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Gwindor Mithrandír

''Be careful.''

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a character in “The Reign of Dragons”, as played by tornadofan2


Gwindor Mithrandír
Dragon’s Name and Color:
Finarfin. A blue dragon.
Appearance: Image
The dragon still needs to develop wings.
Gwindor is an old man in general, quite tall, standing 215 centimetres and has a few scars.

Around the 340 years old.
Gwindor is a skilled fighter, he can move quickly and is skilled with a sword, bow and arrow and daggers.
His weakness is that he hasn't trained for long. He also has an old injury. His right leg doesn't function that well and is a painful spot. Also, if something happened to his dragon, he will blame himself for the rest of his life.
Gwindor is a silent, mysterious, old, gentle, wise elf. He has left his past for long and tries to forget it, but sometimes he gets confronted with his past by seeing people he met before. He just wants to live in peace, nothing more, nothing less. He is wise, knows a lot, but don't really count on him. He'll only give you advice if he really thinks he can help. He is rather alone and doesn't like to be around a lot f people. He has a strong bond with his dragon and feels close to nature, that's why he doesn't live in the city, but in the forest.
Lives close to the mountains, in the dense forest.
A sword he never uses, arrows and bow and a few daggers.
Gwindor was born in the forest and knows it by heart. He has had a easy life until he was 100 years old. He practiced a lot of fighting with his tribe. One day, he went out hunting but when he came back, the tribe was gone. The tents were burning and there were a few bodies. When he discovered that, he was destroyed, and wanted to find the one who had done that.

After years of searching, and when he was 170 years old, he finally gave in. He didn't know what do so returned to where he once lived. He cleaned the spot and left the bodies buried. He would find a new home.
A few years of roaming brought him to a city he forgot the name of. He stayed there for a few years, creating weapons and telling stories to children about his house. He had seen dragons before but never thought he would live with a dragon.

When he was 210 years old, Gwindor was confronted with his past and his tribe by seeing his old teacher that used to taught him how to fight. He asked what had happened but the teacher shook his head and asked him what he was doing here. Gwindor explained everything and the teacher nodded and showed where he was living with his family. After a few years, the teacher finally explained what had happened with the tribe.
Gwindor took long thinking about that. After he understood clearly he left the city, deciding the city wasn't his home. He went back to the forest but along the way found something strange. It seemed a big egg. He took it home, not knowing it was a dragon, though having that feeling.

The egg hatched when Gwindor was 300 years old and he found out it was a dragon. He formed a close bond with the dragon as it was his only companion, and soon they were always together. The dragon still needs to grow a bit and develop wings.

So begins...

Gwindor Mithrandír's Story


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Crisp, crisp, crisp.
''Be careful now,'' a whisper sounded. A head turned and yellowish red eyes stared at an elf, a rather tall elf, with pointy ears, looking a bit old for that matter. Long black hair the elf had, and what seemed like some kind of crown, a silver with swirls, but it was just something he had made. The head turned back, and careful, the creature placed one paw in front of itself and made sure to make now sound now. Slowly, the creature moved forwards and the elf followed after the small creature, making sure to make no sound either.

Quick they moved through the foliage, the green foliage of the big forest. The forest was the home of the elf and the creature that lived with the elf. The forest was loved by the two creatures, and cared for as best as the two could, to make sure nothing would happen to the forest.

The creature stopped and lowered his head. He moved his ears backwards and turned his head to look at the elf. The elf, looked angry, and the creature heaved a sigh. ''I am sorry Master Gwindor,'' the creature said softly and sat down. The elf walked towards him and sat down beside the creature. He rested his hand on the head of the creature and heaved a sigh too. "It's alright. You still need to learn, but you will learn my dragon," the elf said and smiled faintly.

The dragon smiled, happy that his master didn't take it too serious yet. Finarfin smiled and stood up again. "Shall we proceed than Master Gwindor?" the dragon asked, looking at his Master. The elf stood up and nodded silently, than started walking further into the forest. He was tired, and wanted to get home, there where his tent was, there where he lived, at the foot of the mountains.

But, he stayed silent, seeming not wanting to talk, thinking back to when he found his tribe, dead, gone, burned. He could remember that clearly, very clearly. It still bothered him until the day of today, and he really hated it. He wished it had been different, but on the other side, maybe he would have never met Finfarfin. And he loved the creature named Finfarfin, the small dragon that still needed to grow and develop his wings.

"Are you alright Master? You seem distance." The dragon looked concerned at his Master and moved his ears back again. He didn't really know the past of his Master, but at times he felt that his Master had gone through things. Things that changed his life completely and that had hurt him. He just didn't want his Master to think about it, and tried to keep him a bit away from his thoughts so he wouldn't think so much about it.

Gwindor looked down at the dragon and smiled faintly as he shook his head. "No Finarfin, I just thought about home, that is all," the elf said and smiled faintly. He than stopped and looked at the tent and the small open spot in the dense forest, his home. "We're home once again," the elf said and opened his tent. "Are you going to sleep outside or are you doing to sleep in the tent?" the elf asked the dragon.

Finarfin looked at his Master and than at the tent. He smiled and made his way into the tent, giving the elf the answer.

Gwindor smiled and made his way into the tent too, closed it and watched the dragon curl up beside his bed. He smiled and laid down, stared at the ceiling of the tent for a few minutes, heaved a sigh, closed his eyes and fell asleep.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

He had finished writing the message when he felt a bump against his leg. Looking down he caught sight of a very beautiful purple dragon bouncing around his boots. The boy who he'd brought into the home called to the dragon. It's name was Sedrik. Raiyn remembered vaguely when Vy was that small, but it didn't last. Within two months, the silver dragon had grown to be the size of a small pony. Three months after that he was nearly full sized, but still considered a baby. Now, several years later, Vy was a full grown dragon and had matured beyond Raiyn.

"Sedrik, the name suits him," Raiyn said as the dragon scurried over to his companion, "I'm Raiyn V'lyn. Skyfall was attacked by a group of magi. I don't know the full details, but I intend to find out their true intentions. Do you have anywhere you can go?"

"If this is something bigger than just a feud between Laowlee and the other cities, he won't have anywhere to go. No place will be safe, Raiyn." Vy said softly. Raiyn could feel his dragons sadness and discomfort. It hit him hard over their connection and he stood there watching the boy trying to ignore his own grief. The Assassin realized that with his father gone, he was now the one in charge of a crippled guild in a city that was defeated. It almost seemed to be too much. Vy, realizing what had happened, reigned in his own emotions, "Keep him with you. Also I was able to speak with the elf's dragon, they should be on their way soon."

Raiyn nodded though he knew his dragon couldn't see him, "Never mind. Stay with me. What's your name?"


The Assassin's moved through the city quickly, searching for Rayma. It shouldn't be hard to find him, but he was the top Assassin in the guild, the most skilled out of them all. Mr. V'lyn had put his full trust in the man and Rayma had always gotten the most difficult assignments, all of which he completed perfectly, all the time. With that in mind, the Assassin's moved as quickly as they could, searching every nook and cranny as they went. It was a full city sweep, and it was slow going, especially since most of the guild had been wiped out.

While they searched, one of the men found a young girl kneeling in the street. Several black cloaked men lying on the ground around her. She looked out of sorts, dazed and unsure. The Assassin knelt next to her, put his gloved hand on her shoulder and got her to look at him. The girl looked tired and possibly a little scared. He tried to get her to stand, but when that failed he pulled her against his chest and lifted her easily.

"I'll take her back to V'lyn," and off he went, the other Assassin he had been with only nodding.

Sage By'rill

The forest was calm and quiet. The smells of the trees, the earth and the wind filled her senses. It was peaceful and she was reveling in it. The peace in the forest was a great contrast against the agitation Rin was feeling. However, with Sage's body and mind filled with the calm of the trees around her, Rin had calmed slightly as well. Her blue dragon was circling lazily in the sky above the forest because there was no where for her to go. The trees were too tight for her to walk in without destroying anything or getting her wings stuck.

"I think you're getting close," Rin said. Sage looked up through the canopy, just barely able to see through the leaves to the sky that was slowly growing darker. The elf hoped that she would reach Gwindor's place before the forest was pitch black. Not that she minded the darkness, but the quicker the better. She picked up her pace and moved silently through the trees. It was a little while after when she picked up the smell of something cooking. She started towards it, hoping that she was about to stumble upon the older elf rather than any bandits in the forests.

"Sometimes you have an interesting way of thinking, Sage."

The elf smiled at her dragons words. She raised her eyes upwards for a moment before looking back at where she was going. She was moving at a half run, leaping over fallen logs and dodging bushes. Sage was completely silent in her advance, and soon she was upon a small area where a small home had been made and the smells of the food were much stronger. She cautiously moved into the area, her eyes watching the piece of cloth that flapped gently in the wind. After a moment, Sage stood at her full height (which wasn't very tall) and called out.

"Elder Gwindor? Are you here?"


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Character Portrait: Gwindor Mithrandír
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Gwindor was awoken by something. He slowly sat and blinked a few times before looking around. He noticed his dragon was and frowned. He came from his tent and looked around. ''Finarfin?'' he asked, looking around. He got back into his tent and grabbed his stuff and started to look around for his dragon.

Finarfin moved his paw, looked at the bird, lowered himself and narrowed his eyes. He ran forward and pinned the bird down. The dragon broke the neck of the bird. He then heard his master master call and picked up the bird by his neck and started to head back.

Gwindor was quite worried as he wasn't sure where his dragon was. He was always worried about his dragon. At once, he saw something coming from the bushes and looked a bit angry at the dragon. Finarfin dropped the bird and looked at Gwindor. He moved his ears back and lowered his head. Gwindor smiled faintly and knelt down. He petted the dragon and sighed. ''Don't leave like that again,'' he said and rose again.

Finarfin nodded and nudged the bird to his master. Gwindor smiled and together they walked back. Once back by the tent, Gwindor made a fire. He cooked half of the bird and gave the raw half to his dragon. Then he ate cooked half. He watched his dragon eat and smiled. He sighed and looked at the sky, then back at the dragon. ''I wonder when you will be fully grown and when you will have wings,'' he said and smiled.

Finarfin looked at his master and cocked his head. He sat down and smiled. ''Somewhere soon,'' the dragon answered and smiled.