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The Reckoning of Daimon

The Reckoning of Daimon


With invasion only a matter of days away, Yurik and his team set out to save the lives of the race his own father would destroy.

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When 'the Father' of the Family decides that the indigenous 'human' species of the planet Earth are a threat to the Family, preparations are made to erase their presence on the planet. The Mother does not agree with his judgement, and sends Yurik, a leading sociologist, and a team of his choice to investigate the species, and make an assessment on their world and lifestyle. Of course things are never going to be simple, and as the deadline apporaches, will Yurik be able to convince the family that the humans are a competent species?


(The Family)
Yurik - Played by "Whiskey Go Dark" - one of 40 million children
Areskah, The Mother - Played by "Whiskey Go Dark"
Daimon, The Father - Played by "Whiskey Go Dark"
Lieutenant Haji (The father's military advisor) - Played by "Whiskey Go Dark"
(Team Member) - Open
(Team Member) - Open
(Team Member) - Open
(Team Member) - Open
(Team Member) - Open

Alex Lamonte (Yurik will disguise himself as Alex after the real Alex is subdued) - Played by "Whiskey Go Dark
Unlimited slots as yet.

(Template Roles I kinda want for story ideas.)

(Team Members)
The Partner - Preferably male. Yurik's best friend. They try to keep each other on track with the mission at hand.
The Joker - Any gender. This character is easily distracted by people, which could have a serious effect on the mission.
The Skeptic - Any gender. This character has serious doubts about the nature of the mission. Could be seen as very analytical and looking for the slightest flaws.
The Flirt - Any gender. This character will begin to develop emotional attachment to one of the humans, which may or may not be returned.
You may combine certain aspects of these roles (ie, be the Skeptic and still begin to get emotionally involved like the Flirt, be the Partner, yet still be Skeptical, etc.)

The Detective - This character will slowly begin to work out that the aliens are only disguised as humans, eventually resulting in a confrontation.
Sinner - This character is a model of the negative sides of the human race, be it through their mannerisms, or their thoughts.
Saint - This character is a model of the positive aspects of the human race, doing whatever they can to help.
The Lost - This character is confused with what his/her life means, and what purpose there is to the existence of anything.
The Insecure - This character is very self-conscious, and does what is necessary to boost his/her ego, even if it is only for their own benefit.
The Logical - This character does not consider what is morally right or wrong - only what is best for the good of all concerned.

These are just templates - you can expand them as you wish, or not even conform to them at all - we won't start until I feel enough of them are filled.

Profile Skeleton
I would like the following to be included as minimum:

Name: (Alien names consist of a first name, followed by 'son/daughter of' their father.)
Age: (ages pretty much coincide with human's expected lifespans around the same sun)
Appearance: (for aliens, the skin is human with a pale blue tint, and only 3 fingers on each hand plus a thumb. If you are an alien character, please add additional info for your human disguise.)
Role: (from the above list, if any are available)
Personality/Biography: (A bit about your character, their likes, dislikes, etc.)
History: (Perhaps only important for human characters. You can make something up if you like.)


Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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The voice of the Mother, was rarely heard, Yurik thought to himself, on his way to the briefing chambers. Whatever it is that she will ask of me must be of utmost importance to her, even more so as Father prepares his fleet.
As he made haste down the long twisting corridors of the ship, illuminated by blue lights, he places a three-fingered hand on some sort of pad outside a door on the left. He takes a breath to steady himself, then enters.

This room is brightly lit, with spotlights focusing on a round center table. A hooded figure sits on the far side, the overhead lights failing to show her face. It raises a hand to Yurik, gesturing him to approach.
"Come, Yurik." a soft, female voice whispers, almost disembodied - for a moment, Yurik thought the voice had come from the ceiling.
Slowly, but with little fear, he walks towards the table, and sits opposite the figure.
"Do you know why I've summoned you, Yurik?" the voice asks, in a soft, sweet voice.
"In all honesty, Mother, I have no idea. Is this about Father's plans to destroy the planet called 'Earth'?"
"Yes," the Mother smiles, her mouth becoming visible beneath the hood - soft lips on a pale, blue-tinted skin. "Your father finds the indigenous race to be of no interest to us, Yurik. These.... humans.... they are a race of war and violence, and lust, according to his 'soldiers'."
"That's not the truth, Mother. These creatures have advanced culture, and above average communication systems. They even have council structures, similar to our own. And that's-"
"-exactly why you are here, Yurik." The Mother interrupts. "You are the foremost expert on their lifestyle and believe there is some hope in this race - that is why I have chosen you."
"Chosen me, for what?" he asks, somewhat bewildered.
"You can help me to prove that there is some hope for the humans."
"Why can't you convince Father to sto-"
"Your father," the mother begins, her voice more firm, "listens or answers to no-one, not even myself in a time of war. The time for reasoning on the words of trust is gone, my son. We must have proof, and the support of the family. Only then will he give up this notion that they are a threat to us."
"....So, what would you have me do, Mother?"
"My child, I want you to go down to the surface of this planet, and document these creatures, then bring back evidence that shows this species for what it is. I will give you any assistance you need, and will try to buy you as much time as I can, but you must do this quickly, before it is too late."
Yurik thinks for a moment, his gaze fixed on the table.
"Very well. I will do what I can and must."
"Thank you, Yurik." she says softly, rising from her chair. "If it will help you, you may assemble a team to go with you." Leaning down, she kisses him on the forehead. "Let me know when you are ready to leave."
"Thank you, Mother." he says quietly, as she leaves the room by the same door. The Mother's kiss was a blessing, given to those who have done their duty for the good of the family. He feels a warmth inside, telling him that he can do this, and with a sense of importance, he returns to his quarters, and begins to plan his trip....

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The Family

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Character Portrait: Yurik
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Character Portrait: Daimon


Character Portrait: Daimon

Son of Marss (The Father)

Character Portrait: Areskah

Wife of Daimon (The Mother)

Character Portrait: Yurik

Son of Daimon


Character Portrait: Daimon

Son of Marss (The Father)

Character Portrait: Areskah

Wife of Daimon (The Mother)

Character Portrait: Yurik

Son of Daimon

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Character Portrait: Yurik

Son of Daimon

Character Portrait: Areskah

Wife of Daimon (The Mother)

Character Portrait: Daimon

Son of Marss (The Father)

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