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Josefina Wilder

Blood flows thick in the veins of the Redeemers.

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a character in “The Redemption”, as played by PrincessofNightingale


"They were a hundred times more terrible in the grim silence."
Jonathan Harker, Dracula, Bram Stoker

Full Name: Josefina Wilder
Also Known As: Jo, Jo-Jo, Seraph
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Status: Active
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Threat Level: Moderate
Date of Birth: December 13
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Occupation: Forager
Personal Quote: "Can you be quiet? I'm trying to think."
Theme Song: Titanium by David Guetta+Sia

Species: Human
Height: 5'3.25"
Weight: 113 lbs.
Bodily Build: Narrow hourglass
Eye Color: Brown
Jewelry: Locket (family heirloom) on golden chain
Scars: Various marks from scrapes and falls as a youth (currently)
Tattoos: Celtic Trinity in white ink on the inside of left wrist


Josefina - who prefers to be called Jo - had a relatively average childhood for growing up in a world like this. She learned fencing and archery out of sheer necessity, but still managed to have a normal innocent youth. She enjoyed climbing and running, vaulting and jumping, but she wasn't particularly the best. She got a few cuts and scrapes in her youth, broke her arms in three different places each over the years, but it never stopped her from practicing, or enjoying herself. Life was a great gift, up until the dreams started. The reminders of her past life, of who she had once been. Jonathan Harker, a businessman on the rise, assigned to the account of a Transylvanian who sought to become more known, more important in the world as it had become since his death. He was a vampire, who, one might have easily believed, sought a larger, more diverse hunting range. Jonathan soon learned that Dracula had his sights on a new bride - his own lovely wife, Wilhelmina. He had a mole of sorts in England already, keeping him quite informed of the goings-on in the distant island nation. But Harker, with help from a friend, a foreign doctor, and even his wife Mina, managed to defeat the seemingly omniscient vampire. He turned into a pile of ashes, before their very eyes. But he was not destroyed forever. When Jo turned nineteen, she learned that her previous incarnation's nemesis had returned from death just as she had, and it was her destiny to hunt this vampire once more.

Attitude: Typically incredibly giving of herself, Jo has one key personality flaw that always affects her. She will always tell someone who's talking when she's trying to think something through to shut up. She will be rude about it, no matter what, unless it's her parents. Still, if she can't see the person, she will be rude, even if it is one of her parents.
Life’s Aspirations: To protect the innocent
Favorite Foods: Pizza. Any kind of pizza. It's convenience food, more than anything else.
Religion: Neo-Druidism
Likes: Wit, sarcasm, being listened to actively, being allowed to think
Dislikes: Being interrupted, idiots, those who refuse to listen
Fears: Iophobia (fear of poisons), lyssophobia (fear of going mad), thanatophobia (fear of dying)

Father: Elias Wilder, age 39, left arm amputee
Mother: Desiree Wilder, née Collins, age 37, physically able
Brothers: Darren and Miles Wilder, age 14 and 12 respectively
Sister: Maria Wilder, age 12

To Be Determined

ImageThis Is Mine Enemy
Carmen Lupei - the reincarnation of Dracula (will add more information to this as the roleplay progresses)

ImageIn My Past Life
Name: Jonathan Harker
Age at death: 46
Date of death: Early 1900s
Wife: Wilhelmina "Mina" Harker, née Murray
Children: Two sons, one daughter
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 263 lbs

Weapons Appearances
Twin Daggers (photographed single)
Rapier with solid silver blade

Face Claim: Kat Graham
Dialogue Color: Purple Shirt of Sex (#8F509D)

So begins...

Josefina Wilder's Story