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Christine Lee

"You know I'm right."

0 · 140 views · located in Earth

a character in “The Reality Complex”, as played by YooHooYummyTummy



Christine Lee


19 Years of age.


Special Ability:
CL has the ability to press her thoughts onto others, thus, allowing them be almost convinced that what she is telling them, is true. Despite this ability being fairly strong, there is one loophole; she uses this on anyone who is sleeping or in a coma; they must be awake, and alive. The thought will often manifest into the brain of the person she uses it on until he/she falls asleep and/faints- whichever comes first. Also, the power CL possesses is only as strong as the will the person she uses it on; for example, a person whom has a not-so-strong will, then her thoughts that she pushed onto them will last longer than those who has a stronger will.



Eye color:
CL’s eyes are dark, chocolate color, yet, due to the Rift, they have a luminous under glow; almost like that of a lion or such.

Being about 5’7ft tall and weighing in on about 120lbs, CL has a slender physique, yet, at the same time, has a little shape to it; her thighs create the most significant shape of her body, leaving her looking a bit bottom heavy with her round bottom. Because of the sport she used to do, her figure does have muscle, which allows the ‘figure’ she has to be formed. CL has breast-length blonde hair, that is often seen either crimped or just its usual straight form; it has been known that she is a fan of pony tails and leaving her hair just plain down. It's hair that complement her almond brown eyes.
CL is a huge fan of unique grunge-like clothing that has a lot of color to it, while at the same time, she loves pretty pastel colored dresses, though, chooses not to wear them. She also loves high tops shoes heeled boots, but is the most comfortable in some cheap sneakers. CL isn’t much of a fan of makeup (except for eyeliner) because she quotes that, ‘makeup will ruin her cream colored skin’; yet, she loves to play with the stuff.

Skills: (Does your character possess any skills/talents?)
CL is an extremely intelligent thinker under pressure, not to mention she’s an ass kicker in mixed martial arts.

A girl who is completely arrogant and was as if she was put on this earth just to act like she ruled it- that is CL for you; it seems like, through her eyes, that she runs the world- which can be both, an advantage, and a disadvantage. Even before, she was arrogant and compulsive, but ever since she has gained the ‘supernatural’ power, it only increased her arrogance. As well as her arrogance, she always had the aura of someone who belongs in an insane asylum; she is unpredictable and always has crazy thoughts and ideas. CL isn’t one to skip out on praising herself; if she did something or knows that something will benefit her; then she will do it, and brag about it- a lot.
Despite her jaunty attitude, she surprisingly doesn’t lose her temper as much- in fact, if you insult her, CL will do everything in her power to prove you wrong. This is the naïve side of her; even if the insult is opinion based, she will more and likely still try to prove you wrong. The only insult she doesn’t do this is an insult based on her appearance and looks- comment that, and she will more and likely strike you down with her arrogance. Along with that arrogance and ‘laid back’ temper of hers, CL is also a trouble maker- I know, shocker, right? She hates being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it; order her around and you’ll be watching her back behind as she walks away. This is often a problem, especially when it comes to the government trying to get ‘ahold’ of her.
CL often gets away with a lot, due to her ability; even before she had gotten this, she always had a strong convincing spirit. CL was even planning to become a(n) negotiator; she still has this dream, but things change- she has bigger things in that little arrogant mind now (things even herself is not completely sure about). With her being very convincing, she is also known for her amazing lying; yes, we all know that lying isn’t something we should be proud of- or at least, everyone except for CL; lying was another reason why she was so convincing and got away with a load of shit. Not to mention, CL has a lot of charm, yet, it often gets over shadowed by her selfishness- unfortunately.

  • Being #1.
  • Being Right.
  • Red Hot Candies.
  • Dogs (especially the slobbery and messy ones –Mastiff, Boxer, St. Bernard… etc)
  • Playing Games (of all sorts).
  • Herself.

  • Being wrong.
  • Reading.
  • Being told what to do.
  • Leading (she prefers to lead herself, and that is it).
  • Being Controlled.
  • Cats.

  • Dying.
  • Spiders.
  • Blood.
  • Being Alone.

Her blue book bag-
CL’s bag contain the usual stuff; a bottled water, some tissues, a mobile phone, and a small nail-repair kit, pepper spray and books, of course.

CL was originally born in California, but shortly after their house was robbed and her mother hospitalized, they moved to Seattle. She was about five when this happened, and because of her parents becoming paranoid, they put her into MMA training; CL has been in there since, but because of her overprotective parents, she was never able to go professional in the sport- as much as she wanted to. So, like a good child, she went to school and got good grades; it wasn’t before long that she entered high school and became fairly popular- thus, the feeding of her arrogance.
Though, it wasn’t long before they moved once again, yet stayed in the same state when CL got into a local college that would help send her abroad. It was when she was at the airport, saying good bye to her folks when the Rift hit; only her mother went feral. The whereabouts of her father are unknown; but because he was fairly old and suffering from cancer, she doubts he is still alive.

Other Information:
She hopes to find her dad, but because of his age and sickness, hopeless doubt tends to fill up her mind.


So begins...

Christine Lee's Story