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Ocean Stormgull

"May I return to my kingdom? Actually, no, I just will."

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a character in “The Rend”, originally authored by ianna_334, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Ocean Stormgull

Nicknames/Aliases: Eliza Storen

Age: Somewhere between mid thirties and mid forties, thanks to timeline distortions


Species:Water Elemental Fairy

Original Canon: "Elemental"

Description: Ocean has wavy dark brown hair reaching to her hips and stormy grey eyes. She is of average height, has an hourglass figure, and is lightly tanned. She likes to dress in blue, and has a proud regal posture. She has blue fairy wings, translucent and shimmering, shaded in blues with white accents. Her long hair is often held back with something from a set of enchanted hair ornaments she was given at her coronation that have the ability to shorten her hair length without permanently affecting it.

Personality: Eccentric
• Caring
• Motherly
• Selfish (except when it comes to her Nation)
• Very duty-oriented
• Judgemental
• Manipulative
• Superior attitude
• Optimistic
• Independent
• Protective (of herself and others)
• Strategist

Skills/Powers: As a water elemental fairy, Ocean can summon and manipulate large amounts of water, breathe under water, and telekinetically control most liquids. In addition to this, she also has access to magic which allows her to do anything, as long as she knows the correct spell and has enough magical power to activate it.
Weaknesses: She depends entirely on her magic, without it, she is not physically intimidating and must use her wits to gain back her magic before she gets hurt or killed. She is burned by enchanted iron, which also takes away her powers. Her store of magic is not infinite, and she can run out of magical energy, which will knock her out, set her into a human disguise, and give her minor amnesia until she recovers. She cannot perform fire magic more difficult than summoning the equivalent of a matchstick sized flame.

Brief History: After surviving through a demon war within her world, Ocean somehow ended up as the leading candidate for the next queen, until the fairy in second place convinced her she’d be no good and that she had to run away. However, she did not escape the surge of magic granted to fairy monarchs to help them better protect their people, and took it with her when she fled, leaving the water fay with a false king not worthy of his throne. A growing threat caused the search for her to be rekindled, and she was found by her former lover, who coaxed her back. Once Ocean accepted her fate as Queen, she did remarkably and weathered the trickery of the former King, who believed she had stolen what was right fully his. Since then, she’s married and has a young daughter who she dotes on.

Other: She is close friends with the other fairy monarchs, and can see the future in her dreams on rare occasions

So begins...

Ocean Stormgull's Story


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Having been peacefully asleep before this, Ocean woke instantly when she was transported from her bed to a hard packed floor. Assuming a kidnapping - common for her coveted position - she opened her eyes but otherwise lay still, observing her surroundings. Magic enhanced her senses so she could "eavesdrop" on the others in the arena, and soon she gathered that none of them knew how or why they were there. And from the discussions, it seemed they were all from different worlds.
She moved quickly but trying to avoid drawing attention, her hair falling everywhere because her clips had been misplaced in this summoning. Someone shouted they had found an exit and she looked over, only to watch through the grates as obstacle after obstacle appeared.

With the ease of long practice, she made her mind go blank of future plans, once again choosing to observe. Giving up on remaining unnoticed, she flicked out her wings to their full size, fluttering them until the magical field was strong enough to lift her into the air. She saw the grating above as well, and kept well below it, trying to see if anyone from her world had been brought along for the ride.


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Upon seeing that Eze was too preoccupied to notice the gesture, Madison pulled his hand back, folding it neatly against his chest before letting it fall to his side. It seemed that the being was happy, at least, draining the bucket as if it contained the nectar of the gods. And, as far as the researcher was concerned, a happy stranger was a peaceful stranger- and a stranger far more willing to establish familiarity. He paused, dusting off his sleeves, and then turned away to better take into view the youth from earlier, who had now hid himself under the umbrella with obvious gratitude.

“It’s no problem, really. With how hot it is in the shade, I can only imagine how it must feel out there.” Madison then smiled brightly at the other- although his expression once again shifted upon seeing the man’s hand suddenly fly from his wrist, wrap about the handles of his bag, and drag it back.

Madison blinked. Then blinked again. Then again, for good measure. After the third and final blink, he gave a small shrug, instead glancing back over to his own bag as if suddenly reminded that it existed. Considering his company- especially with the revelation of them all coming from different worlds- he supposed it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. Dropping gracefully to the floor, Madison opened up the metal teeth and began to rummage inside. There was a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses within (which, to his delight, went wonderfully with his current outfit), various other pieces from his wardrobe, and even the notepad he had thought missing. After putting on both hat and glasses, and tucking his pocketbook back into his pocket, Madison resumed his search, intrigued by the contents lying inside the carry-on.

Beneath the neatly folded clothes, and beneath the small makeup kit that had been nestled up to the fabrics, were more...useful (not that what he had discovered earlier wasn’t useful, of course) contents, to say the least. A rifle was tucked neatly at the bottom of the bag, along with a basic handgun, and a pair of knives. While Madison was curious to explore more of his little weapons’ stash in the way that the others had, he thought better of it, instead turning to the rest.

Other than the same weapons-care items and customary bullets his coworker had, there was little difference between his pack and the basic items of the others- although there was no food or water whatsoever. Instead, his collection of medical items contained a basic blood transfusion kit, and a few plastic containers to go along with it.

Well, that was certainly thoughtful of their captor to include.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice rose above the clamor, calling out that she had found an exit. Intrigued, Madison looked up, only to find that the way out she was gesturing at had been closed off. And, in addition, there appeared to be...spiders? outside. From where he sat, he could see the creatures clawing at the metal, hissing at those who lay within and attempting to slide their fangs through the gaps.

While the girl certainly hadn’t lied, it seemed that, at the moment, any way of leaving was blocked off. Frowning at the thought, Madison decided to turn his attentions onto something more positive- such as the youth who had joined them. He was clearly uncertain about his origins, hinting at amnesia, but Madison continued to smile placidly at the other- Oliver, or so he had said.

“That’s fine, Oliver; you’ve still helped with what you’re able to remember. Thank you.” A short nod, sending what hair was left uncovered by the hat swaying lightly with the movement.

While Madison had been far more lax about the prospect of an escape, Stride had already begun to make her way over to the iron gate, having heard both the shouts and whirring of metal from where she had been standing. However, before she had even reached half the distance between her “starting point” and the gate, it had shut- with what visible land that could have been seen from through the bars quickly being hidden from sight by...lava?

“Well,” Stride suddenly drawled, gaze shifting to the one who had cried out that she had found an escape. “That’s a real interestin’ way of gettin’ out you were thinkin’ of, but, y’know, not all of us can swim through lava, kid.” Before she could even get a proper reaction to her words, however, the situation had suddenly taken a rather interesting turn. The Kora-doppleganger had suddenly started shouting at one of the younger-looking strangers gathered, calling him a terrorist, and- from the looks of it- preparing to fight. The kid didn’t look exactly happy about the redhead’s presence, either, hands flaring up with visible blue light.

Even during such a scenario, Stride couldn’t deny her interest in what was most likely a potential fight. She crossed her arms over her chest as she approached, hoping for a better view, although a scowl quickly overtook her expression at the intervention. Fights were always fun to watch, after all- especially when it was some weird emo kid versus an angry Norwegian. Nevertheless, she refrained from speaking at first, listening to the various back and forth for a while between the groups.

That is, until the Eze creature suddenly shot a bolt of fucking lightning out of nowhere.

“The fuck, Godzilla?” Instinctively, one of Stride’s hands flew to her submachine, preparing to draw it if necessary. “Ya know, when ya rant about not fightin’ then go and shoot fuckin’ lazers everywhere, that kinda defeats the damn purpose!” Squinting at the lizard for a while, she cast a glance over to Kora-Ganger, what familiarity that would have inevitably managed to slip in cast away from the previous surprise.

“You’re sayin’ that kid’s a terrorist?” Stride paused, peering over at Drake skeptically. “Looks like he could barely lift a stick ‘fore breakin’ his arms.”

Almost immediately upon seeing the fight brewing, Madison had practically flown from the ground and onto his feet, staring towards the little gathering with a deep frown. While he truly didn’t know many here asides from Stride and Kora- and even then, the latter wasn’t of his world, by the looks of it- there was still the matter of a godlike being watching over them. Of course, what the being even wanted was up for a debate, but Madison had a strong gut feeling that it wasn’t for everyone to get killed off so quickly. He hurriedly slipped a pair of gloves on from the bag and jogged over, taking care not to use ]too much of his own skills so soon- and casting a friendly nod in the direction of the fairy floating above the arena, hello there, good to meet you and all- and stopped some distance away from the actual fight.

“How about we all just calm down and don’t use any sort of weapons or magic or anything in this situation?” Madison offered. “It won’t do any good here, aside from potentially letting in those.” Almost casually, he gestured over to the gate, where some sort of vibrant red shark was baring its teeth against the grate.

Sharks. Wonderful creatures, really, but not something he exactly wanted flopping about and causing even more havoc.

And the lava also posed a problem, too.


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  1. She's layering the ice with reinforcements to make it stronger than ordinary ice

    by ianna_334

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"What are you doing?!" Ocean was decidedly unimpressed with the behavior of most of those in the arena. A flick of her wings brought her closer to the group, where she turned slowly, taking them all in. "She's clearly fire bound, and if I know anything about fire, it's that it's volatile. You can't subdue fire with fire! That's how you make it worse!"

The expression on her face said she would very much like to facepalm, but years of being a perfect lady at court stopped the exasperated reaction. "Stop showing off. All of you." It had to be showing off, because who tried to claim they were protecting peace while shooting at those who were already high strung.

She called on her magic as she spoke, weaving layers and layers of shields and other protective devices because the ones here with the most power seemed the least rational. "You, with the black hair and wings. Move from her sight? Miss?" she turned to Kora while opening weaponless hands. "Despite their actions, no one wants to hurt you. And we've been transplanted, your old enemies are not here."

She then nodded back at the only person in the arena to acknowledge her existence outwardly, just to be polite, while carefully, trying to not make it obvious that it was her doing, she began to encase the giant armour suit's weapon with ice, growing by the second and becoming heavier and heavier, layering it with reinforcement and trapping it against the ground.


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Everyone was being very noisy, now. It was sort of ruining the fun of Adira and the larger woman's confrontation.The Hei-Senn could apparently shoot lightning out of his mouth. Evidently not a Hei-Senn. Khojin had never encountered one who could pull that off; she was fairly certain she'd remember that. She'd also seen the Armored figure move to raise his... what was that, a halberd? Regardless, it was covered in ice now, courtesy of the... actually, she severely doubted that was a Shao. She made a mental note to start asking before she assumed these things.

She scratched the back of her head, eyes flicking lazily between those who had involved themselves in the affair. Considering for a moment, she decided it might be wise to separate the two parties. Casting one last look at the warrior woman's biceps, she tapped Adira and the boy on their shoulders, tilting her head toward one side of the arena to indicate her intention.


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Adira Hasidare

A lot of things happened at once.

Then a dragon-man-hybrid charged forward, "No one will fight here so long as I stand!" he called in a thunderous voice between a beam of lightning shot from his mouth and stuck in the center of where they all stood, kicking up smoke and dust as well as punching a half-foot deep crater into the area it landed. At the blast everyone had been knocked back slightly (save for Fell who was bigger and heavier than all of them), and Adira stumbled backwards, but was caught by Fell. The hybrid was perched on his staff in an offensive pose but instead of also assuming a pose of aggression, Adira just shot him an irritated look.

'How ironic for someone who has just declared that he will not tolerated fighting to make the first attack...' she thought, still glaring at him, though she said nothing. "That was completely unnecessary." said the suit of armor, obviously thinking the same thing, and Adira made a sound of agreement. Fell crooned softly and Adira touched his head, assuming him that she was perfectly fine.

"What are you doing?!" came another voice and Adira looked up to see some kind of fairy creature, stiffening slightly as she came closer. She's heard stories of the fae and it was one of the few things that could make her skin crawl. "She's clearly fire bound, and if I know anything about fire, it's that it's volatile. You can't subdue fire with fire! That's how you make it worse!" the fairy woman scolded the hybrid coldly before turning to the rest of them. "Stop showing off. All of you. You, with the black hair and wings. Move from her sight. Miss? Despite their actions, no one wants to hurt you. And we've been transplanted, your old enemies are not here."

Adira made a sound of irritation and sheathed her sword. So much for trying to make friends. Already Adira was feeling crowded. She'd been in this small arena for too long and there was a deep yearning for the open mountain ranges she was used to. And there were so many others at this point, Adira was rather uncomfortable.

A dead man who appeared as a woman.
A true woman with hair white as snow.
A dragon-man-hybrid with lighting and martial arts.
A darkly dressed man with a canine skull as a mask.
A man who seemed to be at least 90% made of metal.
Another man who was wearing a full metal suit.
A girl with black feathered wings,
and Drake with his more serpentine wings.
Khojin (whatever she was supposed to be).
An empty suit of armor that'd just tried to swing at
the enraged red-headed female (who was also on fire still).
A teleporting purple/black dressed girl.
A fairy who apparently thought she was a queen.
And then Adira and Fell.

And these were only the humanoids that Adira had noticed so far. There was a good chance that there were (or at least that there would be) more to come.

It was a drastic understatement saying that Adira was "uncomfortable". There were way too many people who were all way more powerful than she was. What was she even doing here? The only think anyone seemed to have in common was that they'd all been suddenly whisked away from their home worlds. 'What the hell am I doing? I can't leave until Rend allows it, it seems, but staying here will get me killed. And I can't let that happen.' Being so deep in thought Adira didn't notice Khojin's subtle hints, however Fell did and he gently nudged Adira forwards. Fanghur were extremely intelligent creatures, after all.

Adira followed Khojin out of ear shot of the rest of the group. There was still irritation in her expression, though this was to cover up her uncertainty. Absentmindly her hand began stroking Fell's scaly head and he crooned softly, the vibrations slowly calming Adira until she had regained her temperament and was no longer as high-strung as she'd been moment ago.


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Kora was busy glaring at the form of Drake, in case he was about to try anything, when she was confronted. Far from being much deflated or wounded by Adira's comments, the woman laughed, causing the messy ginger strands of her hair to tremble in response. She took a step forward, having nearly a foot in height on her opponent, and responded.

"What? Are you trying to tell me off? That's pretty funny considering you're launching your squeaky little defence for a violent anarchist whose friends have tried to murder me three times and took my six year old daughter hostage. I can't help but feel like you're the only one working with no understanding of the situation, kid. Now pipe down and piss off. Grown-ups are talking. "

She had already finished and was about to turn her full attention back to Drake when she heard movement behind her, and turned in time to see the metal abomination about to attack her. It was just at that point that the lightning slammed into the floor right next to her.

For whatever the creature responsible had intended to do, this had the opposite effect, of making someone who was already rather on edge seem under attack. Kora sprang out of the way, into a clear space, and the power that surrounded her hands flared out around her in order to definitely claim the territory as her own.

A searing red-gold glow burst from the woman's chest to cover all her skin, and the air around her began to warp and dance with an intense level of heat. The stone beneath her feet started to blacken. Steam drifted up our from her mouth and nose as she spoke.

Her gaze then set upon Ocean, somewhat suspicious, though this was probably the most reasonable thing she'd heard so far.
"People are most certainly trying to hurt me. " she responded, her hair dancing in the wavering heat.
"Even though this is none of their business. And there is an old enemy here. I have some scores to settle and I don't think this is a 'bury the hatchet' sort of thing. If people're ignorant enough to strike at a person with no idea what their vendetta is then all I can say is they got a pretty twisted set of priorities."


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#, as written by Hyro
Everything seemed to happen so quickly.

The first thing the boy noticed was Adira being the first to come and defend him. He didn’t really understand it. Why she had stood up for him at all. He did appreciate it, however, and would make a note to help her out in the future. It was nice to know he wasn’t alone, and Adira was quickly climbing his like list. From there, things seem to build, however. Suddenly people were threatening, others were looking ready to attack, one was even scolding. Khojin was expecting him to run in there and fight, which he quickly responded with a, “What? No.”

People were still rivaling up though. There were swords, lightning… It was getting insane.

“Woah, woah. Hold up, stop all this!” The boy’s peacemaker side showed its face as he took flight and rose above them, joining Ocean so as to properly see Kora. The place had gotten rather crowded, after all, and being 6 feet tall only did him so much good.

“Please, stop. Everyone."

He turned his head now to the ginger-headed girl, speaking calmly over the storm. Or at least, as calmly as he could, considering. "Listen. I don’t want to fight you. I don’t even want to be here right now. Obviously we’ve got our own qualms about each other as natural enemies, but can we put all that aside for the time being? Hear me out. Yes, back home we’re fighting a war. Sure, call me a terrorist if you want, but you can’t tell me Erubesco didn’t also slaughter and hurt people, too. That’s just war, neither of us can help that. And we both hate Liberty, so there’s that?”

He took a breath. “I don’t know where we are. What I do know is this place is probably dangerous, more so than either of us should be toward each other. So let’s just... work together on getting out of here for now, and when we get back home, you can seek me out if you so please. Okay? Look, I’m not saying we have to like each other, just… There are no factions here. No war. So let’s not fight like there is. These people don't deserve it.”

Drake really didn’t want to go into the war in front of everyone right now. It wasn’t relevant, and it was painful to think about. Probably even more horrible to speak of. They didn’t need to hear it. They didn't need to be a part of it.


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Ezenvare Queem

Eze ignored those attempting to harass him about his actions. He guessed he had at least 200 years experience over nearly every single one of them, and almost all of them look human enough to not get run out of every town they go to. Through all the other tries to diffuse the situation Eze was still balancing on his staff and glaring at the loud woman. She reminded him of many, many problem causers from Eze's life from soldiers to criminals.

After what seemed like the longest few moments the half-dragon ever had to go through, Madison proposed an actual idea. Introductions. Taking a quick breath, Eze spoke with his deep hiss of a voice once more. "I'm Ezenvare Queem, I hail from Da'vier, and I have had more unprovoked bad experiences with military and guard types than I have scales on my hide."

Eze wasn't too terribly interested in making friends, as he could see those that were too far along the path of evil being protected by those who didn't know better. Besides, his friends had a tendency to die in the most... depressing of ways. Allies, on the other hand, where a different story.


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Oliver simply smiled from behind his mask in reply to Madi's friendly words and gestures. She was pretty. A lot of the people were quite fascinating, beautiful, intriguing. He didn't know why he felt that everyone seemed visually pleasing considering he hadn't seen anything like them before. Unless, he had? Somewhere deep within his mind, a lingering feeling or emotion somehow related to this mixture of species. Nah, probably not.

Okay now things were getting a little heated. Literally. The red head was drawing a lot of attention to herself for all the wrong reasons and everyone was on edge. She was staring dragon boy down, perhaps they had some history? How fascinating, more than one person now had someone with them from the same world. If anyone might have been from his world, he'd have no idea, which was a shame. It would be nice to feel some sort of safety and comfort with another.

Oliver jumped, snapping out of his little day dream as he watched the lizard man suddenly jump up onto his stick thingy and shoot bloody lightning from his mouth. The bolt landed straight between the two who looked like they were about to fight as smoke and dust cleared, revealing a fairly large crater. His eyes were wide and he couldn't help but feel the need to stay dead still and hold his breath. "Holy shit." He said out loud to himself.

Things only felt worse now as the red head's flames were stronger and she ordered everyone to back off. There was ice, a flying woman too now. Everyone was talking and things felt slightly more calm. Oliver finally released a very long, loud breath, almost forgetting he was stopping himself from breathing. It was now that he realised that Madi and Stride had left and were with the others. When did that happen? Oliver, a bit puzzled, looked around to understand his current position better. "Well. At least I have the umbrella to myself now." Just casually talking to himself. He could see that John, or Robocop, the lizard man, Eze and green eyes metal man were the only ones nearby.

Oliver decided to first, put on his boots, although they looked god awful with his current attire, at least his feet wouldn't burn on the hot round. Then stood up, making sure to keep hold of the bag and umbrella, then turned to the others. "Well." He said out loud to no one in particular. "Call me crazy but I think it best to stay together as a group. For now anyway." Yes he was very crazy. Great idea Oliver, go towards the dangerous group of strangers. And he did just that. He didn't want to be alone considering what lay behind the safety of the walls that surrounded them. Everyone needed to stick together to get out of this mess.

"Hi I'm Oliver." Oliver suddenly said quite loudly over all the talking once he finally reached the gathering of people. His words far too stern and awkward for a proper greeting as he lifted his hand to give them all a wave, only to have it fall off out of nervousness. He was greatly embarrassed now. His nerves got the better of him. He felt real stupid. Oliver stood there, quite frozen, as his hand lay on the ground. With any luck everyone would have been far too interested in the drama with the red head to notice his embarrassing greeting. "Rend you can just bury me alive now." Wonderful first impression Oli. Good job.


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Ocean, still without looking, began to weigh down the sword of the armoured figure with ice, hoping to force it to the ground so she could lock it down as well. She also began to freeze the feet of the figure. "Do you know what we do with demons in my world?" she asked, almost like this was a casual conversation. "We destroy them and force them back to the world that they came from. Call yourself a 'day-mon' all you like but killing someone because of pure irritation? That's something classified as demonic evil at home, not sure about the rest of you. So how about we stop with the death threats, alright? I'm sure you aren't one of them."

Blue eyes looked around again, before she nodded agreement to Kora. "Okay, you are being attacked, probably because you're terrifying them into fight or flight. And he's-" she waved a hand towards Drake, hovering in the air beside her- "your enemy? I'd offer for you to punch him but I don't think he'd agree. Would a replica suit?" She offered, knowing a spell for creating customized golems.

She fluttered away from Drake further, though, upon hearing Kora's accusations. Having a daughter of her own made her sympathize with the red head, and once again, she focused on Drake. "The accusations she makes are serious." she told him gravely. "I don't understand what it is like in your world, so I really can't pin a blame but... You do have her daughter?" one eyebrow raised, giving her a quizzical expression. "Why and how?"

What really stunned her though, was the newest appearence in the arena. A man with a sniper rifle, confessing to having shot Drake in the face. "Could you clarify?" she asked. "You shot the face? So you both have reasons to hate the other. Glad that that's clear. Eliza Storen, by the way." Using her true name here would do nothing but raise eyebrows at elemental naming customs.

She was starting to regret getting involved, and wondered how hard it would be to get home.


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It didn’t take long for Stride to notice that she had been completely and utterly ignored. Her scowl deepened beneath her mask as the others went on in their business, with several of them introducing themselves at Madison’s prompt. Others, still, however, had simply gone on without doing that either; two of the girls went off to have a fuck party- or whatever the hell they were up to- , and Kora-ganger continued to shout at the emo kid- with said emo kid participating in dismissing her. At the redhead’s words, Stride rose a brow, glancing once again at the others once again.

“A’ight, so none of you guys heard the whole ‘cannibal, psychopath, kidnapping terrorist’ spile she just went on? Just me?” If they didn’t hear her this time, the hybrid mused, then they were either idiots, or completely supportive of some random kid being accused of a...well, a variety of things by this point, really.

Without warning, another rather familiar face had bounded into her line of vision, shouting about having shot Emo-Kid in the face, how they were in hell, and etcetera and etcetera. Given the fact that she had already been introduced to the idea of “alternate selves” at this point, it didn’t take long for Stride to figure out that this wasn’t “their Makorai”. Amused by the flow of dialogue escaping the man, Stride lightly jabbed Madison in the ribs, mood lightened.

“Hey,” she mumbled, taking care that her words were hidden by the chaos surrounding them. “Ya think this Mako’s as much of a lil’ bitch as our one?”

Upon hearing Armory’s shout regarding a certain scaled sir, Stride allowed her voice to rise once again, drawling heavily on each syllable. “The Godzilla kind, Bolts. Ya know how they are; goin’ ‘round shootin’ lazers at the Tokyo Tower.” The next comment from the man regarding his...state brought a snort from the fighter, and an accompanying “No shit, Sherlock.”

Finally, to the giant sentient armor, Stride gave yet another snort. This entire arena was just filled to the brim with movie tropes, wasn’t it? The large, villainous ham, the obligatory lizard creature thing, the spunky girl with an equally spunky pet…

“Shouldn’t worry ‘bout things catchin’ on fire,” she said. “We’re surrounded by stone, n’ stone doesn’t really catch on fire or anythin’.” She paused for another moment, remembering something.

“Oh, n’ you guys can call me Stride, if we’re still doin’ the whole introducin’ thing.”

It seemed that the general aggression wouldn’t be so quick to temper down, much to Madison’s dismay.

Within a very short span, things had only seemed to escalate further. While Eze seemed to have calmed at this point, and while at least a few people had decided to go along with the introduction session, there was still the matter of the ones who hadn’t been soothed whatsoever. The alternate version of Kora was still- quite literally- fuming, with the winged boy and Rateva continuing to add fuel to the fire. At this rate, a fight was inevitable, and the main offenders seemed very much unwilling to let things go so easily.

Madison hardly batted an eye upon seeing another copy of a SCION member run up. He didn’t even need to focus on the man’s scent to see the differences between this Makorai, and their own; the fact that he recognized the dark haired youth was a large amount of evidence in itself, as well as the fact that he was neither baffled nor shocked by the fact that Kora was aflame. At Stride’s sudden jab and subsequent whisper, Madison only gave a disapproving shake of his head before continuing to listen.

Frowning as the little gathering continued to toss insults and obvious frustrations about, the vampire took a few steps forth, adjusting his hat to better sit upon his head with the movement. “While I don’t speak for everyone,” he spoke, voice just as calm as before, “and while I don’t claim to be in any sort of authority here, I think it would be best if you all calmed down for the time being, and stopped threatening each other like this.

If I’m correct, we’re all currently captives of some sort of powerful being, and in a world completely different from our own. Now,” a slight gesture, as to emphasize his point. “again, while I have no authority, trying to kill each other at the moment doesn’t seem like the best idea. I can assume that,” a hand wave towards Drake, Kora, and Makorai, “you all are from the same world, yes? While...he,” another wave, this time to Rasteva, “is currently thinking that attacking would solve the problem of fights starting. I’m sure you have are very much enemies where you’re from, what with...well, everything you’ve said, by now. Here, though, we’re currently on the same playing field.

I don’t mean to offend, but those who suddenly thought violence was the answer to solving violence shouldn’t…really shouldn’t do that, especially when the person on the receiving end didn’t do anything but curse a bit. The being said nothing about trying to kill each other- just to introduce ourselves. On that note,” Madison gave a small clap of his hands, “my name is Madison Lovette, and I am a behaviorist working for my organization. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

There. Hopefully, that would at least do something to calm things.


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One moment Kichi was casually venturing through the forests of his world, on the hunt for a certain person corrupted by a demon. He was going to be paid for this job too. He'd do it anyway even if he wasn't paid. The money was simply a bonus this time and he kind of needed it considering nothing was for free. The next, he finds himself surrounded by darkness. It was such a strange place to be in. It did not feel as though the lights had gone out but more like he was in a strange realm dedicated to the colour black. He wasn't sure how to explain it but he couldn't say it was a very comforting place. The Rend, this Rend guy, he sounded like an idiot. Like some employee hired out of pity. He sounded so unsure of his own words, and all that rambling was pretty annoying.

Although the idea was quite intriguing that this strange being came up with, it would have been nice to be notified in advance. Kichiro suddenly felt his stomach drop, as if he was falling before his mind went blank and there was silence. Kichi lay there on the hot, colourful mosaic tiles. He was conscious and felt like he was waking up after a long nap. Didn't feel like moving, just wanted to really go back to sleep. But it was a bit hard with lightning bolts, ice, fire and yelling happening around you. Kichi simply stirred, groaning out of irritation. He wasn't too far from the gathering of troglodytes, that's how he'd see them for now anyway. A bunch of uncivilised cave people fighting over who gets to light the fire first.

The bickering didn't seem to end and just went on and on. Kichiro rolled over onto his side, eyes lazily open now as he studied the gathering of strange looking people. They were certainly an odd bunch. Kichi couldn't help but get excited over the possible fun things headed his way. Considering how emotional some of them were it would be too easy to toy with them. The soothing sounds of a flute playing nearby only made him want to sleep even more. How annoying that he would be forced to wake up. "Oh my god no one cares." Kichi said out loud to no one in particular; at was almost aimed at everyone really. A shame the peaceful ones couldn't keep the brats under control. "No one cares if you think you're stronger than they are. And no one cares that you lost your damn daughter, go have a cry somewhere else. Is this really going to be some kind of stupid fight over 'my guns are bigger than yours'. Or hey I'm angry because you did bad things in my world?" Kichiro himself was in fact, one of those brats. He liked to stir shit and most of his statements were probably not even relevant but simply there to make someone annoyed or to see who would get annoyed first.

"Why don't you all take a fine look at green eye metal man over there. Use him as a role model for how to take your anger out on other things." With that said he pointed casually with his thumb at Xinder who was casually and amusingly tearing a lava shark apart. Kichiro grinned at the sight. He hoped to see the man do that to a person some day. All of the white hair male's words were spoke in a calm and lazy tone. As if he were forced to read something out in front of the class by the teacher. Madison was doing quite well with trying to keep things calm, hopefully her words would work and everyone would calm their tits. Otherwise. "Fighting would be such a waste of time right now. Especially considering we only just got here. Surely there are more fun things to do." Kichiro didn't care if his earlier statements struck a nerve or anything, and a simple insult headed his way would only encourage him to be a pest even more. To think that the creatures in his world were fun to toy with, imagine the surprises this lot had in stall for him.

"Oh and I'm Kichiro. Destroyer of imbeciles or something like that. Yeah."


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With all the arrogance and stupidity flying around, Ocean was tired of dealing with these creatures
and ashamed of herself for even getting involved in their “I’m the best” contest. However, it was
when another newcomer told the woman on fire that her losing a child didn’t matter- /What an
arrogant selfish ass, who says that, ever?/ - that the fairy just...gave up. She landed over at the
site of her waking, rummaging through her provided bag. One of her clips was there, thankfully,
and she pulled back her locks, the weight on her head lessening significantly as the hair became a
much more manageable mid back length. She also found the hilt of a sword, which she shrank
and placed in her pocket, and a miniaturized bow along with several arrows of water fey make with
the distinctive slots in the metal body. Renewed, she began to pull out the water
she had - multiple bottles, much more than anyone else - and finally, in a box at the bottom, she
found them. Capsules, one of her nation’s most well known weapons.

The queen’s next step was to scan the minds of those present with a spell for telepathy, finding
herself shocked when the woman to greet her first was a male vampire (in a dress) who
happened to be one of the most sensible there by her own personal judgment. She walked over
briskly, and dropped the bag with all its water replaced beside him, before kneeling to pull out the
box and show the vampire its insides.

“You seem to be sensible, so I’m hoping it’s not wrong to let you have these.” she told him,
opening the tin to reveal pale blue, well, capsules, on the inside.”They freeze any liquid they come
into contact with instantly, including blood, which is why we often use them within our weapons to
make any strike devastating. You seem like you won’t run around on a murder spree.” she put the
capsules away, and stood back up with three of the bottles of water, which she held in her arms
while creating a small but strong shield over Madison, and out of courtesy, his companion Stride.
Having to shield the man’s world companion reminded her to be kind, and she looked around, also
shielding others not involved in making things worse, the cyborg and the flute girl with her dragon
companion included.

Then she walked back to the scene of the fight, placidly opening the three bottles and setting them
on the ground. “Maybe Rasteva needs an upgrade to hear better, because that isn’t what I said.”
she informed him lightly, fluttering up to his “eye” level. “And you,” she flew over to Drake,
“should land, alright?” Finally, she moved over to the newcomer, and her face said she would very
much like to spit on him. “How much of a bastard are you, to tell a mother losing her child doesn’t
matter? You should be ashamed.”

She waited for no replies, only flying as high as the grates above them would allow. The water in
the bottles flew up to meet her, and she dipped her hands into it, gathering herself, before
unleashing her powers. Storm clouds flew in, with pelting rain that soon turned into snow, sleet and
hail. With this distraction, force-fields shoved most of the aggressors away from each other and
back into the walls. The storm, confined to the arena because Ocean wasn't arrogant enough to
take on a sea of lava, grew fiercer, while the fairy flew lower, tossed wet hair from her face, and
slashed a hand before her. Before her, what seemed to be a tear in the air appeared, pouring in
sunlight, and Ocean slipped through with a cheeky wave. It sealed behind her, and immediately,
the storm died down. Soon the sky was back to blankly sunny cloudless blue, and without the water and
melting ice on the ground, there was no evidence anyone had been there at all


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Madison remained unruffled as Rasteva stared him down, doing little more than place a hand upon his face, the other moving to clasp his elbow lightly in an almost contemplative posture. He had to crane his neck a little in order to better meet the thing’s “gaze”, but he managed, and was just about to speak when Eze had chimed in before him. The vampire gave a short nod in the scaled gentleman’s direction at his words, before turning back and giving a roll of his shoulders.

“He’s right, although I have my own reasons for agreeing with him.” Idly, he gestured towards the various bags littered about the arena- either hanging off the shoulders of some, or abandoned on the floor. “From what I’ve seen, everyone has gotten one of these, and each one seems to have the basics of a survival kit. Food, water, medicine; things you wouldn’t really need if you were expecting everyone to start hacking away at each other all of a sudden. To my knowledge, gladiator battles weren’t made up of camping between fights; although feel free to correct me on that point.

“Plus,” without warning, Madison’s voice had took on a lighter tone, as if he was merely discussing a particularly good day. “I don’t really consider myself much of a fighter. Given the...well,” another gesture. “abilities of everyone else, it would be an extremely short battle, wouldn’t it?” A subtle caress of pride. Adding onto this, he added, “And, well, if we are here to fight, I suppose I’ll die, of course!”

This was said even more cheerfully, oddly enough.

To Kora, the vampire gave another slight frown, the jovialness of before having drifted. “I know you didn’t start it, Kora. The most you’ve been doing is calling the boy a terrorist- and I’m sure that there’s evidence of him being one in your world. I don’t blame you- but I do blame the ones who keep trying to stop violence with violence.”

At the sound of a newcomer’s voice, Madison bit back a sigh, and moved to capture this one in his sights, as well. Another youth, by the looks of it. Human. Madison didn’t show any sympathy for the young man being trapped there, however- instead, his features had been pulled into obvious sternness as he regarded the other, words more cold than before. “Mr. Kichiro, losing a child isn’t something to joke about. While I’m sure that you haven’t had to deal with anything like that before, that’s a very raw nerve to hit, no matter the circumstances.”

He had just begun to turn away once again when the fairy woman approached, dropped a bag at his feet, and revealed to him the contents of a container. Madison took a look inside- it appeared to be filled with some sort of...pills? capsules?- before raising his head and listening to the woman’s explanation of what, exactly, they were. As the explanation went on, the seriousness that had been abandoned shortly after looking from Kichiro returned. Carefully, he lowered himself to the ground, taking another glance into the bag before glancing back up at the woman.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said. Giving a polite nod of his head, he rose from his place on the floor, the new bag slung on his other shoulder. Despite the weight both must have had, Madison hardly seemed bothered, only nodding once more as he watched Ocean. “I’ll do my best to use these responsibly; thank you, again.” While some might have been more skeptical as to what the capsules could do, Madison had seen enough for today to have a healthy amount of openness in regards to what was possible. And if what the woman said was true, then...Well, he would do well to keep them to himself, especially given his company. As if to prove his point, Madison caught sight of one of the captives brutally mauling a shark from within the grate from the corner of his eye.

When the shield was cast over him, and the storm appeared shortly after, his belief of the capsules’ power only grew. Watching as the rain fell about him, with several of the offenders being blasted about, Madison clutched his sun hat tight and remained where he was. He watched as, almost as soon as it came, the storm passed, with its maker having disappeared completely from the arena.

That just about confirmed the capsules twice by this point, Madison thought brightly.


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"Kora." There was one he'd rather be stuck in a dangerous situation with. Aside from being the buffer between he and the things that typically wanted him dead on the battlefield, six foot plus of screaming red fury had a way of making most people feel safe, and happy to have her in their side.

What the really flat chested chick said made sense, and was in line with what Kora has said, making it more believable in his eyes. Makorai could tell she was one of those 'calmly now let's logic our way out of this,' and he appreciated that. However, he had just been tossed into some weird universe from the comfortable space of rock he was about to snipe from, where some dude who speaks in the third person, and a lizard man were getting fresh with red. These ingredients mixed into the perfect stew for the same violence he was advocating against. Still.

"Makorai Saika miss, yeah we know eachother, enemies, old story." His response was quick despite the fact he had seriously considered what she said. Quick in part due to his and Rasteva's verbal sparring match.

"Yeah, you'll know when I'm ready suit. I'll put a round that could puncture a tank in your midsection, then your eye hole as you fall, cuz, well, I like to be flashy. Ladies like that shit." Makorai decided against pulling the bolt back for effect. There was a difference between a strong show of force and ill intent. He'd stick with the former.

His eye left Drake and moved over to the Lizard man, who had an equally strange speech pattern from Makorai's perspective. "I can tell you two are going to be good friends." The 'really' and the 'good' were stressed in the atypical form of sarcasm, with his still parted lips alluding to another line of inflammatory dialogue. Before the word could leave his mouth a new contender appeared, this forced him to change the ammunition before he fired.

"Hey Kiricho, 'prone to suicide' my gun is bigger then yours. So is my sniper."

All that needed to be implied.

Destined apparently, to have all his best material prematurely blocked, the voice, the stumbling voice which held the confidence of a pants conscript was beckoned by...

Yeah, apparently one of them was a magic fucking princess and he, and the cloths he liked to keep generally dry were soaked and sent into the opposite wall via some kind of invisible force magic Try as he might, he couldn't get the his sniper rifle back into firing position until.. she left. Great.

"Well shit."

Once all was said and done he rested the barrel of his weapon on his shoulder.

"It ain't hell and we definitely aren't in Kansas."


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Adira Hasidare

As Adira stood and moved to walk towards the others, Rend's omnipresent voice rang out, sounding rather flustered (which was odd if this being was trying to play god). However he managed to bumble his say through explaining that not only were they not supposed to kill each other (which was a relief) but that they would be "punished" if they tried. This coming from the being that summoned lava sharks and giant spiders because Adira opened a gate, she was not eager to find out what his concept of "punishment" was.

More than that though, they were all supposed to work together to go on this heroic quests he'd supposedly be assigning them. Looking at the others Adira couldn't help but to wonder exactly how thoroughly Rend had thought this through. If he'd intended for everyone to get along and work together, he probably shouldn't have chosen a group of people from opposite sides of an active war. She also noted that, while everyone else was exceptionally powerful, she was somewhat on the weaker side which would make it rather difficult for her to keep up with them on their missions.

This thought was addressed a moment later when Rend said:

Suddenly, several of the characters found themselves feeling...well, not as absurdly strong. Got to even the playing field and all that, but, eh-hehm. Don’t want to end up causing more trouble, but, uh, the ones with the most skills and powers and magical stuff ended up with less. Like Rasteva, and Eze- mainly because I’m just kind of worried about how far this will, uh, escalate, if they’re so strong...Uhm, and, uh, the other ones who triggered the problems, um, got less strong somewhat, too, and, uh, yeah. Less power. Of course, not planning on, uh, taking away from those who need the power, but yes. Weakened somewhat. This is both punishment and to make sure nobody else escapes.

As he said this a strong gust of wing blew through the arena and past- no, through- the bodies of the characters. She saw many of the more powerful beings sway as the wind blew through them, appearing to have been significantly weakened (especially that fairy who seemed to have just caused a hurricane on a whim). However when the wind reached Adira she felt... well, the same actually. Nothing seemed to have happened to her. Too bad.

However as she glanced over at Fell she could see that he was equally confused, the scales on his back rippling oddly as if his muscles were sore. There were strange lumps under the skin that hadn't been there before. They bore a resemblance to young adult Fanghur who were in the first stages of wing development, however Fell had not reached that age so Adira quickly scratched that off her mental list of explanations. Before she could ponder any further, Rend spoke again.

“Now, I’m going to remove the lava and, uh, other things right now. And open the gate properly. I expect for all of you to get along at this point, or else, you know. Punishment. Have fun!”

At these words the gate did open, the monsters and lava having disappeared. Adira looked at Fell but he stared back at her in equal confusion. "Well, I guess we know why we're here..." she said slowly, still trying to process all of this, "If we're all supposed to work together like some big, happy family then the first step would be to go meet everyone. And not pick a fight this time." Fell bobbed his head in agreement and Adira hesitantly started walking towards the group of now significantly weakened heroes.


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#, as written by Hyro
Drake couldn’t even get a word in, everyone was talking so much. And once again a lot was going on. “Hey, can we stop pointing fingers? None of you know either of our situations, or the situation of anyone here to properly judge. Not even she knows the full extent of my situation,” he replied, pointing to Kora. The boy wished he had known the fire-woman’s name. Someone had called her Kora, but he didn’t want to make any assumptions yet. He opted to simply address her with eye contact for the time being. “Your daughter was the one who came to us if I recall, we didn’t take or kidnap her. She said that the people at Erubesco had hurt her. Were hurting her. Surely you know about the experiments in your faction? Maybe you don’t, since they sure as hell cover it up pretty well. This was never about taking her away from you, this was always about protecting your daughter. She was scared to go back, how could we possibly take her back knowing they were hurting her? Especially if they were experimenting on her, she was too young for that. Does it really bother you that much that we tried to protect her? We’re not heartless. You could come see her, but you’re too busy calling us terrorists. Heck, it’s a WAR. Everyone is a terrorist! Erubesco is a terrorist to Liberty. Liberty is a terrorist to us. We’re terrorists to both factions, the factions are terrorists to each other. Maybe I am a terrorist to you from your angle, but when it comes down to it, from OUR angle, we’re just a family of wanderers trying to survive a war. I don’t know how I can make that any more clear to you without you just assuming I’m full of shit.”

Drake was getting pretty frustrated. He didn’t exactly have anyone here to back him up, so of course he felt singled out. Every accusation thrown at him he could try to counter, but unless the people around him chose to believe him over the others, he was screwed. “I don’t want to fight you. I don’t want to fight the factions. I simply don’t have a choice. I have to protect the ones I care about. We make it a point take in those oppressed by the factions and looking for shelter… In this case, that was your daughter. It was her choice to make, and she has the choice to leave. So I’m sorry she hasn’t chose to return yet.”

Makorai’s comment and gaze caused the boy to stiffen a little. A chill ran down the boy’s spine, followed by a feeling he couldn’t quite place. A feeling of displacement. “I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never even seen you before,” Drake commented to Makorai, still rather confused about the man’s claim of execution. As far as he knew, things had been rather calm when he’d gotten snatched up and thrown here. There hadn’t been any battles or bloodshed, though perhaps that was what was so chilling about it all. Was Makorai from a different timeline, perhaps? Even Kora was talking about how he couldn’t die, even if he was ripped apart, the idea of that causing the boy to cringe and feel sick.

They were right, though, to a point. He could die… He could feel pain and the agony that came from death’s touch… But he would always come back, to live and die again.

Ocean’s comment towards Drake caused him to only get more frustrated. He landed on the ground, closing his eyes and running his hand through his hair. “That’s not what I meant at all, stop putting words in my mouth. Of course it matters, she wouldn’t be the only one who had a kid taken from her. But my baby brother’s dead and her kid is alive and safe, so maybe she should count her blessings first. How about we stop verbally attacking the guy who just wants to get the hell out of this cage and back to the only family he has left to protect? Is that so much to ask for?” Perhaps the stress was getting to him. He didn’t exactly handle this stuff well on his own. Drake could feel a headache coming on, too.

And then a storm. Some rain. Wind, snow. All of it putting the boy on edge. He couldn’t survive this stuff, not for long anyway...
And then she was gone.

She had gotten away?? How? He wanted out, too. The winged boy didn’t want to be here anymore. And then there was a voice. The dumb voice from the beginning which Drake was starting to hate. Or maybe it was his temper starting to seep in after all this frustration. He was fighting it now, trying to calm himself down.

It’s fine, Drake. You’re gonna be fine. You’re gonna get out of here.

Except he felt pretty unmatched at this point. Even when the wind blew through to weaken the stronger foes around him, he was unmoved. The boy, admittedly, was never that strong to begin with. Which is why he typically had to rely on his silver tongue, which wasn’t working so well for him thus far.


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Ezenvare Queem

After Eze's few words to Rasteva, all that any of the others did was shout at each other. Figuring that his intervention would be, once again, pointless the half-dragon began walking back to his bag. Almost halfway through his little walk a storm picked up. The rain Eze liked, but as it escalated he simply dug his claws into the ground to prevent himself from moving with its wind.

Even with the storm, Eze managed to make progress to the bag. However, as soon as the storm stopped the being that brought them here spoke up. Something about things not turning out how it wanted to. Perhaps the 'god' should have made a place a little better for introductions, or given everyone some time before sending them all to the same place. Eze didn't care at this point. The only thing he cared about from this being was the fact that it mentioned that the exit was now open.

Then it happened. Just an arm's reach from his bag and Eze dropped to the floor. The air was becoming dryer, his mind foggier, his muscles more tired, and his scales dulled of their bronze-like shine. Then his shoulders began feeling pain beyond anything he had ever experienced. From his crawling position, the half-dragon let out a long, loud, high-pitched screech like a dragon mounted on a pike. All the while his wings were being forced from his back, slowly growing out to 6 and a quarter feet each. After 5 or so minutes of the excruciating pain, the death screech ended as Eze shakily stood up. Finishing his march to the bag, Eze quickly opened it up only to devour the once again full bucket of water and fish.

Placing his bag's straps around his neck and rolling his wings on his back, Eze shakily marched towards the gate. Useless. I am weak. How am I supposed to fight evil like this? No, I useless. Just another reminder as to how useless I am. I couldn't even stop a fight, how am I supposed to protect everyone else?


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Azai had been enjoying a night's rest in his web just moments before and now he was falling... and falling... and falling. He wasn't a fly! He didn't have wings! How the hell did that ominous voice think that it was a great idea to have him spiraling down in the darkness like this? He had tried to use his webs to cling to something but this inky blackness had no ledge, branch, or ceiling. It was just emptiness. He did have a strange bag that appeared beside him but that wasn't helping him right now. He almost wished he was back in the mansion he despised. At least things there made sense! Why was it that he was the one that always got snatched away from his home and brought somewhere else? This was the second time, damn it! And this time, he hadn't even done anything to warrant his capture!

Suddenly, the shadow seemed to break open and spit the spider out and he continued to drop. The ground and people were fast approaching. "Ah!" he cried out a bit undignified as he landed on one of the creatures below. Both he and the stranger hit the ground hard though Azai had to admit, he was lucky this guy cushioned his fall. He winced and started to try and get to his feet but the damn bag dropped on his back then and he winced as he hit the man beneath him again. He groaned and shook his head, his dark strands falling against his pale skin. He looked up, his deep amethyst gaze catching a glimpse of the dog in front of him. He had never seen a creature like him before. His eyes widened as he got on his hands and knees, careful to actually use the ground as leverage instead of the man. He pulled himself off the stranger and dusted himself off, his gaze never leaving the strange four-legged beasty. He wondered how the creature's innards tasted like.

The black widow then realized there were others in the strange place he found himself. He tensed and crouched low. He gave a hiss and bared his fangs. He really didn't like meeting strangers as of late. The voice said he was in a different world, but was it really a different world or was the master of the house toying with him? Punishing him for biting that patron? He wasn't supposed to bite or harm the others after all but it really wasn't his fault the man kept poking his face. The guy was asking to be bitten. He didn't recognize anyone or anything here. And being out in the open like this put him at a disadvantage. His only true weapons in this situation were his fangs and claws but he couldn't take on all of these strangers. Some of them looked like their skin wouldn't be easily penetrated.


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Verge resolved to speak to Madison in private and ask again, maybe the other didn't want to share the fairy's secrets in such a public place.

However, at the moment, he was preoccupied with being told that Madison, the lovely woman he was chatting up, was in fact, a man. He looked at "her" again, blushing just a bit, then decided to stall, speaking to the newcomer that had fallen upon Madison.

"I'm an ordinary human." he said, calmly so that he wound't agitate the scared being. "The only thing not ordinary is that I can summon that shadow thing over there. It's part of me, in a way. I've been told it represents my mind" he shrugged.

Hopefully, that would lead the others to underestimate him. The shadow they saw, now dancing and playing around, gave off a much different impression than the twisted true form hidden under all the illusions. "That guy over there," he waved towards the group by the puddle, "the one without wings, he came in yelling that it was a desert. If he's telling the truth, then yeah. It's a desert. I haven't left yet myself. And yeah, we don't really know what happened, but there is a powerful being keeping us here until we complete some kind of tasks it's set. Are those tattoos?" he then asked curiously, referring to the webs on the black haired boy's pale skin.

And then, having exhausted his list of things to answer, Verge had to face Madison.

"I'm not going to apologize." he said slowly, "because I don't think you're insulted, or else you'd have corrected me when I first called you ma'am. You do look very good though, and clearly." he laughed with just a touch of awkward, "you had me fooled. Nice to meet you, sir." he greeted, and the moment of not knowing what to say next was broken by a glowing man offering him a pill to prevent radiation poisoning. "Um, thanks?" he said, then looked around at his two human companions as if asking what they made of this.