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Vera Colton

"To move on from the past it is essential to help others achieve their own futures."

0 · 599 views · located in Kharamunz

a character in “The Protectors of Kharamunz”, as played by fading-into-eternity




{Vera Antonia Colton}

{'V'- Her lover used to call her this so now she just introduces herself as such.}





{Female 2}


⌈Hair Color⌋
{Light Brown / Walnut}

⌈Eye Color⌋
{Dark Brown / Chocolate}

{169 cm / 5' 7"}

{52.1 Kilograms / 115 lbs.}

⌈Physical Description⌋
{Vera is rather tall and slim, with long, waist length hair that is a sort of walnut color. She has chocolate-brown eyes that are soft and kind, but has a naturally passive looking expression on her face as if she doesn't care too much about what is going on around her. She has pale skin that never tans and never seems to get blemished. She has a small tattoo of a phoenix on her inner right wrist. She likes to show of her legs which are thin, fit, and pale like the rest of her body, so she often wears skirts with a blazer or sweater. Vera usually wears high socks and boots and almost always wears her hair down. She used to think that she was beautiful because that is what he told her every day.}



    Cooking || Considering the fact that her lover was a famous chef, Vera can cook up a storm. She loves experimenting with new recipes and styles.
    Lying || Vera can convince people of almost anything, she is a fantastic liar, and hates to lie, but does it anyway.
    Running || She certainly isn't the fastest person around, but Vera can keep her pace for a very long time. She's run several marathons.

    Grudge Holder || She just can't help but hold grudges against people that she hates. That includes members of MALICE.
    Short Temper || Though she is usually controlled when she is angry, Vera gets infuriated rather easily. You'll notice when she starts talking through clenched teeth.
    Focused || Vera often gets much too focused on certain things that she is doing, so much so that she forgets anything else that she needs like eating or being kind.

    Hair Braiding || When Vera is nervous or bored she tends to take tendrils of hair and braid them, sometimes leaving them in and forgetting that she ever braided them.
    Cigarettes || She doesn't often smoke, only when she is stressed, but she picked up the habit from her lover and always keeps a pack on hand, just in case.
    Cracking her Joints || Vera cracks her knuckles and other joints whenever she is preparing for something or feels incredibly nervous.

    Steaming-hot Tea || She can't have it any other way, when she drinks her tea it must be extremely hot, it burns most other people, but she loves it.
    Fireplaces || Vera always feels at home if there is a fire going in a hearth, she loves the smoky scent and cozy warm feeling that it throws off.
    Afternoon Sun || When the Sun is high in the sky Vera feels most happy and she is reminded of her childhood and good things.

    Cloudy Skies || The rain and clouds make Vera remember things that she would rather not see, so she tends to stay inside on dreary days.
    Swimming || She'll do it if she has to, but Vera has never really seen the appeal of swimming or getting unnecessarily wet in general.
    Violin Music || She doesn't actually hate it, but every time she listens to violins she cries, so she refrains from listening to it overall.


Caring | Serious | Inspirational | Blithe
Vera has always been a caring person, going out of her way to help others and always lending a hand. She makes sure that everyone is taken care of and satisfied, and often feels as though she isn't doing enough. though she is cheerful, V is serious about most of the things she does, sometimes misunderstanding sarcasm and taking little things too seriously. She usually follows the rules and makes sure that others follow them too when she has a chance. She wants people to feel positive about themselves and is always there to be a shoulder to lean on or cry on. she tells everyone how much she appreciates them and how they are meaningful, and loves to inspire others with stories and ideas. Blithe is one of her favorite words, because she is often this way; cheerful and joyous. V loves to make others happy, but often finds herself hiding behind a blithe mask while actually being quite sad, she never has the courage to reach out to help herself, and instead relies on helping others to cheer her up.



In this form V wears her long hair in a braid and her usually brown eyes turn a crimson color. She wears black pants and boots with a belt to store small throwing knives. She wears black arm warmers with maroon finger-less gloves over them along with metal elbow and wrist guards. Usually she also has metal knee protectors. Her top is white and cropped, showing off a bit of stomach, and has buckles on the tank sleeves.

    Blood Manipulation || Taught by her grandmother at a young age, Vera is able to control others by using their blood. She can make them move and kill them just by controlling their limbs and blood.
    Illusions || Also taught this skill by her grandmother, V is able to cause people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are.

    Memories || Sometimes if Vera is remembering certain things her illusions become more centered around her than her opponent. This is why she reads up on her enemy so that she knows more of their story than her own.
    Sight || Vera must be able to see her opponent to use her powers against them, unless she is creating illusions that do not touch the person. This means she must defend herself in close range while trying to use her powers on others.
    Energy || If V is tired of otherwise preoccupied then it is hard for her to use her powers. She can be distracted by other people and their actions and in times of great stress or fatigue she is sometimes unable to fight.



After her wealthy old mage family was massacred by MALICE because if their power, Vera increased her magic training while working in a lower government position, ready to work her way up through the ranks. She had no plans to join either group until her lover, a previous member of VIRTUE was brutally murdered by a MALICE official in front of her eyes on the night he proposed to her. To avenge his death and gain a new sense of security and independence, Vera joined VIRTUE to aid in the fight for justice, though she came from an already wealthy family.

Vera was born to one of the several wealthy, old mage families living in the Morning District on the east side of Kharamunz. Her grandmother was gifted in the arts of magic and taught V everything that she knows about her own powers. Her Mother, on the other hand, was not magically gifted, and didn't particularly approve of Vera's abilities, sending her off to boarding school instead of educating her in the magical arts. Though she loved school, she always felt as though she wasn't performing to her best magical potential, and often communicated with her grandmother who would assist her in training.

It was at this school where she met Alexandre, her longtime childhood friend and soon to be lover. The two practiced their magic together, Alexandre being a skilled Conjurer and a brilliant chef. He taught her everything he knew about cooking and the two trained daily, growing fond of each other. It was Alex who allowed V to find her love of helping others and making others happy through cooking and assistance.

After graduating school, they decided to move in together instead of going back home, and Alex began a job at a famous restaurant in the Morning District. Vera found a job as a public relations manager in the local government and loved working and helping people who needed her. The two lived together and so when Vera's family was murdered by MALICE, she was spared due to the living arrangements. Vera was shocked when she heard the news, unaware that her family had been trying to stop MALICE. She had inherited everything, and still owns all of her family's property, unable to sell it out of sentiment. She doesn't usually tell people that her family was wealthy, so few people know, she even changed her last name to Alexandre's to ward off curious people.

Alex and V mourned her family, but continued about their lives as best they could. On V's 19th birthday Alexandre proposed to her at the restaurant he worked at in front of everyone. Vera was ecstatic and immediately said yes, and Alex slipped the ring onto her finger, not realizing that a MALICE member stood behind him, ready to strike. Blood splattered everywhere and V caught Alex in her arms, waiting for his death. That day, after finding out that her had been fighting the MALICE fiends all along, she joined VIRTUE, vowing to never let anything that happened to her happen to anyone else.


So begins...

Vera Colton's Story