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Harrison Locke

"I May Be A Bad Boy But There Is A Love In My Heart That I Cannot Get Over."

0 · 816 views · located in Lima, Ohio

a character in “The Rebuilding of the Glee Club”, as played by Dumisa



I am a very outspoken person, and if something makes me uncomfortable, you will know that it makes me uncomfortable, but that's as far as it goes.
-Lea Michele



Harrison Dillion Locke.

Besides being called asshole, idiot, jerk or anything else underneath those categories, Harrison is not really the one for nicknames though if you must, He sometimes like to be called Harry but truly hates it because it's his father name, or so he was told. He also like to be called B.A, which means Bad Ass, well, because he basically is. And only if he knows you well enough, he'll allow you to call him Dillion.

17 | Junior.


Harrison doesn't really like to classify himself as straight or gay because he has dated both male and female once before. So, he is basically Bisexual though you have to be tough with a little bit of tender side like him.

Date/Place of Birth:
August 23rd, 1998 is his birth date.

He was born in Sacramento, California.

Harrison is one hundred percent American. Despite what other people think.




Childhood/Family Life:
Growing up, Harrison only had his mother to rely on after his father basically left before his birth. His mother maintained though and preserved through the struggles and hardships they had to face. But all things change for the better. Harrison's mother got a promotion and a raise at the restaurant she was working at and she was making so much more than before. Now, his mother is the Supervisor of three stores, which works out well. Harrison cannot remember a lot of what happened between his mother and his father, though he intends to find out so that he will not be left in the dark all of his life. As Harrison showed vocal talent, which came natural to him, his mother immediately signed him to take vocal classes and even joined the school's choir at that time.

Starting at high school, Harrison was a little scared at first but eventually settled his way in with the in crowd and developed a new persona, which most people loved while others hated but he didn't care otherwise. Harrison is really loving the new him and he has his own money now, car and sense of style. He couldn't be more than happy with himself.

High School Career:
Harrison has indeed changed since Freshmen year. He use to be timid and afraid but he took a note from the bullies and bad asses of the school and soon followed into their abyssal ways of tormenting almost everyone that crossed his path. He tried dating but decided that he is just going to play it cool until the right person comes along. Though, he tells his buddies that he gets laid with girls almost every night. Harrison tried off for the Track and Field team though didn't make it since he nearly slaughtered someone that did better than him. Sports isn't really Harrison's thing.



Good personality traits:
{Loyal, Mature(sometimes), Serious, Responsible}

Bad personality traits:
{Sarcastic, Rebellious, Thoughtless, Impolite}

If one befriends Harrison, know that he is going to be there for you till the very end of time. No matter what happens, he'll always have your back and expects the person to do the same for him, male or female. If he is speaking in a serious tone then doesn't really want to hear a chuckle or see anyone smile. It'll piss him off to no end. Harrison is serious almost all of the time though he kind of hates that about himself but oh well, everyone has flaws. His good personality traits doesn't really come out to roost unlike his bad traits, which are shown almost all of the time.

Harrison tends to let his mouth do the talking before his brain even conjure up what he needs to say. Most people thinks that he is a thoughtless son of a... you get it but truthfully, Harrison completely agrees with those prospects. Harrison really doesn't have a don't care attitude when it comes to somethings. He is a very rebellious type of person and sometimes wishes that he could start a rebellion club at school but it was turned down due to the nature described about the club.

Overall, Harrison is a cool person to hang around, if you're not a nerd or anything else that falls underneath that category. He doesn't befriend people too quickly, he'll most likely give them the cold shoulder and insult them first then see how well they can take him before coming someone's best friend. He's been that way since developing his new persona and has not changed that nature about him yet.

Greatest joys in life:
His Mother | Being The Only Child | Being Wealthy | Having Talent

Greatest fears:
Dying Without A Purpose | Dying, At All | People finding out about the real him

Harrison will sometimes interrupt someone else's story to interject his own facts | Makes up random lies about unimportant things | Walks in the middle of the hallway so that people can move around him | Speaks from the corner of his mouth when he is lying | Writes left handed

Life philosophy:
"Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up." The author of this quote is unknown but Harrison gives himself the credit for the quote, which no one knows.


โค Singing
โค Warm Weather
โค Men & Women
โค Being Dominate
โค Cuddling
โค Riding His Motorcycle
โค Sarcastic Remarks
โค Intellect
โœ˜ Know-It-All's
โœ˜ Non Meaningful Conversations
โœ˜ People Who Smile All The Time
โœ˜ Being Cornered
โœ˜ Not Feeling Like Top Dog
โœ˜ Thunderstorms
โœ˜ Geeks
โœ˜ People Who Cannot Take A Joke



Why did they join the glee club?:
"To be perfectly honest, I just joined the Glee Club to go to other states and what not to meet other girls. Oh, plus, I do have a somewhat hidden passion for the art of singing."


5'10 | 165 lbs | Athletic Build

Hair Colour:
Dirty Blond.

Eye Colour:

Distinguishing Marks:
Harrison doesn't have any piercings or tattoos - Though, he does a few scars and bruises but keeps them covered up with his clothing.

Harrison doesn't like to dress up for real though he does wear buttoned up collar shirts with jeans and a leather jacket. He isn't a trendy type of person though he makes sure that he looks good in almost anything that he wears.

So begins...

Harrison Locke's Story