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Ezenvare Queem

"I am Ezenvare, but most call me Eze."

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a character in “The Rend”, as played by unseenshadow2


"With age comes regret.
With regret comes pain.
With pain comes sadness.
With sadness comes wisdom."

Full Name: Ezenvare Queem
Nicknames/Aliases: Eze, Dragon Man, Monster (in ignorant towns), Quick Claw, Monkey Dragon
Age: 312 years of age
Gender: Male
Species: Half Dragon, Half Human

Original Canon:

Da'vier was a single super continent, much like Pangaea, but spread east to west rather than north to south. This formed a short ocean between the sides and constant shore line trading along the massive coasts. However, the inside of Da'vier was not nearly as nice. For about 100 miles from the ocean there was forests, which led into a 10 mile wide stretch of swamps. From the swamps was the was a mountain range that surrounded what was known as the badlands, a desert that few would ever come back from.

The populace of Da'vier is quite varied, from humans to orcs to elves to dragons and clashes for the coasts and the forests were common. The powers of magic were time and time again the reason why any particular group would win there section of the lands, there were entire sects of non-magic users that knew how to counter the powers of wizards and their like.

Unbeknownst to most people there was a power that acted like, but wasn't, magic. It was called Psionics by those who wielded it and a particular warlord by the name of Terand Ioh became jealous of the fact that these psions always seemed to end up on the most fertile lands. Thus he began a 100 year war against the psions, ultimately losing to the fact that his magic-wielders had no idea on how to counter the psions, but they knew how to counter the magic-wielders.


Standing in at an unintimidating 5 foot 8, Eze is obviously the child of a dragon. His muzzle is elongated and filled with two sets of dagger-like teeth which complements the scale covered body. The scales are a shiny bronze with his nose, fingers and toes, and the tip of his tail are the color of rusted copper. On the top of his head Eze has a bonier, almost plate-like, section that connects to a soft, muscular extrusion from the back of his head that holds up a small frill that continues down the back of his neck. His tail has two similar frills at the end that form what looks like a paddle.

Eze's build is obviously athletic. From the thin and toned limbs to the imposing muscles of his chest that shows through his scales. His arms are obviously from his human side, ending in all five digits although each ends in a razor sharp claw. The legs of Eze are double-kneed, giving them the look of being the back legs of a four legged animal which is further reinforced by the three large, clawed toes that protrude from the comparably small feet. Surprisingly enough, even his tail is muscular and extends about three quarters of his height from his crotch.

Another trait that causes Eze to stand out is his choice of attire. Lacking the modesty that most have, Eze only wears a simple pair of shorts with a hole for his tail, leaving his chest and legs exposed. Along with that, he carries a sturdy wooden staff as tall as him.


Broken by time after time of tragedy, Eze has hardened and often resists when people try to get to know him. However, Eze still enjoys trying to save people and considers every good hearted creature to be worth more than himself. However, if Eze believes that by living he can save more people than letting himself die, he will do everything in his power to ensure that such a series of actions happens. Once someone manages to get him to warm up, he is rather friendly. He also likes to go to social events, such as parades and festivals.


  • Dragon's Breath - Every couple of minutes, Eze can unleash a 60 foot long lightning bolt from his mouth. This bolt is powerful enough to damage stone walls, penetrating up to a half foot of solid stone. Against metals, 3 inches thick is enough to negate the physical force of the bolt. It takes several seconds for the energy to be built up as well as for Eze to aim, giving mobile targets that are aware enough time to try and dodge the bolt.
  • Claws of the Dragon - While Eze may lack the size of the great beasts whose blood flows through his veins, his claws are just as strong and sharp. A single swipe goes cleanly through 2 inches of leather or hide. A forward stab can handle the same thickness of iron.
  • Darkvision - Eze can see clearly for 60 feet, even in complete darkness. Fog, fog-like events, and magical darkness all affect Eze's vision normally and his sight angle is only slightly wider than a human's.
  • Dragon's Scales - Eze's scales aren't just his skin, they are his armor. Light enough that he moves without restriction but strong enough to allow him to shrug off minor blows. His scales are equivalent to wearing an inch of steel armor. Eze is also immune to electricity, but not necessarily the force that can come along with it.
  • Dragon's Lungs - Eze can breath both salt and fresh water for indefinite amounts of time and is a strong swimmer along with it.
  • Dragon's Wings - With 5 minutes effort he can grow a pair of wings that spans 12 and a half feet. The wings are fully capable of both forward flight and gliding.
  • Dragon Blood - When Eze wills to he can use his blood's power to add sparking electricity to his hands, feet, and tail. This electricity damages nearly anything that Eze strikes and may stun the poor creature. Eze can use this to purposefully stun instead of killing. Using this slowly tires Eze physically.
  • Powerful Dragon's Tail - Eze has a remarkable amount of control and strength in his tail. He is capable of manipulating it enough to carry his staff and it is strong enough to hold him up.
  • Quick Claw - Eze's favored title was well earned. When focusing on assaulting an opponent, Eze is capable of assaulting them with all four claws in rapid succession.
  • Psionic Blast - Every couple of seconds Eze has the ability to launch a blast of raw mental energy at an opponent. This blast can be either lethal or non-lethal. The extended use of this power will wear away at Eze's focus.
  • Psionic Haste - The more that Eze can focus, the faster he becomes. This power wears away at both Eze's focus and physical stamina.
  • Psionic Healing - If injured, Eze can heal his physical form. This power wears away quickly at both Eze's focus and physical stamina.
  • Psionic Reach - Eze can use his mind to pick up objects the size of his staff or smaller. He can only move the objects at a standard walking pace and lacks any form of finite manipulation. If the object is being moved towards him, it moves at a sprinters pace. This power wears away very slowly at Eze's focus.
  • Staff Wielder - While rarely hitting an opponent with the staff, Eze is capable of using a quarterstaff to preform many athletic maneuvers. He can stand on the tip of the staff, use the staff to spin around, use the staff to pole vault, wield the staff with both his hands and feet, and use the staff to focus his Psionic Blasts.


  • Body of the Dragon - While the dragons that his blood hails from can transform into humans as a disguise, Eze cannot and is stuck with his obviously draconian form.
  • Fast Lights, Blind Dragon - While being able to adapt to dark situations almost instantly, Eze takes several seconds to deal with significant increases in the light level.
  • Nimble Dragon, Few Clothes - Eze's only armor is his scales. Anything more than the pair of ripped up shorts he wears either gets in the way of his movement or gets destroyed by his claws.
  • Water Dragons, Desert Sands - Eze favors oceans, seas, and forests near bodies of water because of the humid environment. When forced into arid environments Eze cannot fight at full speed and cannot use his Psionic Haste as this will cause him to rapidly lose water, mainly in his lungs.
  • Little Dragon, Big Wings - The massive wings of Eze may allow him flight, but they are too unwieldy to allow hovering and unless he is landing Eze has to remain moving forward while flying. When on the ground the wings make it difficult for Eze to maneuver and add weight that slows him down significantly.
  • Good Dragon, Heavy Conscience - Eze will do everything that he can to save as many people as he can, and he despises killing people that can be "saved" from the path of evil. Eze will only choose to kill when someone that he thinks he can reform if it will save more people than saving them or if they poise enough of a threat to Eze that he can't quickly stun them. After these sort of events, Eze will often go into a depression for two or three days.
  • Tired Dragon, Weak Dragon - Many of Eze's abilities wear away at his stamina, causing him to gradually slow down and weaken until he can take a proper rest.
  • Strong Tail, Weak Fins - While the tail may be useful as a tool, the two fins on the end of the tail are vulnerable to damage. While these will heal, they do impact how well Eze can swim. This makes using it as a weapon a last resort.

Brief History:

Back in the ancient lands of Da'vier there was a tribe of humans who were peaceful and thought centered, able to manifest powers of the mind out of raw willpower and training. These powers acted greatly like magic, yet ignored defenses designed for fending off magic wielders. Their power over the mind was great, as was their wisdom, but they sat on lands that powerful warlords wanted. Bad.

This greed brought soldiers to their humble village. At first they thought that the soldiers were there to stop before traveling to trading villages along the road that had reported being attack by orcs. The tribe found this out that night when the soldiers descended upon many of the families when night fell, but the powers of the "psions," as they called themselves, were too much for the soldiers to kill off.

With a quarter of their village dead at the hands of a warlord, they knew that more attacks would come. Traveling 12 miles to the coast, 12 young women attempted to persuade a might bronze dragon to aid their village in the coming war. After several days of trying to convince the dragon to aid them, it finally struck them a deal. Each of the young women must give up their virginity and the resulting children would become the guardians of the village.

When the twelve children exited their mother's wombs they all had features that proved they held the power of the dragon the deal had been struck with. The children, however, did not all gain the same powers from their father. Half of the children were large, strong, and viscous and the other half were small, nimble, and fast. The large children were trained to use their minds to heal themselves and control the battlefield while the other six were trained to use their minds to make their natural quickness even faster and to take down enemies from a range.

Eventually the Guardians grew of age, each choosing a weapon. Eze chose to use his claws, surprising both his teachers and his half-siblings, but he was able to keep up despite the fact that he simply carried a stick for utilitarian purposes. This life lasted just over a century before the wars of the outside began affecting the peoples within.

A civil war within the village started as the Chieftan tried to convince twelve more young women to go to the dragon that created the Guardians in an attempt to gain control of other towns. His daughter lead half of the village to rise up and refuse saying the purpose of the Guardians was to keep the village peaceful, not turn them into the reason they had the Guardians. This struggle within the village lasted nearly two years and ended up causing the two sides to eventually kill each other off. All the while the Guardians stood watch as they had been trained to do, not knowing which side they should choose and at the same time being unwilling to give up their duties.

When the village was no more, Eze took to the path that his mother once walked with the intent of following the sea to the nearest port city. His siblings each took their own paths, some following the roads while others looking to create a clan in the middle of the woods. Eze's journey lead him to the town of Port Viac. Entering speaking only Draconic and Psionic, no one understood that Eze meant no harm and they quickly drove him out of town. This went on for about 5 years before he eventually ran into a wizard that took 10 years to teach Eze to speak Basic. During this time, Eze would do what he could to aid the wizard, often gathering strange or evil creatures from the wild.

Eze continued working with the wizard for another 5 years until the wizard fell down the "Path of Evil" and Eze killed him as the wizard was beyond saving. Taking this sudden change in what was a close friend very harshly, Eze returned Port Viac and moved into an underwater cave beneath the docks. Within a few days a child found the half-dragon standing still within the water.

Using a stick to poke the head of Eze, the child drew him out of the water. Rather than running, as did all the other children, the one with the stick greeted the half-dragon with odd cheer and curiosity. Initially surprised by this Eze simply stood there for nearly half a minute till the child managed to get his mind back on reality. For several more minutes all Eze did was answer the child's questions. Everything from "What is it like breathing water?" to "Where do monsters come from?"

When the guards finally came to see what monster had entered the city they attempted to kill Eze, who in turn simply knocked all of them out. For the next twenty years Eze worked with the boy as he became a man, got a job, got a family. When he died because of trying to stop a gangster from mugging a woman, Eze blamed himself. Fueled with a new found reason to fight the half-dragon sought the gang and killed them all. Looking back on the destruction he had caused, Eze fled the city through the sea the port connected to.

From that point, Eze stayed in a sea cave he found a few miles up the coast. He stayed there for a year, once again having to repair his psyche. Once he was finally read to return to society, Eze simply never stayed in one place for long. Whether it was him leaving by choice or getting driven out varied by place, but it has been his life since he exited his last cave.

So begins...

Ezenvare Queem's Story


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Stride had long gotten used to waking up on floors. She had learned shortly after becoming a member of SCION that it was part of the job description, as was the occasional broken bone, poisoning, voodoo mind control, and nice coats of blood on your clothes- whether yours or someone else’s, it really didn’t matter much at the end of the day.

Waking up in the center of an arena underneath the blistering sun, however? Well, it was certainly new, although Stride would be lying if she said she was particularly pleased about this turn of events.

Groaning, the hybrid attempted to lift herself off the ground, only to slip on the polished tile beneath and collapse back onto the floor. A long string of curses left her lips not long after, particularly some choice words on how the brightly colored mosaic was a “fucking motherfucking son of a bitch”, and a thoughtful contemplation on “what the hell is this shit”. After a few moments, Stride once again attempted to lift herself, and successfully managed to pull herself into a sitting position. She merely sat there for a few moments, taking a moment to ascertain that her goggles and mask were indeed affixed to her face before suddenly grabbing her head in both hands, hissing under her breath. Her head was killing her…

It didn’t take long for her to recall what had happened in the darkness some time before, and less time to bring to mind what Mr. “Let me just kidnap you then give a half-assed explanation of what’s going on” had said specifically. “They”- almost unconsciously, Stride’s gaze swept the arena floor, taking in the various figure laid out neatly on the ground around her- were all stuck in “his world”...In another time, she may have rejected the notion of this being reality. Clung to a belief of her merely having some trippy, drug-induced dream in the middle of the medical ward. However, it took little more than sinking her own fangs into the soft stuff of her palm to brush away the thought, and send her assessing her surroundings once more. After all, when one worked with the monsters that went bump in the night, one tended to have a more open mind about things.

And open minds were the key to survival in these kinds of situations.

While Stride had not given too careful a look at her surroundings during her first rounds, it took only a few more to realize some...details she had missed. Essential details, most likely, but it was better late noticing these things than never, she supposed.

One, there were several duffle bags scattered about the arena, one of which being a dark green thing placed before her little “area”. Atop the rich material read a small slip of paper reading “To Stride”.

Second, quite a few of the others sharing the space with her didn’t appear to be exactly human; she could easily spot a few tails on some from here, wings there, and even some that resembled creatures from the zoo over any humanoid she had ever come across.

Third, lying close by was a very familiar vampire, curled on his side with knees tucked into his chest. Above him was a fairly large umbrella, and, as Stride had expected, another duffle bag bearing his name had been placed a few feet before him, too. While he wasn’t the prime choice of coworkers that could have been dragged in along with her, he was still better than others, and, even then, she couldn’t exactly leave him there. Rising to her feet- and momentarily stumbling as the blood flow returned to her legs- Stride slung her own duffle bag over her shoulder and took the few steps to reach her coworker.

After moving into the shade offered by the umbrella, the fighter lowered herself to the ground, letting the bag fall to the side as she assessed the other. Out cold, just like she was...Not knowing the exact protocol of waking up a sleeping vampire, Stride reached out and began to shake his shoulders, giving a slight grumble upon seeing no immediate effect.

“Hey, Mad, rise n’ shine. Time for beauty rest or whatever’s up already, yeah? Get up.” More shaking, eliciting a soft muttering from Lovette. Spurred on by having at least some response, Stride continued to push him back and forth, eventually rolling him onto his back with a bit of a harder shove than intended. However, it did the job, and soon enough black eyes had fluttered open to peer up at her.

“Well,” Madison began, pushing himself up with ease (something that caused a twinge of annoyance in Stride) and glancing about. “I suppose that we’re not at the base anymore, then?”

“The fuck do you think?” The half-breed drawled in response.

Before they could speak at further length, the researcher of the two suddenly perked up, rapidly turning his head to glance about before settling on no one in particular.

The others would be joining them soon, it seemed.


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Ezenvare Queem

It was too bright. Way too bright. Too warm. Too arid. That is all Eze could feel in his first second of returning to existence, his eyes still used to the pure darkness that he was in earlier. With a quiet closing of his claw, Eze felt his staff. This was something that would help to give him an edge if the place wasn't friendly.

With seemingly a single movement the staff slammed into the ground and the half-dragon was upon it balancing with the fins of his tail forming sun shades over his eyes. Still balancing on a single foot on the staff, Eze looked around as the world soon came into focus. There were others laying about a brightly colored floor that seemed as though it formed an image that Eze just couldn't put together in his head and many bags by them that were made in a style that the half-dragon knew nothing about.

After another few moments to determine that no one was going to try and kill him, Eze leapt down from his staff and grabbed before even began to tilt. As his tail went back to its resting position something came into contact with it. It was something soft, but scratchy. Turning around he noticed that he too had one of these strange bags. What is in it? Eze thought as his tail went between the two handles with the fins closed before bringing it up to his sight. There before him was the strangest piece of metallurgy that he had ever seen. Looking at it more closely, Eze could only assume that these were forged by dwarves as the complexity of the small interlocking metal teeth was something even elves couldn't get metal to do.

Throwing the bag over his shoulders Eze took another look around. Two people were already standing, and so he walked to them. Once within talking distance of the two, Eze said "Hail! Do you know this land?" in Draconian first before repeating it in Common with his deep, hiss-like, and dark voice.


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Adira Hasidare

Darkness. She remembered darkness and... a voice. The voice had greeted her- no, a group she was a part of though she'd not actually seen anyone. She'd not seen anything. There'd just been darkness, and a voice. Adira felt that perhaps she ought to be angry or confused. Where was she? What did the voice mean when it said 'taken'? But she couldn't even feel her own limbs in that unravelling darkness, much less anger. Although she was able to feel alarm. She wasn't in her world but in a world called The Rend? What insanity was this voice saying? Unable to speak, Adira could only listen in horror as the voice bid them all farewell and she suddenly felt herself falling.

It was from darkness Adira finally awoke. She was laying on her stomach, her face pressed against the sandy ground of what seemed to be an arena. As her eyes took in the landscape, her mind began racing. Where was she? Had she been taken hostage? The last thing she could recall, before the darkness and the voice, was walking beside Fell in search of shelter for the night. As Fell came to mind Adira sat up suddenly, alarmed. Her head was throbbing in protest, but she ignored this pain. "Fell?" Her question was answered by a puff of air on the back of her neck and she looked up from her sitting-up position to see her faithful companion standing over her protectively. She was still wearing all of her riding armor, except for her helmet which seemed to have fallen off when she collapsed (though she quickly picked it up again, holding it under one arm). He made a soft, crooning sound and nudged her shoulder, drawing a smile from her as she reached up to stroke his muzzle. "I'm alright. Are you?" Fell huffed again reassuringly, then looked up from where she lay to just beyond her and growled softly.

Adira looked up in the direction he was growling and first saw that there was a large bag with her name - Adira - embroidered on it. The second thing she noticed was that she was not alone; there were a handful of others either standing or laying in the sands a short distance from her. Was this some kind of gladiator's arena? Was she to fight these people? Narrowing her eyes she got to her feet, one hand on Fell's side while her other hand moved to grasp Stenr-Jierda's hilt.

Adira's eyes went wide. The sword was gone! Frantically checking her pouch and belt she found that all of her weapons were missing! Turning to Fell she patting his saddle bags and felt nothing. Everything was gone; her bow, arrows, throwing knives... The only thing that seemed to have been left by the thief was the armor she worn. Fell crooned softly, also confused and somewhat uneasy, but she stroked his side comfortingly. "It's okay bud, it's not your fault. Somehow someone managed to sneak all of our supplies out, probably while we were in that accursed darkness." Turning to the others Adira tried to figure out what she could use to defend herself, however the others who'd just awoken seemed as confused as she was. As her eyes traveled from form to form, she took notes of all of her fellow captives / possible opponents. There were many.

Her attention first went to the two figures who seemed to be awake. They where the most normal looking by comparison (but that was a stretch). There was a woman whose hair was as white as snow who gently shook the shoulders of the second figure who was laying under an umbrella. Though Adira could not immediately tell the gender of the second figure, Fell indicated that it was male - and that he smelled of death. Not of murder, but of death itself. The two spoke to each other for a moment before looking up at the rest of the strange looking forms that were starting to stir, and Adira did the same.

The first one she noticed was a woman with large black wings and the second was a man, also with wings (those these were more similar to those of bats). Both of these wings people were still laying upon the ground, unconscious.

The one who'd she'd been laying nearest to (before Fell, judging by the marks in the sand, had dragged her a short distance away from them all) was a creature that Adira would not call human for, though it stood upright and walked with a staff, it appeared to be a strange hybrid between a dragon and a man. He picked up his own bag and walked over to the other two conscious, uh, people.

While wondering how this was possible, her attention was drawn away by another inhuman figure. This one was more distinctly man but... he did not have flesh? His face seemed to be of flesh, in place of flesh for his body he seemed to have metals and light flowing through him. She did not understand, and this made her feel rather uneasy - what kind of thing was this? What magic allowed him to live and move without flesh? There was another who looked similar to the metal-man, but Adira could see that he was merely wearing the metal armor rather than the other way around.

The last unconscious figures lay somewhat close to each other. One of them was dressed entirely in black, and upon his head seemed to be the white polished skull of a wolf or some kind of canine. The other had magenta hair and small black horns as well as gray skin (though she appeared to be perfectly healthy), and Adira could see that not only were her eyes yellow but her teeth were sharpened. This one reminded her keenly of the savage orc tribes that lives in the mountains, however her skin had scales as well as a tail with a pointed tip.

Looking between them all, and then at the bag with her name on it, she had this sense of unease. A warrior never admitted fear, but one would be more a fool than a warrior if they claimed to be totally without it. As much as Adira loathed to admit it, she appeared to be outnumbered and outmatched. How could she hope to compare to a orc/demon, some kind of metal-magic-man, an second metal-man (minus the magic), a dragon/human hybrid, an undead, skull-face, a white-woman and two winged foes? Still, if there wasn't a battle planned, she'd rather not start one. Fell seemed to be in agreement, walking close behind Adira while keeping his head low to the ground in a non-threatening position (similarly to how a canine might), and they both moved slowly moved towards Adira's designated bag which rested beside herself and the small group of conscious humanoids.


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Xinder Ouquid

You have to be fucking kidding me. Thought Xin as he looked into the blackness of his helmet. He could feel the new ground beneath him and took it as a sign that he had landed where the begin that was obviously new to "Godhood" decided to drop him off now. With the next few moments of his consciousness Xin stealthily moved his right arm to the switch that caused the generator in his armor to restart.

First to appear in the holographic screen in the helmet was his Raw Mass levels, which were full, then the external temperature, humidity, and wind. Within the end of the second the full screen flicked on as the four blue lights on the outside of his helmet lit up. Great, a god with a fashion sense. Thought Xin as he looked at the colorful ground. Within a moment he found and picked up his trusty rifle.

Rolling over onto his back, Xin took a quick look around with his rifle's safety off. After deciding that nothing was currently trying to kill him he stood up and stretched out. Inter-reality travel wasn't always the most comfortable thing and the good stretch dekinked the Warflesh he was currently in. Uncomfortable but effective, standard military tech.

Looking at the ground once again, Xin spotted the duffle bag at his feet. Quickly he opened it up, finding a couple food bricks, his knives, his pistol, and his matter printer. All stuff that was his. This caused him to go on alert momentarily as he patted down his body and realized that he had managed to get his rifle out of the bag while he was sleeping.

Already grouped together was two women and some kind of lizard man who was barely wearing pants. And I have to deal with beast with no understanding of modesty. Xin could hardly think of ways to make this day go any better. Taking a quick sigh, he began moving to circle the group, his rifle out in case any of them got some bright ideas.


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#, as written by Hyro
Darkness. A lack of feeling. Nothingness. A voice. All of this was familiar and haunting, as it was very reminiscent of a dark hell the boy had once been put in by a certain Viceroy Balthazar. It was alarming. How had Balthazar gotten to them? To the Wanderers? And then a voice, albeit completely unfamiliar, spoke awkwardly. It didn’t make much sense, to be honest. Just a bunch of rambling, something about being taken… Erubesco, most likely. He had been captured. Drake needed to get out before things got any worse, but he wouldn’t get the chance to act on that thought, as he was out like a light within seconds.

When he woke up, his whole body ached. A groan escaped him, then slowly his silver eyes opened, eyelids fluttering a little, pupils piercing as always. He gazed at the floor beneath him, taking it in, puzzle piecing it together in order to gather that it was in fact a floor. A floor…

The boy quickly moved to sit up, perhaps a bit too quickly, as this action was immediately followed by a throbbing head which he moved to support tightly in his gloved leather hands. “Ugh… The hell… Am I?” the boy moaned, lifting his head and allowing a moment for his vision to refocus. The first thing he spotted was a duffle bag with his name. Odd.

From a quick sweep of his powers, Drake sensed multiple auras scattered about this… arena? That seemed about right. He didn’t know where he was, but he knew he didn’t like it. None of the energy auras were familiar. Not a single one.

He went over to the duffle bag, keeping a close watch on the energies of those around him and picked it up. Somehow he didn’t trust it at first. After all, how could he? He didn’t even know where he was.

Where he was…

The boy took this moment finally to look around. The first thing his eyes quickly fell over was Eze, the half dragon anthropomorphic, startling him and causing him to drop his bag. “Holy shit!” The boy froze, trying to decipher what he was looking at. After a moment, his eyes gazed from person to person, seeing many other oddities, including…

A dragon.
There was a dragon.
A real, live dragon.
It was breathing, it was moving, it was responding.
It was a fucking dragon.

....This was insane.

“What the actual fuck…” the gifted boy muttered to himself, eyes glancing around to try and take this all in. This is nuts. I’m dreaming. He had to be. There was no other way. A pinch would easily do the trick. And that’s exactly what he did, fingers to skin, which was met with a quiet, “Ow,” followed by a slowly dawning expression of confusion.

Swallowing hard, the boy carefully knelt down to inspect the duffle bag, opting to postpone interaction with the others for the time being. Unzipping it, he took a look inside. Maybe there were clues as to what was going on. Where he was.

The Rend, his memory recalled, causing him to blink a couple times in concentration, I can’t believe this, but… I don’t think I’m in my world anymore.


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Finding himself surrounded by darkness and feeling confused and a bit frightened was no different to how he felt back in his own world. This familiar setting wasn't a very nice one but he couldn't do anything but get used to it by now. His wolf skull mask, shrouded around the sides and at the back in black wolf fur remained on his head as he looked around, hoping to find something other than emptiness. An unfamiliar voice filled his ears; they didn't speak with a very confident tone, they sounded uncertain of their own words which was a bit alarming considering the things he was saying. Where the voice was coming from was unknown but at least they didn't sound too stern or threatening.

The brief introduction from, Rend was it? Yeah, that guy; gave little to no information on what was important and what someone would like to know. Oli started questioning in his mind; why me? What for? What now? Did I do something wrong? Am I going to die? Am I dead?! In a bit of a panic, Oli seemed too convinced that he had died until his consciousness was suddenly taken away from him.

While others around Oliver's current location were starting to wake up and see one another, Oli lay there, in the hot sun, burning. And if he didn't wake up soon he probably would die. His body temperature started to rise as the sun continued to glare down at him until the intense heat (intense for him anyway) forced him to wake up. "Ah!" Oliver exclaimed in pain as he suddenly sat up, then jumped up onto his bare feet, only to realise he was standing on a pretty hot ground; very beautiful, but hot. "Hot! Hot! Hot!" The man repeated to himself out loud, not realising he had company. Lucky his mask was still on. Oli had to continuously alternate which foot would take the heat at a fairly fast pace. Hopping on one then the other. This exercise would only become redundant however and make him more hot.

Looking around frantically for shade, his heart suddenly skipped a beat as he finally noticed the others. Feeling quite nervous and uneasy now, he found himself in a rather tight situation. But avoiding being burned alive seemed more important right now. The will to survive overcoming the fear of strangers forced him to rush over to the girl who was shaded by the umbrella with another. (Oli is convinced that Mad is a female). Not even noticing his own little bag, leaving it behind, he halted in front of the two, still jogging on the spot with his bare feet, long black loincloth (which covered a lot more than people might imagine). The bottom half of his toned, torso was bare, while his chest was shrouded in black cloth which draped down from his head piece made of wolf fur and skull. He simply pointed at the two and the umbrella before speaking. "I need some form of shade before I burn alive please tell me you are the merciful type." He wasn't speaking to anyone specific, if anyone could save him from burning alive, he'd be mighty grateful. He was prepared to take the umbrella with force if he had to but he hoped he'd never need to resort to violence. He hadn't even taken note of the extraordinary looking people around him yet. When his life wasn't on the line, he'd continue to freak out over the species he had never even thought of better yet known to exist.


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John slowly, and sluggishly opened up his eyes. His head began to ache, and he found himself wishing that, that too was made of metal. He tried to blink away the fogginess from the back of his mind, and once his head was clear he tried to think about just where the hell he was. All sorts of possibilities flashed through his mind, ranging from a disgruntled, or unpleasant client, to Briar beating the hell out of him so much he was starting to hallucinate. It was then he remembered the voice, that uncertain, disembodied voice, that no doubt came from some God like being. Whoever the hell it was had said that he was no longer in his familiar, and rather comfortable world anymore, but rather was in a different world entirely. Just great. Another run in with a supposedly God like entity.

He wasn't sure why he was brought here to this place.... to the Rend, as it was apparently called. truthfully he didn't know what to expect. John has had more than one encounter with creatures claiming to hold vast amounts of power, and he had learned that these types of entities could be very unpredictable. he'd have to be careful here. He moved to unholster one of his revolvers, though he quickly found he was missing the two at his side. Though he could feel the extra guns still residing in his legs. He gave out a sigh, and slowly began to get up keeping an eye out for danger. Once he was up he took the time to look at his surroundings, it seemed to be an arena of sorts, and there were quite a few unconscious bodies laying around here. More players in whatever game this was undoubtedly. It seemed several people had already woken up. John had no idea if he was supposed to fight these, people, work with them, or hell even ignore them entirely, but at the moment getting to know the people he was stuck with couldn't hurt.

Before he walked up to some of the others however, he noticed a duffel bag not far from him. A duffle bag with his name on it. His eyes widened in surprise. What was in there he thought? John has always tried to be optimistic, so he imagined there being gold or jewels or something of equal value. He wasted no time in opening the bag, the others could wait. Not like they were going anywhere anyway.

The contents were much less expensive than he was hoping for, though really what was inside were essential tools, so he couldn't complain. He was glad to see a decently large stockpile of bullets for his assortment of firearms, and surprisingly enough a medical kit. Well in his case a repair kit, filled with all sorts of tools and equipment he'd need to preform rudimentary repairs and maintenance on his body. Also in the bag were his missing revolvers which he promptly returned to their rightful place, inside the holster on his waist.

He looked back towards the others, and started to move in their direction, with the soun of metal hitting stone clearly announcing his presence. He wasn't sure if he'd have to kill these people later but at the moment it didn't matter. They didn't seem hostile, and were likely just as confused as John himself was. If he had to he'd put a bullet in each of their heads,he would, but for the moment it seemed like going in as a friendly would be the best course of action.

As he got closer it was clear that these people were not exactly normal, not that John had much room to talk. There seemed to be quite a few draconic figures here, with one being what looked like a strange lizard man, the other a boy with leathery dragon like wings, and a rather normal looking girl with some kind of lizard by her side. Another one that caught his eye was a man in metal, for a moment John had assumed that he was another kind of cyborg, but a careful look showed that it was simply an advanced piece of armor. There was also what seemed to be a rather normal looking girl, and a man with an umbrella. Next to them was a strange looking creature with some kind of skull on its head. What an odd bunch. He walked up to them with a friendly smile and waved."Hey there! Looks like we're all stuck here for the moment. Might as well get to know each other for the time being. My name's John by the way, but people back home call me Armory.


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On cue, it seemed that all of the strangers had, one by one, began to wake- starting with one of the more humanoid ones, and only climbing up the ladder of curiosity from there. Both men and creatures alike of draconic appearance; several covered or made up of metal; another masked figure...It certainly was a mixed bag they had so, and it was easy enough to predict that it would only grow stranger as the others awoke.

While others in such a circumstance might have found themselves alarmed, or wary of the various company they kept, one Dr. Lovette remained remarkably composed. He sat placidly beside his coworker, legs tucked beneath his body, hands folded in his lap. By all means, he appeared little more than a mildly confused, if not curious, captive of the games. Even when one of the others awoke- a young woman by the looks of it, with some sort of...dragon? at her side- Madison did little more than watch her for a few moments before greeting her with a raised hand. There was no reason not to show kindness in such a situation, really, especially when one so (seemingly. He had good reason not to assume just yet) young seemed so uneasy. The quickening of her pulse was a clear enough indicator of some distress, and Madison did his best to appear welcoming.

Before the vampire could beckon her over, however, Madison soon noticed that someone else had begun to approach in her stead; one of the more bestial-appearing members of the gathering. Once again, Madison put on an open look, giving the other a warm smile- although, in spite of himself, he couldn’t help but look over the man (or so Madison guessed. Had to assume in certain situations so as to avoid calling people “it”) with obvious intrigue and fascination. He held his tongue, however, waiting as the creature first spoke in some unknown language, and then plain English. Madison visibly brightened as the first comprehensible words left the person’s lips, and was quick to respond in turn.

“Well, hello to you, too,” he said softly, giving a brief nod along with the words. “I’m actually afraid that we’re...well, we’re just as lost as you are, my friend. My coworker and I,” a absentminded gesture in the direction of the aforementioned hybrid, who was currently distracting herself with something else, “were discussing that, actually.” Then, a bit brightly, “But, anyway, I suppose greetings are customary even in situations like this. My name is Madison- and you are?” Of course, the vampire had no idea whether such “how-do-you-do’s” were customary in the being’s culture, but it was always a good thought to extend an olive branch.Courtesy was essential…

Out of the corner of his eye, Madison caught sight of one of the metal-coated ones stalking about with a rifle-

...even when others were a bit less easygoing regarding the circumstances than others.

And, besides, Madison was quite curious about the creature standing before him. While he had seen a few draconic species in research, not once had he met anything like them in person. However, before he could release a flow of questions, his attention was once again pulled back into focus at the sound of yelping. Immediately concerned, he found himself watching a rather...uniquely dressed man rapidly hopping from one foot to the next, gesturing at the little gathering and pleading for shade. In a very brief gesture, Madison’s gaze flicked up- there was an umbrella there that he had not noticed before- before returning to the masked stranger and beaming once again.

“The more the merrier,” he chirped, voice not at all helping with any thoughts on his gender. “Go ahead and come on under; we won’t bite.” At his own words, Madison had to supress a small chuckle, opting to simply pat a space nearby instead of anything that could potentially be deemed suspicious.

The meet-and-greet didn’t seemed to end there, of course; shortly after the words had left his lips, another of the metallic men had suddenly begun to wave and greet them all with great cheer. Not one to be outdone, Madison returned the wave for a moment or two before his hand dropped back into his skirts.

“Hello, Mr. Armory; I’m Madison.” Then, to all who could hear, “I would say it’s nice to meet you all, but I would have preferred our meetings to have been under...different circumstances.” A laugh, soft, gentle.

Composed, composing, composure. It was better to make allies over enemies in such times, or such went his logic.


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While her coworker was more concerned about making allies, Stride had other things on her mind; namely, the fact that at least one of the others was currently armed, and a few others looked a bit too...jumpy for her tastes. Of course, the fighter enjoyed socializing as much as the next person, but when you were surrounding by a mish-mash of people who could very well be trigger-happy, precautions seemed a bit necessary before you sat down and went drinking with your newfound pals.

After brushing her hands against her holsters in what was- hopefully- a casual manner, the woman gave a small scowl upon feeling them empty before pulling her bag into her lap. With any luck, this wouldn’t be like some cheesy chick flick, where it would be empty because “she had found everything she had needed after all!”, or even contain a scrap of paper leading her on a quest to throw the One Ring into lava or some shit like that- and, as luck would have it, the bag did none of those. Instead, Stride was pleased to find her gas mask at the very top of the pile within, which only encouraged her to go deeper.

Beneath the thick material lay several other goods, much to her delight- the first of which being her faithful submachine guns. After ascertaining no one was giving her the stink eye over what she was doing, Stride carefully checked to see if both were loaded before slipping them into their places at her hip. The next item was a basic pair of headphones and an IPod, heating packs, and, even further in, several changes of her clothes- as well as various items from her bathroom.

Alright, whoever this “voice” was, one thing was for certain; he was one creepy motherfucker.

Thankfully, that was the end of the personal items, by the looks of it. As Stride searched the various pockets and crannies of the duffel bag, there was little more left than general basics. Some food packs, water containers, a few knives, a toolkit. In one of the pockets, the hybrid even found basic supplies for cleaning weapons, as well as an undeterminable amount of silver bullets. She picked one from the pile and rolled it between finger and thumb for a few moments, feeling its shape, before letting it drop and closing the bag for the time being. Now that she had properly armed herself, Stride could relax for the time being.

Idly, she looked up, not expecting to see much- only to immediately proved wrong upon seeing a small group already gathered about. Before she gave any recognition of properly seeing them, Stride peered at the trio from behind her goggles, taking them in with an increasing bafflement. All gathered together, they appeared like the punchline to some crappy bar joke. So, Godzilla, the Terminator, and a cultist walk into a bar… Nevertheless, she wasn’t looking to end up getting hacked into tiny fighter bits at the moment, so she did well to hold her tongue; instead looking past the trio for the moment.

Beyond them, it seemed that the cast got even stranger. Several people were already about, and already Stride was feeling a lot more happy about her decision to arm herself; one was already strutting about with a gun like he was doing some sort of video game deal, one kid was visibly flipping his shit over a...whatever the hell that was, and...well, it wasn’t exactly Party Central, to say the very least. Returning her attention to those closest at the moment, Stride rose to her feet, taking a moment to dust off her jacket before squinting at one of the more “friendly” people around.

“Do ya get called Robocop ‘round your parts, too?” She spoke in little more with a drawl, accentuated with what was undeniably some sort of accent- weathered over the years into something new, something hardly distinguishable, but an accent nonetheless. “Or is that somethin’ your friends call ya.” While Madison was trying for a more pacifistic approach by the sound of things, Stride was simply going about in her usual fashion. Granted, it wasn’t exactly the best approach, but an approach to things nonetheless.

A brush of a lock of silver, clearing it away from her goggles for the time being. “Name’s Stride. Guessin’ ya don’t know where the hell we are, either, yeah?” Then, upon noticing the rather obvious panic of one of the close by strangers, added, “Hey, eh, Masky, ya need a lil’ help gettin’ under, there?” Unlike the man, the gorgon was rather enjoying the feel of the heat about her, reaching her through layers of fabric and leather. It warmed her blood, planting energy within her that only added to her current confidence.

One of the double-edged swords of the whole snakey-deal, really.

And speaking of which…

Her eye once again flickered back to the large, reptilian...person-man-thing. She didn’t have much to say to him that Mad hadn’t said, really, but she examined him for a few moments anyway. Briefly, Stride wondered whether Mr. Hiss could breathe fire, before pushing that thought aside for the time being. Of course, while it would be badass, it wasn’t exactly something she wanted to see at the time being.

Maybe later, though.


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Ezenvare Queem

Draconian was only met with the awkward looks of the pale woman. Common, however, visibly brightened her and it wasn't long before she responded. She soon explained just how similar that their situation was and pointed to the other human looking one while mentioning that they were together. More allies, more good can be done.

After a few moments, the pale skinned human got to her name. Madison. This was followed shortly there after by the questioning of his own name. "I am Ezenvare, but most who know me prefer to call me Eze." Eze said with his deep hiss of a voice. Not soon after, more began appearing.

First was a man that was clad in little more than a mask of bone and some spare rags. At least it all still covered more than the simple and torn shorts that adorned most of Eze's thighs and waist, but he was dancing about as if something was wrong. Then it finally registered to Eze that the man was hot, looking for shade. It would seem that the two had something in common, they weren't desert folk.

Then came a man of metal. The strange mismatch of flesh and steel seemed like something that the dwarves would construct, so maybe he would understand how to open the strange contraption that held Eze's bag open. Without even two moments' pause, the half-dragon held out his bag and said "Hello Armory, would you happen to understand this strange device or how to get it open?" Pointed to the zipper on his duffle bag before continuing with "I am Eze."


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Xinder Ouquid

Xin continued his circle, closing in on what he had yet to determine whether it was tools or prey. Relaxing slightly, the rifle moved from a near readied state to about half-way down his chest, still pointed somewhat forward. It didn't take long for most of the dangerous looking ones to group together, which would make Xin's life much easier if they tried anything.

There were two ladies that he spotted right away, one nearly unarmed with only an umbrella while the other seemed to be readying some kind of weapons. Pistols most likely, but even pistols could do damage with as close as Xin was likely to get. Gotta kill the masked one first.

Then the dragon looking man. Likely a custom made body like some of the more paranoid folk would have made for them. What Xin could tell from the outside looked like it wasn't built for strength, but nimbility. All the right muscles where toned to suggest quite the wide range of movement as well as a high foot speed. Still, the claws didn't look like something that Xin would want to risk his neck around. I think I should take him out from a range. Maybe while he sleeps if he proves to get in the way.

The dancing man who ran over to the rest of the group with little more than a mask on looked as if he would be easy prey, provided that he would get in the way. The man after him, some kind of cyborg, was a much different story. As Xin got closer he could hear the mention of the word armory, which was usually not a good sign with someone of that level of technology. It didn't look quite as advanced as Xin's underwear, but still dangerous. If something goes wrong, got to let him wear himself down before finishing.

With another quick look around Xin spotted another dragon man, but not quite as dragon as the other one. And this one had wings. A quick look at his expression told Xin that he was planning something, but the wings and direction he was facing suggested that this something had to do with flying. He could be a problem, but doesn't seemed well armed. Hope he stays that way.

Finally his vision landed upon two women and what looked like some kind of lizard dog, probably some gene-modded mutt. The one wasn't anything impressive, but she did have what seemed to be a reliable armament. Pet then owner. As quickly as possible. The other girl was another of those custom body freaks, or maybe some kind of specialized combat body. Either way, she waved around one hell of a sword like it was nothing, which definitely meant something. Got to be careful to stay away from this one.

At the end of it all, Xin felt good about his odds. He obviously outclassed any tech they had, but if they weren't too eager to try to kill him, most seemed like very good cannon fodder. He just had to be careful that none of them came to become reliant on him. When satisfied with his 'recon,' Xin settled in a spot in the group where he could clearly see each member. Standing silently, Xin looked from side to side with his rifle down enough to show he wasn't ready to attack, but high enough that he could kill all of them in a second's notice.


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Khojin shrugged, tossing the hardtack back into the duffle bag. Maybe it could serve in an emergency. She put what she was keeping back into the duffle bag and closed it, moving to toss it back over her shoulder when she was interrupted by Adira shouting. She snapped her head around to see what the Shao was referring to, catching sight of one of the winged Shaos about to take flight.


She jolted to her feet, unsure why. Her new ally seemed to care, so she figured that was reason enough. She peered skyward, looking for the net she had warned about; sure enough, she managed to glimpse a section of metal wire glint in the sunlight. She bent her knees slightly, prepared to jump if he took off; if she was fast enough, she might be able to catch him mid-ascent.

In the meantime, her eyes shot around the arena, looking for someone or something that might serve to aid this cause. Her eyes settled on the warforged; the other winged Shao occurred as an option, but she wasn't going to risk discovering she was a slow flyer - or worse, that her feathered wings were only for show. As for the warforged... She'd seen Paladin-class warforged in her world fire stunning electrical blasts to incapacitate potential threats. This one might be from a different realm, but she was willing to bet he had a similar capability.

"Oi! Warforged!" she shouted, unsure of how to get one to do anything. The ones she'd seen in action had just kind of... responded when necessary. She pointed at the leather-winged boy nonetheless. "The Shao!"


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Xinder Ouquid

Xin watched as the freak girl sat down and let he bag come off of her shoulder before looking him up and down. She then said somethings that Xin really couldn't understand, not that he was paying that much attention to what she was say. He had to make sure that he kept a close eye on the rest of the people here. One small slip up and one of them might turn and try to use this arena like an actual arena.

A few more moments and she started with the word 'Warforged' getting back Xin's attention. They sounded like some funny name for a warbot, but when she started talking about 'Shao' Xin could only think of one thing that met that description, given the circumstances. "Shao sounds a lot like a different name for a human. And I can tell you right now that your Za Ri are nothing more than another thing to be crushed beneath the feet of real empires. Ones that span stars." Xin said with some level of arrogance within his voice. This zi ri before him was liably some primitive, like one of the many species of natives that had been crushed beneath his boot.

Then there was some massive shadow suddenly covering the group. Turning to its source, Xin didn't break his stance as he stared at the giant chunk of armor. What the hell is that? Some kind of knock off mech? With a subtle turn and a careful step or two back, Xin was back in a position where he could view the entire group, including the silent tower of armor.


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“Eze.” The word rolled neatly off Madison’s tongue, forming into sound, a word, a name. He tested it once again beneath his breath, feeling it out, before smiling once more and nodding at the lizard. “Alright, Eze. It’s good to meet you- although, again, I would have preferred other circumstances, to be honest.” The vampire then extended a hand for a shake, uncertain if the other would understand the gesture, but offering it anyway out of politeness’ sake.

Stride, on the other hand, only gave a brief nod to affirm that she had heard “Eze” give his name, giving her jawline a light scratch as she directed a majority of her focus onto Mr. Robocop (she refused to call him by any other name, as this man was undeniably either Robocop or the Terminator). “So ya don’t know much ‘bout this whole thing, either.” Her voice was little more than a mutter as she continued to eye the man, occasionally switching her attention to over his shoulder in order to ascertain nothing of particular importance was happening. From the looks of it, all that was going on was two girls- one more human, the other...not so much- having themselves a happy little conversation, with the human-one showing off her dragon.

The woman was half-tempted to make a comment about at least taking the chick to dinner first.

Soon enough, however, another one was added to the mix- a male, who the pair shouted at for a while before the little group converged. Satisfied with what she found, Stride glanced back, watching as Robocop helped Godzilla with his duffle bag, as the latter didn’t seem to have any real idea as to how the thing worked, exactly. While this wasn’t exactly the most remarkable thing to look at in the situation, out of the corner of her eye she could easily see Madison nearly bursting at the seams, watching the two interact with obvious intrigue.

And then, the dam overflowed.

“Excuse me, sirs,” he began, absentmindedly rubbing his hands together as if brushing dust from them, “but I couldn’t help but wonder something; where did you come from?” He paused, letting the question hang there for a moment, before continuing. “I don’t mean continent-wise, but rather...well,, you could say? The voice had mentioned us being in ‘another world’, and it’s fairly clear that we weren’t all brought from the same place.” Always looking for information. Even when locked in another “world” by the sounds of things, Madison’s thirst for knowledge lingered. And the way he saw it, there was no reason not to ask; after all, it wasn’t exactly the most confidential topic, given the fact that both a cyborg, some sort of draconic being, and a vampire were all gathered in same place- among various other beings.

Before the pair could answer, however, both SCION members became aware of a shadow looming across the arena. Casting darkness about them, and effectively making the umbrella unnecessary. Stride was the first one to peer over to see what had caused it, and found herself staring right into the face of some armored...thing.

Rather than leap back in shock, or even start unholstering her guns in an attempt to fire at the thing, the hybrid only muttered a “the hell is that” before checking to make sure that her weapons hadn’t somehow been taken from her. Once her fingertips had grazed the metal again, Stride was satisfied, and contented herself to squint at the figure for a while longer before turning back. A walking suit of armor certainly wasn’t the oddest thing to happen today, after all, and she doubted it would be the last. And, at any rate, she had seen several pieces of sentient armor when investigating haunted houses. Better to leave the thing to those it bothered, she mulled. Better to leave it until it tried to make a Happy Meal out of someone’s soul. (Ba-da-da-da-da, it’s lovin’ it~)

Her vampiric companion was just as unfazed- if not just as curious as he was before. Absentmindedly, Madison felt for his pocketbook, only to find the little nooks within his dress to be empty. A shame; while he had no qualms about putting things to memory, it was a strong habit to at least have some solid evidence of what he’d heard.

Maybe there was something for him in his duffle bag. Maybe. He’d have to check later- for now, he was too enthralled by the idea of milking the strangers for evidence of the Multiple Worlds theory. The others at base would have a field day with this kind of research, really.

And speaking of the devil…

A familiar red, flaming plume of hair suddenly flared up in Madison’s line of vision, accompanied by an equally familiar tall figure attached to it, and her accompanying accent and lines of insult. One Kora Norrevinter. Before Madison went and called out to her, however, he became aware of certain...things that didn’t exactly apply to their Kora.

Namely, the lack of werewolf scent anyway on her body, the fact that she was currently cursing out a “Liberty” (while he knew that she did not originate from the Americas, he doubted that she hated them that much), and her current uniform.

The whole, well, spontaneous combustion was also a dead-ringer that things were not exactly right, too.

Stride seemed to recognize the woman equally as fast, although she was not as swift to recognize the differences as Madison. At first, she could only see the redhead as the Kora from base, the one that ended up hosting most of the chugging contests to her knowledge. Needless to say, the hybrid felt a bit pleased that she wasn’t the only fighter to get dragged into things, and was about to call out a jeer when suddenly, that Kora burst into flames.

“The hell?” The word came out admittedly a bit louder than intended, and Stride instinctively took a few steps back in surprise. As far as she was concerned, people didn’t randomly just burst into fucking flames. Before she could react further, Madison had suddenly taken a hold of her arm, giving a light tug and rising to full height. He leaned in just slightly towards the other’s ear, and began to mutter, taking care that those around them couldn’t hear.

“Look. That’s not our Kora; she doesn’t have the right scent. And you don’t see her burning, do you?” Indeed, the woman didn’t seem pained by the whole event- merely very, very pissed. Stride could only watch for another minute as the Norwegian cursed out “algae-eaters” before shaking her head, watching Kora- well, Kora’s doppleganger- with puzzlement.

“Alright,” she grumbled, “this shit is just gettin’ weirder n’ weirder.”

She knew well enough not to run up to the familiar stranger, shouting things like, “Hey! I know you don’t know me or anything, but I’ve known you for ten years in my world. Wanna go grab some beers?” After all, for all they knew, this Kora could be...a lot more different than theirs, to say the least.

They’d have to watch for now, but all Stride could think at the moment was that she had somehow found herself in an episode of “The Twilight Zone”.


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Ezenvare Queem

Eze looked into the bag after Armory opened it for him, with a simple pull on a strange metal tab. Ignoring the outside world Eze shoved his head straight into the bag. A bucket. A spool of metal rope. Another bucket. The scent of salt water. SALT WATER!!!

Pulling his head out of the bag, Eze quickly placed the bag down and pulled out the simple metal bucket. As he peeked into the bucked, Eze found more than what he was hoping for. Sea water and fish, the two things he could possibly need when trapped in a desert. With little time to think, the half dragon shoved his muzzle into the water, biting at the fish that was swimming around to avoid the dual-toothed jaws.

After several moments of struggling with the fish, Eze just tilted the bucked into his mouth. Sucking in both the sea water and the helpless fish Eze quickly took deep breaths. The water was like heaven, but here it wouldn't last very long. He placed the bucket back in the bag and attempted to close the bag.

Pulling in the opposite direction that Armory had pulled on the small metal tab, Eze shredded it. His claws tore through the small piece of paper. With a sigh Eze pulled out the metal rope and used his claws to make a couple holes near the top of the bag. Within moments he had the bag laced up like a shoe.

"Sneaky little Liberty fuckers!" Came a loud voice from what was quite the imposing woman. Eze cowered back, sparks beginning to cover his body as he took a defensive posture. As he moved further back, the sparks moved towards his mouth where they seemed to be calumniating.


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Oliver was surprised by the female known as Madi's quick response to Oli needing shelter. Although no one could see his facial expressions, he blinked in surprise, then simply replied in a relieved, happy tone. "Many thanks." Noting that he had just been offered to sit somewhere beside the female, he did just that. Whether he was completely covered by the umbrella or not didn't matter, the smallest amount of shelter certainly made a difference. And so, Oli crouched down, almost resembling a bird perched ever so delicately on a branch. Whereas for him he was carefully trying to avoid the sun.

Now that he was safe, (for now), he felt quite uncomfortable. Realising how vulnerable he was he wasn't sure what to do. While most of them seemed quite friendly, he was still very cautious. Everyone was fairly calm considering how no one knew what anyone was capable of. One could only assume. The female known as Stride said something, but Oli wasn't entirely certain if she was speaking to him or not. Turning slightly to see someone possibly beside him she might have been speaking to. Nope, no on there. But perhaps the question was rhetorical. Oli simply gave a nod in reply, feeling too awkward to really talk when he didn't fully understand what would be the best reply. Perhaps he was thinking too much?

Although Oli was curious, he wasn't exactly able to take in everything at once; catching glimpses of random scenes from all around him, growing slightly overwhelmed by all the sudden events. A lizard man, Robocop? A girl with white hair, another with brown hair and; looking out into the distance he first noticed another metal looking man with green glowing slits on his mask thingy. He had seen similar looking people to this man and Robocop in his world, but knew little about them due to waking up in his own world with no memory. Too many conversations going on at once. Oliver stayed crouched quietly trying to take in everything at once. A man with wings, a female with wings too. A strange looking female with horns conversing with winged boy and dragon girl. Sounded like cheap superhero names. Oli had no idea what a dragon was and just by looking at the female's companion, Oli was lost for the right word to call it and simply called it a lizard in his mind. Some random purple themed girl teleported out of no where to the other group followed by a heavily armored man. So many people! Oliver felt sick. Suddenly a woman cursed something loudly, only briefly catching the words fuckers. He watched the fire caused by her rage glow brightly, it was pretty but very alarming. Why were all women pretty but alarming?

Okay, Oliver wasn't going to look at anyone anymore, it just made him more nervous, and the more nervous he grew, the closer he was to doing something stupid. Everyone seemed occupied which was good, no attention on him. He decided to look at the items people had; which honestly didn't help. Nearly everyone had a gun of sort or something threatening. That large sword that Oi noted as a large knife set off alarm bells. He and pointy things did not mix well. Averting his gaze, he noticed everyone had a bag of sorts. He watch Eze break his in attempts to zip it back up, only to pull a bucket of sea water out and devour a fish from with in. Holy cheese sticks. John was kind enough to show him how to use it at least, he seemed friendly too. Wait where was his bag?

Oliver turned his head, looking around the arena floor for a bag without an owner. Until finally his eyes landed on it. Glancing at everyone briefly, hoping everyone was concentrating combustion woman, he decided to retrieve the bag. Remaining under the umbrella, (although it was redundant from the large shadow looming over from the armored man) his hand detached from where clear stitch marks were present around his wrist. Leaving behind a trail of black mist, his hand floated over to his bag, grabbed it, and floated back over to him. Grabbing the bag with his attached hand, allowing the other to reattach itself, he read the note that said his name on it before continuing to open the bag and look within.

Within his bag, he found boots, pants, an ankle length black coat, food and water. That was it. Nothing in the bag was familiar to him but was certainly a lot more than what he had in his world. Madi spoke up asking curiously what everyone's world's were like and such. That was a good question, Oli too was curious about this, only just realising the fact that there was more than just his own world. It made him feel strangely hopeful. Oliver decided to speak. "In my world, I have no idea what it's called, or what the city is called. Or my birthday..." Oliver trailed off for a moment, trying to think of something interesting to say. "Uh actually I don't know anything about my world, I'm not much help sorry. I do know that people use a lot of technology, the city is basically made of technology. I uh... I kind of woke up there without my memory. Wandered around then ended up here." Oliver wasn't usually this talkative, but the group he was currently with strangely gave him a good vibe. "I'm Oiver by the way but you all can call me what ever you want." He spoke out loud to everyone. Then waited to hear of their world's.


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Adira Hasidare

"The gates suddenly closed once again, keeping everyone from leaving before they could escape." Came the omnipreent voice of Rend, and as he said this the gate slammed shut. "Yeah, no way of, uh, tunneling out or anything, or lifting the gates. Nada. Can’t do any weird super speed stuff either- just all stuck there for the time being. Forced to- well- sit tight. And it’s not like you’d even want to leave yet, either!" Adira glared at the gate, mostly because the voice seemed to have no physical form which she would glare at.

"Because there’s...spiders outside the gate! Really massive ones, I’m not kidding- and- and not like the ones the size of your little finger that get in your shower, and you think, “Wow, that’s a pretty big spider” before going ahead and crushing it- no. These ones are...they’re as big as the armored one, and as wide as three people of healthy weight. Yep. And, uh, there’s lava, too! Don’t ask me how the lava isn’t getting in through the grates, but there’s a whole mess of molten rock outside." Moments after Rend said these things Adira would hear the hissing of lava, and Fell started growling as if there were creatures on the other side of the grate. "And the spiders, you ask? Well, they’re also lava-proof! Ha! Bet you didn’t expect that! And there’s...lightning, too! Granted, don’t particularly want to use lightning, but you should know how serious I am about this when I bring in the lightning! I’ll just add in a few goblins, too, for good measure- maybe a few rabid bunnies, a few lava-sharks…"

As Rend went on and it got more noisy outside the gate Adira could feel herself growing aggravated. 'I don't know who the hell this prick is or why he's not letting us leave, but if he's powerful enough to teleport us all here from our own worlds then why the hell wouldn't be be able to summon frickin lava sharks and giant spiders to wait just outside of the gate for us?' sarcasm was dripping from every word in her thoughts, but she pinched the bridge of her nose to try and calm down. "Alright, so much for an escape plan." she muttered to Fell, who grumbled softly, "I guess all we can do at the moment it socialize."

This was definitely an item that sat very low on her list of things-to-do, but it also seemed to be the only option at the moment. But then again Adira was rather peeved at Rend. If his (or it's) intention was to get them to become all buddy-buddy with each other, she was rather inclined not to give him the satisfaction. So instead of walking up to some of the others in the arena, she started rummaging through the bag that'd been provided. Fell however had a different idea.

As Adira reached for the bags he moved away from her, emitting a soft playful growl. "C'mon Fell, let me get into the saddle bags," Adira said, irritated, but Fell had the strange laughter sound again and moved further away. Within moments Adira was sprinting after her companion (who was significantly faster than she) until they came to a halt in front of the Drake and the others. Adira glared at Fell, who wisely avoided her eyes by instead nudging her to look up. Everyone seemed to be staring at this one red headed figure (who as currently on fire, though didn't seem to be dying) and had all taken up defensive stands. Drake looked especially nervous.

"You! What the hell is going on here?! Spit it out you grubby little terrorist or I'll try my very best to make sure that you stay dead this time!" she shouted, pointing accusing at Drake. Forgetting her earlier irritation, Adira stepped in.

"Hey, what the hell is going on here?" Adira said harshly, her hand moving to grasp the hilt of her sword and the spines along Fell's back raised as he growled softly and flashed his teeth. She slipped between the others so that she was now standing between the flaming warrior and her small band of acquaintances (for lack of a better word). Fell moved so he was now standing beside her, and Khojin seemed to be talking to the red-head quietly, probably trying to calm her down. "I don't know who you are or why you're screaming about "Sneaky little Liberty fuckers!", much less what that is supposed to mean." Adira said, her voice cold and defensive, "But maybe it would be wisest to calm down and talk to us, before you go ranting and setting yourself of fire. In case you haven't noticed," Adira's eyes flicked to the others in the arena before returning the the eyes of the red warrior, "you're surrounded by powerful fighters who are equally as confused and on edge as you are. Maybe it would be best you not do anything to upset the delicate balance we have at the moment." Fell gave a soft hiss of agreement as Adira locked eyes with the red-head, watching for any indication she was going to do something stupid.


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Armory stepped back as Eze began to explore the contents of his newly opened bag. The dragon man almost immediately grabbed a a bucket from out of the bag, an greedily began to consume what looked like fish, and water. Great, not only did Eze seem to be a physically powerful dragon creature but it appeared he was some kind of water loving creature. Water. John was not a fan so he stepped back lest the hungry man accidentally got even a drop of water on his sleek metallic frame.

Just then he turned his attention away from Eze back towards Stride, and Madison who had just posed an interesting question. Where did the other come from? He watched the strange mask creature, now dubbed Oliver, who evidently had very little in the way of memory. John then opened his mouth to answer the pale woman's question when several other odd characters made themselves known, and gathered near the girl with the strange lizard, and another female creature that he couldn't place. One of these new figures, was a massive ratehr imposing set of armor, John was not quite sure if anyone was even in the thing. The other newcomer, a girl who seemed to fit many definitions of the word "fiery" who illicited quite a lot of attention from some of the others.

Armory however was not really concerned with her, at least not compared with what happened not too far from the cyborg. Eze had suddenly began creating sparks from his body, an action which illicited an immediate reaction from John as he quickly jumped back from the dragon, his hands making a not very subtle jerk towards his side arms. And now it seemed he could produce lightening. John was rapidly beginning to dislike the man, and he tried to bury the fear that began to rise in the back of his mind. Eze could quite easily kill the cyborg, so he wanted to keep his distance.

It was the the mysterious voice had decided to address the them again. It was clearly a being of great power, though not one of nerve or decisiveness apparently. The being described quite a few obstacles, many of them ranging from dangerous to outright ridiculous. Though nothing beyond the gate frightened John more than the promise of lightning. He made a quick decision that he would not be the first one to step foot outside that gate.

It was at this point the fiery girl had started to cause some kind of commotion with many of the others. A fight seemed to be on the verge of breaking out between the fiery woman, and the girl with the strange pet. John let out a sigh. Maybe they'd kill each other and John would just have less problems to deal with. The notion of a bloody fight breaking out let a small smile come to his lips, and a chuckle escape his mouth."Well looks like some of the others are in the mood for a fight. This could get interesting. He spoke to on one in particular, though it was quiet clear he was looking forward to a fight. He was eager to possibly learn about the combat abilties of some of the other people trapped here.


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Ezenvare Queem

Things were escalating quickly since this new woman appeared, and Eze knew that a fight would not be the best thing at the moment. Still in his defensive posture he mental went over everything that he could do. Just clawing one of them would only make things worse. Talking obviously wasn't working. There was no water to throw the woman in to try and cool her down, though Eze doubted just how good of an idea that was. Then one idea that might work came to mind.

Slamming his staff into the ground, he leapt upon it even faster than when he first woke. He was hydrated, hopefully enough to knock one of them out if they retaliated for what he was going to do.

Suddenly the sound of a voice like lightning originated from the half-dragon, the sparking in his mouth seeming to help with it. "No one will fight here so long as I stand!" Boomed his thunderous voice before a massive bolt of light blue shot from his mouth and over those near him. It landed between the would be fighters, kicking up smoke and dust as well as punching a half-foot deep crater into the area it landed. With singed sand and all.

Eze remained balancing on his staff with a single food and his claws obviously at a ready position. If it came to fighting, Eze wouldn't go down without one hell of a fight.


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Xinder Ouquid

Xin had been focused on the flaming girl when suddenly some voice that sounded like lightning with words hit his ears like a cannon. Turning to the origin of the sound all that he saw was the bronze colored lizard man with sparks jumping all around his head and mouth. Then something Xin didn't believe could happen did. A perfect bolt of lightning flew from the damn thing's mouth.

Electricity just didn't work like that. It just didn't. It jumped in arks. It followed paths of least resistance. It spread to other things. That was why plasma and slugs were so popular when electricity itself was the best counter to barriers was because they could be controlled and electricity always found a way to disobey.

What was even more surprising was that the landing zone of the bolt didn't just heat up. It fucking exploded. No. No way. There was no water there. Nothing to expand with enough force to do that. When the dust started to settle, Xin spotted singeing along the crater and what looked like some flash formed glass.

Okay, the lizard/dragon man gained some respect. Xin may not have heard what exactly he was shouting about, but a display like that was impressive. Perhaps it was a simpler mind dumped into a body from a place even more advanced than Alphadine, or perhaps it was some natural thing that a whole species adapted. Whatever it was, it was damned impressive. And threatening.

Mixing force and electricity might actually be able to over-power Xin's barriers. While this marked the lizard as a valuable ally, it also made him the priority target of Xin. If that thing were to ever try that with Xin, it would quickly find a fresh bullet right between the eyes.


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Upon seeing that Eze was too preoccupied to notice the gesture, Madison pulled his hand back, folding it neatly against his chest before letting it fall to his side. It seemed that the being was happy, at least, draining the bucket as if it contained the nectar of the gods. And, as far as the researcher was concerned, a happy stranger was a peaceful stranger- and a stranger far more willing to establish familiarity. He paused, dusting off his sleeves, and then turned away to better take into view the youth from earlier, who had now hid himself under the umbrella with obvious gratitude.

“It’s no problem, really. With how hot it is in the shade, I can only imagine how it must feel out there.” Madison then smiled brightly at the other- although his expression once again shifted upon seeing the man’s hand suddenly fly from his wrist, wrap about the handles of his bag, and drag it back.

Madison blinked. Then blinked again. Then again, for good measure. After the third and final blink, he gave a small shrug, instead glancing back over to his own bag as if suddenly reminded that it existed. Considering his company- especially with the revelation of them all coming from different worlds- he supposed it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. Dropping gracefully to the floor, Madison opened up the metal teeth and began to rummage inside. There was a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses within (which, to his delight, went wonderfully with his current outfit), various other pieces from his wardrobe, and even the notepad he had thought missing. After putting on both hat and glasses, and tucking his pocketbook back into his pocket, Madison resumed his search, intrigued by the contents lying inside the carry-on.

Beneath the neatly folded clothes, and beneath the small makeup kit that had been nestled up to the fabrics, were more...useful (not that what he had discovered earlier wasn’t useful, of course) contents, to say the least. A rifle was tucked neatly at the bottom of the bag, along with a basic handgun, and a pair of knives. While Madison was curious to explore more of his little weapons’ stash in the way that the others had, he thought better of it, instead turning to the rest.

Other than the same weapons-care items and customary bullets his coworker had, there was little difference between his pack and the basic items of the others- although there was no food or water whatsoever. Instead, his collection of medical items contained a basic blood transfusion kit, and a few plastic containers to go along with it.

Well, that was certainly thoughtful of their captor to include.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice rose above the clamor, calling out that she had found an exit. Intrigued, Madison looked up, only to find that the way out she was gesturing at had been closed off. And, in addition, there appeared to be...spiders? outside. From where he sat, he could see the creatures clawing at the metal, hissing at those who lay within and attempting to slide their fangs through the gaps.

While the girl certainly hadn’t lied, it seemed that, at the moment, any way of leaving was blocked off. Frowning at the thought, Madison decided to turn his attentions onto something more positive- such as the youth who had joined them. He was clearly uncertain about his origins, hinting at amnesia, but Madison continued to smile placidly at the other- Oliver, or so he had said.

“That’s fine, Oliver; you’ve still helped with what you’re able to remember. Thank you.” A short nod, sending what hair was left uncovered by the hat swaying lightly with the movement.

While Madison had been far more lax about the prospect of an escape, Stride had already begun to make her way over to the iron gate, having heard both the shouts and whirring of metal from where she had been standing. However, before she had even reached half the distance between her “starting point” and the gate, it had shut- with what visible land that could have been seen from through the bars quickly being hidden from sight by...lava?

“Well,” Stride suddenly drawled, gaze shifting to the one who had cried out that she had found an escape. “That’s a real interestin’ way of gettin’ out you were thinkin’ of, but, y’know, not all of us can swim through lava, kid.” Before she could even get a proper reaction to her words, however, the situation had suddenly taken a rather interesting turn. The Kora-doppleganger had suddenly started shouting at one of the younger-looking strangers gathered, calling him a terrorist, and- from the looks of it- preparing to fight. The kid didn’t look exactly happy about the redhead’s presence, either, hands flaring up with visible blue light.

Even during such a scenario, Stride couldn’t deny her interest in what was most likely a potential fight. She crossed her arms over her chest as she approached, hoping for a better view, although a scowl quickly overtook her expression at the intervention. Fights were always fun to watch, after all- especially when it was some weird emo kid versus an angry Norwegian. Nevertheless, she refrained from speaking at first, listening to the various back and forth for a while between the groups.

That is, until the Eze creature suddenly shot a bolt of fucking lightning out of nowhere.

“The fuck, Godzilla?” Instinctively, one of Stride’s hands flew to her submachine, preparing to draw it if necessary. “Ya know, when ya rant about not fightin’ then go and shoot fuckin’ lazers everywhere, that kinda defeats the damn purpose!” Squinting at the lizard for a while, she cast a glance over to Kora-Ganger, what familiarity that would have inevitably managed to slip in cast away from the previous surprise.

“You’re sayin’ that kid’s a terrorist?” Stride paused, peering over at Drake skeptically. “Looks like he could barely lift a stick ‘fore breakin’ his arms.”

Almost immediately upon seeing the fight brewing, Madison had practically flown from the ground and onto his feet, staring towards the little gathering with a deep frown. While he truly didn’t know many here asides from Stride and Kora- and even then, the latter wasn’t of his world, by the looks of it- there was still the matter of a godlike being watching over them. Of course, what the being even wanted was up for a debate, but Madison had a strong gut feeling that it wasn’t for everyone to get killed off so quickly. He hurriedly slipped a pair of gloves on from the bag and jogged over, taking care not to use ]too much of his own skills so soon- and casting a friendly nod in the direction of the fairy floating above the arena, hello there, good to meet you and all- and stopped some distance away from the actual fight.

“How about we all just calm down and don’t use any sort of weapons or magic or anything in this situation?” Madison offered. “It won’t do any good here, aside from potentially letting in those.” Almost casually, he gestured over to the gate, where some sort of vibrant red shark was baring its teeth against the grate.

Sharks. Wonderful creatures, really, but not something he exactly wanted flopping about and causing even more havoc.

And the lava also posed a problem, too.


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  1. She's layering the ice with reinforcements to make it stronger than ordinary ice

    by ianna_334

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"What are you doing?!" Ocean was decidedly unimpressed with the behavior of most of those in the arena. A flick of her wings brought her closer to the group, where she turned slowly, taking them all in. "She's clearly fire bound, and if I know anything about fire, it's that it's volatile. You can't subdue fire with fire! That's how you make it worse!"

The expression on her face said she would very much like to facepalm, but years of being a perfect lady at court stopped the exasperated reaction. "Stop showing off. All of you." It had to be showing off, because who tried to claim they were protecting peace while shooting at those who were already high strung.

She called on her magic as she spoke, weaving layers and layers of shields and other protective devices because the ones here with the most power seemed the least rational. "You, with the black hair and wings. Move from her sight? Miss?" she turned to Kora while opening weaponless hands. "Despite their actions, no one wants to hurt you. And we've been transplanted, your old enemies are not here."

She then nodded back at the only person in the arena to acknowledge her existence outwardly, just to be polite, while carefully, trying to not make it obvious that it was her doing, she began to encase the giant armour suit's weapon with ice, growing by the second and becoming heavier and heavier, layering it with reinforcement and trapping it against the ground.


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Everyone was being very noisy, now. It was sort of ruining the fun of Adira and the larger woman's confrontation.The Hei-Senn could apparently shoot lightning out of his mouth. Evidently not a Hei-Senn. Khojin had never encountered one who could pull that off; she was fairly certain she'd remember that. She'd also seen the Armored figure move to raise his... what was that, a halberd? Regardless, it was covered in ice now, courtesy of the... actually, she severely doubted that was a Shao. She made a mental note to start asking before she assumed these things.

She scratched the back of her head, eyes flicking lazily between those who had involved themselves in the affair. Considering for a moment, she decided it might be wise to separate the two parties. Casting one last look at the warrior woman's biceps, she tapped Adira and the boy on their shoulders, tilting her head toward one side of the arena to indicate her intention.


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Adira Hasidare

A lot of things happened at once.

Then a dragon-man-hybrid charged forward, "No one will fight here so long as I stand!" he called in a thunderous voice between a beam of lightning shot from his mouth and stuck in the center of where they all stood, kicking up smoke and dust as well as punching a half-foot deep crater into the area it landed. At the blast everyone had been knocked back slightly (save for Fell who was bigger and heavier than all of them), and Adira stumbled backwards, but was caught by Fell. The hybrid was perched on his staff in an offensive pose but instead of also assuming a pose of aggression, Adira just shot him an irritated look.

'How ironic for someone who has just declared that he will not tolerated fighting to make the first attack...' she thought, still glaring at him, though she said nothing. "That was completely unnecessary." said the suit of armor, obviously thinking the same thing, and Adira made a sound of agreement. Fell crooned softly and Adira touched his head, assuming him that she was perfectly fine.

"What are you doing?!" came another voice and Adira looked up to see some kind of fairy creature, stiffening slightly as she came closer. She's heard stories of the fae and it was one of the few things that could make her skin crawl. "She's clearly fire bound, and if I know anything about fire, it's that it's volatile. You can't subdue fire with fire! That's how you make it worse!" the fairy woman scolded the hybrid coldly before turning to the rest of them. "Stop showing off. All of you. You, with the black hair and wings. Move from her sight. Miss? Despite their actions, no one wants to hurt you. And we've been transplanted, your old enemies are not here."

Adira made a sound of irritation and sheathed her sword. So much for trying to make friends. Already Adira was feeling crowded. She'd been in this small arena for too long and there was a deep yearning for the open mountain ranges she was used to. And there were so many others at this point, Adira was rather uncomfortable.

A dead man who appeared as a woman.
A true woman with hair white as snow.
A dragon-man-hybrid with lighting and martial arts.
A darkly dressed man with a canine skull as a mask.
A man who seemed to be at least 90% made of metal.
Another man who was wearing a full metal suit.
A girl with black feathered wings,
and Drake with his more serpentine wings.
Khojin (whatever she was supposed to be).
An empty suit of armor that'd just tried to swing at
the enraged red-headed female (who was also on fire still).
A teleporting purple/black dressed girl.
A fairy who apparently thought she was a queen.
And then Adira and Fell.

And these were only the humanoids that Adira had noticed so far. There was a good chance that there were (or at least that there would be) more to come.

It was a drastic understatement saying that Adira was "uncomfortable". There were way too many people who were all way more powerful than she was. What was she even doing here? The only think anyone seemed to have in common was that they'd all been suddenly whisked away from their home worlds. 'What the hell am I doing? I can't leave until Rend allows it, it seems, but staying here will get me killed. And I can't let that happen.' Being so deep in thought Adira didn't notice Khojin's subtle hints, however Fell did and he gently nudged Adira forwards. Fanghur were extremely intelligent creatures, after all.

Adira followed Khojin out of ear shot of the rest of the group. There was still irritation in her expression, though this was to cover up her uncertainty. Absentmindly her hand began stroking Fell's scaly head and he crooned softly, the vibrations slowly calming Adira until she had regained her temperament and was no longer as high-strung as she'd been moment ago.


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Kora was busy glaring at the form of Drake, in case he was about to try anything, when she was confronted. Far from being much deflated or wounded by Adira's comments, the woman laughed, causing the messy ginger strands of her hair to tremble in response. She took a step forward, having nearly a foot in height on her opponent, and responded.

"What? Are you trying to tell me off? That's pretty funny considering you're launching your squeaky little defence for a violent anarchist whose friends have tried to murder me three times and took my six year old daughter hostage. I can't help but feel like you're the only one working with no understanding of the situation, kid. Now pipe down and piss off. Grown-ups are talking. "

She had already finished and was about to turn her full attention back to Drake when she heard movement behind her, and turned in time to see the metal abomination about to attack her. It was just at that point that the lightning slammed into the floor right next to her.

For whatever the creature responsible had intended to do, this had the opposite effect, of making someone who was already rather on edge seem under attack. Kora sprang out of the way, into a clear space, and the power that surrounded her hands flared out around her in order to definitely claim the territory as her own.

A searing red-gold glow burst from the woman's chest to cover all her skin, and the air around her began to warp and dance with an intense level of heat. The stone beneath her feet started to blacken. Steam drifted up our from her mouth and nose as she spoke.

Her gaze then set upon Ocean, somewhat suspicious, though this was probably the most reasonable thing she'd heard so far.
"People are most certainly trying to hurt me. " she responded, her hair dancing in the wavering heat.
"Even though this is none of their business. And there is an old enemy here. I have some scores to settle and I don't think this is a 'bury the hatchet' sort of thing. If people're ignorant enough to strike at a person with no idea what their vendetta is then all I can say is they got a pretty twisted set of priorities."