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Claremonde Perenelle Paige

"Darling please. Spare me the excuses. Welcome to The Pulse."

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a character in “The Pulse”, as played by OtherThanMe


Claremonde Perenelle Paige

“Unlike so many before me, I pity those who aren’t like us.”

Claremonde Perenelle Paige
She prefers her full name, but it’s so odd and long people hardly ever use it. Instead most people call her Clare, Elle, or Paige.
||Face Claim||
Amanda Seyfried
Abandonment, Being taken control of, The return of her Creator
Dancer in her coven's club

ImagePersonality: Claremonde is an extremely focused individual; she has high standards for others and it causes her to come off as a bit pushy. Being much older than the other vampires in the coven she has become very adaptable to situations and new surroundings. After all, they can’t stay in one place for TOO long. She is practically a perfectionist and tries to make everything absolutely perfect. Claremont isn’t emotionally close anyone, but she doesn’t like to be left alone. Which leaves her stuck between being impassive and being social. She hasn’t got a very high emotional capacity, but that’s because of everything she has and hasn’t been through in her 900 and some years. Claremonde is loyal to her coven and the people in it, since the small group they have is what keeps them all safe.

"Some people think I'm picky. But really I just have good taste."

ImageLikes: Claremond enjoys dance (She used to do ballet, but that’s not really what goes on in the club atmosphere), Calligraphy (Living for almost 1000 years can give one a great chance to exercise handwriting), knife throwing (which makes her pretty good at darts too, always a good way to mooch money and eventually blood off men trying to outwit her), and feeding. “Might as well be blunt right?” Her favorite country is France, which was where she was born. She loves Red Poppy flowers, since they’re not only the color of blood, but also because they symbolize consolation. Which is what she feels like she’s owed after what she’s been through. Claremonde’s favorite stone is a bloodstone. “No pun intended. It’s supposed to be a warrior stone for overcoming obstacles, calming ones fears of a real or perceived enemy, and to help maintain blood harmony and guarding against blood disorders. Which is useful in a vampire’s case. It’s what the ring I wear every day is made of.” Her favorite period of time-that she likes to talk about-is the High Italian Renaissance. “I have to say the Renaissance! I lived in Italy at the time and saw many great things take roots. And the clothes were so elegant.” Her favorite season is winter, “It’s the season when I was turned. I suppose I’ll always have an attachment to it.”
ImageDislikes: Today’s generation and practically everything in it. “It’s loud. It’s too proud. And no one carries themselves with respect anymore.” She’s also never liked fish, or the smell of fish. And still hasn’t found that she is able to become accustomed to the television, and calls it a headache inducing waste of time and space. Claremonde also dislikes being put down and protected. She can’t stand being made feel small. She’s much older than most of the vampires here and will use that to her advantage when she needs to.

"The past is in the past is a silly saying. Our pasts are what make us. And mine made me a vampire."

ImageHistory: Born in the Kingdom of France in 1027 in a manor house, to a house maid, Claremonde grew up and trained under her mother to take over her job once she became too old. She worked every day, and the resident tutor for the manor children taught her to read at night. As Claremonde grew older she began to become restless in her work, but since the notion of traveling hadn’t really been popularized, much less become a novelty, she couldn’t go far. So she spent her evenings in the small village. In her 20th year, this is where she met Vincent. Vincent. The young peasant boy she fell in love with. She was planning on marrying and running off with him. Sadly, when the lord of the manor she worked at, who’d been infatuated on the young woman for a while, heard of this he stopped letting her leave; and became very possessive of Claremonde, even when she’d had little to no interaction with him ever. Claremonde doesn’t discuss what happened to her while she was under the hands of the lord. Eventually, after weeks of being locked away from Vincent, Claremonde makes a run for it, and escapes out of the manor home and into the night. She wasn’t a girl that feared the legends of unnatural creatures lurking in the woods and darkness around the town. "That was my first mistake. Well...Not mistake. Not really." She was attacked by a vampire on her journey to the town; a man-well not really-she never learned his name. He was only there to feed on her, but like the lord back in the manor home, he became attached to her as well. He forcibly turned her, and after coaxing her through the blind pain of the transition, he left. Making promises to find her again. She remembers him saying, “I’ll come for you. When you’re strong enough.” He left a ring on her right index finger, the bloodstone she wears everywhere. He still hasn’t found her and now that she has grown wiser, even though she is still angry about how everything happened, Claremonde believes that she would thank him. She loves being a vampire. After that her history becomes a bit scattered, she was taken to the church and locked away as a demon when a townsperson found her the next morning. Vincent was hung for his association with her. She didn't make it away from the church for months, blood deprived and weak from the change. Claremonde was lost. She didn’t know what she’d become. It was a dark time for her, a dark time in the life of any of her kind. ]Image
Another thing she never discloses to anyone is what happens after that. Nobody knows how she gained control of herself. Or where she went, except for the stories she tells about living all over the world. She doesn’t pop up again until joining the coven she’s in now. "Nobody really ever pays mind to a vampire who doesn't cause trouble."

So begins...

Claremonde Perenelle Paige's Story