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David Kassle

"Even I don't know what's going on."

0 · 181 views · located in Earth

a character in “The Reality Complex”, as played by TheFlag



Name: David Kassle

Aliases: Dave, Kassle

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Special Ability: Molecular Control over Self - David can manipulate the molecules inside himself allowing him to change almost anything about him. This ability allows David to preform a variety of feats, for example he could increase the density in his skin making it harder to penetrate or he could also make his muscular system more efficient making him more stronger and agile, the possibilities are fairly endless here, David could also make the molecules inside him stitch together quicker fastening the healing process tenfold. David can also lastly change the shape of his body allowing him to shape-shift into almost anything, he finds it easier to change human shapes but if necessary he can change into animal forms. Although his power seems impressive it takes an almost impossible amount of effort to start this process, but when he does it's over in a matter of seconds leaving him exhausted. Also he can only have one enhancement on his regular body at a time, for example he can't have extremely dense skin, and a amazing muscular system he can only have on at a time.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 143lbs

Eye color: David's eye color is a neon blue, which glows steadily and has an icy gaze.

Appearance: David has a fairly slender and lean appearance, which looks relatively skinny but he still manages to possess a healthy weight. David's body is also pretty muscular and he possesses quite the strength, however he still manages to appear more slender and lean rather than muscular, he is still robust and has a body that can take a beating. David has a defined face, his cheeks are puffy they also lack any pigmentation they fall flat against the surface of his jaw. His mouth is slightly too small for his face and curls towards his cheeks giving him a constant frown, behind his mouth is blindly white teeth which appear small, but look pointed. Another defining feature about David is his eyes, they glow a icy blue, and are probably the most distinctive part about him, they could be seen in pure darkness. David's hair falls flat against his head, and easily falls flat in a typical messy style, the strands are long and thing and clump together giving it a certain gleam.

Skills: David is good at creative puzzle solving and is fairly intelligent, able to approach things from different logical perspectives. David is also fairly athletic and is quite fast, he possesses mediocre skills in mechanics.

Personality: David is a fairly laid back individual who doesn't really let anything phase him unless it includes him directly, he keeps his head down and avoids conflict as if it was a barrage of bullets. David is collected and rational and tries to justify everything he sees, even if there's no rational explanation to the problem. David is practical and dry, he tries to see logic and reason and forces himself to plan ahead and tries not to overestimate himself, when faced with others he's a introverted individual, he would likely say nothing unless he was either curious or he had too. It's not that he doesn't enjoy socializing it's just he doesn't know what to say, he's social inept in basic terms but he tries though, but he often stumbles over his words and looks awkward. However if he eventually gets comfortable with someone, he'll be more chatty and will purposely try to start up conversations. David is quite judgmental also, he takes first impressions very seriously, and after he has gotten a general opinion on you it'll be hard to change it, he doesn't bother wasting his time with people he knows he won't get along with. David has a dry sense of humor only laughing at fairly literal things, he also is quite sarcastic in regular conversation almost never taking anything seriously other than his own situations, he prides himself in this and is sometimes quite irritating. David is quite cunning and is always on his wits no matter what the situation, he'll always be on the look out for the odd thing or two, he also prides himself in knowing a lot and he most definitely likes showing off.

-Big spaces

-Closed spaces
-Dark chocolate

-Being completely alone
-Being trapped

-Satchel bag, contains items.
-Mobile Phone
-Some food and water.

History: David was born and raised in Seattle by his parents whom were fairly average people: his father a architect while his mother and artist they tried to instill into David the creative aspects of life, which David failed to grasp. As David slowly grew up in Seattle he had it pretty good and lived a stable life with his family. David progressed through school well, but only achieving the bare minimum of grades, although David was quite intelligent he just couldn't be bothered and was a little apathetic towards this, still he managed to get the grades he wanted. After David finished school he lazed around a year before finally chalking up the nerve to try and go to college, although it didn't turn out quite as planned due to the rift's emission. Both of his parents went feral in the blast while he however was turned into a variable.

So begins...

David Kassle's Story