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The Red String

The Red String


A group of kids lose contact with each other, but what happens when Fate just so happens to bring them back together again?

2,618 readers have visited The Red String since Luna Delta created it.

Ever, and Meow Meow are listed as curators, giving them final say over any conflict & the ability to clean up mistakes.


"The Red String of Fate; an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break."

"In other words, all things are connected?"


In this world, everything is bond by one simple, invisible thing. οΌ¦ οΌ‘ οΌ΄ οΌ₯. Those who know such a thing exist do one of two things; close their eyes to it and curse it to hell, or embrace it. Seems relatively simple, no? Well, there's a new catch, and it involves some relatively "scary" things.

People are cutting the Strings of Fate for their own selfish wants and needs.

Now normally that would be impossible, as the strings are invisible to the human eye, but there's been a few... strange things occurring in a small town in Japan named Iburi...


ImageJapan, Iburi... A small, yet bustling area full of life and new people everyday. Looking at it, it seems like the perfect location to stop and raise a family, and that's what many families even moved there for. Of course, every town has it's own problems, though not many adults pay them any mind.

After all, it's just teenage drama, right?

A group friends, young children at time time, were targeted by Fate during their first summer to eventually go through so much more than the regular drama a group of friends would have to go through. Lovers, enemies, friends... Connected. They stayed that way throughout the rest of their middle school years, most nearly inseparable. Than came moving away, moving on with life "forgetting" or "losing" contact with each other as they went on with high school. Though some stayed in the area, adults had their own purpose on splitting up the friends... All with their due to reasons unknown, they lost their "connection", or so they thought anyway. In the end, none of them lost their connections, and Fate was just buying it's sweet old time intervening.

It was time to see how much the Strings of Fate can last before someone finds out how to cut the very strings that tie them in the year 2000.

For whatever reason, those whom left are now back in their hometown for what they hope to be the majority of their young adult life, though sometimes things have a tendency to change for the very worse, or the better.


The Swim Team Captain
Name || Age: 20-24 || Male || FC: Rin Matsuoka || Reserved for: Lorawr
Aiming for the gold, the Swim Team Captain dreams of making it big in his swim career. Coming back to Iburi he was greeted by his now current girlfriend the [Tomboy] in hopes she'd be able to light a fire in him to continue his training to be the best of the best. Unknown to him, Fate actually has his string connected to the [Ice Queen].

The Leader
Name || Age: 22-24 || Male || FC: Luka Crosszeria || Reserved for: BespectacledBeauty
A mysterious man who moved back just as suddenly as his parents and him left. He had kept contact with his best friend the [Player], though he seems to developing feelings for the [Princess], whom he's connected to by his string. For some reason, he's picked up on the [Ice Queen's] distaste for him when it comes to the [Princess], consequently making them something like a pair of rivals.

The Aspiring Hairdresser
Name || Age: 21-25 || Male || FC: Louis Asahina || Reserved for: ShykKedid
A cheerful, outgoing friend, The Aspiring Hairdresser has yet to be informed of a tricky situation. He has a little sister that was put up for adoption by his parents, the [Princess]. Not to mention he's begun to have unrequited feelings for the [Tomboy], though Fate's connected him to the [Bookworm].

The Player
Name || 20-23 || Male || FC: Mahiro Fuwa || Reserved for: cielo-drago
Best friends with the [Leader], he seems to be fully aware to the fact he's crossing lines when trying to approach and flirt with the [Princess], even though he blatantly ignores anything he may have for the [Rich Girl].

The Dropout
Lucifer Mugen || 22-25 || Male || FC: Badou Nails || Reserved for: Luna Delta
Dropping out midway through high school, Lucifer seems to have gotten taken away by the wrong crowd after he and his sister [Rich Girl] moved away. In fact, one of the members of the crowd ended up costing him his eye two years ago. Concerned for her older brother, [Rich Girl] decided to beg her parents to let them move back to Iburi hoping his old friends could set him straight. Recently has begun having flings with the [Ice Queen] even though he's been developing feelings for the [Tomboy] due to the connection Fate has set.

The "Princess"
Name|| 19-20 || Female || FC: Komori Yui || Reserved for: Ever
An adopted child, the princess came back to Iburi in hopes to find her biological brother [The Aspiring Hairdresser], meeting the [Leader] & the [Player] in the process. Falling head over the heels for the [Leader], she's denied all advances the [Player] sends her. She's gotten word that her friend the [Ice Queen] has made her way back to Iburi as well, and has strong hopes that the group of friends can become the friends they were during middle school.

The Tomboy
Name || 20-23 || Female || FC: Fuwa Aika || Reserved for: Emmie_Hoeller
Dating the [Swimmer], the Tomboy seems to have an issue with the fact that the [Ice Queen] has been attempting to get closer to him. She has a strong rivalry due to such a fact, even though she's actually beginning to feel something for the [Drop Out].

The Bookworm
Name || 19-21 || Female || FC: Inori Yuzuriha || Reserved for: Lorawr
Seemingly one of the more at ease friends, the Bookworm is the most neutral of the friends, though she's becoming bold in the fact she has romantic feelings for the [Aspiring Hairdresser].

The Ice Queen
Natsuko Mori || 20 || Female || Fc: Mikasa Ackerman || Reserved for: Luna Delta
A cold women to public eyes, the reasons why Natsuko moved back are unknown, though she claims it was because the [Princess] came back. She's begun having flings with the [Dropout], much to the [Rich Girl's] displeasure. Of course, that being said, she's also found something remarkably alluring to the [Swimmer], ignoring most of the [Tomboy's] warnings.

The Rich Girl
Name || 19-21 || Female || FC: Natsume Asako || Reserved for: Meow Meow
The [Dropout]'s little sister, she's extremely worried with her brother's destructive behaviors and thought moving back to Iburi was for the best. She's falling fast for the [Player], even though he seems to ignore any set of romantic feelings he's ignoring. Incredibly annoyed by the fact the [Ice Queen] is having flings with her brother.

Character Skeleton
Code: Select all
[center][font=timesnewroman][b]Main Theme[/b][/font]
[url=Url][font=avenir light][color=#color here]Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]

[font=timesnewroman][b]Fighting Theme[/b][/font]
[url=Url][font=avenir light][color=#color here]Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]

[font=timesnewroman][b]Emotional Themes[/b][/font] (Many as you like, must have at least 1)
[url=url][font=avenir light][color=#color here]Emotion || Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]
[url=url][font=avenir light][color=#color here]Emotion || Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]
[url=url][font=avenir light][color=#color here]Emotion || Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]

[center][quote][font=timesnewroman][color=color here]Insert Quote here[/color][/font][/quote][/center]
[left][img]IMG[/img][/left][font=timesnewroman][color=color here][b]Name[/b][/color]
{Full name here}

[color=color here][b]Nicknames/Aliases[/b][/color]
{Put N/A if none, if so can you explain a bit on why they're called this?}

[color=color here][b]Age[/b][/color]

[color=color here][b]Gender[/b][/color]
{Female or Male?}

[color=color here][b]Sexual Orientation[/b][/color]
{Heterosexual, pansexual, asexual...?}

[color=color here][b]Occupation[/b][/color]
{What does your character do for a living?}

[color=color here][b]Why are they back?[/b][/color]
{Are they trying to find their old friends? Their brother? Or just to pursue their careers?}

[color=color here][b]Nationality[/b][/color]
{Where is your character from precisely?}

[color=color here][b]Role[/b][/color]
{The Leader, The Player. Etc.}

[color=color here][b]Faceclaim[/b][/color]
[center][quote][font=timesnewroman][color=color here]Insert Quote here[/color][/font][/quote][/center]
[font=timesnewroman][color=color here][b]Hair Color[/b][/color]
Answer here

[color=color here][b]Eye Color[/b][/color]
Answer here

[color=color here][b]Height[/b][/color]
Answer here

[color=color here][b]Weight[/b][/color]
Answer here
[color=color here][b]Physical Description[/b][/color]
{Scars, birthmarks, tattoos, overall appearance, etc. 1-3 paragraphs at least.}[/font]

[center][quote][font=timesnewroman][color=color here]Insert Quote here[/color][/font][/quote][/center]
[img]IMG%20HERE[/img][/left][font=timesnewroman][color=color here][b]Potential Interest[/b][/color]

[color=color here][b]Skills[/b][/color]
[list]☣ [u]Skill[/u] || Explain 1-2 sentences
☣ [u]Skill[/u] || Explain 1-2 sentences
☣ [u]Skill[/u] || Explain 1-2 sentences {Add more that apply}[/list]

[color=color here][b]Talent[/b][/color]
[list]☒ [u]Talent[/u] || 1-2 sentences explaining
☒ [u]Talent[/u] || 1-2 sentences explaining
☒ [u]Talent[/u] || 1-2 explaining {Add more that apply}[/list][/font]
[center][quote][font=timesnewroman][color=color here]Insert Quote here[/color][/font][/quote][/center]
[color=color here][b]Likes[/b][/color]
[list]❀ [b]Like [/b]|| [i]Quote here[/i]
❀ [b]Like [/b]|| [i]Quote here[/i]
❀ [b]Like [/b]|| [i]Quote here[/i] {Add more if desired}[/list]

[color=color here][b]Dislikes[/b][/color]
[list]✘ [b]Dislike [/b]|| [i]Quote[/i]
✘ [b]Dislike [/b]|| [i]Quote[/i]
✘ [b]Dislike [/b]|| [i]Quote[/i] {Add more if needed}[/list]

[color=color here][b]Strengths[/b][/color]
[list]βœ” [b]Strength [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences
βœ” [b]Strength [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences
βœ” [b]Strength [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences {Add more if needed}[/list]

[color=color here][b]Flaws[/b][/color]
[list]☠ [b]Flaw [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences
☠ [b]Flaw [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences
☠ [b]Flaw [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences {add more if they apply}[/list]

[color=color here][b]Habits[/b][/color]
[list]❖ [b]Habit [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences
❖ [b]Habit [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences
❖ [b]Habit [/b]|| Explain 1-2 sentences {Add more if they apply}[/list][/font]

[center][quote][font=timesnewroman][color=color here]Insert Quote here[/color][/font][/quote][/center]
[color=color here][b]Personality[/b][/color]
At least 2-3 paragraphs[/font]

[center][quote][font=timesnewroman][color=color here]Insert Quote here[/color][/font][/quote][/center]
[right][img]IMG%20HERE[/img][/right][font=timesnewroman][color=color here][b]History[/b][/color]
Why are they the way they are? Once again, 1-3 paragraphs.

[color=color here][b]Other[/b][/color]
What else do we need to know?[/font]



if you have questions, please feel free to ask, first of all!

I would like active, and participating members, not to mention semi-literate. I'm not expecting a book, but let's go for about... 400-500 words, okay? ^^ If you're going to be gone for awhile though, please do PM me so I can escort your character out safely and easily so you're character can jump back in!

No god-modding! Please do not kill someone else's character unless they give you permission!

When it comes to romance, it is highly encouraged, and so is drama (outside of OOC unless it's playful!). Please though, don't blind us with detailed posts, you either fade to black or take it somewhere else, okay?

Reservations last 48 hours (two days) before I need the character submitted as a W.I.P or complete. If W.I.P, I may be a bit of a nag but I would like to have them done within three-four days of them being submitted. I will send out PMs the day before they are do to remind everyone to finish them unless given a proper reason why.

I'd like a set, anime FC and not random pictures online, okay? If you have trouble finding a FC, let me know and I will gladly try to help!^^

If you've read all this, then when you do reserve, the password is to answer this, what was the last anime you watched? Also put down your color code~

By the way, you're Co-GMs, Meow Meow and Ever's words are law, just like mine! So respect them okay? [/font]

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Elizabeth Mugen

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Akira Nakahara

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Character Portrait: Elizabeth Mugen
Elizabeth Mugen

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Character Portrait: Akira Nakahara
Akira Nakahara

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Character Portrait: Elizabeth Mugen
Elizabeth Mugen

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Character Portrait: Akira Nakahara
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"Strings are just used for decorations. Nothing more, nothing less." (WIP)

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Re: The Red String

They all have to be in black and white. That's what makes them dramatic. ;3

On another note, get your characters finished up boys and gals~! We shall be beginning soon. >:D And we want to know what we're working with don't we? If you have any questions or need any help. Feel free to ask me. I always seem to be around. owo

Also I just thought I had to share this. For some reason this made me laugh super hard.


Re: The Red String

Ahh why must 98% of Luka gifs be in black and white?! ><

Anywho, I'm working on adding the pictures to my character profile right now, then tomorrow I'll focus on filling out the information. May add some stuff tonight. Depends on how tired I am o....o

Re: The Red String

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know I hope to have this roleplay up and running by Sunday, at the very latest. So, if you can submit your W.I.Ps and finish them, and if you can't please PM me, Ever, or Meow Meow. ^^ As of right now, the Aspiring Hairdresser just reopened as well. ^^

Right now, what's on the agenda is to have a Setting section, as well as a reaction gif section and than we have the relationship andddd the master color code post x3

Edit: Ignore the slashed section~

Re: The Red String

Awww man I wish there were more spots open T_T.

Re: The Red String

Thanks for reserving!

And I've decided that I'm going to use Luka after all, so no worries there, but thanks for the answer anyway :)

Re: The Red String

@BespectacledBeauty - Yup, reserved.

As for another face claim, it would be preferred you use Luka, but if you do find someone else, just run it by one us (us being the other co gms) and it'll be fine. ^^

Re: The Red String

Hi there. If I may I'd like to reserve the Leader please :)

Last anime I watched was Kino's Journey and seeing as I'm on my phone I will have to get the hex code later.

Quick question about face claims though. I saw you already had gifs for the face claims, and I may use Luka anyway but if I find another face claim that I'd prefer to use would it be alright to use it?

Re: The Red String



Re: The Red String

Hello! I was wondering if I could reserve the Player? O3O

The last anime I watched was Black Bullet I think.

I'll probably be using the color #BF0000 if that's possible.

Thank you~ uwu.

Re: The Red String

Yup yup! Reserved!

Re: The Red String

Hello there, may I pretty please reserve the tom boy? ^ ^

The last anime I watched was Kill la Kill.

For the color, I think I will be using #a33124

Re: The Red String

@ShykKedid - Alrighty, it's reserved!

Re: The Red String

Sorry bout that, I added it in. ^^'

Re: The Red String

@Lorawr- Reserved! <3

Re: The Red String

Hello :3 I'd love to reserve The Swim Team Captain and the Bookworm, please! And the last anime I watched was either Black Butler or Deathnote. I'm not sure which XD

For the Swimmer, I'll use 397FBD and for the Bookworm I'll use 2DA814

Re: The Red String

@ShykKedid - Unfortunately, I think you're missing something. ^^;

Re: The Red String

Hey there! May I possibly reserve the Aspiring Hairdresser?

Edit: Almost forgot. The last Anime I watched was Attack On Titian and color code here: ea8ec3

The Red String


Welcome to "The Red String"!

Please, if you have any questions feel free to address me through anyway you find comfortable. You can also contact me through the Co-GMs Ever and Meow Meow! None of us bite at all! The only thing I'd like to ask is that you stay committed! Ever helped me out a bunch figuring out how badly we could tangle the red strings, so don't let us down okay? ^^