the kid. She tried cleansing his wounds to the best of her abillity and covering the bite and scratch wounds. Soon enough she covered him in the sleeping bag, and accompanied him all through the night. When he were to awaken at last, Lyra would hand him a couple of giant Hershey bars and a bottle of SmartWater, to hyrdrate and proteinate -sort of.

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{I'm so sorry, Angel! For some reason it didn't show me that you had posted, so I was here waiting for your response for like a week haha}

"Do not be wary of him, woman," came the soothing voice of a particular apparition, whom had suddenly appeared beside Katherine, still tarrying over her niece whom was nursing Julian back to health. "The boy is a kind soul."

His translucent form materialized against the accumulating mist as if the fog is what he was composed of. He had the youthful and handsome features of a man in his early twenties, though he was dressed as though he were living during the era of Queen Victoria's reign. He watched the young couple indifferently, then shifted his gaze to the woman, who emanated a slight jealous rage over the girl.

Julian rested soundlessly inside the tent, bundled up in Lyra's sleeping bag beside a bunch of chocolate and sugary water drinks. His lashes twitched and weakly he stirred, regaining consciousness gradually until his pupils finally were able to properly focus on his surroundings. His eyelids parted to reveal his silvery irises, which shifted around the little tent in slight confusion before falling upon Lyra. For a moment despite his agony and tired confusion, he watched her warmly, but then at realizing he was naked and inside her tent, his eyes widened and he jumped a little, though recoiled immediately.

"What...what's goin' on...?" he muttered, cradling his head, which had suffered a massive blow, and touching the bandages around his torn neck.

Welts and dark bruises began to form on his ribcage, which he was certain he had cracked a few, and then he opened the sleeping bag just enough to where he could see the deep bite marks on his calf. He winced in pain, falling back against the ground and groaning softly before he closed his eyes.

"Why did you bring me here?" he asked. "What did you see, Lyra?"

He avoided her light eyed gaze, unsure of how to explain what she had just witnessed, and also uncertain of how he felt about it. Here he was, naked inside her tent, bound up and bandaged crudely while his packmates were off killing some rogue wolves that had appeared out of nowhere. Were they the ones that his grandfather had mentioned before he passed? The ones that were responsible for claming numerous lives and leaving chaos and destruction in their wake, risking the exposure of his family in consequence to their recklessness?

The world was spinning crazily, too quickly for wounded Julian to comprehend. He was of no use in the state that he was in; he could hardly even stand. How was he going to explain this to little human Lyra, who probably viewed him as nothing more than a wild beastly monster now. What would she think of him, having seen the extent of the curse that plagued his family?

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Lyra couldn't formulate the right words to say, if any at all. She was still trying to wrap her mind about this, about all of it. Sure she could accept the fact that vampires and ghosts were more real than fiction, but there were also were-wolves too? What the fahk? She remained still, hugging her knees to her chest as the boy that was once a furry, feral, and dangerous wolf, now a normal looking bloke, stirred and reacted at finding himself in her tent.

"You...You were hurt..." she managed to let out slowly, her eyes staring at him warily in case he suddenly changed into a giant dog again. At the other question, she felt a lump form in her throat, her eyes burning with unshed tears and fear tearing into her little chest, she looked away, toward the fire and tried to keep herself still. She was shivering, but it wasn't because she was cold. Being near him she felt warmth, almost like what Bella mch she could do ust have felt when she was around Jacob, the thought of which made her smile a tiny bit. Twilight, she wondered if that story was real.

Katherine watched the girl she sighed knowing there was nothing much she could do to change anything.

"How do you know he's harmless? How do you know he won't snap and eat Lyra?" she demanded at the spirit that had formed beside her now. She didn't glance at him, her sights were stuck on her niece like glue, her concern and fear too great for her to ever look away. What would happen if that bloody heathen were to try and attack her precious niece? She would be ruined that's what! She would forever haunt that boy until he was driven mad with guilt and repentance for his sins. One that even in death she would never forgive.

Lyra catches the glimpse of her aunt and of the other spiritual presense beside her, she remembered how terrible she had felt when she couldn't help her before. It reminded her of what Julian had done for her, his care and gentleness, his willingness to let her into his home despite her being a stranger, despite his old grandfather's disagreeing. She turned her attention to the boy that had some how slithered out of the sleeping bag, she sucked her teeth as she uncolied herself and crawled toward him.

"Hey," she whispered, surprised at how calm she sounded, she placed gentle hands on his shoulder and arm, trying to lead him back into the warmth and cover of the sleeping bag. "Stop moving or you'll open your wounds, you're not going to cause me more trouble by doing that are you? Listen to me bloak."