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Lavender Qjelle

''Anyone else wants to sleep?"

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a character in “The Reign of Dragons”, as played by silverenphoenix


Name: Lavender Qjelle

Dragon’s Name and Color: Odessa,red

Appearance: Image
Most of the time she wears a black cloak over her dress. Black boots and a black belt are a must for her.
On the back of her neck she has scar from when she was burned. She always wears earrings and a necklace but never any other jewelry.
When using magic her eyes will turn to have the same color as lavender. Other then when she is using magic they have the color of a stormy day. Her hair color is a sandy blond.

Age: 22

Race:human, sorceress

Strengths/Abilities She is able to use all elements of attack magic.

Feared Punishment
This spell summons Death and his underlings to attack the one their summoner has regonized as his/her enemy. However this spell will only harm those who have killed or have any other sin without a good reason for it. The more the targets have sinned the stronger the attack will be. This attack can both be used on groups or just oen person. When the target hasn't comitted any sin the only result of the spell will be fear. This spell exists out of dark magic and costs a enormous amount of energy leaving it's caster out for a few minutes.

Weakness: The more powerful the spells she cast the more time they take leaving her defenseless while chanting the spell. To be able to use her full power she would have to fight in a team.

Personality: In the Beginning she will seem very cold but once you get to know her you will see,she's actually a very warm and gentle person.
She respects the people who respect her. While most of the time being very nice and gentle when needed she can be as crude as the devil.
Lavender is someone who thinks before she acts but is quite courageous.
She thinks more for other peopel then her herself since she herself doesn't really have any attachment to life.
It's not that she hates her life or anything but it just is that when needed she will accept her death at any time.
She hates it when other people touch her things without her permission and won't hesitate to say so. She loves to sleep but won't be angry if someone wakes her up.

Orientation: bisexual

Equipment: A wand and dagger on her belt.

History: She had a happy past as only child. When she was 5 years old they discoverd that she had talent for magic and it wasn't long before her parents gave her a dragon egg.
When she was 16 she got into a fight with a street gang who delivered her the burn she has now on the back of her neck. She was never the popular kid but also never the one who was hated. She was always admired by other kids from her age,because of that only a few people dared to approach her.

So begins...

Lavender Qjelle's Story


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"Master!Please,Teach me the Transportation spell! Pretty pretty please?"
With big eyes Lavender asked her master for the second time that day to teach her a spell.

"I just taught you a spell to heal even though you're not even a Mage. Every time you visit me you either want to learn a whole book of spells or have a practice match."

The old man was sitting in the middle of the flower field where they would always practice their magic.
His white hair was tied in a knot and his blue eyes were looking at his still young apprentice. The girl or woman like he should already call her had come to him
when she was 11 and had asked him to take her as his pupil. Many times he had refused her but his peace after that had always lasted only a few days before he would find her back at his doorstep. In the end he had accepted her request. Until now he had not regretted his choice even though he always said how a troublesome child she was.

"But master if I just pay you a visit you always complain about how I waste your time. And I want to become an all-rounder like you,well exept for the Warlock magic,I'm not really all that intrested in their magic." She pouted while still looking at her master with the same big eyes as just a moment ago.

"Fine,I'll show you the magic once so watch carefully. If you understand how it works after that you can use it,but I'm not planning on explaining a spell like this to you. And when are you finally going to sart acting like your ages and stop with the puppy-eyes and everything?!" With a deep sigh he destroyed the illusionary world where they were in. Not that one could really call it a world since it only existed out of hunderd miles of flower fields. For a moment both of their visions went completely black and it only took a second before they felt the magical energy they had used to create the illusion return to their body. Lavender and her master immediately regained their vision.
"I'll take us to the center of the city since right now we're just outside the walls of the city. Now remember that their are many forms of transportation and the one I use is only one out of hunderds of spells with the same purpose and also a very basic one." Once again he softly let out a sigh before spreading his arms in the air. Then in a clear voice he said the word Subvectio. Before he had even finished the word Lavender felt the magical energy that it carried. She closed her eyes to identify the energy used for the spell so that she would be able to use it herself. A smile appeared on her face as she understood the magic he had used perfectly.

Lavender openend her eyes again and realized that without even noticing she had already arrived in the center of town. Her master however was nowhere to be seen.
"That idiot probably send me off alone so that he could immediately check weither or not I understood the spell by seeing if I manage to come back. I'll show him."
She had already spread her arms when she noticed the fact that the noise she heard was different from the normal sounds of the city. Where normally she would hear childeren laugh,woman share their daily gossips and merchants loudly advertise their products she only heard screams,and the sound of dragons quickly flapping their wings.
Then she felt it,the extremely aggresive magic which any spell caster would be able to sense.

Odessa's voice clearly sounded through her mind.
'Laven,The city is under attack by people in black robes. I think they are magic users. Unless master is with you get the hell out of there.'
A grimace found it's way on Lavender's face as she decided to ignore her dragons wise advice.
Completely ignoring her dragons continued calls she made her way to the normally busiest part of the city. She saw the pile of dead bodie sgetting bigger and bigger as she got closer to her objective. The grimace on her face made place for a cold and emotionless expression. As soon as she stepped on the sqaure the smell of death penetrated her nose stronger than everything before. It didn't take long before she saw the causers of all of this. Four of them.They hadn't noticed her yet.
She released her wand from her belt and calmly started chanting one of her more powerful spells.
Her voice sounded clear but soft as she chanted the words.

"To destroy what has destroyed I call upon the spirits of vengeance and darkness.
Obey my words and destroy my enemies so that they shall be judged by Death himself."

The feared Punishment spell. One of the few spells which involved dark energy that she used.
Black knight on dark furious horses without legs started to appear around her only to ride with great speed towards the one she had recognized as her enemies.
They surrounded the ones in the black robes and started to ride around them in great speed till the only thing you saw was a black haze. Finally she felt the last kinght appear next to her. The last kight. The one that would be called king over the other shadow kinghts. The infamous one known as Death. She saw how he stormed the haze and with one clean sweep of his Scythe reaped their souls. Then Death turned around to offer his summoner a small cold bow and disappear into thin air together with the other knights. As soon as they dissappeared she fell to the ground. She gasped to get the breath back that she had lost together with the great amount of magic energy teh spell had costed her. She hoped someone would notice he rsoon. 'Cause otherwise her chance to survuve had bcome extremly slim.

The setting changes from City Skyfall to Draakon


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

He had finished writing the message when he felt a bump against his leg. Looking down he caught sight of a very beautiful purple dragon bouncing around his boots. The boy who he'd brought into the home called to the dragon. It's name was Sedrik. Raiyn remembered vaguely when Vy was that small, but it didn't last. Within two months, the silver dragon had grown to be the size of a small pony. Three months after that he was nearly full sized, but still considered a baby. Now, several years later, Vy was a full grown dragon and had matured beyond Raiyn.

"Sedrik, the name suits him," Raiyn said as the dragon scurried over to his companion, "I'm Raiyn V'lyn. Skyfall was attacked by a group of magi. I don't know the full details, but I intend to find out their true intentions. Do you have anywhere you can go?"

"If this is something bigger than just a feud between Laowlee and the other cities, he won't have anywhere to go. No place will be safe, Raiyn." Vy said softly. Raiyn could feel his dragons sadness and discomfort. It hit him hard over their connection and he stood there watching the boy trying to ignore his own grief. The Assassin realized that with his father gone, he was now the one in charge of a crippled guild in a city that was defeated. It almost seemed to be too much. Vy, realizing what had happened, reigned in his own emotions, "Keep him with you. Also I was able to speak with the elf's dragon, they should be on their way soon."

Raiyn nodded though he knew his dragon couldn't see him, "Never mind. Stay with me. What's your name?"


The Assassin's moved through the city quickly, searching for Rayma. It shouldn't be hard to find him, but he was the top Assassin in the guild, the most skilled out of them all. Mr. V'lyn had put his full trust in the man and Rayma had always gotten the most difficult assignments, all of which he completed perfectly, all the time. With that in mind, the Assassin's moved as quickly as they could, searching every nook and cranny as they went. It was a full city sweep, and it was slow going, especially since most of the guild had been wiped out.

While they searched, one of the men found a young girl kneeling in the street. Several black cloaked men lying on the ground around her. She looked out of sorts, dazed and unsure. The Assassin knelt next to her, put his gloved hand on her shoulder and got her to look at him. The girl looked tired and possibly a little scared. He tried to get her to stand, but when that failed he pulled her against his chest and lifted her easily.

"I'll take her back to V'lyn," and off he went, the other Assassin he had been with only nodding.

Sage By'rill

The forest was calm and quiet. The smells of the trees, the earth and the wind filled her senses. It was peaceful and she was reveling in it. The peace in the forest was a great contrast against the agitation Rin was feeling. However, with Sage's body and mind filled with the calm of the trees around her, Rin had calmed slightly as well. Her blue dragon was circling lazily in the sky above the forest because there was no where for her to go. The trees were too tight for her to walk in without destroying anything or getting her wings stuck.

"I think you're getting close," Rin said. Sage looked up through the canopy, just barely able to see through the leaves to the sky that was slowly growing darker. The elf hoped that she would reach Gwindor's place before the forest was pitch black. Not that she minded the darkness, but the quicker the better. She picked up her pace and moved silently through the trees. It was a little while after when she picked up the smell of something cooking. She started towards it, hoping that she was about to stumble upon the older elf rather than any bandits in the forests.

"Sometimes you have an interesting way of thinking, Sage."

The elf smiled at her dragons words. She raised her eyes upwards for a moment before looking back at where she was going. She was moving at a half run, leaping over fallen logs and dodging bushes. Sage was completely silent in her advance, and soon she was upon a small area where a small home had been made and the smells of the food were much stronger. She cautiously moved into the area, her eyes watching the piece of cloth that flapped gently in the wind. After a moment, Sage stood at her full height (which wasn't very tall) and called out.

"Elder Gwindor? Are you here?"


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

Raiyn winced inwardly as she threatened him, and he tried hard not to smile at her. For some reason her angry expression didn't scare him all that much, in fact it was quite the opposite, she was prettier with the angry look. The Assassin took her gently and led her away and he sat down with a sigh.

"Fiery isn't she? How do you know her?" One of the men asked softly.

"Just met her," Raiyn replied rubbing absently at his shoulder.

"Well, you better go see her before she tears this house apart."

"Better be careful, she might just tear you apart before she heals you," Vy said.

Raiyn rolled his eyes at both his Assassin and the dragon. A little while later, after he had started discussing what he planned to do, another of his Assassin's came into the room carrying a young girl. Raiyn stood quickly and went to the two. He inspected the girl to see if she was injured, but it only seemed like she was dazed.

"Where did you find her?"

"In the street, she was surrounded by the cultists. She must be a magi, there wasn't a scratch on her but they were all dead."

Raiyn raised an eyebrow as he listened. He nodded and motioned for the Assassin to follow him. He went to the room where Aella was. Turning around, he took the girl in his arms and gently laid her in one of the cots that was set up. Several of his men had bandages on them, and he looked for the elf that worked to heal them. He found her wrapping linen around one man's arm. He noted that her cut hadn't been treated. Might as well face the wrath, he thought, a small smile on his face.

"Oh yes, because the very tiny elf terrifies you."

"Would you..."

Vy's dry laughter filled his mind, the dragon was certainty having fun, "Forgive me, Raiyn, but I've never seen you act quite like this with a woman before. Sure you treat them all very highly, but to this young one, it seems you almost want her attention no matter what."

Raiyn glared at the ceiling, he shook his head and ignored the silver dragons comment. He moved to stand near the elf waiting for her to finish. He would have her finish healing his men, then he would see to it that she healed herself before he allowed her to heal him. Raiyn crossed his arms over his chest, watching her work.

City Vaye

"The more we kill, the more life is brought to him," his voice was hoarse as he spoke to the black cloaked men around him. He raised his arms, the city of Vaye right behind him. "It is a cleansing, us, the True Dragon's will be given our rightful place along side our rightful King."

The men were silent, anticipation in the air. He turned to face the city gates. His arms slowly came back down to his side, "Bring our King to life."

The mass of black cloaked men disappeared, magic releasing into the air like a toxin. It made the wind heavy, the air taste different as it was taken into the lungs. All went into the city except for him. His metal clad hand twisted with the other, a smile on his pale face. Not long after, the screams started in the city, and the first of several fires erupted, causing the sky to turn black with smoke.

"Thane," a feminine voice called him. He turned to it. The woman stood with one hand on her hip, her long black hair twisted over one shoulder.

"What is it now?"

"You're called back to Laowlee, the King wishes to see you. Queen Fae is there as well."

Thane smiled, baring crooked teeth, "Well then, let the games begin."


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Aella finished with the worse of the man's wounds before she wrapped the rest. She had finished all the men. Most were asleep, seeing as she talked to them with a gentle voice. She was drained and tired, but happy. She'd done her job well. Now she needed to see Raiyn, the stubborn Assassin. Deimos purred in her mind, making her look up.

"There's two more coming in, Ael! Raiyn and some girl!" he called, making her nod as she wiped sweat off her brow. She turned to face Raiyn. The Assassin seemed to be waiting for her. How sweet of him.

"Yes, because he yearns for your attentions!" Deimos said, sarcasm lacing his voice. She merely huffed. Her cuts on her arms tingled, the larger ones bleeding. She quickly wrapped them to stop the bleeding.

"Ah, so you did decide that I should heal you... I'm honored... Deimos said there was one more... No matter. Quickly, lay down. And no, you and the girl first, then myself. I will strap you to the bed if needed. Deimos will help me...." She could tell the boy wanted her to heal herself. They were always like that. She leveled him with her 'Argue with me and I will make this painful' glare. Deimos snorted at both him helping and her glare.

"Because you're soooo scary..." Aella rolled her eyes at the dragon. The silly thing had a good sense of humor but she was usually the butt of his jokes

"Of course! I can mess you up then heal you. What's not to fear? I'm very scary..." the dragon began laughing out loud, waking most of the patients. She sighed and pushed magic into her voice. "Everyone go back to sleep... My dragon was just laughing... Relax, I will not let you get harmed again... It's my job..." Most listened and fell back into the Void of Dreams. She then turned to Raiyn, eyebrow raised, her eyes a mix of purple, green and brown.

The setting changes from Draakon to City Skyfall


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#, as written by Siryn
Raiyn watched her with an amused look on his face. Her threat to tie him down was... intriguing, if nothing else. He kept his arms crossed over his chest and didn't move. He would win out, he was patient. When she didn't move either, her eyes slowly narrowing into beautiful colored slits, his smile grew.

"I would be careful, Raiyn. She might just re-open your wounds completely just for spite," Vy said.

Raiyn looked down at her arms that she too crossed over her chest. They were wrapped in white cloth, little spots of red slowly peering through. This made him frown. "When she heals she takes some of the injury?"

"It's not uncommon, Raiyn. A lot of healers have some sort of price to pay for their magic. Nothing is ever free. Even the most powerful magic user will run out of energy or kill themselves if they aren't careful."

"Good to know they aren't invincible."

"The girl isn't injured, just worn out it seems," he said softly, "needle and thread will do just fine for my wounds, but only after you've taken care of yourself," he leaned forward, closing the distance between them and watching her pretty face turn pink, "Can't heal anyone if your not fit, now can you?" He asked even softer, his voice barely a whisper. He hovered there for a while longer than straightened again. Raiyn didn't move after that, only waited for her to take care of her own injuries.

"You really are a charmer arn't you?"

"I'm going to ignore that, Vy."

The dragon laughed, "Well, before she kills you, what is your next move, aside from gathering information around Skyfall?"

"We go to Laowlee. King D'earl will be our first stop. I hope to get Rayma to come with us."

"Why do you want the outcast?"

"So I can learn more."

"But you've learned the ways of the Assassin, you've been doing it for years, you are no novice."

"Did you not see the fight with that magi? Twice he nearly killed me. What happens next we meet?"

"I won't let it happen," Vy growled.

"Neither will I, hence the need for Rayma."

The setting changes from City Skyfall to Draakon


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Aella's glare did nothing to the Assassin and she sighed. "Fine... You leave me with no choice... Sorry in advance..." She waved her hand and the clean water in the room tied Raiyn to the cot. The water flowed around him, like a bubble, soaking him from head to toe. "I wasn't kidding..." Then she spotted the little blond and the purple hatching and cooed at him. "Aren't you two cute... I'm Aella, a healer and you can help me. See the girl in the cot? Can you go see if she's awake or asleep while I tend to Mr. Stubborn here?" Then she turned to the wet Assassin on the cot and snorted. "And, you... You just look ridiculous..." She told him before pumping magic into the water. Deimos walked in and laughed at the Assassin.

"And you thought she was joking..." the dragon told the boy before nuzzling Aella's hair. "You need my help, Ael?"

"In a bit when I go to rouse the girl, if she's asleep and heal myself... Then I will need a good bath and new robes... You can get me those, yes?" she asked the boy, knowing he couldn't answer until she removed the water, which was breathable. The water removed his shirt and all that jazz so she could remove the bandages. Once those were gone, she rubbed her fingers over the wounds, keeping all the blood away from her view and Raiyn's face. As she rubbed, they healed right up, any infection gone with them. She drew her hands away and made the water go back into the pans, the bloodied going into a separate one than the cleaner.

"All done..." Deimos told the Assassin, still chuckling over his healer's water stunt. He pushed magic to her and she relaxed against him. Their dynamic was interesting.

"You stole the words out of my mouth, Dei!" she chirped before looking at Raiyn. "Now, can I have that room..? I wish to heal in private, seeing as how I must wrap the wounds myself and that would mean disrobing. Unless you'd like for me to disrobe here..?" she joked, a delicate eyebrow raised. Deimos gasped.

"What a pervert..." he muttered as if whispering in Aella's ear to gossip.


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#, as written by Siryn
Raiyn sat up, drenched in water and his shirt gone. He frowned at her, but even as he glared, he couldn't bring himself to be angry at her. It didn't even matter that she'd used magic to take him down, something he was not very fond of.

"That's the second time she's taken your shirt off, she must like it. I wonder what would be next?"

"Vy!" He called, yelling both in his mind and out loud. He sent his glare upwards, hearing the dragon laugh.

"Oh don't pretend to be angry at me."

"I haven't even begun to get angry with you," Raiyn replied coldly. He stood slowly, his eyes dropping to take a look at his wounds. They had closed completely and she was leaning against her dragon heavily. Raiyn ignored the last part of her words, instead he gently took her and led her towards the door at the right of the room.

"Go heal, and afterwards, I would like to speak with you," he said gently. He let her go into the room and shut the door. The Assassin rubbed his hands through his drenched hair and shook the water free. He turned to the bed that was near the door. It was where he had laid the girl down earlier. Drake stood next to the bed, so the Assassin put his hand on the boys shoulder.

"She's fine. Come with me, Drake, Sedrik too."

"What are you doing, Raiyn?" Vy asked.

"If he's to come with me, I need to know if he can fight."

There was sarcasm in Vy's words as he spoke again, "You get one scratch on you and I'm not saving you."

Raiyn smiled as he walked to where Aella had her magic toss his shirt off. Gathering the materials he started putting it on, continuing to leave the room as he did. Once they were away from the others and in an opened area of the house, Raiyn picked up two of the long knives that were on the table. They were the same ones he had had when he'd fought the magi the night before. He turned to Drake.

"I see you've a sword. Show me what you can do with it."


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Lavender,wake up. Wake up,immediately, Please.
Odessa's voice cried out through Lavenders still tired mind.

Slowly Lavender openend her eyes. When she realized that she was unfamiliar with the area she was in she stood up from the bed at an almost scary speed.
Standing up at such a speed ended up being a bad idea since she coughed up blood the moment she stood straight. The blood dripped all over her hands and she couldn't help but think,that's gross. She never had any trouble with other peopel their blood but couldn't help but think of her own blood as disgusting. That trair of her was everything exept ideal at that moment since coughing wasn't the only way she was loosing blood. She felt how a warm liquid flowed out of her ear in a small stream. She sighed. This was only the second time that she had used the Feared Punishment spell. But the internal injuries that the spell had caused were a lot worse then the first time. She had learned the spell by going into the forbidden part of her masters library. In the speel book had stood all instructions on how to do the spell but their had also stood that the spell shouldn't be used by anyone who had less than thirty years experience in using magic. The punishment for stepping all over that rule was bigger than she had expected.

Odessa? How long have I slept?

It was yesterday that you used the spell so I would say one and a half day.
Odessa's seemed happy by hearing the voice of her bonded one

Two days it is. The bleeding have started sooner as last time. Back then it took four days before I started bleeding. Could you tell me where I am?
She said feeling the upcoming urge to rest again.

For a moment Odessa was silent like she wasn't sure if she should tell Lavender or not.
You are at the Assassin Guild V'lyn.

Now the silent one was Lavender.
She was a place so famous. It kind of left her...Stunned?
She wasn't quite sure what she felt fear,suprise or just plain curiosity?
That's ......Something.

Slowly she felt the urge to rest again she had previously felt take over.
And she layed down again before she would sank through her knees once again.
Odessa,I need to rest again so that my magic can concentrate itself on healing my organs. It will probably take a few more days but I will wake up normally again from now on.
Please go help the one who helped me and lend me this bed.

Alright Laven,you just concentrate on getting better.
Odessa let out a slight sigh. "You heard her Master.Well,you didn't but hear her but I told you everything she said so, Could you transport me to ehm,where did you say they had gone to?"
Lavender's Master smiled at his pupil's dragon. "Laowlee,child,I will send you there. I predict you shall find some trouble there but you will be fine."
"You know,It's kind of creepy how you now things like those people their location without taking even a single step out of your house."
The old man laughed. "It's a gift,Your bonded one has this gift too,but she doesn't realize it. Well of you go."
He raised his arms in one smooth movement and once again said the word Subvectio. The dragon winked once with it small eyes before it found itself in a completely different place,also back in it's original size. Odessa found herself surrounded by black dragons and the ones who supposedly had saved her most importnant person. "That old bastard really doesn't cut me any slack,does he? Sending me off to the middle of the battlefield. Well,at times like this I'm glad that i'm on of the larger dragons."

With a big swipe of her claw she hit the jaw of one of the black dragons who had already noticed her,Though it was hard to not notice her with the size she had. She felt the jawbone of the dragon break under the hit. Ouch,that hurts she thought to herself. Odessa turned around to th eones who ha dhelped her master. "My bonded one asked me to help you zince you helped her. If I my I shall explain the details later. For now I'll help you in your battle."


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"Alright lets go." Drake followed Raiyn to his dragon. Sedrik fluttered over to his shoulder from the larger dragon's head. The silver dragon reared up and took off into the sky with such speed. Drake was thankful for living on a boat his whole life or else he would have been heaving chunks the whole ride to Loawlee. Instead he spread his arms like he was flying. "WOOOHOOO! This is amazing! Sedrik you need to hurry up and grow large enough so i can ride you."

"Sure I'll get right on that. the purple dragon mocked. Drake was having the time of his life riding Vy until all of a sudden black dragons everywhere. Vy took a dive and Drake started to fall until Raiyn caught him. "Woah, Whats happening? Why are we being attacked?" Before his question could be answered a black dragon threw Raiyn, Drake, and Sedrik off of Vy and onto the cobblestone below. "Are you alright?" Raiyn asked. "Never better" Drake answered

A big black dragon swooped down and Raiyn had just enough time to cover Drake before the dragon began spitting plumes of fire. Once Raiyn stood back up Drake did the same while taking out his pistol. Raiyn charged into battle and Drake aimed and shot a few of the oncoming men in black robes. "Let me at 'em! I want to tear out their throats and piss on their eyes!" Sedrik yelled trying to flutter into battle before Drake grabbed him and shoved him in his vest. "Dont move."

Drake shot another man then another and aimed for a third but before he could get a shot off an arrow pierced the man's head. Drake looked back to see Aella joining the fight and was relieved she was OK.

Turning his head away he caught a man in a robe nearly on him. He unsheathed his sword cutting the man's neck then sliced again cutting through another's chest. Drake aimed for a third but was pushed back by magic, flying a few yards and hitting the hard road with an "Oof". His vest opened in the process and Sedrik flew out attacking the man, clawing out his eyes and blowing tiny puffs of smoke at the man. Drake stood from the daze and shot the man in the chest while he was distracted.

"Did you see that?! I killed him!"

"Sure you did, runt."


Drake shot two more before heading back over to Raiyn. "So what's the plan? Kill robed men all night?"