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Viva Riupe

"Nature is my element, yet am lost inside of it."

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a character in “The Reign of Dragons”, as played by BubbleYum


Vivia Riupe



Vivia Riupe

Dragon’s Name and Color:
Vivia's dragon's name is Rain, as a Mage that has bonded with her dragon she shares some essence of power with it. Rain is a salmon like color, with red spikes.

A dazzling appearance this girl beholds. A tall girl standing 5'7 with long platinum blonde hair, a slim build with noticeable curves. She has a rather appealing face a triangular head, almond shaped forest green eyes. Thin lips that reveal a pleasant smile, a pale complexion with a dashed of pink around the cheeks. Behind the smile hides secrets, a secret warrior brews inside.. she had a brutal past and the scars along her upper and lower back show it clearly, although most times she hide her scars in her long sleeves and long trousers and high boots. Her hair is often packed up in a messy ponytail rarely down.



+Magic of course
+Mending wounds/healing
+Mental strength

+Cannot Swim
+Cannot trust and is solitary
+She cannot use her magic for more than an hour , unless her magic will fade and not work, her magic is like a tool it needs to recharge every so often.

Vivia's personality is rather different, it's as she's too different people, for example she can be aggressive or affectionate either way she is very charismatic, her beauty attracts many people and her often easy-going personality lets them take advantage of her. But she has changed, she's harsher and much more serious, she cannot trust easily... maybe she'll change.




A dark life filled with little puddles of joy now and there.. it's something she doesn't want to talk about but maybe we can get into her mind.
"I was adopted by a family of humans, the were loving and kind till they found out excatly what I was. Everyday was like another cruel nightmare, even though all I did was good they treated me like a criminal. I left never to come back, I lived in the forest and one day I found a egg, I wqas going to eat it after much hunger, I couldn't crack it but it was so pretty so I put it in my bag. It hatched and it bared a dragon that was light pink and very pretty so I kept it, I named it Rain because It was raining the day it was born.
I lived my life.... "

P.S-She's leaving out a bit chunk of her life

So begins...

Viva Riupe's Story


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Viva's footsteps echoed through the empty street, she held a straight face as her salmon dragon Rain accompanied her walking behind her back. She reached a narrow empty path, darkness prevailed, she walked forward. A shadowy appearance became clearer. "Do you have it?" Viva pleaded, her voice revealing this was something she truly wanted.. needed. "Have what?"
sly said the figure in black, his voice was deep but rusty like a thousand nails scratching on a iron board. "You know, the potion" Viva said feeling the figures breathe on her lower neck. The figure laughed, his laugh filled with scarred hate and evilness. "Shut up little girl." he said cruelly delivering a hard smack to Viva's face, her face flushing blood red. She put her hand on her cheek as Rain growled furiously, Rain pounced on the figure, they both disappear into the dark.