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The Recruits



a part of The Recruits, by Bloodcontrol.

The alien territory in the universe.

Bloodcontrol holds sovereignty over Oculos, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The humans are invading the alien territory to win ground and wipe them out. Mostly because they fear the alien threat. One of the four leading countries, Japan, found out that the plague was a bio weapon made by the aliens. Many joins the military to take revenge.
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The alien territory in the universe.


Oculos is a part of The Recruits.

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''Planet 73K-120479, rated three stars, status: secured'' stands on the screen before commandant Jackhold. He sighs and turned off his screen. After the report he had send last week, the status didn't change. The word 'secured' is not enough to make it actually secured. This planet originally belonged to the aliens, Jackhold has taken it with a large force, unity of Americans at the best. A base was started here to start investigations. Most of the forces left, Jackhold got appointed to watch over the base and he must teach recruits in the meantime. Even after becoming a pilot, you'll not join battle for months or years. You'll be put on standby by an deserted base and if you're 'in range' to reinforce the army, then they will call you to come. Sometimes they will call you when they need a large number of units, or in other words 'cannonfeed'. The commander is old, old and wise. Lately it has become awefull quiet on base Jackhold(Yes, he named the base to himself), most squads left already and the dust started to gather. The researchers are getting on his nerves after they did become the majority. The professor Harghulm was giving him a pain in the ass. If he was a soldier, Jackhold could give him some lesson to teach him respect, but now he's not even allowed to lay his hands on him. He hopes the new recruits give him some spirit in his old bones.

The commander left the room and his blond secretary with braids followed him. She holds a tablet against her chest. Jackhold entered the 'classroom' and stood in front of the digital board. He took a look around the room and counted the recruits.

''Well, is everyone here?''

(Here starts the RP, introduce your pilot here.)