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Entente Homogeneity

"Strength through Unity" (WIP)

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a character in “The resource war”, as played by TomorrowsHerald


Faction Name: Entente Homogeneity

Strengths: Excellent officer core and small unit leadership quartiles, most of the population receives basic combat training, home world is protected by an asteroid field full of space mines and asteroid fighter bases and turrets, masters of the hit and run, convoy raiding and guerrilla warfare doctrines.

Weaknesses: Low manpower; few professional soldiers - most are civilian militia, is an isolated unsupported colony and therefor underdeveloped, has little in the way of heavy industry - most of its larger ships are ether old, captured or salvaged.

Weapon specialization: light weapons, fighters (space and air), small ships industry, shield and stealth technology, robotics.


Home Guard:

Infiltrator Core:

Unified Naval Defense Initiative:

Basic Infantry:

Planetary Militia (Farl): The tribal Farl militia are lightly armed with obsolete projectile weapons but are known to be skilled at melee and carry various bladed weapons. They have no universal uniform to speak of but they usually worn shades of their tribal garments. The Farl are often used as scouts and raiding parties because of their knowledge of the natural world, some of best Entente snipers are Farl tribal members. Whenever invaders gain a foothold the home worlds, the Farl make sure he shall find no respite in the surrounding wilderness.

Planetary Militia (Karmer): The Karmer militia is with little doubt the best equipped and best trained of the Entente. Karmer militia begins training at the age of 15 and serve for five years in the militia as well as 20-30 years in the reserve. Karmer uniforms are universally black and offer moderate protection in the shape of various energy and projectile suppressing vests. The Karmer as the creators of most of the Entente's small arms industry equip their militia with the very best and latest laser and mass accelerator weapons and have the greatest proportion of heavy weapons such as machine guns, artillery and anti-tank weapons among their peers.

Planetary Militia (Tamorids): The Tamorids as the smallest population in the Entente understandably have the smallest militia force. Counting only it's organic members the militia force is comparatively weaker than the other outfits; it lacks the specialties of the Farl and the equipment and spartan lifestyle of the Karmer. Armed with a mix of Karmer produced weapons and their own inferior plasma based variants, the Tamorid militia uses various khaki uniforms for its soldiers. The Tamorids are unique in their employment of energy shields for their soldiers and fill in their ranks with their own home production combat robots which even the odds a bit more in their favor.

Asteroid Belt Militia: Miners working in the asteroid belt form their own militias and they are generally armed with energy/explosive weapons and armored space suites. Though they fare well in close quarters and combat in vacuum conditions they are out of their element anywhere else. Mining robots double as support troops or even conduct suicide missions against an invading force using mining explosives
Alien Volunteer Core: Various companies formed out of alien residents of the Entente. Aliens are required to serve in the militia just like any Entente resident in order to gain the rights of citizenship in the Entente. An alien submitting to the militia service will generally be put in a unit with peers of his or hers own race whenever possible. The AVC isn't an independent outfit, its companies are scattered among the other militia forces. The manpower short Tamorid's have the largest AVC and offer the best service conditions, the Karmer have the smallest AVC and restrict it to logistical support.

Elite Infantry:

Home Guard: [i] The core of the professional land army, the Home Guard is comprised of elements of the three Entente nations but is dominated by the militaristic Karmer. The Home Guard is made out of former militia members who desired to continue their service as their chosen careers. Its uniform is similar to the Karmer black but offers more protection against both enemy fire and potentially hostile planetary environments. The Home Guard is unique for its highly trained officer core, and though it is the only unit in the Entente capable of large unit actions; the Home Guard prides itself on initiative and leads it's operations in small mobile units rather than brigades as in larger armies. The heavier types of the Tamorid robots are used exclusively the home guard as well as most of the Entente's Vehicles.

Infiltrator Core (InCo): The infiltrator core is an independent commando unit outside the command structure of the home guard. The unit operates in both the space & land theaters and often operates in hostile territory both in war and peace against various objectives ranging from information gathering to sabotage and small scale raids. The unit is comprised of all three nations but attracts a large number of dedicated loyal aliens and modernized Farl. The unit uses imported firearms and a standard hazard suit equipped with home produced energy and stealth shields designed to self-destruct if their user's life signs disappear or if manually ordered to by their operator.

Unified Naval Defense Initiative (UNDI): The UNDI represents the unified fleet and chain of command of the Entente space forces. The UNDI, similarly to the Home Guard is dominated by the Karmer however the Tamorids contribute a decidedly proportional share among its capital ships. The UNDI cannot match other navies in terms of size scale and firepower in open space but makes up for its shortcomings in the home system's orbital defenses, quality and overall doctrine. During war, the asteroid and orbital defense of the home system in junction with the CFC can defend the system alone for a time. The UNDI is therefor given the option to attack the enemy from behind the lines inflicting damage on supply routes, isolated colonies and resource centers. UNDI ships are almost universally uprated in terms of speed and many ships possess stealth technology.

Combined Fighter Commands (CFC): The CFC is the elite of the UNDI and unlike its parent organization has a proportional share of pilots from the three nations. The CFC is an independent command responsible for the defense of the home worlds both in space and in the air. The training of the pilots and the quality of their fighters gives the CFC and edge over contemporary opposing fighter forces, particularly because the CFC nearly always operates from home territory near to its many bases and orbital defenses. The CFC compliments its anti-fighter capability with a multitude of ship busting torpedo's which when used in concert with orbital defenses can severely cripple a technically superior force.

Vehicles & Combat Robots:
Land Vehicles:
D-12 Infantry Battle Robot Mk.7
Produced by the Tamorid's, the D-12 is the main robotic field unit of its militia forces and is armed with single plasm cannon. More advanced versions of the machine in service with the Home Guard field a repeating laser canon.

D-17 Heavy Battle Robot Mk.2
The D-17 operates heavy armaments in both laser repeaters and missiles which double both against armor and air units. Most of the D-17 production is in service with the Home Guard so the Tamorid militia operates the old Mk.1's.

Standardized Armored Light Speeder (SALS)
A civilian turned military vehicle, the machine comes in various variants some with an enclosed armored shell and some with a four seater arrangement. Heavier transports are not universally accepted in the Entente's military but the Farl produced SALS caught the attention of most of the militia forces and later found its way into the Home Guard where it has remained in service for thirty years (with various upgrades).

Ka-77 Main Battle Tank
The Ka-77 is the only true tank in the Entente's arsenal; it is produced by the Karmer and fielded exclusively in the Home Guard. Though new to the Entente, the Ka-77 is inferior to most contemporary armor and lacks the armament and armor to confront heavier advisories without support. Its heavy transport variant is employed by of the Home Guard's field units.

D-10 Tank Robot Mk.12
The old D-10 offers the firepower and armor the Ka-77 lacks. Developed in a joint project between the Karmer and the Tamorids, the D-10 is armed with the heaviest arsenal of any Entente land vehicle from laser repeaters to high yield plasma cannons. Though it does possess anti-armor and anti-air missile launchers, its obsolete onboard computer mainframe does not allow the same level of accuracy and is thus made vulnerable to air attack. The D-17 though heavily armored has relatively weak shielding because of the immense power demands of its propulsion and armament.

Aircraft (Air & Space aircraft):
S-199G "Stinger-Bee" (E-Space Industries)
Crew: 1 (Mosquito has 2)

The S-199E is the workhorse of the CFC's combat operations and a joint project by the three nations to replace the obsolete Farl produced Type 17 "Hunter". The project cost a fortune for the small Entente defense industry and invited a lot of criticism but by its first prototypes, it became clear that the Entente had created the next generation in fighter technology. Like the Hunter, the Stinger was designed to serve in both air and space, but the majority of space based units are equipped with the Stinger and only a few of generally earlier variants have found themselves based groundside. The Stinger is fast, heavily armed with laser cannons and equipped to carry several torpedoes against larger ships. Its only true weakness is its relatively weak armor, a fault largely but not completely compensated for by its extensive energy shielding.

S-199G "Stinger-Wasp": An interceptor variant of the S-199 dedicated for anti-fighter operations and equipped with eight rapid fire plasma repeaters and a missile launcher rather than laser cannons and torpedo's of its parent. This type is decidedly less popular then the S-199G with its pilots who dislike the close quarters plasma based weapons

S-199H "Stinger-Mosquito": The bomber variant of the S-199, has fewer laser cannons but of greater caliber and can carry double the normal load of torpedo's as well as land ordinance should the need arise.

S-199D "Stinger-Horse-fly": The first fully operational Stinger fighter variant but obsolete since the more heavily armed and high-powered S-199E entered service. The S-199D is none the less still in production by the factories geared towards its construction with an aim of replacing the Type 17's in air defense duties until S-199G's are made available for the less vital task.

S-199K "Stinger-Hornet": [i] The expected replacement of the S-199E as the frontline fighter of the type. The Hornet is still in the prototype stage of development and is only expected to reach full production in a several years. The Hornet is expected to increase the S-199's armor and power source – granting the fighter more shielding and power for a larger compliment of weapons.

Type 17 "Hunter" (Farl Industrial District)
Crew: 1

[i]The Type 17 served as the CFC's frontline fighter craft for twenty years until its replacement by the S-199. The Hunter is a familiar design, considered for years the phantom of the Entente among opposing fighter forces. Although inferior to the S-199 in almost every aspect, the Type 17 remains superior in armor and was more easily adapted to air service then the S-199D.

S-188 "Raven"/"Falcon" (E-Space Industries & Amarynthos Academy for Science)
Crew: 3 – Falcon, 5 – Raven.

The S-188 was created as a co-production between the Entente's military and the scientific sector. Originally conceived as a scout ship for the military and an exploration ship for the civilian sector the S-188 has since branched out as a multipurpose heavy fighter for filing various support roles as a "Bomber Destroyer" and fast long ranged transport. Two variants stand out in the type; the S-188F "Falcon" equipped with an array of three heavy laser nods in place of the three sensor towers and many missiles is designed to destroy bombers. The S-188R "Raven" succeeded the earlier S-188C "Crow" and the S- 188E "Eagle" as the main scouting craft with its superior sensor equipment.

"Entente" Class Carrier-Dreadnaught

[i]The ships of this class where created out of the captured remnants of an invading alien fleet. Only several examples where ever produced and no successors are expected since the Entente does not have the industrial capacity to construct ships of this size. The Entente Class is relatively lightly armed for a dreadnaught and only has two Plasma Rail Cannons as its main armament. Various light laser turrets and point defense system give the Entente a solid defense against lighter ships. The ship is very heavily armored and fields several squadrons of the S-199 bomber and interceptor variants as its main offensive armament. Like most Entente ships this class has significantly more powerful engines and is faster than contemporary Dreadnaughts.

"Charlemagne" Class Battlecruiser

The Charlemagne class is produced by Tameroids but armed by the Karmer. It is the heaviest ship the Entente can independently produce. The Charlemagne sacrifices a lot of armor in exchange for a relatively larger compliment of laser cannons and larger engines then would usually be possible. The Tameroid's extensively shielded the class however the ship's damage tolerance remains low and thus hit and run attacks using the advantage of it's superior speed allow it to escape enemy retaliation and fight another day.

"Hoplite" Class Cruiser

The Hoplite class is based on an old but successful pirate design, upgraded for the Entente's needs. Though several captured ships are in service by the UNDI, most are locally produced. The Hoplite differs from its pirate ancestor for having significantly more armor but engine and power source upgrades retain the ship's speed, though it isn't much faster than the larger Charlemagne. Shielding is relatively sparse because of budget constraints and only protects vital areas. Weapons are inconsistent and vary between each ship, older ships generally have a several older laser cannons and ether a mass accelerator or plasma based main gun. New ships are heavily armed with newer laser cannons and have various torpedo and missile launchers instead of the traditional main gun. [i]

"Rouen" Class Frigate
[i] The Rouen class was originally a stolen alien prototype, captured in a daring raid by the infiltration core. The ship was adapted for Entente service and pressed into service in two variants; the anti-fighter type armed with numerous point defense lasers and reinforced armor, and the ship of the line type armed with heavier but fewer lasers and multiple compliments of missiles and torpedo launchers while also increasing shield defense.

"Retribution" Class Stealth Frigate

An old but still state of the art Karmer design, the Retribution class is the most feared Entente's ship and the most iconic. The ships' two miniaturized dreadnaught class rail guns fire armor piercing concentrated plasma rounds. A third smaller rail gun mounted under the main plasma tubes fires a pulse wave round capable of momentarily displacing shields in the place of impact once it explodes. The ship has no armor or shielding beyond a heavy layer of heat and radiation protection and its small compliment of point defense turrets offers little protection against anything larger than a scout or lone bomber. The ship's true defense is its stealth technology, which conceals the ship's emissions to match space's background radiation and hides the ship from sight using a chameleon cloaking device. Though some enemy ships can detect the Retribution class from a close distance, the ship's armament is designed for long range and usually avoids enemy warships in favor of his trade and supply convoys. It's only true weakness is that it has to uncloak while firing however its distance from potential enemy warships usually allows it to recloak before it is targeted.

The Tameroids are an ancient spacefaring with millions of years of history, when the first Tameroids landed on their home world's largest moon; mankind had yet to discover the use of fire. The Tameroids were a peaceful race of explorers and too many emerging races their first contact with another sentient lifeform.
Jealous neighbors coveted the Tameroids advanced technology, and at the height of their power the Tameroid Empire was invaded by a coalition of younger races. The Tameroids fought for their survival for years, but they were not a warrior culture. Eventually, the Tamer home world was all but obliterated in the final battles of the war.

Of a population of billions, less than a million survived the war scattered around in refugee fleets and isolated outposts. Cut off from essential supplies, the remaining Tameroids converted their physical bodies into energy forms so they could make the long journey to the adjacent quadrant.
The Tameroids where the first settlers of what would become the Entente Homogeneity's home system. They established crude settlements using the remaining ships of the Tameroid refugee fleets, but it became clear that a labor force would be required to continue the colony's development. Tameroid scouts searched the local star systems for a suitable species, until they discovered 1st century Earth. Over the next six centuries, hundreds of thousands of humans would be abducted; particularly from Greece and Germania.

These humans became known as the Farl, the Tameroid word for tribals. For a few centuries the Tameroids where able to control the Farl, however the German Farl rebelled against their overlords intending to claim the planet for themselves. For a few years the Farl dominated the planet and the Tameroids retreated into their compounds. The Tameroids realized that they could not fight the Farl inside their energy and would have to readopt physical bodies. The loyal Greek Farl became the mediums to whom the Tameroids would transfer their consciousness.

The Tameroids reclaimed much of their lost territory but the Farl retreated to the Great forests which covered the planet, where the Tameroids could not pursue them. To attain this victory the Tameroids had to almost unanimously adopt physical bodies. Their limited colonial technical capacity could not recreate the procedure for the energy forms, the majority of Tameroids had to adapt to life as humans.

The war between the Farl and the Tameroids never technically ended, but both parties respected the other's strength – borders where unofficially drawn. The Farl lived their lives much as they had in their original homelands, the Germans separated into tribes and fought between each other as well as occasionally raiding Tameroid settlements.

In the 28th century, French & Dutch settlers from Karmer colony arrived at the system and began to settle unclaimed regions on both the capital world's two moons and the planet itself. Fighting ensued as the three factions clashed over territory for the next century. An alien invasion and pirate raids on the system forced the three factions to form an alliance. This "Entente", eventually became a permanent system of federalized government; guaranteeing freedom to each faction in internal affairs in return for a joint commitment to the greater good.

Planets under control: Amarynthos (Super Earth class planet), Malak (large moon) Alesia (Small moon)

Capital planet: Amarynthos







Leader of _______

How he/she leads country(do they go to war or attempt peace, etc.)

So begins...

Entente Homogeneity's Story