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Angel Evans

"I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed."

0 · 402 views · located in East Glenn, Michigan

a character in “The Protectors of East Glenn”, as played by ChaosxChild13


The Basics

Angeline Mae Evans

Angel or Mae

Appears to be 24; Angel is very much a "youngster" when it comes to vampire years though. She was turned in the late 1960's while she was out for a night on the town.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Vampire - Coven Member

Face Claim
Sky Ferreira



Eye Color:
Angel's eyes are hazel, they tend to switch though between a caramel brown, with a hint of green, to a very intense dark green with a hint of brown, depending on what she is wearing.

Skin Tone:
Angel has always been very pale.

Hair Color and Style:
Angel has a lot of pride in her hair; for her entire life, her hair has always been very long, wild and free. She normally lets it fall wherever it wants instead of forcing it to part one way or the other. It is naturally curly and a very sandy blonde-ish brown color. She is always up for dying her hair different colors, and really enjoys being blonde, or being a brunette. It depends on how she feels.

Angel is very short, she has learned to accept this. She tends to wear heels to make up for this lack of height. Standing at a total of 5'3'', Angel has always been annoyed with having to look up at people while she is talking to them.

Weight/Body Type
Angel weighs about 118 pounds; she is petite, and curvy, with a slight muscle tone.

Clothing Style:
Being a party girl, Angel is always putting out her best foot when it comes to style. She loves to just look her best, no matter what she's wearing. She almost always looks as if she just stepped out of a photoshoot.

Make Up:
This girl LOVES make up, she loves trying new styles of make up, and always spends at least an hour doing her make up. She has an obsession with lipstick and different styles of eyeliner. She doesn't see it as "covering" her beauty but rather "enhancing" it.

About Me


A Look Inside

"I'm not sure what people think of me... I guess that's simply because I don't care a whole lot what people think. My personality ranges from extreme introvert, to wild-style extrovert. I can be an opinionated asshole, or the quietest one in the room...

I guess I've been described as faulty, odd, quirky and strange...All of which are generally true. I come off as uninterested, or completely disconnected from reality. But, let's be real, would I rather have a bottle of Jack in my hand, or listen to the world complaining and drowning in problems? I think we all know what I would choose. I'm quite impulsive; I don't like to think about the consequences of my actions all that much, which has gotten me into a lot of trouble. People might also consider me secretive. That of course, is an understatement...Secretive is kind of my specialty.

Maybe I put the walls up to see if anyone will have the balls to break them down, or maybe I'm just naturally afraid of everyone. It's in my nature, I don't want to get hurt emotionally so I just block it all off.

Besides all that emotional bull, I'm pretty sarcastic, with a bittersweet, love or hate, kind of personality. Either people find me funny, or they hate my existence. Which is fine, because honestly I don't care what they think.

  • Flirting - Boys or girls, she loves the thrill of the chase.
  • Video Games: Angel is obsessed with technology, she LOVES video games, especially the ones where she can kill something.
  • Cats - Angel has always been a cat person, she thinks they're much smarter than dogs. She has two cats herself: Atheria {Female} and Aboo {Male}.
  • Going for a run/Exercising - Angel loves to run, long board, snow board, going for a hike; she loves to get up and go
  • Writing - She won't tell anyone this. EVER. But she loves to journal, write poetry, songs, and short stories.
  • Singing - Again, she won't tell anyone she sings, if anyone knew she would probably kill them before they told anyone.
  • Her guitar - She bought her cherry red acoustic Fender guitar when she was seventeen. She named him BoJack; she has special gold strings for him too.
  • Shopping - Expect Angel to be out shopping at least three times a week to buy something new.
  • Doing Make Up
  • Hard liquor

  • Liars - Angelene believes that liars are nasty, she is always truthful, even if it hurts her or another person.
  • Sweets/Chocolates - She's tried them all, and she hates candy.
  • When others invade her personal bubble
  • Werewolves - "Filthy mutts..."
  • Super "girly-girls" - Although Angel is quite girly in aspects, she tends to act more like a guy than a girl. She hates being around superficial people, and girls just happen to be more superficial than guys.
  • Puppies/Dogs - This does not stem from her hate for werewolves... She believes that dogs are much too needy, she would rather have a cat.
  • When she doesn't get her alone time - As social of a butterfly as Angeline may be, she still needs her alone time. She gets quite crabby if she doesn't get her time to decompress.

  • Loyal - Once Angeline has gotten to know someone, and actually enjoys them, she will stay loyal to them. Unless they break her trust.
  • Self-Motivated - Angel tends to be very self driven. She despises people getting in her way, or telling her how to do something.
  • Intuitive
  • Logical

  • Emotional/Mental Barriers - Angel is extremely critical of herself, and others. She has built up some heavy mental blockades, which can cause her to judge someone quickly. It also causes her to hold grudges, or hurt people unintentionally.
  • Self Centered - Angel can be quite self centered at times; she doesn't think about her actions, nor how they might be affecting others.
  • Avoids Emotions - She hates emotions, which can be her biggest downfall at times. This keeps her from falling in love, or even trying to get to know another person.
  • Impulsive - "What can I say? I'm a biter, not a lover." Angel has been yelled at for this many times, she loves to kill for no reason. Even if she isn't hungry. She is quite impulsive when it comes to a good game of cat and mouse. She sees herself as the hunter, and humans are prey. She is the lion, they are the gazelle.


Angeline Mae Evans was born to a single mother, Michaela Anne Evans. Angeline was born in a ramshackle of a house out in the suburbs of Chicago. Angel grew up with three older siblings, all half siblings since her mother continuously remarried. Angel grew up hard, and fast, she wasn't close with any of her siblings and often found a way to live on her own. Angeline was turned into a vampire when she was 23 and walking home slobbering drunk. Ever since then, she has felt a new surge of power and superiority. {{This history is terrible, let me know if i need to add more}}

So begins...

Angel Evans's Story