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Six humans on a camping trip stumble, more like get pulled, into the dark realm of Eyphah. What will they do when they're faced with creatures only imaginable in story books? Who is there to trust when you can't even trust yourself anymore?(OPEN!)

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Character Portrait: Ceylino "The wind is unpredictable, sometimes a light, playful breeze and other times a turbulent monster. Isn't it a perfect metaphor for sentient life?"
Character Portrait: Keta Glype "You want to know what I think is bad? Ok, but first what is your definition of bad?"
Character Portrait: Fear True fear paralyzes the body and leaves one helpless
Character Portrait: Jourdain Templar Mandek "I live to serve and protect" WIP
Character Portrait: Ares Kanaye Jasper "you son of a dare you step on my toes!?" WIP
Character Portrait: The Slender One It is only a myth... or is It?
Character Portrait: Neurian of the Whispering Willow The breeze is calm, and so am I.
Character Portrait: Nila. "I have a soul to take, and will take it gladly."
Character Portrait: Arwyn Oakstream "Water is the element of Life."
Character Portrait: Aislin Marian Ash "Now let the day, just slip away. So the dark night, may watch over you."