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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Walt Henry

Smiling yet cold, the Stormbringer intends to wreck all for but a few of his closest kin.

0 · 205 views · located in Henrietta, Virginia

a character in “The Raven Summer”, as played by aarondalea


Walt Henry

Name:Walter Bruce Henry
Nickname: Walt
Gender: M
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 20
Occupation: Goes to Yale University at the moment, but has come back for the summer holidays to meet his family

Appearance: Walt has dark brown hair and defining blue eyes. With a muscular build and a tall figure, Walt sometimes comes off as intimidating, though his smiles commonly dissipate any sense of earlier fear. His hair tends to be in a constant state of messiness, which mirrors his actual state of mind. Walt rarely ever smiles, his face almost constantly expressionless, and his eyes almost always cold. If his face isn't expressionless, then Walt has a condescending smirk on his face, a half smile that tends to show his self-important demeanor.
Hair and Eye Color: Brown hair and blue eyes
Height: 182cm
No piercings, though he does have some scars from previous fights with other family members

rainy weather|| Though he can manipulate the weather around him to be anything he wants, Walt loves to make it rain almost constantly around him. He believes that this melancholy state-of-mind will help his creativity, and really, he just purely likes the sound of thunder.
pie|| When he was young, his parents would constantly send him to his grandmother's house, to hide him from the constant turmoil within the Henry family. His grandmother would always bake him pie, and was the only person who tried to open and understand the closed-off young boy. After his grandmother's death, Walt would constantly remember her whenever he eats a piece of pie, and only during these fleeting seconds can one see true sadness on the young man's face.
books|| Walt loves to read about anything from sociology to mathematics, from international relations to quantum physics. This is the exact reason why Walt's scores have always been so good ever since he was young.
forests|| The only place where Walt believes he can find any sort of solace is within forests, with the smell of fresh pines around him.
chocolate|| Contrary to his cold and bitter nature, Walt loves sweet chocolate, and can down large bars within a few minutes and ask for more without stopping to drink anything at all.
warm places|| The best place Walt can think of, besides a forest, is beside a fireplace, a jug of hot chocolate in his hands as he reads a book, with thunder crackling in the background.

Close proximity with others|| It's not that Walt dislikes the companionship of others- he doesn't know how to interact with others. This has led Walt to almost swore off companionship within the recent years.
highly urbanized centers|| Though he loves going to university, the loud noise and large amount of people that he has to confront everyday has almost forced him to quit school at least ten times. The only reason why he stays is because of the large libraries he can access, and due to the prompting of his parents.
betrayal|| Walt believes this is the cruelest thing a person can do to another.
highly humid climates|| Rainy weather, in Walt's eyes, does not translate to humid weather. A high concentration of water particles in the air drives Walt mad, as it makes his book pages limp, and his clothes sticky. If the weather grows one bit humid, Walt tends to summon strong winds to 'blow' the humidity away. He once brought out the sun, when he was younger, to try and fix the problem. It only got worse.

Death|| Walt greatly fears death, and wishes that he can live as long as he can. The only reason why he would gladly accept death is if it will help protect his siblings.
his parents|| Though he loves his parents a lot, Walt still fears them due to the powerful aura the Henry couple exude almost everywhere they go. He looks up to them, and wishes to become almost like his parents, if possible.
loneliness and isolation|| Walt likes isolation and loneliness in moderation. Too much tends to drive him into anxiety, and causes him to run all over the house to find someone to talk to, but only for a short while.
the creation of an uncontrollable storm|| This has happened only once, and the storm only stopped when a flying branch hit young 10-year old Walt on the head. His family had been endangered by the large storm; the knowledge of his power's deadliness has caused him to come and fear his powers, and only recently has he started to dabble in it once more.

Power & Skills: Weather Manipulation. As a member of the oldest family, his powers are almost fully complete. Walt can create and cancel large storm, and when angered enough can create typhoons and hurricanes, though he tends to not do so. The problem with the overusage of his abilities is that, when created, Walt has a hard time of stopping the phenomena from happening. At one point, Walt’s large storm persisted for two weeks due to his carelessness. Recently, Walt has also noticed that his control over the weather gives him a basic control on different elements such as lightning, ice, wind and water. He is currently still experimenting the limitations of his powers while keeping in mind to not harm himself or those around him.

Weaknesses: Pitch black areas; extremely apathetic, commonly too slow to respond to a problem, which usually leads to him having to face a large problem; extremely meek in front of strangers; unsociability


Walt is extremely outgoing and charming, though many can sense an underlying sense of nervousness from him at all times. No one knows how this lack of courage arose within the young man, as his good scores, proficiency at sports and influential background hint otherwise. Walt tends to avoid meeting new people, and almost never tries to interact with others unless they approach him first, or if they are introduced by his parents.

This insecurity, however, does not affect the calm aura that Walt gives off when he participates in activities, his studies, and physical activities. Whenever Walt does anything, he does it with a calm demeanor, making sure that everything is correct and nothing looks out of place. When he interacts with people he knows, his calmness translates into slow talking, and sometimes a lack of response. Many take this that Walt looks down upon them, as his shy glances tend to look more like condescending glares, but this is far from true. Walt loves calmness and a sense of security as he goes about with his life.

Walt's mantra of "calm and security" sometimes translates into apathy and a lack of care for people or situations outside of his family. However, Walt is willing to do anything to protect his younger siblings, even if it means his life. His care for his parents also transcends what is normally seen, and his placement within the house sometimes comes off as the guardian rather than the child, as his power within even the Henry family is extremely strong and well-developed. Even with this high regard from many members within his family, Walt does not feel any pride. Rather, he lives in constant fear that his powers will go out of control, as it once did when he was young and fooling around with his brother. Since then, Walt secluded himself from others and stopped talking; that was the moment the cheerful young boy became the taciturn, fearful, quiet young man he is now.
Family Tree: Eldest son of the Henry Family

Walt holds a close relationship with his two siblings, and only feels compassion towards the two. They act as his connection to the other residents and their own family members.
Theme Song Stormbringer- Deep Purple

So begins...

Walt Henry's Story