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Aaron Wells III

"Where's your sense of adventure?"

0 · 293 views · located in Henrietta, Virginia

a character in “The Raven Summer”, as played by Miss Nomer




Aaron Hale Wells III

Hale, to Friends, and Aaron Jr., to Family



Seventeen [17]

Resident or Student?

Hair and Eye Color
Brown Hair and Eyes


Scar from having his Appendix removed on the stomach

Algionby || Mysteries || Adventures || Interesting Conversation || Sammy's || The Mathilde Journal || Summer Time || Evening || Fancy Cars || Vests || Suit Jackets || Birds || Upstate New York || Weekends in Henrietta || Hanging out With Friends || Chocolate Kisses || Christmas time || Holidays || French Fries || Thick Forests || Black Coffee || Green Tea || The Old Car Factory || Circuses || Merry-Go-Rounds || Chocolate Ice Cream || Nighttime Snows || Challenges || Brunettes || Strange Things || Collections || Christmas Lights || Childhood Nostalgia || Old Books || Ravens || Potted Plants || Period Movies

Horses || Boredom || Engine Failures || Being Ignored || Skeptics || Family Dinners || Limited Vocabularies || Cats || Cursive Writing || Latin Class || Dorms || Small Rooms || Normality || Strawberry Cake || Sugary Coffee || Black Tea || Bumble Bees || Misunderstandings || Flip Flops || Shorts || Family Arguments || Long Meetings || Multiple Choice Questions "No room for creativity." || Mathematics Class || Bias || Scrooge-Types || 5 o'clock Shadow || Roses || The Algionby Sweater || Long Distance Travel || Being Shoe-less || Political Campaign Tours || Florida || Humidity || Cowardliness || Squeamishness

Riding Horses || Never Accomplishing Anything || Dying with Regrets

Power & Skills
Aaron, having been enrolled in Algionby since primary school, has developed some powers thanks to the influence of the Ley Line. That being said, as a first generation for it, and someone who isn't even in Henrietta round-year, his powers are not particularly impressive. He can force people to speak the truth, regardless of their own wishes to do so. This isn't something that he easily noticed about himself, originally thinking it to have been caused by something in his personality. Of course, that's because his truth inducement isn't incredibly effective- it doesn't force people to always speak the truth no matter what, after all. Rather, people must answer his questions honestly, voluntarily or not. He has to ask a question to use his abilities, but the answers are always given- omission is hard for people to execute around him. They only have to answer each question honestly, though- people can still lie around him, if they aren't answering a question or anything along those lines. Outside of these powers, Aaron does have some skills of his own. Having taken Latin since elementary school, he has become fluently literate, and as fluent verbally as one can be in a dead language. It's the only language outside of English that he's ever had luck with. He is quite good in English, though- with an expansive vocabulary and typically decent grammar. A passion for old things means that he's quite well-versed in history, and he's got quite the memory for such things, able to regurgitate dates and theories with ease. Socializing and talking his way out of things are other gifts of his- inherited from a politician mother and CEO father.

Careless With Money || Fear of Horses || Insensitive At Times || Over-Confident || Poor At Mathematics || Bad With Technology

Image Personality
{Charismatic, Confident, Courageous, Insensitive, Sincere}
Aaron Wells III was born into a family of old, runs in the veins money. His ancestors have had various means for gaining this money, beginning with a settler in Virginia who had been given a large portion of land in return for a debt owed to them by the crown. The point of this is that Aaron has never known need or want, and has been raised around the sort of people who lead- and can convince people to follow. From this ancestry he has inherited a sort of charisma that has helped him through many situations as a youth. There is something about his voice, or the way he holds himself, that makes people see him as inherently successful. And as he seems successful, it appears that he knows what he is talking about, and is the sort of person that one would listen to. These traits mean that he has grown used to having people listen when he speaks, and used to being able to talk his way out of most things. Hale can charm people- he's been doing it since he was a child. There is simply an air to him that makes people gravitate towards him- and he, of course, rather likes it this way. Hale is the sort to like all of his matters easily sorted, and his ease with people certainly helps in this.

Of course, part of this charismatic side of him comes from the confidence that is bred from being accustomed to things going one way- the sort of confidence people earn from being on winning sports teams, or from (at times) overly doting parents. Hale derives this confidence from his peers and the freedoms that money lends him. He has this unwavering belief that things will work out for him, and that through his abilities and resources, nearly nothing is unattainable. Some would call this optimism, others arrogance, and both are fairly accurate. A childhood of belonging, acceptance, and being the leader in a group of friends have granted him this leadership quality. That being said, sometimes his stubborn confidence can be a flaw of his, because it drives him to be, at times, rather reckless, overestimating his own ability to navigate foreign or dangerous situations. No amount of money can prevent him from falling into the trap of overconfidence.

Confidence and bravery, or recklessness, often go hand in hand, and such is the case in Aaron Hale Wells Jr. He has a taste for adventure and doing things that he's never done before, very much experimental in many ways, and this has paved the way for a brave streak. Typically speaking, the young man does his best to face what scares him head on [though there are some fears, like horses, that he has never managed to overcome]. To him, letting fear reign over one's mind is certain to lead to a box being closed around one's mind. If there is one thing he's learned in his past seventeen years, it's that risks are necessary in order to stimulate growth, even when they result in failure. And he is certainly one who is alright with taking risks- both with experiences and with people. The young man has never been the sort who will fear ruining one relationship by engaging in another- like befriending the awkward kid whom the rest of his group might look upon in disdain. Needless to say, his bravery can be just as much of a problem as his confidence, and in much the same way.

Hale is typically a very sincere person. He might lie at times for the sake of politeness, but he is also the sort to keep promises with everything he has, and to only do things if he sincerely desires to. The young man has the luxury of entering all that he does full-heartedly, and rarely has to do things he doesn't want to anyway- his parents are rather lenient, partially thanks to a prodigious younger sister who has come to be the greater portion of their educational attention. Still, his sincerity can lend itself to a sort of insensitivity- as can the rest of his personality, at times. Despite being very much a people-person, and typically very polite, Hale has difficulties seeing things from other people's perspectives. The concept that not everyone thinks in the same patterns, or has the same experience to draw on, is sometimes lost on him, and due to this he can come across as unintentionally ignorant or insensitive at times. Wasting money might be a good example of this- he has made acquaintances in the local school over his years, of course, and yet still continues to not understand why they are uncomfortable with him paying for their meals at times, or why it is a bit tactless to speak about fantastic vacations and other overly expensive things that he does without even batting an eye. He doesn't always understand the situations of others, basically. It's not that he means to be narrowminded, and he'd be very sorry to realize this flaw in himself, but it happens nonetheless.

Family Tree
Aaron Wells I - Grandfather [Deceased]
Bette Wells nee Francis - Grandmother
Aaron Wells II - Father, CEO
Rachel Wells nee Evans - Mother, Congresswoman
Molly Wells - Younger Sister

Theme Song Optional

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Aaron Wells III's Story