Estella Lancer

She has a heart of stone

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a character in “The Reapers Code ~ Chapter I”, as played by Crystal Blood


Name: Estella Lancer
Age: 19
Gender: F
Special Power: Limited invisibility from other reapers, Mild mind control on humans
Appearance: Image
Bedroom- Image


Personality: Calm, cool, controlled, collected. Not easily annoyed but not easily angered.


Weapon(s): Meta-Blade (in above pic), poison needles.


History: Estella was born into a rich family of international diplomats and spent mos of her childhood traveling. She took after her mother a was very much a flirt and manipulator. Throughout her teenage years she had her heart broken time and time again. She fell in love with every man she met, soon after she would either be forced to move again or she would panic and break up with the man since she wasn't sure how to have a real relationship. As time passed she grew cynical, started to blame her mother for teaching her to be so dependent on men. Around 18 Estella grew to hate men, considered joining a monastery so she could be nun, but she didn't have the conviction. Instead she started picking fights when ever she could. She would dress in proactive clothing and would lead men on and then scorn them, many times this lead to physical confrontation. Estella was charged multiple time with assault with a deadly weapon, but would always walk as she claimed that the men were attempting to rape her and it was self defense. Estella left a trail of destruction where ever she would go. This continued till her 19th birthday, when she fell in love. For real. Estella wanted to stay with this man forever, he gave her the one thing she never had, respect. Estella gave up fighting, gave of flirting, they were going to run away together. Her dream ended however when he was murdered by a vengeful reject of hers. Estella got into a bloody fight with man, and in desperate murder/suicide, she dragged herself and the man out the window of the 15 floor hotel room she was staying at.

So begins...

Estella Lancer's Story