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Jaci Lynch

“Armageddon was yesterday, today we have a serious problem.”

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a character in “The Remnants”, as played by Cota



Jaci Lynch


Age: 25

Description: Standing at 5'3" and weighing in at just under 115 lbs, Jaci is by no means physically intimidating. She has a lean build, hardened by both a rough childhood and the recent apocalypse, and sports more than a few scars. Her small size puts her at a disadvantage in combat, however, combined with an almost preternatural agility, allows her to reach places that larger people could not. Her naturally wavy blonde hair falls casually to her shoulders, her bangs hanging loosely about her face. Her eyes are an inviting, warm blue and she wears a innocent, youthful smile.

Jaci dresses practically: Black combat boots, black cargo pants, and a holster for her gun. Up top, she wears a black ripstop polo over a dark grey compression-fit undershirt. She wears dark sunglasses and black biker gloves. She carries her personal supplies in a small, dark red backpack. She has a switchblade strapped to her right boot, a slightly larger stiletto strapped to her right leg, over the cargo pants, and a black S&W .45 Compact handgun in her holster.


Fears: Like most people, Jaci is afraid of dying. Not death, she understands that it's inevitable, but she fears the actual act of dying. Apart from that, she is afraid of being forgotten. She wanted to make a mark on the world that would last beyond her death, but now that dream is dying with the rest of the world.

Goals: For most of her life, it would have been easier to list the few things that Jaci did not want. Now she'd be content just staying alive.

Likes: Jaci loves the feeling of besting others. Before the apocalypse, she stole and conned not because she needed or even wanted the money, but instead because she enjoyed stealing, lying, cheating and manipulating others. Her act and her games always had a way of making her feel important, and pretending to be someone else is one of her favorite activity. She loves to lie and cheat, and rarely if ever is she entirely honest with someone.

Dislikes: Jaci hates losing or feeling inferior. She understands her limits, but begrudges herself that they even exist. She also hates goody-two shoes and people who overly altruistic or selfless. One of the good things about the rapture and subsequent apocalypse is that there are so few of those people left.

Strengths: While rather agile and decently skilled with a knife, Jaci's greatest strength is her talent for deception and misdirection. Before the rapture, she was a notoriously successful con-woman, using her charm, wit, and talent for bullshit to steal large amounts of money or valuables from rich, unsuspecting marks. Thus, her talent for lying and gaining the trust of others is nearly unparalleled. She comes across as friendly and sincere, if a bit naive, like a typical girl-next-door. These traits are purely a false face, as she is more or less apathetic concerning the well-being of others. At heart, she is ruthless, driven, and even cruel, traits that have done well to keep her living and thriving.

Weaknesses: Aside from her obvious physical disadvantage due to her small size, Jaci is ridiculously confident of herself and her ability to succeed in whatever she does, to the point of arrogance. Though she's good at false facing and pretending otherwise, she can be brash, and when the game is up and there's no longer a need to be nice, she can be ruthless, harsh, and downright rude. Lastly, she steals too much. Before the rapture, an associate once jokingly said that if she was bleeding out and a doctor was trying to sew up the wound, she'd steal the needle and die laughing.

Jaci was born to poor parents in a poor neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents were killed in a mugging when she was just over a year old, leaving her as an orphan. She had no living relatives, and was eventually put in foster care, where she moved from family to family, never fitting in with any of them. She got in trouble for stealing starting at an early age, and was first arrested at the age of thirteen for stealing a sports car and going for a joy ride.

Due to her problems with the law, she was kicked out of foster care early at sixteen, and she's been on her own ever since, stealing and conning her way across the country. The rapture happened while she was staying in Dallas, Texas. She went to bed with her mark and woke up the next morning alone in his penthouse. Confused, her flight instincts kicked in and she disappeared, leaving behind her fake life in Dallas and heading west.


FC: Natalie Dormer


So begins...

Jaci Lynch's Story