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Darcy Sommers

"You can call me trailer trash, so long as you can afford your hospital bill."

0 · 405 views · located in Henrietta, Virginia

a character in “The Raven Summer”, as played by Miss Nomer



Image Name
Darcy Jean Sommers

Darcy, Sommers



Eighteen [18]

Resident or Student?

Waitress at Sammy's, Student

Hair and Eye Color
Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes
Ears Pierced, Tattoo of a Snake on her back, and a few scars on her back [Mostly from Fights]

Her Powers || Respect || The Ley Line || Sammy's || Parties || Going Out || Having Money || PB&J Sandwiches || Dr Pepper || Comedy Movies || Poetry || Graffiti || Ambition || Rags-to-riches stories || Henrietta [To an Extent] || Pranking the Raven Kids || Cosmic Justice || Sherlock || Grimm Fairy Tales || Combat Boots || Cheap Clothing || Thrift Stores || Cheap Fabric || Long-Lasting Materials || Mixed CDs || Her Name || Red Lipstick || Leftover Food from Sammy's || Privacy || Flowery Weeds || Cars || Engines || Mechanics || High Heels || Big Cities || Large Crowds || Longboarding || Summertime

Algionby Academy || Raven Students || Being Called Trailer Trash || Her Home || Silver Spoon Babies || Being Looked Down Upon || Superhero Millionaires || Watching TV || Pretentiousness || Uniforms || Expensive Clothing || Clothing Falling Apart || Her Family's Reputation || Working Extra Shifts || Tabloids || Viral Videos || Hummers || Southern Accents [She's tried very hard to mask her own] || Her mother's bank card being rejected || Wastefulness With Money || Roller Skating || Hot Chocolate || Sugary Coffee || Sour Milk || Cold Cereal || English Classes || Making Grammatical Mistakes || Financial Dependence

Never Escaping The Trailer Park || Heights || Hurting Her Mother

Power & Skills
Darcy has an ability that is worth being concerned about and, unfortunately for some people, she isn't afraid to use it. She has the power of persuasion, meaning that she can bend people to her will, at least for a while, and all she needs in order to do this is her voice. The young woman would be lying if she said she's never used her powers on people before, of course, and she discovered her ability of persuasion rather early in life. She also learned the weaknesses fairly early on, as well. People must be able to hear her voice for it to work- that requires her being able to speak, and them being able to listen. Loud music or noise cancelling headphones render her powerless. That being said, her power does include making voice recordings of herself, and she can go sofar as controlling people over the phone if she desires it. She can't order the impossible of course, and if the tasks aren't carried out within an hour, they will never be completed- she has a time limit of sorts. Still, her power is fairly potent, because the Sommers family is actually an old one in Henrietta- an old but very poor and looked down upon one. Their powers have been traditionally unhelpful to themselves, until hers. Outside of her abilities, she's quite handy with tools- she's been fixing up a falling apart trailer since she was seven years old, after all. The young woman can also mend clothing very handily, and knows her way around a car engine, both acquired skills of necessity.

Poor Spelling || Easily Riled Up Regarding Family || Holds Grudges || Can Become Violent When Angry || Prejudiced || Stubbornly Independent

Darcy was born into the Sommers family, one which is an old family in Henrietta, bard hardly receives the respect that other families are given for the same age. This is because they are known less for power and more for a trend of alcohol addiction and powers that were not useful in helping the family itself. Growing up in this family has been a source of some frustration for Darcy as she grew older and saw how her family is looked down upon, and it certainly shows. The girl is fiery, to put it kindly, and has a fierce independence that refuses to be broken. When it comes to her background, Darcy is incredibly defensive, and isn't afraid to get revenge or argue with those who might make any snide remarks about her family. This is something well known by most of her peers, ever since she sent a kid to the hospital in the third grade for repeating a word that he'd heard his father call the Sommers at home- trash. Ever since then, she has had this sort of edge to her, as though she's concerned that any vulnerability on her part will only harm the family's reputation more.

Thus, the girl has grown up to have a dagger-like tongue that is quick to lash out, both with a snarky comment and, if truly riled, her powers. She isn't exactly known for holding her tongue when she ought to, and it becomes clear very quickly to most who meet Darcy that she is an incredibly blunt, and somewhat prickly, personality to her. The young woman says what she thinks with an almost challenging tone to it, as though she's daring people to gasp and tell her to hold her tongue. She is certainly not the sort of person to let others tell her what to do, that much is certain, though there are some exceptions to this rule- her mother has a sort of control over her which is inexplicable to all but her closest of friends, for she typically is the type who will actively go against what she's told to do and what is expected of her, almost entirely because she feels like it. Of course, it is actually more of a power thing than anything else, and a fear of being pigeonholed which she will deny fiercely, but exists all the same. She does what she likes, or at least some of it, because she doesn't want people to think that she cares about their opinions and judgements of her- to think that she exists outside of their restraints. In reality, she is more concerned than she appears, as is seen in her defensiveness about her family. She'll do quite a lot to remind people that, child of the trailer park or not, she has her own freedom.

One of the girl's most prominent principles is her refusal to lean on other people, as well. She refuses to accept anything that she might consider to be charity or a pity thing, though she knows people who buy things easily which she would have to make a give or take to pay for. Darcy doesn't take favors from people, and if she has to do so, she will find a way to repay it as quickly as possible, because being indebted to someone is not a feeling which she is very fond of. She dreams of success and of living in a big house and traveling and getting out of Henrietta, but doing so off of her own strength. That's part of her motivation in seeking the Ley Line, in fact- she believes that it will give her what she needs to get out of Henrietta once and for all. The girl is, in many ways, a highly ambitious individual who doesn't mind making leaps of faith and using her resources in order to try and achieve her dreams. One constant of this is her work at Sammy's Diner, where she is a waitress in order to save up money for what she calls her "escape fund", though part of the money goes to her family as well, something that is occasionally begrudgingly done. While Darcy may seem to others as though she is a reckless, do-as-she-likes person, the girl has a steel work ethic, if it means acquiring what she wishes for. She knows the value of elbow grease, and has spent her entire life working to keep things together, to stop things from falling apart around her.

Along with Darcy's sharper side comes the tendency to be a bit of a flirt at times- if she isn't speaking to someone sarcastically or maliciously, she may very well be altered into a more flirtatious tone. When she does have a night off, the young woman has the tendency to spend it out, playing around here and there and enjoying herself as much as she can, partially as a forms of escape and partially because it is simply her personality. Of course, while she may flirt with anyone, the girl has made it very clear for a while now that she views the Algionby kids with disdain, seeing them as all alike, the wealthy Raven Army, advancing in their BMWs and designer shoes. She is very much prejudiced in this way, and rather hypocritical as well, for while she loathes being looked down upon by the wealthier, being judged based upon her financial state, she judges them based on the very same thing, but in reverse. Still, she is twice as likely to use her power selfishly on a wealthy kid, believing that they are 'used to getting what they want, and should take a turn giving other people what they want.' It's a deep-set dislike that is bred by family and personal irritation at those born with what she would have to work her ass off for her entire life to even have a fraction of.

{Defensive, Fierce, Sharp-Tongued, Blunt, Independent, Ambitious, Hardworking, Flirtatious, Prejudiced}

Family Tree
Annabeth Sommers nee Anderson - Mother
Gerard Sommers - Father

So begins...

Darcy Sommers's Story