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Akira Nakahara

"Strings are just used for decorations. Nothing more, nothing less." (WIP)

0 · 711 views · located in Japan, Iburi

a character in “The Red String”, as played by cielo-drago






If you got something to say, spit it out.



Akira Nakahara

Aki || "Akira" reminds to much of a girl's name. Just call me Aki."


"Someone might need glasses, and it ain't me."

Sexual Orientation

University Student at Tokyo, Majoring in Business

Why are they back?
Akira is taking a break from his university classes, and from Tokyo in general. He got a bit bored there, and when he heard Koroto was going back to Iburi, he figured it would be cool just to tag along and follow.

Pure Japanese

The Player

Mahiro Fuwa || Zetsuen no Tempest

Because nobody has time to waste anymore.



Hair Color

Eye Color
Crimson Red



Physical Description
Akira has red eyes and ash-blonde hair in unruly layers, traits that he inherited from his diva of a mother (he isn’t boastful of his physical traits in respect of the source). He has a wardrobe of expensive business-formal attires, but is actually fond of stylish clothing (something like k-pop and Japanese subculture inspired) involving bold colors, spiked pieces, and morbidly accessories (silver skull vials and the like) He generally wears a pair of miniature hoop earrings on his lobes (and sometimes on his two helix cartilage piercings) Loose tracksuit or simple button-ups with bangs clipped up are his lazier options in the comforts of his abode.

Sharp red eyes that he usually uses to intimidate around him, along with a forever smirk plastered onto his face, he is just a walking ball of arrogance and pride. Though for some reason most people, namely women find this attractive about him, something he usually takes advantage of if he happens to be bored, or just in the mood for something new. He doesn't have any real scars, but now and again you can find maybe a few bruises littered across his torso, arms, but not usually his face.

You do have a voice, right?


Potential Interest
The Princess, The Rich Girl

    ☣ Charm || Akira has the ability to win over most people with his charm, should he chooses to use it. Countless situations in the past usually fixed themselves when he decided to actually use the his charm to talk his way out of most problems...Not to mention how much it helps in getting new girls every few weeks.

    ☣ Observant || He also has sharp observation skills, which he usually uses to spot out a weak point in a person. He's been known to use maybe blackmail, or manipulative tactics to get what he wants. It also helps with spotting trouble from miles away, and of course looking for potential girlfriends that could entertain him for a few days.

    ☣ Memory || He has the uncanny ability to remember people's faces, names, and other things someone could easily overlook. It goes hand in hand with his observant nature. But at times he has trouble matching the names to the faces...It isn't uncommon for him to call someone a different name by mistake.

    ☣ Picking up girls || Self-explained, and used on a daily basis if a girl interests him enough.

    ☒ Martial Arts || Akira holds two black belts, one in Karate, and the other in Judo. It was something he did while he was a child and he continued it throughout his whole life. Often times you'll find him training in his house with private instructors, or maybe testing it out on a couple punks who tried to pick up girls the wrong way... only to ask them out on a date as a prize.

    ☒ Fire Arms || He has a love for guns, mainly BB guns and antique ones. He learned how to sheet while he was a teenager, and found it fun and interesting...Plus it helped with his "bad boy" reputation.

    ☒ Pissing People Off || Intentionally, or unintentionally, he pisses people off where ever he goes. From girls or ex-girlfriends he couldn't even remember the name of, to just the usual picking fights with some random guy off the street for kicks he does have a tendency for that trail to follow him around. Usually the only people he tries not to piss off to badly are business partners from his parents, or the few people he actually cares about.

    ☒ Sleeping || He can usually fall asleep anywhere that he deems boring, only to wake up if he hears something coming close to him.

What's the point in having one if you don't use it?


    ❀ Cute Girls || "Pretty face, good body...Those are what I like in general.
    ❀ Physical Activities || "...It's annoying just to sit around and do nothing."
    ❀ Sleeping || "Hey, We all need it after activities."
    ❀ Social Gatherings || "You meet a bunch of people there, get to know them, and then a hell of a lot of new contacts to talk to in case you get bored."
    ❀ Paranormal things || "...It's just a hobby, got it?!"
    ❀ Picking Fights || [i]"...What? You asked what I liked, so there."

    ✘ Clingy People || "Irritating to deal with, and to listen too."
    ✘ Ex-Girlfriends|| "Why do they expect me to remember them when we broke up?"
    ✘ Taking Orders || "I'll do what I want, when I want to. Not because some old fart told me too."
    ✘ Abusive Guys|| "...I'll send them to hell myself."
    ✘ Losing control of his emotions|| "It's not pretty for you, or me.

    βœ” In-tune || Akira is always in-check with his emotions, meaning he'llpick what he says carefully at least 98% of the time. There are moments where he loses it, but usually that doesn't happen unless he's under a lot of stress.
    βœ” Fighting|| This legal "adult" has a knack for fighting. Good reflexes, as well as high pain tolerance, it's hard to beat him unless you have some sort of advantage against him.
    βœ” Determined|| He's one of those "if I put my mind to it, I can do it" type of thinkers.
    βœ” Stubborn|| Once he sets his mind to something, he'll follow through, especially if its to help a person he cares about.
    ☠ Bored|| Akira is the type of guy to get bored really easily, which is the majority of the reason why he tends to like outdoor activities, changes girlfriends every few weeks, and basically pick fights just to spice up his day. He usually holds no interests in things which leads him to search for something that could help with his bored mind-set...usually it isn't done in the most positive ways though.
    ☠ Arrogant|| Akira is the type to exude confidence. Just the way he acts outwardly boasts a cocky and arrogant aura, which often times makes him think he can do things by himself. Usually he only relies on his best friend to actually keep him in check, and not do anything too life threatening.
    ☠ Prideful|| He does not ask for help. He's only asked for help maybe once or twice in his life, and that was only toward [The Leader].
    ☠ Bottled Up Emotions|| Unfortunately, the blonde has the tendency to keep everything inside, often making it a ticking time bomb the more frustrated he gets. He usually denies what he doesn't accept as real (such as his growing feelings for [The Rich Girl]), and pushes it off to the side for later. Since he usually hides it behind his normal, and arrogant personality, most often times people don't see any of the problems he may be feeling.

    ❖ Noises|| When Akira is feeling his emotions more then he wants, he usually clicks his tongue, or makes some sort of noise such as "tsk" or actually making a small frustrated grunt.
    ❖ Fists|| His hands are normally in his pockets, but if their curled up, it usually means he's feeling annoyed, bothered, or just angry.
    ❖ Excuses|| He usually makes up excuses if he doesn't feel like dealing with something. In a sense, it's running away, but to him it's giving him more time to think about the situation.

You're free to wait for something to happen.


Akira comes off as a sarcastic, blunt, and rude individual, usually because of his "straight-to-the-point" attitude. It's quite common for people to be either intimidated, annoyed, or even pissed off at his initial attitude, seeing as he speaks to others in a direct, and overly "greater-than-you" type of speaking. This cockiness often attracts girls to him, seeing as he's comes off as a man who's sure of himself, confident, and the fact he's rich also adds more fuel to the fire. His attitude usually helps if you want the truth straight up with no sugar-coating whatsoever. Of course, to most women he tends to be a little less harsh, usually more of a flirt, and also a gentleman toward ladies just to impress them a bit more. Playful teasing is one of his favorite things to do, but there are times when the tables can turn, with him feeling a bit more flustered than he would admit too.

But of course, he's a heart breaker simply searching for someone or thing to occupy his time, and to keep him from getting bored. It isn't uncommon for him to meet a girl, date them, than forget about them the next time once that fling is over. He's also known to downright forget a girl, even after flirting with them. The typical guy most fathers would forbid their daughters to date, and the guy some girls usually date for a brush with the dark side.

In formal gatherings, he's able to usually put on a cool front, speaking professionally, and easily, a facade of almost perfect heir least until no one's looking, and muttered curses are spoken in hush tones. Keeping his emotions in check are something he does often, portraying that confident, and witty personality that most people, if not everyone believes that's just who he is. Just a boy who's the basic smart-ass, and the only thing he can feel is probably lust or happiness.

Deep down though, he's a whirlwind of emotion inside, and he prefers to keep it that way. Buried. On the inside, he's holding back all different types of emotions. Fear, anger, sadness...any negative emotions are never meant to be shown toward the front of his personality. He's actually pretty easily bothered, or sensitive in a sense, but usually it's swept under the rug for him to deal with at another time.

Though as always, once pressure builds up he explodes, usually in a negative way. He tends to lash out at people, even if they try to help him. He doesn't like the feeling of helplessness, or even relying on people besides [The Leader], but even then he's hesitant to ask for help. The only thing he can do is keep himself preoccupied, and to not focus on these emotions-often times denying they even exist...something he tends to do when he refuses to admit it. Even with his growing feelings for [The Rich Girl], his mind seems set on denying it, and going after [The Princess] instead...even if it's just another fling.

I'll just take what I want. I won't let someone else decide it.


Born into one of the more richer classes of society, it was natural for his parents not to be around often. By the time he was three, he was shipped off to live with his grandparents in the quiet town of Iburi, his parents assuming it would be better for the blonde to live there instead of in the hustle and bustle Tokyo had. With his life in Iburi, it was simply a place where he was allowed to do as he pleased. Raised mainly by his Grandparents and nannies, he actually didn't meet his parents until he was six and by then, his parents were far too interested in their own jobs to actually be a mother and a father to Akira. After all, with his father a business tycoon, and a model diva of a mother there was hardly anytime in their life to raise him.

As a child, one of the few things he would actually care about is simply a cat. A little ball of orange fur he found on a rainy day when it had wandered onto his family's property. The blonde had actually nurtured it back to health, and so he had grown attached to the animal. Usually, he would rush home from Elementary school and simply play with the cat until it was night. However, one day when he came home the cat was nowhere to be found. The grade-schooler rushed out of the house, and spent over two hours looking for it. That's when he met Koroto, both being the same age and the other being a shy little boy. Of course, they were in the same class but the boy was so quiet that he sometimes didn't even notice the black-haired boy.

But it was his cat in peril, so he had to ask for help.

Thankfully, the other agreed and the two began to search the area. About an hour passed, and soon the other boy, had found the orange tabby...who had been sleeping under a bush. The blonde thanked the raven haired boy more then he ever had, and made sure his cat savior got home safely before he did. The next day at school, he started to talk to the kid more, finally matching the face to the name as "Koroto Takeburi" whom he dubbed as "Koro" and demanded to be called "Aki" (Since there was a girl named Akira in the class as well.) The blonde was finally able to pay his debt back when Koro was getting picked on by some of the older students, probably fifth graders. Naturally, the blonde sprung right into action, using his fighting skills he learned from home to scare them off with a few bruises. After this moment, Akira began hanging out more with the boy, to sort of "protect" him in a sense.

As time went on, the blonde increasingly began to become more reckless and erratic. His father had begun to visit him more, much to his dislike. Why bother knowing someone who wasn't here for most of your childhood anyway? Acting with that sweet facade just annoyed him to know end. Fake smiles, how often had he seen that? With the nannies that raised him, their was always that face of fake compassion. It annoyed him to no end. The blonde finally snapped in the last year of middle school. Knowing that Koro liked quiet places, he had wandered around looking for him, but was soon graced with a scene unfolding in front of him.

A couple of punks he had beaten up before had cornered him. Honestly? All the annoyed feelings was released at once. He made a big show, stomping over, and grabbing and throwing one of the older boys by the back and flipping him into the cold, concrete ground. A sharp glare was all that took for the boys to start running with their tails between their legs, like whipped dogs. The blonde was about to chase after them, but Koro stopped him, and attempted to calm him down. It didn't work, so the raven haired boy- normally one who does not do the violent tendencies landed one right in his left cheek to snap him out of it. He was more stunned than hurt, but in the end, he relented, and eventually calmed down.

What else do we need to know?

So begins...

Akira Nakahara's Story