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Name: Faal Condevor

Dragon’s Name: Sweeper, light silver, around the size of a horse, large wings. Image

Appearance: Rather plucky, stands at 5'9" and weights 167lbs, slenderly built, rather athletic. Luminous green eyes, mop of noodlely brown hair. Slightly pointed ears.
Age: 22

Race: Sorcerer

- Faal's magical potential is remarkable, and almost limitless as he seems to have a natural affinity for it, the reason for this remains unknown.

-Athletically built, Faal often said he was a Sorcerer born in a Athletic Sprinter's Body, as he can fun fast and almost never tire.

-Faal is naturally intelligent, and relies on his wits in combat more then brute force, able to spot problems and solve them with ease, he values his intelligence the most.

-Magically Inept, due to being such a powerhouse Faal can't control so much power, and he has a intense difficulty for harnessing his power, and when he does it seldom goes as he desires and often blows up in his face.

-Faal is naive and trusts people almost instantaneously, as he has difficulty spotting the bad from the good.

-Inexperienced in physical combat, could easily be defeated by someone with more experienced than him.

Personality: Faal is of a nervous disposition, and is often comfortable on his own. He packs a laid back attitude, and a very gracious outlook on life often savoring the beauty it offers, but at the same time wary of it. Faal is deeply sarcastic and makes light on every situation he sees, even if it's the wrong time and place. He'd find something to smile at even if it was the end of the world, asides from that he is a downright optimist, looking on the bright side always, this seems to annoy most people but it isn't to overbearing, and can be quite inspiring. Faal also seems to possess a roguish charm, making him fairly cunning, and occasionally persuasive, and genuinely manipulative in some aspects, however he often is a goofball messing up situations. Faal isn't a natural fighter, and has difficulty making himself fight: often running instead, he may be considered a bit of a coward, but if cornered and forced to fight he can discard his yellow streak and be quite fierce as he will, fight relentlessly and to the death.

Faal has seen his fair share of action, even though he has tried to avoid adventure and fighting he often if not always gets dragged into it, infact he sees it useless refusing an adventure or quest because he knows through out some way or another, he's going to be forced into it. Through out the latter though, Faal is like minded, and is stubborn, fighting for what he sees as right, and never changes his views. Faal enjoys a good talk, and loves getting into debates about little things, as he enjoys calmly breaking down his opponents defense, and proving how his view is superior.

Orientation: Neutral/Unity

-Rosewood Staff: blessed with sacred symbols carved into the bane, helps channel magical energy.

-Decorated Robes: basic spell casting robes, nothing special but they do look fashionable.

-Satchel: carries various essentials, such as money, scrolls ect

Faal's parents were born into Winterfall, and like most in the city he was founded with magical potential, as both his parents had magical talents: his father a sorcerer his mother a witch, he naturally inherited. As he was being brought up with natural magic, he held a lot of power but not the means to master it, which made him a wildfire of sorts. As at the age of five, a few mages wanted to tap into his magical core, it took them hours to find it and when they did they were astounded by the ability, but when they tried to provoke it into revealing itself, it caused Faal to explode killing the mages around him, and forcing him into a sort of sleep mode. This incident was never forgotten, and magical activity with him was ceased, and others grew weary of him.

As the years progressed Faal attempted to teach himself basic magic, he could preform some advanced feats, but that was with hours of concentrating. His parents felt lost not sure how to react, and for his fifteenth birthday he was given a staff by his mother to help harness his abilities. This did help, but didn't really make much of a difference, but Faal kept it for sentimental value. When Faal was 16, he felt no connection to Winterfall, he decided he must pave his own way through the world, which is why he left after a tearful goodbye from his parents, he left to find his own path.

As the years progressed Faal matured magically and physically, and was dragged through many adventures. But the most bizarre was the one where he found his Dragon. He was scaling a mountain muttering obscenely about the ridiculous height, he climbed for hours, his stamina was waning when he finally reached the summit of the mountain. At the top was a cave, in which Faal reluctantly entered, inside was a pulsating Ogre, which picked up his smell easily, Faal hid scared of the Ogre which towered over him, but he felt some forced inside him, like a connection, which encouraged him. While trying to slip out of the cave, he knocked over a small collection of rocks, alerting the Ogre to his presence, while backing out of the cave he felt an exchange, like a surge of power and energy, which unleashed a surge of magic, as he lifted his hands at the Ogre instinctively a spout of blue flames spurred out burning it alive, which left Faal astonished.

As Faal sat there for a few minutes, he felt a force coaxing him to venture back inside the cave. Curiosity drove him on, as he approached deeper inside the cave, he saw a rather large egg, which was on a makeshift nest, it began to hatch as soon as Faal made contact which made Faal jump in surprise. He stood there, blinking like an owl, as he saw a small silver Dragon hatch infront of him. Faal had heard stories about this, and wondered if it had chosen him, he took the Dragon with him, and never looked back.

So begins...

Faal Condevor's Story


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#, as written by TheFlag
Faal, Skyfall
Faal's eyes darted among the small pathway ahead, as he walked under the shroud of the forest he heard the twigs crush under his boots, he stopped for a minute, his eyes examining the landscape: he was coming into a clearing, where a junction followed he walked towards it slowly. His head turning as he spotted a old sign in the corner of the route, which was riddled with decay, he looked up looking at the words wearily, as he spotted the one that read 'Skyfall' he nodded and headed vaguely in that direction.

Faal's mind heard a familiar voice intrude, and a wryly smile appeared on his lips, it was Sweeper "You do realize it would be faster if we flew?" the Dragon's voice was dry and somewhat cynical, Faal winced lightly before muttering out loud instinctively knowing his Dragon could hear him, "I hate flying, you know that." Faal had avoided every opportunity to take flight, and only willing had done so once: which was a life and death situation.

"Suit yourself," he heard Sweeper's voice echo which reminisced a scowl, he occasionally looked up spotting Sweeper soaring through the sky, which sent a series of shudders down his spine. Faal's hands brushed through a small selection of bushes which had grown over the worn path, he stepped over the overgrowth and laughed dryly before quipping, "Man one, nature zero." he then heard Sweeper's voice intrude morosely "Nature reclaims everything eventually." Faal twisted his head shrugging, before pushing himself forward.

Eventually the trees had begun to fade away, leaving a large green radiant field ahead of him, his eyes spotted several houses in the distance, a large proud grin grew on his face, "Not long now, we'll be in Skyfall soon. Perhaps I'll be able to find a job or something."

Faal's mind heard Sweeper, he glumly stated "You'll get sucked into something eventually. Which is always trouble" Faal looked down, still walking forward while he shrugged his shoulders, before looking up "Probably, but perhaps we'll get lucky... possibly I doubt it though." he added, trying to look on the bright side of things.

Faal saw Skyfall in the distance and quickly looked up, "Sweeper, you coming in or out?" the Dragon landed besides him, which was quick and rather elegant, Sweeper looked up before nodding happily, Faal nodded calmly before making a quick observation, "Just try not to attract attention." the pair continued walking, at a distant pace.

The two arrived several minutes later at the Cities gate, he calmly waited by one of the stalls outside the gate, and spoke excitedly "Skyfall's amazing. You'll see." this was Sweeper's first time in Skyfall and Faal wanted to make it special, and show him the wonders and treats the City had to offer. Faal knew inside, he'd be looking for magical objects of interest, always wanting to learn more about his abilities, he brushed his robe clean of the grime, and held out a beckoning arm "Let's go!" and with that he headed towards the gate.


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#, as written by TheFlag
Faal, Skyfall
Faal walked past the city gates, his eyes noticed something strange about the guards: "They don't look right." Sweeper spotted, paranoia cracking in his voice, Faal turned his head vaguely in his direction before laughing cautiously, "Don't be silly, everything is fine. Let's head on over to th-" as soon as they had entered the city gates, he heard a large slamming noise, he turned around instantaneously the gate had been shut! He'd been shut in. Faal's eyes widened as his eyebrows arched, obviously confused and distressed.

He turned around his head cocking to the left, the familiar sense of fear, and adrenaline crept up his spine, his Dragon turned before saying casually, "This is normal I take it..?" Faal's eyes focused on Sweepers before speaking, his teeth chattering "No, I don't think so." he turned around noticing several people shrouded in black cloaks had revealed themselves, he turned to Sweeper his voice serious "We need to get out of here. Now!"

Faal sensed the magical energies being cast almost instantaneously, and dived into a nearby alley, the chorus of screams rose throughout the city, as well as the sounds of destruction and mayhem, he looked for Sweeper, who bounded towards him, "Get on me! I'll fly us out of here!" he practically demanded, Faal shook his head weakly, as he denied the fear that chewed inside him, "We can't leave all of these people to be massacred," he paused before taking a deep breath "Besides I don't think we'd get out." he gestured upwards as Sweeper noticed the Dragons circling and roaring, and his jaw dropped.

Faal looked up, his eyes were blank he quickly formulated a plan, "Find a exit, weak point. We'll escape that way. Hopefully saving a couple of the people as well." as much as Sweeper hated it, he nodded reluctantly, he walked off slowly preparing for flight, before turning his head towards Faal, "Be careful..." a small smile was all the reply Sweeper needed as he took off into the air.

Faal watched sadly as Sweeper flew off in search of escape, Faal looked down towards on end of the alley, noticing one of the black robed person had entered, he was laughing manically. Faal's eyes quickly fixed on the man, as he turned and fired off several small magical bolts, without even realizing what he was doing Faal raised his hands instincively, and a blue light sparked from them in seconds absorbing the bolts that were fired, he noticed the bolts were automatically fired back, which hit the mage directly setting him alight, but also knocking him to the ground dead. He stared at himself in wonderment before shaking his head in disbelief, "At least I preformed some magic." Faal sighed pulling the staff off his back and hesitantly headed out of the alley.


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Fitting between the sparring dragons was easy but landing was difficult. They had to clear a spot for Deimos' bulk. Eventually, the two settled for landing on the enemy. Even before Aella touched the ground, she had her bow out and was shooting black cloaked people. They had landed in the middle of what seemed to be a hostage situation. Deimos was swiping at the nearest mage, knocking them across the street. The two managed to kill all the black cloaks and free the hostages. She quickly wrapped bandages and soothed children before she nodded at Deimos. He stayed with the hostages while she ran forward, weaving and flipping over everything.

She saw a magic user, well, she thought he was, with the staff on his back and all. Notching an arrow, she whistled at the boy, hopefully gaining his attention. "If you're a black cloak, tell me now or I'll stick this arrow somewhere you don't want it. She aimed a bit lower, around his waist. She raised an eyebrow. "Who are you and what in the Gods names happened here?" she questioned. She didn't want to hurt him but she had to protect as many people as possible and if it meant taking out a kid, so be it.

Before the boy could answer, a more black cloaks, about 10, appeared. She swore and began taking them out, aiming for necks, eyes and temples. Anything they threw at her, she dodged and hit them with an arrow. Her thoughts were on the kid more than the black cloak and one got her in the side before she ended his life. She knelt, holding the wound, a hiss of pain escaping her mouth.

"Aella! Are you alright? I felt pain over the bond!" Deimos asked her, she smiled softly.

"I was hit with a spell, nothing too bad." This didn't comfort the dragon and Aella felt it. She sighed out loud. "I'm fine, dummy. How are the survivors?"

"They're breathing and singing praises to ya. Just call if you need me."

"Roger that. Stay safe."

"You too..."


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#, as written by TheFlag
Faal, Skyfall

Faal twisted his head backwards as he pushed himself out of the alley and out into the open. He closed his eyes concentrating for a second, before slowly and perhaps a little to cautiously scanned the area, it wasn't that bad here and he noticed a few of the black robe's corpses, which gave him a slight but odd comfort. Faal began darting in between the streets, while laying low and avoiding a lot of the attackers, he wasn't exactly a expert in stealth, but it was rather easy when there's a chorus of screams going on it the background, this gave Faal a certain rush, and he would've almost enjoyed it if it wasn't for being in constant danger.

As Faal came into a rather empty street, he heard a whistle. He turned rather slowly as he took a deep gulp, his eyes spotted a female elf and he immediately felt relief, until he realised she had a arrow trained on him "If you're a black cloak, tell me now or I'll stick this arrow somewhere you don't want it." he noticed her aim lower "Who are you and what in the Gods names happened here?", Faal raised his arms and began to formulate a sentence, explaining how he's just an innocent bystander, but was interrupted as several black cloaks appeared, Faal's eyes widened and he quickly went for his staff.

The elf began to fight, as she began dodging and slashing with her blade. Faal backed away, as two viscously approached him, "Let's melt his eyes!" one of them cackled and the other chortled along with surprising vigour, Faal automatically raised his staff and attempted to preform any magic, however nothing happened, the two laughed "Look at this! Aha!" Faal's features contorted before he realized he was holding a rather large staff, he looked at it briefly before swinging it almost comically at the two, they didn't even see it coming, and were knocked to the floor instantaneously, he had knocked one clean out but the other was cursing and getting back up, before this could happen Faal hit him repeatedly with the staff, before shouting "Why won't you die!" fear trembled in his voice as he did so.

Faal heard a hiss of pain and turned around quickly, noticing the elf girl had been wounded in the process of fighting the others. Faal quickly jogged over to her, before holding out his hands in a anxious way, "I'm not a black cloak! I'm just a bystander in this." he paused before looking at her side "Are you alright?" he examined the wound more intently, it wasn't exactly life threatening but it wasn't benign, he looked back up before stating carefully, "I could try to heal you, if you want?" he doubted he could, the only time he preformed real magic was when it was either a surprise or life and death danger.

The setting changes from draakon to City Skyfall


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Aella looked up at the kid before nodding. "I'm fine... I need to keep finding survivors..." she smiled at him before standing up shakily. "I could, however, use someone to help me get around until I can get back to Deimos. You just hold onto my hips and shoulders and let me you all the shooting." she glanced at the bodies and noticed one still moving. She limped over to it and grabbed the moron by the head, yanking it up by his hair. It was the one who hit her with the spell. "You do know, the first rule of playing dead is not moving." she joked, the man coughed out some blood. She noticed that she barely missed his heart. She frowned, she was losing her touch again.

"The True Dragons will prevail, elf!"

"True Dragons..? What is that? A cult?" she muttered before knocking her bow against the guy's head. "Whatever. You tell me what you're here for, now. Or that bow against your head, I'll make it put a arrow through your neck and it won't be clean." she bit out, the nice healer elf gone, replaced with a cruel hunter.

"We are the True Dragons and we are cleansing this city!" the man groaned out, dazed from the bow against his head. Aella swore.

"By killing thousands of people!? You make me sick!" she snarled out, smashing the guy's face on the cobblestone ground and bringing his face back up.

"You are a skilled archer... We could use you in-" the man began but Aella wasn't hearing it. She pulled out an arrow from one of the other bodies and jammed it in the black cloak's eye, twisting it.

"May you burn in the Escale, True Dragon. I would rather face the wrath of my gods than join you." She tugged out the arrow and set it in her quiver again. She pulled the others out and did the same, not bothering with cleaning them, knowing they'd be dirty again.

"Ael! I heard everything the guy said! I'm leading the survivors out of the city now and I'm coming for you!" Deimos told her, she nodded and sighed.

"Alright, Dei, keep them safe. May the Gods watch over your scalely butt." she responded, the dragon snorted.

"May the Gods watch over your pointy ears. See ya." Aella stood up and turned to the kid. "So, you coming?"

The setting changes from city-skyfall to Draakon


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

He had gathered what was left of the Assassin's guild to him, only a few remained missing. Raiyn had sent out a couple of the older Assassin's to find Rayma and any of the others. He knew Rayma was in the city, but he didn't know him personally. Raiyn's father had known him better, of course, his father had been the head of the largest guild in Skyfall, and the other guilds had always followed his word. However with the V'lyn house gone, except for himself, he wasn't sure what was going to happen next. The Assassin's around him followed his word, but how long would that last? He wasn't a leader, and he wasn't nearly experienced enough to do much good. That point was proven when he'd tried to attack the leader and almost got himself killed.

"You're sulking," Vy said softly. Raiyn looked up to see the silver dragon hovering over the rooftops about forty feet. He didn't reply, only kept walking. Assassin's don't sulk, Raiyn. You're an Assassin, pull it together.

Raiyn stopped, his eyes narrowing as he looked up at Vy, "Do you not see our city? It's burning!"

"And what are you going to do about it?" Vy's question took him off guard. It took him a moment to answer, but his thoughts began turning towards the man who called himself the 'True Dragon'. His cult was the reason, the whole reason to why Skyfall burned.

"Good, what else, Raiyn? Think." Vy's voice was filled with anticipation, and anger, but it wasn't at the Assassin.

"He said he was cleansing the city..."

"No, think back further."

Then he remembered. The night that he'd first encountered the man. When his father had sent him to see what the two magi were up to. He remembered the old house that had the scent of foul magic, and he remembered what the man said.

"He said that it's already begun. That 'he' was coming," Raiyn looked up to his dragon, he could see the glint of fear in his dragons eye, but there was determination there.

"The cult isn't the real problem. There's something else going on, Raiyn. We have to find out what their true purpose is."

Raiyn turned to the remaining Assassin's that surrounded him. They watched him eagerly, waiting for his orders. They were bloodied, just like him too. He didn't know if the enemy had truly left the city, but he had to send them.

"Find Rayma and the others. I'll meet you all back at the house."

Raiyn turned around and was about to start walking back to the house his father had operated from when a young boy ran right into him. The boy was just tall enough to hit his bad shoulder. He winced, reached up and clutched the wound as he looked at the boy. Bright green eyes and blonde hair filled his vision, his clothing was simple and the boy looked unharmed.

"Are you alright?" Raiyn looked around the smoking street. Reaching out with a bloodied hand he took the boys shoulder and pulled him close, "Follow me and stay close." Raiyn took the boy with him to the house. Once there, he let him go and marched up to the desk that was at the back of the large room. It was ornate, dark cherry wood and embroidered with gold. Along the walls were tall book shelves filled with old books and documents. Most of them were records of the Assassin's guild and contracts. The others were on basic training techniques and so on. The Assassin pulled out a quill and paper and began writing, completely engrossed in getting everything down on the paper so he could send it to the palace in Skyfall.

"The elven lady is here, Raiyn."

He stopped in the middle of his writing, "She is?"

"Her dragon too. They are helping the people escape. A young man is with her as well."

"If you can, get her to come here. The Assassin's will need her help."

City Crystacia

"No, that can't be," the Queen said in hushed tones. Her fragile face was pale from her shock. She stood, the paper in her hands shaking. Her scout knelt before her, out of breath from his haste to get to Crystacia.

"I saw it with my own eyes, my Lady. Skyfall burns! Men in black cloaks nearly destroyed the city!"

"The guilds... what of the guilds?"

"They still live, last I saw. My Lady, if I may..."


"There were a lot of black dragons in the sky over the city..."

Queen Fae sucked in her breath. The paper fell from numb fingers. She couldn't believe it. Black dragons? City Laowlee... King D'earl, attacked and nearly destroyed Skyfall!? She was astonished, she couldn't... wouldn't believe it. However, here her scout was, trembling from the sight, his eyes reflecting the truth in his words. She couldn't breath for a moment, just stood there in her white palace at a loss.

"But.. Skyfall is neutral, they never..."

"They do sometimes, my Lady," a different voice called, this one belonging to one of her council men. The three of them sat in smaller chairs next to her throne. She turned slightly to look at the old elf who had spoken. She took a shaking breath, then straightened herself.

"Get me an audience with King D'earl."


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#, as written by TheFlag
Faal, Skyfall

The woman looked up before nodding, "I'm fine... I need to keep finding survivors..." she smiled, which gave Faal slight comfort she then pushed herself up. Faal examined the scene before regarding curiously, "It looks like they're retreating. Perhaps the attack is over..?" he shook his head before, focusing back on the elf "I could, however, use someone to help me get around until I can get back to Deimos. You just hold onto my hips and shoulders and let me you all the shooting." Faal nodded warming up to the idea, "I could do that." a grin spread over his lips, happy to be of use.

The elf then walked over to one of the corpses, Faal's eyes twitched 'did that just move?' he then noticed the supposed corpse was still alive, he jumped at the sudden revelation, the elf walked over yanking his head up before taunting him "You do know, the first rule of playing dead is not moving." The man responded by coughing up blood. Faal knew instinctively that the elf was going to kill the black cloak, he looked down sadly but he knew it had to be done, if they didn't he'd just run off to join his merry band of cultists again. Faal turned around, taking a few steps forward not wanting to witness the scene, he heard however the black cloak yell aloud proudly "The True Dragons will prevail, elf!" which made Faal look down in apparent disgust.

Faal paused before trying to contact Sweeper mentally, 'You alright, buddy..? You there?' he heard a roar, before a slight twinge of death and then Sweeper's nonchalant, dry voice 'Yup, I'm fine. Just cleared a small exit, a couple of people fled.' Faal let out a sigh of relief, he looked down before thinking casually 'Catch up when you can, I think I'll take you up on that flying offer.' Sweeper adopted a patriotic 'Yes Sir!' before he felt his presence leave, he smiled happily everything was alright for the moment.

Faal turned around looking at the corpse, while the elf simply said "May you burn in the Escale, True Dragon. I would rather face the wrath of my gods than join you." Faal winced slightly as she yanked the two arrows out, putting them back in her quiver, he lowered his head as a sign of respect for the dead, before looking back up. The elf then stood up and turned towards Faal "So, you coming?" Faal paused before nodding vaguely, he looked up happily "I've got a ride coming too." he arched a eyebrow curiously enquiring if she had a way out of here also he did this rather indirectly of course but he was sure she'd understand what he meant, he was reluctant to abandon someone in this type of mess after all.


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Aella noticed the kid was looking up and she followed. Deimos was flying down, roaring. She rolled her eyes at her dragon's silliness. The dragon landed in front of her and butted his head against her shoulder, wrapping his body around her. He let out a purring breath.

"Ael! I was friggin worried!" the dragon roared out while Aella laughed. She ran a hand over his cheek and smiled. "Oh! By the way! That warrior you healed called for you, apparently he's a big deal around here... His dragon is huge and silver and stuff... The kid's an assassin and his dad ran the guild... I wondered where I heard his name before..." That had Aella blinking. 'He needed to see her? He was an assassin? It explained all the little daggers...' She shrugged and gingerly got on Deimos' back. Her side didn't hurt as bad but it did when she moved too much.

"Alright, kid. This is how it's gonna work. You and your ride follow Deimos back to a guy we know. There'll we'll introduce each other and get past all the nice pleasantries. And we'll figure out what's going on, got it?" Without waiting for an answer, Deimos took to the skies. She flipped her hood up as Deimos maneuvered around the remaining dragons. She knew that Deimos was sure of where he was going. Or she hoped.

"I do! The silver dragon told me exactly where the other kid was! It's some building over here!" Deimos exclaimed, his wings beating at a even pace. She changed her bow for her staff and got back into healer mode.

"Sure, sure. Just get us there." Deimos huffed and landed in front of a house. Aella hopped off and grabbed her side again. Deimos nuzzled the other one. She frowned at the dragon.

"Moron..." he muttered, using his actual voice, harsh from disuse. She shook her head and walked in, not bothering with knocking. Deimos followed behind her, his tail lashing at anyone who looked at the healer longer than 3 seconds, which was often. She walked to an assassin and cleared her throat.

"Excuse us, but I'm looking for Raiyn V'lyn. He sent for me but he merely told me the location, not which room." The assassin blinked a couple times before pointing to a desk where people were at. There was a small purple dragon and a blond boy. She wanted to coo at the boy but focused. She walked over and tapped on Raiyn's shoulder. "It's only been a few hours and you're already looking for me again?" she teased before getting serious. "You called for me? Your dragon contacted mine. Does someone need healing, cause that's all I'm really good for..."

The setting changes from draakon to City Laowlee


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#, as written by Siryn
Drake sat in front of Raiyn on Vy's large neck. They were nestled comfortably between two of his very large spikes, a simple piece of heavy leather draped around the dragon's neck to keep his scales from tearing his riders legs apart. Silver wings beat hard against the air, keeping them aloft. To Raiyn, the ride was comfortable, bobbing up and down in the air. He wondered how Drake was fairing though, sickness could come easily when flying. It was like being on a ship in the middle of a storm, but only this time, there was no water to stop your fall.

Laowlee loomed in the distance, the peeks of towers and houses reaching up to cover the horizon. The Assassin took a deep breath as they covered the distance quickly. It was only another hour flight and the city was beneath them. Vy turned his large silver head to look down into the streets. Earlier that day before they left, Vy had told Raiyn that he didn't want any of them landing in Laowlee until he'd flown over it a few times. The dragon could see into the city streets clearly from the height they were at. It had taken some time, but Raiyn had finally agreed to his dragons decision. Both dragon's whirled around the city several times.

"Anything?" Raiyn asked, growing uneasy as his dragon continued to fly and not showing any signs of lighting on the dragon perch to drop off his passengers. Vy didn't reply, only circled tightly around the same area he'd been over for the past ten minutes. Raiyn looked over to Aella on her smaller dragon.

"Raiyn, give Drake to Aella!"

Before the Assassin could ask why he needed to do such a thing, several cries from very angry dragons filled the air. Magic shot right past Vy and Raiyn. The Assassin covered the boy, keeping him from harms way as Vy veered sharply avoiding the initial attack. Black dragons dived at them from the higher peaks that were behind the city's walls. Then Vy did a maneuver that Raiyn wasn't ready for, the dragon flipped over to catch an oncoming attack. Being upside down wasn't so bad, and Raiyn had grabbed Drake tightly and held onto the leather with his free hand while tightly squeezing his legs to stay seated. However, when the black dragon collided with Vy, it shook Raiyn's shaky hold and he and Drake fell.

The Assassin's breath was taken away as he plummeted to the city below. He held Drake tightly, hoping the boy would pass out before they hit, lessening his pain. Raiyn spotted Aella's dragon diving for them, but she wasn't fast enough. A dragons roar caught his attention and he reached for his long knife as a huge black talon stretched out and snatched them from the air. Their fall was quickened as the black dragon brought them down into the city. A few feet from the cobble stones and the creature let them go. Raiyn hit the ground hard, a sharp cry echoing his pain. The dragon landed behind them, destroying several buildings and sending people screaming into the streets.

He let go of Drake, rolled onto his stomach and pushed up onto his hands and knees, "Are you alright?"

A sickening growl filled the air from the dragon as it reared backwards and then opened its maw. The glow of fire at the back of its mouth alerted Raiyn and he leapt for Drake, dragging the boy down to the ground as the creature ignited several buildings around it. Heat spread across his back from the fires behind him. The Assassin looked towards the destruction. People were on fire as they ran into the streets, screaming.


"It's them, Raiyn. The 'True Dragon's'," the silver dragon growled.

"Come on," Raiyn said pulling the boy to his feet. As they stood, the dragon continued to set fire, and from the flames, several black cloaked men filled the streets, following the citizens that lived. The Assassin drew his weapons and charged into the fight.

The setting changes from city-laowlee to Draakon


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Faal twisted his head upwards as he watched the woman fly away to some destination unknown, he snorted slightly before his dragon approached and remarked sarcastically "You're not actually going to follow her... right?" there was a glint of uncertainty in his eyes for a second, before Faal doubled over laughing, "No. I don't go looking for trouble, remember?" Sweeper landed near him, before looking up and twisting his head in a mocking manner, "It certainly seems that way." a bemused smile covered Faal's face before he looked up around the broken city, he let out a sigh "I was going to show you so much, now look at it." Faal held a morose look in his eyes for a nanosecond before recovering rapidly.

Sweeper twisted around, now directly facing Faal, "So what now..?" Faal looked down before saying sharply, "I haven't thought that far ahead." his eyes were stuck in the embers of fire, Sweeper grunted simply "Of course you haven't." a awkward second passed before Faal scowled, "Plans seldom go as planned. It's a fact." Sweeper muttered "It'd be nice to have a plan for a change though." Faal waved his hand away disregarding his Dragon's protest.

Faal had leaned against the wreckage before sluggishly backing off, "Howzabout Kingsburrow..?" it was the last neutral city standing which was a main reason he wanted to venture there, Sweeper grunted passively knowing he had no experience in the matter. Faal pushed himself against the wall, before looking uncertain, "We'll need supplies for this trip. Not a lot of provisions left" Sweeper rolled his eyes, before stating "Just hop on we'll fly there. It'll take half the time" Faal's eyes widened before he shook his head, "C'mon," Sweeper pressed "You don't even have the coin for more supplies." as much as Faal hated to admit it he was right, a large sigh escaped his lips, before he nodded reluctantly, "Fine! You win. We'll fly." the last word sent shudders down his spine.