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The Realm of Witchery



a part of The Realm of Witchery, by SnowiCloud.


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Kahantera is a part of The Realm of Witchery.

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Chimera [0] A botanist witch obsessed with terrariums and aquariums.

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A small, coated figure quietly sneaked along in the shadows of the trees, it's wings occasionally buzzing softly. A cat-like creature with a massive bulb on it's back continued to turn over rocks in search of bugs to eat, not noticing the creature nearby. Once the feline finally detected a small meal, it lunged, some petals flying off of it's flower mane.

And that's when she attacked.

The cat let out a wail of surprise when the figure leaped at it, and immediately ran, choosing not to fight due to not having time to get a good look at it's attacker. Chimera giggled as she happily picked up the petals, and of course helped her luckily not eaten brethren to another safe place. Afterwards, she held up the petals in pure glee. "Hey, Wolfern, look what I got!" she called to her werewolf friend, clearly proud of herself.