Norman Aegis

LET THERE BE LIGHT! No, seriously, light the darn torch

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a character in “The Prophecy”, as played by Moon/Mihael


He stand at a height of 5'6'', his weight is 200lbs, and he has a medium build.


Norman is very religious, but wont push his beliefs on other people, giving him the hatred of those of his church, but love from the people around him. He has been called the 'Dark Cleric', because he is sometimes seen with a dark expression on his face, when he is faced with something unholy. To his friends, he is charming, but celibate, to his enemies, he is his goddess's final judgment.


Norman wears his Goddess blessed scale-mail and helmet. His helmet attracts all arrows to his chest, and his scale-mail protects him from the lethality of the arrows. He carries with him, a satchel with his books and gold coins, an iron studded mace which talks to him, and bursts into a white flame when he swings it, an iron shield that can deflect swords and spears, but not hammers or fists, and a hand-crossbow with a small quiver of silver tipped bolts.


Norman Aegis was raised in a humble monastery of the Goddess of Love since he was a boy. He never knew his parents, but knew that they were in the arms of their gods by the time he was 12. He began to preach about his goddess to a nearby town when he was only 15, but found that most did not wish to hear him. His brothers and sisters of the monastery, then, began to force their religion on others, which made him sad. This continued for about three seasons, before he went to his goddess, pleading her for help. His answer came when the town began to riot, bringing torches to the monastery. He felt his Goddess whisper that he must flee from the monastery, through the catacombs below. That his brothers and sisters had become corrupt, and must be made to see the light. He wept from this, as he packed what meager belongings he could, and left them to their fate.

Once in the catacombs, something had called to Norman, begging him to save it. He journeyed through many crypts, until he saw a skeletal king, wearing the scale mail that he now wears today. Taking it as a sign, he donned the armor, and thanking the goddess for it. As he was about to leave, he saw the mace and shield next to the bones, and took those with him. Once out of the catacombs, he was surprised when someone whispered, "Thank you for bringing me out of my prison."

So begins...

Norman Aegis's Story