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Atifae Lektai

A curious doctor always hoping to improve

0 · 195 views · located in Reclaimers Universe

a character in “The Reclaimers”, as played by alitura


Name: Atifae Lektai(A- tee-fey Lek-tai)

Age: 32

Sex: female

Physical Description: Atifae is not a woman who pays much attention to her appearance. She can often be caught wearing the same thing many days in a row. Her black hair is usually tied in a messy bun, so it doesn’t get in the way. Her brown eyes look tired but still show glimmers of happiness, specially when she has an unusual patient. With a slouched posture Atifea appears shorter than she actually is, 6 feet standing straight.

History/Biography: Atifea was born in Solaria. She had a carefree childhood up until the death of her father when she was six. He died of a common disease due to lack of medical help available in the area at the time. This was the beginning of her interest in medicine.
At the beginning the woman only studied to prevent the same thing happening to others. It was hard for her to find resources but with determination she found out many things. Over time she grew so interested in the subject she did it for fun rather than anything else. She found it very interesting and got extreme satisfaction from solving medical struggles of her patients and curing difficult illnesses with the little equipment she had. After working and improving dramatically for five years, Atifea opened her own clinic in the poorer outskirts at the age of 28. It took time for people to come and trust her but after four years she had a good number of patients who liked her. While some people still disliked or feared her and others were wary to ask her for assistance before other people, she did her best to disperse the negativity and work as hard as possible.

Abilities/Skills: The woman is very a very skilled doctor, knowing a lot about a lot of medical topics, from infectious diseases to first aid. From her job she also learned how to freely talk to people to find information about many topics and convince them she is not as bad as some may say.

Equipment: Her trusted first aid kit is always by Atifea’s side . She also carries a couple of short time effect sleep syringes for self defence.

So begins...

Atifae Lektai's Story

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#, as written by alitura
96th Day

Atifea sat in darkness, clearly deep in thought. The room, which she considered her office, was clustered and dusty. Piles of random files littered every corner and flasks with unknown liquids covered her desk. She knew sooner or later the mess would get in the way and cleaning up would be in order but the doctor just didn’t have time for such boring tasks. Then again everything seemed sort of boring to her lately.

The only thing keeping her going was work and lately even that felt uneventful at times. Overcoming both medical and social struggles was still very fun and the satisfaction from curing even petty headaches was great, but it was lacking in a way. After working with different patients for years, four on her own, not many things were able to shock her. Sure, once in a while something new and exciting happened but these days it was uncommon. That was until she was asked to check out the case of Harl Moyro.

Of course Atifea heard of the nobleman’s story even before his friend contacted her. Rumors spread like wild fire. Quite a number of people went by her clinic every day and she heard many stories. The assassinations seemed pretty random, at least from what the woman heard. They seemed pretty interesting but it didn’t bother Atifea much until now. It was quite surprising being contacted by a noble’s friend. It wasn’t often that rich men wanted help from unimportant people, living in poor areas like her.

She found out more about the man’s condition from a letter sent by his friend. Apparently he was stable, didn’t seem too bad and yet he was still bed bound and weak. Even though the poison didn’t end him, it did seem to have some effect on his body. They apparently tried everything to get him back in original shape. Shamans, herbalists, other doctors, apparently even unconventional methods were applied, but while the man was living he wasn’t close to fully recovered. Maybe through luck or maybe through misfortune, Atifea wasn’t really sure yet, the noble's friend somehow heard of her and everything she had done as a doctor so she was asked to try help aswell.

Reading the words in the letter sent her heart racing. She felt a rush of excitement. The poisoned man was a new challenge she could hopefully beat. A new mysterious case was just what she needed to reawaken her passion. Yet as much as she loved anything to do with medicine, she was extremely wary. Solaria was restless lately, everyone knew that. Atifea wondered if she wanted to get involved with noble political figures. There was also the worry of messing up or just not being able to fulfill the difficult request of curing the poor man. Still, the idea of totally forgetting about such an unusual patient was too much to bare. After all it’s not often you get to do a job with the potential to be this entertaining, and if she somehow managed to help it’d do her clinic a lot of good.

Suddenly making up her mind Atifea got out of her chair. Quickly she picked up her coat and fixed her messy hair to look even half acceptable. After checking her first aid kit, the woman looked at the letter one more time. “Well they did invited me to come help,” she said to herself opening the door and leaving.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Atifae Lektai
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#, as written by alitura
[Co-written with VindicatedPurpose]

96th Day

Moyro Manor

It had been three days since he had escaped the grasp of death. Yet, from his viewpoint, he might as well have died that night because he had been confined to a bed for three full days. He was injured, but most importantly he was very vulnerable. Trading in his life now was but a permanent solution to end the temporary problem that was his lack of comfort. In the grander scheme of things, Harl Moyro knew he had to live. However, that only returned him to his present problem, he was vulnerable lying in one place.

He opened and closed his beak, the upper and lower jaws worked at his command. Thankfully they still worked, he feared the poison was intended to cripple him in more ways than one if it did not kill him. Despite the fact that he could still speak, the shamans and other healers turned a deaf ear to his notion that he was poisoned. It certainly was a new kind that had not been seen before.

Atifae was slowly reaching the end of the corridor where Moyro was. It was quiet, only the sound of her footsteps resounding as she walked. Now that she finally reached the place where the man was resting the woman couldn't wait to examine him. Her rising excitement was only increased by the lenght of time getting to this point took. She had to go through a couple of checks before they let her meet him. It seemed they learned their lesson and increased security after what happened. Then again she wasn't sure it'd make a big difference if a skilled assassin was to strike again.

After being inspected, the doctor was led to a room where the situation was explained in greater detail. Recounting the words of the conversation didn't help her in figuring what exactly happened and what she could do about it. All that Atifea could do was talk to the victim himself. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

"Who is it?"

To even say three words was a labor for the pink-beaked Vaul. Harl tried to pull himself up, unsure who was visiting. The pain subsided every now and then, he was curious as to what poison had been given to him. He was even more interested as to who the assassin was. He could not investigate though, that job was reserved for the Sunfires while he laid beneath covers. At the very least, he had not molted.

"I'm Atifae Lektai, a doctor," she answered slowly opening the door, "I've been asked to help with your predicament. May I come in?"

"A 'doctor?'" The Vaul murmured.

Where had he heard of that before? He remembered there was this woman, a healer or apothecary, working near the slums and lower residences. She had forsaken traditional methods of medicine to help others. She called herself a 'doctor,' whatever that meant.

Moyro mused to himself, "Unconventional times require unconventional measures."

He paused to nurse a sharp pain that ran up his leg before exhaling a sigh of relief as it died down.

"Come in."

Lowering her head she entered and looked at him more closely. He really didn't look too good, the poison used must have been a strong one. She could already see it would prove to be a difficult job. Now finally seeing him proved just how effected by the failed assassination he was. Being bed bound like this wasn't ideal as far as Atifae could understand. Staring at him for any longer would be considered and so she instinctively reached out her hand. Upon remembering the ma's position she immediately lowered it, cursing under her breath.

"I hope I can be of use to you. Now, could you tell me if any of the symptoms changed or lessened over the past three days?"

"Symptoms? I don't..."

Figuring out if the poison wore off over time was an important step in deciding what steps to take. Then again examining the Moyro's disatisfied face and seemingly uncomfortable position the question was probably a waste of time. It was strange for something like this to happen. Poison usually either killed in a short period of time or wore off with time but here the case was totally different. She was told the poison wasn't even injected straight into his blood yet it's strenght was very notable.

"I'd also like to take some blood if you don't mind."

"My blood? What kind of a witch doctor are you?"

The Vaul became defensive, but that was not his fault. Never before had he heard of a healer try to take his blood in order to cure him. Mayhaps she was a vampire, or another agent sent to kill him. Harl always had a fantastical imagination. However, ever since the incidents on the ninety third and the death of his best friend, he was quite shaken.

She began to understand the man wasn't aware of her methods. Through the past few months she only had reacurring patients or people who heard of her from their friends. This made them more trusting in her actions and so she forgot they were treated as strange or dangerous by most. This sort of reaction wasn't anything new, people often questioned her way of doing things. Hearing she wanted to take his blood deffinitely startled him. The woman just had to think of a way to explain everything and get him to trust her, otherwise they would really get nowhere. Hopefully if she slowed down, he'd let her do the job. An apology would most likely be the best way to start over.

"I'm sorry if my question startled you but there's no need to worry. I only want to help. Taking a little bit of blood and comparing it to someone's healthy blood can show what's wrong. The colour and flow of it can also aid in figuring out what poison was actually used. You won't miss it. I could also do a body check and give you time to think, you wouldn't mind if I examined your arms and legs right?"

Atifae wondered how badly she scared him. It wouldn't be surprising if he told her to leave there and then. Yet she stayed hopeful they'd reach a compromise.

Moyro eyed her with suspicion as he did with practically every healer given his current circumstances.

"And these methods have worked before?"

The woman wondered about the reply for a few seconds. She had taken blood before and she had also carried out body examination. Atifae could say with total confidence that her methods helped make an educated assumption as to what the patient was suffering from. However, this was her first time dealing with such poison effects and what she was about to do only worked in theory.

"They work most of the time. Well, they've worked in similar cases."

"Similar?" the word bounced around in the back of his head as he laid there somewhat dumbstruck that this young Solarian woman had such audacity.

True it was a never before seen poison that afflicted him. If it were traditional healers, they too would have difficulty deriving a cure. Moyro remained skeptical, but there was something about her that he could trust unlike the traditional healers who worked in the Houses of Healing.

After some contemplating stares at the young doctor, "Very well then."

It would not be the first time that Moyro had seen his own blood. The purplish fluid was rather different from the red that humans had. He only hoped that she knew what she was doing, and that she could be trusted.

Relief washed over her as the man finally agreed. She didn't want to waste time and quickly began preparing to take a sample of his blood. She opened her kit and took out a syringe. It was made mostly of glass and had a thick needle. Atifae found a suitable place on the man's arm and prepared to insert the needle with care.

"It will only hurt a little, like a pinch."

The needle went in smoothly and soon the man's blood was visible through the glass tube. Once it was full, Atifae slowly took out the needle and put a piece of cotton where some blood still escaped. She examined the purpulish blood with interest. She had examined Vauls blood once or twice before, enough for her to tell something was a little off. It was ticker than normal and had a darker shade. It wasn't enough for it to be snake venom, if so the man wouldn't be lying in front of her but it had similar qualities. However, the way the man's body reacted after drinking the poison was the same as the effects of certain poisonous plants. Atifae was intrigued. Either could have been easily discovered by other healers, so it was highly possible a mixture or a plant the doctor had never encountered before was used. There wasn't much she could do against an unknown poison but she didn't want to give up.

"See, that wasn't too bad. It still leaves us with questions though." Sometimes a change of diet with certain atributes helped. Maybe the effects of the poison would simply pass with time. The woman had even heard of symptoms going away but appearing to be present due to the patients metallity, although that wouldn't explain the blood.

"Did your tea taste any different when you drank it?"

"No," Moyro replied, "It tasted the same as usual."

His answer did narrow things down. A lot of poison had a strong taste but there was a number which didn't. Deciding for definite what was effecting the man's body was still close to impossible. She didn't really need to know the posion. While the source of the problem was still unknown to her a counter measure could still be applied. Trying a few things wouldn't hurt. Her approach might have been wrong the whole time, expecting to fix a complex problem in an hour was ridiculous. She needed time to think. Maybe a little investigation outside of the room would help.

"I don't assume anyone thought of keeping what the tea was served in?"

"My servants thoroughly clean the dinner wares," Moyro immediately latched on to her thought, "Unfortunately."

He realized that she was trying to determine the poison by physical traces left on the wares.

She had a mind, he could give her that as he stared at her with his quick blinking Vaul eyes. She was unlike most healers who were almost always ready to apply a general technique or method, a traditional "cure-all," as he saw it.

Another one of her leads was cut off just like that. She was running out of ideas, her mind frantically searching for an answer. Atifae was on the verge of giving up. This was turning out to be way above her and yet she kept thinking, not wanting to lose. The assassin must have been skilled, and the poison secrative and effective but it didn't completely work. If a big mistake was made such as not killing the man then there must have been a back door to fixing this. There was nothing with a definite death sentance in the world, or so she believed. Maybe she was over complicating things. If complexity didn't work, she'd try something simple. Inability to move was most likely caused by deteriorating muscles. She, with time, through her work had learned that certain foods helped different parts of the body. Atifae rummaged through the back of her head for any food she knew which could possibly help with his condition.

"So, how much do you like beans?"