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Lin Shilon

"With his surcease, success: that but this blow might be the be-all and the end-all -- here."

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a character in “The Prophecy of the Four Villages”, as played by youngbreyer



So begins...

Lin Shilon's Story


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... and the human deity lived alongside the villagers. The animal deity finally took on its true from and was sent to live in the wild with the village guardian. Seven more years passed. You are now seventeen. Your village has been prospering in their trade for the past few years, but suddenly things have begun to change. Then, one night the human deity awakes to a knock at their window. They open it to see their childhood friend, now seven years older, standing right in front of them. This friend doesn't say a word, but you can hear them speaking in your head. You had always felt they were there with you all along. They tell you that someone is out to kill you both, along with all the other prophesized children. There is a safe house to the east of the Forested Lands and that is where you will both travel. And from there is where our story begins...


The room was quiet for a moment, except for the chirping of the crickets that lived in the tall grasses outside of the log inn, the crackling of the fireplace as it warmed the room, and the breathing of the ten others around Lin: the seven other prophecies which had gathered there, the innkeeper, his wife, and his daughter. The owners were in front of them, the burly, bearded innkeeper sat in a dining chair as his wife laid her hands on his shoulders. Their daughter hid in the corner behind them, like a piece of furniture. Lin and the others sat at a table. She stared at the flames, the licking sparks reflected in her blue eyes, as she waited for someone to speak.

“So,” the man gruffed, finally breaking the silence and calling Lin’s attention, he rubbed his knees, “you say you are on the run? And you are the eight children of the prophecy?”

“Well, yes,” Lin leaned forward and spoke up for the group, “it must be hard to believe however…”

The man held his hand up, silencing her, and she quickly shut her mouth. He rubbed his beard, and then creased his eyebrows as he contemplated something. “Someone knew this day would come…” He muttered.

“Ex… excuse me?” Lin questioned.

The chair squeaked when it scraped across the wooden floor as the man stood up. He crossed the room and reached up to the top of a china cupboard and slid open one of its top drawers. He pulled out a white sheet of paper and cleared his throat before handing it to Lin. “Ehm, see,” he said to her and pointed at the paper in her hands, “I thought it was suspicious, so I held onto it.”

Lin’s eyes scanned over the parchment in her hand. “On an evening in September, three weeks from when you should receive this letter, please have eight beds prepared for my companions. They should come to your inn seeking refuge, please do me this favor and keep them safe,” she read. She let her hands holding the letter fall to her lap, her face obviously confused. “Well then, who could have written this letter?” She asked.

“I don’t know, regular letter carrier brought it,” the man said with a shrug of his shoulders. He then proudly put them to his hips as he said, “But those eight beds are ready they are, aren’t they Pat? She prepared them herself,” he added merrily.

“They are Pa,” the girl meekly answered from her corner.

“Could this place really be safe then?” Lin wondered aloud. “Obviously someone was expecting us here. It could all be a trap…”

But then again, her guardian had told her that this was where she was to go… Would the guardian had led her, would everyone’s guardian, had led them into danger?

“But…” she continued, “I don’t believe it would be wise to travel tonight… Fighting, had it come to it, would be difficult in the dark.” She motioned to all of those like her, the “shape-shifters” some liked to call them, “And we are all in our human forms until the morning.”

The man suddenly started laughing. “Why that would be something to see wouldn’t it? I’ve never seen a shape-shifter before.”

Lin quirked her mouth to the side. Was he going to go off topic with this? Right now was not the time to be laughing.

“That’s not true honey,” his wife corrected him, obviously unaware that this conversation was irrelevant at the moment as well, “remember that time when we went to that village, off the coast, to pick up a customer?”

The man thought for a moment. “Oh!” He suddenly recalled. “The one that was involved in that invasion a couple of years back?”

“That one!” The wife praised. “Remember the prophet child from there… what was she… a ferret or something like that?”

The conversation was gradually growing more confusing. “What village?” Lin asked them, not having heard of such a place. “I know of no village off the coast…”

“Well there isn’t one,” the man huffed and crossed his arms, “well not anymore. Invaders wiped them out, but not after they put up a good fight, had a lot of spirit in them they did. In the end, the land was no longer worth fighting for. Invaders left, villagers died, the island’s been left barren for years now.”

“They all died?” What a horrible thought. Lin shivered at the idea of the same thing ever happening to her village. “And what happened to the invaders? Where were they from?”

The man shrugged again. “Don’t know… don’t want to know. There is no way I’m getting involved with them. The east is a neutral place. Only people we get passing through here are people headed from the coast to the inland. I’m not messing such a good thing up by asking about such things. Might put a jinx on it.” He shivered.

Lin gruffed and slumped a little into her chair. Yet again, ignorance killed what could be valuable information.

“Well,” the wife said in a hurry, as Lin fumed silently, “I’ll just run upstairs and make sure your beds are ready. Turn in whenever you feel comfortable dears!” She then bustled up the stairs, her daughter briskly followed behind her.

Lin looked around at the others at the table. She knew they would have to keep their wits about them, but what good would they be if they were all left exhausted? Turn in when they felt comfortable, she had said, but did any of them really feel comfortable? Someone was out to kill them, after all…


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Mizuumi sat silently in her chair, listening to the conversation the girl with the white hair and the family of the inn were having. She did think about asking some questions about the letter and such they were speaking of, but she was very tired and didn't want to but in. She closed her eyes and smiled faintly. When Leoh had showed up at her window, she wanted to burst out laughing and make fun of how old he had gotten, but then he told her that someone was out to kill them, and that had changed things. She still had kept a smile on her face, grateful that she was with him again after seven whole years. She open her eyes and glanced over at him. He had changed so much, but she would be able to tell it was him even if he was 200 years old. After she had smiled at the lady who went up to make sure their beds were ready, she decided it would be the best time to break the silence. Mizuumi stood up, her chair squeaking slightly as it slid backward a few inches, and placed her hands on the table. "Alright!" she said with a wide smile. "So what's our plan on defeating the people out to kill us?" She asked, trying to boast a conversation. Silence wasn't exactly her thing and she also wanted to make sure Leoh knew she hadn't changed in the years they were apart.


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The conversation that was going on between one from their own party and the innkeeper wasn't really to Tulya's taste.Tulya tried and failed to stifle a yawn from her lips.When the conversation shifted to something about some village that was invaded,however,Tulya's eared perked up.It sounded really interesting...sounded like an adventure worth checking out.She looked at the 6 other children of the prophecy.Different shapes,shades and sizes.She must've been the odd one out,having dark skin and her signature blue woolen jacket.She looked at the 7th child of the prophecy,her partner,Kaatanmura.

It had been quite a while ago when Kaatanmura suddenly showed up outside her window,after disappearing for 7 entire years,and warned her that they were being hunted.She had quickly taken the most important things to her,her hunting dagger,her wooden makeshift sword and the village's prized claymore.A quick conversation with her parents went underway and she shot off from their doorstep,along with Kaatanmura.It was somewhere in the middle of their journey that they had met up with the other children of the prophecy.

Tulya ran a hand along the claymore's sheath and rested her hand on the pommel,feeling the cold touch of metal.She had never taken it out to use before.It was her village's most prized possession,and it was now hers to keep.She looked to the side of her table and stared at the wooden sword that she had propped against it.She had been practicing her swordplay with that for 2 years in place of the claymore,and it was quite evident just by looking at the knicks and worn-out wood.When the girl with red hair stood up and talked about defeating the people who were trying to kill them,Tulya laughed.When she was done,she looked up.

"Ain't it obvious?We fight 'em.Head on!" Tulya exclaimed,grinning widely.Her teeth were brightly contrasted against her dark skin.


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Kalvin fiddled with his fingers not at all listening with the conversation Lin and the innkeeper were having. Just the thought of him seeing Lin again he was confused thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him, and when she said they were all in trouble and that someone was trying to kill them off. He knew right at that moment that she wasn't joking or paying or just a mere dream. Kalvin looked at the others trying to start a conversation he decided to join in trying not to let boredom kill him.

He rolled his eyes at the crazy answer the one withe the claymore sheath had given. He groaned and coldly said "They will have an army, we can't fight them all, they will build up the army full strength what we need is a plan a pack."


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((OOC: Did Not Mean To Tage Kaden My Bad ^^))

Mizumi nodded at the girl with the dark skins answer, but then a gloomy expression crossed her face as the others began to join in with the conversation. The others who had explained the fighting situation were right about everything. And it would be ridiculous to fight an enemy they know nothing about. Not to mention, they don't even know who this person is that is trying to kill them. She watches as one of them made his way to the door and walked outside after adding his own opinion on what to do about whoever was trying to kill them, then looked down at the table. Of course, she thought to herself. Now isn't the time to be rushing in blindly. We have to come up with a plan...But first.. A smile crossed Mizuumi's face and she sat back down. "My name's Mizuumi!" She said loudly. She wasn't comfortable with how tense everyone seemed. They were all alike weren't they? They were all the children of the prophecy, so why were they acting like they were all enemies? If any of them hoped to figure out who was out to kill them and defeat them, then they couldn't keep acting like this. She still wondered how Leoh knew to come here, and how he figured out that someone wanted them dead, but trusted him completely. She knew that he knew what he was doing. If Leoh brought her here, she knew she could trust the inn keepers, even if a few of the others didn't. "So, what are all of your names?" she asked with a friendly tone of voice. She wanted to brighten up the room a bit. Though she was the one that brought up the fighting discussion, she quickly regretted it. She was far too tired to want to talk about strategies and enemies.


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Tulya pouted when her choice of action was shot down by Kalvin.When Kaatanmura spoke up about how the enemies were too powerful at the current moment,she snorted.As if any adversary would be any stronger than she was.When Kaatanmura completed his entire speech,Tulya had to grudgingly admit the truth.After all,he had trouble with his transformation right now,and no doubt the others too.But she looked away and rolled her eyes.

"Yes Kaa~" she said in a nonchalant voice.Kaatanmura's tongue could be really sharp at times.As he made his way outside,Tulya looked at Kalivn and smiled apologetically for her partner's behaviour.

She focused her eyes on the girl who had been silent the entire while,her eyes immediately drew Tulya's attention.They were beautiful and unique.The girl seemed nervous and shy,and Tulya wanted to try and say something that would make her feel better.But before she could speak up,she saw the hand of the black haired youth grip onto the girl's,squeezing some comfort.This brought a smile to Tulya's face.She liked seeing people look out for each other,and liked it even more if strangers helped each other.

'Not a bad bunch.I can handle them...' she thought,but then she heard the black haired boy talk about strategy. '...even if they do have equally sharp tongues as Kaa.'

"I've been fighting blindly for years,and I'm still standing." she offered while getting up from her chair,not really thinking about what she just said.When he talked about his suspicions,she felt a little annoyed,and perhaps a little angry.

"Hey,that's not fair.You can't judge people we don't even know,and are helping us at the moment!" she yelled out,not noticing how naive that sounded.She heaved an annoyed sigh and plopped back down on her chair,crossing her arms across her chest and glared at the to her side.Some people were really just too...what would Kaatanmura say?Ah,paranoid.Amidst her thoughts,she could feel Kaatanmura attempting to transform and failing.She couldn't help but slowly crack a smile at this,but to others,it would seem that Tulya was going crazy just by staring at the wall.She grabbed hold of her wooden sword and stood up,her claymore in it's sheath dangling around her waist.The red haired girl had just introduced herself as 'Mizuumi' rather loudly,which nearly caused Tulya to fall down in surprise.

She turned around and smiled.Thank goodness there was someone who wasn't as silent as the rest.She brought up the hand holding the wooden sword up high to acknowledge Mizuumi.

"Nice tah meet cha!" she yelled back cheerfully. "I'll go check up on Kaa and bring him back so we can all introduce ourselves!Cheers!" And she threw open the doors before walking out,not even bothering to close it.

She made her way close to the tall oak tree that she had seen as flashes in her telepathic connection with Kaatanmura.And sure enough,she found her partner on one knee and had pulled his mask down.He was panting rather heavily.She walked over so that she was standing right in front of him and proceeded to tap her own shoulder with the wooden sword,making 'twack,twack' sounds to signal to him that it was her.She had a really wide grin on her face.

"So~Transformation failed eh?~" she asked,developing a more nonchalant tone.She was trying to lighten up his mood,she knew Kaatanmura would be disappointed with himself,and she didn't want that.She stopped tapping her shoulder with the wooden sword and rested it on her shoulder instead,and made a small sigh while smiling.She held out her free hand for Kaatanmura.

"You look much better without that concealing mask on." she continued.

"Anyway,let's go back in and introduce ourselves so that they get our names stuck in their heads!" she exclaimed loudly,now back to her old self.


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Tulya pouted with dissatisfaction when Kaatanmura reminded her about his fire-breathing problems.She guessed that was true,she wouldn't want people in a riot to cut off Kaatanmura's head if he caused a fire,or worse,accidentally set someone ablaze.She walked next to the tall youth,keeping her eyes on his face.It wasn't often that Kaatanmura pulled down his mask so she tried to make the best of it by taking in what she could see.Rare opportunities didn't come this often.She kept grinning,imagining Kaatanmura spewing fire from his lips.How interesting would that be?!

They walked back into the inn and Kaatanmura pulled his mask back up and introduced himself...albeit a little...without any vigor.Tulya playfully slapped a hand around the back of his shoulder and chuckled.

"Be more lively when you introduce yourself~" she joked,before smiling at Mizuumi. "Kaa,that's Mizuumi,and she's the first one to introduce herself here,so we all might as well follow the trend.Ya guys know who he is now." she stuck her thumb at Kaatanmura.

"And I'm Tulya.Hope that's stuck in your heads." she completed with warm smile.

She sat back down on her chair,propped the wooden sword against the table once more and looked at the others with interest. "What be your names?"


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As the others spoke, shared their names and their strategies, Lin sat quietly in her chair, her hands clasped on the table in front of her, her eyes drifting from one person to the other as they revealed their personalities to her more and more. It was quite a diverse bunch here. She wondered just how well they’d be able to work together when the time came.

Her eyes drifted over to Kalivn, and noticed that his eyes were on her, a slightly distressed look on his face like he was curious about something. He then looked down to his hands and started twiddling with them. A soft smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. He really hadn’t changed much. He probably didn’t know it, but sometimes he was so easy to read. He probably found it odd that she hadn’t spoken to him since they had arrived there, but Lin knew there was plenty of time to catch up.

She was glad he was still the same person she had left. Her childhood friend. Of course, she had changed. She was once a quiet girl who ran away from her problems, who felt like the world was against her and her against the world and everyone in it. He was the only person she found she could turn to. And, if she felt herself once again up against the world, she’d probably still turn to him again now, sometimes. Because now things were different. The world was no longer such a scary place.

She was stronger, braver, older. Determined to protect herself, by herself, and everyone else too… She was going to do it. She could do it, she felt it. Though she wasn’t the strongest person, she had no skills with weapons or sorcery, but when it came to wits and cunning, the wolf side of herself couldn’t help but take pride in it.

She listened to Tulya as she ascended the stairs, about them all being one big family. Lin liked that bit and smiled again, but it faded soon. Her smiles were often brief.

“My name is Lin,” she decided to share quietly, as she stood up. She looked up the stairs. She did feel tired, though she didn’t quite feel comfortable sleeping, she knew they’d have traveling to do the next day. And in a house full of people, she felt more comfortable doing it here than having to sleep in the woods later on. “I guess I’ll see everyone in the morning then. We should probably leave early.”

She walked up the stairs to a hallway lined with doors. She saw the innkeeper’s daughter coming out of one of them and the girl startled at her presence and put a hand to her chest. “Oh, you scared me,” she sighed. Lin reminded herself to be a little louder when approaching others. “There's an empty room right here,” the girl then showed her, and opened one of the doors.

Lin walked over and looked at the beds through the entrance. She hadn’t slept in a bed in so long. Thinking about it… it would be weird when morning came, when she changed back into a wolf… still lying in the bed… She chuckled lightly and covered her mouth with her hand.

“Did you just laugh?” The innkeeper’s daughter asked. The girl smiled. “You seemed so serious back there talking to my father, you kind of scared me…”

Lin cleared her throat. “Well, I haven’t exactly laughed in a long time…” Which was the truth. She still felt unused to showing human expression.

“Ah, well then goodnight,” the girl said, as Lin entered the room and the girl shut the door after her.

Lin took off her jacket and her boots and plopped down on one of the beds on top of the covers and put her hands behind her head as she stared up at the ceiling.

There was a lot to think about. Who was after them? Who sent the note to the inn? What was in store for the future… But right now she just needed to rest. She curled up on her side and closed her eyes, and soon the quiet of the room was replaced by heavy breathing as she drifted off to sleep.


“I’ve found them Sir,” the seer said in his trance. “They are in an inn to the east, just off the coast.”

“Perfect,” the eyes of the man he was speaking to, a man with dark hair and in rich, colorful clothing, lit up with excitement, “that’s perfect. One of our ships just landed there the other day. They’re right in our grasp…”

“The other two who you have sent…” The seer started.

“Yes?” The man asked. He was curious as to how those two were doing. At first he was nervous about using them. Afraid of betrayal.

“They’re close…”

The man nodded. Good. Everything was working to his plan. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake as before. He was never a superstitious man before. He had never believed in the power of prophecies and destiny until the last time he encountered the Children of the Prophecy. Their simple existence, the hope and courage they invoked in the people around them was sickening. It resulted in disaster for him and his army. In order to achieve his goal this time. In order to conquer and command. He first had to destroy. He now knew he first had to kill them. He had to hold their heads up for everyone to see. So everyone would tremble. So their hopes would break. So their wills would bend. And then it would be his. The nation would be his.

“Go to the coast,” the man told the seer. “Tell my men where to find them and then once they find them, burn down the inn if they must.”

“And if they escape.”

The man grinned. “Then those two will take care of the rest.”

The seer bowed his head. And after closing his eyes again, faded away.

Who would have thought those who possessed such things as magic still existed this day and age? That he had found one as an ally, he knew that fate was on his side… but still there was someone who was opposing him…

As he was thinking this, one of his soldiers entered the chamber. “Did you find him?” The ruler asked him.

The soldier shook his head.

The man clenched his fist. He had to find him. The only man who knew how the lost prophecy, the prophecy of the four villages, really ended.

(So I know this post poses more questions than answers right now :)... but figuring out the answers to it is the fun of the RP... huh? PS:... ah yeah... so guys just so you know it's not like I have this whole RP planned out so far... really so far as preplanned, this is as far as I have gotten. So it's kind of up to us to write just how this prophecy will end :D)


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"What is this?" Lin thought, as she tossed in her bed. "It's so... so hot..." She felt like sweat was dripping down her brow, even in her dreams. She was then awoken by someone kicking her door in and the sound of coughing. She sat up frightened in her bed.

"Wake up!" The innkeepers daughter told her and coughed again. Lin noticed the torrents of smoke flowing into the room behind her. "We have to get out of here. The inn is burning!"

Lin gasped and quickly grabbed her things off of the chair beside her bed and hurried after the girl. Apparently everyone had been awoken, thanks to Tulya's and Kaatanmura's quickly alerting them. Lin rushed towards and made it down the stairs just in time to see the innkeeper break out a window in the front. He coughed and held his wife close to him. "It's not safe to go out!" He warned her, as she made it towards the door, her hand almost on the handle. "They have the place surrounded!"


"Don't ask me like I know!" He barked, then coughed again. His boots thudded heavily as he quickly crossed the floor and used one of his feet to sweep away a rug. Underneath the rug, was a hidden door with a latch. He reached down and lifted up the heavy wood. The smell that came from below overpowered the smoke. It smelled musty and like sulfer. "This leads to the caves that run under the inn. They lead out to the coast." He told her. "If you don't want a confrontation with those guys, I suggest you go through here... Well, sooner or later they'll probably catch on, but it will certainly buy you some time."

"Daddy..." His daughter started.

He walked over to her and stroked her hair back. "You go with them sweetheart," he said. "Me and your mother are going to stay here with the inn."

"But if...!"

He was already guiding her towards the opening in the floor, and the girl unconsciously stepped down onto the first ladder rung that lead down into the darkness. Her mother hurried over and handed the girl a lantern. "By the time you reach the coast, things should be fine around here," he encouraged, "you'll see."

Lin bit her lip. If they went down into the caves, she knew there would be no turning back. She was sure he'd lock the door behind them to insure his daughter's safety. She clenched her fists.

"I'll go," she said to him, and started climbing down after the other girl. "Tell the others to follow me... if they choose," she added that last part, not wanting to force herself on them. If they chose to stay and fight, then she would hope for the best, but she knew that that is what their attackers had planned. They were planning to flush them out, and she wasn't about to fall into their trap.

(Innkeeper's daughter added to the party.)
(New location added to map, the caves. *okay, so you won't really find this in the places tab or anything... I just wanted to include it :3*)
(Lantern added to bag.)



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Tulya felt the nagging tug of Kaatanmura on her mind,but she tried to sleep through it,being as tired as she was at that moment.It wasn't long before she eventually woke up with a start,coughing heavily.Her eyes stung and she tried blinking her tears away.

"What's going-" she was shocked.The searing heat,her entire room filled to the brim with black smoke. "A FIRE?!" She quickly tied her jacket around her neck and grabbed her belongings before hurtling out of her room.

"This is...insane!" she said to herself before cupping her hands around her mouth and yelling. "WHOEVER HASN'T WOKEN UP YET!!THERE'S A FIRE!!!!"

Amidst the smoke she caught the glimpse of the innkeeper's daughter and the white haired girl running down the stairs.She quickly followed them,all the while tying her weapons onto her waist.Downstairs,she witnessed a heated conversation between the girl and the innkeeper,who had revealed a hidden trapdoor underneath the inn.It wasn't long before the girl and the innkeeper's daughter descended the trapdoor.

"The others should follow her soon.Until then..." she whipped her wooden sword into a stance.

<Kaa...where are you?Get here,quickly!> she sent out a telepathic message over to her partner,while trying to peek through the hot,sweltering,smokey inn.The assailants were purposefully leaving the windows untouched,save for the one that the innkeeper broke,so that the smoke would clog up the place.She walked over and swung at two other windows,causing the smoke to let up a little.

"Sorry about that,I guess I'll hafta pay for those windows?" she turned to look at the innkeeper and his wife.From the corner of her eye,she saw a sword being swung in her direction.She quickly moved out of the way,but the slight delay caused her to receive a small gash on her arm.She backed away as fast as she could from the broken windows.She ignored the bleeding wound on her left arm,before looking at the innkeepers.

"Get down,and find some place to hide.I'll try and buy ya some time until the others leave." she immediately switched her focus onto the 3 broken windows,anticipating a group of assassins to climb through them.If they were coming in soon,Tulya would be horribly outnumbered,leading to her impending demise,unless the others arrive quickly.Her eyes fleeting to and fro the 3 broken windows,her sweat starting to mix with the blood from her wound and her breathing heavy from the smoke,but nonetheless,she held out her wooden sword ready to fight anyone that might come in.


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The sleep indulged Kalivn rolled around on his rather comfortable mattress unaware of the now large and growing fire. He moaned as a burning scent touched upon his nose causing him to drastically wake up. He sped knowing of the smell, it reminded him of the fires back at home, the barn broke into a fire and all the animals were stuck inside.. nobody knew until they opened the barn doors and found all of the animals dead or have second-degree burns. He ran through the hallway scared, as the fire ate the wood of the cabin. He was cornered by the flames as he tried to leave, leaving his only option going back to his room. He ran back and shut the door. He looked at the small window that was in his room and suddenly he sprouted an idea, a rather dangerous idea but it was an idea.

He opened the window as far as it would go looked down and gulped. He wasn't sure he was going to jump...then he heard the cracking sound of the flames eating the wood on his door, he had no choice. 1..2...3........he spread his hands and jumped closing his eyes shut...BOOM. There was a sudden pain and he could barely move, he felt the aching pain all over the blurry vision prevailed and suddenly everything was black.