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Roman Augustine

"There is no upward limit to the number of times you can make the same mistake."

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a character in “The Ravens Nest”, as played by AmeliaIsGhostly


File 01: Roman Augustine °The Suburbs (Continued)°

❂Name❂ || "My father wanted a boy, hence the boy name."
Subject 01 calls self Roman "Echo" Augustine, and it has been proven that it is, in fact, her birth name.

❂Nicknames❂ || "I found after awhile that if you echo threats in the lab assistants heads, it gets to them."
Subject 01 has shown to react to these other titles: Rome, Augustine, or Echo. Has shown a high risk distaste of being called Subject 01, and has expressed on multiple verbally abuses occasions that she does not want to be called that.

❂Age❂ || "I turn eighteen in a few short weeks, yet still no freedom."
Subject 01 reached the age of Seventeen on the 20th of June.

❂Gender❂ || "I may have a mans name, but I am obviously a woman, you prat."
Subject 01s sex has been determined as female.

❂Sexuality & Marital Status❂ || "Please will you inform me of the relevance of this in your report?"
Subject 01s sexuality has been determined as heterosexual through research and surveys. Subject also identifies herself as heterosexual, and has shown to have no current relationship. Her view expressed on the subject was the belief that love is too cynical, and that it is taken too lightly.

❂Role❂ ||
Subject 01 is one of the two female residents in RIST.

General Appearance °Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)°


Face Claim: Emma Watson

❂Hair Color❂ || "Seriously, I do not understand the importance of my hair color. This is daft. It's bloody brown, not a jumble of snakes like Medusa."
Subject 01 has shown to have brunette hair that lightens slightly more in the summer season. She was born with a sandy blonde hair in her youth, but it darkened quickly in her older ages.

❂Eye Color❂ || "Boring eyes for a boring girl."
Subject 01 has shown to have darker hazel eyes. When ability is in use, it has been recorded that her eyes dilate extremely depending on how long ability is in use.

❂Height & Weight❂ || "I am a little on the shorter size I suppose. I was practically five foot nothing until I was seventeen."
Subject 01 has been measured at exactly 5 ft 4 in , and weighs exactly 109.4 pounds.

❂Distinct Marking or Scars❂ || "Many, all thanks to my delightful father."
Subject 01 after search was shown to have multiple scars and past bone fractures. The most dominate of the scars include a bite mark on her right wrist from a dog attack when she was eleven years of age induced by her father, and a long scar running down her left shoulder blade also caused by her father.

❂Nationality❂ || "Did the amount of bloody hells I use not tip you off?"
Subject 01 was born in Hereford England, but lived the majority of her life in central London. Her nationality is English, and has a distinct English accent.

General Information °Rococo°

❂Personality❂ || "Is this really what I am like to other people? Guess it makes some sense."

Subject 01 has many personality traits that we have viewed and tested. After multiple questions to people in her past lives, and through our own studies, we feel as if we have gathered up enough information for a clear report. So far, we have noticed she holds strong personality traits of selflessness and bravery, and is described as being attentive, compassionate, charming, stubborn, caring, and encouraging. She holds herself in a very strong, leader type role. One direct quote we got from her old friend was, "all the grace, charm, and solidity in the world would seem like a tiny speck upon a pins tip compared to what Roman holds in just the tips of her fingers, and no, that’s not just because of her appealing British accent. She’s a mysterious little pearl in any beholders eye, ones opinion of her swaying in different paths from the next.” We can conclude that this is an accurate description.

Roman on many occasions in her time at RIST and in her past has shown very strong feelings of altruistic acts. Roman is obviously concerned about others more than herself. She, on almost all occasions, will volunteer herself for the harsher tests in the act of trying to get the other subjects out of doing it. She has been shown to backlash strongly against the laboratory assistants if she seems them hurting or harming the other subjects more fiercely and has been detained on multiple occasions because of this. This leads us to the conclusion of her caring heart and bravery. She is very humble. When asked to elaborate on this, her reply was “My life has had no meaning for some time, but I have never met a single person who does not matter. I have made it a personal goal of mine to protect others from harm if it is possible. Then again, if any of you ████ where harmed, don’t anticipate me to help you. I deem everyone is good at heart, but I also believe that your souls are too far gone to be saved. That and you ████ warrant what is coming to you.”

During multiple occasions, we have noticed her eerie and unknown quietness when being tested. This does not imply that she is cooperative, as an immeasurable amount of the scientists who have worked closely with her last on average about a week, and quit often with nervous appearances, simply stating that this job is not for them. We hypothesize that she scans their brain and learns their secrets, constantly taunting them and threatening them during testing, using the mind link to communicate with them rather than outspoken words. Many of such assistants call her Echo for this reason. But, there is no solid proof so we cannot come to such a conclusion on the subject. When asked if she partakes in such acts, she simply stated “Why I never,” in an obviously faked southern accent with giving a small smirk. This struck us as odd as she is never often very sarcastic, and more or less always is a serious person.

We have also taken great notice and interest in her façade. She appears to be very mysterious and hard to read, which she is, but when around people we conclude she trusts, she lets such walls down. We noticed that it is hard to build such trust with her unless she herself initiates it, but is undoubtedly a very trustful and caring person, and many trust her with secrets that they normally wouldn’t let others know. People tend to let this girl past their walls, and into their lives. We noticed increased stress levels when she alone.

She is also stubborn in many ways , and can read people’s emotions easily without the use of her mind link. She is very attentive and pays close attention to the smallest details, and she is quick to remember and recall past events. She has shown many signs of having a photographic memory. Her mind is immaculate, when her IQ was tested, it was shown to be above average, but it is also believed she falsified the results and that her IQ is extremely higher.

❂Ability❂ || "Ability? More or less a burden. Despite popular belief, I do not go picking through peoples heads for fun, I try to avoid it actually. "
Subject 01 has the ability to link her mind to others.
Psionic Blast:
Subject can cause extreme pain to another persons head depending on how much force she uses. We concluded that a persons brain activity is increased almost off that charts, and that is what causes the pain. So far, the farthest she has gone to having a lasting effect is causing someone to have a seizure. We believe she can go further then that but it hasn't been proven due to her unwillingness to attempt.

Memory Access:
Subject can access memories to some ones past. The level of energy she uses depends on how long ago the memory took place. We also have noticed an impeccable memory on her side, and she can remember the littlest details in her own memories which are vast.

The ability to read the thoughts of another person, or to communicate with them via the mind link. But, if mind link is made, the other person will be allowed to read her thoughts and communicate with her as well.

Dream Walking:
The ability to essentially "walk" through another persons dreams. She is able to create her own dreamscapes as well within others dreams, just not her own. This power is controllable as she can choose if she wants to go into a specific persons dreams, but she also slips into many in her own slumber unintentionally.

Mind Block:
It has shown that she can put a block in her mind to keep others out. This is powerless against another brain user, but she does have the ability to force people out of her own dreams.

Increased Intelligence
Subject 01 has shown to have an increased intelligence, but this is more or less a side effect. She has a very high IQ, and has a photographic memory.

Useful Facts °Ready To Start°

❂Likes❂ ||

Piano. Subject has shown immense skill in the instrument, and often is found in the music room when allowed.
Literature. If not found in music room, subject either then in the library or her room, nose in a book.
Interest in listening and Learning. Subject 01 has shown to be very inquisitive, and shows interests in peoples pasts. She will listen to anything anyone has to say with an open mind, but will undoubtedly stick to her opinion. She also enjoy to learn about new things in an array of opinions.
Art. Subject 01 has shown immense skill in pencil sketches, and has a love for art. She like to look at the many painting in RIST, as she finds them "Calming."
Culture. Subject 01 has shown to be very cultured, she knows of many different countries and expresses her wishes to travel, and knows many languages including French, Italian, German, and Swedish. She takes interests in music from classical composers, and an interest in theatre, her favourite being Shakespeare. She often quotes his plays, as she explains his plays as "Relevant to almost any situation."

❂Dislikes❂ ||

RIST. As many and all subject, subject 01 shows a strong hatred feeling towards the Institute.
Apples. Subject 01 has shown to have severe deathly allergies to apples, and administrators are ordered to keep around an EpiPen in case of emergencies.
Her father Subject 01 has shown a dislike of her Father, Tom Augustine. It has been reported that he, through his alcoholism, physically and mentally abused Roman ever since subject 01's mother passed when she was seven years of age.
People who harm the other Subjects. Subject 01 has shown through her selflessness and bravery her strong dislike of other hurting the other subjects. She has been shown to switch out their situations for her to take the pain, or to physically hurt the people using the subjects, not caring of the consequences.
Sleep Subject 01 has been reported to push off sleep, as she has terrible night terrors that cause her to wake up screaming.

❂Flaws❂ ||

Being Alone: Subject 01 has shown that she does not like to be left alone, as her stress and anxiety levels increases.
Small spaces: Stress and anxiety level also seems to increase, and Subject has shown to go into states of panic.
Physical Confrontations: Subject 01 has had multiple fractions, and therefore, is not the most strongest. She has the ability to do very well in physical combat, but only for shorter periods of time.
Migraines: After use of her power, Subject has shown to have very intense migraines and is often sent to rest after testing.

❂Strengths❂ ||

Strategy: Subject 01's high IQ leads her to become very strategic and allows her to come up with creative strategies.
Deceiving/Convincing People: Since her ability to be able to read and understand people, she knows how to get under peoples skin and to convince them easily.
Sneaky: Shown to be very quiet on her toes and quick, Subject 01 has shown to be very sneaky and to be able to get into places she shouldn't. For this reason, a guard must be on standby with her at all times.

Useful Facts °The Suburbs°

❂History❂ ||

Subject 01 history is still not fully explained, even after having looked into it for very large amounts of time. Roman, when asked to reflect on her past, told us “I loved life; it just didn’t love me back,” and has since refused to comment anymore on it. From what we gather from past friends, medical reports, child service reports, and other such information from her old schools, she has had a childhood that was not of the average girl. On her birth certificate, it is stated that she was born in Hereford England from a mother named Evita Augustine, twenty five years of age, and a father named Tom Augustine, twenty seven years of age. She attended a public pre-school at the age of four, and at the age of five moved into the public middle school system, where it was gathered she was very shy and reserved, trying not to let others discover her abilities.

Since the age of two, when her mother found out about her daughters strange abilities, she had been visiting a neurologist on a regular basis as to try and figure out the strange phenomenon that is her power. (All medical records kept on file.) The best they could do is come up with an estimate that her brain, which should be using about 10% of its power, was using a few percent more than regular human beings. Her doctor’s name was Doctor Fitzpatrick has since admitted to keeping this case a secret until the administrators at RIST found him.

Subject 01 had prefect grades up until the age of seven, when her mother passed on, the official report stating that a drunk driver hit her on the bridge sending the car off the side. After said point, Subject 01’s grade slipped immensely, and medical reports of multiple fractured bones along with the occasional bruises started showing up. A child services report was filled against her father, but neither Roman or Tom would state the truth and where very adamant that she was simply clumsy, so the case had since been terminated. Through gathering counselling reports from her school, we can conclude that Subject 01’s father had a gambling issue and drinking issue, and that Roman would often come to school with lacerations and bruising, up until the age of eleven when she moved to central London. When asked about her father’s abuse and what it was like, she replied with “You guys aren’t so different than dear old dad.”

In her new schools in London, small reports started showing up of kids getting immense headaches, and multiple cases were filed against Roman, as many believed she started playing tricks on them, these people where often people referred to as “Bullies.” This continued up until the point of us taking her, at the age of seventeen.

At sixteen her school called child services after Roman came to school with a broken arm and large gauze running up her left shoulder. After child services showed up, it was concluded that her father had broken her arm, and cut her with a sharp edge of a beer bottle. Roman was then sent to a young girl’s group home, where we found her and brought her to RIST a couple of weeks after her seventeenth birthday.

❂Notes❂ ||

Will be added during role play.

Roman Augustine °The Suburbs (Continued)°

If I could have it back
All the time that we wasted
I'd only waste it again
If I could have it back
You know I would love to waste it again
Waste it again and again and again
Well, I've got to ask

Sometimes I can't believe it
I'm moving past the feeling again
(Sometimes I can't believe it
I'm moving past the feeling again)

So begins...

Roman Augustine's Story

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The psychological inflow of going into another’s dream was always the most terrifying for Roman. She could face any nightmare or situation she could be planted right smack in. Except for this. The blackness. She liked to describe it as what she imagines the void, or limbo as others call it, feels. The place you go after death where you just simply do not exist, except in this situation it’s the place you go while entering the mind link and it only happens when she fades into someone’s dream. She cannot touch or feel, taste, hear, see, or smell. All senses gone. It’s not very delightful to be left with your thoughts and nothing else. But the light of the dream always seems to bring her back to her center of being.

This dream had no light. It was still and black, yet she felt her senses come back to her. Was there anyone here? She could hear a sound. It was too intermittent, fitful even, to be her own soft breathing, yet she couldn’t make out what exactly the noise was. Even farther beyond her grasp was how far away it was. Tentatively, Roman started to walk forward, but as she proceeded the noise became softer. Turning, she walked in the opposite direction, and the soft noise grew steadily louder. After a moment, she could make out the familiar sounds of someone crying. She hadn’t heard anyone cry in so long. The closer she got to the soft sound, the better she could make out the figure that seemed to be lighting up the darkness. As soon as she reached close enough to be within a few feet of the boy, the darkness seemed to fade away into nothingness, and the scene around her changed into the familiar walls of the RIST, or Raven's Nest as she and many of the others called it. Tilting her head, she bent down to reach the little boy's level, and said in a soft tone “Hey, what’s your name?” The little boy glanced up, revealing his saddened face. He hadn’t been crying hard enough to show it. His eyes weren't the telltale red, and there were no streams running down the soft curve of his cheeks. Sitting down fully, cross-legged on the floor, Roman gave a smile that felt unusual. She hadn’t given a kind smile since she was a child herself. “My name’s Roman. What’s wrong?” She said curiously. “Nothing! I wasn’t crying or anything!" Roman chuckled, and gave him a small tap on the shoulder with her fist in a friendly manner. “Of course not, big strong kid like you could take on anything I bet. But even if you were crying, that’d be okay. When I was your age I was a big cry baby. I would sing this silly song I heard from a musical, called My Favourite Things when I was upset.” She smiled still, and continued on to sing in a small voice “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite thin-“ She stopped herself with an awkward laugh, “I don’t really do that anymore however.” She didn’t even like The Sound of Music, the musical the song was from, but her mom did, and as a seven year old that was the only thing she could really cope with. The kid gave her a look of confusion, but laughed a bit afterwards. Standing up, he wiped his eyes swiftly, smiled, and said, “Roman, come play hide and seek with me!” Roman seemed to be a little surprised, but stood back up none the less. Before she could even reply, he hollered with a deviously gleeful smirk on his face, “Close your eyes and count to ten!” The words had barely left his lips before he scampered off in the other direction, fading away into the distance. Roman was left alone again, baffled. She had never been in a young child's dream before, and it made her wonder if somewhere in the walls of the RIST those god-damned officials where harbouring a young child, which was a cruelty she would not stand for. Glancing around, she could hear the echo of the young boy's laughter coming from the left wing hallway to a place she was completely unfamiliar with. Following the sound of laughter and footsteps, Roman walked, albeit with no small amount of trepidation, down the unfamiliar and cold halls. As the corridors spiraled down into the depths of the RIST, Roman began to worry. She looked high and low for the kid, but his echoing footsteps and giggling laughter were always just ahead of her. Every time she turned a corner he was already at the next one. Roman began to worry. The feeling came again. The feeling of the lost senses that each dream began and ended with. “Hey where are you!” She called out in a hurry to catch him before the dream ended. No Reply. Even his footsteps had faded from the world, as if the boy had simply vanished. She called out once more, and then as if he had been there the whole time, the boy appeared in front of her, standing at the threshold of an extensively locked door she had never ever seen, or knew existed. Glancing down at the kid, he gave a wide toothy grin and said “Thanks for following me! No one ever comes down here anymore. My name's Kayden! I hope soon we can play again soon!” Before Roman had the chance to utter a single word of response, the dream ended.

In a sudden burst of vigour and attentiveness, Roman awoke in her bed, confined still by the physical walls of the institute. The day that passed after that dimly dreary morning was something she remembered every detail of. She hadn’t felt that fervent and enquiring since reading adventurous tales in her childhood. After feverishly nit picking through whoever’s mind she could, she came to the conclusion that it wasn’t hard to find memories, often of the bad sort, about Kayden. He wasn’t a little boy any more. Wanting to uncover more and more, she wanted until the dark night set, when The Parapsychologist left his room that acted half as an office. It would take about 5 minutes for him to inform one of the acting guards to stand at the door so keep the pests of subjects out. So that’s how long Roman had to open up his file cabinet to see if there was anything on file.Slipping through the door she scurried behind his desk, and punched in the six digit code that Roman, earlier that day, scanned through his thoughts and memories to find. As it gave a soft beep signifying that it unlocked, she yanked open the drawer that barely budged any more, and looked through the names. Flipping through names of familiar people to her, and of past subjects that have died, she came across the file labelled “Sirrell, Kayden.” Slipping the rather large file from in between the practically paper thin ones beside, she opened it and scanned through it as quickly as she could, taking it in. Photographic memories helped when doing such a thing. What she discovered gave her an unsettling quite rage throughout the entirety of her body. He had been there since he was three years old. “Bloody bastards.” She muttered quietly through her gritted teeth, the utter distraught disgust she felt in that moment was pure. Shoving the file back in place in hast, she closed the drawer, but it made a loud squeal that sent chills up her spine, and forewarning nudged into her thoughts. Not a second later, a guard stepped in, and without even questioning her reasoning’s for being in such a ‘forbidden place’, he jabbed her with the silly syringe that weakened their powers to barley any use. The shitty thing is, that when one was administered to Roman, she would also fall asleep; an odd reaction.

Many hours passed in quite slumber for Roman before she entered another person’s dream that night. It was that same black, just like before. It was the one that faded into the RIST when she approached where she was supposed to be. This time, she faced that same door that she had found out about, the door that the young boy had stood in front of the night before. Yet there was no young boy this time, instead there was an older male who now towered over the 5’4 girl. She could tell it was the same person however, despite not having the baby face any more. “You’re Kayden.” She simply stated, her British tone reverting back to the usual seriousness it displayed. It was quite the contrast from how she talked to the young boy the night before. “Roman.” He stated simply. She replied back with nothing, just glancing at him. He had quite a transformation from that young boy to now, but that came as no shock. After a minute of silence, she said, rather matter-of-factly, yet still in the common serious tone, “They think you're a monster you know.” He smirked, revealing elongated canines, sharp and white. Just as frankly, he replied, "And what do you think?" To which she replied back with, "You're not a monster.” She took a small pause. “I think they're the monsters, and that the universe is going to fuck with them harder than they have you in the long run." Kayden appeared puzzled for a moment, then threw his head back and laughed. It was a harsh, cold laughter. "The old, 'what comes around goes around,' eh? Not bad Roman. However, I think we're both a little smarter than that. We were born as gods among mortals, super humans, capable of pulling the world along on a little red string. However, in their jealousy and greed, the humans sought ways to bring us down to their level, and they found them. I burned their facilities into ashes, I vaporized entire buildings, killed countless people, and still, I'm trapped here in this hellish prison. As long as they pull the strings, you and I will never see the light of day again. In this world of ours, only power talks, and they hold all the cards." Kayden finished somewhat morosely, his eyes burning holes into the ground. Romans said nothing for a couple of beats, agreeing slightly in the silence of the moment that screamed louder than the words she could have spoken back. She broke it after feeling the mental tug. “The dream's ending,” stated Roman, glancing around the scene which seemed to slowly be draining out of color. “Hey... Could you bring me a book next time?" Kayden asked. Roman glanced back up at him, and after a couple of seconds, a small twitch of a smile crossed her and she said “Gladly,” before the dream disappeared.

A sharp intake of breath and a pounding in her head shot Roman up out of sleep. Groaning, she put her head down resting on her knees that she pulled up to her chest. “I dreamed of past dreams. That’s a new one.” She grumbled painfully through her migraine bent head. Reaching over to the single night stand beside her double twin bed, she yanked open the drawer and pulled out an opaque red bottle, a label on it reading ‘Tylenol extra strength.’ This was a daily routine. Pushing down and twisting the irritably child proof cap, she dumped out 4 of the pills in her hand, before sealing the bottle back up and putting it back in its place. Popping the pills in her mouth, she took a quick swig of the water resting on the table, and swallowed them down. Tylenol really stopped working for her after awhile which is why she took the way increased dose. She was probably going to over dose on them someday by pure accident. “Oh well,” she thought.

Despite her fuzzy thoughts still soaked in the drench of dreams, she had a hard time figuring out what made her dream what she had. It was the dreams in which she met Kayden, the boy locked up somewhere in the walls of RIST. She had been communicating with him for quite awhile, having read him multiple books and such. But only through dreams, never face to face. As far as the officials go, they still are under the impression she doesn’t know about that eighteen year old boy at all.

Shrugging it off, as she did most odd night occurrences, she slipped out of her bed and changed into clothes in which the ravens nest ever so kindly supplies to them. Despite the fact that they don’t treat them as humans necessarily, they do still get their basic human needs fulfilled. It was morning, time to start a new day that will always end the same.

Under the regular roof of this house, holds pain, torture, and death. Roman, so far, has been forced in getting blood tests, physical and metal tests which often are brutal, and trials to test her power. But everyone got those. Some of Romans favourite personal tests she’s had thus far are being forced into simulated nightmares where she has to go through mentally scaring situations around the basis of her fears, and try to overcome them. One they often liked to run her through was using the memory of her father cutting her with a beer bottle and breaking her arm, the only way to end it being to kill him. Every time they made the dream seem more real, and every time it was harder to get through it. But that is not the only thing they have put her through thus far. A favourite they do very often is electroshock therapy, voltage way above legal limit, to see if her brain waves alter drastically, if it heightens her powers, if it lowers her powers, or to see if her brain can fight off such physical pain or build immunity to it. They also bring in people, often new lab assistants or people from homeless shelters, and force her to spread the aching pain through their mind via the link. Roman, despite being a hard ass at times, does not want to put people who have done nothing through such a thing. The farthest they’ve made her go was giving someone around a 3 minute long seizure, but they keep testing her to see if she would be able to force someone into a vegetative state, and if so, force them into death; completely shutting off every part of the mind.

Tests were administered daily, but at all different points at the day. There was no fore warning; they would all just get simply called upon.

She really hated this place.

Yet, in all the darkness that surrounded this empty hearse of a home, she found ways to pass time. Walking out of her room, and giving a glance at the guard placed beside her door, she made her way down on of deaths hallway to the music room, as it was designated. The guard followed her only to take a rightful place to the right of the door. In a dark brooding voice, he said. “Keep the door open a crack so I can see you at all times.” Roman stared him down with hazel eyes, giving a dark look of abhorrence before slipping through the door, leaving it a crack open. Ever since the incident of her being in the chipper Paraphycologists room, she had been ordered to have an eye on her at all times.

Sitting with grace on the bench in front of the black piano placed center in the room, she rested her fingers on the correct key, and started playing a song the was ever so familiar to her. Her favourite song in fact. Some of her softly curled brown hair fell in front of her face, but she was to enveloped in playing the piano to care or to notice.

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Kayden had been alone. Sure, there was that irritatingly chipper Parapsychologist, the countless worker bees, and any number of guardsmen, but none of them were shackled to the floor. None of them were made to wear a muzzle or sleep in a room full of toxic air. None of them, not a single one, was capable of understanding him. Not like she did. If he had to hazard a guess, Kayden would say they were friends. At least he hoped so. "What a strange word." Kayden said out loud, somewhat shocked by the volume of his own voice within the tiny, 8x8 foot, freezer that was his life. There had never been hope before, not for Kayden. Sure, when he was younger, there was some disillusionment about being adopted or escaping, but that had left him soon enough. People were liars and cowards anyway. Kayden didn't need them. He didn't need them. He was a demon, a devil... a dragon. He was better than them. He had to be. "If not..." Kayden whispered to himself. Just what was he? "A murderer, a freak of nature, a science experiment..." Kayden whispered. But she didn't care about that. She brought him books, she kept him company. She understood him. From there, or so it seemed, hope had returned. "Bah," Kayden sighed, and turned over in his bed to rest on his side. Facing away from the door, Kayden felt his eyes close, and his breathing slow. He was falling asleep. There was no escape from this place. Not anytime soon, anyway.

Kayden dreamed that night.

He was just a boy, barely even six years old. What could he do? How could he escape such reckless hate? There was a big, scary man, wearing glasses and a white lab coat that smelled of disinfectant. The man tried to stab Kayden. He held up a long, sharp needle. Kayden didn't like needles. He threw the nurses off of him and screamed. he burned down the door. he knew he could do it. The scary man came back after they'd strapped Kayden down. He told Kayden that he was too dangerous. Kayden had to stay here until he could control his powers. If Kayden was a bad boy, he'd get dissected. When the others had all gone, and Kayden was in his room, Kayden has asked to borrow a dictionary. He didn't know what that word meant, but he assumed it was a punishment for being naughty. In a fit of horror and rage, Kayden had burned that book. He screamed and cried and howled in agony. Kayden punched a nurse who came in to calm him down. They dragged her out of his room. Kayden didn't see her get up.

There was nothing, there was no one, and no one would come for him.

Humans are all garbage.

His parents had lied to him, the people in the Raven's Nest had lied to him.

Humans are all garbage.

Kayden would suffer alone forever. No one would ever want him. He would die here, in this horrible place.

Humans are all garbage.

They should die.

All of them.

Kayden could do it.

In despair and rage, Kayden fell to his knees and wept bitterly. There were no loud sobs anymore, no wails of anguish. Kayden simply wept. What could he do against such reckless hate. How could he ever be happy again? Suddenly, there were footsteps; a slow, careful gait approached him. Kayden's head snapped to attention, eyes trained on a far away figure that came from the darkness. With those footsteps came the smell of shampoo; flowery and sweet. There was something else, some other scent that Kayden couldn't quite place, but it was familiar, and warm, and it made his heart beat painfully fast. Kayden sniffed and turned his head back to the ground. Just one more person to leave him alone again. "Just wait, she'll leave too." Kayden whispered to himself. "You'll see." Kayden closed his eyes, he hadn't seen his mother in years, and yet, here she was now, coming to torture him in his sleep. How mean.

As soon as she reached close enough to be within a few feet of the young boy, her footsteps stopped. She paused a moment, then her clothes rustled, and the smell of flowers drew closer. Shattering the silence, she spoke. “Hey, what’s your name?” Puzzled, Kayden glanced up. He was in the RIST alright, the same as usual, but something was different. This person... it wasn't her. It wasn't his mother. She was different, and Kayden had never seen her before. Her hair color was the same, but her face, with it's gentle curvature and soft warmth, was different from Kayden's mother. Her eyes weren't the same either. Kayden's mother had blue eyes, just like him, but this girl's eyes weren't blue. Instead, they were green and brown all at once. To this young boy, who had only ever seen the surgically masked faces of his attendants, and the harsh glare of light reflecting off of Plexiglas safety goggles, this girl, no, this young woman, was the most beautiful creature Kayden had ever seen.

Sitting down fully, cross-legged on the floor, the woman smiled at Kayden, who tried furiously not to blush. Her smile was gentle, and kind, it reached all the way up to her eyes, and filled Kayden's chest with a painful warmth. His heartbeat seemed to triple its pace. “My name’s Roman. What’s wrong?” She said curiously. Suddenly defensive, Kayden all but shouted his response. “Nothing! I wasn’t crying or anything!" The girl... Roman, Roman was her name, chuckled, and gave him a small tap on the shoulder with her fist in a friendly manner. Kayden felt his face heat up, and his eyes burned holes in the floor. “Of course not, big strong kid like you could take on anything I bet. But even if you were crying, that’d be okay. When I was your age I was a big cry baby. I would sing this silly song I heard from a musical, called My Favourite Things when I was upset.” She smiled, still, and, surprisingly, sang in a small voice, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite thin-“ She stopped herself with an awkward laugh, “I don’t really do that anymore however.” She seemed puzzled over something, which only served to make Kayden more confused. He tilted his head to the side, and scratched his temple. He didn't get the song, about kettles and kittens, but the lesson was clear. It was so simple, Kayden couldn't help but laugh. It was a child's laughter, warm and sweet. He hadn't laughed like that in years. If Kayden was sad, all he had to do was do something he enjoyed, right? Standing up, he wiped his eyes swiftly, smiled, and said, “Roman, come play hide and seek with me!” Roman seemed to be a little surprised, but stood up none the less. Before she could even reply, Kayden hollered with a deviously gleeful smirk on his face, “Close your eyes and count to ten!” The words had barely left his lips before he scampered off in the other direction, fading away into the distance. Kayden poured himself through the hallways, his feet pitter-pattering barefooted against the cool tile of the RIST floors. “Hey where are you!” She yelled after him, but Kayden barely heard her. He hadn't run like this in ages. The thought that someone was actually playing with him, taking the time to do something fun with him, was too much for him to bear. If he let her catch him, he might die from embarrassment. He cheeks were burning, but his smile never faded. Playing like this was so fun. Before he knew it, Kayden found himself at the door to his room. Unconsciously, or so it seemed, he had made his way down to where he lived. Kayden stared up at the door. He had forgotten that this was only a dream. he would have to wake up soon, and Roman wouldn't be there anymore. Oh well, she was just a figment of his imagination anyway. It was fun while it lasted. Kayden turned around, and looked up at Roman, who's footsteps had finally caught up to him. He gave a wide toothy grin and spoke. “Thanks for following me! No one ever comes down here anymore. My name's Kayden! I hope soon we can play again soon!” Before Roman had the chance to utter a single word of response, the dream ended.

Kayden woke with a start. He had dreamed. He had actually dreamed. It wasn't such a strange thing at all, the existence of dreams, especially when compared to the existence of a boy as strange as Kayden. What was strange though, was that Kayden never dreamed. Usually, he was sort of glad for that though. After all, Kayden had been living here since he was a young boy. Any dreams he might have about this hellish place certainly wouldn't be any good. However, this dream had been different. It had been... almost pleasant. It was a good place to start. After all his hardships, Kayden had, at the very least, one good thing happen to him today.

He met her.

It sucked she was just a figment of his imagination though. Kayden hadn't seen another person like her in so long. Someone else who was like him. It was bittersweet. Kayden had mad a friend, but she was all in his head. "I suppose this means I'm going crazy, eh?" Kayden asked himself. He chuckled to himself as he sat up, rubbing his arms to fight off the cold of his Arctic prison. As he did so, the massive door to his chambers opened. Through it strode that familiar, smug-looking, all-too-happy-for-his-own-good Parapsychologist. "Another day on the job, eh?" Kayden asked rhetorically. He stood, placed his hands in the air, and turned his back to the good Doctor, waiting for the hypodermic dart to put him to sleep. "So," Kayden started, false cheerfulness oozing through his teeth like bile, "What's on the docket for us Subjects today? Shock therapy? Physical training? Ooh, don't tell me, are you gonna try and squish me between some pylons again? That one's my favorite." Kayden turned his head back towards the Doctor. "All in the name of science of course." He said with a wicked smirk on his face. If the doctor said anything, Kayden didn't remember. All he remembered happening next was the soft hiss of the air-powered rifle releasing its hypodermic payload into Kayden's system. As it struck him, Kayden felt the familiar buzz of the electro-sock casing shut down his nervous system. He collapsed instantly.

It was that same black, just like before. It was the one that faded into the RIST. Kayden must have been here for hours this time. He waited, patiently he waited. Kayden waited for her to come back. This time, kayden was himself. There was no young boy this time, instead there was an older male, eighteen to be precise, who now towered over the 5’4 girl. It was definitely her alright. From the way she smelled, to the way she carried herself. It was her. She was back. “You’re Kayden.” She simply stated, her British tone reverting back to the usual seriousness it displayed. It was quite the contrast from how she had talked to the young boy the night before. “Roman.” Kayden stated simply. She replied back with nothing, just glancing at him. He had quite a transformation from that young boy to now, but that came as no shock. After a minute of silence, she said, rather matter-of-factly, yet still in the common serious tone, “They think you're a monster you know.” He smirked, revealing elongated canines, sharp and white. Just as frankly, he replied, "And what do you think?" To which she retorted, "You're not a monster.” She took a small pause. “I think they're the monsters, and that the universe is going to fuck with them harder than they have you in the long run." Kayden appeared puzzled for a moment. Did she really believe that? After a moment, it was all too funny for Kayden, and he threw his head back and laughed. It was a harsh, cold laughter, not the same as when he was a child. "The old, 'what comes around goes around,' eh? Not bad Roman. However, I think we're both a little smarter than that. We were born as gods among mortals, super humans, capable of pulling the world along on a little red string. However, in their jealousy and greed, the humans sought ways to bring us down to their level, and they found them. I burned their facilities into ashes, I vaporized entire buildings, killed countless people, and still, I'm trapped here in this hellish prison. As long as they pull the strings, you and I will never see the light of day again. In this world of ours, only power talks, and they hold all the cards." Kayden finished somewhat morosely, his eyes burning holes into the ground. Roman said nothing for a couple of beats. The silence of the agonizing moment that stretched between them screamed louder than any words could have. Softly, her voice broke the silence. “The dream's ending,” Roman stated, glancing around the scene which seemed to slowly be draining out of color. Worried, for no real reason, Kayden began to sweat. Would he ever see her again? he had to. He needed to. Before he knew it, Kayden spoke. Words unbidden came from his mouth in a modicum of friendliness, “Hey... Could you bring me a book next time?" Kayden asked, he even managed a smile for her. Roman glanced back up at him, and after a couple of seconds, a small twitch of a smile crossed her face. “Gladly,” she said, before the dream disappeared.

Kayden awoke, once again, with a cold sweat. "What the hell kind of dream was that?" He asked himself. "A dream of a dream, huh?" Kayden whispered. Sure enough, now that he thought about it, this dream was a sequence of memories. Each of his days spent all alone, coupled with his nights with Roman. It was how he'd met her in the first place. Of course, to the officials in the RIST, no such interactions ever took place. However, in Kayden's personal slice of hell, those memories were his most precious possession. Like an oasis in the desert, or a bed for the weary, Kayden's memories with Roman were, probably, the only thing that kept him sane.

A loud hissing once more broke the silence of Kayden's imprisoned reverie. His door had opened. Once more, it was that same lab coat wearing, eternally cheerful, positively irritating Parapsychologist who strode through Kayden's door. Kayden sighed and rolled his eyes, irritated beyond belief. He kneaded his eyelids, rubbing the sleep from them. He was having a good time with those memories. It so figures that Doc would be the one to ruin what little happiness he had. Kayden sniffed, it was damn cold in his cell. However, something was different. Kayden's head snapped to attention, his eyes trained on the Doctor.

There was no one else with him.

The Doc was all alone. He was still armed... probably... but that meant nothing. not to Kayden. Kayden just needed six... no... three seconds, and just the right positioning... Kayden could end it all in an instant. Satisfied, Kayden jumped out of bed, his fingers twitching threateningly. Slowly, slyly, Kayden began to circle the Doctor, trying to get between him and the door. Smirking, Kayden spoke. "No guards this time, eh? Damn ballsy of ya' Doc. After all, with you dead, there'd be no one to run this show, and me and the rest of us kiddos could stroll out of here like a free men and women. After I burn this place to the ground, of course... So... Gimme one, just one's all I'm askin' for, gimme one good reason why I shouldn't rip you to fucking shreds right here, right now."

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Jae Jun Chambers

The nightmares were getting worse. They'd started a year ago, when he first arrived at this place, and they often wavered in intensity, but the last few nights had found him wide eyed, drenched in sweat for endless hours, unwilling to let the night take over again. It was always the worst when they conducted physical tests. Yesterday had been blood testing, and his arms were scarred up from the several times they'd had to needle him to find the vein, since he kept disappearing the moment the needle came close. Today would be another blood day, since they hadn't gotten enough to run everything they wanted to. They kept coming up with new ideas, new chemicals to mix to see what qualities of his organic make-up caused him to go invisible as he did. To see if they could take his cloaking abilities and use them for other things. J was afraid of what would happen once they figured out how to take his ability from him. Would they farm him for the organic material that made him so special, or would they produce it synthetically and kill him? When they weren't running physical tests they were trying to scare the living daylight out of him to see how he reacted. And then they wondered why he was so jumpy all the time. J squinted into the darkness, trying to see the time. It was three in the morning. He scrubbed his eyes and sighed. His heart was pounding like a rabbit's, there was no way he was going back to sleep. It wasn't worth his time to try.

His fingers found the groove left on his cheek from the metal circlet on his wrist, and he tried to rub the mark away. He slept curled on his side, hands under his head, but his wafer pillow wasn't enough to protect his delicate skin. Once upon a time he'd looked soft and healthy, but now his face was lean and gaunt, deep circles under his eyes. He tried to smile as much as possible, look like he was okay, like he had been taught to, but as the days past it became harder and harder. Even when he wasn't in testing situations sometimes he broke down. It was embarrassing, but he couldn't help it. He just had to laugh it off and take a few deep breaths to make his heart rate drop again. At this rate he was going to have a heart attack at twenty and die. Ha ha.

The dark haired boy felt his ways across his small, dark room, unwilling to turn a light on. He managed to procure some jeans and a t-shirt and hastily pull them on. Wearing day clothes made him a feel a little better, separated him from the breathless fear of his night terrors. He couldn't tell how he looked, because his body, still tense, refused to become visible again, so he just assumed he was fine and poked his head out the door. Because he was a good kid, never argued or struggled or tried to escape, some of the guards were willing to let him get by with wandering the halls at night. After all, how likely was it that the small, easily frightened boy would try something funny?

J squinted through the light outside, and glanced at the guard, who's eyes were trained on his cuff. "You be back soon, kid." The guard told the cuff, reaching out and managing catch the arm that belonged to the cuff in a tight grip. the boy managed to fizzle back into full visibility at the contact, and dipped his head. "Yessir." He mumbled, staring at the floor until he was released. It was a common ritual. Only once had the guard needed to come down and find him, and J took the scolding silently.

Silently he stole down the halls, managing to stay visible for the majority of the time. Usually at this hour he wandered into the music room to service the instruments. Whoever was supposed to take care of the room did an exceedingly poor job tuning everything, and Jae was thankful for it. He could lose himself for hours plucking strings and twisting knobs, tightening and loosening, cleaning pipes and adjusting slides, wiping away oil and shining smooth surfaces. He was at home in this room. It made him feel useful, contributing to something beautiful like this.

Somehow, exhaustion eventually overtook him, and he ended up drifting off, he always slept invisible, just in case, in the corner of the room by the extra sheet music. Several hours later he awoke to sound, a thrill of fear shivering down his spine and resting heavily in his. If he hadn't already been invisible, he certainly would have disappeared then. He bolted upright, pressing the back of a fist against his lips to prevent a sound of startlement from leaking from his teeth. His eyes took a moment to adjust, and they settled on a figure seated at the piano. Oh. It was just Roman. J sighed internally, his body relaxing. Now, if he could only get away without her noticing him. Or just as quickly as possible. He rose quietly, debating as to whether he should become visible again or not. If he didn't and got caught it would be worse than appearing, saying something polite and hurrying out, he decided, and let his cloaking fall from him.

Anxiety still burbled low in his belly, so he took his time straightening the stacks of paper and adjusting an askew violin on it's stand. She was a good player, the music rolled of her fingers. It must be a practiced song, he couldn't see any music sitting in front of her. And she seemed so absorbed in what she was doing. If only he could just slip away, unnoticed.

But he had to say something. He had to be polite. He affixed a smile to his face, and moved around her quietly, trying to fix his sleep mussed hair at the same time. "I...uh...You play well. I didn't know you played classical." He said, forcing himself to look her in the eye. His cuffed hand aimlessly scratched at one of the needle scars on the soft part of his other forearm. He stood halfway between the piano and the door. He never came in if someone else was in the music room, and suddenly he was feeling just as uncomfortable in here as he did elsewhere in their prison. His gaunt face was flushed, but he had to stay a little longer. He didn't want to be rude. And her playing was beautiful. His oil slick eyes flicked from her to the door, and he swallowed.

"Do you mind if I listen for a little?" He managed to gt out. She was so nice to him, he had to be polite to her. While part of him wished she'd say no, he did want to listen to her play. She added soul to Debussy he'd never heard before. He favored playing the violin and it's family to the piano, but her talent on the keys was obvious.

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Roman always found a poignant outlet within playing the piano. There were ranges of songs that were held in each key of the piano, each telling a different story or sentiment. Roman was never good at expressing her own emotion. Even before RIST, she was closed off from everyone, the wall in her mind outstretching to her whole being. Yet, when she played piano, she would allow herself to show her emotion and make it into something beautiful. How often could one turn sadness and depression and anger into something beautiful that others could stand? She started playing when the abuse of her father started at the age of eight, so as each passing year she became weaker in strength, she also became stronger in mind. She was self taught, and could easily play any song she heard by ear, probably due to the fact of her increased intelligence. She could look at sheet music once, and never need it again. She liked to call it her being ‘eco friendly’ as less paper needed to be used. But it’s not like she really cared much about the environment in here, she hadn’t even stepped outside since entering the ravens nest. But she had her piano to make up for that.

The only drawback is that it physically hurt her to play.

Due to the multiple fractions and broken bones, some which went completely untreated, Roman was a pretty fragile person. Holding up her arms for the amount of time she played piano was proven to be a little more than difficult as her bones started to scream for rest. The more her father beat her, the less able she was to defend herself. Roman really never tried to shield herself against her father’s ill-treatment in all light of things however. She had such love for than man that had accumulated through the years of when they were just a customary family. No matter what, he would always be her dad and the greater capacity her love was for him, the greater the capacity was for her to feel pain. She had felt a lot of pain, and because of that now she just simply couldn’t physically defend herself against anything. She was very prone to getting ill as well. Many of the more physical tests the RIST officials put her through exhausted her more than the stuff involving her power. She, on more than one circumstance, was reduced to being physically sick because they push her to her limit.

But she didn’t want to think about that. So, she transferred those feelings through her dainty fingertips, and continued playing the piano, up until a voice and a boys figure caught the side of her eye. Glancing up and over to J, she gave a small, but silent, sigh of relief that it was just him, not one of those bastards coming to whisk her away for the delightful joy of testing. Continuing to play the song, she glanced back down at her soft pale hands, all the while listening to the comments J gave. Giving a small chuckle, which really just sounded like an amused huff, she said “I don’t mind at all,” which she really didn’t.

Roman appreciated the others in the same boat as her; and considered them friends, as much as one could in such an odd situation. They all seemed to bond by the one torturous fact that they all were going through this similar horror filled experience together. They may all have their differences, and they may all not clash together in such friendship, but everyone just understood. Just simply that. She liked to think about it like if a group of kids, all unsuspecting from different backgrounds, were all locked up in a cage together awaiting for the serial killer who looked eerily a lot like Ned Flanders to tear them each limb by limb, and put them all in a medley soup together after they had been cooked. Maybe that was a little too cynical, and the Hannibal like cannibalism was a far stretch, but the same idea was there. Just the fact they all equally want to escape, and be free at last. Freedom being the number on craving of everyone's emptying soul.

Finishing the song, she quickly readjusted her finger placement, and continued on swiftly with another song in which she heard on an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ before she was hauled mutely and forebodingly into RIST. She didn’t know why she played it, it was a beautiful piece. Maybe it’s because she was thinking of Serial Killers. Yeah, that’s probably it. ‘Way to keep the mood light, Rome.’ She scowled in her thoughts. Glancing back up to J, she asked him, “Do you have a favourite piece?” knowing of his background within the music room. He was in here quite a bit, and Roman took notice of his trying to keep in clean, which she appreciated greatly. She heard him play instruments once in awhile, through the crack in the door. She never once entered knowing of his complete shyness, and she never wanted to make the boy uncomfortable. Why torture him more.

Jae was the most different in the group, yet the group so far in his mind only consisted of Victoria and herself, not Kayden. Still, he was also way different then the boy trapped figuratively under the stairwell. Jae was a fleeter. He would hide in a situation that called for danger, which was not entirely a bad thing. It would keep him alive which is all really that they could do. Roman tried her hardest to protect Jae most of the time, wanting to keep him the way he is, knowing that he shouldn’t be angry at the world, a too many people already were. As long as he kept some sense of the pure innocence that seemed to be lost in a place like this, the more slight hope there seemed to be. If any. Yet, with the shy and scared personality that could protect him, it could also kill him just as easily. Roman blatantly knowing this always tried to encourage him to stand up once in awhile, just enough that he could last. It didn’t work most of the time.

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Screaming was echoed throughout Veronica's room as she had just awoken from a nightmare. It was usual for her to have these nightmares every night, she hadn't had a nightmare free sleep since she was 10, litterally. The poor young woman could never shake these nightmares. They were not all the same every night, sometimes she would have a nightmare where she would use her powers to open a portal that lead to nothing but darkness. All she would hear in the darkness was piercing and terrifying screams that at one point didn't even sound human. Others would involve her tragic past that she seemed to keep hidden or at least from the other subjects she knew around the facility.

Veronica sat up in a cold sweat, her breathing fast and sounding as if she was having an asthma attack but instead she was having a panic attack. She stared down at her bed covers trying to calm herself so she can breathe again as it felt as if someone was squeezing her airway. " S-shit." was all that she could mutter out between gasps. 5 minutes went by and River could finally breathe again but it was still fast paced. As she looked over to her alarm clock a deep sigh escaped her lips as it read 3:30am. Veronica didn't want to go back to sleep so she stayed up just looking at the wall across from it. The darkness crept and consumed the wall she was staring a making her blink a couple of times to make sure she would stay awake but it didn't last long before her eyes began to get really heavy.

Without noticing, V was in and out of consciousness. when her head would fall and she would almost fall asleep she would quickly pick it back up and her eyes would shoot open. Dont fall asleep. Won't fall asleep. Can't fall asleep. The young woman was like that for the rest of the night before it was time for her to actually get out of bed. Crawling out of her bed, Veronica did her morning routine in the bathroom before it was time for her tests and all. Veronica walked out her room yawning big but was interrupted by a snicker that came from the female guard posted at her door. She looked up at her and the woman quickly got silent but when Veronica began to walk away she could hear the woman laughing quietly

"The hell's her problem?" she whispered to herself as she passed the music room but suddenly felt a breeze. The woman had a dead tired look on her face and was almost falling asleep as she walked but when she suddenly felt a breeze, Veronica looked down to realize that she was only in her invader zim underwear and tanktop still. She blinked at it a couple of times before it actually sunk in and with the same sleepy, expressionless face she turned on her heel and dragged her feet back to her room to get changed. As she passed the guard though she looked up at her with a slight glint of hostility in her eyes as she entered her room.

V came out now dressed properly and yawned once more as she headed down the hall but she stuck out her tongue at the guard who stood outside her room only to get a flirty whistle from the guard in return making Veronica huff slightly but then smile to herself. Blink was halfway down the hall when she heard music coming from the music room and thats where she headed with no hesitation. Entering the music room she saw Roman and Jae at the piano. Veronica picked up the guitar that sat in the corner and threw herself onto the couch that sat not to far from the two and began to strum to the piece Roman was playing. " Oh good morning guy~ How nice it is to see you guys~ " Veronica sang in a sleepy voice before she leaned her head back still strumming along and sung two words. " I'm so tired~"

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Jae Jun Chambers

Roman told him quietly that she didn't mind, and J relaxed slightly. She was good. Probably the closest thing to a friend he had, and he needed to be grateful for that. He knew she tried to look out for him, which helped, but there really wasn't much one test subject could do for another test subject in a complex run by people whose only purpose in life seemed to be causing pain to them. They all suffered here. He coped with it by letting it wash over him without resisting, but that didn't fix the jumpiness or the anxiety. He would never be strong, only more broken as time passed. But he could deal with that, couldn't he. As long as there were still some good things to hang on to.

Roman shifted into another piece, one that he didn't recognize, but rang with a sincere sadness. He couldn't tell if it came from her or the music. He listened silently to rise and fall of the notes, trying to attach it to a source. He couldn't pick up a composer that it might have come from. If he ever summed up the courage, maybe he'd ask her to teach him. But he couldn't do that now. He wished he had the bravery to play when the others were around, but he couldn't. The only audience he'd ever had was his Nanny and music instructor who didn't really understand that a child's fingers have limits in stretching capabilities.

As the piece faded into an ending, Roman shifted. He turned his head from staring into nowhere just before she began to speak, watching her inquisitively. She asked him a question. He couldn't help but flush a little as he thought of a response. His fingers toyed the metal circlet around his wrist again. Twisting it left a slight burning sensation on his wrist. A somewhat smile curved across his face. "Do you know any of Chopin's Nocturnes?" He asked in a soft voice. He'd learned them for the cello when he was younger, but they were primarily piano pieces, and the little melodies sounded infinitely better on the keys. The melodic melancholy intensified twofold. Regardless of instrument, the pieces reminded him of a better time. He slid his hands into his pockets, turning slightly to face the piano.

And then he jumped, spooked, vanishing for a second, as Veronica entered the room. He wasn't sure what he'd thought to have entered, but it sent his heart racing in his throat. He turned to see the girl flop onto the couch, guitar in hand. He winced slightly, but the guitar made it out of falling onto the couch alive and still tuned, and she began strumming along, singing in a voice that sounded like a perpetual yawn. J let his shoulders relax, and then he realized that he was still vanished. He rubbed his neck with his bracelet-ed hand, which to them would look like the metal band floating in the air, and reluctantly reappeared from the feet up. He looked a little on the pale side, but it wasn't hard to make all the blood drain from his face anyway.

He sent a pleading glance towards Roman, as if asking for permission to leave, twisting his hands together. He didn't have anything against Veronica, she was nice and they were in the same situation, it was hard to hate someone who was going through something so terrible alongside him. But she was so loud. And he wasn't really. The constant movement and noise and action set him on edge, wired like a jackrabbit ready to run. But some sense of obligation towards Roman, most likely from the music, prevented him from just fleeing. He needed some kind of excuse to escape, and none were coming readily to mind. His hands clasped together, locking into a knot of anxiety and fingers. Through that he managed to smile at Veronica, he still had to be nice, still had to be friendly. It didn't matter if it felt like his heart was about ready to beat out of his mouth from the fright her entrance had given him. He hadn't always been so jumpy, but the tests had blurred the line between the testing environment and reality, and fright was always his instinct. Especially when it came in at that volume, unexpected.

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Bare feet padded across wooden floors and Kayden shivered with excitement.

As he walked, Kayden absentmindedly rubbed the raw spot under his jaw on the left side. The muzzle was made of a special heat-resistant ceramic, it had to be to deal with Kayden's extreme pyroclastic discharges, although it's purpose was to prevent such things, not withstand them. Either way, the muzzle had to be made from an exceptionally strong material, or else Kayden would have simply ripped it off, or melted it off of his face. Regardless, when they'd made the damn thing, they'd forgotten to thoroughly sand the edges, resulting in rough irregularities that chafed Kayden's normally smooth skin. Kayden winced as a twinge of pain coursed through his jaw and made his brain go temporarily numb. What was that Doctor up to?

There was a tenuous silence in the air.

As Kayden had asked his question, the good Doc Griffin, had closed his eyes. Judging from the measured breaths he was taking, and the slow, steady beat of his heart, Kayden could tell that the Doc was really thinking about his response. At least, that's what Kayden's ears were telling him. The longer the silence became, the more Kayden became... impatient. Finally, after what seemed to be hours, Kayden could take it no longer. "Well!? Are you gonna let me go or not!" Kayden shouted. Taking your time to think was all well and good, but in a situation like this, with Kayden's freedom on the line, the boy's patience was already stretched far too thin. At that, and seemingly in response, the Doc's head slumped to the side, and a huge fake snore rumbled in the small freezer. Kayden sighed, a calming hand rising slowly to knit his furiously twitching brow. Kayden knew better than to expect seriousness, in any situation in which the Doc was involved.


Incredulously, Kayden's eyes stretched wide, and his gaze came up to rest upon the smiling doctor. "You're seriously letting me go?" Kayden stammered. The Doc raised a hand, showing three fingers-- clauses --Kayden's raised hopes fell slightly. "Before you leave, however, I'll have you sign a contract that states the following," The Doc said matter-of-factually, as he produced a folded sheet of paper, with his other hand, from one of his lab-coat's many pockets. Slowly, the Doc walked over to the table at Kayden's bedside. As he did so, the Doc unfolded the paper and spoke. "1) You will submit, willingly and earnestly, to our testing and give real effort during the tests that require your participation. In short, try your best. If you do well, I'll have an easier time getting the guards here to leave you alone, so we won't, for example, need to have someone following you around when you go to take a piss. It's really in your best interests to try hard here. The better you do, the more personal freedom I can promise you. 2) You will promise not to harm any more employees, staff, or other residents of the RIST. Should any danger come to these individuals, you will even be held to the standard of protecting these individuals from harm, albeit to the best of your abilities. Obviously, we don't want you dying on us, but we don't want you standing idly by while the place burns to the ground. Mostly, just use your common sense. 3) You are to remain on the grounds of the RIST. Once again, obviously, we can't have you running away on us. Despite your best intentions, you are, Kayden, a dangerous individual. Ten of you would, probably, be enough to single-handedly burn any city on this earth to the ground, overnight. As much as I would like for you to be able to live off-site, that is no longer an option, not with your most recent incident on the record." As he finished speaking, and having made his way over to the small table, placed the paper, and a pen, there, as if it were no big deal.

Kayden sighed, as expected, his hopes were stymied. Escape, without blatantly breaking his promise, was impossible. However, a niggling thought played at the back of his mind. Even with those conditions, Roman was still here, same as him. Meeting her, who was probably the sole reason that Kayden had managed to stay sane, was slowing becoming more and more realistic. Even if kayden couldn't leave, she'd be here too. "That's all well 'n' good, but what's to stop me from smilin' real nice right now and killin' each and every one of ya when yer backs are turned?" Kayden asked snidely, a smirk on his face. The Doc, however, seemed to have already thought of this, and snapped back just as quickly. "The national government has been notified of your existence, and has access to all of our files on you. Any breaking of the stipulations of this contract will, most likely, result in your permanent imprisonment, if not an outright death sentence. If you thought it was hell in here, just you try it. Them government types are even meaner than us." The Doc said, challenging Kayden with an equally confident smirk.

Kayden only scowled, growling under his breath. Nervous, and just the littlest bit nauseous, Kayden began to pace, his eyes burning holes in the floor and his mind furiously running in circles. Obviously, with his record they couldn't just let him go, and yet, here they were; finally willing to let him out of the freezer. Thinking about it was agony. Live a life of false smiles and unjust imprisonment, or kill them all and be put to death. As if to make it even worse for Kayden, the Doc chimed in, "Provided you behave, I can even provide you with just about anything you could ask for. Food, clothes, or even entertainment, to a reasonable extent, of course. We aren't made of money here." Kayden hated that man. He was so infuriating. Just when kayden thought he had them all beat, there he was. That eternally smiling doctor, whose sole purpose, it seemed, was to make Kayden's life hell. Yet, even now, he smiled, as if... as if he actually cared about Kayden. The thought made Kayden stop in his tracks and slowly, his gaze lifted up to rest on the Doc, who was still smiling. Scowling, Kayden walked over to the table, picked up the pen, and deftly signed his life away. kayden stormed off towards the still open exit, but just as he was turning his back to leave, a small jingling noise caught Kayden's attention. Whipping back around to face the doc, Kayden's breath caught in his chest. In his left hand, the doc held a small silver key. Even just looking at it, Kayden could tell.

It was for his muzzle.

True to his word, the Doc had let him go. He even got to take off the muzzle they'd put on him. "Feh... as if I were some kind of beast." Kayden griped softly to himself. "I'll show you beastly..." Kayden trailed off halfway through his statement, stopping dead in his tracks. He'd already forgotten. Sure he was free, but, if anything, Kayden was, arguably, more chained up now than he had ever been before. This was made all the more vexing due to the nature of his bindings. As strong as he was, even Kayden couldn't break chains placed on him by responsibility and obligation. "That's right..." Kayden said to himself, he trailed off as he neared the end of his statement, his mind racing. Kayden absentmindedly padded in the direction that Griffin had sent him. Apparently he'd been given a room of his own, Kayden figured it would be a good idea to wash up before meeting Roman in person, after all, it wasn't everyday you met the girl of your dreams. Kayden chuckled to himself. "That joke sucked..."

As he reached his room, Kayden sighed. It was threadbare. Sure there was an attached bathroom, but the bedroom itself was depressingly empty. Just a bed, a dresser, a nightstand table with a lamp on it, and a single chair. They'd even given Kayden a room with a window. "Bastards..." Kayden growled under his breath. Sure being out of the freezer for a change was nice, but having a window, one without bars on it, which he could easily smash to leave this damn place, was just too much. Sighing, Kayden checked his dresser. Sure enough, extra clothes had been put into the drawers. Everything from underwear, to sweaters, to pressed and folded collared shirts was there. Kayden sighed. This was normal life, eh? Too bad his job sucked. Kayden chuckled again. "Much better."

Slowly, as he was somewhat out of practice, Kayden showered in the bathroom attached to his new room. The hot water, some 90, almost 100, degrees felt good on his skin. It was a welcome change from the constant embrace of the frigid air within his old -10 degree home. Kayden stood stock still for a short moment, dropping the bottle of soap in his hands.

He'd called it his home.

Kayden scowled as he picked up the soap. As much as he hated to admit it, he didn't have any other place to go. For now, this place was his home.

When he'd finished cleaning up, Kayden dried himself off and checked the cabinet in his bathroom. Sure enough, it had been supplied with deodorant, a toothbrush, mild medications for pain, allergies, and cold symptoms, like coughing or runny nose. There was even mouthwash and floss. Kayden brushed his teeth. He was sure, with his previously muzzled situation, that his mouth was in need of some serious hygiene assistance. When he was finally finished with his teeth, Kayden applied his deodorant and got dressed. It was weird wearing regular clothes. For the longest time, Kayden had worn nothing but, what was essentially, a hospital gown provided by the institute. As a dangerous Abnormal, he didn't need clothes. He basically spent most of his days poisoned and anesthetized anyway. Kayden chose faded, light blue jeans, black PF Flyers, ankle socks, and a plain white t-shirt with a black hoodie. Obviously he needed to chat with someone about the kind of clothes he liked to wear. However, that could wait. When Kayden had walked up to his room, he'd caught a whiff of a familiar scent. It was a flowery and warm scent. Kayden recognized it from his dreams. It was Roman's shampoo.

Following his nose, Kayden wound his way through the halls of the RIST. As his nose led the way, Kayden's ears couldn't help but pick up the sound of music. Someone was playing a piano, and rather well at that. Kayden couldn't tell what the song was, he'd never heard music like that before, but he could tell it was something beautiful. Kayden stopped for a moment, his heart twinging painfully. His right hand reached up to his chest, grasping the material of his sweater, as if to calm the wild beating of his heart. "Roman..." Kayden said softly. Kayden tripled his pace, nearly flying down the hallways, until he came upon a closed door with a guard posted outside. Upon seeing Kayden, and somewhat unfortunately, the man did as he was trained. With no small amount of fear, the guard's hand whipped up to his belt, and, holding the device to his mouth, shouted into the walkie-talkie he usually carried on his hip for situation such as these. "I have a code double red! Repeat, double red! Subject #04 has escaped from his containment, repeat, Subject #04 has escaped from containment!" Sighing, Kayden put his hands in the air. "Bet ya one hundred dollars that you stop shoutin' and just leave me be." There was no response from the device. Still, Kayden took a step back and kept his hands raised high. The guard only smirked, beads of sweat forming on his face.

The guard's mind was racing. He was new on the job, started up just a few weeks ago actually, but even he knew enough about Subject #04 to know that he was in some seriously deep shit. Subject #04 was, essentially, a dragon. A fierce predator of a creature that would kill a man as soon as look at him. Usually Subject #04 was placed in a freezer down in the depths of the Institute. Half a mile of concrete and steel kept that beast locked away, yet here he was, plain as day. There was still no response from the walkie. This was strange. The guard seemed to think, cocking his head to the side. Subject #04 was acting... compliant. There had to be something wrong. Was... was Subject #04 afraid of him? Perhaps... perhaps he could apprehend him! The man could get that raise he'd been after! Taking Kayden's unusual lack of resistance as a sign of cooperation, he advanced on Kayden, and reached for the ceramic cuffs on his belt that all the guards had on hand specifically for occasions like these. As the guard closed the distance between them, Kayden took a step back and shot the man a warning glance. "Yer dreamin'." Kayden said simply, snarling at the man. Kayden's hands came down, he stood fully, proudly, and poured all of his hatred out at that guardsman with nothing but his eyes. A smarter man would have balked, knowing he was in the presence of a mighty predator. This foolish man, however, didn't. "Jus' 'cause I can't kill ya, don't mean I gotta play too nice either..." Kayden said coldly. Resolutely not listening to Kayden, the guardsman strode forward confidently and placed his hand on Kayden's shoulder, in a misguided attempt to shove Kayden into the wall, as if to detain him. Within the time span of, roughly, 1.53 seconds, Kayden reversed their positions and was holding the guardsman's wrist behind his back, with the poor man pressed against the wall. Kayden dusted off his shoulder where the man had touched him. "I told ya, didn't I?" Kayden said coldly.

As if he were throwing a ball, Kayden's hand swiped to the left, throwing the full-grown man into a nearby chair. "Sit." kayden commanded. Weakly, the guardsman got up, dusted himself off, and sat down. With that, Kayden smirked, and turned towards the room where he smelled Roman. As Kayden began to walk towards his destination, he heard a rustling, and turned back around. The fool had stood back up, "Wa-Wait..." he said weakly, as if to tell Kayden that he had to do as he was told. Kayden's ire to skyrocketed. He'd only been out for two seconds, and here this man was, trying to put him back in his cage. "Yeh can't possibly be serious? Can ya?" Kayden asked furiously, nearly growling with anger. In that instant, all his anger at that man poured out of him, roiling off his body like waves of heat. The man's face blanched as Kayden approached him. He tried to speak, but all that came out was a jumbling, mumbled, stuttering nonsense. Kayden was just about to smash his face in, when-

"Operative TK421, until further notice Subject #04 will be given free run of the Institute. As long as Subject #04 is not harming any staff or residents, he is to be left unmolested."

"That's that then." Kayden said, stepping back from the guardsman and lowering his fist, which was steaming, just like the rest of him. Kayden's body temperature had risen significantly, due to his anger, and all the leftover moisture on his body from the shower had evaporated. Kayden smirked. That damn doc had actually meant it. To Kayden's chagrin, the walkie continued. "Be warned, Subject #04 has a wicked temper, and is prone to fits of anger." Here Kayden couldn't help but scowl. It was their fault after all, who do they think made him like this? "Do not, under any circumstances, make him angry. He could kill you as easily as you might squash an ant." Kayden actually chuckled. That was just about right on. Still the walkie continued. "In such an instance you won't receive back up, as our first priority will be to evacuate the RIST before the military moves in."

Whatever mirth Kayden had vanished. "He wasn't kidding... Damn..." By this time, the guardsman appeared to be lost for words, and in all other ways incapacitated. His eyes had rolled back into his head, and there was froth at the corners of his mouth. "Tch... Fainted on me." The staticky voice on the other end of the walki-talkie spoke up again, drawing Kayden's attention to it. "Operative TK421, what's your status? Operative TK421? TK421?" Kayden couldn't have them raising the alarm, not when he'd just gotten out. Kayden sighed, his fingers coming up to knit his brow. Suddenly, an idea struck him. Calmly, and with a smirk on his face, Kayden walked over to the unconscious guardsman and reached down, picking up the walkie-talkie. Pressing the button labeled, "speak," Kayden did as it instructed. "Everything's just fine over here. Just a minor weapons malfunction." "Affirmative, don't let it happen again TK421." Kayden smirked again. "Yessir." Turning his attention back to the guardsman, Kayden slipped his hand inside the man's pocket, finding his wallet. He pulled out some money and slipped it into his pocket. Having taken the agreed upon amount, Kayden returned the man's wallet. "We're square." Kayden smirked.

With that, Kayden finally strode into the music room, which, to his surprise, had more people in it than just Roman. He stopped in the doorway. Not saying anything, Kayden's eyes trailed across the room. There was another girl, her hair was blue. Kayden's senses devoured her existence. It had been so long since he'd seen anyone, in the flesh. Her smell, her appearance, Kayden relished each of them. His eyes found hers, locking for a moment. As interesting as she was, she wasn't the one he'd come here to see. As Kayden turned, looking for Roman, he stopped. There was another presence in the room. Kayden could smell it, even hear the way... its clothes rustled. Kayden's eyes swept over the room, trying to locate the source of the smell, when what should he find but a little, metal bracelet. It was floating. "Ahh... yer invisible..." Kayden said, directing his words at the shiny band. "Nifty. Either of you seen..." Kayden trailed off. His eyes found what he'd been searching for. Her hair, her face, her clothes, even her smell, all of it was just how she'd been in his dreams. Kayden's eyes locked with hers for what seemed to be an eternity.

"Hullo Roman." Kayden said simply, a rare real smile on his face.