Quinn Cytozen Carroway

"Ugh...organizing chaos is hard. Eh, it's part of the job. I have to do it."

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⌈NameβŒ‹ Quinn Cytozen Carroway

⌈NicknameβŒ‹ Q

⌈AgeβŒ‹ 24

⌈GenderβŒ‹ Male

⌈SexualityβŒ‹ Pansexual

⌈FactionβŒ‹ Malice

⌈RoleβŒ‹ Male 6


⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹ White

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹ Grey

⌈HeightβŒ‹ 6'0"

⌈WeightβŒ‹ 167lbs

⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹

If, at first glance, you don't see anything extraordinary about Quinn Carroway that is good. It's because Quinn doesn't want to be know as Quinn Carroway, and only known as Cytozen Q. But if you keep looking than you would be able to see tightly packed muscles around his neck, a body that looked ready to strike at a drop of a pin and eyes that would probe you naked. But you wouldn't keep looking because you think Quinn is just a nobody. Quinn is a lithe man, but not uneven. Uneven in the sense that he has longer arms than body, but Quinn has an evenly portioned body parts. Your eyes would most likely been drawn to his scar on his face. A star, with very straight lines. He has other scars, like the one that down his abdomen, but nothing as bad as the one on his face.

Quinn doesn't wear one outfit everyday, changing it up all the time. If he feels like wearing something nice, he will, if he feels lazy, he'll dress lazily. But he usually has a grey beanie that sits atop his long, white hair.


    Acting || Quinn is a great actor, which he uses when he doesn't want people to recognize him.
    Intelligence || Quinn's higher than high intelligence helps him make up plans and strategies that barely ever fail.
    Leadership || Even though Quinn's leadership could be polished, he has great motivational skills and can rally people together.

    Thinks too Much || When Quinn overthinks, he rarely ever goes with a plan. It's quite bad when he's the main strategist.
    Does not Care || Quinn doesn't care about anything. Which can be a strength, meaning when someone "close" to him dies, he doesn't care, but at the same time a flaw because if he doesn't care than his subordinates might stop listening to him.
    Slow to the Uptake || At times, Quinn is quite slow to the uptake. Meaning that something important may have happened, he doesn't understand how bad, or good, it may be.

    Tapping || When ever he gets angry, bored, or is concentrating, Quinn taps his fingers on anything.
    Talking || Quinn talks...a lot. Even when he shouldn't be talking, he always has something to say.
    Cracking his Bones || When ever he's about to fight, or just whenever, Quinn cracks his bones. A habit from when he was younger.

    Food || Who doesn't like food?
    Chaos || Quinn has always loved destroying things and breaking the law. Always will, too.
    Order || Quinn likes order when he's the leader. He likes order within a group of people not as big as a town, or city...something like Malice.

    Virtue || Virtue has never been number one on Quinn's list when his mother's plea's were ignored by them.
    Crow || After the death of his father, Quinn has also hated Crow.
    Kharamunz || Quinn had never quite liked his birth-home. He had always wanted to leave.



Energetic | Happy | Not Caring | Motivational

Quinn Carroway is a walking contradiction. Meaning, how can someone be motivational while not caring? Energetic, happy without caring? Quinn can do it, because he doesn't care. To him, not caring is a wonderful feeling. As being an actor, he can pretend he cares, he can pretend he actually gets angry. But it's all mostly a façade because he is a master of himself. He has become desensitized to mostly everything and everyone.



⌈TitleβŒ‹ Cytozen Q

⌈DescriptionβŒ‹ When disguised as "Cytozen Q," Quinn dresses in a black full-body bodysuit that is covered in a long, white and thin cloth. Covering himself is a white cloak that has padding that's good for a slight armour. He has a woven-metal scarf that's can be doubled as a weapon and armour. His mask just covers his eyes and nose, and part of his scar. His mask doesn't let anyone see his eyes. Quinn's white hair is split down the middle in large spikes.

βŒ‹ Super-Human
    Body Enhancement || Everything about Quinn had been enhanced. From his max potential, his speed, his strength, his longevity, his endurance, all of it, had been enhanced. He can run faster and farther, jump higher, live longer, punch stronger. He's basically a super-human. He also eat so much more than before and can last longer without food or water.
    Mental Enhancement || Everything that was connected to the brain had also been enhanced. All his systems, from circulatory to endocrine. His reflexes are greater, his eyesight is the best, his hearing is better, his smelling is more acute. Everything connected to nerves, connected to his brain had been enhanced. His memory was almost perfect, his...everything is better. He is super-human.
    Weapon Handling || Quinn is quite proficient in sword-handling and gun-handling. But he could be beat by anyone better than him. Due to his upped strength he can throw things harder and farther. Also, because of his memory, he can only get better and better.

    Anyone Better than Him || Anyone just flat-out better than him could beat him. It's not that hard to understand.
    The Elements || Due to his heightened senses, anyone with elemental powers have the ability to defeat him. The elements hit him harder than anything else.
    Long-Range Weapons/Powers || Anyone who is good with a sniper or a power akin to a sniper can kill him...if Quinn doesn't kill them first.


If you said that Quinn has motivation, you'd be wrong. It's because he doesn't really have motivation. It's mostly because he doesn't care about anything enough to have it. Even though he does hate Kharamunz and Crow and Virtue, it's not enough to actually make him fight for Malice. He's only doing this because his superiors are making him do it. To him, it's just a job. To Quinn, it's just one step closer to leaving Kharamunz.

Quinn Cytozen Carroway. Quinn, from his mother's deceased friend, and Cytozen from his grandfather's middle-name. Being born in the Morning District, Quinn had a somewhat posh life-style. He only received this life-style because of his mother's job as a lawyer who defended the guilty. His father was the stay-at-home type of parent, who paid attention to his child. But through all of that, Quinn still had modesty and was actually quite humble. He was popular in the school he was in and was friends with almost everyone. That all changed when his mother died. His mother had been in a building talking to a client's father as member's from Virtue came to take a person into custody. The person who was about to be taken into custody pulled the pin on a bomb and killed himself and most of the other's in the building. As more Virtue member's came to see if there were any survivors, they ignored the moans of Quinn's mother. That was called the Morning Tragedy. After her death, Quinn became kind of a depressed kid. This was when he started acting, just to keep the façade of a happy child up.

Because his mother was the main money-provider for his family, Quinn's father had to start making money by more shady means. It was just a decline then. From living in the Morning District, then to the Noon and finally into Night. For five years they had barely been able to get along in life and again, Quinn's life was shattered. It was when his father was "accidently" killed by the Crow faction. He was caught up in a drug-deal and then was offed by a Crow member. When Quinn heard that, he finally gave up on people. He finally stopped caring about people because people sucked. Not knowing what he could do, Quinn got a job at a restaurant. Going up in the chain, and becoming manager at twenty, Quinn decided to start his own business in the Morning District; a bakery/coffee-shop. In the seven years of saving money from his work at the restaurant and his shop, Quinn finally bought a good home in the Noon District. Then he was kidnapped and experimented on by the founders of Malice and had "failed." The experiments didn't necessarily fail, but it didn't happen to go the way the founder's wanted it too. Quinn, being awake the whole time, finally gave up on everything. Everything. His superiors found Quinn to be perfect for the leader of Malice so they planted the idea in his mind. It was horrible if other's would have seen it. The red scar on Quinn's face was the worst scar he had received from the experiments.

After being released from the lab, he went to the Malice headquarters and self-appointed himself to become the leader of the faction. No one argued, and most everyone agreed. And now in the present, Quinn, who had met Virtue and Crow members due to his shop, is the last suspect on anybody's mind.

So begins...

Quinn Cytozen Carroway's Story