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The Quest for Liberty

The Quest for Liberty


Private RP between Redred33mer and pandalover.

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The Quest for Liberty

Yet another cold night of spring passed in Easton, taking with it memories of chilling rain and freezing appendages. These things seemed customary, being a slave to the goblins, orcs, trolls, and all else that had crushed the Kairhan Empire. The Sun began to shine over the treetops onto the dew covered grounds as Aznu and two of his underlings came closer to cabin 05. As they came to its front door, the chief warder unlocked the door and kicked it open, shining light between the four shelves the slaves slept on, the shelves being stacked like bunk beds. Lean bodies stirred with the commotion caused by their overseers, shifting about as they tried to get up. Aznu began banging a wooden club on the support pillars of the cabin, his two armored companions standing just outside the door in case anything extraordinary were to happen.

"C'mon, maggots, you got one minute to be out there and I don't need to tell you what's going to happen if you're not!" Aznu threatened, still banging his club. A slave tried reaching for his weapon but got cracked on the knuckles.

"Don't think I'll forget that later when we don't have better things to do, slave! Come here!" Grabbing the collar of the human's white tunic, Aznu dragged his victim out of the top sleeping shelf and dropped him onto the ground. As the slave got up, he was kicked in the back by Aznu and out the door.

The last thing Raem could think of doing was rising from his rest. Being sore from a beating from one of the guards yesterday, and then having to lift containers weighing two hundred or more pounds into wagons, made Raem uncomfortable as he managed to sit where he was and stand. As he passed Aznu, he looked shiftily into the goblin's eyes, and scurried away to his place among the crowd.

Barefoot and in ragged attire, the slaves, men and women alike, lined up outside as if joining a phalanx. Towers lined the field, with goblins holding bows and arrows looking about as foot soldiers hurried to their posts and began patrols. Groups of slaves went about, out to the fields or into the center of town to work on weapons and raw materials, or just moving cargo.

"Alright now, everyone, I don't have all morning here, so get your shit straight," Aznu began, continuing on what would be the group's duties for the day. It seemed that after breakfast, which they were about to head off to, they would be working in a large blacksmith workshop, making weapons and loading them onto wagons in crates to ship to the armory until lunch, and then afterwards they would be sent off to work in the fields.

Finally, the group began to move along the road in an unorganized cluster towards town, led by some goblins as Aznu went off to carry out whatever duty it may be. Coming up behind Keara, Raem pressed a small, folded piece of paper into Keara's hand and walked on through the crowd as if nothing happened.

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Character Portrait: Raem Kature Character Portrait: Keara Shonden
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Keara heard the noise coming from down the hall. Aznu was making his morning rounds. She rubber her eyes and sat up in her bed. She put her feet in the cold ground before standing to wake her sister. Kirey was still to young to work in the workshops so they made the children do the laundry. "Come on Kirey, its time to wake up. Hurry before Aznu gets over here." She knew that it was better for them to already be awake when he comes by.

Keara got dressed and helped Kirey get to the laundry room before she went to her post. She wasn't paying much attention to what Aznu was saying. Her stomach rumbled, she had skipped dinner last night to get back to her sister earlier. After Aznu's rant everyone started moving. Finally it was time to eat. Keara let out a sigh of relief. As she was walking along her fellow slaves she felt someone touch her hand. She turned her head to see Raem walking away. She looked down and saw the piece of paper. She placed it in her pouch.

As she sat at the table to eat she pulled out the paper. Meet me after breakfast. She looked over the note again confused by it. She didn't know where he wanted her to meet him or for what. She shook her head and put the paper back in her pouch. She continued eating and when she was finished she looked around the room. She saw Raem sitting alone at a table near the door. She walked over and sat across from him, waiting for him to talk.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Raem Kature Character Portrait: Keara Shonden
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The servery had a building that was twice the size of slaves' cabins. Since some of the space was designated for cooking and handing out food, there wasn't enough space for all the slaves to sit down and eat. Outside the exit of the servery hung flasks from the walls of the buildings around them. However, Raem was able to grab a seat before they were all taken. As the line got longer and it seemed Keara had a bit of a wait to undertake. Two of his friends came around and sat across from him.

"Are you sure we can trust her, Raem?" one of them asked. His friend was somewhat shorter than Raem, and had a bit of a build from his rigorous work. He also seemed to be in his late twenties, and hardened from the many beatings of his warders.

"No... but it's hard to think any slave here would be against us, Amid. Sure we might all die in the end. but no one gets out alive-"

"Don't talk like that, Raem," the friend on his left said. He was taller with shorter blonde hair, and was rather lean like most slaves in Easton.

"Just one thing," Amid began, "don't screw up. Not all the slaves are with us, keep that in mind. Some still would rather live in these horrendous conditions than die." With that, Amid rose, and his friend followed.

"Don't worry about me," Raem told them. The two walked outside as Keara was served her food and made her way towards Raem. There seemed to be a tensity Raem had as he thought how he would handle the many possible outcomes to his request. She sat down and said nothing, waiting for him to speak. He took a few bites of his food before he decided to say anything.

"I need to ask you a favor," Raem stated with a deep seriousness. If Keara were to have any knowledge of the human resistance, it was something many insurgents said to slaves, as a sign they wanted to recruit them.

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Character Portrait: Raem Kature Character Portrait: Keara Shonden
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Keara looked at him confused. What favor would he need from her. They didn't even know each other that well. They had worked together a few times and had little conversations, but nothing past that. Curiosity arose in her. She sat quiet for a moment before speaking.

"What kind of favor?" She spoke quietly. She didn't know what this was about but she didn't want others involved in her business. The more people involved the more danger she put herself and Kirey in. She looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them, but everyone was just trying to eat before work.

She looked back at Raem to try and read him. He seemed relaxed as he ate his food. Her nerves went down some, but she still was a little on edge as she waited for his response.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Raem Kature Character Portrait: Keara Shonden
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"Relax, and try not to look around too much... they'll..." he paused for a moment, padding emphasis to his next word, "know." He took another few bites of food before he figured out what to say next.

"It'll have irreversible effects," he said, trying to be as aware of his surroundings as he could while trying not to look suspicious. "I'll have friends to help, and your sister should come along too." There was yet another mind-numbing silence. He waited as he finished what was left of the rather scant servings the warders gave and stood up and looked around. He then looked back to Keara.

"I'll be able to tell you more at work, but you'll need an answer next time we speak," Raem told her, grabbing his dish. He had a bit of a scrunched face as the blandness of the food seemed to finally hit him. "I need some water, that food was just awful," he said a bit more loudly. A thundering bell from the tower of the armory sounded, signalling it was time to head off to wherever it may be for the slaves to work. And it also meant even more goblins would be out and about.

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Character Portrait: Raem Kature Character Portrait: Keara Shonden
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Keara was still confused with what was going on. She heard the bell and knew they couldn't talk anymore. She stood up and followed to the crowd to get her specific assignment.

The goblin pointed her in the direction of where she was working. She nodded her head trying not to look to disgusted. They were hideous looking creatures with personalities to match. She looked back to the building where her sister was working. She knew she was safe there, the goblins didn't usually kill the children.

Since Keara was one of the stronger females in the group she was sent to help with loading the weapons into the trucks. She walked to her station and began lifting the heavy boxes. As she turned to grab another box she saw Raem walking her way. It seems he was assigned the same as her. Maybe they would have another chance to talk. She lifted the box and put it on the truck bed.

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