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Emerald Vincent

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense"

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a character in “The Real Wonderland”, as played by SmilingNutella



Emerald Lea Vincent
Years of Age:

18 years of age

Female, obviously
Believe in Wonderland?:

Of course. Wonderland is a truly real world and I just know it.

Emerald isn't exactly your very outgoing type. She keeps to herself most of the time either reading about Wonderland or other fantasy like stories. Her first time around people Emerald hates to socialize. She's extremely shy around other people. Emerald only had one best friend in her whole lifetime. That being the reason she doesn't like to be involved with other people or activities.

Emerald's parents adored her. It seemed like she had the perfect life. Unfortunately, her life was no where near perfection. She moved from many different middle schools and high schools because of bullying. Emerald met one best friend out of her experience though. Her name was Alyson. They weren't together for a long time though. Emerald eventually had to move away again because of the worst bullying she'd ever been through. Two years later she got a call saying that Alyson had been hit by a car and died. Emerald went into shock and blocked herself out from everyone else. To this day Emerald had been so obsessed with the Lewis Carrol book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.. she began to believe the world was real.
Siblings/Family Members:

Only her mother and father.


Wonderland. That's about it.


So begins...

Emerald Vincent's Story


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Emerald Lea Vincent


"Hello, I'm uh Emerald Vincent." Emerald sat in front of a large unfamiliar class. They all had a cold stare on her. This was her fifth high school so she was used to it. Emerald hated the part when she had to introduce herself. Everyone always looked like they were psycho murderers. She just wanted to stay home and read about Wonderland or some other fantasy. After the teacher ended her little "be nice, she's new here" speech, she guided Emerald to her seat.

Emerald had only been in Smith High School for 10 minutes and she was already bored out of her mind. The second period bell rang which meant she had to move to her science class. Luckily they were reading in the text book and she was seated in the very back of the room. Emerald opened her Alice's Adventures in Wonderland By Lewis Carrol and put it in in her textbook. This was her seventh time reading through the whole entire novel. She was obsessed.

Emerald started reading the novel when she was fifteen. So far she'd seen every movie three times and read the novel seven times. This was her eighth. People always called her crazed or obsessed with the whole Wonderland get-up. But Emerald couldn't care less. Because she knew that she was. And she knew it VERY well.


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#, as written by Mashotu
Mashotu wandered around his small little house he had created in Wonderland. He was bored out of his mind and wished for someone to entertain him or at least put on an amusing performance of death form him.

"Kit!" He called to his fox. "We're going out."

The fox trotted behind him happily.
This wasn't a normal fox. No, Kit was pitch black in every aspect and he also didn't have hind legs, they were more a smokey shape a ghost's end would make.

Mashotu tired up his hair and grabbed his bow.
"What should I go after today?" He asked the fox.

The creature barked a reply.

"Yes. I assume that would be rather fitting. Anything and everything it is then." He said happily as he set off into the foods in search of something to strike down.