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Phoebe Stride

"You'd think we'd get a heads up or somethin' 'round here..."

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a character in “The Rend”, as played by Miss Echo



Full Name: Phoebe Alice Stride

Nicknames/Aliases: Stride, Gas Mask, The Snake

Age: 46, although she is physically in her early twenties.

Gender: Female

Species: Gorgon/Human Hybrid

Original Canon: Stride’s world was very similar to the one which we inhabit. England, America, China, and all other countries one could think of are all existing as they are now. Humanity goes about their lives as normal, thriving, constantly forming innovations for the rest of the earth to enjoy. By all means, one would find it hardly indistinguishable to the “regular world”.

Except for a few...differences.

Supernatural creatures exist among humanity, forming covens, scuffling about themselves, claiming territories as their own. While there are some mortals aware of the existence of these creatures, there are many who are not as lucky- or unlucky, depending on how you view things- to know of them. In an effort to prevent humans from knowing of the supernatural, as well as protecting both man and monster, an organization was created. Known as “The Supernatural Concealment and Investigation Organization Network”- or SCION for short-, the group works to keep the balance between the various species which inhabit the world.

Description: At about 5’4”, “Stride” is a woman of pale complexion, and even paler hair. Locks of silver fall messily about her face, with several hanging low enough to brush her chin. Her eyes are a strikingly bright yellow, and very much serpentine; nearly all of her eyes taken up by the same color, and pupils slitted. Scales litter her body, showing up as sporadic patches on otherwise regular human skin.

However, Stride has a habit of covering most of her features, leaving much to the imagination. Typically, she dons a pair of goggles over her eyes, and a thin, breathable strip of fabric over her mouth; although when out on battle, she tends to switch these items out for a basic gas mask. Her outfit consists of a maroon jacket over dark shirts, jeans, and a set of work gloves and boots.

Asides from these features, Stride is of Japanese and Greek descent, and, while she can speak the former, prefers speaking in English above anything else.

Personality: Sarcastic, hasty, and generally rough-around-the-edges, Stride’s personality seems to befit the protagonist of a cheesy action movie over a member of a discreet intelligence operation. Her vocabulary is vast enough to make a sailor blush, and is something she often uses to get on the nerves of most decent folk. It doesn’t take long for her to give out a few rather...blunt comments if it means getting a rise out of someone. She possesses quite the temper, as well, making her somewhat unpleasant company.

In spite of this, however, she’s fiercely loyal to both her organization and her companions, working doggedly to get both recognition and admiration between her peers. This results in her being a bit show-offy at times; although when it counts, Stride can be fairly cool-headed and reasonable enough, making her decent enough to work with.

Skills/Powers: While she cannot induce the same symptoms as a pure blooded gorgon, Stride’s gaze can stun anyone who meets her eyes, inducing an effect similar to being tazed in the victim- muscles locking, and waves of pain flooding their body. If Stride were to hold her gaze for too long, it is very much possible that her power could turn deadly. She’s also talented with use of firearms- especially with her dual H&K MP7A1s- and fairly decent in terms of hand-to-hand combat. Her heritage also grants her a heightened healing factor, which, again, while not as strong as a gorgon’s, heals minor wounds fairly quickly and keeps her from aging much.

Aside from those, Stride also boasts the basic knowledge of most SCION fighters on squaring off with the supernatural, and has a good head for numbers.

Weaknesses: Stride’s pride tends to be her biggest weakness, as, in efforts to prove herself, she will often charge headfirst into a confrontation. She’s willing to perform dangerous stunts- a trait of hers only worsened by her fighting style, which, when left up to her, focuses on getting closer than most long-ranged weapon users would. Using her gaze for too long tends to draw energy from her, and, along the lines of her heritage related attributes, Stride is also cold-blooded. There is also the matter of her being a perfectionist; while this leads her to strive for improvement, it also leads to aggression and irritation when she fails to reach her intended goal.

In addition, Stride is rather emotionally underdeveloped, causing her to become frustrated when things don’t go her way.

Brief History:Young Phoebe was born as a result of a rather...problematic affair between her mother- a married human woman, and head of a prosperous weapons company- and her father- a gorgon killer-for-hire. As the child didn’t exactly resemble the woman’s husband, it was obvious enough that she was a bastard- something that threatened to cause a large stain upon the family’s reputation. As such, Stride was often kept away from company and shunned, causing her to turn to the various movie and T.V. memorabilia for influence on her personality.

Throughout her years, Stride constantly worked in an effort to become a proper member of the family; although her efforts were made for nothing at the resurgence of SCION. Upon its discovery, her family was quick to send her to join the organization, and she has remained with the group ever since.

  • Holds a deep fondness for 70s and 80s music- rock and grunge, in particular.
  • Enjoys painting in her spare time.

So begins...

Phoebe Stride's Story


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Ma’am. While others might have chosen to correct what was, really, a completely honest mistake, Madison chose not to- at least, not for the moment. He hardly bothered these days until it was completely necessary for him to do so, and the young man had already flounced off before he could have the chance to do so. As such, the vampire merely blinked once, twice, thrice, then trailed after. It was rude not to answer a question, after all- especially when said question pertained to someone who had escaped captivity as easily as waving her wrist.

As soon as he was in proper earshot once again, Madison slowed to a stop, taking care not to plant himself in a puddle or anything of the sort (these heels had been expensive, after all!) before speaking. “I’m afraid that she didn’t tell me anything about getting out,” he admitted. “She was in a bit of a...rush to get out, you could say. All she gave me was a warning before- well, considering you saw her before she left, I’m sure you know what she did just now, too.”

The lie came naturally, the researcher not missing a beat throughout his words. While he was sure that this one wasn’t as...volatile as the others, he was still determined to keep the existence of the fairy’s presents hidden for the time being. With how the gathering had been acting, and how powerful the woman had shown herself to be, there was enough evidence to make Madison reasonably wary- or so he felt. Even if they decided to properly ally, there was still the chance they would attempt to use the capsules for more malicious purposes. So he simply decided to keep his lips sealed, absentmindedly adjusting his packs as he stood.

Soon enough, Madison seemed to realize something, and smiled brightly even if the other’s eyes were not on him. “I’m Madison, by the way; it’s nice to meet you.” Curious as to what had drawn the man’s attention, he peered over his shoulder, looking at the contents of the bag from where he was. A question had begun to form itself on his lips, although it was soon and suddenly replaced upon catching sight of a dog trotting up.

The question itself was delayed again as the vampire cooed at the canine, bending a little in order to pet its head.

Once he had remembered what he had been about to say, Madison raised his head, although he kept his eyes locked on the little beast for the time being. “Is she yours? She’s beautiful!” Although he typically disliked assumptions, the other had been rifling through a bag stuffed to the brim with dog treats and other miscellaneous objects, so there was at least some evidence to do so.

By the point that both Adira and Rasteva had spoken, he had lowered himself to the ground already, tucking his duffel bag beneath him so as to avoid getting himself wet. He appeared completely and utterly distracted by this point, so his sudden raising of voice seemed to only spring from nowhere at first.

“I have to agree with Kora on this, actually. After all, you two- such a cute little puppy- you two seem to be assuming that our host didn’t add in other challenges for us to deal with. This...being has been acting extremely erratically which leads me to believe that there may be some things that we can’t expect outside- I’m sure you all remember the sudden lava, after all. We have enough rations to feed all of us, I’m sure, and the gate can be barricaded…” He paused once again, moving to actually look back at the others.

“I would say that we should cast a vote. From what we’ve heard, we’re all a team, and if one of us ends up wounded, we’ll all end up punished one way or another. Shall we?”

After all, he was no leader. Calling a vote and conducting himself as if he was was only stir more tension, or so Madison believed.


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It was with a sort of morbid fascination that the hybrid watched Khojin’s...tongue? loll from the massacred flesh, waving about in the open air for a long, uncomfortable moments. It was like watching a car crash- it wasn’t really the most pleasant thing to watch, but you just couldn’t tear your eyes away. It was only until the muscle was pulled back into the “Za Ri’s” mouth that Stride blinked, continuing to squint at the opening as if expecting it to suddenly start expelling beetles.

“That’s fucked up,” she muttered decisively, giving a short shake of her head. “Ya know, where I come from, ya don’t usually tear open someone’s face when you’re screwin’ ‘em. Least, we have a rule ‘bout that; ‘don’t stick your dick in crazy’.” Stride paused, giving Khojin another once-over. “Or, ya know. ‘Don’t let batshit insane stick its dick in ya.’.” The true rule of thumb, really, no matter the race or origin.

Adira’s words caused her attention to be drawn away from the weird horror-story shit she had just witnessed, and it was with a sense of disbelief that Stride listened to the dragon-rider boss everyone around. Her disbelief was only increased as the weird suit of armor chimed in, and, eventually, Stride began to chuckle just a bit louder than before.

“Look,” she said dryly. “I don’t care if you’re the princess where you’re from or whatever, but I can’t say I really wanna go jump off a cliff cause some magical armor and some kid told me there was a buncha pillows at the bottom of it. Hell, I could just be trippin’ by this point cause some asshole decided it’d be fun to slip some drugs in my drink, but I’m still not gonna just fuck off into the wilds like this.” Idly, Stride brought her gaze about in a circle, taking in the surrounding party.

“Just cause ya think the voice cut pieces from our worlds doesn’t mean everythin’s baby-proofed. For all we know, someone came from Monty Python, and there’s a buncha killer rabbits everywhere. There were fuckin’ lava spiders out there, ya know- and whose to say the voice might end up lettin’ one of us die off to make things interestin’?” Popping a stiffened joint in her neck, Stride let out a small sigh before continuing on.

“I’m votin’ that we just don’t follow the lead of the underdressed fifteen year old and Iron Man. Not sayin’ we hide in here forever, but we should at least find a place where we know there’s no poison dolphins or anythin’ like that.”

Absentmindedly, Stride took notice of the weird little glowing guy who had joined DoppleKora, but her attention did not focus for long on them. There were more important issues at hand, after all.


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Khojin gave a very exaggerated look around the arena. "No poison dolphin's here," she commented, letting her duffle bag fall to the ground.

There was a point to what she said, of course; thus far none of the dangers claimed to be present in this world had appeared in the arena. Even the lava sharks had stopped at the gate, with one only passing the iron barrier when it was yanked in by a homicidal man encased in magic metal. This also seemed to be the only known location people had arrived at; wouldn't it make sense for the area to be warded against outside dangers? She said as much to the others.

"I mean, yeah, I could be wrong, but judging by our current track record this is our best bet," she waved up at the iron wires strung over the arena's mouth. "That's a good defense against anything from the air, an' the only t'restrial entrance is the gate, which we could probably close if needed. Or, failing that, drop Big Man Metal in the center of it. He seems reasonably impervious. Did you get smaller?"

She didn't notice before, but the suit of armor seemed to have shrunk several feet. Unfortunate. Still, her point remained. Oh, she almost forgot.

"Hey, jus' by the by, if we're s'pose to be a team wouldn't it be better to separate into groups?" she asked, lacing her fingers behind her head. "I mean, we'd be slower and attract more attention if we all jus' followed each other. Like, I dunno bout you guys but in my world travel in the Wastelands mandated groups no larger than four or five, unless you were lookin' to raid one of the Gaian settlements."

"Oh. And, uh, I'm Khojin. Not sure if we did introductions."


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Azai had been enjoying a night's rest in his web just moments before and now he was falling... and falling... and falling. He wasn't a fly! He didn't have wings! How the hell did that ominous voice think that it was a great idea to have him spiraling down in the darkness like this? He had tried to use his webs to cling to something but this inky blackness had no ledge, branch, or ceiling. It was just emptiness. He did have a strange bag that appeared beside him but that wasn't helping him right now. He almost wished he was back in the mansion he despised. At least things there made sense! Why was it that he was the one that always got snatched away from his home and brought somewhere else? This was the second time, damn it! And this time, he hadn't even done anything to warrant his capture!

Suddenly, the shadow seemed to break open and spit the spider out and he continued to drop. The ground and people were fast approaching. "Ah!" he cried out a bit undignified as he landed on one of the creatures below. Both he and the stranger hit the ground hard though Azai had to admit, he was lucky this guy cushioned his fall. He winced and started to try and get to his feet but the damn bag dropped on his back then and he winced as he hit the man beneath him again. He groaned and shook his head, his dark strands falling against his pale skin. He looked up, his deep amethyst gaze catching a glimpse of the dog in front of him. He had never seen a creature like him before. His eyes widened as he got on his hands and knees, careful to actually use the ground as leverage instead of the man. He pulled himself off the stranger and dusted himself off, his gaze never leaving the strange four-legged beasty. He wondered how the creature's innards tasted like.

The black widow then realized there were others in the strange place he found himself. He tensed and crouched low. He gave a hiss and bared his fangs. He really didn't like meeting strangers as of late. The voice said he was in a different world, but was it really a different world or was the master of the house toying with him? Punishing him for biting that patron? He wasn't supposed to bite or harm the others after all but it really wasn't his fault the man kept poking his face. The guy was asking to be bitten. He didn't recognize anyone or anything here. And being out in the open like this put him at a disadvantage. His only true weapons in this situation were his fangs and claws but he couldn't take on all of these strangers. Some of them looked like their skin wouldn't be easily penetrated.


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Khojin gazed up at the sky for a moment, considering. If she were alone, then sure, she'd go out no problem, probably get 20 malms by the end of the night. But with a group of... how many people were there? Here, Adira, Rasteva, the four or five from the same world, Stride, Lightning Hei-Senn, armor dude 2, white hair boy, girl with worse black clothing than her, Shao in the dress, a dog, and the new guy who apparently fell on... Who was that? Regardless, their number was easily around a dozen, far more than she felt comfortable travelling with.

She clicked her tongue and dropped her arms, swinging them a bit at her sides. "Fine. But I still think we should split into smaller groups. If Rend has somethin' he wants us to do, I'm sure he can organize it in stages. Besides, three of the others already bolted, so..." She flicked her finger to Stride, Rasteva, and Adira. "I call these three. If we do go with that idea."

She picked her bag back up and slung it over her shoulder. No use leaving it in the dust. She lifted her leg to begin walking before another thought struck her.

"Hey," she began, resettling her foot. "If we are s'pose to work with each other, shouldn't we know what everyone brings to the team?"


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Kora folded her arms and rolled her eyes upon her point getting met rather..well very dismissively.

"Fine. Believe whatever you like. By all means just stroll out and eat whatever you find on the floor if it suits you. No-one is obligated to follow though. If experience has taught me one thing, it's that running into a place with no idea what's waiting for you is the best way to get you, and other people killed. I'd vote for Madison's proposal, but splitting up suits me fine, though Glowstick and Saika are staying with me regardless."

She'd cast a glance toward Makorai upon the mention of 'experience'. She was rather less concerned about individuals getting themselves killed, that was, ultimately, their own choice. She was however more concerned about one person's hubris being paid in the lives of others. She'd seen more of that than she really wanted to think over.

"And it sounds like me, Madison and Masky there are all on the same page about it. I dunno how everybody else feels."

At least partially she was more inclined to stick with these people, even though them being aware of her name was.... a little disconcerting...because they'd been taking her concerns even moderately more seriously. Also one of them hadn't just tried to kill her.

Plus now they had Skip in tow, and environmental extremes were a bit of a problems for someone with his rather....unique talents. Triggering Skip's special skill would end the game for all concerned, she was pretty sure of that.

At the point the new figure fell from the sky.
Kora took a moment to dwell on the fact that that would probably have really surprised her maybe an hour ago, and now was getting to be sort of an everyday occurrence. Like a rain shower or something.


The Dog had padded up to Madison upon being called, and, almost immediately flopped onto her back, all four feet in the air, and was enjoying being petted through the talking.

She was perfectly contented with this during the speech.... right up until the moment when something landed on its new friend.

Dog scrambled to her feet, gazing over at the thing with mismatched eyes for a moment before skittering back in alarm and standing, feet planted and hackles raised, some distance away.


Over by the edge, the figure in the skins and paint lifted its head from the puddle, coughing feebly and pushing itself onto the edge of the shallow dip with its elbows, making it far enough to avoid the imminent thread of drowning before dropping its head again, resting it on one arm and attempting, rather vaguely, to make some sense of all the non-sensical things that were taking place through half-lidded eyes.

It was all strange, but she was quite used to strange.


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Adira Hasidare

Adira couldn't have agreed more with Rasteva's argument if she tried, however Kora would have none of it. She was obviously one of those stubborn leadership types who was totally unwilling to compromise. This annoyed Adira because they got killed rather quickly in her world, along with those who choose to follow them (which seemed like a senseless waste of lives in her opinion). Apparently that was different where Kora came from though, as others from her world seemed to side with her. Adira sighed softly. She genuinely didn't want them all to die, especially for the simple reason of hardheadedness, however it was becoming quite clear that logic would not sway these people - only consequence, and that would be up to Rend. She was running out of time to just stand around and talk to them.

"Very well," Adira said, "We'll split up. I'm travelling with Rasteva and Khojin-" Fell ran back up to Adira, having momentarily sated his curiosity on the strange yellow-eyed human and nudged her with his snout, "-and Fell. Anyone else who also wishes to leave the arena is invited to travel with us." Adira turned and now spoke directly to Rasteva and Khojin, "Already a few have left the arena. It may be in our best interest to catch up to them. Even disabled by Rend, the hybrid had wings that allowed him flight and I'm sure we could use an aerial advantage when we undertake whatever task Rend assigns us."

Upon Khojin's question and Rasteva's short summary about what they were capable of, Adira had to pause and think. What was she capable? "I am survivalist by nature and the best hunter in my village," she said, slowly, trying to recall what people had said about her back when she was home. "I can track and take down even the most flighty of prey, and my arrows never miss their targets. My sword can cut through the mountains that may stand in my way, though I can fight with a number of improvised weapons." Adira touched the knife pouch at her side, drawing one from it's sleeve. "I'm no wizard but I do know how to use some magic," she whispered a few words for the ancient language and the knife suddenly burst into flames, going out a few moments later as she replaced it into her pouch. "And though my knowledge of healing cannot revive the dead, it can save the dying." Adira gestured to her side, "Fell-"

Fell gave a roar (which would've made even Adira jump had she not been expecting it), opening his mouth to expose his many rows of knife-like teeth while clicking his wickedly curved talons against the ground. The spines alone his back bristled and his tail flicked back and forth as he growled dangerously. He generally behaved as a puppy might so occasionally it slipped people's minds that he was still the cousin of dragons. Suffice to say, there was no verbal explanation needed to define what an asset Fell could be. Adira couldn't help but smile slightly as she turned back to look at the others. "We have faced many foes, but there has yet to be an enemy that Fell and I could not defeat."


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Even with Stride’s face still completely hidden, it didn’t exactly take rocket science to tell she wasn’t pleased at Khojin’s choice in team-building. Another snort had broken free from the hybrid- this one more of indignation than anything- and, uncrossing her arms, took a step forward before voicing her opinion on the matter.

“Look, Kho-gin, you’re kinda fucked up, but you’re still pretty cool. But she,” a jerk of a thumb in the direction of Adira, “actin’ like she’s, uh, havin’ her ‘time ‘a the month’, and Alphonse over there reminds me too much of a patronizing dick I work with. Gotta pass on that, sorry.” As the dragon rider of the two went on to speak of her various list of abilities, Stride couldn’t help but wish in the back of her head that the girl was a guy; if she had been, Stride could have whipped out several “overcompensation” jokes by now.

Nevertheless, she didn’t get to lament the wasted opportunities for long, as another, more interesting event, had suddenly sprouted up- some random asshole suddenly falling from the sky, and crashing right into Madison. At once, her hand planted itself upon the butt of her gun, but upon seeing her coworker get up not much worse for wear- even going so far as to try and help the guy up- she relaxed, only to be taken aback yet again by another person walking into the arena and starting to yell his head off.

“Jesus H. Christ,” she muttered, although the fighter was very much pleased at the man’s affirmation that not much was really out there. Depending on how far the apparent desert went, it would only make sense for them to stick around a while longer to figure things out. His comment on someone drowning, however, brought more surprise from Stride, and she began to look around in search of this someone- only to spot some girl getting dragged out of a puddle by the same guy, as well as another, smaller girl.

Looks like the problem had been taken care of, then.

At Rasteva’s impromptu concert session, Stride bit back yet another curse and turned to look over at the being, squinting as it began to rant about how it wanted them all to pay attention. At first, she was tempted to go back to talking to Kora or someone else (after all, it seemed that all Rasteva wanted was to say that they were now totally cool with changing their mind), but at the mention of “sparring”, she visibly perked up. Of course, while it was hard to say what the others had in store combat-wise, Stride had a personality fit for her occupation, and her blood quickly began to pound at the chance of getting a good brawl.

“Hell yeah, I wanna see some action ‘round here! We goin’ hand-to-hand, or what?” Grinning broadly, the half-breed cracked her knuckles and glanced around to look for any volunteers. True, she was no pro wrestler, but she had some amount of pride after facing off against some of the more brawnier members of the supernatural world.


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Most would feel themselves a bit disconcerted at the prospect of being told they would face against someone claiming to be a walking radiation pile.

On the same hand, most weren’t too keen on running, metaphorical guns ablazing in this case, into battle with a variety of other beings from different worlds- especially when another of the participating combatants was a literal suit of armor, with no obvious flesh or weak points to be seen.

Stride took the pill between gloved forefinger and thumb, regarding it with the same amount of casualness one would a typical over-the-counter medication. A pain-killer, for instance, instead of something made specifically to keep the user from getting poisoned by gamma rays. In the back of her mind, the fighter mused whether or not taking it was necessary, or if she should simply be noble and offer it back up again. One of the perks of her bloodline was various odd little bonuses here and there- quicker reaction time, for one, or the fact that she hadn’t really aged all that much since about twenty years ago. There was a chance that she could have some sort of resistance to radiation, but, then again, her body seemed to like screwing her over whenever it saw fit. For all she knew, she would end up getting some hyper-death-cancer or something.

So, deciding not to risk it, Stride reached at her mask’s fabric with one hand and dragged it down, revealing the same snow-white skin as that on her arm, a few patches of scales here and there, and, as she popped the pill into her mouth and swallowed dry, a flash of fang.

The mask went up again, just as fast, and the woman nodded her appreciation to the little glowing guy. “Thanks, Smiles.” After all, while she didn’t exactly know the effects of thyroid cancer to a t, cancer typically didn’t come with sunshine and rainbows and giant fluffy sheep falling from the sky. At Rasteva’s affirmation that no weapons would be used in the battle, Stride began to unconsciously flex her hands, then, more consciously, move to pop her knuckles.

“Are we also supposed to not talk ‘bout the Fight Club?” Stride drawled. Even if the magical armor didn’t get the reference, it was still too good of an opportunity to waste, really. Makorai’s bringing up of his shooting skills after brought a bit of a chuckle from her- even in alternate worlds, it seemed, he was trying to overcompensate with something.

As time passed, more people began to volunteer for a round or two, with Kora being an interesting exception. There was Smiles, Iron Man, and now Robocop and some random chick cramping the gas mask style. While some part of her was aware that going up against the more solidly built volunteers (see; the people made either completely of metal, or mostly) would be a difficult task, another part of her was still revving for the opportunity. Taking down the Terminator would probably earn her some massive amounts of cred, after all, and as Rasteva continued to be...well, Rasteva, Stride continued to grow more impatient.

“Hey!” She called. “Stop showin’ your balls off to Kora; we got shit to plan out!” She paused, listening as the armored figure went on to say that all non-combatants should go up to the stands- something that was probably true, given that there were going to be a few faces punched, and she doubted that some of the more...pacifistic-looking types were too keen on getting hit for no real apparent reason. However, that brought up another question, something which Stride found herself voicing in the absence of anyone else.

“So, uh, is this gonna be a whole ‘Battle Royale’ type-a deal, or will it sorta be two people out here at a time?”

Asking the important questions, here, really.