Neurian of the Whispering Willow

The breeze is calm, and so am I.

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Full-Name- Neurian Masilis Willowsythe
Nickname- Nero, Willow.
Gender- Male
Species- Elven
Role- Elf 2
Age- He appears as if he is 18, and is also quite young for most elves at the age of only 94.

Power- He is able to control the speed of wind around him, which is quite useful for slowing down attackers or creating beautiful effects while playing his harp. (Either in a sphere around him, or in all directions away from him)
Orientation- Straight
Personality- Neurian is an odd little fellow, but not in a weird way. He is probably one of the most gentle elf that many other species ever come across, content with just playing his harp to the birds or to curious children. As such with the elven species, he is kind hearted, caring and understanding. He can be a little too light hearted at times to many people, as he rarely feels the need to feel generally depressed. He is always content, able to pick out the positives in every situation and revel in them. This does not go to say that he is rambunctious and a people person though, as he is quite introverted. Always soft spoken, he rarely reaches out for people to talk to him, and is sometimes not even heard when he speaks. This causes him to feel pangs of lonlieness from time to time, but he does not mind it.

However, when pushed, he will become the warrior he was supposed to be, and will fight if absolutely necessary. He has very low self confidence, and rarely gives himself a compliment (even if he does think positive) and would rather not attract attention. This is replaced by sheer determination when he must fight though, and even amongst elves he is very reluctant to fight.

To him, the humans are new, fresh and interesting creatures. He normally isn't curious about much, as he believes he will know if he needs to, but with these humans he is. He is intriguied by their rounded ears, attitudes towards life, etc. He would very much like to meet one if he wasn't so shy.

`Listening to Singing
`Willow trees
`Putting a smile on another face
`Dusk and Dawn
`Most of his Family
`His Father
`Loud noises
`Lycans - He believes them to be brutes
Appearance- (This is the most realistic I could find of a male elf, and one that I liked...)
He is quite short, standing about 6'2. His blonde, almost white hair is slightly shorter than his shoulders, which is odd for most elves. His green eyes are soft and inviting, as if to welcome each person he meets with a friendly smile. He does not have that amulet on his forehead as depicted in the picture. Neurian is a slim build, standard of many elves, and his body is simply graceful. He normally is found in a flowing robe of some sort, normally choosing light colours. On days of training, or if he isn't feeling the flowing clothing, he wears a simple tunic - which is normally quite tight - and combat pants (not camo...)
Neurian was born under a Willow tree, hence the name he goes by. He grew up with a loving father and mother, along with a brother who was more than 20 years older than him. When he was about older, his father taught him how to fight using the most graceful weapon known to elves - a bow. At first, he was completely against learning something that could injure another living being, and refused. He learned how to play the harp from his mother, who was a gifted musician and singer, and he would often accompany her when she sang. He loved it, couldn't think of any other lifestyle he could dream of. His father still lurked in the background, saying that learning a bow could save his life if he ever came across a Werewolf, but he refused to listen to him, thinking that his brother could protect him, who was quite skilled at a sword and a warrior/protector of the household, taking after Neurian's father. That all changed in one night.

While out one night, Nero and his brother Calian were enjoying the beauty of nature in the dark when the trees started moving. Neurian was confused, but Calian was getting scared. He grabbed his younger brother and began a fast pace back toward their home, which was quite a distance away. Neurian finally pulled himself away and questioned his brother in his suddenly agitated attitude. Calian then stared up and told him two words, which would haunt Nero until this very day: "Blood Moon." A werewolf jumped them not a second later, and engaged Calian in a brutal battle to the death, in which Neurian could only stare at his brother in horror. Calian's bow was laying beside his feet, and he quickly grabbed it to hopefully help out his brother, but without any experience with a bow, he could barely shoot. His father's words suddenly started screaming at his brain, reminding him that he could help his brother right now. Neurian fumbled for another arrow as Calian screamed at him to run, until the werewolf sunk his teeth into Calian's shoulder, and then tore his brother's head right from his body.

Neurian crumbled into a small ball, and started crying as the werewolf approached him. At the last second, his ability to control the wind speeds was activated, and blew the werewolf away from him. To where, he dare not find out. Nero ran for his life away from that place, returning back home and recalling the story to his family. His mother wept for the loss of their son, while his father stared at him with cold eyes, and bluntly stated "So the ability to use a bow is useless, then?" Wracked with shame, guilt and sorrow, he finally accepted and was taught to use a staff instead of a bow since he never wanted to touch one of those things ever again.

Other- His staff is as long as his body, if not longer, and made completely of Willow wood, laced with obsidian like rock to strengthen it. It is the handle to his collapsible harp (ah yeah!)
Oh yeah... and


So begins...

Neurian of the Whispering Willow's Story

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Neurian was laying on the roof of his house, staring into the blank sky. It were times like this that he would rather like to forget everything that had happened to him and just live, play his harp and die happily. However, for the past ten summers, there was a massive push from his parents to prepare him to take over the family house. The Willowsythes were a very respected Elfin house, and he was the last remaining heir after... after...

Nero shook his head, not wanting to remember. Summers passed very different for an elf, such as it did for most creatures, since they were immortal. Years were nothing really, decades were elapses of time that were slightly bothersome, and centuries were lengthy and respected. Those who were centuries old were respected, those only decades were thought to be children. Which was exactly where Neurian sat, at the meager age of 94. Twenty summers ago felt like yesterday (like two months in human reference) and it was still fresh in his mind. To counteract those thoughts, he would play his harp frequently, bringing a smile to his sorrowful mother and allowing her to sing once more. When he stopped, so did the light atmosphere, so he made it his job to play more than he probably should.

Nero sat up, recalling his last thought as the breeze caressed his hair. It was much shorter than any other male elf, which made him stick out. He actually cut it himself after Calian... passed on, his own little vow to his elder brother. Once more, Nero was getting off topic again. His father was teaching him the ways of the Willowsythes, how to act and who else he needed to watch for. He memorized his relatives, combat moves for his staff, and more boring things to make him feel insecure about his future. He would occasionally leave mid-lessons and run off to be alone, soaking up the beauty of everything around him. Normally, however, he was found by another elf and they would chat. Many looked down on Willow due to his age, or due to his past, but he treated them all the same.

However, in recent events, he wasn't even allowed to go to lessens anymore due to this shifty business with a scouting party. For once, Neurian was actually intrigued by the politics that were going on not that far from his house. The meeting place of the Elfin Elders was but a stone's throw away, and on most nights he could hear the tedious ranting. Yet, in light of these events, which had confined him to his room - they said the Blood Moon was coming, and everybody who hadn't reached their 100th summer were to be protected vigorously. He began to actually miss the occurrences with other elven folk, such as the mischievous Ai or the sweet Arwyn. The only thing he could do was play - no complaints there - and cautiously experiment with his wind bending. He found it interesting, to say the least, as he could make some very beautiful effects with it.

Willow, as Neurian is sometimes called, sat up when he heard talk of something called the Slender One. He normally wasn't that curious in nature, but this meeting was piqueing his interests. Stories of expeditions for unknown objects, interesting sounding people, and even a new species? Other than the Blood Moon - which still made him scared and nervous - and the mention of vampires, this meeting was quite enjoyable to an onlooker. That was until Arwyn suggested another search party, and even suggested that she go herself. That 'took the cake' as some would call it, as that usually was unheard of, having an elf nominated herself to a search party. Neurian very much wanted to go on this adventure, but there were 4 problems with it that couldn't be overlooked:

1. He wasn't even at his 100th summer yet, so he had little to no say in meetings, and his father would be furious if he tried.
2. He was quite useless when it came to such things, as even though he wanted to he had no field experience
3. His fighting was quite pathetic - in his eyes - compared to the others that would be nominated
4. He was too shy to take a stand and suggest himself.

Neurian contemplated what to do, as he waited for the meeting to end.

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Her father had begrudgingly accepted her decision and Arwyn knew that it wasn’t her father that was in need of convincing. Her mother was another story. Arwyn’s ears rang from her mother’s constant sobbing. Unlike her father, her mother had come out with a blatant ‘no’ and Arwyn expected no different. She would have never been able to go if not for the compromise she had made with Elder Gravefoot and the rest of the council. But that was a different matter all together.

“Spirits of Eyphah…I do not know what I have done that has displeased you…” Her mother prayer seeped past the walls to her room. Arwyn winced and bit her tongue. It was no use comforting her mother. She seemed to have submerged into a completely alternate world. Arwyn knew the extent of an Elfin’s sorrow. Because of the sensitive nature Elfins had, no other creature took tragedy worse than theirs. She knew only time could heal her mother now. And Arwyn’s ensured safety.

The compromise consisted of three parts. Firstly, a warrior Elfin at all times would accompany Arwyn. Six other warriors had been nominated onto the scout team, however Arwyn only recognized one name: Keagerian Swallowfield. But then, everyone knew The Swallow. He was legendary for not only his battle tactics but for his line of blood. His great grandfather, Majory the Rider, had led the fifth Mill-Hollow battle against the Lycans—and claimed a quick, decisive victory. Arwyn had read all about the Mill-Hollow battles in the Chronicles. Majory the Rider had been one of her all-time heroes; she couldn’t believe she would be in the presence of his great grandson. Keagerian had to be past his 700th summer now and despite her insecurities about the expedition, Arwyn could not wait to meet him.

The second condition had been to simply observe the new creatures, never to interact with them. Her sole job was the find out what these new species wanted and what threat they would be to the Elves without them finding out they were being followed. She had 3 weeks for this expedition—no more and no less. The Blood Moon began on the fourth week. Arwyn remembered shivering at this piece of information.

The last condition was so forcefully emphasized, Arwyn was almost taken aback. She didn’t understand why this condition had been presented in the first place, yet there it stood, chaining her curiosity. The third condition had been to never, on no grounds ever seek out The Slender One.

After she had spoken her oath of Truth, she had respectfully inquired conditions of her own.

“I would like to appoint two others companions. They would not be for my protection but for comfort. I would not feel comfortable…or complete without my friends.”

“This is not a game Arwyn Oakstream. This is a serious operation that demands the choicest caution.”

“I understand your thoughts Elder Bearflood. But my other two friends have just as much right to be on this expedition as I do.”
“And who are these mysterious friends of yours?”

“Aislin,” Arwyn started.

“Marian Ash is passed her 300th summer. She is powerful and skilled in her art. Yes I will allow her leave.” Elder Gravefoot left no room for discussion.

“And Neurian,” Arwyn finished slowly, calling them by their proper names.

“Of the Whispering Willow?” A member of the Council hissed, “He’s not yet passed his 100th summer!”

“It would be…unwise to send such an inexperienced Elfin to this mission.” Another reinforced.

“I agree.”


“But don’t you see?” Arwyn interrupted, “Little Wil—Neurian is in the same position as I am. He lost his brother a short while ago…yet he has been helpless to do anything about it. I am fortunate that I am at least able to help out our elfin brothers and sisters, but Neurian is unable to do so. I know Will. He’s mature and far beyond his years. I know he can do this.”

“I see where you’re coming from, sweet Oakstream. But do you believe it would be sage to bring a child along with your team? Would it not be burdensome not only to your teammates but also to Neurian himself? He has not yet mastered his craft, this all may be unhealthy exposure to such an innocent child.”

“The day Gywn died was the day I lost any illusion that things were going to get better. Will differs from the rest of the little’uns. That innocence has left him a while ago. Why not give Will the choice of coming with us?”

Elder Gravefoot sighed as he smiled in defeat. Arwyn Oakstream would not be moved.

“Gravefoot, you aren’t seriously considering her terms!”

“In truth, I am. Arwyn has a point. And young Neurian is not far from his 100th summer. Soon he will be able to attend the meetings. It is true that he has changed since his brother’s death. I do not believe bringing him along would harm the expedition.”

The argument had continued for sometime, but Arwyn came out of the meeting with a smile on her face.

Arwyn fidgeted on her bed. The Lights would fall soon. Tomorrow she would begin packing her things. They would be leaving in three days time. She couldn’t wait to tell Will and Ai the news.

Arwyn stood up and moved towards her window, sweeping her curtains aside. A soft wind caressed her face and her hair billowed outwards. It was a warm evening and the stars were just beginning to show. Arwyn looked across the village and for a second laid eyes in a figure in the distance.

A Lycan? A Vampire? Arwyn’s mind automatically thought in panic.

Then the figure loomed away, sinking away against the backdrop of the skyline.

Spirits of Eyphah, I beg your guidance and wisdom for this mission. Smile upon us.

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Neurian was falling asleep when something seemed to graze him. It wasn't harsh, but smooth, as if the wind was caressing him. In fact, Nero was sure of it: something had moved through the wind, and he felt it. What was weird was the way it felt, as if somebody was telling him something peaceful and quiet. It took him a few seconds to finally decipher what it felt like: Sleep. The feeling of good nights rest, perhaps? Nero shook his head, now completely clueless as to what was going on. He began to scan the forest, searching for whatever could have created such a soothing breeze, such a beautiful feeling. His eyes were having a hard time adjusting to the lack of light, and he almost passed over the creature that looked the most suspicious, and his eyes locked onto it after scanning over him once already.

A slender, tall, very interesting looking man, as it seemed. He wasn't like any creature he had ever seen, for it moved with too much grace to be a vampire, and was nowhere close to the size of a shapeshifter - that included werewolves. Neurian was mesmerized by its movements, how something so fragile looking could move with such grace and guidance, he hadn't a clue. His mind was set on one thing though, and that was that he was going to meet that fellow one day and talk to it, learning about what it was or why it looked the way it did. Nero was odd that way, for he normally disliked the idea of curiousity he always wanted to know about new people, no matter where they came from. A new elf moves in next door? Nero was building up the courage to talk to him, and so on.

When he finally snapped back to reality (aka when the slender being disappeared) Willow sighed in unhappiness and turned his ears back to the Meeting conversation, and all he could make out was something about inexperienced fighting and such. Neurian was slightly confused about this, as he wouldn't know of the person they were talking about, so he slowly started to tune them out once again, until he heard one line: Arwyn has a point. And young Neurian is not far from his 100th summer. Soon he will be able to attend the meetings. It is true that he has changed since his brother’s death. I do not believe bringing him along would harm the expedition.

Nero nearly blew his cover by falling off the roof in the most ungraceful way after hearing this. He slowly started sputtering to himself, wondering what kind of expedition they would want to take a kid such as him on. Then he slowly fit the pieces together, and he was nearly torn a part with indecision. He had heard about these expeditions for this new species, but he wasn't sure if he would be suitable to go. He had just wanted to stealthily follow the group, see the creatures and then return unharmed. So why would Arwyn suggest him to go on a dangerous expedition?! She knew of his inability to fight, not to mention his complete hesitation when it came to even grabbing his staff. And yet she thought because his brother Cailan died that he would be fine?!

Neurian noticed his father coming out of the meeting and quickly scurried back insde to his room. Didn't want his parents to notice him on the roof and give him a scolding. He entered back through the window and threw himself onto the bed, sleep avoiding him. He kept thinking of reoccuring events of things that he had gone on, and (lets face it) he messed up every time. Everybody always said that his optimism was his strongest point, and yet he had no self confidence in his own abilities. He returned the stare from the ceiling, and only fell asleep when he remembered the caress of the wind and the strange figuring whispering to him: Good Night, Little One