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Seraphina Dracyris

"If this is the best you've got, then I don't think I have to worry about you 'winning'."

0 · 269 views · located in Henrietta, Virginia

a character in “The Raven Summer”, as played by fallacywonderland




Seraphina Dracyris





Resident or Student?

Student in a private university out of town

Hair and Eye Color
She has ice blonde hair and greenish blue eyes.

Image Image

Fire (and her ability to control it) || Summer || White roses || Maine coons || Iced coffee || Beaches || Romantic comedies || Bungee jumping || Travelling to different countries || Tigers || Her twin || Nail polish || Designer clothing || The Ley Line || Schadenfreude

Snow || Winter || Swimming || Being told what to do || Her stepmother || Driving || Greed

Drowning || Losing her twin || Losing control of her power

Power & Skills
Seraphina has pyrokinesis. This means she has to ability to create and control fire with her mind. However, fire (unlike ice) is a very hard to control element. It almost has a mind of its own. Over the years she has honed her abilities, but there is always a chance of losing control control. She is at her strongest during the summer, cold weather can make it extra difficult to create fire.

She has to always stay in control of her emotions, it seems her ability and her emotional state of mind have a connection. She is very self conscious and harbours some insecurities which she tries to deflect with anger. She can hold grudges for a long time.

Personality The Dracyris family come from old money. Seraphina’s great grandfather was the one to move to the town of Henrietta, making Seraphina and her twin sister the third generation in this town. The twins are sole heirs to Dracyris Business Lawyers, LLC. Although Seraphina has no interest whatsoever to tangle herself into the family business, she was still somewhat forced to major in Economics. Fortunately, her major is quite a broad subject and she is thusly not limiting herself with knowledge she will not use.

The family pressure alongside with the fact that her father married his mistress, have made Seraphina slightly bitter this past year. And to add salt to the wound, her abilities have weakened somewhat because of her extended stay at her university’s campus. If there is one thing she absolutely despises, it’s being told what to do. She is stubbornly independent, refusing help from people around her, preferring to do it her way. The only one she can actually stand to talk to at the moment (well, without trying to burn their face off) is her twin sister.

Seraphina’s personality is rather like the element she controls. Scorching slow and hot, coming to a blaze with the slightest provocation or burning out with a breeze. She can have some outbursts where she says and does things she regrets, these never last long and just as hard and fast they come, that rapidly it disappears. She is very passionate about the things she loves and fiercely loyal to her loved ones. Though currently there aren’t many people on that list.

She grew up in a privileged life and she can be shallow because of it. Henrietta is the home of many rich people, the Dracyris family no exception. Growing up in Henrietta she rarely interacted with people who weren’t as privileged as her, simply because she ran in different circles than most of the middle class or the poor.

This summer she is finally back in her hometown and finally decided to move in with her mother. While away, her powers had weakened immensely and she had almost considered going back home before the semester ended. Now back in town along with her twin sister she hopes to find the Ley Line before anyone else can, in hopes of reawakening and powering the strength of her abilities.

Family Tree
Mother: Julianna Harrison
Father: Richard Dracyris
Stepmother: Lia Parker - Dracyris
Sister: Eirawen Dracyris

She can play four different instruments, starting with her favourite; the piano, she also plays the violin, the cello and the transverse flute.

So begins...

Seraphina Dracyris's Story