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a character in “The Reign of Dragons”, as played by Exodyus


Name: Rayma Von Vesthart
Alias: The halfbreed
Title: Gaijin
Affiliations: The Order
Guild: Assassin's

Dragon’s Name & Color: N/A

*Not current raiment - has yet to be achieved*

Factual Age: 25
Assumed Age: 33

Race: Hybrid, Halfling
  1. Human
  2. Dragon

  1. Stronger than average humans.
  2. Swifter than average humans.
  3. Sturdier metabolism; hungry often.
  4. Innate: Half-damage from heat/flames
  5. Innate: Acid/Fire use.

  1. Skewed moral compass.
  2. Inability to see good in anything.
  3. Takes extra damage from cold magics due to prior cold-trauma.
  4. Hunger to Appease.
  5. Desires to fit in.

Orientation: Neutral Chaotic


Lost in a new world, Rayma is without knowledge and understanding of life, friendship, and trivial, mundane day-to-day things.
Only understanding survival and combat, Rayma seeks solitude before companionship, combat before forgiveness.
Tight-lipped and calculating, he will wait, watch, and observe all of those around him to make the best move possible for himself.



  • Head | None
  • Torso | Leather Curiass
  • Legs | Leather pants, reinforced joints
  • Arms | None
  • Feet | Steel-shanked, leather boots

    • Short Steel Sword | Rusted around the handguard, nicked up the blade | 18"
    • Long Steel Sword | Rusted and chipped blade | 38"


Since birth, Rayma has been an outcast. Thought to have been a demon spawn, he was delivered as an infant to the local monastery for exorcism and that was the last time anyone had seen him until recently... Mystery and lore surrounded the birth of such a monster and it's disappearance. The church exclaimed that the beast was destroyed and that it was the will of the gods that it be done, yet whispers from the Order and the brethren feel and decided differently.

It has been rumored that the Dark General of the Black Dragons took his own dragon to be his lover. Whether this be rumor or not, the fact of the matter is that the two, while never having known one another, share the same last name. Such a thing might be over-looked as common-tongue, however when the birthing mage touches the crown of a child, the surname is to be revealed. Even from such a bastard as Rayma, the heavy burden of such a fierce and powerful title could only spell trouble for his new life...

During these missing years, the demon-blooded has been in rigorous training in the arts of combat. With minor qualities of a mage mixed with the combatant abilities of a warrior-classed, matching the largest humans at such a young age in size and strength, Rayma was given the opportunity to study under several guilds at once. Often it is frowned upon for someone to be of a secondary house, because this divides the attentions of that person to various things, however when the mage skill presents itself in a warrior, special precautions are taken place and they are taught control and mastery -- without it, they could be more trouble as a chaotic loose cannon, than a refined, honed warrior.

Forged in constant battle, more as slave-status than man, the Outcast fought tooth-and-nail for everything he possesses today. It is called the Iron Price, and paying it gladly, meant earning your keep instead of being given everything. You keep what you kill. Now at the age of twenty-five, his training is for better or worse, complete and he is sent out into the world with tasks and jobs given to him by the Order and by the Assassin's Guild. Left to his own devices, Rayma is unsure of this new position without constant strife and tension. Freedom is still but a cage.

So begins...

Rayma's Story


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#, as written by Exodyus
The smoke clouds billowed from the flames that lurched through ruined houses, consuming anything and everything within the homes and structures throughout the city. Standing on the roof of one of these homes, hidden within the fog of war, stood Rayma in his ebony gear. Dark crimson eyes scanned the ground, watching the turmoil of the city being consumed by figures in black, with objective eyes. It was not his fight and they meant him no harm at the moment, therefore without worrying what might happen to the city, he merely stood on the peak of a bi-slanted roof with a hand resting on the brick chimney at his right. The smoke rolled around him, masking his presence completely, allowing him to understand the true situation of the matter. While the dragons warred in the skies and the peons moved through the city, killing those who could not defend themselves, a break off group had moved for the castle where the nobility lie. This proved to be something of a mental game for Rayma, who was sworn to do the right thing in his best interest and of that of the Assassin's Guild.

If these figures took the castle and those within, the Guild would loose footing in Skyfall. Rayma sighed softly, allowing the smokey atmosphere to invade his hybrid lungs with a deep, relaxing inhalation. Smoke was not uncommon to him, by any means. Often sleeping on hard, flat surfaces to avoid setting the linens on fire was a daily routine and a serious pain in the ass, to boot. A sharp whistle crossed the air in the moment of his random thoughts and he turned his head in the direction. It was a dragon-whistle. Something humans could not hear, but was most-often used to train and hone dragon senses in times of learning and even crisis. Surely the dragons would have heard it, but wouldn't have truly known what to make of it, because it wasn't meant for them. Rayma's trained eyes paused on Jafan in the distance. He pointed toward the castle and then ran his arm down the length of his body and balled his fist, with a plunge outwards again. Rayma nodded.

The silent man had watched these fools, these beginners getting hurt, wounded, and nearly killed at all of this direct combat which he scoffed at. Not the Assassin's Way at all, and their training had been all but forgotten in the midst of battle. Such was the way of beginners. Rayma spent the better part of his days training. No friends. No work, except for what the Guild called for, and no distractions being an outcast -- he had more than enough skill and training for such an event. Besides, it was his sole duty and responsibility to protect the leaders of any city, because of his nature. His racial traits. His position in society, being lower than a human...

With a dash, the fiend blurred across the rooftops, racing down the peak until he'd reached the edge and jumped from one to the next, which was roughly a story lower. Rolling to his right shoulder, Rayma planted his hands firmly on the wall as he'd come out of his roll and threw his legs to the right, vaulting perfectly off the stout roof balcony and hit the ground running. Pulling the short sword from his left hip, the blade tightly clenched in his right hand the Assassin bolted up the streets, avoiding anyone's direct eye contact as he approached the enigmatic group, trying to take advantage of this perfect situation. Rayma would have nothing of that.

Reaching the small group of six robed figured, calmly walking through the alleyway, Rayma what he did best: kill. Gripping the first around his head, the man's neck was snapped with a sudden pull to the right and he didn't have time to squeal for his life, thus leaving the rest oblivious to the assassin's presence. The second took a blade through the right lung from the rear, causing his gasp to remain a silent hiss. It was perfectly plunged between the third and fourth ribs, before being twisted, fracturing and then breaking two ribs and slicing up everything in between. The pain would have been unbearable -- not from the broken ribs, not from being ran through, not from the bones snagging and tearing organs within the man, but the blade itself -- nicked up and down the other side, which shredded the flesh into ribbons and bit with every inch thrust passed his epidermis.

Jerking the blade out caused the others to turn to examine what might be happening, the third would die here, as the jagged blade crossed his throat, severing his skull from the rest of his body. Three men had finally turned to stare astonished. Their brethren had been slain in heaps behind them as they walked and without their knowledge! The first of the remaining three pulled a blade without hesitation and lunged at the trained man. With a parry high, their blades were locked and the notions of the True Dragon revealed that he was about to kick. With a widdershins spin, Rayma had revealed his second blade, a long sword from his right hip, which cut the man in two with a mighty swing and he stood there, staring at the next two.

"I am impressed, assassin. You should join the True Dragons. We will take over the world..." The leader mumbled with a hoarse laugh as his second approached his death. Rayma had sad nothing, but standing on the roof, high over head he had been consuming the mana of the flames within the building beneath him. The energy boiled within him like a raging volcano. He didn't waste any time with the second man. A sneer and a hocking noise, had the outcast gathering spittle within his maw, which came out in a forcible projectile and hit the man in the face. Stunned for a moment that he was actually spit upon in battle, the once-rage on his face suddenly turned to a horrified scream as the flesh on his head began to sizzle and crackle loudly. Acidic saliva. It bore through his head, dropping the man suddenly to the ground in a fit of seizures and convulsions.

Now it was just the leader, who looked worried and was backing up slowly, and Rayma. The visage of calm confidence and murderous intent. They were off the beaten path of the city road-ways, due to the group trying to remain sneaky -- and now it would be his downfall that he could not call for his friends, his brothers in arms. Rayma had none, so this fight like every one before it could have been the last. His training kept him keen. Faster reaction times, stronger swings, and more deadly honing than any human...

"You don't know what we work for!" The leader screamed.

Rayma's eyes narrowed.

The setting changes from City Skyfall to Draakon


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

He had gathered what was left of the Assassin's guild to him, only a few remained missing. Raiyn had sent out a couple of the older Assassin's to find Rayma and any of the others. He knew Rayma was in the city, but he didn't know him personally. Raiyn's father had known him better, of course, his father had been the head of the largest guild in Skyfall, and the other guilds had always followed his word. However with the V'lyn house gone, except for himself, he wasn't sure what was going to happen next. The Assassin's around him followed his word, but how long would that last? He wasn't a leader, and he wasn't nearly experienced enough to do much good. That point was proven when he'd tried to attack the leader and almost got himself killed.

"You're sulking," Vy said softly. Raiyn looked up to see the silver dragon hovering over the rooftops about forty feet. He didn't reply, only kept walking. Assassin's don't sulk, Raiyn. You're an Assassin, pull it together.

Raiyn stopped, his eyes narrowing as he looked up at Vy, "Do you not see our city? It's burning!"

"And what are you going to do about it?" Vy's question took him off guard. It took him a moment to answer, but his thoughts began turning towards the man who called himself the 'True Dragon'. His cult was the reason, the whole reason to why Skyfall burned.

"Good, what else, Raiyn? Think." Vy's voice was filled with anticipation, and anger, but it wasn't at the Assassin.

"He said he was cleansing the city..."

"No, think back further."

Then he remembered. The night that he'd first encountered the man. When his father had sent him to see what the two magi were up to. He remembered the old house that had the scent of foul magic, and he remembered what the man said.

"He said that it's already begun. That 'he' was coming," Raiyn looked up to his dragon, he could see the glint of fear in his dragons eye, but there was determination there.

"The cult isn't the real problem. There's something else going on, Raiyn. We have to find out what their true purpose is."

Raiyn turned to the remaining Assassin's that surrounded him. They watched him eagerly, waiting for his orders. They were bloodied, just like him too. He didn't know if the enemy had truly left the city, but he had to send them.

"Find Rayma and the others. I'll meet you all back at the house."

Raiyn turned around and was about to start walking back to the house his father had operated from when a young boy ran right into him. The boy was just tall enough to hit his bad shoulder. He winced, reached up and clutched the wound as he looked at the boy. Bright green eyes and blonde hair filled his vision, his clothing was simple and the boy looked unharmed.

"Are you alright?" Raiyn looked around the smoking street. Reaching out with a bloodied hand he took the boys shoulder and pulled him close, "Follow me and stay close." Raiyn took the boy with him to the house. Once there, he let him go and marched up to the desk that was at the back of the large room. It was ornate, dark cherry wood and embroidered with gold. Along the walls were tall book shelves filled with old books and documents. Most of them were records of the Assassin's guild and contracts. The others were on basic training techniques and so on. The Assassin pulled out a quill and paper and began writing, completely engrossed in getting everything down on the paper so he could send it to the palace in Skyfall.

"The elven lady is here, Raiyn."

He stopped in the middle of his writing, "She is?"

"Her dragon too. They are helping the people escape. A young man is with her as well."

"If you can, get her to come here. The Assassin's will need her help."

City Crystacia

"No, that can't be," the Queen said in hushed tones. Her fragile face was pale from her shock. She stood, the paper in her hands shaking. Her scout knelt before her, out of breath from his haste to get to Crystacia.

"I saw it with my own eyes, my Lady. Skyfall burns! Men in black cloaks nearly destroyed the city!"

"The guilds... what of the guilds?"

"They still live, last I saw. My Lady, if I may..."


"There were a lot of black dragons in the sky over the city..."

Queen Fae sucked in her breath. The paper fell from numb fingers. She couldn't believe it. Black dragons? City Laowlee... King D'earl, attacked and nearly destroyed Skyfall!? She was astonished, she couldn't... wouldn't believe it. However, here her scout was, trembling from the sight, his eyes reflecting the truth in his words. She couldn't breath for a moment, just stood there in her white palace at a loss.

"But.. Skyfall is neutral, they never..."

"They do sometimes, my Lady," a different voice called, this one belonging to one of her council men. The three of them sat in smaller chairs next to her throne. She turned slightly to look at the old elf who had spoken. She took a shaking breath, then straightened herself.

"Get me an audience with King D'earl."


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

He had finished writing the message when he felt a bump against his leg. Looking down he caught sight of a very beautiful purple dragon bouncing around his boots. The boy who he'd brought into the home called to the dragon. It's name was Sedrik. Raiyn remembered vaguely when Vy was that small, but it didn't last. Within two months, the silver dragon had grown to be the size of a small pony. Three months after that he was nearly full sized, but still considered a baby. Now, several years later, Vy was a full grown dragon and had matured beyond Raiyn.

"Sedrik, the name suits him," Raiyn said as the dragon scurried over to his companion, "I'm Raiyn V'lyn. Skyfall was attacked by a group of magi. I don't know the full details, but I intend to find out their true intentions. Do you have anywhere you can go?"

"If this is something bigger than just a feud between Laowlee and the other cities, he won't have anywhere to go. No place will be safe, Raiyn." Vy said softly. Raiyn could feel his dragons sadness and discomfort. It hit him hard over their connection and he stood there watching the boy trying to ignore his own grief. The Assassin realized that with his father gone, he was now the one in charge of a crippled guild in a city that was defeated. It almost seemed to be too much. Vy, realizing what had happened, reigned in his own emotions, "Keep him with you. Also I was able to speak with the elf's dragon, they should be on their way soon."

Raiyn nodded though he knew his dragon couldn't see him, "Never mind. Stay with me. What's your name?"


The Assassin's moved through the city quickly, searching for Rayma. It shouldn't be hard to find him, but he was the top Assassin in the guild, the most skilled out of them all. Mr. V'lyn had put his full trust in the man and Rayma had always gotten the most difficult assignments, all of which he completed perfectly, all the time. With that in mind, the Assassin's moved as quickly as they could, searching every nook and cranny as they went. It was a full city sweep, and it was slow going, especially since most of the guild had been wiped out.

While they searched, one of the men found a young girl kneeling in the street. Several black cloaked men lying on the ground around her. She looked out of sorts, dazed and unsure. The Assassin knelt next to her, put his gloved hand on her shoulder and got her to look at him. The girl looked tired and possibly a little scared. He tried to get her to stand, but when that failed he pulled her against his chest and lifted her easily.

"I'll take her back to V'lyn," and off he went, the other Assassin he had been with only nodding.

Sage By'rill

The forest was calm and quiet. The smells of the trees, the earth and the wind filled her senses. It was peaceful and she was reveling in it. The peace in the forest was a great contrast against the agitation Rin was feeling. However, with Sage's body and mind filled with the calm of the trees around her, Rin had calmed slightly as well. Her blue dragon was circling lazily in the sky above the forest because there was no where for her to go. The trees were too tight for her to walk in without destroying anything or getting her wings stuck.

"I think you're getting close," Rin said. Sage looked up through the canopy, just barely able to see through the leaves to the sky that was slowly growing darker. The elf hoped that she would reach Gwindor's place before the forest was pitch black. Not that she minded the darkness, but the quicker the better. She picked up her pace and moved silently through the trees. It was a little while after when she picked up the smell of something cooking. She started towards it, hoping that she was about to stumble upon the older elf rather than any bandits in the forests.

"Sometimes you have an interesting way of thinking, Sage."

The elf smiled at her dragons words. She raised her eyes upwards for a moment before looking back at where she was going. She was moving at a half run, leaping over fallen logs and dodging bushes. Sage was completely silent in her advance, and soon she was upon a small area where a small home had been made and the smells of the food were much stronger. She cautiously moved into the area, her eyes watching the piece of cloth that flapped gently in the wind. After a moment, Sage stood at her full height (which wasn't very tall) and called out.

"Elder Gwindor? Are you here?"

The setting changes from Draakon to City Skyfall


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#, as written by Siryn
Raiyn watched her with an amused look on his face. Her threat to tie him down was... intriguing, if nothing else. He kept his arms crossed over his chest and didn't move. He would win out, he was patient. When she didn't move either, her eyes slowly narrowing into beautiful colored slits, his smile grew.

"I would be careful, Raiyn. She might just re-open your wounds completely just for spite," Vy said.

Raiyn looked down at her arms that she too crossed over her chest. They were wrapped in white cloth, little spots of red slowly peering through. This made him frown. "When she heals she takes some of the injury?"

"It's not uncommon, Raiyn. A lot of healers have some sort of price to pay for their magic. Nothing is ever free. Even the most powerful magic user will run out of energy or kill themselves if they aren't careful."

"Good to know they aren't invincible."

"The girl isn't injured, just worn out it seems," he said softly, "needle and thread will do just fine for my wounds, but only after you've taken care of yourself," he leaned forward, closing the distance between them and watching her pretty face turn pink, "Can't heal anyone if your not fit, now can you?" He asked even softer, his voice barely a whisper. He hovered there for a while longer than straightened again. Raiyn didn't move after that, only waited for her to take care of her own injuries.

"You really are a charmer arn't you?"

"I'm going to ignore that, Vy."

The dragon laughed, "Well, before she kills you, what is your next move, aside from gathering information around Skyfall?"

"We go to Laowlee. King D'earl will be our first stop. I hope to get Rayma to come with us."

"Why do you want the outcast?"

"So I can learn more."

"But you've learned the ways of the Assassin, you've been doing it for years, you are no novice."

"Did you not see the fight with that magi? Twice he nearly killed me. What happens next we meet?"

"I won't let it happen," Vy growled.

"Neither will I, hence the need for Rayma."


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#, as written by Exodyus
A man without words was the deadliest of them all. What nations fell at the misuse of words? What treaties were broken due to mispronunciation? What secrets were given away at the vibration of cords within the throat, which reverberated into songs of defiance and tyranny? So when you face a foe you have no knowledge of, you listen to their words and you watch for the nonverbal cues -- correct? But what is a stern, voiceless face, but the epitome of something to fear. Not an emotion shed nor a word escaped before the leader as he stood face to face with such an enigma.

Rayma's eyes resembled a rolling wildfire, like that which had been consuming the town. The amber melded with crimson so fluidly that the pupil seemed all but lost in the growing rage that boiled within the outcast. With Rayma's clenched fist, the leader charged headlong to his death. With nothing but a lifted hand, the flames lurched from extended digits, licking each individual finger encased in leather before exploding from his palm in the dragon's cone -- a familiar sight for those who have every wielded a dragon in combat, or lived to see it come for them. The screams of agony emitted the leader's lips as the elusive envoy to the nobles had been stopped dead in their tracks. Flames consumed the man's robes and melted his flesh within a few seconds from the intense, focused inferno. No more than four seconds passed and the pilot light went out and Rayma's hand lowered to find nothing more than a pile of bones and ash, surrounding a series of dead figures.

The faint burst of the whistle captivated his attention once more and he turned around to hear it growing faint and sporadic. A tune he was unfamiliar with, but it hit him in the core of his being. Something was wrong. The longsword found it's sheath as the titan vanished into the shadows. As a ghost of the night, Rayma moved within the darkness without sound or step, emerging moments later on the other side of a set of buildings where two robed figures stood over the remains of Jafan, who's eyes turned to witness Rayma ebbing from the shadows behind the men who stared down at their victim. Rayma came up silently and swiftly, taking the man on the right and facing him to the left with a jerk and then running his blade through the both of them. The man on the left fought to keep his partner off of him and alive, but the strength of the Outcast was so great, that by the time they hit the wall, Rayma had shoved the handguard through the first man and pulled upwards, cleaving the second one in two. Blood saturated his hands, making the hilt of the short sword a bit slippery, but with a steady grip, the assassin removed his hands and sword from the corpse and let both fall before snorting angrily and turning to Jafan.

"Master." He whispered softly, kneeling at the elder's side.

Jafan smiled weakly, "You ... you have avenged me, Rayma..." Blood oozed from the man's lips and his eyes began to gloss over. Fighting off the convulsions and grasp of death, he exhaled and coughed with pain. "Rayma ... you must ... stop this blight. I ... I release ... you from the duty of nobles, and ... and entrust you ... to protect ... your heart and the guild, my ... my ... s.s...son..." His final cough released the blood of his life. Rayma rested on his knees for a moment, his chest heaving from combat and his eyes darkening due to the only man he'd ever truly respected and care for, now gone at the hands of these fools. Anger trembled through his arms as he laid the man back down on the ground, and took the master's sigil from around Jafan's neck.

"I wont let you down..."

Wiping the blade of his short sword off, Rayma put it away before standing and clasping the necklace about his own throat and moving into the heart of the city to see if anymore help could be made. He hadn't a clue where to start with Jafan's final words, but with the sudden attack of the True Dragons in Skyfall, Rayma's thoughts traveled to the other cities around the area in curiosity of whether they'd been hit has hard as this city had. The failure of the cult's attack however would give knowledge of the uprising in this city to whoever was running the show within this vicious cult and they surely would redouble efforts to consume this target again, if not be more proactive in strategy for the upcoming hits.

Without friends or companions however, this feat might be a lot more difficult than he imagined. Weaving his way throughout the streets and alleys, ensuring with each pass that all of the cultists had been slain or were in the process of being slaughtered, Rayma hunted for a horse that would carry him to the next city. Dragon's didn't sit well with him, due to the crossing of blood for some reason, and he was despised by their kind -- not fully dragon and not fully human. He was a slave to genetics, and yet mended with a task beyond compare.
Having neared the eastern walls, Rayma found an abandoned stable with a single grey stallion within it that looked to fit his girth and haul perfectly. Approaching slowly, the assassin washed off his hands in a near-by bucket of water, ridding himself of the smell of death and the crimson stain from his hands and gloves, he approached the horse. Better to get accustomed than to force, was his thoughts when it came to animals.


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#, as written by Exodyus
Petting the horse quietly, Rayma had gained it's trust and within a few moments, the assassin had fished a saddle from the enclosure that had been sitting around and saddled the beastly horse with ease. He wasn't very well taught or instructed on equestrian types, but shooting into the dark on general knowledge and word-of-mouth, Rayma assumed that this monster was a Clydesdale. A powerful work-horse that would do him well, he hoped and had already started from the moment they'd met. The horse snorted and shook his mane anxiously and Rayma nodded, calming the beast with cooing.

"If you two don't come out, I will kill both of you..." Came the baritone charm of his voice upon the haunting, crisp air. The sounds of two figure stepping from the shadows revealed brethren of the guild and then nodded softly, "We apologize for coming as we did..." They both froze momentarily, staring at the broach that hung between Rayma's clavicles and bowed respectfully, " ... Master Rayma. Your audience is requested with the rest of the guild. They move to another city to aid."

While they spoke, Rayma sighed, and fixed up the reigns on the steed and began to bridle and harness the horses head before he spoke. It was an internal struggle, as the first flare of aggression within him was that of the outcast -- not wanting to help those who wouldn't help him, give him the time of day, or even the courtesy of a hand shake, smile, or hug. And now that there was trouble, they cried out for the one who didn't spend time partying, goofing off, or slacking on technique studies. Jafan's voice echoed within his mind at the thought of the necklace and the two calling him master. Set aside your own pride, for this life is not yours, but the will of the dragon's. She will guide you, whether you like the destination or not.

"I will go with you. Who do we meet?"

"Raiyn V'lyn."

Rayma chewed on the name mentally as he mounted the horse with a gentle pat on it's thick neck. V'lyn sounds familiar. The two began to run toward the inner city and Rayma followed by the way of thunderous hooves, signaling his arrival.

The setting changes from City Skyfall to Draakon


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

The doors opened and the large outcast walked into the room. Two Assassin's met him, one with her hood up over her face and red cloth covering her mouth, the other dressed in red and gold cloth much like V'lyn had always been dressed in. The man dressed in red and gold took a few steps forward, approaching Rayma.

"Raiyn V'lyn left this for you," the Assassin said in soft tones. He handed the larger man a piece of paper. The writing inside was simple:


Come to Laowlee if you can.


The Assassin watched Rayma for a moment before speaking again, "My dragon is willing to take you where ever you need to go."

City Laowlee

"No," Raiyn answered Drake's question shortly. He wasn't there to kill black cloaks all day, he was there because he needed information. The problem was that the True Dragon's had chosen a terrible time to start trouble. If the other cities were confused, they would be even more confused now that Laowlee was seemingly under attack by their own people. He only hoped that his message to Queen Fae had made it in time and she would be wise enough not to launch a full out attack on the other cities.

Raiyn ducked a swing of one of the True Dragon's blades. As he came up, he shoved his long knife through the mans stomach until the point of the blade came through his back. Pushing off the dead man, he twisted around, ducking low and tripping another of the black cloaks. Raiyn used his forward momentum to pounce on the man and drive his blade through the others neck. He rolled off to the right as a swipe of long claws just barely went over his back. The Assassin looked up into the eyes of a very large black dragon.

The one that had taken him and Drake down into the streets no less. It growled at him, showing yellowed teeth and a forked tongue. The dragon snaked out its neck to wrap around the Assassin, nearly trapping him in a tight circle. Raiyn glared at the beast, waiting for the opportunity to strike. It struck out fast, jaws snapping at him. The Assassin barely got out of the way in time, throwing himself into a roll underneath the lowered neck of the beast. The dragon began moving, trying to get Raiyn back out into a spot where it could attack him. Raising his daggers, he drove them as far as he could into the thick neck of the creature.

Rearing back in pain, the dragon screamed, its wings snapping out and sending a hard rush of air down into the streets. The wind blew dirt and debris all around as the dragon danced backwards, thrashing about and tossing it's head up and down in pain. It only took it a moment to recover, and the beast was growling in rage at Raiyn as he backed away.

"Drake, find Aella, get to the palace," Raiyn ordered the young boy, trusting that the pirate could do so without fail.

"Get down, Raiyn!"

The Assassin took off at a dead run towards a building and threw himself up onto a pile of rubble to get to the top. He was just in time as Vy came crashing down with a black dragon underneath him. With the dead dragon dispatched, Vy turned to the one that had tried to kill his companion. Raiyn took one look at his dragon before running across the rooftops to make faster time getting to the palace. The silver dragon had blood all over him, his jaw especially was black and dripping with it. Raiyn ignored the gruesome image and continued on.

Down in the streets below, the men in black cloaks fought with the citizens. Many of the people in Laowlee were seasoned warriors, people who had seen their fair share of steel riding against steel. More than Raiyn ever had probably. His being young, and less skilled made his purpose to seek out what the cult was all about, a whole lot more difficult. For the third time that day, he hoped that Rayma had gotten his note and would find him soon. He was going to need as much help as he could get, and Rayma could teach him more than the Assassin's ever could.

As Raiyn took a jump between buildings, a black cloak materialized out of thin air in front of him. He dropped down, sliding to the left of the man and letting his blade slice into the enemies leg. Cloth, leather and skin tore. The True Dragon swore and dropped, clutching his leg. Raiyn turned over onto his stomach, pushing with his boots to stop his sliding and rushed the man while he was down. Putting the dagger across the man's throat he pulled back and leaned forward so his mouth was near the True Dragon's ear.

"Why did you attack?"

"It is our cleansing," The man replied angrily.

"No. Why do you attack the people?"

"You are not a True Dragon."

Raiyn's eyes narrowed and he pulled the knife harder across his throat. The True Dragon laughed, the sound was that of a man who had lost his mind to utter lunacy. Raiyn was taken aback by the sound, anger at not getting anything from his captive, he drew the long knife across the man's throat, ending his life in a pool of blood. The Assassin stood, his chest heaving from the long run and from his anger.

"You are becoming a problem," the familiar, scratchy voice mocked behind him. Raiyn's heart jumped, his eyes widened and he whirled around in time to take a blast of black magic right into his chest. Flung right off the rooftop, he landed hard into the midst of people fighting in the streets and fire. Boards of a broken house flew all around him as he landed in the wreckage. Hot copper in his mouth splattered his face as he coughed. Damn... magi... he thought as he struggled to get to his feet.

The moment he stood he was facing the True Dragon who had shot him off the building. Clawed fingers wrapped around his throat, power humming through the air. The man smiled at him, the hollow skin stretching in a sickening way across thin bones. Dark eyes glittered from sunken eye sockets.

"You wish to know why we attack? Why we kill? I'll show you, personally."


City Crystacia

"Did you hear? News from Skyfall. The Assassin's guild has been crushed!"

The gossip of the town was centered on Skyfall. Sage had been listening to it for two days. It was growing bothersome, the more she heard the more uneasy her and Rin became. The latest that she'd heard was all about the Assassin's guild and the letter that Queen Fae had gotten. Some say that the guild was destroyed, others say that there were some survivors. Refugee's from the city were coming to Crystacia in search of shelter, and many of them spoke of black cloaked men destroying everything in their path. Sage wasn't sure what to believe. She had seen the messenger as she'd flow over Crystacia that morning. He had looked pale and worn from his flight.

"It's funny what people will make up to keep things interesting," Rin said.

"They could very well be right on track too, Rin."

"They could, but I doubt it."

Sage bit at her lip and twisted a lock of blue hair in her fingers. She was tired of sitting in Crystacia waiting for something to happen. With a heaved sigh, she started towards the cities gates. She wanted to find out herself what was going on. Listening to gossip and half truths wasn't getting her anywhere and the more she stayed, the more Rin became distressed. Something was going on and she wanted to know what it was.

"We're going to Skyfall, Rin. I want to see for myself."

The setting changes from Draakon to City Laowlee


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#, as written by Exodyus
The sensation was dizzying for someone who had never traveled this way. It was a particularly advanced spell-work that Rayma hadn't ever heard of before now, except for what little he knew of the Shadow Planes. Passing through them on small scales was one thing, from building to building, throughout the city to make haste or possible sneaking tactics possible, but from city to city, he'd never even heard of. It had all come to him in Skyfall after taking the parchment and thinking that it would easily take a few days worth of riding to get there. He'd told the man that Dragon's and he didn't exactly get along before walking away. He'd grasped the medallion of Jafan about his neck, wishing his master had still been present and wondering how exactly he was going to help those in Laowlee when suddenly, the shadows engulfed him.

As if falling into the ocean, the feeling of a simple Shadowstep was more vast and wide than he'd ever accounted before in his life and in all of the experiences he'd ever gained. The hues of amethyst shaded in variant clouds of slate and floored in obsidian left little room for error. Cities seemed to be illuminated in this interesting alternate dimension, which had been masterfully created specifically for travel. Having taken a few steps, the effects of gravity seemed to have played with the assassin's mind as footsteps intermittently grew heavier and lighter, leaving a bouncing sensation to toy with the cerebrum. Carefully planting steps afterwards allowed Rayma to learn the environment as he traveled. Each city was marked with a draconic rune of which few could truly understand. Rayma was not one of these few and yet his eyes examined the symbols and his blood instinctively felt the correct correlation between word and place. A strange feeling to know something that you honestly never knew you knew...

So here was this assassin, who's code and work kept him quiet and in the shadows, stumbling around in what looked to be a perpetual darkness until he reached out and touched the light of the rune known as Laowlee. Nothing spectacular happened, as he squinted onward. No brilliant flashes, no spiraling senses, simple and easy, functional movement. Rayma stepped into the shadows in Skyfall and emerged with an extended hand into the middle of an incredible conflict in the middle of the city of Laowlee. The architecture was completely different and while he wished he had more time to adjust, Rayma leaned back, avoiding a blade that had come crashing from overhead without much effort as a True Dragon stumbled into the strike unprepared. Rayma reached out, taking the man by his hands and in snapping his wrists, the cultist was gutted with his own blade. In a final snarl, Rayma kneed the man in the face and squinted to see familiar robes and a youthful, but recognizable face. He'd seen Raiyn before throughout the halls and knew of him, but knew his father better. A noble man, indeed. And he seemed to be having some troubles.

With a swift dash, Rayma clasped the magi by the base of his neck and kneed him so hard in the lower back, that the audible cracking of his spine released the tension on Raiyn's neck and the pleading cry of a crippled man shrilly caught the attention of a dragon overhead. Rayma heard the return cry, lifting his eyes to the sky with the shake of his head, "Raiyn. Are you alright?" He'd taken the time to examine the youth, finding nothing terribly wrong -- missing limbs or severe wounds of any sort. Throwing the magi to the ground, Rayma stomped on the man's neck, listening to his cries of pain and agony through pursed lips only seemed to infuriate the dragon that was flying toward them at break-neck speeds, now seemingly unworried of it's impacting collision. This attention had also signaled nearly five other cultist to come rushing to the aid of this particular magi. Rayma smirked, looking up. The maw of this beast had parted and the gullet was glowing with a fiery ember, dying to part. The wings hesitated, Rayma's eyes narrowed, realizing the inhalation before the blow and with his left hand, he threw something upward and then lunged, taking bear-grip around Raiyn and lurching into the shadows beneath the awning of the building behind them, vanishing into the protection of the Shadow Plane.

Outside the plane, the bolla caught the dragon by the jaw and ensnared it's mouth, wrapping it closed tightly. The exhalation brought out the acid spray, which was accompanied by a chemical reaction which explained the explosion of fire in a voracious cone, known as the Dragon's breath, but in it's trapped state, the head of this goliath exploded in a shower of fire and gore, coming to an impacting halt upon the immobile figure of it's screaming master. The event was a spectacular sight to behold as the fire roll throughout the city center, scorching the incoming cultists and burning them alive. The flames licked at the shadows, leaving the two assassins clearly protected and Rayma released Raiyn with a smug grin, "I received your letter. What can I do to help you?"


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#, as written by Siryn
His vision had begun to darken as he struggled in the magi's hold. He could feel the strange magic twisting through his body, but he couldn't do a damn thing about it. All of his muscles seemed to be locked, and the best he could do was twist and turn trying to get free. All the while Vy screamed in rage over head, but his advances to get to his companion were thwarted by the cultists dragons. Raiyn's breath was short, unable to reach his lungs with the magi's tight grasp over his throat.

Then, the metal clad hand twitched spasmodically releasing its hold on the Assassin and he dropped into the rubble with a thud. Blood filled his mouth as he choked on the air as it came rushing back into his lungs. He was sure that he'd broken something, probably a rib or two on impact from being thrown. A cry from a black dragon got his attention and he finally looked up to see the man who stood over him. Rayma turned, dark eyes flicking across his form as he looked for any obvious injuries, then he asked if the Assassin was alright.

Raiyn didn't have time to answer the short question. The dragon had landed and it's gaping mouth revealed glowing fire, ready to be spurred forward. Raiyn got to his feet, ignoring the pain that pulsed through his limbs and drew a dagger from his clothes. He'd lost one long knife when he'd fallen. In one single fluid motion, Rayma threw something at the dragon, turned and grasped Raiyn tightly and flung them into the shadows. The Assassin winced at the tight hold, his ribs protesting against it.

Once under the protection of the shadows, Raiyn watched as the dragon's maw was tightly wrapped shut and the flames exploded taking the dragons life and several of the other cultists with it. To his surprise, the fire stopped at the shadow of the building they were under, the awning to be precise. It was only after the threat had been taken care of did Rayma release his hold on the smaller Assassin. Raiyn dropped onto one knee, one hand wrapping around to hold his rib cage.

"I received your letter. What can I do to help you?"

Taking a couple of deep breathes to test the tolerance of his battered body, Raiyn stood once more, "I am grateful you came, Rayma."

Vy interrupted what Raiyn was going to say next by landing in the middle of the wreckage and peering into the darkness at the two Assassin's, "Raiyn, are you alright?"

"Fine, thanks to Rayma."

"I'm here to find out more about them-"

"What he's not telling you is that he's not great at fighting when magic is involved. He needs your help, Rayma to fight an enemy that is much stronger than he is. He wants to learn from you," Vy cut in, his deep voice rumbling as he spoke to the bigger Assassin. Raiyn's eyebrow came down as his dragon spoke. It was true, but he hated to admit it. An Assassin who couldn't fight an enemy, he might as well not be one. Vy turned a silver eye towards his companion, "You're still your fathers son, Raiyn, but you are still young. Don't think less of your abilities."

"We aren't alone, either Rayma. An elven woman and a young boy are here with me. They should be heading to the palace."


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#, as written by Exodyus
The young assassin crumpled before him and Rayma took this time to turn and witness the damage that he'd caused. Hunks of dragon flesh were scattered across the courtyard and bodies lay strewn around the corpse of the magi, his following drinking the kool-aid with their kinsmen and all suffering the same fate. The yard was now quiet with only the crackling bits of body, who's napalm flame still lingered to make noise. Rayma listened to Raiyn and then frowned lightly, lowering his eyes to the ground as a dragon's telepathy invaded his mind, spouting needs of it's master. Calculating words and thoughts, the outcast stepped from the shadows and back into the courtyard, leading Raiyn into back into the corporeal before turning to address this issue. Rayma set the point of his short sword upon the steel toe of his boot and began spinning it idly as he spoke.

"Learning to defend against magic is easier if you have a negating relic, and much harder without. For a quick lesson, calm your emotions and soul. You are bound to your Scales [your dragon] and with that comes an inherent, albeit minor use of mana. You focus on your dragon in times of need when magic is cast against you, and you can avert it with your own mana. A simple deflection is all you need. In the mean time, you'll need some sort of nega-rune for mana use..."

Rayma's words were direct and to the point. Dark eyes scanned the area as he had been speaking, watching the movement beyond the buildings in this area to ensure no surprise attacks. His chiseled features turned skyward to watch the aerial combat of dragons overhead and that's when he spotted the one who'd spoken to him mentally; Raiyn's mount. It was an odd prejudice between he and dragons, as his blood could be smelled from a mile away by any Scale, but finding it in a man was a one-of-a-kind ordeal. Not everyone knew his secret or why he was even outcast, but the crimson draw across the right side of his face, which marked him once as a slave was enough to keep people at bay and without question to his nature or personality.

This young assassin was coming into his own with enough skill to be incredibly powerful, if only he could learn to harness the tactics and strategy that came with the guild. Assassins were creatures of the night and shadow; they had been since the first man decided to train and dedicate himself to be a hired sword. The origins were skewed, but for the sake of argument, most of the fresh, starting jobs seemed to have come from the religious establishments. Knocking out the riff-raff is how the guild started, and to this day and age, they've been known to make severe power-plays for political 'guidance.'

It was in this thinking that Rayma looked to Raiyn and knelt, placing his forehead to the pommel of his ruined blade and speaking directly to the soul-bonded Raiyn, "I pledge to protect and serve you, until our war is finished or death takes me. I cannot promise your safety, but I will do my best to ensure it. I ask that you take me as your Guardian... Do you accept?" In Rayma's mind, he saw no better alternative than to pledge himself to the spearhead of this war front, which would also allow them to train when not in combat or even during, for advice and tactical understanding. He bitterly hated the slave-side of himself, but at the same time Rayma knew this to be the most noble and understanding option. It's what Jafan would have wanted.

The setting changes from City Laowlee to Draakon


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#, as written by Siryn
City Laowlee

Raiyn looked to Vy as Rayma spoke about the mana that was shared between him and the great silver dragon. For as long as he'd been connected to Vy, he had never known about that part of their connection. Vy whirled in the air as he looked for the other two of their company. The dragon's thoughts were clear as he turned his head slightly to look down at the Assassin's.

"I wasn't aware of this either, but it makes sense, Raiyn. You'll have to try it to see what it's like."

Raiyn nodded and turned his attention back to Rayma. The bigger Assassin did something that threw Raiyn off completely. He knelt down in front of him, placing his forehead on his beautiful short sword.

"I pledge to protect and serve you, until our war is finished or death takes me. I cannot promise your safety, but I will do my best to ensure it. I ask that you take me as your Guardian... Do you accept?"

The Assassin knelt down in front of Rayma also, putting his blood stained glove over Rayma's that held his sword. Raiyn gave the man a small smile, "I accept your Guardianship," his smile faded as he spoke again, "but you don't 'serve' anyone, Rayma, you're an Assassin, not a servant."

"Raiyn, if you wish to get to the palace, you should go now. The streets are cleared. For now," Vy advised.

"Alright. We are going now."

"We must go quickly, I need to find the one who's behind all of this."

Raiyn stood slowly and let go of Rayma's hand and sword. With the Assassin right behind him, Raiyn took off down the street, one hand holding his ribs as he ran trying to ease the sharp stabs of pain that pulsed through his entire side. The palace was straight uphill, making the run even harder. He only hoped that he would make it to the palace in time to meet up with Aella and Drake. Then he would get answers for this random act of massacre.

City Laowlee

The claws of his gloved hand scratched deep into his chest as he doubled over. Pain laced through him from his heart and spreading outwards. Air burned as it entered his lungs. The agony was short lived, but it was enough to make a point. Thane growled softly as he slowly stood straight again. Behind him, he heard the woman who served him shift slightly.


"That boy..." he growled

"What about him?"

"He's managed to kill one of my creations."

There was silence, "He killed your copy?" Her voice was cold and almost emotionless aside from the slight surprise.

"That's not all, he's on his way here, and he's not alone."

"I will take care of him," the woman replied quickly.

Thane turned to see her gripping her sword, a smile on her pale face. With one hand she reached up and undid the tie that held her black cloak on her shoulders. The heavy cloth fell off and she was clad in black leather. It covered every part of her body aside from her face. Turning on her heel, she left the room. Thane glowered at the empty doorway. He thought about staying, he was far more powerful than any of his copies, but the touch of the one who killed his copy sent shivers down his spine. It wasn't the boy who had done the deed. It was the other Assassin, the one he'd heard much about. The outcast was the only one that could possibly cause Thane to hesitate.

His eyes narrowed and he raised his hand. Dark shadows of his magic swirled around the room and he disappeared in the midst of it. It was too early for him to face such powerful company. He would have to wait. It wasn't going to be much longer, then Barthomel would be raised again. The dragon who had god-like power. That dragon would bring a new era and the True Dragon's would serve him loyally. Thane was smiling by the time his magic faded. Taking one look around and he knew he was in Ro'ell, city of the Reds.

City Skyfall

Rin landed with Sage in the middle of a destroyed part of town. The elf could hardly breath as she looked at the destruction. Skyfall had burned, the city was lucky it hadn't fallen.

"Who could do this?" Rin asked breathlessly, at least as breathlessly as a dragon could manage.

"One who wields extraordinary power."

"What do we do now?"

"We should find out what happened exactly. We should start with anyone that's around here, they should know."

Sage dismounted and Rin took off into the sky. The elf made her way through the rubble in search of anyone that was still around. She hoped to get some details soon so that she would have something to do rather than just sitting around waiting.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

Sage felt the presence rather than saw it first. In a fluid motion she drew her bow off her back, knocked an arrow and pulled the string back to her nose, her gaze settling down the shaft and at the presence that she felt. The aura was dark, twisting in the shadows of the fires that still burned in the streets. It didn't move, though, and didn't look like it meant to move for some time. The elf watched, curiousity fueling her instead of her immediate reaction. Slowly she let down, and aimed the arrow to the ground between her feet.

"And what do you think that is, Rin?"

"Can't say for sure, but it's in the form of a woman. I've never seen anything quite like it before."

"Do you think it's... safe?"

"I'm not sure."

"You're such a great help, Rin..." Sage said sourly, rolling her eyes skyward.

Rin huffed in reply, "Whatever you say Sage."

"Hey there, what are you doing just standing in the street? It's still not safe!"

Sage turned to the voice, her eyes softening as she saw three people moving into the street. Two of them were carrying baskets full of debris as they were trying to clear an area, the third had his hand on a sword and was addressing her.

"What do you mean?"

"They could still be here!"


"The black cloaks, they call themselves the True Dragons. Bastards nearly sacked Skyfall! Come, girl, you can't just stand around here all day. Who know's when they'll come back," he held his hand out towards her.

Sage turned fully to look at him, "What makes you so sure they'll come back?"

"They were talking about a cleansing, they didn't finish. Thanks to V'lyn and his Assassin's, may Reina put his soul to rest, they saved the city from further destruction."

"V'lyn? Where can I find him?"

"He's dead, girl."

Sage sucked in a deep breath, "Where can I find the Assassin's?"

The man shrugged, "Not many of them left, and those who are still alive left Skyfall already."

"Don't worry about me, sir, I'll be fine. I'll find my way," Sage smiled at him and turned to face the shadowy aura that hadn't left yet. The man hadn't seen her, or he just didn't notice. Being human he might not have had the senses to pick up on the woman. Sage started towards the figure as the three men left her in the street.

"You're an interesting one," Sage said, addressing the darkness directly, "Don't suppose you know anything do you?" The elf smiled.

City Laowlee

Taking the steps two at a time, Raiyn reached the double doors of the palace shortly. With the doors wide opened, he was sure someone had already entered, or left. One of the two. He hoped that Aella and Drake were inside. With his long knives in hand, he rushed the doors and pushed inside. It was dark inside, utterly quiet and the air was heavy and still. The Assassin looked around, slowing his steps as he let his eyes adjust. He moved forward, a set of stairs looming up ahead, their shadowy outline wavering in and out with firelight that flickered on the second story.

From the darkness, sounds of fighting reached his ears. A sharp laugh echoed as well and the feeling of magic pierced the air. The familiar sound of shattering wood came next and from the second story two bodies came crashing down. Raiyn's throat clenched as he recognized the mop of yellow hair that belonged to Drake and the slender form of the elf Aella.

"I'm so happy you could join us, Assassin's. Enjoy the darkness, it will be your last," the feminine voice called from the top floor.

Raiyn rushed towards Aella even though there was a shout not to do so. The shadows writhed, moving to cut off his advance. The firelight danced above, making it hard to discern what was shadow and what was devil. The woman laughed over head. Raiyn glowered, lowering his body into a defensive position and preparing for a fight. The first shift of shadow to attack him came faster than he was ready for. Sharpened claws cut right across his chest, knocking him backwards.

"Raiyn! This is magic! Remember what Rayma said, you've got to relax, calm yourself."

He ducked another swipe, twisted his body and avoided another. His long knife lunged forward with his momentum and cut into the shadows. They parted, fading away into nothing more than flickering darkness across the wall. Raiyn felt his anger driving his actions rather than pure instinct. He came up from his dodging and thrust the blade into another shadowy apparition. Turning he met the claws of another, this one tearing at his neck and shoulder.

For a quick lesson, calm your emotions and soul. You are bound to your Scales [your dragon] and with that comes an inherent, albeit minor use of mana. You focus on your dragon in times of need when magic is cast against you, and you can avert it with your own mana. A simple deflection is all you need...

The Assassin reeled backwards, avoiding another slice of dark claws. He took a deep breath, trying to steady his breathing and his anger. Dropping low he twisted, fingers reaching into his clothing to get two throwing knives. When they came free, he launched the projectiles at the shadows. Both hit their mark, dissipating the enemy threat. Raiyn lunged forward, his knife leading and he ran it through another beast of the dark. Overhead the laughing slowly stopped. The woman was obviously sensing the threat from the room down below.

"The more we kill, the more the true God gains life. Your efforts are futile, Assassin. He will be raised and he will crush you!"

The air became stuffy, hard to breath as it heated. Raiyn knew to take it as a sign of some very powerful magic being readied to cast. He looked up at the balcony, his gaze catching that of a woman in black leather. Both her hands raised. The darkness was swirling between her palms, a wicked grin on her pale face. Raiyn felt his heart jump and he looked for Aella. Just as he was about to call her name, the witch above them released the power.

The setting changes from Draakon to City Laowlee


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#, as written by Exodyus
The words rang in Rayma's ears of his leader, yet he wouldn't register them at all at this time. The thought of Rayma being equal to a human was beyond his grasp and own mortality. All his life he was taught, trained, and learned that he wasn't anything more than a servant, a peon, a goat among shepherds. Down-trodden and outcast from the very beginning, one learns to rely on themselves and the combative training that had been forced upon him. Raiyn had taken a hold of his hands upon the beat-up, hand-me-down sword and tried to reveal the symbolism of being on the same level as Rayma. No matter what the cause or reason, the guardianship was accepted and the two stood as the youth gained knowledge of the surrounding areas.

Rayma was on the heels of Raiyn the entire way, keeping the pace of his injured master until they'd entered the palace walls. It was evident of the darkness within the place from the moment that they'd entered. The clouds of evil loomed within the glorious edifice and attack happened without hesitation from the moment that they'd come. The enemy had known of them and were now awaiting -- cover was blown and Raiyn rushed in to attack full-out, giving Rayma a moment to watch how he moved and worked. It was hard to witness without being objective, but Rayma's eyes narrowed, watching how hard the youth was trying. "Focus!" Rayma hollered. The claws striking at the young assassin, who wielded his wit and weapons as though they were foam and straw. Hit after hit, Rayma sighed, allowing the young leader to take his beating, knowing that at any moment, he could have stepped in if things had gotten too tenacious and too much for the learning youth.

From overhead, cackling echoed throughout the high ceilings. The grating sound of nails on a chalkboard brought the outcast's attention skyward to find a woman gathering her energies. She was evil, powerful, and definitely had the upper hand in this situation and the impending feeling that grew within his soul preached that the attack she was soon to launch would surely kill Raiyn. Fire with fire. Gripping his fist tightly, Rayma snarled, bearing edged teeth to the heavens above and jerking his arm back behind to his lower flank. Opening his hand, the mana pooled into a condensed ball of flame and inertia and when the dark woman above launched her attack, Rayma's arm spasmed with power. Flexing violently, the glow accumulated was hurled upwards into the core of the blast.

With a few steps, Rayma was next to Raiyn and the connection of the two energies was cataclysmic. Their clash resounded in the drowning reverberation of a church bell, filling the hall and shattering the windows cleanly out of the building. The clap of energy caused a soundwave which cracked the upper balcony that the woman was upon and crushed pillars which stood throughout the church. A brilliant flash of light preceded the explosion, which spat flames throughout the entire court hall to rain over everything. Rayma looked down over Raiyn, his towering height and size was brutish and with arms out, he protected those near him with a snarling cry, "DRAKON SHIELD!"

A pale crimson energy, which looked like wings from the back of Rayma expanded across their crew. They breathed and flapped like wings of pure energy and when the flames came down against them, they boiled and rolled, fanning back upwards and rolling like a sheet being spread across a bed. The impact however was brutal. The explosion brought debris from the ceilings which rolled off the defense and when all was settled, the barrier fluttered along with Rayma's consciousness and the assassin fell to his knees, eyes rolling to the back of his head before falling into Raiyn. Laowlee Castle's main entrance had nearly been destroyed, but both parties had suffered greatly.


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#, as written by Siryn
The light blinded him, his heart pounded in his chest as Rayma had come up next to him and unleashed an unimaginable power. The sound left his ears ringing, glass shattering all around them and palace trembling like an earthquake had hit. Fire rained down over them and as it fell, Rayma turned facing him and shouted something that Raiyn couldn't quite make out. Pale red light erupted from Rayma's back and took the form of wings which spread out at a great distance. The fire rolled off Rayma's back and away from the young Assassin and the other two in their group.

It wasn't long before the destruction settled, the fires falling far from them. Raiyn had long since dropped to the floor on his knees, his chest heaving painfully, but the blast was what knocked him down. He watched as Rayma's power faded and the Assassin dropped falling on Raiyn. Wrapping his arms around the larger man, Raiyn used all the strength he had to turn Rayma over and lay him gently on the floor.

"Rayma.. Rayma!" He shook him, but got no response. Pressing his ear to the man's chest, he heard his heart beat and was calmed to know that the man was alright. Turning, Raiyn looked towards Drake and Aella, both looked stunned but okay as far as he could tell. A sharp cry from the balcony turned his eyes upwards. The balcony had cracked and then the boards beneath the woman had broken. She fell but caught herself on the edge of the top floor.

"You'll pay for this, all of you," she growled, "He will come and devour you all," she let go of the floor and as she dropped, magic wrapped around her. A moment later and she was gone.

"Raiyn, are you alright?"

"Fine. Rayma's unconscious."

"Aella," Raiyn turned to the elven woman, "Are you able to help?"

"We must be careful, Raiyn," Vy said.

"I know."

"What she said, about raising the old God, the more they kill the more power is given to this God. I don't like the sounds of it, Raiyn. I fear..."

"What? Fear what, Vy?" Raiyn turned to look up to the cracked ceiling.

"He is an old legend now, but I fear that perhaps it was true at one point. He is the old dragon from when Draakon was first made by the gods. His name was Barthomel. His power was unstoppable and because of this he was a danger to the original dragons. They gathered and fought with him for many years, until finally he fell. I fear that these 'True Dragons' are trying to bring him back. Raiyn, if that's truly what they are doing then we need to work quickly to stop them. If Barthomel is raised, Draakon will cease to exist."

Raiyn felt the blood from his face drain at the notion that Draakon would be destroyed so easily. His eyes fell from looking at the ceiling to the floor. He fell back, resting one hand on the ground while the other still held his side. Hot blood was all over his chest and shoulder, his clothes soaked with it. The Assassin didn't pay any attention to it, his thoughts were on what Vy had told him. How was he supposed to stop a cult that was so powerful? He only had the help of Rayma, Drake and Aella. Between the four of them, Rayma was the only one who displayed superior power to the cultist. At that moment, he felt utterly useless.

"You will grow in power, Rayma is with you now. Learn from him and you will be powerful enough to kill those who threaten Draakon."

Raiyn's fist clenched, his jaw tightening in a hard line of determination, "I will."

"We have a serious problem," Raiyn said to the other two and proceeded to detail what Vy had told him.

The setting changes from City Laowlee to Draakon


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Aella looked up when Raiyn walked in. She was so tired and in pain. She felt Deimos pushing magic into her as she sat up. She watched as some man protected them from fire. She quickly grabbed her staff and began to heal Drake. The poor boy was more injured than her. She readjusted her bandages. Then she turned to Raiyn, who was talking to her.

"Aella," Raiyn turned to the elven woman, "Are you able to help?"

"I can try..." She crawled over to the man and set her hands on his chest. "Barely breathing but alive... Just exhausted... I can push my own energy into him, it should make him wake up if I add enough..." But I'll end up passing out. She left that part out as she began concentrating on her task. She felt the magic entering the man's body and she sat down heavily, feeling quite drained. Her breath was coming out in small pants, quiet to the human ear. Sweat beaded on her brow but she refused to wipe it off.

"Ael! Don't push too hard! You'll end up killing yourself!"

"Dei, I know my limits... I can wake him up and pass out. I'll be easier to carry around than him..."

"I... Dammit... Alright... Be careful..."

She didn't answer him, just kept pumping energy into the prone body under her hands. She felt her eyes close and she smiled. "There... That should do it..." she muttered, slumping against the body, her breath harsh and shallow.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Laowlee

He had just barely finished explaining the situation to Aella and Drake. The elf was finishing her work with Rayma, the Assassin wasn't sure what she was doing but the moment she stopped, she dropped over the large man. Raiyn leapt forward and pulled her off of the Assassin, his heart in his throat.

"Aella?" He shook her gently.

"Deimos tells me that she's just unconscious. She's used too much energy. She needs sleep," Vy said.

"Alright, we should find a place for the night."

Shifting the elf to a better position he laid her gently on the floor, his eyes lifting to look at Drake who had been patched up by her. Relief filled him when he saw Rayma stir slightly. At least she had been able to give him enough energy to wake. However, they were in a very dangerous situation. With the palace destroyed and obviously the King dead, no one held rule over those who were allied with the Blacks. Raiyn only hoped that the sudden attack on their 'own' city would keep many of the people from attacking each other needlessly.

"You know as well as I that that isn't going to happen."

"Wishful thinking."

"Once Rayma's up, we will leave," he told Drake.

City Skyfall

Sage didn't move as the apparition got closer to her. Overhead, she heard Rin's soft growl, but there wasn't anything else that told her that this shadowy woman was a threat to her.

"You may find this inconvenient, but I know as little as you might. I came here from curiosity. But, I have heard of these True Dragons you speak of. On the way here, I witnesses them threaten an elf to join their side. I attempted to handle the situation, but I was traveling here before I observed the results of my actions."

Sage frowned, she was hoping that this being would have some insight on these so called 'True Dragons'. She took her arrow from the string and replaced it in the quiver on her back. As she strung the bow across her shoulder, she eyed the being before her, "Do you have a name? What manner of being are you?"

"Sage, isn't that a bit rude? What if she's dead?"

The elf blushed slightly at her dragon's words. She hadn't thought about that, "I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean... I just... uh..." Sage put a slender finger to her lips, took a deep breath then smiled at the woman, "I'm Sage. Maybe we should go and see if that other woman needs any more help?"

City Crystacia

"My Lady, I have terrible news," the messenger knelt down before her, his hand clenched in a fist against his chest. He looked up at her, long blonde hair falling across his shoulders and framing his sharp elven features. She leaned forward, eager to hear his words and he didn't hesitate to tell her.

"Last night, there was an attack on one of the noble's estates. His guards were killed."

"How did they die?"

"Magic. Powerful magic, my Lady. Some say it's dark magic, necromancy. The strange thing is that nothing was taken."

"Did anyone see anything?" Queen Fae asked sharply, her heart pounding and her fingers curling into a fist on the arm of her throne.

"The noble escaped with his life, he reported seeing men in black cloaks attacking some strangers that were in the Manor. He is demanding that we find who ever entered his house and-"

Queen Fae raised her hand, the messenger silenced, "You won't find the men who killed the guards. They are the same who attacked Skyfall. I received word from V'lyn about this cult. They work in the shadows and they are very powerful. The people who were fighting these cultists, I want them found and brought here. I have some questions for them," she said softly. The messenger bowed his head, got to his feet and left the palace. Several of the guard went with him. Turning to the few guards that remained in her audience, she raised her hand to them. They came and dropped down in front of her.

"Bring Admiral Xenith to me, I need her."

The four of them filled the room with their voices saying 'My Lady', then they stood and took their leave of her. Reaching under the decorative belt around her waist, Fae brought out the letter that she'd received from Raiyn V'lyn. It detailed the attack on Skyfall and how he was planning to figure out what was really going on. He would keep in touch with her as often as possible. That had been a day in a half ago. She worried where he was and what he'd found. Her sense's told her that there was something sinister at work, and she couldn't fight off the feeling. She was going to send Xenith to Laowlee to see if she could help. The one's who were at the manor that night she hoped could help her as well.

The setting changes from Draakon to City Laowlee


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"Drake, find Aella, get to the palace," Drake nods and turns to see Aella, she grabbed his hand and pulled him on her dragon. "Come on, Drake! We gotta move! Leader's orders!" she said "Aye!" they took off and landed near the castle. Drake ran in after Aella. He ran up a flight of stairs meeting a woman head on. Using magic she hurled him into the floor and down to the floor below. Hitting his head hard he was knocked out.

"Stupid pirate! you better not wake up or I will kill you myself" Sedrik flapped around his head before curling up on Drake's chest. Sedrik was able to feel his heart best from there, the beating soothing his worries. he laid his head down and never left Drake's side.

Drake woke up in time to pull him and Sedrik out of the way of the witch's attacks. He was still a little dizzy but noticed a new man, and he had...wings? The light from the wings enveloped them all and Drake had to close his eyes from the light. When he opened them again the witch was beaten. He was astonished at the new man, what power.

"We could use power like that" commented Sedrik. "yeah no kidding." Aella healed Drake up then went to work on the other man as Raiyn told them everything he knew. "That's bad, that's is very very bad...but atleast we have your assassins, and maybe Aella..." Drake just noticed Aella was slumped over, and Raiyn was getting her comfortable while Drake was talking. "...Maybe she could get some elf friends? It might be a bad idea but...i could go to my father and find some pirates who would like to fight?" Drake was already coming up with a plan when he didn't even know if they would need one. He knew if he stopped talking that he would go crazy from fear.

"It's alright Drake, im scared too...That new guy, Rayma, do you think he has any power over...time?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I want to help, and im no good to you like this. I just need to see if he could age me a little faster, that's all."

"I'll ask him." "Once Rayma's up, we will leave," Raiyn told Drake. Drake nodded then walked over to Rayma. "Hello sir...i was wondering do you possibly have any powers" Drake knew it was an odd question, but after seeing what this man could do Drake wouldn't be surprised if he could make Sedrik grow faster.


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#, as written by Exodyus
Energy radiated through the man's body as he laid still and from a moment, nothing happened. When Aella had sacrificed enough of her own will, the man stirred with a groan. Eyes fluttered momentarily, searching the room trying to grasp the situation before making any sudden movements. Aware of what he'd done, the outcast sighed heavily, realizing the woman that had attacked them wasn't in sight, but the woman who had been healing him, suddenly slumped against his taut frame. Instinctively, his arms curled about her and he groaned, sitting up as Raiyn had come to help. Rayma braced the woman's head gently and stared at her with some confusion. She's given energy essential to herself to bring him back ... but why?

The idea toyed with his head as he turned to look at the approaching youth who asked him an odd question about time. Rayma thought for a moment, but nothing had come to mind and he shook his head slowly, "If that were true, youngling -- none of us would be here right now, for I would have gone back and slain everyone who dared to start something this maddening... I do apologize." It was all that he could say or had to offer the young man. His magical powers were limited and after the catastrophic wave of every that escaped him, Rayma rubbed his head gently and sighed, looking to Raiyn with a bit of memory loss and inquired.

"The witch. After the fireball and the explosion ... what happened?"

The outcast had no recollection of his barrier or giving into his instinct and inhibitions to protect those he had never known before this time. A self-sacrifice for the good of many was the integrity and loyalty vested into his mind and ingrained into his heart. A core value that he lived by, rooted deep into his training by Jafan so long ago that acting in a selfless manor went without thought. Action begat honor. Rayma rolled his shoulders slowly, feeling the ache of his back and the sore, raw feeling that was between his shoulder blades and merely assuming that it was just pain of being knocked to the ground and nothing more. Rolling onto his knees, the outcast rested a hand just below the throat of Aella, palm and fingers open. His hand, more comparable to a bear paw, radiated softly as the energies within him now reverse to her, trickling into her being.

It flowed warmly through her mind, her heart, and soul, repairing the damages of fatigue and exhaustion spent repairing and healing others. A draconic warmth flooding her core, mending the bonds and strengthening the ties between her and her soul-dragon. Releasing her, Rayma lifted her head to his lap and gave a faint smile with a nod, "She is tired, but will be alright..." It was the least that he could do, but to return the honor and favor of her assistance. Truth be told, he wasn't close to being out of energy, but the impact alone from the blast is what had knocked him out of commission.

"What is our next move, Raiyn?"


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#, as written by Siryn
"The witch is gone," Raiyn replied his eyes watching what Rayma had done to Aella. The elf stirred slightly and seemed to be coming around, which he was glad for. The Assassin got to his feet slowly, the loss of adrenaline making it hard for him to stand. Tattered cloth from the drapes that had once covered the windows of the palace were strewn across the ground. Taking hold of it, he managed to wrap the worst of his cuts with one hand. Tying it with his fingers and teeth, he winced as the cloth tightened around his chest and shoulder.

Turning, he watched as Aella was helped to her feet by Rayma. Drake stood with the other two as well, his little dragon racing up his leg to perch on his shoulder. Raiyn took a deep breath as he looked at them. They were dirty, tired looking and the only hope he had at stopping the crisis that the True Dragon's were about to unleash. Vy's emotion overwhelmed him, the dragon was uneasy and so the Assassin felt it as well.

"Vy tells me that the True Dragon's are trying to raise the old god dragon Barthomel. They're doing this by killing thousands of people and using their deaths as the main source of their power," Raiyn stopped to take a breath. With his good hand he ran his fingers through his hair before continuing, "I need to contact Crystacia and Ro'ell. They must be warned."

"How will you do that, Raiyn? You're in no shape to be fighting yet. Any of you. Besides, you need a little more practice at deflecting magic, don't you think?" Vy said.

Raiyn frowned as he looked out the window and up into the darkening sky, "You will take-"

"No. Send an order to the Assassin's back in Skyfall. Get them to go to Ro'ell and Crystacia. Have them report back to you here in Laowlee.

"I will send word back to Skyfall. Vy wishes for us to stay and recover here first," Raiyn relayed the dragon's wishes with a hard voice. He wanted to leave and be on the trail of the True Dragon's leader as soon as possible.

"Patience, you can't go fighting an enemy that can kill you in one swipe." Vy's attention turned to Rayma and Raiyn could feel the dragon speaking to the Assassin through their connection.

"Rayma, you spoke about a nega-rune for mana use? Where might we find one of those? How would he go about using it?"

Raiyn sighed, "Vy, lets find a place to rest first. I must send those orders."


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Aella awoke and shook her head. She felt light and like she was flying. She opened her eyes to the man she had awoken. She sat up and looked around. They were still in the palace. "Deimos..."

"You worried me, Ael... Your heart was weak... That man saved you but only just..." Deimos told her and she nodded.

"Thank you... You are Rayma, yes..?" she asked, standing. Her heart was still hurting but it was dull. She looked at her arms. Most of her Sacrifice had scabbed over but some was still bleeding a bit. Magic could not heal what it had placed.

"I will send word back to Skyfall. Vy wishes for us to stay and recover here first,"

"Deimos, are our contacts here have lodging?" she asked, rolling her shoulders, wincing as they creaked and hurt.

"Yes. They are willing to take us in... They are a neutral as us in the war so they will allow the Assassins."

"Good..." she said aloud. "Raiyn, I have lodging here. I have many contacts all over Draakon that are willing to help us with all this madness." she told the boy, before summoning her staff and twirling it. "There we can set a small base and rest... My magic is waning a bit... Nothing serious, I'll live, but I should rest soon. Come. They will welcome us..." She walked out of the palace and over to Deimos. The dragon nudged her shoulder with his head, pushing her forward. The two began walking, knowing the others would follow.

The town was ravaged, many people littered the streets, wounded. Aella stopped and helped them. Often she could only wrap the wounds and set bones. Her magic wouldn't allow her to do much more for them.

"Dragon Healer Zabat! When I saw Deimos, I wondered where you were..." A human man ran up to her and bowed. She set her staff on her back and bowed back.

"Hello again, Arine. I hope we are not intruding on anything..."

"Nonsense! You helped the children greatly. This is the least we can do you... Come, the orphans await... They were quite excited when they heard Deimos' voice." That had Aella laughing quietly.

"That does not surprise me..." she said before the two walked to a large building that was almost completely unscathed. "You weren't hit..?"

"We're on the edge, no one but a couple of them came over here. They were easily dispatched." Arine told her and she nodded.

"Understandable... Oh, I forgot to introduce everyone. This is Arine, my Laowlee contact. This is Raiyn, Rayma and Drake." Arine bowed to them deeply.